Modern Finance Day: Las Finanzas Modernas en la Era Digital

Con la economía en constante evolución, los directores financieros y su equipo no se pueden permitir dedicar gran parte de su tiempo a consolidar información.

Además en muchas ocasiones, esta consolidación tarda tanto que se toman decisiones en base a resultados obsoletos.

La rápida implantación, una infraestructura flexible que se adapta a la evolución de tu negocio, trabajando en cualquier momento y lugar y resultados en tiempo (more...)

Prepare for Openworld: ‘Focus On’ documents for Manageability sessions

Prepare for Openworld!

The "Focus On..." documents provide you with a selection of the key sessions on specific solutions and product areas:

Partner Community Members Presenting at Openworld 2014: Cognizant Technology

PeopleSoft High Performance and MAA Guidelines on Oracle Exalogic and Oracle Exadata
Aaron De Los Reyes, Sr. Director, Oracle Technology, Cognizant Technology Solutions
Dennis McCormick, Deputy Director, City of San Francisco
Latha Krishnaswamy, Director, Product Management, Oracle

Thursday, Oct.2nd

10:45 AM - 11:30 AM

Marriott Marquis - Salon 14/15 CON7985

New Exadata, Exalogic, Exalytics Public References


Hyundai Home Shopping Corporation (Korea) - Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle GoldenGate
Published: August 29, 2014

Digi-Key Corporation (USA) - Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance, Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services
Published: August 29, 2014

Paragon Data GmbH (Germany) - Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle Linux, Oracle Partitioning, Oracle Diagnostics Pack, Oracle Tuning Pack, Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, Oracle Active Data Guard, Oracle Platinum Services, Oracle Advanced Customer Support (more...)

Oracle Java Compute Cloud Service Now Available!

Today Oracle added exciting new services to our existing Public Cloud offerings.

First Things First

It all begins with Oracle Compute Cloud service. It offers Elastic Compute Capacity, where customers can manage their own virtual machine instances, self-service provisioning and more!

You can find all about the compute cloud here:

What's new in Java Cloud Service

Java Cloud Service has been available for some time now. The service is limited to a (more...)

Oracle IoT Summit, Germany, Oct 22nd – Registration Open

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Quick announcement:

Oracle will be hosting the “Oracle IoT Summit 2014” in Dusseldorf, Germany on October 22nd. This is a compact, half-day event for exec-level management with the following session highlights:

  • The IoT revolution: productive or disruptive?
  • IoT at work: perspectives on driving success
  • Oracle’s vision for a secure IoT from the edge to the enterprise: insights into a holistic solution

More information and registration can be found here.


— Terrence

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Property Change and Provider Change events in Oracle MAF

On recently running some Oracle MAF training we discovered that property change and provider change events were a topic with which you need to be familiar when building MAF applications - so we put together a short training video to show you what they are, what they are used for, and how you use them.  You can access the video on our official Oracle MAF YouTube channel

Property and Provider Change events in Oracle MAF

On recently running some Oracle MAF training we discovered that property change and provider change events were a topic with which you need to be familiar when building MAF applications - so we put together a short training video to show you what they are, what they are used for, and how you use them.  You can access the video on our official Oracle MAF YouTube channel



Oracle改善了 My Oracle Support (MOS) 功能, 引入了指导解决方案特性以帮助简化程序,解决常见的软件和硬件问题。

该功能被引入到 MOS 14.3,公布在2014年7月。它被设计来通过根据您的具体情况,和/或配置的事实等驱动的逻辑为已知问题引导你获得一个技术的解决方案。






点击这里查看 指导解决方案特性 (PDF).


我们鼓励您通过选择 My Oracle Support 的“联系我们”链接来发送你的经验反馈,然后选择问题类型“General issues with MOS”>>“Software-MOS Feedback/Enhancement Request

您的反馈将有助于推动我们的不断努力,以提高您的My Oracle Support的体验。

Hadoop Hands-on Lab Oracle OpenWorld 2014

In a few days the larget IT event in world will start.  Oracle OpenWorld 2014 . As in the past, and growing exponentially each year, we will host over 2000 sessions and many ‘hands-on’ labs.

