ORDS: The database user for the connection pool named |apex|rt|, is not authorized to proxy to the schema

| May 11, 2020
When configuring some Oracle REST web services through Oracle APEX, I got confused, so I thought to quickly write down, so I don't forget for the future.

Although I use many ORDS web services in several schemas, for a new schema I got following error: "The database user for the connection pool named |apex|rt|, is not authorized to proxy to the schema named ."

I was confused, as I enabled the schema to be REST (more...)

Using Static Files in APEX has never been easier !

| May 10, 2020
Almost every APEX Developer knows that JavaScript and CSS belongs in separate files and (in 99% of the use cases) not somewhere in your Page properties. If you have this code in separate files it is easier to use them in a Version Control System (SVN or Git) - if the files are outside of APEX. And the code you store in these files can be reused, in contrast to the stuff you store on (more...)

A new look, a new name…

| May 10, 2020
Last Thursday we gave a new look to our products APEX Office Print (AOP) and APEX Media Extension (AME). Not only did they get a new logo, but the whole website and portal were also put in a more modern, minimalistic look.

At the same time, we announced that our company APEX R&D would from now on, sail under the flags of United Codes.

With United Codes we want to bring all of our products (more...)

ReportMap Release 1.2

| May 4, 2020

Version 1.2 of the ReportMap Google Map plugin has been released today. While the rest of you have been idling away under Covid-19 restrictions, I’ve been happy as a clam working on some exciting enhancements to the plugin.

If you just want to get in and have a play, check out the demo on apex.oracle.com.

New Features in this Release

Included in this release are the following new features:

Configuring AOP as Print Server in Oracle APEX 20.1

| May 2, 2020
One of the new features in Oracle Application Express (APEX) 20.1 is the integration with APEX Office Print (AOP).

In this blog post, I want to cover what this integration means and how you can set up and use AOP in APEX 20.1.

Background printing/exporting in Oracle APEX

Oracle APEX 3.0 introduced the ability to export a report region to PDF - essentially, printing a report. This is defined declaratively and is (more...)


| Apr 28, 2020
You may already noticed..
Anyway I'm glad to remind you that next week a full two day APEX online conference will be held:


We will have three parallel tracks divided in different topics and languages:
  • Track 1: APEX [🇩🇪]
  • Track 2: PL/SQL [🇩🇪]
  • Track 3: APEX and PL/SQL [🇬🇧]
Register now: https://apex.doag.org/en/home#c40443

We also plan a beer session on Tuesday evening (CET) so stay tuned on Twitter: #apexconn20

This (more...)

Font Awesome v5 alongside Font APEX

| Apr 26, 2020

Font APEX is preferred most of the time but sometimes there are icons I really want to use which are not (yet) included. For these cases I want to load the latest Font Awesome library.

It is possible to load Font Awesome instead of Font APEX by opening Shared Components -> Themes -> Universal Theme, and setting Custom Library File URLs to the location of the library (wherever you have loaded it). However, this (more...)

Fix ORDS issue: No pools configured yet

| Apr 26, 2020
In a previous post, I blogged how I do my Oracle APEX upgrade, and part of that is to copy ORDS.

But when I tried to start ORDS, I got the "No pools configured yet" in my logs. 

ORDS was running, but APEX wasn't accessible.

I spend my night looking at this, as I already had done so many ORDS installation and configurations, but still was puzzled with this... so thought (more...)

Oracle APEX 20.1 installed with only 2 mins downtime

| Apr 25, 2020
Over the weekend I upgraded our environment to Oracle APEX 20.1.

I describe the process of installing a new version in the Safely Upgrading to Oracle APEX 18.1 blogpost. It comes down to cloning my current PDB, calling the clone the previous version of APEX, and then upgrade the current PDB to the latest APEX version.

This time I decided to not just run @apexins, instead, I wanted to try and minimize the (more...)

utPLSQL – Example Package

| Apr 22, 2020
A few months ago I got an awesome task to do inside the fabe project:
"Create an utPLSQL test package for the app authentication package"

Well, I never used utPLSQL before and (due to some hangovers at conferences 🥴) I could never really get a heads up towards that topic. Luckily I know one of the main developers Samuel Nitsche. He claims to be a Sith Lord, but for me, he is a true Jedi.

