Friday Spotlight: It is All About Partners

Today's Friday spotlight is all about Partners. We have two very interesting topics this week. First one is an interview about Oracle Linux for Partners.

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Oracle Linux Overview for Partners

Mickey Bharat interviews  Rich Mason, Senior Vice President Worldwide for Oracle Linux, Virtualization & MySQL Sales.  You will hear an overview of Oracle Linux and what opportunities are out there for partners. He also covers top reasons for customers to chose Oracle Linux and unique advantages for partners like ISV, IHV, reseller and VADs,

Watch here

OPN Certified Specialist Test Fest @ OpenWorld

Another news is about OPN Certified Specialist Test Fest @ OpenWorld begins Monday September, 29th, and runs until Thursday Oct 2nd, at Westin St. Francis in San Francisco. There you will have a pool of more than 140 exams available to choose from, to register for, to test your knowledge on and to become OPN Specialist Certified!
Register at the link below to secure your spot.

Register Now!

Some of the reasons to participate in Test Fest @ OPN Central:

  • Exams are FREE of charge (up to two per partner)
  • The OPN Certified Specialist accreditation is a great way to have your skills recognized
  • Customers prefer Oracle Specialized Partners
  • Specialized partners close more and larger opportunities and see more revenue growth

  • But most important reason is exams are available for Oracle Linux and Oracle VM for x86 
See the full list here.

That is all for this week, have a great weekend.

New Solaris SPARC OS Requirements for EBS R12

Solaris logoBeginning on December 1st 2014, Oracle E-Business Suite patches for Release 12 (12.0, 12.1, 12.2) on the Oracle Solaris on SPARC platform will be built with a newer version of the Solaris Studio compiler (v 12.3) and the Solaris OS (v 10).

Solaris customers who plan to patch their EBS environments after December 1st 2014 with EBS application tier patches generated after this date must meet the new OS requirements prior (more...)

JVM News from the JVMLS!

The seventh annual JVM Language Summit took place during three days earlier this week. "It is a small room gathering of JVM and language implementers" explains JVM Architect John Rose. The number of attendees is intentionally limited so they can discuss topics with presenters and each other.  The talks and discussions were about " the use of the JVM to implement new languages, and language constructs. What the pain-points are and how to evolve (more...)

Friday Spotlight: Manage NFS file systems within Oracle VM

Many customers are using NFS storage in addition to iSCSI or Fibre Channel for Oracle VM deployment. There are some concepts you need to understand in order to plan, implement and manage NFS file systems effectively in Oracle VM.  Greg King, Principle Best Practices Consultant from Oracle VM Product Management wrote the blog to discuss an important aspect about discovering and managing NFS file servers in Oracle VM Manager.

What’s the role of an Oracle VM refresh server?

| Aug 1, 2014

In order to understand how to effectively manage NFS file systems within the Oracle VM Manager, we must first understand the underlying assumption that each NFS server being accessed by Oracle VM servers are for the exclusive use of Oracle VM.  It is assumed that no non-Oracle file systems are being shared/exported from a storage array that is part of an Oracle VM environment.

Prior to Oracle VM 3.2, it was assumed that (more...)

Best of OTN – Week of July 27th

Systems Community - Rick Ramsey, OTN Systems Community Manager -

Tech Article -  Playing with ZFS Snapshots, by ACE Alexandre Borges -
Alexandre creates a ZFS pool, loads it with files, takes a snapshot, verifies that the snapshot worked, removes files from the pool, and finally reverts back to the snapshot file. Then he shows you how to work with snapshot streams. Great way to do backups

From OTN Garage FB - Recently a DBA (more...)

Don’t Just Help Your Customers Embrace Innovation – Help Employees, Too

We’re living and working in the 21st century marketplace, where innovation has become the engine of growth. Although innovation is generally perceived as a good thing, it means change which can be difficult for people to accept or act upon. That means that making innovation happen still boils down to being an effective leader of people, one who inspires a vision and lays a path to get there.

Companies have developed sophisticated marketing and (more...)

Don’t Just Help Your Customers Embrace Innovation – Help Employees, Too

We’re living and working in the 21st century marketplace, where innovation has become the engine of growth. Although innovation is generally perceived as a good thing, it means change which can be difficult for people to accept or act upon. That means that making innovation happen still boils down to being an effective leader of people, one who inspires a vision and lays a path (more...)

New Raspberry Pi Model B+ Runs Java SE Embedded Apps Just Like Model B

| Aug 1, 2014
What's the difference between the new Raspberry Pi Model B+ and the old Model B? Well, it's more than just the plus sign (+) in the name. There's more USB ports, better sound, and lots and lots more GPIO Pins.

