ADF meet smartphone, phone meet smartADF

| Dec 17, 2014

Here’s a question we spent time investigating recently.

We know ADF works well on tablets, but is it suitable for smartphones too?

Sometime back in the JDeveloper 11gR1 and 11gR2 branches (search for ‘tablet’ in those links) of ADF we added a wide range of support for touch gestures, mobile optimizations and more. More recently the Alta skin and UI guidelines contain considerable collateral around building ADF applications to be optimized for tablets.

Yet when (more...)

Pluggable DB direct connect without listener

| Dec 17, 2014

I think there are a lot of "legacy" sqlplus(or svrmgrl) scripts around which assume
"ORACLE_SID" environment variable.

ORACLE_SID doesn't work with DB12c Multitenant database.
I think the workaround below works in most environments.

Oracle Database 12c New Feature-Multitenant Pluggable Databases

TWO_TASK operating system variable to point to the PDB you want to connect to

There is a caveat here other than that "TWO_TASK" as just a shell variable is OK.
The caveat is that this (more...)

NEW! Optimize Oracle Database 12c on Solaris 11 Workshop

We're pleased to announce the availability of a new workshop:  Deploy and Optimize Oracle Database 12c on Solaris 11.  It's available exclusively for OPN partners.

The workshop includes lecture and hands-on lab exercises that demonstrate how to use the powerful features and capabilities within Solaris 11 for optimal Oracle Database 12c implementations. 

Learn more about the workshop here.  This workshop is currently being offered in select cities around the world.  For more information, (more...)

Customizing Oracle MFT File Rename Java Callout

| Dec 17, 2014

Review and Use Case

So now that you have all digested the previous Overview blog in this Customizing MFT series, you fully understand the components of Custom Actions(callouts) and have built the Newline Conversion sample from the Oracle MFT Documentation section Processing Transfers with Custom Callouts you are ready to build another real world scenario that implements a file rename inside of the MFT engine. I say inside because that differentiates it from the use (more...)

SDSQL – Output Formats

| Dec 17, 2014
   In SQL Developer, Jeff has shown in many tips & tricks talks and here on his blog how to get data from any select into a few formats.  The most common I would say is csv.   Nothing here has changed. Well, almost.  What will be new is the html format is getting a facelift and a json format is being added neither are in the version of sdsql or sql developer that are on (more...)

An Insight Into Asset Impairment

Why would you have an asset impairment? 

An asset impairment is a situation in which the usefulness of an asset suddenly declines, making it so expensive to maintain that it can no longer be expected that it will pay for itself through future cash flows.  A company can choose to maintain the asset on its books but write down the value to more accurately reflect its value, or it can list the asset for sale and (more...)

Long Class-Unloading Pauses with JDK8

| Dec 17, 2014
Recently, I came across a report where a user was facing long GC pauses with JDK8. They didn't see this issue while running with JDK7. The problem with jdk8 was that sometimes the class unloading step of CMS-remark phase was taking a very long time to do its job. They were running with large pages enabled with both jdk7 and jdk8.

2014-11-30T01:51:35.632+0000: [GC (CMS Final Remark) [YG occupancy: 292006 K (1179648 K)][Rescan (parallel) , (more...)

Checking the Oracle JDBC Driver Version on a Weblogic Server

| Dec 17, 2014
The JDBC driver that is typically located at the location WL_HOME/server/lib of the installation directory. The file is ojdbc7.jar or ojdbc6.jar (for new versions of WLS), or ojdbc14.jar (for older versions of WLS).

- One way to check the JDBC driver version is to open the ojdbc jar file and go inside the META-INF folder, and then open the "MANIFEST.MF" file. The version can be seen on "Specification-Version".

- Another way (more...)

Demantra Has Been Released. See details below

Hello Demantra Customers!  Are you at version 12.2.4?  A new cumulative patch has been released.  This cumulative patch is different to the 12.2.x patch strategies in the respect that it will only contain fixes that are new to 12.2.4.  

Uptake of VCP is mandatory for all VCP and Demantra 12.2.4 installations.

    Demantra Patch Number (more...)

E-Business Suite on Exalogic and Exadata

This blog post summarizes important references available for E-Business Suite customers on Exalogic and Exadata.

For general E-Business Suite recommendations, refer to the current quarterly blog post on the E-Business Suite Technology blog.

For new deployments/installations of E-Business Suite on Exalogic and Exadata, refer to MOS Doc 1460742.1 - Deploying Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud and Oracle Exadata Database Machine.

Migrating an existing E-Business Suite to Exalogic and Exadata consists of (more...)

