Enterprise Performance Management Error Correction Policy

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Oracle recently published the Enterprise Performance Management Error Correction Policy.  This document describes how Oracle delivers error correction (fixes) for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) in the form of Patch Sets, Patch Set Updates (PSU) and Patch Set Exceptions (PSE) for releases under Premier and Extended Support, and the grace periods for which prior Patch Sets and Patch Set Updates are eligible for correction.  The document complements the Lifetime (more...)

Maximize Lead-to-Contract Performance

Written By Garrett Harley

How much does it cost you to find new projects?

 The engineering and construction industry wastes millions of dollars just seeking new work. On average, companies only win one out of every four jobs they pursue, squandering resources and limiting growth potential. That means a $10 billion company wastes $75 million annually on failed bids.

 In a typical engineering and construction organization, rarely do the teams that prepare the estimates for (more...)

Defining Cache nodes with BatchEdit

| Jan 28, 2015

In Oracle Utilities Application Framework V4., a new batch command line based wizard, named Batch Edit (or bedit for short), was introduced to simplify the configuration of the batch architecture. It allows for clusters, threadpools and submitters to be defined quickly using predefined templates.

A new article has been made available which focuses on the implementation of cache nodes within the cluster. Cache nodes are extremely useful for clusters where you (more...)

Evènement : Cloud Campus

| Jan 28, 2015

Vous souhaitez évoluer dans votre carrière?
Rejoingnez l'un de nos partenaires pour devenir un expert des solutions Cloud Oracle !

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MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.0.19 has been released

| Jan 28, 2015

We are pleased to announce that MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.0.19 is now available for download on the My Oracle Support (MOS) web site. It will also be available via the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud in a few weeks. This is a maintenance release that includes a few new features and fixes a number of bugs. You can find more information on the contents of this release in the change log.

You will find (more...)

Personalize Your Mobile Apps!

Sometimes personalizations make an app feel like your own. Did you know that you can personalize pages in Mobile Supply Chain Applications 12.1+? For more information, see Question 5 in note MSCA Installation Steps / FAQ (Doc ID 274034.1).

So, you're down the road. You decided to personalized your mobile pages and the task is long completed. It really simplifed your processes because it reduced the amount of information that needed (more...)

Using reader-writer locks to improve hardware TLE

| Jan 28, 2015

At its most simple, traditional hardware TLE (Transactional Lock Elision) operates as follows : start a hardware transaction; "subscribe" to the lock state (committing or aborting if the lock is found to be held); execute the critical section; and finally commit at the end of the critical section. For the purposes of discussion I'm assuming an Intel TSX-RTM implementation of hardware transactional memory (HTM). If we can't make progress using the optimistic transactional mode then (more...)

Inline functions in C

| Jan 28, 2015

Functions declared as inline are slightly more complex than might be expected. Douglas Walls has provided a chapter-and-verse write up. But the issue bears further explanation.

When a function is declared as inline it's a hint to the compiler that the function could be inlined. It is not a command to the compiler that the function must be inlined. If the compiler chooses not to inline the function, then the function will be left with (more...)

AutoVue 20.2.3 is Now Available!

Oracle’s AutoVue Enterprise Visualization 20.2.3, a minor release within the 20.2 product family, is now available on the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud.

AutoVue release 20.2.3 includes the following new capabilities and improvements:

New Format Support
AutoVue 20.2.3 includes support for new Office,  MCAD and ECAD formats.

New Platform Support
•    Java SE 8 and higher Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
•    Windows Server 2012

Other features Include
•    PDF (more...)

4 Leadership Challenges for 2015

With the start of a new year, there are predictions all over the place about what 2015 will bring. So what makes my predictions any different? They’re mine…and you have to wait 12 months to tell me that I was wrong!! These predictions are based solely on my own research and trends that I’m seeing in the industry. So, with that, here’s what I think will be happening with leadership in 2015:

Innovating with Middleware Platform

| Jan 28, 2015

I was recently discussing with a partner executive on how Oracle can help the ISV innovate. Decided to pen my thoughts here too -

1) WebLogic Innovation - WebLogic is our market leading App Server. The area which I would like to highlight is Exalogic. Seeing more and more cases where Telco, Financial Services, Govt solution providers are seeing business benefits of running their business critical application on Exalogic. With the upcoming launch of Exalogic (more...)

