Sticker Shock

A little off-subject, but still felt this experience was worth sharing.  I'll get back on track next post.

My smart phone is an iPhone 5.  My carrier is ATT.  It's been a great relationship since the iPhone first came out.  Sadly, I think it's coming to an end.

My two-year contract expired on June 1st...ATT informed me immediately that I was eligible for a phone upgrade and a new contract.  Exciting news, as I've (more...)

Selling SaaS

Read a great article on the vendor-customer SaaS sale sdynamic  - Mike Vizard wrote the article at "Talkin'' Cloud".  Anthony Anzevino, Director of America Sales for AWS, describes selling cloud customers.  And Mr. Anzevion nails it.  Rather than summarize, I'll just quote the gist of it:
Speaking this week at a Marketplace LIVE event sponsored by Telx, a provider of hosting services, Anthony Anzevino, director of America sales for AWS, says the cloud giant focuses its own inside (more...)

HIUG Interact 2015 Presentations Available

The HIUG Interact conference is one of my favorite annual PeopleSoft conferences. I learn a lot from the customer and partner presentations delivered each year. As always, my highlight is interacting with customers.

All of my presentations are now available through the HIUG conference site. Be sure to download the slides because these slide decks contain a lot of information we didn't have time to cover in our sessions. For reference purposes, here is a (more...)

European K-Scope like conference

Some time ago there was a discussion on twitter about the ODTUG KScope conference and how hard it is for Europeans to get to conferences in the US. This was a discussion between Kim Berg Hansen from Denmark, Eric van Roon from The Netherland and myself from Belgium.

News on Oracle Forms

In a previous blog post about Oracle Forms I ended with saying that if you have any questions regarding Oracle Forms, you shouldn't hesitate to address your questions to Oracle Forms Product Management.
Well, today you had a chance to get your questions answered in a Webinar by Michael Ferrante, the productmanager for Oracle Forms.

How To Define Assets In Oracle EAM

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Asset Definition in Oracle EAM

Asset Definition is important (and easy…)
Since EAM is all about maintaining your important assets, it follows that having your assets properly defined can go a long way in guaranteeing the success of your implementation. Oracle EAM offers a lot of flexibility in defining your assets, both in how they are defined and what attributes can be (more...)

The State of SaaS

I've been reading quite a bit lately about the maturation of the market is transitioning away from the "early adopter" phase into more of a mainstream marketplace.  With all due, respect to those making such claims, I must offer a dissenting opinion.  While a big fan of SaaS, I still recognize at least three factors that must be addressed before SaaS can be considered a mature offering.  These three areas represent the soft (more...)

DRAC5 on Poweredge 2900III

It may sound old hardware, but still works like a charm and pretty good. I had a chance to get a Dell Remote Access Card (DRAC5). Easy to install, a little bit less to access.
Once you configured the IP from the boot, you can access the card from a browser (this is a small webserver).
From the browser you are supposed to be able to open the console and see what happens and configure (more...)

Unleash Business Events In Oracle Applications: Part 1

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Oracle’s eBusiness Suite (EBS) includes many methods for integration and extension.  One of the most overlooked methods is the use of the Business Event System (BES).  This is not an add-on or a module that needs to be installed separately and you do not require additional licensing. The business event system is something Oracle has included in EBS out of (more...)

Making the Most of Standard Job Variance in an Average Cost Environment

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Is your manufacturing environment dealing with complexity and variability at all times? Raw materials, production resources, and delivery schedules are prone to constant change in your complex supply chains and manufacturing processes. Did you choose an average cost environment for your operations and are always trying to keep your product costs on actuals, but the term “Variance” in your jobs keeps you from (more...)

Old Folks Boogie

And you know
That you're over the hill
When your mind makes a promise
That your body can't fill...
             - From Little Feat's "Old Folks Boogie"

I think I'm must be over the hill...a grumpy old man.  There was a time when, faced with an app that failed to work as promised, I would fuss and fight with that app to make it work.  No more.  Now, in (more...)

Exclusive: The Future of PeopleSoft with Marc Weintraub

Marc Weintraub (Senior Director of Product Strategy for PeopleSoft) appears in this exclusive Cedar Consulting video and discusses the Future of PeopleSoft with Cedar’s star HR Optimisation guru, Jo Randles.

They cover items such as the size of the PeopleSoft team, competing with cloud-only solutions, avoiding the ‘upgrade for compliance’ trap, self-funding quick wins, co-existence options and putting PeopleSoft in the Cloud.

If you’re curious about the direction that PeopleSoft is taking, or interested in the options (more...)

How To differentiate Items Using Service Contracts

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Differentiating Inventory Items In Service Contracts


Service modules are the focal point for post-sales interactions with customers. We can follow up on any service related activities with our customer base for almost any task that needs attention from customer support. The service requests are not only used for broken items but can be useful for billing questions, how-to’s, spare parts requests, in-house repairs, (more...)

Installing PeopleTools 8.54

In this step-by-step tutorial, I will show to get the latest PeopleTools up and running on your laptop within minutes so that you can fully utilise your local PeopleSoft installation.

The Long Goodbye

I'm in the process of saying a long goodbye to my iPad 2...and tablets in general, at least for now.  I'm losing my tablet for a couple of reasons.

First, I've pushed the limits of my iPad's usability.  I really have...for a couple of years.  But I just don't find myself using it for any kind of serious work.  My MacBook Air has really taken over for both premise-based and cloud-based work.  Even (more...)

Using the Item Attributes Mass Maintenance Functionality

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Using the Item Attributes Mass Maintenance Functionality



Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning (ASCP) offers and often underutilized feature which allows planners the ability to perform item based simulations. The same feature can also be used to add additional functionality to the ASCP plan. Both of these options are found in the Item Attributes Maintenance (IAMM) form. In this post I (more...)

7 reasons to go for Oracle Cloud ERP

In the beginning of 1990s new software systems were surfaced branded in the industry as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems for large complex organizations. These applications were proprietary systems and providing off-the-shelf solutions for organizations. However consultants/Vendors to tailor and implement them based on the company’s requirements. Sometime ERP Systems were pushing companies to re-engineer [...]

VMWare snapshot management

Before testing several configurations on my new brand FreeNAS server hosted on VMWare ESXi 6.0, I took a snapshot. Then run tests. The FreeNAS is composed by two virtual disks : one for the software is 20Gb, one for the data is 900Gb.
After a while, bouncing the FreeNAS guest ended in error, VMWare is complaining about disk space not enough…
No way to start it up again.

Quite surprising. Except if we (more...)


In the world of enterprise software, we sometimes find ourselves with a mismatch between sellers and customers.  From my worm's-eye view, we seem to be wrestling with one of those mismatches right now.

My typical week is mostly spent in conversations with customers.  Sometimes it's more of a formal work scenario with higher education institutions as part of my role with Sierra Cedar.  More often than not, it's a bit more informal:  advising customers across (more...)

How Oracle Can Help By-Product Management In Discrete Industries

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Improve your by-product management with Oracle




Industries have to make a wise decision when it comes to implementing ERP in their complex manufacturing environments. There is always a challenge identifying the best way to implement OPM or Discrete. The yield of by-product and co-products in their processes adds even more complexity to the decision. If you are in a linear productive (more...)