Coherence 12.1.3 New Features by Craig Blitz


Oracle's Coherence product management director, Craig Blitz, introduces the 12.1.3 release and its two key themes of developer productivity and developer agility. New features such as JCache and the recently added support for the MemCached API are also mentioned. Watch the video here.

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Oubliez la fidélité. L’attachement, voilà ce qui fait vraiment revenir les clients !

Philip Graves, psychologue spécialisé dans le comportement des consommateurs, s’est penché sur la différence entre la fidélité et l’attachement client.

Il apporte des pistes de réflexion sur les questions et les défis fréquemment rencontrés dans le domaine du service client :

  • pourquoi vous perdez votre temps à essayer de fidéliser vos clients
  • les sentiments qui animent réellement vos clients
  • les indicateurs les plus pertinents
  • la manière de concevoir des initiatives de services plus efficaces à (more...)

Coding for High Performance Data Loading in Oracle Database

Database Version: Concept

Availability: N/A

This week's blog post will be rather short but I would like to take the opportunity and point out a really good screen cast my colleague Nigel Bayliss did just a couple of days ago. Nigel has put together a 35 minute video on Youtube talking about how to code your application for High Performance Data Loading. Any developer out there dealing with high throughput systems based on the Oracle (more...)

APEX 5.0: Was eine Region im Universal Theme alles kann

APEX RegionsDas in APEX 5.0 neue Universal Theme bietet Ihnen völlig neue Möglichkeiten zur Gestaltung des Anwendungslayouts. Ohne dass Sie auch nur eine Zeile Javascript schreiben müssen, können Sie einen Region Display Selector, einen Maximize Button oder eine Diaschau implementieren.

In diesem Tipp erfahren Sie, was Sie alles mit einfachen APEX-Regionen anstellen können, indem Sie die von APEX bereitgestellten Template Options verändern.

Patch Set Update: Hyperion Strategic Finance

The following Patch Set Update (PSU) has been released for Hyperion Strategic Finance (HSF) and is available from the My Oracle Support | Patches & Updates section.

Hyperion Strategic Finance PSU
Patch 20807807

This PSU can be applied to the following releases of existing HSF installations:

  • PSE 16957075
  • 11.1. (more...)

SQL Developer: SSH ローカルポートフォワード

今日は "ssh -L port:host:port" 相当の機能のご紹介です。
Teraterm,PuTTy などにもある機能です。

SQL Developer 4.1 Release Notes

SSH Tunnel Navigator to define Local and Remote Port Forwards

"Exadata" 用 Enterprise Manager Cloud Control12c(EM12c) に接続する例です。

SQL Developer 4.1 での SSH 機能強化 (INOUE Katsumi @ Tokyo)

4.1 ではまずSSHウィンドウを表示します。

次はEM12cサーバーへのLocal Port Forwardingの設定です。



New Style Sheet Guide Posted for Working with the PeopleSoft Fluid User Experience

Customers and partners have asked us for guidelines and standards for developing with PeopleSoft's Fluid UI.  To support that, we've just posted the PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface CSS Guide on the FLUID UI: PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface Documentation Updates page on My Oracle Support (Doc ID 1909955.1).  This guide contains descriptions of CSS styles that PeopleSoft delivers. You'll find this information helpful for creating custom Fluid applications as well as extending current CSS features (more...)

Oracle Big Data Appliance X5-2 with Big Data SQL for the DBA

During January 2015, Oracle Executive Chairman and Chief Technology Officer Larry Ellison announced Oracle’s next-generation engineered systems, the fifth generation X5. The X5 portfolio of Oracle's Engineered Systems includes among others the X5 Big Data Appliance for Hadoop and NoSQL big data jobs. 

Big data is by far the most prevalent technology trend today, according to a recent study by consulting firm Capgemini. However, almost 80 percent of organizations have not achieved (more...)

Appliance Manager is now available

In keeping with the ODA quarterly patching strategy, Appliance Manager is now available. Updates in this patch include new oakcli commands:
  • show dbstorage – view the amount of storage used
  • show fs – view file system details and the disk groups usages
  • *show ib – view IB details
  • *show iraid - view internal RAID and local disk information
  • **show raidsyncstatus - view the status of the RAID rebuild after a failedlocal (more...)

OTN Needs a New Manager of Systems Communities

After 5 years of managing BigAdmin (under the watchful eye of Robert Weeks) and almost as much time managing the Systems Communities of OTN, I'm getting back with my ex. No, not her. I'm not that crazy. I'm returning to writing. A coupla novels, a little technical writing, maybe a blog or two.

