Changing Records in Queries

This isn’t best practice, but I found a way to switch out a record in a query without redoing the criteria. Here’s the situation: I have a query in which the row-level security is causing problems. It is slowing down the query and also eliminating future-dated rows from the results. So, I created a view of the table which would select all of the rows from the original table. It was basically a copy with (more...)

Null Date in PeopleCode

Just the other day, I needed to set a Date to null or blank, and I couldn’t remember how to do it.  Here’s my notes so that I can remember next time.  Javier’s blog came to the rescue:

Javier’s PeopleSoft blog: Setting Date Variables to Null in PeopleCode

The short version is: use the Date(0) function:

     Local Date &hireDate;

     &hireDate = Date(0);

Here’s some more information to explore a little more in depth…

The Date() function (more...)

Implementing Deferred Segment Creation After an Upgrade

I have written previously about Deferred Segment Creation. Each empty table and its indexes use only 64Kb (assuming an 8Kb blocksize and locally managed tablespaces), but in a PeopleSoft there can be be tens of thousands of such tables and that adds up to a saving worth making.

If you are upgrading your database to 11gR2 , you might want to make sure that you are using it.  Deferred segment creation was introduced in (more...)

Speaking during Collaborate 2014

Time is passing very quickly ……I’m just recalling year 2012 and I was at Collaborate 2012 in Las Vegas  and now year 2014…. & Collaborate 2014 is on !!! This year during Collaborate 14, I am pleased to share I have been selected to present at COLLABORATE 14: Technology and Applications Forum for the Oracle Community […]

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WebCenter LDAP Filters Explained!

We recently has a client with some LDAP performance issues, and had a need to tune how WebLogic was querying their LDAP repository. In WebLogic, the simplest way to do this is with their LDAP Filters. While trying to explain how to do this, I was struck by the lack of clear documentation on what exactly these filters are and why on earth you would need them... The best documentation was in the WebCenter guide (more...)

What are you all looking for?

Every year all of the social media sites mail out “your top posts/tweets/pages/slideshares/whatever for the year” summaries. I expect that you’ve had some of these too.

I thought it’d be interesting to put mine in one place to see if there’s any correlation or trend in what you all find worth reading.

The PeopleSoft Weekly Newsletter

This is the free weekly email newsletter that we send out. More details here.

During 2013 we sent out (more...)

Optional Prompting in PS Query

If you don't fill in a prompt when running a PS Query, the query usually returns no row. If you want the query to still fetch data (ignoring the condition), this post is for you.

You Don’t Have to Write PeopleCode to Create an XML / BI Publisher Report using PS Query!

This post will help you create your first XML Publisher report using Query as a data source. If you are a business user trying to learn this reporting tool, you have come to the right place.

Could Oracle Cloud Trump Amazon Web Services?

OK, we all read or heard it recently in one form or another.  Oracle has told Amazon that it’s “game on” for leadership in the “commodity” Infrastructure as a Service (“IaaS”) market.  In other words, “we’ll beat you on price”.  Lots have folks have called the declaration crazy - Oracle can’t compete with Amazon on the basis of commodity pricing and never will.  Funny thing is, I think Oracle could actually (more...)

Installation of Oracle EBS 12.2

In this ebook, I am covering installation of Oracle EBS 12.2 with following: Redhat Linux, you can refer earlier ebook EBS R12.1.1 installation Pre-requisite for Installation of R12.2 Preparation of stage from media downloaded from Installation of Oracle eBS R12.2.0 You can download from this is a base installation, will cover how to install […]

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Annual Report from WordPress

Last week, I received my annual report from WordPress/Jetpack.  I have always enjoyed these reports, so I thought I would make it public.

For the complete report, view it here: PSST0101 – 2013 Year in Blogging

Here’s a couple of excerpts:

Crunchy numbers

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 78,000 times in 2013. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 3 days (more...)

Pre-install checks on RHEL Linux 6.3 failed

Oracle e-business suite installation -  pre-install checks on RHEL Linux 6.3 failed I was doing installation of Oracle EBS 12.2 and stuck on error during pre-install check. Web Server Install Prerequisites failed. After checking the detail from log file, strange to see this message as it is showing that RHEL 6.3 is not certified platform […]

The post Pre-install checks on RHEL Linux 6.3 failed appeared first on ORAERP.COM - Blogs. The persistent file store "WLS_DIAGNOSTICS" canno t open file WLS_DIAGNOSTICS000000.DAT

After bouncing an EBS R12.2 VM, weblogic adminserver wouldn't start up.

I examined $EBS_DOMAIN_HOME/servers/AdminServer/logs/AdminServer.log and found this error:

BEA-280060 - The persistent store "WLS_DIAGNOSTICS" encountered a fatal error, and it must be shut down: [Store:280105]The persistent file store "WLS_DIAGNOSTICS" cannot open file WLS_DIAGNOSTICS000000.DAT. [Store:280105]The persistent file store "WLS_DIAGNOSTICS" cannot open file WLS_DIAGNOSTICS000000.DAT.
        at (more...)

Xprtly – Extreme Coolness

Something cool happened today…something extremely cool.  Xprtly was released into public beta.

What in the heck is Xprtly?  The best way to describe it is a cloud-based support platform, with a mobile application and a web interface for administration.  The idea is to connect users with support personnel who can respond to issues as they arise.  Xprtly also allows for data collection of both user and support personnel behavior, plus analytics (more...)

Fusion Applications: Some Suggested Reading

I just finished a really nifty book:  Oracle Fusion Applications Development and Extensibility Handbook.  Required reading for anyone working with Fusion Applications.

The organization of the book is one of the reasons I highly recommend it.  The first four chapters lay out a foundation of knowledge need by anyone working with Fusion Applications in a functional or technical role.  The remaining 11 chapters provide deep detail (including instructions with pictures) on personalizing, (more...)

Getting Ready to Generate XML / BI Publisher Reports

Looking to learn XML / BI Publisher? This is the first post in the XML / BI Publisher tutorial series and will help get the ground work done before you start using this powerful reporting tool.

Date to Timestamp Conversion during PeopleTools Upgrade

This document describes a script to convert Oracle date columns to Timestamps as used from PeopleTools 8.50 but only rebilding those indexes that reference those columns, rather than drop and recreate every index in the system, thus producing a significant saving of time during the upgrade.
(A longer (more...)

Thoughts On Customer Experience

Lost my bank debit card the other day.  It took me about 4 hours to realize it was missing.  My first move was to use my iPhone to check my account using the bank’s app…sigh of relief, my money no unrecognized charges.  Then I called the toll-free (more...)

Minimum Number of Recycling Server Processes

When I rebuilt my demo system (some while ago) with PeopleTools 8.52, and have noticed a new message generated by ubbgen in PeopleTools 8.52 when the minimum number of recycling servers is set to 1.


Happy New Year 2014