Swedish MySQL user group meet

We are happy to announce the next SMUG (Swedish MySQL User Group) meeting scheduled for May 24th! Please find more detail below: Date: May 24, 2016 Time: 5pm-8pm (+) Place: Emineo, Lilla västerbron 20” in Stockholm, Sweden Proposed agenda: there is scheduled a few talks by the members about... [Read More]

Showing TYPE’d Column Values in SQL Developer

Someone on the innerwebs asked how to show the data inside their user defined TYPE’d column in a table when querying it with SQL Developer. Here’s their code: CREATE OR REPLACE TYPE ANSCHRIFT_T AS OBJECT (STRASSE CHAR(12), HAUSNR CHAR(3));   CREATE TABLE VERTRETER(V_NR... [Read More]

OTN Virtual Technology Summit Replay Libraries are Live!

Happy Friday!  Did you miss our latest Virtual Technology Summit or want to explore a track you didn't before?  If so, visit a Replay Library Group today!  Tip - join the group and you'll be notified of updates automatically.  OTN VTS Database Replay Library OTN... [Read More]

Configuring Your Generated DDL in SQL Developer and SQLcl

You want the create script for a table. You want the create script for ALL of your tables. You want the tablespace. But not the constraints. How do you configure this in our tools? SQL Developer: The Preferences & the Wizards Go to the preferences. Database, utilities, export. This will also set the defaults for... [Read More]

Upgrade NOW! – OTN Interview at Collaborate16

Thanks again to Laura for this interview at Collaborate 2016 :-)

Why you need to Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c - NOW!


[Read More]

Aligning Objects in your Data Modeler Diagrams

Kris (no, not THAT Kris) asks… Is there some sort of ruler that is built into this software? If not, is there some way to select a table and then specify X and Y coordinates so that I can top left align all of the diagrams that I’m creating. Currently, I am zooming in and switching between diagrams to top left... [Read More]

Optimizer Feature Differences Between Oracle Database Releases

Each time we release a new version of the Oracle Database we publish a white paper that covers what's in the new in the Oracle Optimizer. It's pretty comprehensive and it covers all of the headline features, but it doesn't go deep down in amongst the dragons.What if you want a closer look a what's changed in the Oracle... [Read More]

They Scale with MySQL

We sometimes get the question "Will MySQL scale to meet my needs?". Well, consider the following examples: Booking.com processes 2 billion events/day relying on MySQL. Facebook started out with MySQL, and scaled to 1.6 billion monthly active users. Playing Candy Crush? You’re not the... [Read More]

Are BPs. PSUs and Proactive BPs cumulative?

Are Bundle Patches (BPs) and Patch Set Updates (PSUs) cumulative? That is a question sounding trivial to many people but actually it does get asked quite often. And sometimes I forget to mention this during the workshops - and luckily usually somebody asks the question reminding me to explain it. Yes, Bundle... [Read More]

Can I apply a BP on top of a PSU? Or vice versa?

Can I apply a Bundle Patch on top of a Patch Set Update?  This question was in my inbox this morning raised by a customer via a colleague.Our feeling said: Yes, but you'll have to deinstall the PSU first before applying the BP. Having a feeling is one thing, knowing the truth is better. And as I have so much... [Read More]

Big Data SQL Quick Start. Partition Pruning – Part7.

partitioning is very common technique in data warehousing and all kind of databases. I assume that reader know what partitioning is and I will not explain theoretical part. If you want you could consider Oracle RDBMS example. But I directly start with the practical. Hive partitioning. Hive originaly was...... [Read More]

Information on a new feature in Berkeley DB 6.2 – BDB Server

Information on a new feature in Berkeley DB 6.2  (courtesy of Yong Li) BDB Server (aka. BDB as standalone server or thrift) Beyond being an industry-leading embedded key-value database, BDB Server turns BDB into a key-value database server which supports a client-server style of access. User applications...... [Read More]

Getting a C++11 compiler for Node 4, 5 and 6 on Oracle Linux 6

| May 1, 2016
A newer compiler is needed on Oracle Linux 6 when you want to use add-ons like node-oracledb with Node 4 or later. This is because add-ons for those versions need to be built with a C++11 compatibile compiler. The default compiler on OL 6 doesn't have this support. OL 7 does have such a compiler, so these... [Read More]

May 2016 – November 2016 => Events where you can find MySQL

As an update to the blog posted on Mar 15, 2016, please find below list of events where you can find either MySQL Community team or MySQL experts at.  Please find more details at each conference below.  New events are marked with NEW! Any update to already announced event is marked as UPDATE!: ... [Read More]

Big Data SQL Quick Start. Predicate Push Down – Part6.

Since 3.0 version Big Data SQL has awesome feature - Predicate Push Down (PPD). It works over ORC files, Parquet Files and few NoSQL Databases (like HBase). I plan to devote separate topic for NoSQL databases and Big Data SQL, today i'm going to explain ORC and Parquet file case. For both files there is using the same... [Read More]

Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c: We don’t insist :-)

It's so funny - for years I discuss with customers minimal downtime upgrade strategies back and forth, up and down. I saw DBAs really hunting to save a few seconds potential downtime - and I always take this serious as there is usually a real reason behind that. Just to learn a few days later by repeating experience... [Read More]

Incremental Statistics Collection in Oracle – A True Story

Recently I came across a really interesting customer case in the UK dealing with Incremental Statistics Collection issues in regards to an upgrade to Oracle Database This is the follow-up blog post to:  Incremental Statistics Collection in Oracle - Upgrade Pitfalls (Apr 27....... [Read More]

Thank You for Attending the MySQL Innovation Day

The MySQL Innovation Day took place on Monday, April 25, at the Oracle Conference Center in Redwood Shores, California. Jam-packed with 9 sessions delivered by Oracle's MySQL team, the event offered great opportunity for the attendees to learn the latest products and features in MySQL 5.7, including replication,...... [Read More]

Incremental Statistics Collection in Oracle – Upgrade Pitfalls

A while back I blogged already about Incremental Statistics collection in Oracle Database  Incremental Statistics Collection Improved in Oracle Database 12c - Nov 13, 2014https://blogs.oracle.com/UPGRADE/entry/incremental_statistics_collection_improved_in. And you'll find more...... [Read More]

MOS Note 1454618.1: Quick Reference to Database PSUs, CPUs, BPs and Patchsets

Sometimes my mouse arm gets tired by clicking myself through MOS notes just to download a specific PSU or BP - and as I experiment a lot with PSUs and BPs right now I clicked a lot in the past days and nights.  Usually I'd start with either MOS Note:161818.1 - then click on the release link (e.g. 12.1.0.x)... [Read More]