Bits And Pieces

Lots of innovative change afoot in the Oracle HCM Cloud space, so I thought I'd catch y'all up on the more significant bits and pieces.

  • Enhanced Talent Profiles:  Oracle Recruiting Cloud ("ORC") and Oracle Learning Cloud ("OLC")customers must upgrade to Enhanced Talent Profiles as part of their 19A uptake.  See My Oracle Support Doc ID 2421964.1 "Upgrading Fusion Profile Management" for more info. This is a really cool upgrade for the ORC and (more...)

Documented JSON Classes

Looking through the PeopleTools 8.57 Feature Overview document, you may have noticed that 8.57 now includes support for several JSON classes as well as PeopleBooks documentation. As Chris Malek showed us a couple of years ago, the classes listed in the Feature Overview document are not new. What is new is the keyword Support and PeopleBooks documentation. Using the documentation, I was able to generate a sample on PeopleTools 8.57:

Local  (more...)

Do I have to use the Navigator?

Navigator exposed from the NavBar
I have seen several very clever Navbar customizations including:
  • Auto-expand the Navigator when expanding the Navbar and
  • Showing the breadcrumb path in the Navigator.
These customizations seem quite valuable to anyone that uses the Navigator. And who doesn't use the Navigator? It is the primary delivered navigation method for Classic content. But are we really supposed to depend on the Navigator? If so, should these customizations be incorporated into the (more...)

Collaborate 2019

Collaborate 2019 is just around the corner. San Antonio is one of my favorite conference locations, with the riverwalk right outside the conference center. I will be presenting the following sessions next month at Collaborate:

Effective PeopleSoft Performance Monitoring

This advice note describes how to configure PeopleSoft systems on Oracle so that performance metrics are collected that are useful performance monitoring and subsequent performance tuning.


  • Oracle RDBMS Instrumentation
  • On-Line Component/Page Information
  • Application Engine Step Information
  • Cobol/nVision Instrumentation
  • nVision Layout Instrumentation
  • 2nd Database Connection Instrumentation
  • PeopleTools Performance Metrics
    • Cobol and Application Engine Batch Timings
    • PeopleSoft Performance Monitor

    Summary of Recommendations

    • Set EnableAEMonitoring=1 in all Application Server and process scheduler domains in order to enable (more...)

    Branding Shortcut

    Starting with his post PeopleTools 8.55.x - Branding - Part I - What has changed, Sasank Vemana provides a series of articles describing how to brand Fluid. If your organization supports multiple branding themes, then the PeopleTools delivered branding module and branding macros concept described by Sasank are a perfect fit. Although a fair amount of effort to configure, I didn't mind the macro concept provided in PeopleTools 8.55. But when (more...)

    Where is My New Optional Default Tile?

    Navigation is critical to any business application. Classic used breadcrumbs for navigation. As I'm sure you noticed, Fluid is different, using Tiles and Homepages as the starting point for application navigation.
    "In Fluid, tiles and homepages represent the primary navigation model, replacing Classic's breadcrumb menu."
    In Classic, breadcrumb navigation is managed by administrators. It is fixed, not variable, not personalizable. Users cannot personalize Classic navigation (other than creating favorites). Did I say Fluid is (more...)

    HEUG Alliance 2019

    With the HEUG Alliance 2019 conference starting in a few weeks, it is time to finalize our session schedules. Reviewing the agenda, I see many great education sessions from partners such as Presence of IT, SpearMCAppsian, and Mutara Inc as well as many, many customer sessions covering important topics including security, user experience, integration, tools, add-on products and so on. This is clearly an Alliance we don't want to miss! On (more...)

    Listening To Customers

    The Oracle HCM Cloud team hosted their annual Customer Advisory Board meetings at Oracle HQ last week.  I've always enjoyed the CAB meetings because it's the one event where we reverse the flow of information:  customers tell us about how they use our products rather than us showing customers how to use those products.  I learned a few lessons in listening to our customers last week.

    Customers today are more concerned with the pragmatic aspects (more...)

    Create Databases from Automatic Daily Backups – New Feature – Jan 2019 – Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

    New Feature - Create Databases from Automatic Daily Backups
    Services : Block Volume
    Release Month : Jan 2019

    Automatic Daily Backup feature lets you to create automated backups of OCI DB System Databases on a daily basis. With this feature you can now create a new system out of the automated daily backups.