Peter Rowley: “Definition of Insanity – Using the Same Performance Management Tools and Expecting a Different Result”

Peter Rowley (pictured left) enthusiastically believes in the power of HR technology to transform HR and, ultimately, transform a business.  Rowley,  works in Oracle HCM Solution Consulting and recently wrote an informative article about performance management tools and processes.

According to Rowley, “organizations continue to expect that the performance management process will drive business change and transformation and greater results.”When companies don’t get the hoped-for results, they try making some cosmetic changes to (more...)

Oracle Voice: A Technical Innovation from Oracle

Oracle is a big company, but it can turn on a dime to beat the competition.

One of the charters of the Oracle Applications User Experience team, explains Misha Vaughn (pictured left), Director, Communications & Outreach, Applications User Experience, is to explore emerging technology and possible enterprise use cases and quickly turn that into product. Oracle Voice, for sales reps who use the Oracle Sales Cloud, is a great example of that.

In October 2013, the (more...)

Oracle CX Newsletter for customers – January 2015 issue

The January edition of the Global Oracle CX Customer Newsletter is out! Get your copy

Sichere Daten im Zeitalter von BYOD

Autor: Christian Patrascu, Director of Product Management Oracle Fusion Middleware, ORACLE Corporation 

Viele Unternehmen stehen dem Thema Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) noch misstrauisch gegenüber. Sie halten es für gefährlich, zu viel Kontrolle abzugeben oder glauben, Sicherheitsbedrohungen Tor und Tür zu öffnen, wenn sie den dienstlichen Gebrauch von Privatgeräten zulassen. Das ist nachvollziehbar, aber meines Erachtens die völlig falsche Einstellung. 

Christian Patrascu, Director of Product Management Oracle Fusion Middleware, ORACLE CorporationDie Ausmaße der Bedenkenträgerei im Bezug auf BYOD hat eine Studie aufgedeckt, die Oracle (more...)

Just Released – New Oracle University Courses for January 2015

Each month Oracle University releases numerous new courses to make sure our training portfolio is current.  Courses are typically available both in the classroom and online.  Here's a quick summary of some of the courses that we anticipate will be popular with customers.

Top New Courses for January

  1. Oracle SOA Suite 12c: Build Composite Applications
  2. Oracle Identity Governance 11g R2: Develop Identity Provisioning
  3. Parallel Processing in Oracle Database 12c
  4. Oracle (more...)

Oracle Maven Repository Index Now Available

| Jan 28, 2015

The new Oracle Maven Repository now has an index available which should make it far easier to navigate the contents. As you may already know there's a number of important WebLogic artifacts in the repository. This is a standard Maven index, built with the Maven Core Indexer code and is available at https://maven.oracle.com/.index/nexus-maven-repository-index.properties and https://maven.oracle.com/.index/nexus-maven-repository-index.gz. The easiest way to view the index is through an IDE like (more...)

Big Data’s Importance to HR Field Grows

| Jan 28, 2015

By Joel Kranc - Originally posted on EBN

HR and benefits professionals need to start using big data to move their own departments and their companies’ end goals forward.

“You are not going to be a successful HR leader in 10 years if you don’t get data,” said Mike Bollinger, vice-president of HCM transformation and thought leadership with Oracle during the Human Resources Professional Association conference in Toronto this week.

The theme of his presentation, (more...)

Putting the dots together: How to provide compliance and individual accountability with Oracle Privileged Account Manager

Authors: Olaf Stullich, Arun Theebaprakasam & Himanshu Sharma

The seemingly endless stream of highly visible security breaches and public disclosure of classified information, WikiLeaks website, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden and the latest incidents at Home Depot, USPS and Target, conspicuously exposed the existing problems with privileged user management.

Privileged users perform sensitive activities that involve extended access to strategic corporate and federal (or state) assets.  In most organizations, privileged accounts are not clearly (more...)

Improving performance through bit manipulation: clear last set bit

| Jan 28, 2015

Bit manipulation is one of those fun areas where you can get a performance gain from recoding a routine to use logical or arithmetic instructions rather than a more straight-forward code.

Of course, in doing this you need to avoid the pit fall of premature optimisation - where you needlessly make the code more obscure with no benefit, or a benefit that disappears as soon as you run your code on a different machine. So (more...)