MAF Release 2.3.0 Now Available

Model Application Framework (MAF) 2.3.0 release is now available on OTN.

This is a major update for MAF. It contains several new exciting features delivered as part of this release. We encourage all users to upgrade and start using this release ASAP.

For more information:
1. Checkout the blog for an overview of new features delivered in this release.
2. Review the Instructions for migrating your existing applications to 2.3.
3. Installation (more...)

Hackathons at AddThis: Serious Playtime

AddThis Hackathons are Serious Playtime for EngineersWe’re in the age of the Hackathon – a time when professional hackathon organizations organize self-proclaimed hackers vying for money and bragging rights.

Packing individuals on (more...)

Alternate Accounts – GL Feature That Helps Avoid Journal Import Errors

Subledger Create Accounting Program or GL Journal Import may sometimes fail due to having to transfer data into GL on an invalid account - one that was recently disabled or end-dated. 

To help avoid such errors, GL provides the feature of Alternate Accounts which gives the users an opportunity to setup a replacement code combination for an invalidated one, allowing the mentioned programs to continue until successful completion.

How to define this setup? (more...)

リカバリできなきゃ意味がない! 貴方のバックアップ・リカバリ対策は本当に大丈夫?


みなさん、ようやく春が来ますね~。有り難いことに、東奔西走という言葉を使いたくなる状況の"しばちょう"こと、柴田長(しばた つかさ)です。


私のSIer時代を思い返してみても、万が一の場合にしか必要の無い備えは開発スケジュール上、後回しになる傾向があったかなとも思います。しかし、トラブルが発生する場合は、二重、三重の障害が重なることも少なからずありますので、被害を最小限に食い止める絶対的な防護壁として確実なリストア・ リカバリの実行が求められるのも事実です。

・・・・という事で、今回は、RMANVALIDATEコマンド/オプションを使用して、”Recovery Manager”の名前の通りにリカバリを管理する方法を、第21回から第24回の連載の復習も兼ねて、体験していただきたいと思います。

>> 「しばちょう先生の試して納得!DBAの道」 最新号(No.44)
 「Recovery ManagerのVALIDATEでリストア・リカバリに備える」 を読む

Предложение века: как получить публичное облако Oracle Cloud в свой ЦОД

Автор: Нирав Мехта (Nirav Mehta), Вице-президент Oracle по развитию продуктов

Привлекательность облачных сервисов нельзя отрицать, а наступление облачной эры – остановить. Однако подавляющее число приложений не могут быть перенесены в публичное облако из-за законодательных ограничений, соображений безопасности данных, а также проблем, связанных с шириной, доступностью и надежностью каналов в Интернет.

Если словосочетание «частное облако» звучит для вас, как оксюморон, вы, скорее всего, не одиноки. Поставщики ИТ-решений сделали много попыток предложить «частное облако», то есть облако, (more...)

Making a Difference: Impact as a Trend and a Reason to Believe in Your Job

Au coeur du SuperCluster M7

Le SuperCluster est une solutiontotalement intégrée conçue pour héberger, en mode hautement disponible et avec des performances extrêmes, vos applications, vos bases de données et vos middleware au sein d'un même châssis. Sa capacité multifonctions (support de multiples versions de bases de données, de différentes typologies d'applications...) lui confère une souplesse d'utilisation unique.

Le SuperCluster M7, la 4ème génération de cette gamme Engineered System, utilise toutes les nouvelles fonctionnalités du “Software In Silicon(more...)

Airline Route Profitability with Oracle Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management

In this video, Hitendra Goradia, Senior Director of Oracle Consulting, discusses airline route profitability with Oracle Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management. A key challenge to most airlines is implementing strategies that grow their profits.

According to him, few airlines are able to generate profits that are greater than their cost of capital at a margin between 3-5%. The route profitability solution within Oracle Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management helps organizations analyze which routes are (more...)

Spark NZ Increases Engagement with Oracle Social Cloud

Spark NZ, a major New Zealand telecom company, has successfully leveraged Oracle Social Relationship Management to boost engagement and productivity for a competitive advantage.

Read their success story here

GM uses Oracle Social to improve Customer Experience

Carolin Probst-Iyer (Manage, Global Social Media Center of Expertise General Motor) discusses GM's focus on customers and how the automaker proactively addresses their concerns through social media to elevate the overall customer experience.

Watch the video here

Microservices and the Integration Platform by Robert Wunderlich

clip_image002In case you have not already heard of microservices, yet another evolution is upon us in the world of software development. A microservice is the antonym of the monolith and is a relatively new name for some concepts that have been around for some time. Microservices push us further toward the dream of decoupling with a promise of simpler, easier and cheaper services that are more reusable. As we get started, you can find (more...)

Using the Weblogic External Listen Address to support Network Address Translation (NAT) firewalls by Jan van Zoggel


When trying to connect or deploy from JDeveloper 12.2.2 to our Oracle Fusion Middleware 12.2.1 domain in the Amazon EC cloud I keep having connection problems. Contacting the consoles is not a problem, however extending the IDE Connection results in this error:

t3:// [RJVM:000575]Destination, 7011 unreachable.; nested exception is: Connection refused: connect; [RJVM:000576]No available router to destination.; nested exception (more...)

