Oracle APEX 5.0.2 now available

Oracle Application Express 5.0.2 is now released and available for download. If you wish to download the full release of Oracle Application Express 5.0.2, you can get it from the Downloads page on OTN. If you have Oracle APEX 5.0.0 … Continue reading

Opening of APEX R&D New Zealand

We're really excited to announce that next to our Belgium office, we have opened an office in New Zealand too. This will allow us to cover multiple timezones and better serve the Australian and New Zealand market. You can read more about it on Lino's blog


Contact our team of experienced professionals for innovative, reliable and cost effective Oracle Application Express solutions. 

Regarding any custom application development, training/coaching or consulting related to (more...)

Next Oracle APEX NOVA Meetup Date Set

The next Oracle APEX NOVA MeetUp is going to be held on November 12th, 2015 at 7PM.  We decided to mix things up a bit and are going to have it at Vapianos in the Reston Town Center.  We're also going to try a more informal agenda.  In other words, there will be no agenda.

So if you're around Reston on November 12th from 7-9PM (or so), feel free to stop by.  Here's the MeetUp. (more...)

Submit your abstract for KScope 16 – only 3 days left

Only 3 days left to submit your abstract for KScope 16... so don't wait longer, submit now! :)

My first ODTUG conference was in 2006 and it was awesome. On this blog you'll find different blog posts about my experience and why I love it, so I won't go over that... but from time to time I get some questions about being a presenter at the event.

"What should I submit, I don't know what (more...)

Oracle Database Developer Choice Awards

Oracle Database Developer Choice Awards 2015

Oracle Database Developer Choice Awards (2nd)

I was just looking at the voting results for ORDS and APEX. In the ORDS category Dietmar Aust is leading and in the category APEX it is Morten Braten. So far so good. These men deserve the award for sure - they did a lot for the community and the most of us are using (or have used) their solutions. Think of Morten's PL/SQL Utility Library or Dietmar's PDF Printing...

The only thing I have (more...)

Analytische Funktionen (Teil 3): Gruppen mit zufälliger Auswahl der Datenbasis

Das folgende Beispiel bezieht sich auf die Datenbasis meines ersten Post zu "Analytischen Funktionen".
Es geht darum, dass für das Jahr 2014 drei Gruppen (mit einem Hash-Wert je Gruppe) gebildet werden müssen.
Gruppe 1:
- 3 zufällig ausgewählte Bundesländer die mit B anfangen
Gruppe 2:
- 3 zufällig ausgewählte Bundesländer die mit S anfangen
Gruppe 3:
- 3 zufällig ausgewählte Bundesländer die NICHT mit B und S anfangen

Hier das dafür notwendige SQL:

DOAG 2015 noch wenige Wochen…

Noch wenige Wochen bis zur DOAG 2015.

Dieses Jahr habe ich die Ehre 2 Vorträge zu halten, nachdem ich...
 - 2012 abgelehnt wurde
 - 2013 abgelehnt wurde
 - 2014 dabei war mit: Dynamisches Arbeiten mit Grafiken innerhalb von APEX
 - und 2015...

3 Gründe warum es sich lohnt meine Vorträge anzuschauen
1.) (more...)

Analytische Funktionen (Teil 2): LISTAGG mit eindeutiger Liste

Die LISTAGG Funktion dient der Generierung von zusammenkonkatenierten Strings auf Basis einer Spalte. Wenn in der Spalte ein Wert mehrfach vorkommt, dann wird die Liste ebenfalls mit doppelten Werten generiert.

Im folgenden demonstriere ich ein Beispiel um dieses Problem zu lösen.

Beispieldaten - Land und Ort:

DOAG Conference Presentation Summary Finished

Hi guys,

today was the deadline for uploading the four-page abstract / summary of my presentation at the German Oracle conference in Nürnberg:

If you still have to upload yours, hurry up ... only a few hours left ;).

You can have a look here (it is German though ;). 

See you in Nürnberg in November.


Column Group Headings in an Interactive Report (APEX 5.0)

In 2008 I blogged about how to add Group Headings into an Interactive Report in Oracle Application Express (APEX 3.x!).