    Here is a DB System in OCI that is created and you can see there is a Automated Backup Running

    Once the (more...)

    In-transit encryption for boot and block volumes – New Feature – Jan 2019 – Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

    New Feature : In-transit encryption for boot and block volumes
    Services : Block Volume
    Release Month : Jan 2019

    Data is often considered less secured when in movement. It could be across two servers , two data center , between two services, between cloud and on-premise or between two cloud providers. Wherever data is in moving , data protection methods should be implemented for in transit data that are critical. While organization care more about (more...)

    Consistent device paths for block volumes – New Feature – Jan 2019 – Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

    New Feature : Consistent device paths for block volumes
    Services : Block Volume
    Release Date : Jan 2019

    With this feature you can now select a device path that will remain consistent between instance reboots. though this is an optional feature it is recommended to use the device path as you can refer to the volumes when create partitions , creating file systems , mounting file system , you can also specify this option in (more...)

    Dialog and Popup Parameters

    If you have implemented or reviewed Fluid self-service, you may have noticed all inline editable grids have been replaced with read-only "actionable" grids. Oracle's PeopleSoft Fluid UX Standards discourage the use of inline editable grids in favor of secondary modal popup pages. Sasank recently showed us how to implement actionable grid rows, the primary self-service replacement for inline editable grids. With the row action indicator approach, each row presents a read-only summary, with details (more...)

    Buffing Up The Crystal Ball

    I've had several people ask me lately what I predict in terms of hot tech trends for 2019.  I'm not much for predictions - if you want to hear the universe laugh, share your future plan.  But, just for fun, I pulled the crystal ball out of the closet, buffed it up and took a look.  I also scattered some tea leaves on a table top and read them.  And, just to lock things in, (more...)

    A Cloud Endorsement

    As I write this, it's super early on Monday morning in my part of the world.  And this morning, I've already spoken to three different customers suffering major service disruptions in their IT applications - one can't process incoming orders, one can't ship product, and another one can't do either (among other things).  The only things still running - their cloud applications.

    This raises a pretty good point for those of you out there plugging (more...)

    What, Me Worry?

    “What, me worry?” – Alfred E. Neuman

    It seems like we have some nervousness settling into the U.S. economy.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average is down a few percentage points over the past few months.  Facebook, Apple and Google shares (three-fourths of the FANG indicator for the tech market) are all taking a bit of a beating.  We’re watching the process of Treasury Yields inverting, indicating concerns about the long-term debt market.  Folks (more...)

    Security: The PeopleSoft Social Threat Vector

    In the old Mission Impossible television series from the '60s and '70s, a team of expert agents socially engineer an incredible swindle to catch a bad guy, elicit a confession, release a hostage, etc. These deceptions often included room reconstructions, elaborate disguises, rerouted telephone calls, fake news broadcasts, etc. The con had to be so good the prey had no clue. If it weren't for the regular cut-aways to "reality," viewers wouldn't be able to (more...)

    One stone – 2 birds

    We are upgrading Oracle Apex behind our hr/payroll solution, and in the mean time we are looking into minimizing network bandwidth.  The last years we were rolling out many modules within, like learning, performance management, time management, etc. That focus left us on an older version of Apex. Now time to go to Apex 18.. Our solution uses a few Apex plugins. One is a

    Listen To The Music – OOW 2018

    Don't you feeling it growin', day by day
    People gettin' ready for the new
    Some are happy, some are sad
    Oh, we got to let the music play
              - From The Doobie Brothers "Listen To The Music"

    So it's Oracle OpenWorld time again.,, can you hear the music playing?  It really kicked off last Thursday, but the event really starts peaking today (Oct. 22nd) through Thursday.  Gazillions of people descending (more...)

    Steal Percentage on the Virtual Machine

    Recently have been working with a customer who was running high workload on virtual machine. After a complete review , DBAs have identified the database is running non optimized codes/sql/programs. During high peak load we observed very high Steal %

    Image result for Steal Percentage Top

    In a virtual environment, CPU cycles are shared across virtual machines on the server. If your virtual machine displays a high %st in top (steal time), this means CPU cycles are being taken away from (more...)