Oracle OpenWorld 2014 Preview: Don’t-Miss Sessions, Hands-on Labs, and More

Check out all the latest Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c sessions at this year's Oracle OpenWorld. Organizers of the event, taking place in San Francisco from September 28 to October 2, expect heavy turnout at sessions, hands-on labs, and customer panels devoted to Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c. Find out who is participating and which sessions are most recommended by the Oracle Enterprise Manager team.
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Take a Tour of the Future

Visit Our HQ Usability Lab During Oracle OpenWorld 2014

You want to look behind the scenes at the Oracle Applications User Experience Usability Lab on the campus of our headquarters. No problem. You’re invited to join an exclusive tour. When? Thursday, October 2 or Friday, October 3. Where? Redwood Shores, Calif. 

And what will you see on the tour? The future—how we test future product designs and the advanced technology we use to (more...)

Quadratic Programming with Oracle R Enterprise

     I wanted to use quadprog with ORE on a server running Oracle Solaris 11.2 on a Oracle SPARC T-4 server

For background, see:

  • Oracle SPARC T4-2
  • Oracle Solaris 11.2
  • quadprog: Functions to solve Quadratic Programming Problems
  • Oracle R Enterprise 1.4 ("ORE") 1.4

  • Problem: path to Solaris Studio doesn't match my installation:

    $ ORE CMD (more...)

    Using the Java SE 8 Date Time API with JPA 2.1

    | Aug 20, 2014

    Most of you are hopefully aware of the new Date Time API included in Java SE 8. If you are not, you should check them out right now using the Java Tutorial Trail dedicated to the topic. It is a significantly leap forward in processing temporal data in Java. For those who already use Joda-Time the changes will look very familiar - very simplistically speaking the Java SE 8 feature is basically Joda-Time standardized.

    Quite (more...)

    How to set a Static Route on a Storage Node

    | Aug 20, 2014
    To set up a host route to an IP address, here are the procedures for BUI and CLI. You need to know the destination, mask, interface and network. Note that in this case, the values are just examples.

    - Log into CLI and run the commands below:
    configuration net routing create
    set family=IPv4
    set destination=
    set mask=32
    set gateway=
    set interface=igb0

    - Log in to the (more...)

    Asciidoctor / NetBeans

    | Aug 20, 2014

    With Jason Lee's NetBake plugin (, when you've installed JRuby and then the Asciidoctor gem, you're good to go to use Asciidoctor with NetBeans IDE.

    New Asciidoc files can be created, which have a Source view...

    ...and a Visual view. The current content of the text editor is parsed by the Asciidoctor gem and the resulting HTML is displayed in a JEditorPane:

    Awestruct support is also part of the NetBake plugin, with (more...)

    Is Social Media The Vital Skill You Aren’t Tracking?

    | Aug 20, 2014

    By Mark Bennett - Originally featured in Talent Management Excellence

    The ever-increasing presence of the workforce on social media presents opportunities as well as risks for organizations. While on the one hand, we read about social media embarrassments happening to organizations, on the other we see that social media activities by workers and candidates can enhance a company’s brand and provide insight into what individuals are, or can become, influencers in the social media sphere.


    SuperCluster @ OpenWorld 2014

    Wondering which topics will be covered at Oracle Open World around SuperCluster ? which sessions to go to ? Which best practices will be discussed ? which demos will be available if you are planing to go to Oracle Open World ? here is a short link to answer your questions.

    IoT: Wearables!

    | Aug 20, 2014

    Wearables are a subset of the Internet of Things that has gained a lot of attention. Wearables can monitor your infant's heartrate, open your front door, or warn you when someone's trying to hack your enterprise network. From Devoxx UK to Oracle OpenWorld to Devoxx4kids, everyone seems to be doing something with wearables. 

    In this video, John McLear introduces the NFC Ring. It can be used to unlock doors, mobile phones, transfer information and (more...)

    AUG Newsletter is OUT

    The EMEA JDEdwards Partner Community Newsletter for August is just released and will be sent out tomorrow. 

    You can already learn and enjoy today here

    In Technology, Ignorance is NOT Bliss

    | Aug 20, 2014

    Author: Debra Lilley, ACE Director, UK

    Proof I’m not technical - 

    I’ve just finished a Latin America tour with OTN and a funny thing happened that I want to share with you; because it is quite a good analogy for how many of us use technology today and you know how I love analogies.

    In Costa Rica we had a really long journey up through the mountains to where our conference was to be. The (more...)

    Enable Configurator for Return Orders

    With release 12.2.4 for non-referenced RMAs, Order Management will allow you to configure the model from Sales Order / Quick Sales Order windows. This is only allowable when profile  OM: Enable Configuration UI for RMA is set to Yes.  All selected options must be returnable, as well as all included items.

    Order Management explodes included items and creates options and option classes in a way similar to outbound orders. The application creates (more...)

    Is software support an option for your career?

    | Aug 20, 2014

    If you have a technical background, why should you choose a career in support?

    We have invited Serban to answer these questions and to give us an overview of one of the biggest technical teams in Oracle Romania. He’s been with Oracle for 7 years leading the local PeopleSoft Financials & Supply Chain Support team. Back in 2013 Serban started building a new support team in (more...)

    Oracle is Coming to EMC World on May 5-8

    | Apr 28, 2014

    EMC World 2014 returns to Las Vegas May 5-8 at The Venetian!
    As data growth explodes, EMC creates the infrastructure that enables you to
    manage (more…)

    OPN Webcast: SPARC M6-32 & Supercluster M6-32 Channel Sales Training

    Join us for
    this informative session to hear
    about Oracle’s new SPARC M6-32
    server and SuperCluster M6-32. In
    this session you’ll learn about
    the new products and more
    importantly, how to position and
    sell them. We will also cover
    important information pertaining
    to resell rights, Specialization
    and Sales & Marketing

    Maldives Police Empowered by Exadata: Hassan’s Story

    Hope you are all having a great summer!