More chaos as an OWSM policy by Jeroen Ninck Blok

imageErrors & failures

So it is very easy to implement a happy flow. However handling errors, rolling back transactions and recovering from errors and failures can be quite challenging. It is not possible to find all the possibilities during development or design. Some errors or failures will only occur when very rare circumstances come into play together. Then all the parts of the application either will handle the error and will ensure that no data (more...)

Configuring Amazon RDS as the Oracle SOA Suite Database by Fabio Douek

imageWe are proud to announce that RDS support is fully integrated and certified against MyST 3.8.2, which was released on 15/Jun/2016. To know more about MyST visit:

1. Overview

We started to provision Oracle Fusion Middleware platforms against AWS in anger about three years ago. From the beginning we took advantage of the ability to create the AWS infrastructure within minutes. We could also use MyST to provision complex Oracle (more...)

Huawei Announces Oracle Linux Certification for Huawei FusionSphere

Huawei announced today that the Huawei FusionSphere cloud operating system has been awarded Oracle Linux Hardware Certification and now supports the Oracle Linux operating system as a guest operating system. With this announcement, Huawei’s FusionSphere cloud platform further extends its compatibility by supporting popular enterprise Linux operating systems.

FusionSphere is an OpenStack-based cloud operating system designed for customers from a wide range of industries. It offers powerful virtualization and resource pool management functions, rich cloud (more...)

SOA Suite Code Quality: SonarQube Quality Gates, XML Plugin and custom XPath rules by Maarten Smeets

imageThere are several ways to do code quality checks in SOA Suite. In this blog post I will describe a minimal effort setup which uses Jenkins 2.9, SonarQube 5.6 and the SonarQube XML Plugin 1.4.1. SonarQube is a popular tool to check and visualize code quality. An XML Plugin is available for SonarQube which allows you to define custom XPath rules. At the end of this post I will shortly describe (more...)

Implementing Chatbots

Wikipedia: A chatbot (also known as a talkbotchatterbotBotchatterboxArtificial Conversational Entity) is a computer program which conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods. 

Per my previous post on Artificial Intelligence,  this topic is nothing less than fascinating!

Oracle has been making strong moves into the world of intelligent chatbots, its impact with consumers, within the enterprise ecosystem and specifically, what it takes to successfully (more...)

New: JDK 9 Jigsaw Modular Projects in NetBeans IDE

The NetBeans IDE 9 development builds now enable you to create Java Modular Projects, i.e., Jigsaw projects that can contain multiple Jigsaw modules, which can be compiled together as a unit:

They're visualized as follows, for example, in this case, for the Jigsawified Anagram Game (discussed here):


Get ready for the PaaS Partner Community Forum – Cloud Computing & PaaS resources


The PaaS Partner Community Forum will be all about Platform as a Service Cloud Computing.

Infographic: 5 Best Practices for Platform as a Service Success

iPaper: Public Platform as a Service for Dummies

IDC Research: Empower Digital Transformation with Platform as a Service

Webcast: Harvard Business Review Research: Cloud Computing Comes of Age

Try it: Register for the system and access it here.

Good trip to Split

Jürgen Kress

SOA (more...)

Maximize Your Cloud Investment with Learning from Oracle

Customers who have purchased multiple Oracle Cloud Services can now experience increased flexibility and engaging role-based training options with one solution:

The Unlimited Cloud Learning Subscription (UCLS)

  • This gives you access to all Oracle Cloud Learning Subscriptions and gives you an entire year of 24/7 access to constantly updated digital courses.
  • All administrators, developers, business analysts and technical engineers who maintain a hybrid of Cloud/On premise systems can get the support needed in (more...)

Auto REST with ORDS: An Overview and What’s Next?

In the current issue of Oracle Magazine, you can read all about how to get started with the Auto REST feature of Oracle REST Data Services…or in other words, how to automatically make Tables and Views available via REST APIs. A table or view is very easy to consider as a resource in the REST model. What ORDS does... [Read More]

Reminder: Upgrade BPEL to Before December 2018

Oracle Fusion Middleware products get new Patch Set updates.  When a new Patch Set has been released, a 12 month Grace Period for the previous Patch Set begins.  Once that Grace Period ends, no new patches for the previous Patch Set will be released.

