Should the Oracle APEX Community Care About Autonomous Database?

This past week, Oracle announced the availability of Oracle APEX, SQL Developer Web and Oracle REST Data Services on Oracle Autonomous Database.  If you're in the APEX community, should you care?  I say "absolutely yes!", but not for the reasons you might suspect.

Autonomous Database is strategic to Oracle.  Just read the transcript from the recent Oracle quarterly earnings conference call and it will be obvious to you.  Autonomous (more...)

See APEX Debug info in PL/SQL and SQL Developer

When developping Oracle APEX apps I like to instrument my code with APEX_DEBUG and/or Logger.

With our APEX Office Print (AOP) PL/SQL API and APEX Plug-in we did the same, we use APEX_DEBUG and Logger behind the scenes to allow you to see what it going on. But when I tried to view the APEX debug messages in SQL Developer, I didn't see any. Christian Neumueller of the APEX Dev team, gave me the answer: (more...)

Die inoffizielle APEX Connect Agenda

Noch etwas mehr als einen Monat bis zur APEX Connect 2019 und so langsam steigt bei allen die Vorfreude. Dieses Jahr wird es neben dem voll gepackten offiziellen Programmplan auch die ein oder andere Community Aktivität zu erleben geben.

Aber eins nach dem Anderen. Zunächst mal der Verweis auf das aktuelle Vortragsprogramm:

Am Dienstag den 07.05. ist um 9.00 Uhr der offizielle Startschuss und am 09.05. um 17:00 Uhr (more...)

Monitoring your Oracle APEX environment; when is a good time to do an upgrade?

Yesterday Oracle released Oracle APEX 19.1. We typically upgrade our environment within a week.

The question is always, when is a good time to upgrade?

As we are hosting multiple applications and sites in our environment, we want to find a spot with minimal impact to our customers. For some applications which are only accessed by some people in Belgium, it's very easy to schedule an upgrade at night as the chances are not (more...)

Where are my static application files of Oracle APEX?

Ever got the error that there's an issue with your environment because the Application Express files have not been loaded when you try to open Oracle APEX in your environment?

Since the Announcement of the availability of Oracle APEX Static Resources on a Content Delivery Network I typically configure APEX to use the CDN.

Steps to do so for the entire environment:
  • Navigate to the apex/utilities subdirectory from the directory you unzipped APEX to
  • Connect to your (more...)

Filtering in the APEX Interactive Grid

Remember Oracle Forms?

One of the nice features of Forms was the use of GLOBAL items. More or less comparable to Application Items in APEX. These GLOBALS where often used to pre-query data. For example you queried Employee 200 in Form A, then opened Form B and on opening that Form the Employee field is filled with that (GLOBAL) value of 200 and the query was executed. So without additional keys strokes or entering data, (more...)

Tomcat with ORDS running APEX behind a reverse proxy

A while ago I posted a guide how to set up nginx as a reverse proxy in front of tomcat to run ORDS and APEX. See the post here.

An open problem was that APEX was still thinking it runs on port 80 with http, while nginx was running https on port 443.

The fix to this is editing tomcats server.xml file and adding proxyPort and scheme (documentation) to the connector:

Restart (more...)

And the APEX Coin goes to…

And the APEX Coin goes to...

Before I tell you.. Here is the story behind it!

Adrian Png is a Senior APEX developer and he is doing a lot of things for the APEX Community. For that reason he earned the APEX.WORLD Member of the year award.

His last outstanding idea was the APEX Challenge Coin!
In short: You can announce one or more great APEX developers who you think earn an APEX Coin.

Including an image from APEX Static Application Files in an email

Some people use APEX Office Print (AOP) to send out HTML emails based on a custom HTML template they created. Today we got a question in our AOP support inbox how to include images in those emails.

In an AOP Template, you can use a tag {%image} and AOP will replace that tag with a base64 encoded image. This works great when you open the resulting HTML file in a browser, but when using emails (more...)

APEX World 2019: Het gaat weer los!

