Tip of the Week #4

| May 6, 2013
Fusion Application customizations can be imported to the MDS repository via Enterprise Manager, usually accessible at http://server:port/em on a standalone WLS. There are times when you want to delete the imported customizations to see the uncustomized page during development and testing cycles.  It is quite easy to delete metadata (more...)

Tip of the Week #2

| Apr 12, 2013
Often developers face permgen and out of memory issues while running applications on integrated WLS. Most of the time the reason is low memory assigned to JVM for the JDeveloper IDE. On Windows platform to start JDeveloper with good memory setting you can create a launch script (a .cmd) file (more...)

Tip of the Week #1

| Mar 22, 2013

This post is the first in a weekly series of short articles that provide you with hopefully useful tips for your development work with Fusion Applications

In JDeveloper, to improve the productivity you may choose to open jspx and jsff pages in source mode by default instead of design mode. (more...)