Signs of Oracle Forms 12c

Yesterday I ran into an Oracle Forms bug.  Something pretty weird.  

In some cases a form raised the following error: "FRM-40737:Illegal restricted procedure SYNCHRONIZE in PRE-FORM trigger".
The code was in it for years, works on the development and production environment, but not on the testing environment.

I started searching for what could be wrong and ended up on "My Oracle Support" and found a bug filed for something similar. 
But the solution (more...)

An Inside Look At IProcurement Category Mapping

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When implementing iProcurement, one of the fun tasks is defining the catalog structure and hierarchy. The correct category structure can be essential to provide your user base with a positive shopping experience. While a category hierarchy is not a requirement (if you do not create one the requester must search for items and not browse categories) it is a way to provide (more...)

Formatting Rich Text Comments in BI Publisher

In the last years, BI Publisher has become the go to tool to cover most reporting needs in PeopleSoft, replacing other technologies such as Crystal Reports and SQR in many scenarios.

The basic concept behind many reporting tools is separating data and presentation logic, so report designers can work in parallel with developers who know the data model in detail. BI Publisher is the PeopleSoft reporting tool that achieves this separation in a more (more...)

Statement restart

I wrote a blog post about it on the iAdvise blog some years ago and once in a while it pops up again: "Statement restart".
Like today, a colleague telling me that a mail is sent more than once sometimes and we noticed that the mail is sent from a trigger.

Workplace Visibility

What is visibility? The M-w Dictionary defines visibility as “clarity of vision or The quality or state of being known to the public.” But for in Orginizational prospective, workforce, visibility means much more. Not only is workforce visibility the ability to see the breadth, depth and make-up of your organization, it also extends to your […]

Windows 10 and E-Business Suite, 12.1, and 12.2

From July 29, 2015, pc's are getting option to upgrade Window 10 via Microsoft's "Windows Update" delivery mechanism. Good news for EBS Customer is "Microsoft Windows 10 ( both 32-bit and 64-bit) " is certified as a desktop client operating system for end-users accessing Oracle E-Business Suite, 12.1, and 12.2 with the following components. […]

What Is Removed When You Run ADOP Cleanup?

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Figuring Out How Many Objects the ADOP Cleanup Has To Drop



As EBS 12.2 brings the new adop (online patching) feature, it has sequences of steps to be performed while system is up and running, as well as when the system is shut down for making the modified changes available to the users who are using the system. In (more...)

Solutions for Cloud Reporting: Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service (EPRCS)

Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service was released last month. Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud is the latest addition to the EPM cloud suite of applications, and is a purpose-built solution for narrative-driven management and financial performance reporting. This is not Hyperion Financial Reports on the cloud! This is a completely separate product that is […]

Do you need to know about EMD – Earnest Money Deposit in Oracle Sourcing

Do you know , Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) is a payment/deposit that suppliers are required to make to a buying organization in order to be eligible to participate in a Sourcing negotiation. EMD is very common in Public Sector companies and Government organizations and in certain global markets, particularly in APAC and EMEA. The EMD […]

Old Becomes New – Maker Stuff

A bit of a personal tangent for this post, as I've experienced an interesting development in life recently.  I’m taking another run at the “Maker” concept after taking a few months away from it. And I’m coming at it from an entirely different angle.  The combination of data, radio waves and networks has piqued my interest.  Some background:

My father was an amateur radio operator back in the day.  It was one of (more...)

Microsoft Edge and PeopleSoft

edgeThe Windows 10 upgrade was released late last week, and with it came a new web browser – Microsoft Edge. Formerly codenamed Project Spartan, Edge is the default web browser in Windows 10. Internet Explorer 11 is also be included with the new OS, but is basically unchanged from the version of IE11 found in Windows 7 and 8.1.

Although it might be a while until Windows 10 gains widespread enterprise adoption, it’ll likely (more...)

History Lesson

I'm a student of history.  There is so much to be learned from it.  Today's lesson comes from NASA and relates directly to enterprise software projects.

From 1992 to 1999, NASA launched 16 major missions under the umbrella of the "Faster, Better, Cheaper" or "FBC" program umbrella.  These unmanned space exploration missions included five trips to Mars, one to the Moon, four Earth-orbiting satellites and an asteroid rendezvous.  10 of the 15 missions were great (more...)

PeopleSoft Spotlight Series: Fluid

Have you seen the new PeopleTools Spotlight series? I just finished the Developing Fluid Applications lesson. This 1-hour video walks you through creating a fluid component, including some of the special CSS style classes, such as psc_column-2. The example is very well done and should get new fluid developers headed down the right path.

We’d Appreciate Your Help

We’d really appreciate your help. But first, a bit of background:

vote-buttonThe Partner of the Year awards is an annual awards ceremony held by the UK Oracle User Group. It allows customers to show appreciation for partners that have provided a good service to them over the previous 12 months. As you would imagine, being voted best by end-users is a wonderful accolade.

If you’re the recipient of any Cedar service – and this can be consultancy, (more...)

Resource Capacity In An Unconstrained Plan

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Resource Capacity in an Unconstrained Plan



The goal of any Planner is to create a feasible manufacturing plan. Often times this may be easier said than done, however, it remains the end objective. So what is a feasible manufacturing plan? In simplest terms, it is a plan that can be successfully executed. In most manufacturing environments, there are two groups (more...)

PeopleSoft-Taleo Out-Of-The-Box Integration Deprecated

Oracle have made the interesting announcement that the delivered integration between PeopleSoft (HCM 9.1 or 9.2) and Taleo is being deprecated. This is a positive move from Oracle and simplifies things greatly from a client and partner perspective.

Previously Oracle delivered two different integration methods, prebuilt integration using web services and PeopleSoft Integration Broker, or the Taleo Connect Client (TCC) tool – which is a highly flexible tool for any kind of Taleo (more...)

An inspiration to an entire generation, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam – Rest in Peace. The real hero behind Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)

An inspiration to an entire generation,  Dr APJ Abdul Kalam - Rest in Peace. The real hero behind Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) 

Oracle Performance Measurement

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Performance Measurement using Oracle


OK, so the latest, greatest Oracle ERP release has now been implemented in your company. The ERP system is now home to a myriad of financial data, manufacturing and supply chain data, as well as customer, vendor and project related information. It takes months of hard work and dedication to test, implement and deploy this system, and (more...)

Beat 39

Let's start today's thought with a tidbit from the Standish Group's 2013 Chaos Report.  In that report, the Standish Group cheerfully shares that IT project success came in at 39%...cheerful because that is an improvement.  In other words, 6 out of 10 IT projects are failing to meet schedule, cost and quality objectives and we're thinking that's good news.  Yikes!!!

If we look at the numbers in SaaS carefully - regardless of vendor (more...)

Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud

Cloud = Service-based computing model providing self-service, elasticity, shared resources, and pay-as-you-go New cloud computing technologies are enabling breakthrough innovations in supply chain management (SCM) applications delivered via software as a service (SaaS) models. To help companies support their complete quote-to-cash process in the Cloud, Oracle has expanded the Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud with […]