The very first and still the largest Oracle APEX-focused conference in the world, APEX World 2019, is happening again this year on March 25/26 2019 in Rotterdam, Netherlands.  Incredibly, it's the 10th year for this conference, and like the global Oracle APEX community, it's still growing!

If you've never been to a user group conference, then you should consider attending one this year, and APEX World is an excellent choice.  There (more...)

Der Fahrplan bis zur APEX Connect 2019

Im Mai 2017 hatte ich euch gefragt worauf ihr euch am meisten freut was die damals anstehende APEX Connect betraf.
Nun schreiben wir das Jahr 2019 und bis zur Connect stehen noch einige Events vor der Tür, bei denen es neben dem technischen Wissensaustausch vor allem auch um (more...)

Caution when using Suppress Change Event on an Interactive Grid Column

There are some, maybe rare, use case when you want to set the "Suppress Change Event" switch of a Dynamic Action to "Yes". Usually that's only necessary when the Dynamic Action is fired On Change and executes a Set Value with the same field as a target. There might be a chain of events leading to this or just one. If you forget to set it you'll end up in an (more...)

Region only shown in development mode in Oracle APEX

In the last months, I had to look up several times in different projects how to show a region only when I was logged in into the App Builder in Oracle Application Express (APEX). So I thought to write a quick post on it.

In one project we had to log in with different users to test the behavior of the authorization schemes, so people saw the things they should see and could do the (more...)

Modal Dialogs Part 1 – Intro

In this 5 part series of blog posts I will share my understanding of how you can open modal dialogs with dynamic values.

First of all: Why would you need that?
There are particular business cases where your modal dialog (page 2) uses data from the parent page (page 1) which was created during runtime.
For example: Map Selector
I want to select a certain position from a map. The map is called by a (more...)

The best free database… Google is wrong!

When you search on Google for "the best free database", the below is what you get (search done 11-NOV-2018 and again on 12-JAN-2019 and 28-JAN-2019). To my surprise, there's no Oracle on the list? The reason is Google took the answer from this review. As I don't want people to see this screenshot, I put in red what is wrong with the answer, so in case Google shows images, and people don't read (more...)

Trying to decide which APEX events to attend? Here’s where I’ll be.

I love going to conferences, to catch up with friends, be part of the vibrant Oracle APEX community, gain and share knowledge and of course demo APEX Office Print (AOP).

Conferences are a great way to get some new ideas and insights. You learn not only from the content but even more from the different cultures and background of people and the way they approach things.

My schedule till June looks like this:

ITOUG Tech (more...)

APEX Office Print (AOP) 19.1: Printing and Exporting made easy in Oracle APEX

To start the new year in an awesome way, we released APEX Office Print (AOP) 19.1 on January 11th. I typically don't blog about every new AOP release, but this is an important release in our history of the product.

Our dream is that every developer can use AOP, that is why in AOP 18.1 (released September 2018) we made a Free Cloud Tier.

With AOP 19.1 we go one step further... from (more...)

Upgrading of Oracle APEX 18.x and future

Late September 2018 Oracle Application Express (APEX) 18.2 was released.

Since 2018, Oracle adopts a new versioning for their software, and APEX is following that. The plan of the Oracle APEX development team is to do two releases a year which carry the year and the release number of that year e.g. 18.1, 18.2, 19.1.

I like this new way of providing us with new releases. You don't know the (more...)

Interactive Grid – Column stretching

Since APEX 18.1 you can define the stretch behavior per column.

You can choose between 3 different options:

Use Report Setting
The column will use the Stretch Report Setting set by the End User to define if the column should stretch or not.
In APEX 18.1 you have a new option to let the end user decide if the columns should be stretched or not.
This option effects all columns by default.


Adding items to your Interactive Grid Toolbar

The APEX Interactive Grid uses the Toolbar widget to create the default Toolbar showing the Search box, Actions menu, Save button etc. And since quite a while there is a nice Plugin "Extend IG Toolbar" by Marko Goricki that makes it very easy to add additional buttons to the Toolbar.

But what if you need more than a button? 

Inspecting the contents of widget.toolbar.js, (more...)