Concurrency Utilities support in WebLogic Server 12.2.1, Part Three: ManagedThreadFactory


ManagedThreadFactory is for creating threads managed by WebLogic Server. It extends from java.util.concurrent.ThreadFactory without new methods, and provides the method newThread from ThreadFactory. It can be used with Java SE concurrency utilities APIs where ThreadFactory is needed. e.g. in java.util.concurrent.Executors.

Weblogic Server provides a preconfigured, default ManagedThreadFactory for each application, and applications can easily use it in web or EJB components without any configuration. Let's begin with a simple example that uses default (more...)

Concurrency Utilities support in WebLogic Server 12.2.1, Part Two: ManagedScheduledExecutorService


ManagedScheduledExecutorService extends from ManagedExecutorService, all the methods from ManagedExecutorService are supported in ManagedScheduledExecutorService, so prior to this article please read Part One: ManagedExecutorService.

ManagedScheduledExecutorService extends from java.util.concurrent.ScheduledExecutorService, so it also provides methods(schedule, scheduleAtFixedRate, scheduleAtFixedDelay) from ScheduledExecutorService for scheduling tasks to run after a given delay, or periodically. Besides, ManagedScheduledExecutorService provides new methods itself for tasks to run at some custom schedule based on a Trigger. All those tasks are run on (more...)

Concurrency Utilities support in WebLogic Server 12.2.1, Part One: ManagedExecutorService


ManagedExecutorService is for running tasks asynchronously on threads provided by WebLogic Server. It extends from java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService without new methods, it provides methods(execute, submit, invokeAll, invokeAny) from ExecutorService, and its lifecycle methods(awaitTermination, isTerminated, isShutdown, shutdown, shutdownNow) are disabled with IllegalStateException.

Weblogic Server provides a preconfigured, default ManagedExecutorService for each application, and applications can easily use it in web or EJB components without any configuration. Let's begin with a simple example that uses default (more...)

Concurrency Utilities support in WebLogic Server 12.2.1

As part of its support for Java EE 7, WebLogic Server 12.2.1 supports the Java EE Concurrency Utilities(JSR236) specification.

This specification provides a simple, standardized API(4 types of managed objects) for using concurrency from Java EE application components(such as servlets and EJBs). The 4 types of concurrent managed objects implement these interfaces in javax.enterprise.concurrent package: ManagedExecutorService, ManagedScheduledExecutorService, ManagedThreadFactory, ContextService.

If you are still using common Java SE concurrency APIs such as (more...)

Oracle and Adaptive Case Management: Part 1 by Jan Kettenis

clip_image001In this blog posting I address four key concepts that are used in Oracle Adaptive Case Management, or ACM for short. This article is the first in a series on ACM.
Recently I was involved in an Oracle Adaptive Case Management (ACM) project. Although some people involved knew about case management in general, it turned out that not everyone immediately understood how case management works with Oracle ACM. As you may be one of them, (more...)

Lancement du blog Oracle Systems France

Bienvenue sur le nouveau Blog (more...)

Security at every layer – New imperative & New opportunities for Oracle EMEA Partners on Wednesday 2nd December at 1:00pm UK / 2:00pm CET.

Join and invite your partners to this webcast: we will discuss how to transform the Security challenge into a Business opportunity with our partners and will cover the following topics:

» Data privacy & security new challenges
» Database security
» Identity management
» Software in Silicon
» Partner opportunities: enablement, assessment, services

Register for the webcast here:

Register here

Talent Management: Wenn die Pyramide zum Würfel wird

Autor: Joachim Skura, HCM Sales Development, Oracle Deutschland

Joachim Skura schreibt als IDG-Experte u.a. für die Computerwoche zu den Themen HCM, Social Recruiting und Digitale Disruption. Seinen Twitter-Channel finden Sie hier.

Joachim Skura, HCM Sales Development OracleDie nächsten 15 Jahre bringen für Unternehmen in ganz Europa große Herausforderungen mit sich, insbesondere was ihre Belegschaft betrifft. Denn der ominöse Fachkräftemangel ist kein akademisches Hirngespinst mehr, er ist Realität. Ihm wirksam zu begegnen verlangt in den allermeisten Firmen innovative Neuerungen  was (more...)

Changing Appearances: Give The Apps Your Corporate Look

Oracle spends a lot of effort creating good-looking user interfaces.  And yet we understand that our customers often have their own corporate look and feel standards and would like their employees (or customers/partners in case of externally facing apps) see that same look and feel across all websites and applications.  So Fusion Applications offers tools and mechanisms to customize their out-of-the box look.  In this post we are going to give you a quick tour (more...)