I asked for a parade in honor of my departure, but my boss's response was unequivocal:

"Um. No."
Parade (more...)

Help Us Find OTN’s New Systems Community Manager!

After 5 years of managing BigAdmin (under the watchful eye of Robert Weeks) and almost as much time managing the Systems Communities of OTN, I'm getting back with my ex. No, not her. I'm not that crazy. I'm returning to writing. A coupla novels, a little technical writing, maybe a blog or two.

I asked for a parade in honor of my departure, but my boss's response was unequivocal:

"Um. No."
Parade or no parade, this means you get a chance to select the new head honcho (or honchess) of OTN's Systems Communities. There are several of them, and they will eventually encompass these topics and technologies:

  • Application Development in C, C++, and Fortran
  • Systems Management Tools
  • Oracle Solaris
  • Linux
  • Virtualization
  • OpenStack
  • Systems Configuration Support
  • Engineered Systems
  • Optimized Solutions
  • Servers
  • Storage
  • Networking

If you know someone who is comfortable with these technologies, loves to hang out with system admins and developers, and is comfortable writing about, interviewing technical experts about, and generally horsing around with these technologies and the technical trends surrounding them, point them to:

Most Excellent Job Posting for Manager of Systems Communities

Our system admins and developers in the community, and our Oracle technical experts, are a fun and fascinating bunch of people. The best part of the job is rubbing elbows with them. Give the job a try. Or tell a friend about it. If you do nothing, you might end up with someone who doesn't know how to use grep.

- Rick

P.S. My last day at Oracle will be May 31. If you'd like to stay in touch, use the links on the left, below:

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The Pressure for Higher Education Transformation is On

Why I’m Excited About Oracle Integration Cloud Service – New Video

By Bruce Tierney Oracle February 26, 2015 

Having worked with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) products for many years, I have come to the conclusion that,

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Open LaTeX Studio

Open LaTeX Studio is a lightweight LaTeX editor, with LaTeX code syntax highlight, code completion and live preview of the document in edition. It allows generating PDF files from the editor and provides Dropbox support, by allowing to connect the application with the Dropbox account, saving and uploading files to the remote directories and providing version control of the remote files. The application is delivered for the Windows and Linux platforms.

The project is Open (more...)

Big Data and the Future of Privacy – paper review (Part 3 of 3)

This is part 3 of a review of a paper titled Big Data and the Future of Privacy from the Washington University in St. Louis School of Law where the authors assert the importance of privacy in a data-driven future and suggest some of the legal and ethical principles that need to be built into that future.

Authors Richards and King suggest a three-pronged approach to protecting privacy as information rules:

Alignement marketing et ventes, pourquoi le CRM doit évoluer ?

Personne ne pourra le nier, les services Marketing et Ventes ont généralement beaucoup de mal à travailler entre eux. La naissance d’une conflictualité entre deux équipes nuit gravement à la productivité des différents services et à la performance des campagnes à la fois marketing et commerciales. Malheureusement il est presque utopique d’espérer voir ces deux secteurs évoluer en totale harmonie. Ils oeuvrent pourtant tous deux dans le même objectif : créer de la valeur pour (more...)

Optimizing the PL/SQL Challenge IV: More OR Condition Woes

In the previous post in the PL/SQL Challenge optimization series, we'd made huge performance gains simply by removing optional bind parameter clauses. The main body of the query is still doing a significant amount of work however and taking several seconds to execute. Fortunately there are simple changes we can make to improve its performance. Let's take a look.

Reviewing our trusty autotrace report we can see the following: 

The red boxes highlight key issues (more...)

Oracle Database Appliance アップデート

2015年5月、Oracle Database Appliance の Bundle Patch がリリースされました。

  • Oracle Database
    - / / から / / へアップデート (PSU)
  • Grid Infrastructure
    - から へアップデート (PSU)
  • Oracle Appliance Kit
    - ACFS の自動拡張
    - (more...)

Receiving Errors When Validating Invoices? APP-PO-14144: PO_ACTIONS-065 CLOSE_AUTO

Are you getting this symptom when attempting to validate invoices?

APP-PO-14144: PO_ACTIONS-065: subroutine CLOSE_AUTO() returned error

Check out these two references:

Doc ID 1987958.1 Attempting to Validate Invoices: APP-PO-14144: PO_ACTIONS-065

Doc ID 1966826.1 Validate Invoice: APP-PO-14144: PO_ACTIONS-065: Subroutine CLOSE_AUTO() returned error

 Need more information?   Post your question in the Procurement Community here.