YouTube: Finger Tracking on the NetBeans Platform

| Oct 25, 2014
Synertial released this awesome motion capture video yesterday, showing among other things NetBeans Platform based IGS-Bio in action!

An earlier blog entry by me on this software is found here.

MySQL Developers Training: 6 Languages, 16 Countries, ‘Virtually’ Everywhere

MySQL developers are sought after for their skills so why not improve your skills with the authentic MySQL for Developers training course and prove your skills to employers via the MySQL 5.6 Developer certification exam.

The MySQL for Developers course brings you 5 days of instructor-led training. This training is currently scheduled for delivery in six languages and is accessible whereever you are through live-virtual training.

Live-Virtual Events

Attend a live event from your own desk via (more...)

Supercharge MAF development on Android by improving emulator performance by Jeevan Joseph

Oracle Mobile Application Framework, MAF, leverages Java, HTML5 and JavaScript to deliver a complete MVC framework with declarative user interface definition, device features integration and built-in security. Oracle MAF provides a visual and declarative development experience and maximizes code reuse resulting in faster development of mobile applications. To get started with Oracle MAF development, the android emulator offers one of the easiest and quickest ways to build and test your apps.

The emulator effectively (more...)

BPM Suite 12c and SOA Suite 12c at eProseed World 2014

As most of you know, Oracle officially released SOA Suite 12c (12.1.3) and BPM Suite 12c (12.1.3) a couple of week ago. Exciting times for people like us, who have worked extensively with BPEL Process Manager, Oracle ESB, SOA Suite 10g, and SOA Suite 11g! The same week that 12c was released, eProseed World 2014 took place. During this event all eProseed employees meet for a fun couple of days full (more...)

Onion Security

I was asked why I used so many subnets in the system which is described in my blog entry SPARC T5-4 LDoms for RAC and WebLogic Clusters:
  • Management Subnet
  • HTTP Public Network
  • JDBC subnet
  • Storage subnet
The short answer: I didn't need to. I could have used one public network and one RAC private network.

Longer answer:
  • Better observability
  • Better isolation
  • It enables a better security model

Onion View

LDom View

If Joe Blackhat (more...)

Open World Recap

Oracle’s Open World conference was completed in early October.  It was one of the best ever for PeopleSoft.  We introduced a lot of new and important features like the new Fluid User Experience and the PeopleSoft Update Manager (and much more).  The response from customers was overwhelmingly positive.  Our sessions were well attended, and the demo grounds were consistently busy with inquisitive customers.

PeopleSoft offered informative general sessions like Paco Aubrejuan’s  “PeopleSoft Strategy and Roadmap—Modern (more...)

Pain Point #1: “It takes too long to get my data or to get the ‘right’ data”

This is the first in a series on Addressing Analytic Pain Points: “It takes too long to get my data or to get the ‘right’ data.”

Analytics users can be characterized along multiple dimensions. One such dimension is how they get access to or receive data. For example, some receive data via flat files. Since we’re talking about “enterprise” users, this often means data stored in RDBMSs where users request data extracts from (more...)

Get Compliant with Oracle Java VM Database PSU OCT 2014 using EM12c

Check for compliance and automate patching of Oracle Database fleet using EM12c

Oracle along with its regular quarterly database PSU/SPU/CPU this October 2014 released a JAVA VM PSU patch which is recommended to be applied to all databases in your fleet.  (For more information see support Note- 1929745.1 which explains in detail).
The mandate is primarily to apply the patches to databases that use the JAVAVM option. Ideally, you would need (more...)

Friday Spotlight: Boost Your IT Security for the Holiday Season – BeyondTrust and Oracle Webinar

| Oct 24, 2014

Oracle and BeyondTrust presents Live Webinar:

Boost Your IT Security for the Holiday Season

When: Nov 6, 9am PT, 12pm EST


The holidays are generally a time for family, friends and cheer, but with all of this cheer comes something lurking in the dark; security breaches. As we prepare for the upcoming holiday season, it is imperative for organizations to understand the importance of implementing a security and compliance strategy. The most important components (more...)

New OA Framework 12.1 Release Update Pack 4 Now Available

Web-based content in Oracle E-Business Suite 12 runs on the Oracle Application Framework (OAF or "OA Framework") user interface libraries and infrastructure. 

A new consolidated Oracle Application Framework patchset is now available for EBS 12.1:

OAF 12.1 RUP 4 patch 18936791 screenshot

Who Should Apply This Patch?

All EBS 12.1 users should apply this patch.  Future OAF patches for EBS 12.1 will require (more...)

