Deep Dive: Oracle WebCenter Tips and Traps!

I'm currently at IOUG Collaborate 2014 in Las Vegas, and I recently finished my 2-hour deep dive into WebCenter. I collected a bunch of tips & tricks in 5 different areas: metadata, contribution, consumption, security, and integrations:

As usual, a lot of good presentations this year, but the Collaborate Mobile App makes it a bit tough to find them...

Bezzotech will be at booth (more...)

UX – No Time To Kill

There’s no time to kill between the cradle and the grave
Father Time still takes a toll on every minute that you save
Legal tenders never gonna change the number of your days
The highest cost of livin’s dyin’, that’s one everybody pays
So have it spent before you get the bill, there’s no time to kill

Packt Publishing Special Discount

I just saw that Packt is running a special on their books.  To celebrate their 2,000th title, you get a free eBook with your purchase.  If you’re in need of a book, now’s the time to check it out.

You can learn more on the Packt Website.



Moving Forward

Seems to be quite a bit of buzz in the enterprise software user community these days about moving forward.  Budgets have loosened up, users want better experiences, in-house IT providers want to reduce maintenance and infrastructure investments, C-level officers want better and more timely information on strategic initiatives, and everybody wants to be agile (even though there are multiple visions of agile, we all want it).  So it seems the big question lately is "how (more...)

Collaborate 2014 Schedule

I am just getting caught up after HEUG Alliance. What a great conference! As always, it was a lot of fun visiting with customers, partners, and colleagues. I heard some amazing stories and learned a few new tricks. Now it is time for the next conference: Collaborate 2014 is only a couple of weeks away. I love hearing your stories and challenges. Hunt me down and share your stories with me. Besides the demo grounds, (more...)

Packt Publishing now Buy One, Get One Free

Buy One, Get One Free on all of #Packt’s 2000 eBooks! #Packt2k

Deja Vu in Higher Education

And I feel like I've been here before
Feel like I've been here before

                  --From "Deja Vu" by Crosby, Stills & Nash

As I write this, I'm sitting in my hotel room resting up from another day at Alliance.  Sore feet, sore back, great conference.  I'm also having a Deja Vu experience:  Oracle made some product announcements here that hearken back to the early days of (more...)

R12.2 opmnctl: not found after fresh install / upgrade

This problem occurs during rapidwiz where it fails to create apache instance and the error is logged in deploytech.log:

from deploytech.log:

ERROR: Failed to create the EBS domain.
Failed to deploy the E-Business Suite domain

Oracle would (more...)

Big Data Oracle NoSQL in No Time – Setting up 1×1 Topology Part 3

Big Data Oracle NoSQL in No Time - Setting up 1x1 Topology Part 3

Big Data Oracle NoSQL in No Time - Getting Started Part 1
Big Data Oracle NoSQL in No Time - Startup & Shutdown Part 2

Now let us quickly create 1x1 Topology

$ export KVBASE=/oraclenosql/lab
$ export KVHOME=$KVBASE/server1/oraclesoftware/kv-2.0.39
$ java -jar $KVHOME/lib/kvstore.jar runadmin -port 5000 -host server1
kv-> configure -name mystore
Store configured: mystore
kv-> plan deploy-datacenter -name (more...)

R12.2 Dictionary Corrupted error during adop phase=prepare

Do not follow the document 1576086.1.  I followed it and increased my invalid counts from 1000 to 100,000 and wasted 10 hours to get back to where I started.  Instead follow these instructions:

Reference : Ora-04023 (more...)

Hanging With The HEUG

So I'm hanging with the Higher Education User Group this week in Las Vegas; Alliance 2014.  It's been a year or so since I've gotten to Alliance, so it's pretty cool to be back here.  I'm also excited in general about working with Higher Education customers.  I've only been here for a day so far, but I've noticed some very obvious things already:
  • The people here are almost desperate to provide their students with a (more...)

A Crazy Game Of Poker, Verse 2

A few months ago, I announced my resignation from EiS Technologies ("A Crazy Game Of Poker").  Another one of those leaps of faith - agreeing to part months ahead of time, not quite knowing where I was going next.  It's a great approach to parting ways with an employer if all parties can step up to behaving like grown-ups.  It gives the employer time to find and train a replacement as well as picking your (more...)