These labs are a unique opportunity to familiarize yourselves with the Oracle products which address the entire IT portfolio.

Our specific interest is in Big Data, Solaris, and virtualization.  This year Jeff Taylor and I will present the (more...)

Coming Soon: New Oracle Linux Advanced Certification

With the new Oracle Linux 6 Advanced Administrator OCP certification you can prove fluency in and a solid understanding of Oracle Linux administration. To pass this professional-level exam, you must be able to perform advanced system administration tasks in a complex environment.

Pre-registration for the beta phase of this new certification exam begins on September 20th and you can start sitting the exam from October 4th. During the beta phase, you can get a fully (more...)

E-Business Suite Technology Sessions at OpenWorld 2014

OpenWorld logoThis year, the E-Business Suite Applications Technology Group (ATG) will participate in twenty five speaker sessions, two Meet the Experts round-table discussions, four demoground booths and several Special Interest Group meetings as guest speakers.

We hope to see you at our sessions.  Please join us to hear the latest news and connect with senior ATG development staff.

Conference Sessions

Strategy & Roadmap

GEN6832 - General Session: Oracle E-Business Suite—Strategy and Roadmap
Cliff Godwin, Sr. (more...)

Oracle Solaris Cluster and Oracle GoldenGate

Detlef Ulherr

With Oracle Solaris Cluster we provide an agent for Oracle GoldenGate. This agent provides high availability for the GoldenGate application.  With the Oracle Solaris Cluster GoldenGate agent you can configure the GoldenGate software to replicate databases controlled by Oracle Solaris Cluster. The replication partner can be located either on a cluster node of the same cluster, on a different cluster, or a non clustered system. The Oracle Solaris Cluster (more...)

Behind the Screen with Oracle Support

Untitled Document


Get beyond the support interface screen to meet the experts from Oracle Support at the Oracle Support Stars Bar. Have a tough question about supporting or upgrading your Oracle products? Looking for best practices for problem prevention, rapid resolution, and product upgrades? Stop by the Stars Bar and speak directly with an expert who can help.

While you’re there, check out one of our 10-minute briefing sessions on the hottest support topics. Here (more...)

JMS JDBC Store Performance on Oracle RAC

| Sep 16, 2014

Much performance testing has been done in the area of JMS running on a JDBC store on an Oracle RAC Cluster. The goal of this article is to point to some existing documentation, point out a new, related feature in WLS 12.1.3, and summarize the various approaches.

First, let me point out suggestions in optimization (more...)

Getting started with Oracle Service Bus 12c: importing 11g sources by Laurens van der Starre

Oracle has finally announced 12c, so now everybody can get their hands on it. One of the new features is that Oracle Service Bus development is integrated into Oracle jDeveloper Studio.Export from OEPE
One way to get started quickly is by simply importing your 11g service bus sources into 12c.
First export your 11g sources, either from the Servicebus Console or Eclipse (OEPE):
Then, this sbconfig.jar is easily imported into the new Oracle jDeveloper Studio (more...)

Robots, NetBeans IDE, and Raspberry Pi with James Gosling

James Gosling is now chief software architect of the Wave Glider, the flagship product at Liquid Robotics. The Wave Glider is a self-propelled, autonomous marine robot that collects and transmits ocean data. The Wave Glider will be on display exclusively at the Java Hub in the JavaOne exhibit hall during the entire conference. 

Since Gosling started at Liquid Robotics, he has re-architected the onboard software and refined a data-as-a-service cloud to provide direct, real-time (more...)

Oracle is Coming to EMC World on May 5-8

| Apr 28, 2014

EMC World 2014 returns to Las Vegas May 5-8 at The Venetian!
As data growth explodes, EMC creates the infrastructure that enables you to
manage (more…)

OPN Webcast: SPARC M6-32 & Supercluster M6-32 Channel Sales Training

Join us for
this informative session to hear
about Oracle’s new SPARC M6-32
server and SuperCluster M6-32. In
this session you’ll learn about
the new products and more
importantly, how to position and
sell them. We will also cover
important information pertaining
to resell rights, Specialization
and Sales & Marketing

Maldives Police Empowered by Exadata: Hassan’s Story

Hope you are all having a great summer!