JCP Adopt-a-JSR Meeting: Java EE Specs

by guest blogger Heather VanCura

Earlier this month we held an Adopt-a-JSR meeting with Java EE 8 Platform Specification Lead, Linda DeMichiel, and we also recorded an Adopt-a-JSR meeting in Prague with several of the Java EE Spec Leads -- JAX-RS (JSR 370), WebSocket (JSR 356) and JSON-B (JSR 367), Java EE Management (JSR 377). You can listen to the recordings and view the slides on the multimedia page:

Right now (more...)

Process Automation Solutions

By Mitchell Palski, Oracle WebCenter Sales Consultant

This week we’re happy to have Oracle WebCenter expert Mitchell Palski join us for a Q&A as he discusses strategies and best practices for how to Process Automate Business Solutions.

Q: So, what exactly are Process Automation Solutions and why are they important?
Today’s organizations face increasing business pressures due to:

  • Globalization
  • Constantly changing competitors
  • Stricter regulations
  • Faster pace of innovation
  • Customer demand for better customer service
Organizations (more...)

Oracle Cloud CPQ (BigMachines): Implementation Consultant – Admin Essentials 1 is released

We are pleased to let you know that the Oracle CPQ Cloud (Big Machines) Admin Essentials Part 1 is now available in OPN for free. This is a condensed version of Yellow Belt Certification you would go through with Oracle University.

Please find it here

PARTNER NEWS: Hitachi Continues Its Support for Oracle Linux

| Dec 17, 2014

Oracle Linux team and Hitachi have been collaborating for many years. As a result of this partnership, Hitachi continues to support Oracle Linux with Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel on their storage platform including products like:

  • Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000
  • Virtual Storage Platform
  • Hitachi Unified Storage VM

For more information check the Hitachi support document

SDSQL: Installing and Connecting with our new Command Line Interface to Oracle Database

Instead of talking about or teasing some of the cool new features of SDSQL…

Wait, what is SDSQL?

…I thought I would start with the basics. Like:

  • How to install it (on Windows)
  • How to connect to Oracle Database

If you want to see about the ‘cool new features’, then please go read up at Kris and Barry’s blogs.

Installing SDSQL

First of all, this is an early, (more...)

Top 10 OTN WebCenter Articles for 2014

Continuing with my year-end series of Top 10 lists, here's a list of the ten Oracle WebCenter articles that drew the most attention in 2014.

  1. A Role-Based Approach to Automated Provisioning and Personalized Portals
    by Rex Thexton, Nishidhdha Shah, and Harish Gaur
    This article demonstrates how Schneider National, a multinational trucking company, successfully automated employee on-boarding and personalized its intranet portal.
  2. Building a Responsive WebCenter Portal Application [April 2014]
    by JayJay Zheng
    Essential design and (more...)

The 7 Secrets of a Successful & Social Change Management Strategy

| Dec 17, 2014

By Gessica Chies & Silvia Leati

Changing people’s habits is always a tricky deal. You think you are a flexible person, open-minded, ready to change to get the best results, right? Then try this little experiment: when you go home tonight, to your wife/husband, try to exchange side of the bed… almost impossible to sleep as usual!*

Talking about business, in which cases do we really find a matter of Change Management? How can (more...)

Java Conferences in Africa

by guest blogger Max Bonbhel

JCertif Kigali 2014 was once again a great success. Over 250 Developers turned this event again into the leading Developer Community Conference in Rwanda.

We're still digesting the great number of LIKEs votes collected during the event! Some stats:

Attendees for JCertif University: 250 each day
Women: 25
Sessions : 12
Speakers : 6
(including the Minister of Youth & ICT of Rwanda and Business representatives )
Training days : (more...)

Oracle Access Portal Self Study now available for IDM Solutions

Visit the The Oracle Learning Library to access free Identity and Access Management video content for a multitude of audiences including Security Compliance Auditors, Identity Adminstrators, Security Administrators, as well as Java Architects and Developers.

The latest featured content includes:

'Best Practices to Successfully Monitor & Manage Oracle’s Identity Management Product Line'

The Oracle Learning Library ADF Primer for Oracle Identity Manager Series

Weather The Storm: Data and Insight for Successful Fashion Planning

As changing weather continues to play havoc with expected retail forecasts, it becomes clear that retailers need science and analytics, flexibility and dynamic management of information in order to understand the wants and behaviour of their customers.

The 2014 Forrester Wave report on Retail Planning Solutions states that “the number of new product introductions and line extensions of promotional variants continues to grow at a furious pace, with apparel brands like Zara managing 22 collections (more...)