Interactive Grid: Validation – Check for duplicated column entries over all rows

| Apr 1, 2020
I had this situation now a few times and was always to lazy to write it down. :/

During my last task within the fabe project I hat to create a validation to check for duplicated entries inside an Interactive Grid.
Whenever I add "None of the above" twice, an error should occur:
This blog post from Lino Schilde was a good start for my final solution:

Interactive Grid Validation
Validation of (more...)

Interactive Grid: After Update Trigger

| Mar 29, 2020
If you want to run a process after the "Interactive Grid" successfully updated all rows you can achieve this with a dynamic action. This can be necessary if you need to update certain columns calculated over several row in the same table you updated within the grid. Problem is to refresh the related data inside the grid as well.

You edit 3 rows for column A within your grid.
The grid updates column A (more...)

Seek where you can help. Now.

| Mar 18, 2020

I have a simple request of the global Oracle APEX Community, please:

Seek where you can help.  Now.

These are interesting times we're living in, unlike anything I've witnessed in my lifetime. And people are rapidly understanding that they have many information needs, which they needed fulfilled yesterday.  I said this earlier about Brexit and I see the same thing unfolding for COVID-19.  People need information management applications that they've never (more...)

How to show dates in a given time zone when the value is stored in a DATE data type

| Mar 7, 2020
Firstly, this post has nothing to do specifically with APEX.  It has everything to do with date conversions in Oracle SQL and how to convert them to a different time zone.  This emanated from a request from our Senior Vice President Michael Hichwa, who asked exactly this question:

"How can I show dates in a given timezone when the date value is stored in a DATE datavtype?  I would like display (more...)

APEX Media Extension (AME) Publicly Available

| Mar 2, 2020
After two months of beta testing, we have released the first production version of APEX Media Extension v20.1.

I'm extremely proud to bring our second product to the Oracle and APEX community.  With our first product, APEX Office Print (AOP), we wanted to make the Printing and Exporting of documents easy.  With APEX Media Extension (AME) we want to make the processing of media easy for any Oracle database and Oracle APEX (more...)

Free Oracle Cloud: 19. Oracle APEX upgrades (19.1 to 19.2)

| Feb 16, 2020
This post is part of a series of blog posts on the Best and Cheapest Oracle APEX hosting: Free Oracle Cloud.

Many people wonder how you can upgrade your Oracle APEX version to the latest version in your cloud account. The short answer is: you can't...

Oracle is doing this for you, whenever they believe it is the right time to do. The idea is that at some point you can tell Oracle when it (more...)

Print PDF from Oracle APEX to Local or Remote Printer

| Jan 19, 2020
On Twitter, I got a lot of reactions on my previous blog post Printing to local (Zebra) printer from Oracle APEX in the Cloud.

As more people asked the question of how to print to a local printer from Oracle APEX, I will cover 3 options in this post. All options make use of some features of APEX Office Print (AOP).

When you install the AOP Sample Application, you find the examples under the (more...)

Printing to local (Zebra) printer from Oracle APEX in the Cloud

| Jan 14, 2020
These days Oracle Application Express (APEX) is being used more and more in "local" applications like a bar, a restaurant, a power station, etc. On many occasions, they also have the requirement to print something to a local printer.

As the Always FREE Oracle Cloud is becoming more and more popular and stable, people use that service to host their APEX apps, instead of installing Oracle XE with APEX locally.

In this blog post, (more...)

Important update of ORDS… release 19.4

| Dec 26, 2019
A few days ago Oracle released Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) 19.4.

In my opinion, it's a major release and most likely worth investigating to upgrade for everybody. For me, the following 3 improvements are worth the upgrade:

Performance of REST APIs

The performance of ORDS based REST APIs was significantly improved in ORDS 19.4.0 by changing how ORDS handles proxied database connections. You can read more about this in the readme.


Free Oracle Cloud: 18. Monitoring your website and APEX app

| Dec 23, 2019
This post is part of a series of blog posts on the Best and Cheapest Oracle APEX hosting: Free Oracle Cloud.

As more and more people are putting their production apps on the Always Free Oracle Cloud, it's probably a good idea to start monitoring your instance. (but remember this is a no-SLA environment)

Over the last few weeks, it's happened to me - my EU test database was stopped and one of my compute (more...)