Oracle IoT Forum (April 24, Online)

| Apr 16, 2014

Learn How to Plug Into the Internet of Things A global network of billions of devices sharing data is opening up unprecedented business opportunities. How well positioned is your company to take advantage of this seismic shift? Join Oracle, our partners and customers on Thursday, April 24 to learn how turn the Internet of Things into real business value.

Talk to the experts! During the online forum on April 24, our presenters (more...)

WebCenter Portal 11gR1 dot8 Bundle Patch 3 ( Released

The WebCenter Portal 11gR1 dot8 Bundle Patch 3 ( was released on April 15, 2014.

The patch can be downloaded from Patch 18085041 WEBCENTER PORTAL BUNDLE PATCH

For more information see Recommended Patches for Oracle WebCenter Portal 11g (Doc ID 1087226.1)

The next quarterly Bundle Patch is tentatively scheduled for July 15, 2014.

Start-Stop-Continue in Transitions

What do Sigma, a Leadership class and a webcast have in common? They’ve all created ideas that are swirling around in my head! Let me start from the beginning. I was sitting in on a leadership class for midlevel leaders, listening to a conversation about competing priorities and how to address them. Last week I listened to a web-cast that suggested leaders should create a “Do Not Do” list. I’m also exploring some ideas around (more...)

Oracle Releases Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance X4-2

Oracle today announced Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance X4-2. Engineered for easy application virtualization, it accelerates time-to-application use by enabling rapid, repeatable, full-stack virtual infrastructure deployment.

The latest release offers increased computing power in the same footprint and faster I/O and data processing using Oracle’s Sun Server X4-2 systems and Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance ZS3 Series, further reducing the cost and complexity of deploying and consolidating enterprise applications. For added investment protection, customers can add (more...)

Is FIPS 140-2 Actively harmful to software?

Solaris 11 recently completed a FIPS 140-2 validation for the kernel and userspace cryptographic frameworks.  This was  a huge amount of work for the teams and it is something I had been pushing for since before we wrote a single line of code for the cryptographic framework back in 2000 during its initial design for Solaris 10.

So you would imaging I'm happy right ?  Well not exactly, I'm glad I won't have to (more...)

Management and Provisioning of Mobile Devices – Dave Smith

| Apr 16, 2014

Today we will explore provisioning and device management. These weren’t always considered to be related topics, but in a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) world, there are new relationships to consider…!

 So what is a device…? In the context of the Internet of Things, it potentially refers to anything having an IP Address, such as an automobile, refrigerator, etc. In the context of mobile security, it refers to smartphones and tablets. The mobile device is the new (more...)

The Art of Conducting Job Interviews

| Apr 16, 2014

By Anadi Upadhyaya

I have always enjoyed the process of identifying, attracting and selecting the best talent. Hiring is one of those processes which uses both science (i.e. data science) and art. There are tools and techniques which help you to attract and shortlist candidates worthy for a job interview. Recruiting tools embedded with insightful analytics and various forms of preliminary tests help you to understand candidates better, but final selection is mostly a (more...)

Groovy in ADF

| Apr 16, 2014

Groovy is an agile, dynamic language for the Java platform, defined as JSR 241. It has many features that were inspired by languages such as Python, Ruby, and Smalltalk, making them available to Java developers with a Java-like syntax. It interoperates seamlessly with any Java class, and can be compiled and interpreted without disturbing normal operations.
The latest release of JDeveloper provides integrated support for Groovy. You can use Groovy expressions for all sorts of (more...)

Webcast: E-Business Tax Series, Session 4 – Advanced Setups From A Financials Perspective

Webcast_icon.jpgWebcast: E-Business Tax Series, Session 4 – Advanced Setups From A Financials Perspective

Date: April 30, 2014 at 11:00 am ET, 9:00 am MT, 4:00 pm GMT, 8:30 pm IST

This one-hour session is recommended for technical and functional users wanting to learn advanced E-Business Tax (EBTax) setups. We will review Product Fiscal Classification, self-assessed tax, tax compounding and exemptions from a Financials perspective. This session will focus on US based examples. Session 4 of (more...)

RMAN Backups using Cloud Control

Friends, a technical article was recently published on the Oracle Technical Network:

Back Up a Thousand Databases Using Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c

This detailed technical article explains the set up and scheduling of full and incremental RMAN Database backups for  thousands of databases using Enterprise Manager 12c, and how this is done more easily and efficiently than the older, more time-consuming, manual method of performing Unix shell scripting, RMAN scripting, and CRON (more...)

Choice Hotels Reduces Time to Market with Oracle WebCenter

Choice Hotels is a global hotel franchise with 6000+ franchisees. Choice is in the process of completely re-building their distribution platform for the next generation.  They currently process and distribute over $6B worth of reservation activity to the franchisees of Choice Hotels. To continue to grow and support the strategic business initiatives of the company they needed to address the primary vehicle for delivering business to their customers.  Their current platform was an amalgam of (more...)

Adaptive Case Management

| Apr 16, 2014

Check out the following link for the latest information on Adaptive Case Management -

A new release of Process Accelerators ( is now available and includes two new PAs

A new release of Process Accelerators ( is now available and includes two new PAs:

  • Insurance Claims Management: ICM is the first accelerator to showcase the Adaptive Case Management (ACM) functionality in Oracle BPM. ACM is a great fit for claims business scenarios, since every claim is different: knowledge workers typically use their judgment to select and perform the best action at any given point in time, and may change the claim (more...)

BPM Suite 11g Samples

Official Oracle BPM Suite 11g Samples

These are the samples for the Oracle BPM Suite that are delivered to you by the Oracle BPM Product Management team. You don't need a membership to browse and download samples.
BPM/SOA Suite Installation videos can be found here (scroll down).

List of Samples:

You can also use the Downloads button on the left to browse and download.

SOA & (more...)

OBIEE Version Now Released

The Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 11g Bundle Patch is now available to download via My Oracle Support | Patches & Updates. 

This is provided as single Bundle Patch  Patch 18283508 and is comprised of the following:

  • Patch 16913445 - 1 of 8 Oracle BI Installer (BIINST)
  • Patch 18290942 - 2 of 8 Oracle BI Publisher (BIP)
  • Patch 17891247 - 3 of 8 EPM Components Installed from BI (more...)

Using FusionCharts in Oracle WebCenter Portal

Recently I stumbled upon FusionCharts, a powerful charting component. With FusionCharts, we can create stunning charts withing few minutes as I felt it is very easy to use. Earlier they were supporting chart rendering in Flash only. Now they render charts in either JavaScript or Flash. I got to know that FusionCharts XT is the flagship product of the FusionCharts Suite XT. Best part about FusionCharts is cross-browser compatibility (including mobile browsers), JavaScript and Flash (more...)

Devoxx France

In this video, Java Champion and Devoxx organizer Antonio Goncalves gives an overview of Devoxx France. The conference is taking place this week from April 16 to 20 in Paris, France.  

Forrester report: The combined benefits of Oracle Exadata and Oracle Exalogic

Did you know that the combined benefits of Oracle Exadata and Oracle Exalogic are greater than the sum of the parts?

Read this report from Forrester: "Total Economic Impact of Exalogic and Exadata" and learn why and how. 

New Exadata and Exalytics Public References

Whitepapers – Engineereed Systems for Siebel, Peoplesoft, eBusiness Suite

Several new or updated whitepaper on Engineered Systems for Oracle Applications have been published recently: