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The APEX page was developed using two pages.
One for the German speaking community and one for the English speaking APEX developers.

Normally you would create an application and translate the text parts after you finished the development. With we developed a one page application. Instead of translating the page we decided to create a copy of the page and translate this one instead. In the end we had one for (more...)

Denes Kubicek ApEx BLOG 2016-01-17 14:01:00

APEX Dashboard Competition initiated by Tobias Arnhold is now online. If you want to compete against your colleagues all you need to do is to create a nice looking dashboard based on the prepared set of data, crate a packaged application and send it to the jury. You can apply here: Submit your application and win some nice prices. Hurry up. The closing is on Friday the 1st of April 2016.

APEX Dashboard Competition

Liebe APEX Community,

ich bin froh nun endlich die nächste große Sache präsentieren zu können. Wir veranstalten eine APEX Competition nach dem Vorbild der APEX Gaming Competition.

Erschafft eine APEX Dashboard Anwendung.

Kurz zusammengefasst:
Erstellt bis zum 01.04.2016 eine APEX Universal Theme Anwendung mit einer Seite die auf Basis eines vorgefertigten Sets von Daten, die ultimative Dashboard Erfahrung liefert.

Was bringt euch die Teilnahme?
Es gibt geniale Preise vom ersten bis zum zehnten (more...)

Importing XML file with invalid character 22 (U+0016)

I have to import a set of XML files from time to time. Most of those XML files can be imported with out any problems. But at least one file includes a special character U+0016 which occurs randomly some where inside the file.

When I try to import that file I get this ORA- error message:
ORA-31011: XML-Parsing nicht erfolgreich
ORA-19202: Fehler bei XML-Verarbeitung
LPX-00217: Ungültiges Zeichen 22 (U+0016)
Error at line 39409 aufgetreten

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APEX Developer Addon for Firefox 43+ – now signed

Quick note: I finally managed to get the APEX Developer Addon signed by Mozilla and therefor working again in Firefox 43 upwards.

Please re-download and install, version of the Addon in Firefox is now No changes for Chrome.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for all those mails I got.

New Website for FOEX online

Last year was very eventful at FOEX, which kept me occupied and kept me from blogging. Thankfully I managed to attend a few conferences and stay in touch with the community through Twitter and Slack on

FOEX is growing a lot and needed a new website design, so we had a brainstorming meeting and decided to again build it in APEX.

Last week we finally decided everything for the website was ready (more...)

APEX 5 Migration – Part 3 – The Universal Theme Migration

The last part of my APEX 5 migrations series:

- APEX 5 Migration - Part 1 - Requirements and Installation
- APEX 5 Migration - Part 2 - Common application issues after the migration
This part is about the best and hardest migration:
The Universal Theme migration (UT)!

Most of the developers love the new theme and its functionality but what makes it so different to the old ones? What is the value of (more...)

Conference Season

It's conference season!  That means time to start looking at flights and hotels and ensuring that while I'm on the road, my wife is not at work (no easy task).  In addition to many of the conferences that I've been presenting at for years, I have a couple of new additions to the list.

Here it is:

RMOUG - Denver, CO
One of the larger conferences, the year usually starts out in Denver for me, (more...)

Autologin for demonstration applications

Why would you need an "auto login"? Can't it be configured in APEX?
In APEX you have a setting to configure the maximum session length. But this setting only lasts a certain time (12 hours as most).

The setting can be found under Supporting Objects > Security Attributes > Session Management:

But in some use cases you don't want the application to log out and to manually re-login again.

An "auto login" can come in (more...)

If you’re new to the APEX community, here are some tips to get engaged

Last night (January 6, 2016) we had our first-in-2016 APEX Meetup meeting in Columbus, Ohio, USA.  For being on short notice, we had a nice turnout, and I was able to distribute the new stickers.  I was most impressed that a gentleman (by the name of Shannon) drove down from Cleveland, Ohio - almost 2 hours drive each way.  He's been using APEX for all of two weeks, was using it with (more...)

