Friday Spotlight: The Power of The Ksplice Feature of Oracle Linux Video

Happy Friday!

I'm really excited to share this week's Friday Spotlight with you. Oracle Senior Vice President of Linux and Virtualization Wim Coekaerts sat down with Director of Product Management Michele Casey and Senior Development Manager Jamie Iles to talk about Ksplice.

In the video, they go into a lot of detail about why Ksplice is a production-ready tool for keeping systems up to date. A highlight for me is the discussion featuring a real (more...)

Java Magazine New Edition

Want to know how to optimize Java performance, whether your applications are in a cloud environment or on the JVM?  

In this new edition, Kirk Pepperdine examines parallelism using the fork/join framework to boost performance. Michael Heinrichs, in “The Quantum Physics of Java,” looks at modern chip design and its effect on Java programs. Chris Newland discusses the effects of small source code changes and Java HotSpot VM switches in Java just-in-time (JIT) (more...)

Having Trouble Publishing Projects?

Because the P6 Extended Schema is the lifeline of data for Primavera Analytics it is an important topic to cover.
There are two white papers which go into depths about the feature, how to setup, how it works, and some advanced configurations and techniques.

The key to having project publish is a job service called the Arbiter. If you query the jobsvc table as admuser you will (more...)

The Intersection of “Data Capital” and Advanced Analytics

We’ve heard about the Three Laws of Data Capital from Paul Sonderegger at Oracle: data comes from activity, data tends to make more data, and platforms tend to win. Advanced analytics enables enterprises to take full advantage of the data their activity produces, ranging from IoT sensors and PoS transactions to social media and image/video. Traditional BI tools produce summary data from data – producing more data, but traditional BI tools provide a view of (more...)

CPU Efficient Query Processing with Database In-Memory

In my last post I talked about In-Memory Aggregation and mentioned that the vector transformation plan is more CPU efficient than alternative plans.  In this post I’ll provide a few examples to illustrate just how effective a vector transformation plan can be.

Let’s consider a star schema, with one fact table and 9 dimension tables (time, customer, product, channel and demographic attributes such as age and income).

9 Dimensional Star

 All tables have been marked INMEMORY MEMCOMPRESS FOR (more...)

Oracle VM Trainings in Hyderabad

This evening, I completed a back to back OU classroom training program on Oracle VM for x86 and Oracle VM for SPARC in Hyderabad.

To know more details about the Oracle University offerings around Oracle VM, click here. Official documentation on Oracle VM can be found here.

UK Special: Modern Business Summit, London 28-30 April 2015

We have a brilliant line up of speakers for our Modern Business Summit in London. The agenda includes customer case studies and sessions with CX experts. Which sessions are you most interested in?

Survival In A CX-Centric World- Forbes article

Deliver or else: survival in a CX-Centric World

Productivity – A Priority for Every Business Leader by Caesar Peter

Oracle CloudWorld was held on the first week of April in India. Interestingly, the summit coincided with the new financial year in India and hence performance strategy was top of mind for almost every business leader with whom I met.

Generally, the most popular discussions during these events are about setting a higher sales budget, IT application, project status, economy, etc. On contrast to this popular approach, it was wonderful to note that most of (more...)

Friday Spotlight: Oracle OpenWorld Call For Proposals

Happy Friday!

The Oracle OpenWorld 2015 Call for Proposals is now open. Attendees at the conference are eager to hear from experts on Oracle business and technology. They’re looking for insights and improvements they can put to use in their own jobs: exciting innovations, strategies to modernize their business, different or easier ways to implement, unique use cases, lessons learned, the best of best practices. If you’re an Oracle technology expert, conference attendees want to (more...)

Customers Share Business Benefits of using Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud

Many satisfied Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud customers are enthusiastically sharing their success stories, and we are proud to pass them on. Here are a few of the more recent testimonials on how Exalogic is helping to solve business problems. Key highlights are mentioned below; more details are included in each of the stories.


Cognizant is managing their explosive growth with Exalogic, Exadata, Peoplesoft, Enterprise Manager, and ACS for a 65% reduction in processing time (more...)

