ORA-20010: ERROR: Unable to acquire lock on ad_adop_sessions table. ORA-06512: at "APPS.AD_ZD_ADOP", line 523

I reported this error to Oracle on an SR:

The adop phase=prepare fails before generating any log files. Whatever we get on the screen is what we have. I'll paste it for you again:

$ adop phase=prepare

Enter the APPS password:
Enter the SYSTEM password:
Enter the WLSADMIN password:

Please wait. Validating credentials...

RUN file system context file: $INST_TOP/appl/admin/tsoadba1_alpgetapp049d.xml
PATCH file system context file: $INST_TOP/appl/admin/tsoadba1_alpgetapp049d.xml

************* Start of session *************
version: 12.2. (more...)

Product Restrictions during R12.2 online patching

This information is from page 75 of Oracle┬« E-Business Suite Maintenance Guide Release 12.2 Part No. E22954-13, published in July 2013 available here  http://docs.oracle.com/cd/V39571_01/current/acrobat/122ebsmt.zip

For patches that have manual steps, the patch readme file instructs you to use Oracle Patch Application Assistant (PAA) to create customized instructions for your system. PAA consolidates and displays only the relevant manual steps for all the patches you want to apply, including steps that you (more...)

R12.2 upgrade – icxr12pd.sql takes a very long time

During an R12.2 upgrade, the worker icxr12pd.sql takes very long time.  This is document in My Oracle Support Article ICXR12PD.Sql Runs Slowly During Upgrade to 12.1.1 (Doc ID 864898.1)
Cause: The pre-upgrade steps for iProcurement were not implemented as documented in the upgrade guide
Though this article talks about R12.1.1, it also applies to R12.2.  If you read the 11i to R12.2 (more...)

weblogic.store.PersistentStoreFatalException: The persistent file store "WLS_DIAGNOSTICS" canno t open file WLS_DIAGNOSTICS000000.DAT

After bouncing an EBS R12.2 VM, weblogic adminserver wouldn't start up.

I examined $EBS_DOMAIN_HOME/servers/AdminServer/logs/AdminServer.log and found this error:

BEA-280060 - The persistent store "WLS_DIAGNOSTICS" encountered a fatal error, and it must be shut down: weblogic.store.PersistentStoreFatalException: [Store:280105]The persistent file store "WLS_DIAGNOSTICS" cannot open file WLS_DIAGNOSTICS000000.DAT.
weblogic.store.PersistentStoreFatalException: [Store:280105]The persistent file store "WLS_DIAGNOSTICS" cannot open file WLS_DIAGNOSTICS000000.DAT.
        at weblogic.store.io.file.FileStoreIO.open(FileStoreIO.java:128)
        at weblogic.store. (more...)

R12.2 Failure of server APACHE bridge

Failure of server APACHE bridge:

No backend server available for connection: timed out after 10 seconds or idempotent set to OFF or method not idempotent.

If there is an issue with the oacore managed server, meaning apache is not able to connect to the oacore managed server, you'll see this (more...)