How to reset an APEX process

While I was setting up a demo the other day, I ran into the following issue: My main start page contains a list of customers and that list is created by a call to a (remote) web service. Due to the nature of this service, it takes a few seconds to get a result back - not very slow but slow enough to annoy me. So I looked at ways of caching the web service (more...)

Happy Birthday, Oracle Application Express!

Happy birthday, Oracle Application Express!

In January 2004, Oracle Database 10g was released.  And bundled with the Oracle 10g Database distribution was an additional disc called the Companion CD, which included both Oracle HTTP Server, mod_plsql and this new tool called Oracle HTML DB 1.5.  This was the date of the first officially distributed and supported software from Oracle which has grown into today's Oracle Application Express.

To recap the years:

APEX Validation: Check overlapping time periods

There is a easy way to check if a row with overlapping time periods exists inside your table.

We assume that our table is called T_MACHINE with the columns m_id (PK), valid_from and valid_until 

All you need to do is to create the following APEX validation:
Validation type: NOT Exist

select 1 from T_MACHINE
AND (VALID_FROM <= TO_DATE(:P6_UNTIL,'DD.MM.YYYY')) and (more...)

Scroll to the top of your page/report

In case you use partial page refresh inside your reports you may have encountered an issue that you always stay on the bottom of the page even after the refresh of the report.  One of my customer marked this as a bug and meant that after the refresh the display position should be at the beginning of the report.

Seems complicated but worked out to be really easy:
Add a dynamic action: After refresh (more...)

APEX Vortrag und APEX Stammtisch

Am 05.02.2014 (Rhein-Main, Neu-Isenburg) halte ich einen APEX Vortrag zum Thema Pivotreports.
Details findet Ihr hier:

Außerdem plant die Community nun schon seit einiger Zeit an einem APEX Stammtisch in Frankfurt.
Wer Interesse hat kann sich hier anmelden:
Mit etwas Glück könnte der Termin im Anschluss des DOAG Treffens stattfinden. :D

Schon etwas weiter in der Zukunft (Mai 2014) liegt der nächste Best Practices Kurs von (more...)

Developing Mobile Web Applications with Oracle Application Express 4.2

If you’re interested in developing Mobile Web Apps on the Oracle Database – and if you’re following my Blog, chances are that you are – then here’s a great opportunity to get up to speed on the latest trends and learn how you can quickly and easily develop your own mobile web apps and extend your existing APEX apps for mobile use: attend my upcoming free ODTUG Webinar on February 20th:

APEX Training 2014 – Best Practices

Our next training will be held in Bensheim on 26th of May 2014. You can find the details here.

Die Erfolgreiche Trainingserie geht auch in diesem Jahr weiter. Dietmar Aust und ich organisieren ein weiteres Best Practice Training am 26.05.2014 in Bensheim. Diesmal findet das Training auf der Basis von APEX 4.2 statt. Nutzen Sie die Möglichkeit von Experten zu lernen und melden Sie sich an. Einen Link zu der Anmeldeseite finden (more...)

APEX 4.2 error handling function example

Experimenting with APEX 4.2 error handling function.

Barcode Report

This example seems still to be interesting to some people in the community. The number of requests and questions I am getting regarding it forced me to update it. Now the rendering is using an application process instead of a public procedure - using public procedures in XE is somewhat tricky.

Start learning a new Oracle technology

I found it very interesting to read Tom Kyte's New Year resolutions for 2014.

"Learn something new about Oracle almost every day"

"Learn a new technology outside the comfortable realm of Oracle Database".

Resolutions I try to follow myself every year...

I love to try and integrate different technologies with Oracle APEX. Looking back at the last two years, just from the Oracle stack alone, in 2012 I played around integrating APEX with E-Business (more...)

Suchen von Informationen innerhalb der APEX-Entwicklungsumgebung

Seit Version 4 von APEX ist es möglich, nach bestimmten Begriffen innerhalb der APEX Applikation zu suchen.
Beispielsweise: Wo verwende ich überall die Tabelle TBL_APEX_AT_WORK

Neben dieser Funktionalität kommt es auch häufig vor, dass man innerhalb des eigenen Oracle Schemas nach der selben Information suchen möchte.
Gute Beispiele dafür sind Views und Packages:

-- Auswerten von Packages, Funktionen, Prozeduren und Triggern
select name, text
from user_source
where upper(text) like '%TBL_APEX_AT_WORK%'
order by line;

-- Auswerten (more...)

Classic Report – Preserve Pagination after PPR

In this example you can see how easy it is to preserve report pagination after PPR. With a little jquery coding you can attach a function to the pagination request and this way "document" where the pagination goes. After a report refresh you may read those values and paginate back (more...)

human readable URLs in Oracle APEX – Part 3

In the first two parts of this blogpost series we covered the basics and the technique on how to provide nice/friendly/readable URLs for a public APEX Application.

If you haven’t read the other two parts, please go back and read part 1, then read part 2. Done? Ok, lets (more...)

Getting started with Oracle Application Express (APEX)

There're still people just starting with APEX, so here's a quick post which might help them.

On there's a nice section about how to get started with Oracle APEX.

I think most important is to just start and play with APEX. Creating an account on (more...)

Get on Board the ARC

Yesterday, we launched the new APEX Resource Center - or ARC - on  The ARC was designed to provide the APEX experts at Enkitec with an easy way to share all things APEX with the community.  It’s split up into a number of different sections, each of which (more...)

SQL Developer 4.0

I personally didn't like SQL Developer because of it's clumsy java interface and found TOAD much better. Now, the version 4.0 looks more professional, cleaner and nicer. The new look and feel has been improved a lot. You can now reorder editor tabs without any side effects. SQL Developer (more...)

human readable URLs in Oracle APEX – Part 2

In the first part of this Blogpost Series we touched some fundamentals and finally listed some options. If you haven’t read it, yet, please do now before continuing here.

The last post ended with me saying I found a way for hrURLs that works with APEX Listener, mod_plsql and EPG.


Time to update your APEX development environment

In the last days (and weeks) Oracle has been updating many of the tools a typical APEX Developer uses day-in-day-out.

Here's a graphical overview of a typical APEX configuration:

Following desktop tools got updated:

  • my favourite connection to the Oracle database
  • a great SQL and PL/SQL (more...)

Oracle Application Express 4.2.4 now available

As an early Christmas present / late Hanukkah present, Oracle Application Express 4.2.4 is now released and available for download.  If you wish to download the full release of Oracle Application Express 4.2.4, you can get it from the Downloads page on OTN.  If you have (more...)

SQL Developer 4 is out

New version of the Oracle SQL Developer is out:

New features can be found here: