ORAchk released – a MUST USE Tool

ORAchk I have blogged a while back in March 2015 about ORAchk  as it had added the support for Oracle Restart amongst other great features.

ORAchk (short for: ORA check) is such a great tool to check your environment before any upgrade, but also on a regular basis for almost everything. I'd call it a MUST USE Tool not only for Oracle Grid Infrastructure or Oracle Restart upgrades or patches or changes. (more...)

Business Analytics Monthly Index – June 2015

The following provides quick links to recent Proactive Support Blog postings from over the month just past.

Welcome to the Monthly Index posting for June 2015.

Within each section the items are shown in chronological order.

Oracle Business Analytics
- Proactive Support Blog

Monthly Index - June 2015
General Summary Link
Business Analytics Monthly Index - May 2015
- Monthly Blog Index - May 2015
Remote Diagnostic Agent - RDA 8.08 released
- (more...)


 7月に日本語版で新しく公開されたSpecialization 0件

 7月に英語版で取得可能になったSpecialization 3件
Oracle Enterprise Mobility
Oracle Mobile Development
Oracle HCM Cloud : Oracle Taleo Recruiting Cloud Service

Arrow 6、7月にリリースされた無償試験(Web Assessment)
(6/25日本語版リリース済み。Re-sell CriteriaとしてリリースされたOracle Java Cloud Serviceスペシャリスト・アセスメントが翻訳されました。)

Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance
(6/26日本語版リリース済み。Re-sell CriteriaとしてリリースされたOracle Database Backup and Disaster Recovery 2016セールス・スペシャリスト・アセスメントOracle Database Backup and Disaster Recovery 2016プリセールス・スペシャリスト・アセスメントが翻訳されました。)

Oracle Enterprise Mobility
(7/1日本語版リリース済み。Specialiazation : Oracle Enterprise Mobility/Oracle Mobile Security Suite 11g/Oracle Mobile Development共通、Oracle Enterprise Mobility 2015セールス・スペシャリスト・アセスメントOracle Enterprise Mobility 2015プリセールス・スペシャリスト・アセスメントが翻訳されました。)


POCO(Power of Cloud by Oracle) と POCOs

不思議なものでしばらく関わりのなかった Windows .net に関連ある仕事が2つ続いています。
一つ目は火曜日にこのブログに書いた SOAP WebService の件です。

.NET Developer Center

Entity Framework 6 Code First および Code First Migrations; .NET Framework 4.5.2

新機能を調べていたら "POCOs" という単語が出てきてました。これはもしや世間では紛らわしいことになっていないかと

"Plain Old CLR Object" oracle lang:ja - Twitter Search

Plain Old CLR ObjectがOracleに関係あるんだっけ?

これは関係あります。マニュアルはここです。Oracle的にはPOCO"s" と小文字sを付けるようです。

Code First

Within Code First, the classes defined in code that comprise the model are known as Plain Old CLR Objects (POCOs).

一方 "s" のない "POCO" は上のtwitter検索でも出てきますが The Power of Cloud by Oracle です。

Oracle ADF Security Best Practices

In the past few months I have been getting this question,
What are the best practices for Oracle ADF Security?

Oracle ADF Security is built on top of the Oracle Platform Security Services (OPSS) architecture which is the underlying security platform that provides security to Oracle Fusion Middleware.

Lets discover together some of the best practices for implementing security on your ADF projects. 

  • Build your application with ADF Security enabled from the start. 

 By (more...)

Oracle Data Guard Certified with EBS 12.1.3

I'm pleased to announce the certification of Oracle Data Guard with Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.3.  Certification with Oracle Data Guard provides you the ability to create a Physical Standby Database for Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.3 environments.  The creation of a Physical Standby Database is a key component of creating a disaster recovery site for Oracle E-Business Suite.

Detailed steps for setting (more...)

Using Universal Connection Pooling (UCP) with JBoss AS

Even though WebLogic with Active GridlLink is Oracle's suggested approach to deploy Java applications that use Oracle Real Applications Clusters (RAC), there might be scenarios in which you can't make that choice (e.g.: certification issues, licensing, library dependency, etc.). Application servers and their database connection pool mechanisms might end up being a bottleneck in the architecture of your applications and a critical component to provide performance, scalability and high-availability.

UCP, besides providing (more...)

Why We Do “Fancy Friday”

It started out innocently enough: One person wanted to bring back “Fancy Friday,” a tradition from the pre-acquisition days of the startup Vitrue. Since the dress code was relaxed, they decided to dress up on Fridays.

Seems simple, right?

It was - in the beginning. One person did it, then a few more joined in, and before we knew what was happening, we were dressed up as pirates.

Wait, what?

Yes, we’re dressed as pirates. (more...)

SAP on Oracle Database 12c now with Oracle In-Memory

Oracle SAPOn March 31, 2015 SAP has been certified to run on Oracle Database

As of June 30, 2015, Oracle Database In-Memory is supported and certified for SAP environments for all SAP products based on SAP NetWeaver 7.x. on Unix/Linux, Windows and Oracle Engineered Systems platforms running Oracle Database 12c - in single instance and Oracle Oracle Real Application Clusters deployments.

Oracle Database 12c is (more...)

Oracle Cloud Integration Event – 24th July 2015 London UK


Oracle has now launched its new Cloud Integration Solution. As integration experts, we want to know whether this will help customers avoid the frankencloud.

At Estafet we strive to provide the best integration solutions. We have been trying the with new Oracle technology and it looks good:  it addresses the issues of data security and focuses on bringing cloud applications back into the fold of the IT infrastructure.

To delve into the detail and provide (more...)

Database Insider – June 2015 issue now available

The June issue of the Database Insider newsletter is now available. (Full newsletter here)


Live Webcast: Larry Ellison Unveils New Oracle Cloud Platform Services

Monday, June 22, 2015, 10 a.m. PT
Save the date for a live broadcast event featuring Oracle Executive Chairman and Chief Technology Officer Larry Ellison and Oracle President, Product Development Thomas Kurian as they unveil new Oracle Cloud platform services. Discover how you can (more...)

Innovation Management – Perspective Article

Take control of your complex transportation and fleet operations by implementing Oracle's Modern Best Practices for Logistics. Learn how to gain visibility and control of your transportation network while optimizing service levels.

Click here to study these best practices in the fields of lane forecast to carrier contract, inbound shipment to receipt, freight invoice to approval and shipment to dispatch. 

To learn more about Oracle Supply Chain Management applications, please visit www.oracle.com/scm

“Everything a Java developer should know about the JavaScript landscape”

For a few months I've been working on a presentation aimed at Java developers, to introduce them to the brave new world of JavaScript, not JavaScript the language, but JavaScript the constantly changing ecosystem.

The story starts by looking at new enhancements in HTML (thanks to HTML5) and CSS (thanks to CSS3) and then in more detail at all the different kinds of JavaScript solutions (core libraries, build tools, application frameworks, testing frameworks, and component (more...)

20 Years with MySQL – 20% Off Discount Packages Available

Written by Antoinette O'Sullivan, MySQL Curriculum Manager

MySQL's first release was 20 years ago. And now the most popular open source database is used by a huge number of individuals and companies across the globe.

Join Us - Celebrate 20 years of MySQL

If you're a MySQL expert, you can improve your knowledge by earning a MySQL Certification.

Purchase one of Oracle University's Discount Value Packages (more...)

Oracle Support必备网络讲座(2015年6月)

在线讲座 (时间均为北京时间上午11:00)

主题 描述 日期 报名
如何有效获得Oracle支持服务 有效获得支持讲座是针对那些想要了解更多有关Oracle 客户支持环境和那些正在从他们的Oracle支持合同中寻找最大价值的客户。在讲座期间,您将学习如何发现Oracle支持的最佳实践,采用My Oracle Support(MOS)门户网站自带的所有特性和功能,和最大化利用工具和流程的组合,以确保您的系统/软件稳定健康的运行。 060 报名
使用My Oracle Support 本讲座的目标客户是那些想要学习My Oracle Support门户基本功能的用户。此演示包括功能概述,仪表板定制,搜索内容和修补程序,使用My Oracle Support社区,利用主动式投资组合,设立热门话题警报,以及创建服务请求等。 06月17 报名
在My Oracle Support中寻找解决方案

"在My Oracle Support寻找解决方案"的讲座是为那些每天处理日常问题和使用Oracle产品而产生的问题的客户设计的。即使对My Oracle Support有经验的用户可能会在本讲座中发现一些有用的技巧和技术。

本讲座旨在为客户获得My Oracle Support的搜索提供专业知识,了解如何为特定的信息需求选择最好的搜索技术,以及参与My Oracle Support的社区提出问题,并找出解决办法推荐的最佳做法。

06月24 报名

Big-picture innovation on the path to a better user experience

By Sarah Smart, Oracle Applications User Experience

Editor’s note: This is the second in a three-part series on the current strategy behind the Oracle user experience and the ideas that drive that strategy forward. Find the first post here.

You’ve seen how Oracle has deepened simplicity in the Oracle Applications Cloud with the simplified UI across Releases 7, 8, and 9, and you’ve heard us talk on this blog about the “Glance, Scan, Commit (more...)

ODI – Hive DDL Generation for Parquet, ORC, Cassandra and so on

Here you'll see how with some small surgical extensions we can use ODI to generate complex integration models in Hive for modelling all kinds of challenges;

  • integrate data from Cassandra, or any arbitrary SerDe
  • use Hive Parquet or ORC storage formats
  • create partitioned, clustered tables
  • define arbitrarily complex attributes on tables

I'm very interested in hearing what you think of this, and what is needed/useful over and above (RKMs etc) 

When you use this technique (more...)

Preview Release 10 Oracle Applications Cloud Readiness Content!

A Guest Post by Katrine Haugerud (pictured left), Senior Director, Oracle Product Management

To help you prepare for upcoming Release 10, we are pleased to offer a preview of its new, modern business-empowering features.

On the Release Readiness page, we have added content for HCM, Sales, ERP, and SCM, as well as Common Technologies for each.

Specifically, we have just introduced:

Spotlights: Delivered by senior development staff, (more...)

The Pendulum Swings Back

A Guest Post by Andy Campbell (pictured left), Oracle HCM Cloud Sales Evangelist

I am currently working on a white paper specifically on the topic of ‘Living with the HR Cloud’ with a number of fascinating case studies.Therefore, I was delighted to come across the latest piece of research from Harvard Business Review entitled Cloud Computing Comes of Age.

This report assesses the maturity (and thereby the experience) of customers who have deployed cloud (more...)

Updated SQLcl: nicer inline editing and column completion

We updated the Early Adopter offering of SQLcl today.

Go get it.

But first, I’m assuming you’ve heard of SQLcl? If not –

Read the slidedeck, watch the movie.

We’ve put in a ton of enhancements and even more bug fixes.

And Kris showed off a new feature today that mimic’s our SQL Developer grid preference for displaying NULL ‘values’…