Oracle 11g Database Replay

If your database currently running on 10g R2 , and want upgrade database to 11g then you can take advantage of Database Replay , As per Datasheet given on OTN workload capture on can run/replay on 11g.

So , it simply mean , before you going to upgrade from 10g R2 to 11g , you can take advantage of database Replay feature i.e. capture work load on Production 10g R2 database , then copy workload to test system , upgrade test system to 11g , run workload captured on production and (more...)

Oracle 11g New Features DBMS_ADDM for RAC

Virag Sharma

In OCP Oracle Database 10g Exam Guidechapter 3 “Automatic Database Management” there is question

5. To retrieve the ADDM reports using SQL, what do you need to do?

A. Run the addmrpt.sql SQL script
B. Use the DBA_ADDM view
C. Use the DBA_ADVISOR view
D. Use the DBMS_ADDM package

Answer “A” is correct and D is wrong because there is no PL/SQL package named DBMS_ADDM.
But in 11g , it is not true , i.e. Package DBMS_ADDM is there in 11g. In case of (more...)

Oracle 11g Database New Features: Data Guard Enhancements

Why We need Data Guard ?? for

  • Data protection
  • Data Availability

11g Increase ROI from standby systems and enhance manageability, New feature like Active Data Guard , Snapshot standby make better ROI.

Here is some data guard category and there enhancement

1) Data Protection
  • Advanced Compression
  • Lost-write protection
  • Fast-Start Failover
2) Increase ROI
  • Active Data Guard
  • Snapshot Standby
3) High Availability
  • Faster Redo Apply
  • Faster failover & switchover
  • Automatic Failover using ASYNC
4) Manageability
  • Mixed Windows/Linux

Active Data Guard

Oracle Active Data Guard 11g – a new Database Option

Some Good Links / Blogs / site to know more about New Oracle Database 11g features

I have rated 5 *(star) for some sites , which I like Most

( these links collected from google alert )

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  5. Pythian Group Blog » Tuning Pack 11g : Real-Time SQL Monitoring
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  7. Robert G. Freeman’s Blog: 11g Security New Feature… (more...)

Oracle 11g New Features SQL plan management (SPM)

You might have noticed that execution plan changed in CBO , specially in following case

  • Database Upgrade
  • Database / Schema Stats collection
  • Change in environment ( LinkUnix to Linux Migration )
  • Change in data

You want to upgrade database from 10g to 11g and this change can cause regressions in SQL performance,and fixing them manually can be difficult and time consuming. Sql tuning can be used but, this is a reactive mechanism and cannot guarantee stable performance when (more...)