Learn How to Use OpenStack on Oracle Solaris From the Comfort of Your …

| Oct 24, 2014

You're probably heard by now that Oracle Solaris provides a complete implementation of the OpenStack platform. Here's a quick view of the integration, courtesy of Glynn Foster:

Horizon Cloud Management Dashboard
OpenStack Component Nova Compute Node Neutron Cloud Networking Cinder/Swift Cloud Storage Glance Image Deployment
Solaris Component Zones and Kernel Zones Elastic Virtual Switch ZFS Filesystem Unified Archives

Glynn has prepared two labs showing you how to get OpenStack running on Oracle Solaris. OTN is (more...)

Practice Exams for Oracle Solaris, Linux, and SPARC Servers

For those individuals who are preparing for the OPN certification exam(s) for Oracle Solaris 11, Oracle Linux 6, or SPARC T4/T5-based systems, we have practice exams available that give you a feel for the type and style of questions on the formal, proctored exam.

To access the practice tests:

You need to be an (more...)

Upgrading to Database 12c – Upcoming Workshops

"Upgrade, migrate & consolidate to Oracle Database 12c" workshops" in the coming weeks:

How to Customize Your Field Service Wireless Application

For some time now customers have been asking for the ability to customize the Field Service Wireless application so that custom pages can be added.  The Field Service development team listened and have now incorporated that functionality into the product in 12.1.3+.

The application now allows you to add a custom page built using JSP technology using AOL/J infrastructure.

Refer to Doc ID 1936276.1 for full instructions, including sample JSP code.

Data Modeling via Excel?

Click on the table node to create a new table based on your data file.

Click on the table node to create a new table based on your data file.

In SQL Developer if you use the Import Data feature from the main tree node, it will create a new table based on a delimited text or Excel file.

We’ll look at the data and create some columns for you.

In version 4.1, we’ll recognize numbers as numbers, dates as dates, and try to get a best guess for (more...)

Facebook Friday: Top 10 ArchBeat Posts for the week – Oct 17-23, 2014

Are there androids among the 5,578 fans of the OTN ArchBeat Facebook Page? We may never know. But those fans made the following posts the Top 10 most popular for the past seven days (October 17-23, 2014).

  1. OTN Virtual Tech Summit Middleware/Mobile Track: By the Numbers
    What's up with the Middleware track in the upcoming OTN Virtual Technology Summit (Nov 18)? 2 sub-tracks, 8 sessions, including 2 hands-on labs -- all focused on Mobile Architectures (more...)

Optimizing Queries with Attribute Clustering

Attribute clustering is a feature that’s new to Oracle Database (Enterprise Edition). It was designed to work with other features, such as compression, storage indexes, and especially with a new feature called zone maps, but since attribute clustering has some useful benefits of its own I’ll cover them here and make zone maps the subject of a later post.

So what is attribute clustering? It is simply a table property - (more...)

Oracle is Coming to EMC World on May 5-8

| Apr 28, 2014

EMC World 2014 returns to Las Vegas May 5-8 at The Venetian!
As data growth explodes, EMC creates the infrastructure that enables you to
manage (more…)

OPN Webcast: SPARC M6-32 & Supercluster M6-32 Channel Sales Training

Join us for
this informative session to hear
about Oracle’s new SPARC M6-32
server and SuperCluster M6-32. In
this session you’ll learn about
the new products and more
importantly, how to position and
sell them. We will also cover
important information pertaining
to resell rights, Specialization
and Sales & Marketing

Maldives Police Empowered by Exadata: Hassan’s Story

Hope you are all having a great summer!