Kümmern Sie sich um Ihre Kunden – bevor es der Mitbewerber tut

Im Onlinehandel auf sich aufmerksam zu machen, wird für Unternehmen in der virtuellen Welt immer schwieriger. Die Märkte nahezu jeder Branche sind in den vergangenen Jahren explosionsartig gewachsen. So ist das Marktvolumen im E-Commerce in den letzten sechs Jahren von 14,8 auf über 42 Milliarden Euro gestiegen. Der Wettbewerb im digitalen Handel ist so gewachsen, dass es eine große Herausforderung für Händler ist, hier zu bestehen und sich weiter zu entwickeln. Käufer in den eigenen (more...)

Using Translation and Plan to Upgrade? Don’t Miss This!

Translation is the process that converts balances from functional currency to foreign currencies, covering various reporting requirements. It is possible to translate

  • Actual Balances
  • Budget Balances 
  • Average Balances - if enabled for the ledger 

Once deciding to upgrade from Release11i to Release12, you need to consider the designed changes in the process as described in this document:

R12 Upgrade: Changes to Expect in R12 as Against Release 11i (Doc ID 1443965.1

Some Data Pump issues: + DBMS_DATAPUMP Import via NETWORK_LINK fails + STATUS parameter giving bad performance

One of my dear Oracle ACS colleagues (Danke Thomas!) highlighted this issue to me as one of his lead customers hit this pitfall a week ago. . 

DBMS_DATAPUMP Import Over NETWORK_LINK fails with ORA-39126 / ORA-31600

Symptoms are: 

ORA-31600: invalid input value IN ('VIEWS_AS_TABLES/TABLE_DATA') for parameter VALUE in function SET_FILTER

This can be cured with the patch for bug19501000 -  but this patch can conflict with:Bug 18793246  EXPDP slow (more...)

Take the Creepy Out of Recruiting

| Jun 30, 2015

By Jim Lein

I admit it. Sometimes I creep. Anyone who prides themselves on being a top notch web researcher will from time to time. For instance, my son just received his roommate assignment for his freshman year at college and I knew everything the web could tell me about that kid within half an hour.

In fairness, most LinkedIn users are probably more flattered than insulted by recruiters looking at their profiles. But if (more...)

Groovy Tuesday: Custom Validations When Loading Data

Did you know that if you use the file-based loaders for importing business transaction records it will bypass any custom groovy logic and object/field validation rules you've added through Application Composer.  If you don't want that to happen, then you should use the related web services for creating/updating transaction records. This is because unlike the loaders the web services are built-into the functional flows and enforce the same validation as that on the UI. (more...)

Top Technology Initiatives for Today’s Finance Professionals: Survey Results & Strategic PeopleSoft Alignment

Greetings PeopleSoft Strategy Blog Community.

Let’s begin with introductions…my name is Maria Pollieri and I am a bean counter.  I am the newest member of the PeopleSoft ESA Strategy Team, and key strategist for the PeopleSoft Project Costing, Proposal Management, Program Management, and Resource Management suite.  I stumbled my way into PeopleSoft back in the mid 1990s with then, a finance background in external auditing (PWC) and as a former assistant controller at a Swiss (more...)

Weblogic: medrec SOAP Windows .net client application

I was trying HTTP/REST/WebService with OATS and studied the material below.

Application Testing Suite 9: Web Services Testing Accelerators

.NET and Security WSDL

In this recording, WebLogic "Medical Record" sample app is used as sample SOAP WebService server.
I wanted to capture Windows desktop application HTTP payload in OATS so I tried medrec_tutorial.zip mentioned here.

This zip file contains CSharpClient.exe file. This app starts up OK but it seems every operation fails.
It (more...)

BIWA/Spatial SIG Techcast July 21: Introducing Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph

The IOUG BIWA and Spatial SIGs are hosting this free Techcast.  Please join us!

IOUG BIWA and Spatial SIG Techcast:  Introducing Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph
Tuesday, July 21, 12:00-1:00 p.m. US Central Daylight Time 

Register here:  https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/6559813181951714050
Open to all.  Recording link will be sent to all registrants after the event.

Learn all about the features and use cases supported by Oracle
Big Data Spatial and Graph. James (more...)

Oracle Private Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS): Towards the Hybrid Cloud – Launch Webcast for Oracle EMEA Partners

Dear Partners,

We are launching the FY16 “Private Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS): towards the Hybrid Cloud” Sales Play for Oracle EMEA Partners and would like to invite you to a live webcast on Thursday, July 9th, 2015 at 9am UK / 10:00 CET / 11:00 EET.

During the webcast you'll find an opportunity to learn about:

  • Customers challenges and market trends in the database area
  • Selling private Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS): why, what, when
  • Private and Public DBaaS environments:  (more...)

Zone Creation updated

I have updated my MOS note(1916639.1) to reflect the current best practice related to application zone creation. It is recommended to use one LUN per LDOM as a shared pool from which to allocate the rpools for each zone. The number of ISCSI luns configured affects the failover time on the ZFS storage appliance. Therefore it is a best practice to use a shared pool for the allocation of the rpools for each application (more...)

