Putting the dots together: How to provide compliance and individual accountability with Oracle Privileged Account Manager

Authors: Olaf Stullich, Arun Theebaprakasam & Himanshu Sharma

The seemingly endless stream of highly visible security breaches and public disclosure of classified information, WikiLeaks website, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden and the latest incidents at Home Depot, USPS and Target, conspicuously exposed the existing problems with privileged user management.

Privileged users perform sensitive activities that involve extended access to strategic corporate and federal (or state) assets.  In most organizations, privileged accounts are not clearly (more...)

Improving performance through bit manipulation: clear last set bit

| Jan 28, 2015

Bit manipulation is one of those fun areas where you can get a performance gain from recoding a routine to use logical or arithmetic instructions rather than a more straight-forward code.

Of course, in doing this you need to avoid the pit fall of premature optimisation - where you needlessly make the code more obscure with no benefit, or a benefit that disappears as soon as you run your code on a different machine. So (more...)

Enterprise Java Newscast: A Good Resource to Stay Up-to-Date

| Jan 28, 2015

There's so much going on in the Java EE ecosystem that it's very hard to stay up-to-date without getting overwhelmed. As one of the curators of this humble blog I know that all too well. For those very short of time one of the resources that can help you is the JSFCentral Enterprise Java Newscast. It is led by Kito Mann - well respected enterprise consultant, author, blogger and JSF community member. Kito has been (more...)

Partner Column – The Journey to PaaS, Part Two

| Jan 28, 2015

by Debra Lilley, ACE Director,  VP, Certus Cloud Services

I was looking back at my first partner column and realised I jumped straight into PaaS 4 SaaS – the ability to extend Cloud applications (more...)

New FRENCH Portal for JD Edwards Partners – ITALIAN exists already

Great news for all French Speaking JD Edwards Partners.

The Partner PreSales Support Team has created a new JD Edwards Solution Factory portal which is now available to Oracle Partners.

The portal supplies a user-friendly experience and, most importantly, it features rich content, including hundreds of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne knowledge resources: data sheets, presentations, webcast ppt’s, UPK’s, videos, useful links, on practically all the areas (more...)

University of Melbourne Improves Student Self-Service with Oracle WebCenter

by Richard Maldonado, Principal Product Manager, Oracle WebCenter

Learn how The University of Melbourne with WebCenter streamlined the student services experience  while also improving operational efficiencies by reducing dependencies on IT.

Established in 1853, the University of Melbourne is a public-spirited institution that makes contributions to society in research, teaching and knowledge transfer. Consistently ranked in the world’s top 50 universities the University of Melbourne is Australia’s leading university. 

Their older Student Portal, which (more...)

Oracle place les DAFs au cœur de la transformation numérique

Le Finance Day qui s'est déroulé le 27 janvier, en partenariat avec KPMG a rassemble plus de 100 responsables informatiques et les membres de Directions financières pour une demi-journée de table-ronde et de présentations autour des enjeux du cloud pour les Directions financières.

"Le DAF doit apparaître comme le leader de la transformation numérique. C’est une des conclusions que l’on aurait pu tirer de l’événement Oracle Finance Day qui s’est tenu hier à Paris. A (more...)

Big Data Integration – Race to Supremacy in Extracting Big Data Insights

| Jan 28, 2015

2015. március 23-25. között HOUG Konferencia! Kedvezményes regisztráció!

| Jan 28, 2015
2015. március 23-25. között HOUG Konferencia!

Ismét HOUG Konferencia lesz március végén, Siófokon az Azúr Hotelben, március 23-25. között.
Előadás pályázatokat itt lehet beküldeni.
A közszféra dolgozói és a HOUG tagok 2015-ben is kedvezményesen vehetnek részt a konferencián!

2015. január 31-ig 10% rendkívüli kedvezménnyel lehet regisztrálni!  Hajrá korai madarak! :)

Video: Hyperion Metadata Integration | Giampaoli and Radtke

This 2 Minute Tech Tip by Oracle ACE Associates Rodrigo Radtke and Ricardo Giampaoli is based on recent article they wrote for OTN.

These gentlemen have earned themselves a reputation for real innovation and expertise in the OTN BI community, especially among those working with Hyperion. In fact, Rodrigo and Ricardo are the "two guys from Brazil" who zre mentioned at about 1:45 into the conversation among 5 other BI pros in the third segment (more...)

VIDEO: Oracle President Thomas Kurian on the Role of Today’s CIO in Cloud & Business Transformation

Expectations of business-driven IT are higher than ever and changing rapidly.  Words like agility, mobility, digital, data, cloud and customer centricity are common and constant from Line of Business (LOBs) executives like CMOs. Today’s business must move at the pace of – scratch that – ahead of the pace of today’s consumer. Businesses must anticipate customers’ needs to be truly customer-centric organizations.  Innovation through the cloud is a big force driving customer experience (more...)

SOA & BPM Community Newsletter January 2015

Dear SOA & BPM Partner Community member,

We are excited to announce the keynotes from Andrew Sutherland and Amit Zavery at our Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum 2015. The Community Forum will be all about Middleware & Cloud Computing, if you want to get a preview get the latest presentation at our community workspace FMW Cloud-Public and Private Cloud-Overview-Oct32014-FINAL.pptx (SOA & BPM Community membership required). Cloud Computing will be the key topic (more...)

MAF 2.1 – New task Flow PageFlow Scope Default: push-new

MAF 2.1 has been released to public and the New features document mentions a feature provides a behavior to task flows that is familiar for ADF developers:

"Support for limiting pageFlowScope variables to task flow boundaries

MAF 2.1.0 provides the ability to restrict the scope of a pageFlowScope variable to the bounded task flow only. Any updates to the variable in one bounded task flow would not impact a pageFlowScope variable (more...)

Which opportunities for BPM are a good fit for Oracle? Qualification and customer stories with Oracle BPM at Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum 2015

The Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum takes place March 3rd & 4th in Budapest Hungary. During this annual conference You as an Oracle Partner can get the latest updates on the Fusion Middleware 12c solutions. “The Cloud Platform for Digital Business” will be the theme of the 20th conference. Keynotes will be delivered from Amit Zavery, Andrew Sutherland and SOA, BPM and Mobile product management including live demos. On the second day you can choose (more...)

Additional new content SOA & BPM Partner Community

· imagePodcast: Redefining Information Management Architecture The latest OTN ArchBeat podcast series features a conversation with Oracle enterprise architect Andrew Bond and Oracle ACE Directors Stewart Bryson (Red Pill Analytics), and Mark Rittman (Rittman Mead), key players in a collaboration that produced a new Oracle Information Management Reference Architecture. These three gentlemen know each other quite well, which comes across in a conversation that is as lively and entertaining as it is informative. Listen to (more...)

Additional new material WebLogic Community

Oracle is Coming to EMC World on May 5-8

| Apr 28, 2014

EMC World 2014 returns to Las Vegas May 5-8 at The Venetian!
As data growth explodes, EMC creates the infrastructure that enables you to
manage (more…)

OPN Webcast: SPARC M6-32 & Supercluster M6-32 Channel Sales Training

Join us for
this informative session to hear
about Oracle’s new SPARC M6-32
server and SuperCluster M6-32. In
this session you’ll learn about
the new products and more
importantly, how to position and
sell them. We will also cover
important information pertaining
to resell rights, Specialization
and Sales & Marketing

Maldives Police Empowered by Exadata: Hassan’s Story

Hope you are all having a great summer!