Oracle OpenWorld Europe : London 2019

Some eleven thousand people descended on Oracle OpenWorld Europe in London last week for two days of business and technical sessions delivered by a mixture of members of Oracle’s product team and end users giving real-world case studies of adoption of Oracle’s Cloud offerings and product roadmaps.


Something that may not surprise anyone is that at OpenWorld, to speak of anything other than Cloud or Autonomous would be somewhat blasphemous.

It’s a shrewd move this (more...)

DaAnalytics – Seasons Greetings

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year 2019. #seasonsgreetings #merrychristmas #happynewyear #2019 #DaAnalytics #Pong #nlOUG

How Are My Users Connecting? Analyzing OAC and OBIEE entry points

How Are My Users Connecting? Analyzing OAC and OBIEE entry points

Are you managing an OAC or OBIEE instance and your life is nice and easy since you feel like having everything in control: your users browse existing dashboards, create content via Analysis, Data Visualization or SmartView and deliver data via Agents or download dashboard content to use in Excel. You feel safe since you designed your platform to provide aggregated data and track every query via Usage Tracking.

How Are My Users Connecting? Analyzing OAC and OBIEE entry points

But one day you start noticing new (more...)

Oracle Data Visualization -Hands on Lab

"Use Oracle Data Visualization (DV) to quickly discover analytic insights through visualizations that you build against a variety of data sources that you seamlessly blend together."

Amis Oracle OpenWorld and CodeOne review

Monday the 5th of November I attended the Amis Oracle OpenWorld & CodeOne review. A summary of two multiple day events in 3 hours and 450 slides. An in-depth analysis of what is here now and what is coming.

Exciting News for Unify

Announcement: Unify for Free

We are excited to announce we are going to make Unify available for free. To get started send an email to, we will ask you to complete a short set of qualifying questions, then we can give you a demo, provide a product key and a link to download the latest version.

The free version of Unify will come with no support obligations or SLAs. On sign up, (more...)

Learn Discoverer Blog 2018-10-24 22:49:00

Are you interested in OBIEE?

While browsing for OBIEE tutorials on YouTube we found this fantastic video on OBIEE.

Click this link if you are interested in knowing more:-OBIEE Tutorial

Fixing* Baseline Validation Tool** Using Network Sniffer

* Sort of
** Not exactly

In the past, Robin Moffatt wrote a number of blogs showing how to use various Linux tools for diagnosing OBIEE and getting insights into how it works (one, two, three, ...). Some time ago I faced a task which allowed me to continue Robin's cycle of posts and show you how to use Wireshark to understand how a certain Oracle tool works and how to (more...)

Looking back at Alteryx Inspire Europe 2018

Last week I stepped out of my comfort zone and attended Alteryx Inspire Europe 2018. For an Oracle addict like me, it was a nice way to experience what else is going on the Data & Analytics world.

ODC Appreciation Day: ‘Blank Canvas’ Syndrome

It's ODC Appreciation Day again. In the 2018 edition, I would like to thank Oracle for integrating Machine Learning into their Data Visualization product that explains attributes in context of the other attributes and metrics in the dataset.

ODC Appreciation Day: Oracle Cloud PSM Cli

ODC Appreciation Day: Oracle Cloud PSM Cli

Oracle Developer Community (ODC) Appreciation Day (previously know as OTN Appreciation Day) is a day, started from an initiative of Tim Hall, where everyone can share their Thanks to the Oracle community by writing about a favourite product, an experience, a story related to Oracle technology.

ODC Appreciation Day: Oracle Cloud PSM Cli

Last year I wrote about OBIEE Time Hierarchies and how they are very useful to perform time comparison, shifts, and aggregations.

This year I want to write about (more...)

OOW 2018 Chocolate Tasting

Calling all Oracle ACEs, Developer Champions and Oracle Product Managers from around the World.

Are you going to Oracle Open World or Oracle Code One?

If you are, bring some of your favourite chocolates from where you live and share them with other Oracle ACEs, Developer Champions and Oracle PMs.

Location : The Hub (Moscone West).

Date : Wednesday 24th October

Time : 3pm-4pm

All you have to do is to bring some of the (more...)

OAC 18.3.3: New Features

OAC 18.3.3: New Features

I believe there is a hidden strategy behind Oracle's product release schedule: every time I'm either on holidays or in a business trip full of appointments a new version of Oracle Analytics Cloud is published with a huge set of new features!

OAC 18.3.3: New Features

OAC 18.3.3 went live last week and contains a big set of enhancements, some of which were already described at Kscope18 during the Sunday Symposium. New features are appearing in almost (more...)

OOW18 and Code One agendas with Date and Times

I've just received an email in from the organisers of Oracle Open World (18) and Oracle Code One (formally Java One) with details of when I will be presenting.

It's going to be a busy presenting schedule this year with 4 sessions.

It's going to be a busy presenting schedule this year with 3 sessions on the Monday.

Check out my sessions, dates and times.

Screenshot 2018 09 07 09 10 11

In addition to these sessions I'll also be helping out (more...)

How to upload image or logo to Mockups

In this quick tutorial we will see the various ways you can work with images. Different kinds of Image widgets Type “image” in the search box   The search will bring the following image related widgets The two widgets that … Continue reading ?

Original: MockupTiger Wireframes

Bringing Neural Networks to Production using GraphPipe

Machine learning is a fascinating topic. It has so much potential yet very few people talk about using machine learning in production. I've been highlighting the need for this for over 20 years now and only a very small number of machine learning languages and solutions are suitable for production use. Why? maybe it is due to the commercial aspects and as many of the languages and tools are driven by the open source community, (more...)

Purpose of Mockups and different elements

The Elements and Purpose of Mockups So you’re done with the tedious process of defining and creating the structure of your website in that design part called wireframing. The stockholders are quite impressed. Now, you’re on to the next step … Continue reading ?

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Looker for OBIEE Experts: Introduction and Concepts

Looker for OBIEE Experts: Introduction and Concepts

Recently I've been doing some personal study around various areas including streaming, machine learning and data visualization and one of the tools that got my attention is Looker. I've initially heard about Looker from a Drill to Detail podcast and increasingly been hearing about it in conferences and use cases together with other cloud solutions like BigQuery, Snowflake and Fivetran.

I decided to give it a try myself and, since most of my career (more...)

Parsing Badly Formatted JSON in Oracle DB with APEX_JSON

Parsing Badly Formatted JSON in Oracle DB with APEX_JSON

After some blogging silence due to project work and holidays, I thought it was a good idea to do a write-up about a problem I faced this week. One of the tasks I was assigned was to parse a set of JSON files stored in an Oracle 12.1 DB Table.

As probably all of you already know JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format and is the format used widely when talking (more...)

Learn Why and When Website prototyping is important

A Simple Explanation to Website Prototyping A website prototype is an initial design of a website. Developers, testers, and users can interact with it. Developers often create these prototypes to gather feedback from stakeholders or clients. They create one during … Continue reading ?

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