Introduction to svcbundle(1M)

Many people state that one of the roadblocks to creating a new SMF service for Oracle Solaris is the need to write the service manifest in XML. The svcbundle(1M)program is intended to help you get by that roadblock. Based on the command line options svcbundle generates a valid service manifest or profile. In all but the simplist of cases, you will need to hand edit the generated file, but svcbundle gets you off to (more...)

CSC Luxembourg Hosts Managed Services and DBaaS on Oracle SuperCluster

CSC in Luxembourg is implementing Oracle’s SuperCluster, a solution combining hardware and software to achieve unparalleled processing performance. The Luxembourg project is a value proof point for CSC, which plans to make its Luxembourg data centers a European IT pooling center for the South & West Europe region.

Professional of the Financial Sector certified, CSC is the first Luxembourg Oracle partner to offer managed services as well as database-as-a-service based on Oracle Engineered Systems. Oracle (more...)

Service Provider CKI: Designs Oracle SuperCluster Cloud for U.S. Government

Computer Knowledge Inc. articulates Oracle transformational engineered systems infrastructure and methodologies consult with the United States government to reduced costs and increased operational efficiencies.

Oracle SuperCluster Solution

· Unified backup mechanism using external ZFS storage backup appliance (ZBA)

· Active data recovery plan consists of Active Data Guard configuration with asynchronous redo shipping between the Production site location and the disaster recovery site

· Runs custom (more...)

“We are explorers, Rom”

After over a decade, I’ve come to a bend in the road, which while I’m super excited to take and move along, makes me leave behind all familiar scenes of classrooms full of learning and fun. That I’ve only fond memories of most part of my teaching profession at Sun and then at Oracle is with no tinge of exaggeration. And sure enough, I wouldn’t be willing to trade the bygone decade of my life (more...)

Cosméticos, eCommerce e Engajamento: a receita de sucesso da ULTA Beauty

Rose Spicer - Senior Marketing Director - Oracle Retail oneretailvoice_ww@oracle.com

Em março, vários de nossos clientes compartilharam algumas experiências fantásticas no Oracle Industry Connect 2015. A ULTA Beauty foi apresentada como keynote. Segue abaixo um breve resumo do case.

A ULTA Beauty é o caso de sucesso favorito dentre os analistas da indústria. A varejista está crescendo de forma rápida, oferecendo uma ampla variedade de produtos de beleza (incluindo cosméticos, fragrâncias e produtos (more...)

Oracle Documents Links

There has been a lot of activity with Oracle Documents. Here are the links I have collected to various Oracle Documents information.

Title (Link) Source Author
Creating a Documents Cloud Service REST Client from the DOCS WADL Oracle A-Team Peter Flies
Using Oracle Documents Cloud REST API with Python Requests Oracle A-Team Peter Flies
Calling Oracle Documents Cloud Service REST APIs from WebCenter Content Custom Components Oracle A-Team Peter Flies
Integrating with Documents Cloud using (more...)

Oracle Cloud Platform Launch Wrap-Up

Last Monday, Oracle held a live event at its headquarters in Redwood Shores, announcing the addition of 24 new platform and infrastructure services to the Oracle Cloud. The launch event was headlined by none other than Oracle’s Executive Chairman and CTO, Larry Ellison. I was lucky enough to attend in person and thought I’d share some of the highlights of the day.

The day got off to an early start with a full lineup of (more...)

What Leisure Travel Shoppers Do, Say and Buy: New Infographic and Pulse Report

Summer is here! And the July 4th holiday is upon us, which means vacation and travel are top of mind for many consumers.  According to eMarketer’s U.S. Digital Travel Metrics, 2013-2019, U.S. travelers will spend 168 billion dollars in 2015 and 177 billion dollars 2016 in online travel bookings. This represents an opportunity not just for travel marketers, but marketers in other industries to reach and engage with potential customers online.

Mobile device (more...)

CIOs de Varejo: 7 Principais Prioridades Atualmente

Por David Dorf - Diretor Sênior de Estratégias de Tecnologia para Varejo - Oracle Retail - oneretailvoice_ww@oracle.com

A grande maioria das transformações de negócios na área de varejo foram direcionadas pela tecnologia, fazendo com que os CIOs firmassem parcerias estratégicas com líderes em toda a organização.

Conforme os varejistas ingressam em novos mercados, melhoram a experiência de compras online ou expandem uma categoria de produto, as tecnologias subjacentes podem determinar o sucesso e acelerar (more...)

Simplify Enterprise Mobility with Mobile Application Framework

By Mitchell Palski, Oracle WebCenter Sales Consultant

We are happy to have Mitchell Palski joining us on the blog for a Q&A around how you can Simplify Enterprise Mobility with Mobile Application Framework.

Q. How can Mobile Application Framework deliver Secure, Seamless Mobile for the Enterprise?
For many years, corporate IT departments looked to the desktop as the only way to present information from their corporate enterprise applications. With the advent and exponential growth in (more...)