When error say nothing about real issue

| Oct 24, 2013
We want restore backup from source. So we took backup from source and copied it to /dba/share/MYDB on target. My collouge sent me email saying  restore failed with following error

rman target /

Recovery Manager: Release - Production on Wed Sep 18 20:47:38 2013

Copyright (more...)

How to rename SQL Tuning Set ( STS )

| Jan 28, 2012
Rename SQL Tuning Set‎( STS )

We can use SQL Performance Analyzer (SPA) to evaluate impact on SQLs of 11g R2 database upgrade from 10.2 .So created some demo , example ( with full code ). EM was very good option , but still preferred sql,pl-sql, command / api.

We all know to, use SPA for 10.2 to 11.2 database upgrade , we need one intermeiate 11g DB.
So we can run trial remotely.So we collected SQL Tuning Set (STS ) ( using demo code ) from Multiple databases and import on intermediate 11g DB. (more...)

Sangam’10: All-India Oracle Users Group (AIOUG) Annual Conference

| Sep 5, 2010
Sangam’10: All-India Oracle Users Group (AIOUG) Annual Conference

The All India Oracl Users Group (AIOUG) presented Sangam 2010, a two-day(3-4-Sep-2010) Oracle Users Conference held in Hyderabad. Sangam 2010 hosted multiple sessions by international and Indian experts like Jonathan Lewis , Rittman , Iggy Fernandez etc.

Jonathan Lewis & Virag Sharma

The event was very good and opportunity to learn from experts. Sangam 2010 started with Murali welcome note followed by Presentation, by Roland Slee, Vice-President, Database Product Management, Oracle Asia Pacific & Japan.

First technical session was from Jonathan Lewis on "Writing Optimal SQL". This One day Presentation was divided (more...)

Certain things in this world

| Apr 13, 2010

"In this world nothing can be said to be certain but death and taxes."
--Benjamin Franklin

Module name for logon trigger in 11g R2 AWR report

| Sep 27, 2009
Today while working on Production performance tuning, We came across one difference in awr report of 11g R1 and 11R2

In oracle 11g R1 AWR report logon trigger modelue name usually come like
sqlplus / perl / Mid Tier@server_name_from_it_login

But in 11g R2 AWR report logon trigger modelue name usually come like oraagent.bin@DB_SERVER_WHERE_IT_RUN

New change looks more logical because DB server running logon trigger code ,
not the user.

# Excerpt from 11g R1 AWR report
# In below given example app678 is server name from where
# user logged in to database using sqlplus

Module: sqlplus@app678utl (TNS V1-V3)

Oracle Database 11g Release 2 New Features : Edition based redefination

| Sep 4, 2009

Every release has some Major changes , which we usually says New Features.Some of these features dominate the version, For example 11g R1 has SPA , DB Replay Active standby etc. Same this Oracle Release ( Oracle Database 11g Release 2 ) has some New features for which this release will be known in feature. These features are "Edition based redefination"

Most likely these features designed to give big support to APPS upgrade ( ie Oracle E-Business suite upgrade). When you upgrade APPS database , it (more...)

Oracle 11g Release 2 (11.2 ) New Features : SCAN – Single Client Access Name

| Sep 2, 2009
Once you decided to add/remove node from RAC database/cluster. We need to change tns
entry. Oracle 11g R2 introduced new concept called Single Client Access Name (SCAN).
Which eliminate the need to change tnsnetry when nodes are added to or removed from
the Cluster.

RAC Instances register to SCAN listeners as remote listeners. SCAN is fully qulified name.
Oracle recommends to assign 3 address to SCAN , which create three SCAN listeners.

$ srvctl status scan_listener
SCAN (more...)

11G R2 New Feature : Purge audit trail records using DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT

| Sep 2, 2009
In earlier version there is no standard way to change AUDIT tables tablespace.
IN Oracle 11g R2 ( Also included in and ( Need to check)) , you can change audit table (SYS.AUD$ and SYS.FGA_LOG$) tablespace using DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT

Not ONLY you can change audits table tablespace , now you can periodically deleting the audit trail records using CLEAN_AUDIT_TRAIL (new in 11.2 ) Procedure.

So Now it is official , that you can change AUD$ table tablespace (more...)

From Oracle to a Successful Vineyard

| Aug 16, 2009

Last Month , I was there in Nasik ( One Small Town near Mumabi ). We roam around the city and visited many places in town. Our Driver suggested to visit Sual Vineyard. I am not very found of wine ,

But had very good time with friends in Napa Valley, CA, US, So thought let me experience Indian Vineyard.In Vineyard , we learned that owner of Sula Vineyard Mr. Rajeev is graduated in Economics and Industrial Engineering from Stanford and was working with Oracle in the Silicon Valley. Latter he left

Job and started Vineyard in India , (more...)

NEW option in ADRCI purge acommand – UTSCDMP

| Dec 31, 2008

NEW option in ADRCI purge acommand - UTSCDMP
There is new option in ADRCI for purge command - UTSCDMP

adrci> help purge

Usage: PURGE [[-i ]

Purpose: Purge the diagnostic data in the current ADR home. If no
option is specified, the default purging policy will be used.

[-i id1 id1 id2]: Users can input a single incident ID, or a range of incidents to purge.
[-age ]: Users can specify the purging policy either to all the diagnostic data or the specified type. The data older than ago will be purged

[-type (more...)

AIOUG – TechNight in Bangalore

| Oct 6, 2008

The All India Oracle User Group with a 4 lakh -strong developer base and a community of seven-lakh users in India is organising a second meeting in Bangalore on
October 22 to share experiences and provide insights into shape of things to come. It is the second largest technology network of professionals for Oracle after the US. Soon these TechNights will be held in other parts of India, such as Pune, Mumbai and Delhi.