For more details, see:

Oracle BPEL Process Manager is part of (more...)

Efficient Statistics Maintenance for Partitioned Tables Using Incremental Statistics – Part 3

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Introduction This post covers how Oracle has improved incremental statistics for partitioned tables in Oracle Database... [Read More]

Can I Use Oracle GoldenGate with EBS on Oracle Cloud?

This frequently asked question comes in several variants, including:

  • Can I use Oracle GoldenGate with EBS on-premises to set up an operational reporting environment in Oracle Cloud?
  • Can I use Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service with EBS?
  • Can I use Oracle GoldenGate to replicate my EBS database to Oracle Cloud?
  • Can I use Oracle GoldenGate to perform a live migration of my EBS database from on-premises to Oracle Cloud?

We will answer each question in turn. (more...)

Training Thursdays: Self-Paced OpenStack Training New Available On-Line

Now is the moment to get started on OpenStack. You can take the Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux: Getting Started seminar at your own pace through the Training-on-Demand format. You can start training immediately, following lecture material at your own pace through streaming video and consulting comprehensive demos.

This course introduces you to the key OpenStack concepts and services and guides you through installation and deployment as well as sharing troubleshooting tips.


SOA Suite Unit test with Groovy (11g, 12c) – part 1 by Carlos Giraldo

imageIt's going to be a little long but if you stay until the last line, you are going to know what i did to create dynamic xml requests and responses usign the unit test framework of the Soa Suite with groovy. (yes, groovy!)
I'm going to give some background of the problem and later my own personal solution. Lets begin :D
[Update 30/06/2016] Wrote a second blog about subject with more functionality for the (more...)

Webcast: “Installation, Cloning and Configuration of EBS 12.2”

Install EBS 12.2Oracle University has a wealth of free webcasts for Oracle E-Business Suite.  If you're looking for an overview of how to install, clone, and configure EBS 12.2, see:

Max Arderius, Senior Principal Product Manager covers the technology stack for Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2, including the use of Oracle WebLogic Server (Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g) and Oracle Database functionality. Topics include (more...)

SOA & BPM Community Newsletter March 2017

Dear SOA & BPM Partner Community,

We are excited to announce the keynote presentations during our PaaS Partner Community Forum 2017. Ed Zou will start the conference with an overview of the PaaS platform including live demos. API Cloud Service & Integration and Process Cloud Service is part of Vikas Anand demo. For all Developers Mike Lehmann will highlight the Cloud-Native / Microservice programming model for application development and How Oracle fits here with its (more...)

Manage Data Driven Applications, Develop Cloud Applications & More with Oracle PaaS Cloud Learning Solutions

“Platform as a Service (PaaS) to be adopted by 72% of companies by 2017.”
-Deepti Sharma, CRMIT Solutions

Leverage a broad portfolio (more...)

An Insider’s View of MySQL Group Replication—Now Available in Oracle MySQL Cloud Service!

MySQL is the #1 open source database. Because of MySQL’s high performance, scalability, and availability, it has been widely popular for Web applications and has become the foundation for IT platforms that support high-traffic social media portals, e-commerce applications, and fast-growing organizations. As business... [Read More]

Using Job Role Separation with ASM and EBS 12.2

A job role separation configuration of Oracle Database and Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) is a configuration with groups and users to provide separate groups for operating system authentication.

This is now a certified option for E-Business Suite 12.2 environments. The EBS Rapid Install now supports the use of job role separation to manage operating system permissions for ASM, Oracle Grid Infrastructure, and Oracle software installations.

Job Role separation table for ASM in EBS environments

The following guides have been updated to reflect this (more...)

Publishing Oracle SOA Maven plugin by Maarten Tijhof


When setting up a continuous integration solution for Oracle SOA Suite code, it is best to work with mavenized projects, and thus rely on Oracle-provided maven plugins to do the tough job of compiling and deploying artifacts.

This way of working has been introduced by Oracle in the 12c range of products. There are no Maven plugins available for 11g Oracle products.
This post describes how to set up the plugin in a Binary Repository (more...)