Oracle Sales Cloud is a Dynamic Force at Oracle OpenWorld 2015

OpenWorld is returning to San Francisco–October 25-29, 2015!

Customer Experience (CX) will take over Moscone West 2nd floor this year, and Oracle Sales Cloud is excited to present this year’s lineup of customer experience sessions and demonstrations for sales professionals.

Learn about the newest enhancements or get the latest product demonstrations from the product management and sales consulting teams.

Visit Sales―CX Central@OpenWorld for details. All Oracle Sales Cloud sessions will take place in rooms 2003 (more...)

Are You Cloud Curious? Check Out Our Channel Cloud Opportunities Webcast Series

The cloud has revolutionized how organizations are building and leveraging systems and applications to run their businesses. Do you know what direction you’ll take with the cloud?

To help you navigate these new channel opportunities in the Oracle public cloud, Oracle PartnerNetwork has put together an informative webcast series for our OPN resellers, systems integrators and implementation partners. We highly recommend that you take advantage of this resource to elevate your business with Oracle Cloud (more...)

Improve SQL Query Performance by Using Bind Variables

The Securing Account Details story in the previous blog post highlighted two problems with SQL that uses literals instead of bind variables: decreased performance and security holes. In this post we'll investigate the impact on execution times in more detail. 

Why do bind variables matter for performance?

Before Oracle runs a SQL statement it checks it's valid and determines how to access the tables and join them together. This is called parsing. The optimizer (more...)

Analyse personeelsdata moet efficiëntie en empathie combineren

door Oscar Lausegger, HCM Strategy Director bij Oracle

Data kan managers meer inzicht bieden in medewerkers en bedrijfsvoering. Maar ze moeten er verstandig mee omgaan om de efficiëntie te maximaliseren en niet het vertrouwen te minimaliseren.

We hebben allemaal wel eens iemand aangehoord die een slechte dag op het werk had en klaagt over het feit dat hij te hard en te lang moet werken, terwijl zijn baas dit niet beseft. Of hij klaagt (more...)

Getting Started with BPM: Free Oracle University Video Tutorials by Bob Rhubart

clip_image001Want to sharpen your BPM skills? Settle in for an educational video binge these free tutorials from Oracle University:

Getting Started with BPM - Episode 1: BPMN Overview [40 minutes]
  Meera Srinivasan, Director of Product Management for Oracle Business Process Management Suite, explains how Oracle BPM Suite uses BPMN models for process design and analysis. She then describes the four major groups of BPMN constructs: activities, gateways, events, and subprocesses.

Getting Started with BPM (more...)

Want to become a certified Mobile Expert? free training material available

clip_image001Enterprise Mobility delivers the most advanced solution for developing and securing mobile applications, data and cloud-based services. It is critical for enterprises to ensure that users are connected via any device to enterprise applications. Oracle Enterprise Mobility addresses this challenge by allowing developers to create more compelling user experiences and deliver them securely to mobile devices.

Free training material and free online training is available at our WebLogic Community Workspace (WebLogic Community membership required (more...)

Making the Business Case for BPM/SOA by Avio

Business Process Management (BPM) and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) provide enterprise-level IT environments the benefits of flexibility, versatility, and a relative ease-of-use that makes BPM attractive to business managers and SOA to IT executives.
BPM has become the go-to solution for optimizing a wide range of business processes and improving an organization’s efficiency and agility. BPM’s popularity is due in large part to the way it can seamlessly integrate a variety of human, document, and system-based (more...)

Oracle lanza un nuevo programa para simplificar la migración a las Soluciones en la Nube

Oracle lanzó recientemente el programa Customer 2 Cloud, que simplifica la migración de las soluciones en la nube mejores en su categoría con modelos de financiación flexibles, servicios rápidos de “puesta en marcha” e integraciones en la Nube concentradas.

¿Quién puede beneficiarse de este programa?

El programa ya está abierto para los clientes de Oracle de Gestión de la Relación con el Cliente (CRM y Gestión del Capital Humano (HCM) con las soluciones implantadas de (more...)

New: Complete Guide to Tuning the Appearance of NetBeans

The full article is here and will be added to and updated over time and should be considered the most complete and authoritative document on the topic of tuning the appearance of NetBeans:

OTN新着資料のご案内 (2015年8月)

OTN Japan Webサイトの更新情報・新規掲載資料 << 8月更新分 >>のご案内です。 

5月分はこちら    ■ 6月分はこちら    ■ 7月分はこちら








Oracle Databaseが提供するヒート・マップ、自動データ最適化、情報ライフ・サイクル管理 
【ホワイトペーパー】Oracle Database 12cを使用した自動データ最適化 
Oracle Clusterware
【ホワイトペーパー】Oracle Clusterware 12c  概要 (  
MAA ベスト・プラクティス - Oracle Database 12c
【ホワイトペーパー】Oracle Data GuardとOracle GoldenGateによる透過的なロール移行 
Oracle GoldenGate 
 【参考資料】Oracle GoldenGateの今後の方向性 
【データシート】Oracle Management Pack for Oracle GoldenGate  
【データシート】Oracle StreamsからOracle GoldenGateへの移行  
【ホワイトペーパー】Oracle GoldenGate 12c: リアルタイム情報へのリアルタイム・アクセス  
Oracle (more...)