Big Data Oracle NoSQL in No Time – Startup & Shutdown Part 2

Big Data Oracle NoSQL in No Time - Startup & Shutdown Part 2

Big Data Oracle NoSQL in No Time - Getting Started Part 1

The below procedure will startup and shutdown the 4 node Oracle NoSQL Cluster.

export KVBASE=/oraclenosql/lab
export KVHOME=$KVBASE/server1/oraclesoftware/kv-2.0.39
nohup java -jar $KVHOME/lib/kvstore.jar start -root $KVBASE/server1/storage &
export KVHOME=$KVBASE/server2/oraclesoftware/kv-2.0.39
nohup java -jar $KVHOME/lib/kvstore.jar start -root $KVBASE/server2/storage &
export KVHOME=$KVBASE/server3/oraclesoftware/kv-2.0.39
nohup java -jar (more...)

Big Data Oracle NoSQL in No Time – Getting Started Part 1

Big Data Oracle NoSQL in No Time - Getting Started Part 1

I have been exploring NoSQL and Hadoop since the buzz word started to flood. Have been doing research on Oracle NoSQL mostly on the use case and started to find options to use it in my day to day life and seeing a lot of cases which can help. I will start to blog more on that but before I begin with the (more...)

Installing PeopleTools Client on Ubuntu Linux Host

Ubuntu has been my choice of OS for some time now. It works great for the most part until I start trying to interact with the Microsoft-centric business world. App Designer is one of those pressure points. Normally, my clients give me a Windows-based remote desktop, but for playing around with things outside a client, I needed a way to run App Designer locally on my laptop.

I finally figured out how to install App (more...)

Play around with APEX 4.0 with Oracle APEX Cookbook

As always my best tool is APEX but when it comes to building an application then it does not take too much time. What about a website running out of APEX ? So here is some guidance from packpub book which helps you to explore APEX to build applications with the latest techniques in AJAX and Javascript using features such as plugins and dynamic actions. With HTML5 and CSS3 support, make the most out of the (more...)

ORA-20010: ERROR: Unable to acquire lock on ad_adop_sessions table. ORA-06512: at "APPS.AD_ZD_ADOP", line 523

I reported this error to Oracle on an SR:

The adop phase=prepare fails before generating any log files. Whatever we get on the screen is what we have. I'll paste it for you again:

$ adop phase=prepare

Enter the APPS password:
Enter the SYSTEM password:
Enter the WLSADMIN password:

Please wait. Validating credentials...

RUN file system context file: $INST_TOP/appl/admin/tsoadba1_alpgetapp049d.xml
PATCH file system context file: $INST_TOP/appl/admin/tsoadba1_alpgetapp049d.xml

************* Start of session *************
version: 12.2. (more...)

Alliance 2014 Agenda

It is hard to believe it has been a year since the HEUG Alliance 2013. We had a lot of fun in Indianapolis. I have been reviewing the 2014 session lineup and it looks pretty exciting. I must say that I am very pleased to see several sessions on REST, iScripts, and User Experience. With Alliance 2014 just a couple of weeks away, I wanted to make sure I posted my schedule:

Getting Lucky

Every once in awhile, I get lucky.  Out of the clear blue sky, life tosses me a bone…or a gold nugget…or a diamond.  We’re speaking figuratively, of course. I’m not much for bones unless it’s in the middle I’m BBQing.  Gold and diamonds…yeah, I’m not THAT lucky.  But I digress.

Aidan Duffy recently sent me an e-copy of his book, “The Oracle Opportunity: The Blueprint To Succeeding As An Oracle EBusiness (more...)

Datafication of Compensation Distribution

Is your data science providing you enough indications that challenge your existing compensation strategy?  Does it reveal that the art of compensation distribution performed by your managers is not in accordance with your compensation strategy? Old habits die-hard, so you need to make sure that your plan for data-driven decision-making is not getting overridden by compensation managers’ belief system and they are not ignoring data science recommendations.

DataficationofCompensationDistributionEven today challenge is to effectively distribute (more...)