Kostenpflichtige Erweiterungen für APEX

Bei dem letzten APEX Meetup in Frankfurt kam eine Frage zur Erweiterbarkeit von APEX auf.
Hierbei ging es darum zu klären was sich besser eignet:
  - Kaufsoftware
  - Opensource Software
  - Eigenentwicklung

Die Frage was sich besser eignet hängt von unterschiedlichen Faktoren ab, die ich nicht Heute im Detail erklären werde.

Ziel im heutigen Blogpost ist es, eine vollständige Liste an möglicher Kaufsoftware Erweiterungen für APEX aufzuzeigen, ohne eine Wertung der jeweiligen (more...)

Pager Designer Plugin Xplug

The new APEX Page Designer is a great tool in doing your development work faster then ever. Actually I only discovered two more or less annoying things so far.

1. Doing "mouse miles" from the left side to the right side.
The new Grid Layout takes much space especially on the big screens. When you access an item on the left side you need to move your mouse to the right and edit the stuff (more...)

Was ist Oracle JET

Oracle JET ist das neueste Oracle Development Werkzeug mit dem Ziel moderne Webapplikationen auf Basis von Javascript zu bauen.

Die Grundlage dafür bildet ein eigens dafür entwickeltes JavaScript Development Framework das zusätzlich um mehrere mehr oder weniger bekannte OpenSource JS Frameworks (jQuery, RequireJS, Knockout und weitere) erweitert wurde.

Witzigerweise scheint Oracle JET nicht allein zu sein, denn die Abkürzung bezeichnet innerhalb des Oracle Toolsets zwei unterschiedliche Technologien.
Das neue Oracle JET (JavaScript Extension Toolkit) und (more...)

Hide and Seek

In migrating SERT from 4.2 to 5.0, there's a number of challenges that I'm facing. This has to do with the fact that I am also migrating a custom theme to the Universal Theme, as almost 100% of the application just worked if I chose to leave it alone. I didn't. More on that journey in a longer post later.

In any case, some of the IR filters that I have on by (more...)

Page Designer bug in combination with APEX plugin settings

Yesterday evening I struggled with a strange issue inside the Page Designer.

One APEX application created on each page of the Page Designer the following javascript parsing error:

Error: parsererror - SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected end of data at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data

It only happened in 1 of several applications I currently check after an APEX 5.0.2 migration.

What I did to find the issue (Thanks to Denes (more...)

Custom jQuery dialog and APEX 5 z-index bug

After migration to APEX 5.0.2 I got an issue with a custom jQuery dialog (similar to this one).

The modal dialog wasn't accessible because the overlay effect was on top of my dialog as well.

Luckily some CSS code fixed the issue:

body div.ui-widget-overlay {
    z-index: 1;

Btw.: The return to page function didn't work in the "edit page" view.

Universal Theme Face Lift

I'm a huge fan of APEX's new Universal Theme, and have been working quite a bit with it.  One of the coolest features is how easy it is to change the colors.  You don't even need to be good at design - just click Theme Roller, and spin all the things!

However, as much as you change the colors, the look and feel still largely looks the same, since the base font is unchanged.

So (more...)

Custom CSV Export as ZIP file

At the beginning of this year I wrote an article about "Custom CSV Export in APEX".

Now I want to extend the solution by an optional ZIP export.

You can not export several files at the same time with standard APEX features. For that you have to create a ZIP file including all the files you want to download.

I made an example application "Multi CSV Download as ZIP file" where you see a (more...)

Select all Checkboxes in IR – APEX 5

If <input type="checkbox" onclick="$f_CheckFirstColumn(this)"> doesn't work for you in APEX 5 Interactive Reports then you will need to disable Fixed Headings (standard). Fixed headings splits the report into two tables and the function won't work.

Oracle Live SQL

Oracle Live SQL is a great source for learning SQL and PL/SQL. It has a lot of good examples and interactive educational tutorials. The best thing is, it runs on APEX ;) Add this site to your bookmarks.

Oracle APEX 5.0.2 now available

Oracle Application Express 5.0.2 is now released and available for download. If you wish to download the full release of Oracle Application Express 5.0.2, you can get it from the Downloads page on OTN. If you have Oracle APEX 5.0.0 … Continue reading

Opening of APEX R&D New Zealand

We're really excited to announce that next to our Belgium office, we have opened an office in New Zealand too. This will allow us to cover multiple timezones and better serve the Australian and New Zealand market. You can read more about it on Lino's blog


Contact our team of experienced professionals for innovative, reliable and cost effective Oracle Application Express solutions. 

Regarding any custom application development, training/coaching or consulting related to (more...)

Next Oracle APEX NOVA Meetup Date Set

The next Oracle APEX NOVA MeetUp is going to be held on November 12th, 2015 at 7PM.  We decided to mix things up a bit and are going to have it at Vapianos in the Reston Town Center.  We're also going to try a more informal agenda.  In other words, there will be no agenda.

So if you're around Reston on November 12th from 7-9PM (or so), feel free to stop by.  Here's the MeetUp. (more...)

Submit your abstract for KScope 16 – only 3 days left

Only 3 days left to submit your abstract for KScope 16... so don't wait longer, submit now! :)

My first ODTUG conference was in 2006 and it was awesome. On this blog you'll find different blog posts about my experience and why I love it, so I won't go over that... but from time to time I get some questions about being a presenter at the event.

"What should I submit, I don't know what (more...)

Oracle Database Developer Choice Awards

Oracle Database Developer Choice Awards 2015

Oracle Database Developer Choice Awards (2nd)

I was just looking at the voting results for ORDS and APEX. In the ORDS category Dietmar Aust is leading and in the category APEX it is Morten Braten. So far so good. These men deserve the award for sure - they did a lot for the community and the most of us are using (or have used) their solutions. Think of Morten's PL/SQL Utility Library or Dietmar's PDF Printing...

The only thing I have (more...)

DOAG Conference Presentation Summary Finished

Hi guys,

today was the deadline for uploading the four-page abstract / summary of my presentation at the German Oracle conference in Nürnberg:

If you still have to upload yours, hurry up ... only a few hours left ;).

You can have a look here (it is German though ;). 

See you in Nürnberg in November.


Column Group Headings in an Interactive Report (APEX 5.0)

In 2008 I blogged about how to add Group Headings into an Interactive Report in Oracle Application Express (APEX 3.x!).

Here's an example what I mean with Group Headings, you want to logically group certain columns (e.g. Empno, Ename) and have a group name above them (e.g. Group 1):

The approach I used at that time worked, but it required a lot of manual work. In 2009 Martin D'Souza improved it (more...)

Custom image on your APEX app login page

In a comment on my post APEX 5.0: pimping the Login page I got a question how to put your own logo or a custom image on the login page, instead of an icon.

You only need a bit of CSS to do the trick:

You can add the above CSS to your login page - Inline CSS in page attributes or you can add it to your page template or custom CSS in (more...)

ORDS… Yes we can!

On September 13th I got a nice surprise, an email of Steven Feuerstein with the message: "You have been selected as a finalist in the ORDS category for the 2015 Oracle Database Developer Choice Awards!"

It's always nice to get recognition for the efforts you do, so thanks so much already for the nomination. I didn't make publicity yet in order to get some up-votes, but I hope by reaching out to the people (more...)