Disable Transparent Hugepages on SLES11, RHEL6, RHEL7, OL6, OL7 and UEK2 Kernels

This blog post is not related to database upgrades and migrations. But still I think it is very useful for many customers operating on modern Linux systems.


Support just published an ALERT strongly recommending to disable Transparent Hugepages on Linux systems. And the below information does not apply to RAC systems only but also to single instance environments.

Which Linux Distrubutions/Kernels are affected? 

  • SLES11
  • RHEL6 and RHEL7
  • OL6 and OL7
  • UEK2 Kernels

What (more...)

Aspectos legales de seguridad en Cloud

Como una persona que lleva tiempo en este mundo del Cloud para empresas y organismos públicos, uno de los aspectos que más suele preocupar a la hora de llevar cargas de trabajo a la nube son los aspectos legales en cuanto a protección de datos de carácter personal.

Quizás sea porque mi perfil es técnico y no legal, pero no deja de sorprenderme que cuando una empresa va a contratar servicios Cloud los aspectos legales (more...)

Introducing: Oracle Dynamic Hybrid Bundles

As more and more customers seek cloud solutions, partners must pivot their business to the cloud to meet these new customer requirements. To help our partners with this transformation, Oracle has introduced Oracle Dynamic Hybrid Bundles. These hybrid bundles are designed to help you drive growth in on-premise solutions and expand your cloud footprint all while receiving improved margins. Improve Your Profitability with Engineered Systems and Cloud – Learn More


Adriana GarjoabaOracle201638

作者:Mike Waddoups甲骨文大学教师和技术团队主管


电子商务套件中 的冲突域问题涉及到并发程序和并行执行情况。这些程序需要避免与其他程序发生冲突,因为这种冲突可能导致数据错误或阻止程序 执行。如果存在冲突问题,可能需要先运行并完成其他程序。

电子商务套件通过冲突域 的 概念来处理这种问题,冲突域能够避免两个或两个以上的并发程序因同时执行而产生的问题。用户通常不会对程序进行监控,因此程序必须能够自己解决问题。以下是一些可能出现的冲突问题:

一 个程序可能:

· 需要首先运行另一个程序

· 需要被其他程序锁定的数据元素

· 存在其他需要执行的冲突



1. 发生冲突的程序彼此相互锁定,两个程序都无法执行。

2. 其中一个程序因冲突而生成错误数据。


一 种方法是创建一个并发请求集,您可以在此建立运行顺序,首先运行一个程序,当其完成后再运行第二个程序。



当您注册并发程序时,您应该对不兼容的程序进行定义。您可以创建一个与您注册的程序不兼容的程序列表。不兼容性可分为两种类型 进行定义。


· 全局冲突 跨 整个电子商务套件的全局性不兼容

· 域冲突 数据组(域)抽象表示之间的冲突,例如账套

当您注册一个程序时,您可以将其设置为Run Alone(单独运行)程序。这样做的话,在该程序运行时将不会有其他程序同时运行,从而避免了冲突。


用户的登录ID 可 识别他们的定义特征,而冲突域正是由这些用户特征确定的。

冲突解决管理器(Conflict Resolution Manager) 的功能是确定何时可以执行发生冲突的两个程序。如果A程 序和B程 序不兼容,并且A正 在运行,则B将 等待。如果B程 序正在运行,则A将 等待。由于两个程序不兼容,它们无法同时运行。

我希望您能够加入我开设的完整网络讲座 E-Business Suite: Conflict Domains Explained, 我将在此为您介绍如何设置程序以处理域冲突。

查 看目前所有的电 子商务套件产品培训

Resell Programs and Exams to be Retired on September 30th 2016

Starting September 30th 2016, we will retire the following Resell programs and corresponding exams in the competency criteria:

Oracle HCM

  • Resell programs
  • Exams
  • Groovy Tuesday: Checking Accessibility Via Useful ApplSessionUtil Methods

    There may be cases when you need to ensure your extension cater for all users, including those who rely on the accessibility settings in the application. These are found in the user preferences screen, shown below.

    You can access the values set using the ApplSesssionUtil API in your groovy scripts in the following way:

    def acMode = oracle.apps.fnd.applcore.common.ApplSessionUtil.getAccessibilityMode() 

    Gives values "DEFAULT" or "screenReader"

    def acColor = oracle.apps.fnd. (more...)

    Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c: Track Compliance with the Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG)

    Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c enables administrators to track compliance of their WebLogic Server environments to the Defense Information Systems Agency’s Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG).  The Security Technical Implementation Guide contains technical guidance to “lock down” information systems and software that might otherwise be vulnerable to a malicious computer attack. Originally published by the Defense Information Systems Agency for the Department of Defense, the STIG for Oracle WebLogic (more...)

    The Data Governance Journey – What do we take on the trip?

    By Guest Blogger Gilles Demarquet

    The data governance journey is about helping an organization consistently and correctly make sense of its data. What is data? Where does it come from? Are there different types of data?

    In simple terms, an organization performs transactions – a few transaction examples for a manufacturing company include: purchase supplies, produce a product, sell products to customers, receive payment for sales, pay for supplies. For statutory purposes, the organization records (more...)