APEX Entwickler gesucht…

Die Deutsche Bahn ist auf der Suche nach einem APEX Entwickler.

Aktuell bin ich durch meine selbstständige Tätigkeit selbst vor Ort und meine Eindrücke möchte ich mal nach außen tragen, damit ihr seht wie die Bahn auch sein kann.

Mich persönlich beeindrucken nicht die offensichtlichen Dinge vor Ort:
 - Die Stadt: Frankfurt
 - Die Firma: DB Systel (IT Dienstleister der Deutschen Bahn)
 - Der Tower: Dein Arbeitsplatz ist an einer der höchsten Stellen in Deutschland

A Few Resolutions for 2016

Jenny, from the Oracle Database Insider Newsletter, asked a number of us in the Database division at Oracle to share our New Year's resolutions for 2016.  And while I'm a bit reluctant to share this somewhat personal information, I like the fact that publicizing these resolutions may force me to remain a bit more focused on these goals.  So here resolutions for 2016:

  1. Attend an Oracle Real World Performance Training class. (more...)

Remove Blanks from Formated Date Column

This small example is showing how powerful jQuery is and how easy it is to use it in APEX. In this case, I needed to correct the oracle formatting, which adds blanks to the name of the day prior to comma. Probably oracle RPAD's the day names to the longest (Wednesday). Those are showing in APEX as one blank - see the left column. The only good way to go around that annoying side (more...)

Das war 2015 und nun?

In meinem letzten Blogpost für dieses Jahr, möchte ich noch einmal kurz auf alle Highlights in 2015 eingehen. Ich wünsche viel Spaß beim Revue passieren lassen! :)

APEX CONNECT 2016 und das HH24:MI Dilemma

Als ich das Vortragsprogramm der APEX CONNECT 2016 gelesen habe, musste ich mich doch kurz wundern...
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APEX 5 Migration – Part 2 – Common application issues after the migration

This time I will tell you more about the most common problems in your APEX applications after an upgrade to APEX 5.

You will find the most migration bugs in following situations:

Generierung von Bitlisten mit Hilfe von SQL am Beispiel einer Datum zu Monat Konvertierung

Ich hatte vor kurzem die Aufgabe erhalten eine Bitliste auf Basis eines Monats zu generieren.
Bedeutet, ich habe einen String mit 31 Zeichen der je Zeichen den Zustand 1 oder 0 einnehmen kann.
 - 1 steht für aktiv
 - 0 steht für inaktiv


Um dies anhand eines verständlichen Beispiels zu verifizieren, habe ich mir eine Dienstplan-Tabelle ausgedacht.
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APEX 5 Migration – Part 1 – Requirements and Installation

During this year I have done several APEX 5 migrations and I held three lectures on the topic.
Unfortunately it only reached out in Germany, however the content would contribute to simplifying the work for everyone. So I decided to blog it. I will cover this topic in three different posts:
- Requirements and Installation
- Common issues after the migration
- Universal Theme migration

I start with the requirements and installation of APEX 5.

APEX Feature Request

Just created a new feature request for APEX at … Extend Interactive Report API - Get IR Query. The feature request is abut the following:

"This API should deliver a couple of different SQL statements for an interactive report. There are several possible requirements I can think of:

1. IR query including visible columns and filter values - actual SQL for the user session,
2. IR query including all columns and (more...)

I Had Low Expectations for the APEX Gaming Competition 2015 from ODTUG. Wow, Was I Ever Wrong!

When the APEX Gaming Competition 2015 was announced by Vincent Morneau from Insum at the ODTUG Kscope15 conference this past year, I was very suspect.  I've seen many contests over the years that always seemed to have very few participants, and only one or two people would really put forth effort.  Why would this "Gaming Competition" be any different?  Who has time for games, right?  Well...I could not have been more wrong.

I was (more...)