Like several successful Oracle user groups around the world, AIOUG is also a not for profit organization formed by Oracle users for Oracle users. Let’s join (more...)

TechNight All India Oracle User Group (AIOUG)

| Jul 19, 2008

AIOUG started his first ever Technical session in India at Hyderabad… On … Friday, July 18th 2008, between 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Session started with quick introduction about AIOUG, there mission goal by Murali Vallath. Latter Phani Arega took technical session on "Efficient SQL Programming - Some Tricks and Tips" and Vivek Sharma on " Real Time Performance Tuning".

Both the technical session was quite good and they shared lots of real life examples in there presentation. Here is some photos from AIOUG TechNight

Murali Vallath

Phani Arega

DBMS_STATS Enhancements in Oracle 11g Database

| Apr 30, 2008

DBMS_STATS Enhancements in Oracle 11g Database
Virag Sharma virag123@gmail.com

We know in 10g and 11g there is automatic job that collect stats of database based on certain preferences settings , lets have a look what are these preferences and what are there default values and how DBMS_STATS is different in 11g from 10g

Changing Preferences for Statistics

Preference name

Default Values













PUBLISH ( New in 11g)


INCREMENTAL new in 11g


STALE_PERCENT (New in 11g)


# In Oracle 10g


11g RAC Database hanged or appears to hanged

| Apr 24, 2008

11g RAC Database hanged or appears to hanged

Around lunch time 1:00 PM database hanged. When we tried to login as sysdba
our sqlplus session also hanged. we not able to login on either of node of RAC.
Thought to kill all the remote connection , so we will able to login

ps -aef |grep LOCAL=NO |awk '{ print $2}' |xargs kill -9

When your database hanged and you not able to login, we have used following procedure
to create hang analysis dump

sqlplus /nolog

SQL> set _prelim on
SQL> connect / as sysdba
SQL> oradebug setmypid
Statement processed.
SQL> (more...)

Reactive performance management By Craig Shallahamer

| Feb 16, 2008

Last week Oracle University arrange Seminar by Performance Management guru Craig Shallahamer in India. Craig brings his unique experiences to many as a keynote speaker, a sought after teacher, a researcher and publisher for improving Oracle performance management, and also the architect of Horizone, OraPub's service level management solution.< ?xml:namespace prefix = o />

His way of teaching is very very good , also contents of seminar is different and very effective. He focused on accurate performance diagnosis of even the most complex Oracle systems and how oracle interact with OS and application’s. I have been reading Craig’s papers/articles for long time , but never (more...)

What CPU Jan 2008 Patch will not tell you

| Feb 5, 2008

What CPU Jan 2008 Patch will not tell you

File system space :- opatch suppose to check files system space as a part of Running prerequisite checks... and start apply patch when enough space is there.

Patching component oracle.rdbms,

Updating archive file "/u01/app/oracle/product/" with "lib/libserver11.a/kzsr.o"
Updating archive file "/u01/app/oracle/product/" with "lib/libserver11.a/kzu.o"

The following actions have failed:

Archive not applied /home/oracle/patch/CPU2008/6646866/6650135/files/lib/libserver11.a/kzsr.o to /u01/app/oracle/product/ ''

Archive not applied /home/oracle/patch/CPU2008/6646866/6650135/files/lib/libserver11.a/kzu.o to /u01/app/oracle/product/ ''


Secrets of Happiness

| Feb 3, 2008
Secrets of Happiness

I was traveling from my from Agra (= City of Taj Mahal, 30 Miles away from my home town ) to Hyderabad. My Train AP Express was late so thought to pick some book. As usual I picked some my favorites books/magazines like Reader Digest , Champak ( Famous Kids book in India ). While purchasing books/magazines, saw book with title “Secrets of Happiness - Tanushree Podder”. Title looks very odd to me because , I feel how one can define happiness. Well , Just picked the book and browse some page , it look (more...)

Small change make difference

| Jan 27, 2008

Small change make difference.

How small , small things make difference , here is one live example
One of my friend want to learn 11g, so she downloaded 11g and started installing on

Linux Box and created Database manually. Next time when she logged in, she did not know where she installed 11g , since she created database manually , so there was no entry in “oratab”

I remember command “pwdx” on Unix Solaris , which give current working directory of processes

$ uname -a

SunOS mysun 5.8 Generic_xyz sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-Enterprise

MYSUN:oracle> ( /usr/proc/bin

$ (more...)

Oracle 11g Security Enhancements Part – 1

| Jan 17, 2008

Oracle 11g Security Enhancements Part – 1

New parameters have been added to the Oracle Database 11g to enhance the default security of the database.

  • SEC_RETURN_SERVER_RELEASE< ?xml:namespace prefix = o />

These parameters are system wide and static.

  • Release of server information restriction

You can restrict the display of the database version banner to unauthenticated clients by setting the SEC_RETURN_SERVER_RELEASE_BANNER initialization parameter in the initsid.ora initialization parameter file to either YES or NO. By default, SEC_RETURN_SERVER_RELEASE_BANNER is set to FALSE.



----------------------------- -------------------- ---------------------
sec_return_server_release_banner boolean FALSE

When set to true the (more...)

Oracle 11g NF Database Replay

| Dec 27, 2007

Oracle 11g New Feature Database Replay

“Simulating production load is not possible” , you might have heard these word.

In one project, where last 2 year management want to migrate from UNIX system to Linux system ( RAC ) , but they still testing because they are not sure where this Linux Boxes where bale to handle load or not. They have put lot of efforts and time in load testing and functional testing etc, but still not le gain confidence.

After using these feature of 11g , they will gain confidence and will able to migrate to Linux with (more...)