Now that's what I'm talking about! I like having more GPIO pins when connecting my Java SE Embedded apps to all types of tasty devices like sensors and actuators!

See Carrie Anne Philbin's run-down of (more...)

ArchBeat Facebook Friday: Top 10 Posts – July 25-31, 2014

Among the 5,265 followers of the OTN ArchBeat Facebook Page -- a community that could possibly include cycloptic star creatures from a distant planet -- these are the top 10 most popular posts for the last seven days, July 25-31, 2014.

  1. Rapid creation of Virtual Machine(s) for SOA Suite 12.1.3 server run time environment - leveraging Vagrant, Puppet and Biemond | Lucas Jellema
    Oracle ACE Director Lucas Jellema extends his series on using (more...)

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Maybe that question came up when UCLA renovated Pauley Pavilion to the tune of $132 million in 2012.  Or maybe not. But even if it did, I doubt that anyone chimed in with, "Say, did anyone check to see if there are any century-old water mains nearby?"

So what's under your data center?

Introducing Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.2

Although Oracle Solaris has some very impressive high availability features built in, you may (more...)

How in the world…?!

How in the world could any single software vendor serve all the needs of all the post-secondary education institutions around the globe? Considering all the different and changing teaching and learning models in higher education, how in the world could any institution hope to quickly adapt technology requirements to meet student needs and accelerating global competition?

Well, the answer is that all over the world, Campus Solutions customers are finding innovative ways to use the (more...)

“ PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target”

The solution is to import the LDAP server's public key into UCM Java's default keystore in $JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/security/cacerts file using $JAVA_HOME/bin/keytool command 

1. In Linux or Unix, if not already set, add write permissions to the <Java home>/jre/lib/security/cacerts file

2. To find the JVM used by the UCM

          a. In the UCM go to Administration --> Configuration for <instance>

          b. Select the Java Properties link

The Dangers or “Recipes”

The Story of the Would Be Baker

There was once a man who loved to bake. He lived on the shore line. He would love to watch the ocean from his windows as he would bake his wares, steadfastly following his recipes. The recipes were ones that had been handed down from his mother and his mother’s mother, honed and crafted over generations of trial and error. (more...)

Guided Resolution Now Available for Cancel or Discard Issues!

Guided Resolution Flows for Invoice Cancel and Discard Issues are here!

With the latest upgrade of My Oracle Support we have enabled Guided Resolution Flows for some products so that when you create an SR for a specific problem type you will see a specific set of questions that guide you through to a targeted solution.

Oracle Payables is one of the lucky products that was first to go live with this new functionality and (more...)

Faster Boot with Many Devices

In addition to its highly touted features such as Kernel Zones and Unified Archives, the just-released Solaris 11.2 has some nice unsung optimizations that are noticed less because everything works the same, but faster. One set of optimizations improves the scalability and efficiency of the devfsadm daemon, which is responsible for managing the namespace of devices under the /devices and /dev mount points in the filesystem. This daemon is very busy at boot time (more...)

Advocating for Retailers

I just returned from the NRF's Retail Advocates Summit in Washington D.C. and learned quite a bit.  There were several issues discussed, which I've summarized below.  Of course all these are focused on the US and the positions are from the NRF (not necessarily Oracle).

Sales Tax Fairness

Retailers need clear rules on how sales tax should be collected.  The inconsistencies between brick & mortar versus pure-play online tax rules, as (more...)

Solaris 11.2 Kernel Zones on SAP

As the same time as Oracle Solaris 11.2 was released on July 31st, ISV Engineering is happy to report that Oracle Solaris 11.2 has been tested and is fully supported to run SAP applications.

Applications certified for Oracle Solaris 11 do not need to be re-certified when updating to Oracle Solaris 11.2 or later updates, thanks to the Oracle Solaris Binary Compatibility Guarantee

The new Kernel Zones feature of Solaris 11. (more...)

New Resource Center For Specialized Partners

OPN is committed to the Specialized partner community. Going into FY15, we are announcing a new Resource Center which includes a Specialization Marketing Kit, updated presentations and collateral to help partners position the value of being an Oracle Specialized partner. Also check out the supporting video that can be shared with both partners and underscores the value of being Specialized.

New On Oracle.Com: Oracle Applications For Every Business Need

All of our applications, all in one place. Whether your customer's focus is HCM, ERP, CX, EPM or Supply Chain Management, point them to the new applications page on