My apologies for being so slow to see and respond to comments. This is my first ever blog and I was not aware there was a page I had to go to to see and approve comments so I was unaware that there were any. I've now published all the comments I've received and responded to them here appropriate.



Oracle 12c Adventskalender 2015

Ab 1. Dezember öffnen wir jeden Tag ein Türchen für die Oracle-Community. Jeden Tag gibt es ein kurzes Youtube Video (wenige Minuten) zu unterschiedlichsten Datenbank Technologien in englischer oder deutscher Sprache. Zu Wort kommen Produktmanager, Entwickler und die Oracle-Experten aus Deutschland. Am besten gleich reinsehen und die Youtube-Playlist schon mal abonnieren. Am 1. Dezember geht's los und die Videos werden sichtbar.

Die Speaker verraten wir schon jetzt Tammy Bednar, Andy Rivenes, Markus Michalewicz, Kellyn Pot'Vin-Gorman, (more...)

Is Your Holiday Campaign Focusing on the Right Audience Data?

In today’s digital world, there’s one thing we can all agree on: marketers can’t afford to waste ad dollars on the wrong audience, especially at the height of a holiday campaign. The task of turning prospects into buyers at this time of year can certainly turn up the pressure to deliver results. The good news is that our experts at The Data Hotline are always available to help. Deliver results this season with some of (more...)

Remote debugging of nashorn scripts with NetBeans IDE using “debugger” statements

You can debug nashorn scripts - even if you do not create any NetBeans project or even open the JavaScript files in NetBeans! You just need to connect NetBeans debugger to a remote Java process that evaluates Nashorn scripts!

You can use ECMAScript debugger statements to stop the script execution at the places of interest.

Start the process running your script with debugger agent

I'm using "jjs" tool to run a sample script - but (more...)

Om wijn te proeven naar je smartphone grijpen!

Het belang van een positieve klantervaring

Door Joost Hagemeijer, Sales Representative Human Capital Management 

We zijn allemaal klant en kennen dus allemaal het belang van een positieve klantervaring. Om te zorgen voor de optimale customer experience kun je als organisatie niet zonder de juiste tools en juiste training. Dat dit hard nodig is, ondervond ik onlangs toen ik met vrienden een hapje ging eten in het centrum van Amsterdam. Bij binnenkomst wilden we onze jassen (more...)

External Training Program 大连数据库技术研讨会


Training Material Session01 20150829.ppt

Quick Note: How to validate an input field in a list view

This article is a quick note on how to validate an input field added to an amx:listView and how to reset the list item value back to the original value. The use case in the sample code snippet is a field service application that technicians use to protocol service incidents, the status of a repair and the time spent on it. The validation should be such that the time the technician worked on an incident doesn't (more...)

Oracle Partner Store Enhancements Impact Partner Deal Registration

As of November 9, the following enhancements were made in the OPS deal registration tool: 

  1. Deal Extension process automation
  2. Marketing Source Code selection
These enhancement impacts how you register deals. Be sure to view the archived OMM training sessions to learn more.

Great Results on SPARC T7 by MSC Software

Leo Kilfoy, General Manager at MSC Software, spoke to us at Oracle OpenWorld about the "amazing results" his company is seeing in recent tests on the Oracle SPARC T7 processor. Oracle now offers partners access to Software in Silicon Cloud, which provides developers a secure and ready-to-run VM environment to try out a SPARC M7/T7 system. Learn more!

Настоящее и будущее «Интернета вещей»: что делает Java ME отличной платформой для разработки IoT-приложений

Российские инженеры Oracle приглашают компании к сотрудничеству по совместной разработке проектов в области Internet of Things под реальные задачи бизнеса

Языку программирования Java уже 20 лет, но его разработчики не собираются останавливаться и отвечают на новые вызовы рынка информационных технологий, в числе которых «интернет вещей» (IoT). Постоянно развиваясь, Java помогает компаниям любого масштаба приспосабливаться к быстро меняющейся экономической среде.

«Интернет вещей» - это одно из явлений, способных в будущем радикально перекроить ландшафт рынка. Платформа Java (more...)

Now available! Oracle’s November Midsize Partner Newsletter

Review the Oracle Midsize Partner Newsletter for the latest updates around Oracle Modern Best Practice and Cloud Momentum. Please note that this is our last midsize partner newsletter, but we encourage you to subscribe to our quarterly Midsize InDepth Newsletter!