HOWTO See Fujitsu M10 Software on Chip Crypto Acceleration in Action

Guest Blogger:
Torrey Martin
Fujitsu M10 Product Specialist
Fujitsu-Oracle Center of Excellence  

One of the cool things I get to do in my job is work with great Fujitsu engineers in (more...)

How to Reset Your SQL Developer Preferences/Settings

We store the application settings PER user. So find where your OS stores files for your OS user.

These settings are stored HERE on Windows (…AppDevRoamingSQL Developer):

They are stored HERE on Macs and *NIX ($HOME.sqldeveloper):

The number system should look familiar...

The numbering system should look familiar…

Find the directory that corresponds with the version you are running and having problems with. Rename it. Restart SQL Developer – you should be running (more...)

JavaOne Track Highlights: Java and Server-Side Development

By David Lopez

The JavaOne 2015 Content Catalog is live. We’ve got hundreds of great sessions covering all things Java related. To help you find exactly what you’re looking for, be it Server-Side Development, Security, or anything in between, the sessions have been placed into tracks. There are 8 tracks at this year’s conference designed to be the ultimate guide to help you stay on top of the latest innovations in Java technologies. This is (more...)

Link of Slowly Changing Dimensions and Activity (Daily) History

Slowly Changing Dimensions on specific projects is activated in P6 by setting the History Level to Activity.  Setting the History Level to Activity also triggers a daily recording of each activity for that
project in the historical tables.  This can trigger a large amount of database growth depending on the amount of projects that have activity level history activated on.

In the Primavera Data Warehouse, during the ETL process there are certain steps (more...)

JavaOne Track Highlights: Java and Server-Side Development

By David Lopez

The JavaOne 2015 Content Catalog is live. We’ve got hundreds of great sessions covering all things Java related. To help you find exactly what you’re looking for, be it Server-Side Development, Security, or anything in between, the sessions have been placed into tracks. There are 8 tracks at this year’s conference designed to be the ultimate guide to help you stay on top of the latest innovations in Java technologies. This is (more...)

Quick JSON Query Tip: Use Column Aliases for Arrays of Objects

This isn’t a SQL Developer post, sorry folks.

When it takes me more than a couple of Google searches and more than a little bit of poking around to figure something out, I reckon it’s blog-post-worthy. Maybe I can save you a bit of time too!

I have:

  • a database
  • the JSON patchset
  • a table
  • said table with IS JSON CHECK constraint
  • some json docs that contain nested arrays

So it (more...)

And What, Exactly, Is an Informational Interview?

Quite a few years back, I decided I wanted to know more about some areas of the company I was working in (it was a large company). I asked my mentor and my manager for some advice on who I might talk to, and they gave me five names. I contacted each person and asked if they might have 30 minutes to talk with me about their area of the business and how it integrated (more...)

Cloud’s Second Act: Business/IT Collaboration Emerges as Gold Standard

What a difference a few years can make, especially in the world of cloud computing. From the onset, speed has been one of the overriding benefits of the cloud ‒ allowing business leaders, perennially in search of greater agility, the ability to spin up new applications in record time – in months instead of years in many cases.

This enticing proposition gave rise to predictions of an impending tectonic shift in who would take the (more...)

New Live Virtual Training Class: Oracle Utilities Application Framework 4.x Sales Overview, Friday, September 18, 2015, 11:00am ET

The Oracle Utilities Application Framework (OUAF) Configuration Tools boot camp outlines key features that allow OUAF-based products to be extended by populating metadata instead of applying programming. This technology enables the development of reusable objects, which can reduce implementation time, and extensions, which are automatically upgraded when future product releases are introduced. Ultimately, these tools offer increased flexibility to satisfy client needs without adjusting your implementation methodology. Register Now !

New Live Virtual Training Class: Oracle Utilities Service Order Management Live Virtual Overview, Friday, August 28, 2015 at 11:00am ET

The goal of the Service Order Management Functional Overview is to educate and enable students to understand the vision behind SOM, the features and functions, the value of the product to the global utility, and will see a demo of the product. This virtual training will provide a foundation for those students wishing to take the more involved hands on Service Order Management training class being offered at the Fall Utilities Enablement Summit September 28-September (more...)