Using the Concurrent Request “Transfer Journals to GL – Assets”

PreventMost users transfer journals to GL via the transfer parameter within Create Accounting.  If you set that parameter to yes, Create Accounting will transfer everything it accounts within that batch to GL as part of the Create Accounting process.  However, what if you accidentally set that parameter to No?  Create Accounting, when next run, will not pick up the items accounted in the earlier run.  It handles ONLY those items accounted within (more...)

Friday Spotlight: New assets for Winning Combo: Virtual Compute Appliance and ZFS Storage Appliance

| Oct 24, 2014

Happy Friday. In today's splotlight, we want to share some great assets about Oracle’s Virtual Compute Appliance and Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance.

Virtual Compute Appliance is a converged infrastructure solution that combines preconfigured networking, servers, and storage into a convenient package that system administrators can easily deploy into an existing data center. Combined with the virtualization power of Oracle VM, the Virtual Compute Appliance provides the perfect general-purpose solution for rapidly and easily bringing (more...)

Automating ODI development tasks using the SDK

By Ayush Dash, Oracle Consulting Services

Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) 11g uses Interfaces to move data from a source to a target datastore. ODI Studio is a very convenient drag and drop UI to build, test and execute such interfaces. These interfaces can have different processing logic and complex transformations for disparate requirements, but there could be interfaces which behave in the exact same manner except the source and target are different.

Let’s say, I (more...)

JDeveloper 12c : Productive Java-based Application Development – Webcast November 6th 2014

Jdeveloper 12.1.3Oracle JDeveloper provides a productive development environment that covers the full development lifecycle and integrates features addressing the multitude of technologies used for building standard-based enterprise applications.

Oracle’s free IDE simplifies dsevelopers’ life by integrating features for Java, HTML5, SOA, Web, Mobile, Database, XML, and Web services into a single development environment. Oracle JDeveloper is engineered to make the end user developer as productive as possible. A very adaptable IDE th

The latest release of (more...)

Addressing Analytic Pain Points

If you’re an enterprise data scientist, data analyst, or statistician, and perform analytics using R or another third party analytics engine, you’ve likely encountered one or more of these pain points:

Pain Point #1: “It takes too long to get my data or to get the ‘right’ data”
Pain Point #2: “I can’t analyze or mine all of my data – it has to be sampled”
Pain Point #3: “Putting R (or other) models and (more...)

Best of OTN – Week of October 19th

Systems  Community Video

Will Cloud EOL System Administration? Part 1

Oracle ACE Seth Miller and CTO of Collier IT Brian Bream discuss the impacts of cloud adoption on system administration and how sysadmins can adapt.

Will Cloud EOL System Administration? Part 2

CTO of Collier IT Brian Bream and Oracle ACE Seth Miller continue their conversation about the impact of cloud on system  administration, comparing it to the adoption of virtualization technologies over a decade (more...)

Porting from the Browser to Nashorn/JavaFX (Part I)

| Oct 24, 2014

During the JavaOne Nashorn: JavaScript for the JVM session, I showed a couple examples of converting JavaScript browser examples to use Nashorn and JavaFX. The first example was using CKEditor, a rich text/HTML editor. This editor is written entirely in JavaScript using the browser DOM interface. In this case, it did not really make sense to convert all the DOM code over to FX. Instead, I used the JavaFX WebView which supports all the (more...)

5 Reasons Why You Need to Reinvent Your Recruitment Process

| Oct 24, 2014

By Gessica Chies

Looking at the new waves of change in the way people are approaching the job marketplace, let’s summarize here the reasons why you should re-consider your Recruitment process and make it evolve, using the new challenges as opportunities:

1) Top skilled talents are not looking for a job

If you are searching for new skilled talents to join your company, well, it’s better if you realize that most of them are already (more...)

Reduce IBM Customer Risk with RISC

IBM announced this week that it was paying Global Foundries US$1.5B to take over control and operations of its semiconductor division, including IBM Power8 and future Power processor development and manufacturing. 

Was this an accounting move?  Divestiture?  Strategic repositioning?

Regardless of what IBM states (or what we think at Oracle), this move introduces a big element of risk for IBM systems customers.

And if you’re in sales, risk = opportunity. 


Java ME Embedded is able to run with 256Kb of RAM only

Around a JavaOne conference timeframe we announced Java ME Embedded 8.1 EA3 release.  This release is bringing Java ME Embedded to a microcontrollers with ARM Cortex M architecture with mbed RTOS. Java ME Embedded is now capable to run on Freescale K64F board. The FRDM-K64F is an ultra-low-cost development platform for Kinetis K64.  The K64F board has a form-factor which compatible with the Arduino™ R3 pin layout, providing a wide range of (more...)