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Ever wondered what ‘best practice’ looks like for a ‘campaign-to-lead’ process, or ‘SR to dispatch’ and other critical  CX processes?  And how do our solutions directly address these?  Now on Modern Best Practice for Marketing / Sales / Service

Are you seeing the following error when applying Procurement patches:Oracle Forms Object POXOPROC.pll did not generate successfully: wrong number or types of arguments in call to ‘UPDATE_WO_ADD_DES_DIR_ITEM’

This is a courtesy post to notify our customers that it has been observed that when attempting to apply some PO patches, the following Oracle Forms object does not generate successfully:
  • au resource POXOPROC.pll

So far this has been observed while applying the following patches, but there might be other patches for which this error occurs as well:

New Oracle Solaris 11.2 How-To Articles

The Oracle Solaris product group has added some updated How-To articles for Oracle Solaris 11.2.  These articles are a great way to quickly and easily get up-to-speed on new features.  

Partner technical teams can test and demo these features using their laptops to run Solaris 11.2 on VirtualBox, or on demo systems.  Once you're familiar with the technology, you'll be able to either demo these features, or use this knowledge to create (more...)

Coming from OOW – Automating Financial Processes in PeopleSoft, E-Business Suite

| Oct 21, 2014

At Oracle OpenWorld earlier this month, I had the opportunity to moderate a customer panel to discuss how to automate financial processes for Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle PeopleSoft in a scalable, efficient manner.

The panel was aimed at Application IT as well as Line of Business attendees who are looking to undertake similar implementations. With that in mind, our invitations to speaker panelists were rather deliberate. Not only did we have representation across industry (more...)

RMA Overshipped Quantities

Existing functionality in Order Management, allows users to book a (sales order referenced) RMA for a quantity based on the originating ordered Quantity. However, businesses have requirements to book RMA™s based on shipped quantities, especially in the case of over-shipments, in addition to the current provision based on ordered quantities.

Now in Release 12.1.1+, users are provided with an additional option of raising RMAs based on the shipped quantity, if the Invoicing basis (more...)

11 Ways to Wreck Your Social Relationships

| Oct 21, 2014

social media relationshipsSocial media marketing is all about building authentic relationships. It involves many of the things human relationships live and die by; knowing the person, trust, altruism, patience, etc. So it follows naturally the opposite traits would lead to relationship failure; narcissism, mistrust, selfishness and the like.

When you look at how some brands treat their fans, followers and customers on social, it kind of makes you wonder what their real world human relationships are like. (more...)

October Database Insider Newsletter

| Oct 21, 2014

October Edition of the Database Insider Newsletter is now available.

Highlights include:


Oracle Executives Ellison and Mendelsohn Talk About Database Innovations at Oracle OpenWorld 2014

Access full-length Oracle OpenWorld 2014 keynotes featuring Executive Chairman and Chief Technology Officer Larry Ellison and Executive Vice President of Server Technologies Andy Mendelsohn, who discuss the latest capabilities and future directions of Oracle Database solutions.
Read More

Oracle Reinvents Database Protection with Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance

During (more...)

Loading into Nosql using Hive

| Oct 21, 2014

The post  (here) discussed about the use of Hive external tables to select data from Oracle Nosql. We used a HiveStorageHandle implementation. We have reworked on this implementation to load data from hdfs or a local system via Hive into Nosql. Only uploading of text data is currently supported.

Two kinds of data files can be uploaded:

Case 1: Files containing plain text data like the following comma separated lines:

  • 10,5,001,545973390
  • 10,5,010,1424802007
  • 10,5,011,164988888 

Case (more...)

Just Released – New Oracle University Courses for October

- Written by the Oracle University Marketing Team

At Oracle University, we work hard to ensure our training and certification portfolio is current.  Here is a summary of what we expect to be popular new releases. 

Courses can be taken in the classroom or online.

Top New Courses for October

Reminder: Oracle IoT Summit in Düsseldorf, tomorrow (Oct 22nd)

PastedGraphic 4Just a reminder: This event is tomorrow (Oct 22nd) – still time to register!  

Hear from Oracle, Volkswagen, Eurotech, Bosch, and Telit about Internet of Things benefits, challenges, and solutions – and, of course, the role Java Embedded plays in IoT.

Find more on my previous post.


— Terrence

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New Siebel Open UI video

A new video showcasing Siebel Open UI innovations has been added to the Siebel YouTube channel.


Oracle is Coming to EMC World on May 5-8

| Apr 28, 2014

EMC World 2014 returns to Las Vegas May 5-8 at The Venetian!
As data growth explodes, EMC creates the infrastructure that enables you to
manage (more…)

OPN Webcast: SPARC M6-32 & Supercluster M6-32 Channel Sales Training

Join us for
this informative session to hear
about Oracle’s new SPARC M6-32
server and SuperCluster M6-32. In
this session you’ll learn about
the new products and more
importantly, how to position and
sell them. We will also cover
important information pertaining
to resell rights, Specialization
and Sales & Marketing

Maldives Police Empowered by Exadata: Hassan’s Story

Hope you are all having a great summer!