Here's an example what I mean with Group Headings, you want to logically group certain columns (e.g. Empno, Ename) and have a group name above them (e.g. Group 1):

The approach I used at that time worked, but it required a lot of manual work. In 2009 Martin D'Souza improved it (more...)

Analytische Funktionen (Teil 1): SUM mit CASE WHEN

Es gibt wie in meinem letzten Post beschrieben, sehr viele Artikel zu analytischen Funktionen. Diese zeigen die Fähigkeiten aber nur an der Oberfläche. Deshalb möchte ich in den nächsten Monaten die besten Tricks mal beispielhaft abbilden.

Als Grundlage habe ich eine Tabelle mit Einwohnern je Bundesland und Jahr. Als Quelle gilt das Statistische Bundesamt.


Custom image on your APEX app login page

In a comment on my post APEX 5.0: pimping the Login page I got a question how to put your own logo or a custom image on the login page, instead of an icon.

You only need a bit of CSS to do the trick:

You can add the above CSS to your login page - Inline CSS in page attributes or you can add it to your page template or custom CSS in (more...)

Die besten HowTo’s rund um fortgeschrittene SQL-Techniken

Im Zuge des aktuellen Community Tips, möchte ich mal eine Liste an HowTo's, Tips und Tricks rund um die verschiedenen aktuellen
SQL-Techniken veröffentlichen. Dabei habe ich mich möglichst auf deutsche Lektüre fokussiert. Am häufigsten habe ich Artikel von Carsten Czarski gefunden, was wohl wenig verwunderlich ist. :)
Die folgenden Links richten sich an jene Entwickler, die mehr als SQL-92 aus Ihrer Oracle Datenbank rausholen möchten.

Analytische SQL-Funktionen
 - Daten zusammenfassen mit Aggregatsfunktionen
 - Mächtige (more...)

ORDS… Yes we can!

On September 13th I got a nice surprise, an email of Steven Feuerstein with the message: "You have been selected as a finalist in the ORDS category for the 2015 Oracle Database Developer Choice Awards!"

It's always nice to get recognition for the efforts you do, so thanks so much already for the nomination. I didn't make publicity yet in order to get some up-votes, but I hope by reaching out to the people (more...)

Oracle Spatial (Teil 2) – Füllen der USER_SDO_GEOM_METADATA

Damit Tools wie
  - Oracle Spatial Reader
  - FeatureReader
  - OracleQuerier

mit Oracle Spatial Tabellen arbeiten können, müssen diese in einer Meta-Schicht bekannt gemacht werden. Dies ist im Prinzip ganz einfach, denn dazu muss nur die View USER_SDO_GEOM_METADATA gefüllt werden.

Die View beinhaltet die folgenden Spalten:
  SRID         NUMBER

Um diese richtig zu füllen (more...)

Oracle Database Developer Choice Awards

Don't forget to vote for the expert of your choice at There are a lot of good men there deserving your voice for their activities in the community and for their selfless engagement.

APEX Reports : Double click to edit

Apart from the Current Record Indicator in your APEX Reports, another question often pops up at my client sites. A lot of functionality is implemented using a Report and a (Modal) Form. But to access that Form, the user has to click exactly on the small link icon in the first column of the report. So can that be changed, making it more "accessible"?

Set the Link Attributes of the column you're using for (more...)

Implementing a Current Record Indicator in your APEX Reports

Developers with an Oracle Forms background might still remember this nice feature: If you click on a row in an Oracle Form "report" then it can be highlighted - either the full row or just a small first item of the row. The main difference with the Oracle Forms "reports" and the APEX Reports is that in Forms a "report" is usually comparable to an APEX Tabular Form. But a similar feature is frequently asked (more...)

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t …

Recently at a client site I ran into a strange issue. There was an APEX page where you can set some parameters and then a report would refresh according these new settings. But the strange thing was: Sometimes it worked perfectly, but sometimes it didn't. In the latter case one or more of the parameters seem discarded... WTF ??

So I dived into it and looked at the code. The parameter / refresh mechanism was implemented (more...)