OTN Virtual Technology Summit – Spotlight on Database

OTN's Virtual Technology Summit - Spotlight on Database Session - Oracle Application Express 5.0

Oracle Application Express 5.0 introduces the world's most powerful browser-based IDE.  This session will demonstrate the ease with which you can develop and maintain Web based applications. There are a broad range of well-thought out features built into Application Express Page Designer, so this session will outline the top features that will transform you from highly productive developer (more...)

Humming On All Rotors: Oracle Cloud

Per our last earnings release, Oracle customers are adopting ERP cloud at the fastest rate ever. Today, I was reading this Forbes OracleVoice article, Yes, Larry Ellison's Oracle Is Now A Cloud Company in which the author states, “cloud is the fuel that is making the company’s motor hum…the more closely you look at the numbers, the more it becomes apparent that Oracle is firing (more...)

Tailing the Alert Log with SQLcl

Hopefully you’ve heard about the new SQL*Plus we’re building.

And hopefully you’ve heard about the new REPEAT command we put into it yesterday.

Here’s a quick example of how to build a little ‘monitor’ in just 2 commands, a total of 5 lines of code.


SELECT To_Char(Originating_Timestamp, 'DD-MON-YYYY HH24:MI:SSxFF') Time_Entry,
       substr(message_text, 0, 75) || '...'  (more...)

There’s a New Tool in Oracle Payroll…it’s the Payroll Dashboard!

A new tool has been delivered in Oracle Payroll, to help you get ready for and progress through your payroll processing. It's the Payroll Dashboard! 

Have you tried the Payroll Dashboard yet?  Have questions on the setup or functionality?  Read on!

Delivered last year in Release 12.1 HCM RUP7 and Release 12.2.4, the Payroll Dashboard provides payroll and assignment information at-a-glance, to assist Payroll Professionals with payroll readiness, analysis (more...)

New Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall “Training On Demand” Available

Written by James Spiller, Senior Principal Curriculum Developer

Time is at a premium and learning what you need to know has to fit into your busy schedule. Training On Demand courses can help you meet your requirements. You can watch recorded classroom and hands-on sessions in whatever increments fit your schedule.

Oracle Audit Value and Database Firewall (AVDF)

Monitor database activity. Block threats. Audit efficiently across the enterprise.

So I ask you:

Longer Young Collections with JDK7 as Compared to JDK6

If you have moved from JDK 6 to 7 and are observing some increase in the times that young collections take to do their job, then here's a remedy: -XX:+JavaObjectsInPerm.

In JDK7, class statics and interned strings were moved from PermGen to the Java Heap and that may contribute towards little increase in the young generation collection times. There is a option JavaObjectsInPerm which when enabled reverts that change i.e. class statics and interned (more...)

B2B 12c – Listening Channel activation and deactivation in bulk Bruno Neves Alves

clip_image002With the version 12c of B2B the possibility to activate and deactivate all listening channels in one single command was introduced. Previously, it was necessary to provide the name of the listening channels to perform the action, what, in scenarios with a considerable number of listening channels, made the task ineffective.

Different scenarios can be pointed out where this functionality is extremely useful:

· After importing a B2B configuration the channels are always in deactivated (more...)

MAF 2.1 – Debugger Improvements and Mobile REST Client by Andrejus Baranovskis

clip_image002I was blogging previously about Oracle Mobile Suite and REST service transformation from ADF BC SOAP service. Today I'm going to blog the next step in the same series - MAF client consuming REST service exposed from Oracle Mobile Suite ESB. I'm going to highlight improvements in debugging process for MAF, provided with the latest 2.1 release. I had couple of challenges implementing and mapping programmatic MAF client for REST service, all these were (more...)

Critical Patch Update for April 2015 released

The Critical Patch Update for April 2015 was released on April 14th, 2015.
Oracle strongly recommends applying the patches as soon as possible.

The Critical Patch Update Advisory is the starting point for relevant information. It includes the list of products affected, pointers to obtain the patches, a summary of the security vulnerabilities for each product suite, and links to other important documents. Supported products that are not listed in the "Affected Products and Components" (more...)