ZBA & Snap Management Utility Engineered Systems Attach Promotion

Oracle’s Engineered Systems are designed to reduce the cost and complexity of mission critical IT infrastructures whilst delivering un-paralleled  levels of productivity and performance. An effective data protection solution should be an integral part of every Engineered System implementation. To further assist our partners in positioning the ZFS Storage Appliance  (more...)

Webcast – Lancement de la Plateforme FAH

Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant à la session webcast du 18 juin, de 11h à 12h organisée pour le lancement de la plateforme Fusion Accounting Hub.

Vous souhaitez accélérer la production de vos résultats tout en renforçant la fiabilité de votre reporting financier ? Cette session est une opportunité unique de découvrir les (more...)

WebLogic Server勉強会@東京:6月開催のお知らせ

| May 29, 2013

2013年6月20日(木)に「第37回 WebLogic Server勉強会@東京」を開催します。

今月は「WebLogic Serverデプロイメント・エッセンシャルズ」と「Java EE 7 Batch Applications / EJB3.2 / Concurrency Utilities概要」の2セッションです。

■「WebLogic Serverデプロイメント・エッセンシャルズ」

デプロイメントは、WebLogic Serverの運用管理において重要な作業です。本セッションでは、デプロイの基本からプロダクション再デプロイメントや FastSwapまで効率的な運用管理をサポートするデプロイメント機能を解説します。

■「Java EE 7 Batch Applications / EJB3.2 / Concurrency Utilities概要」

エンタープライズ向けJavaの最新標準仕様Java EE 7の中からいくつかの新機能を紹介します。バッチの標準仕様である、Batch Applications、EE環境のアプリケーション上で並列処理を実現できるConcurrency Utilities、そしてEJB3.2の変更点を取り上げます。

東京近郊の皆様、6月20日(木) には仕事を早めに切り上げ、午後6時30分にオラクル青山センターに集合しませんか?

18:30~20:30 (受付開始 18:00~)
〒107-0061 東京都港区北青山2-5-8
詳細および登録は こちら から。

Knowledge Management Feedback

| May 29, 2013

Did you know that you can provide feedback on Knowledge Management (KM) articles?

It's nice to read a technical article that is well-written, the grammar and spelling are correct, the information is up to date, concise, to the point, easy to understand and it flows from one paragraph to another. (more...)

Oracle Endeca Information Discovery 3.0 Internet Seminar Awareness and Proficiency Series

| May 29, 2013

These Oracle Internet seminars are FREE for Oracle System Integrator, ISV, VAR and Platform Partners.

AWARENESS - Oracle Endeca Information Discovery 3.0

  • Oracle Endeca Information Discovery (EID) Overview - June 10, 2013 @ 8:00 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time
  • Oracle Weblogic Server as a Platform for Endeca Information Discovery (more...)

Cloud Control 12c: Änderungen bei Datenbankobjekten verwalten, vergleichen und ausgleichen

Mit Cloud Control können Sie die Definition von Datenbank Objekten miteinander vergleichen und Unterschiede ausgleichen. Auch Inhalte von Datenbankabellen können miteinander verglichen werden. Diese Funktionalität wurde in früheren Versionen von Enterprise Manager im Rahmen des Change Management Packs zur Verfügung gestellt. Sehen Sie hier, wie Sie das nutzen können.

Data Integration for Real Time Analytics on Oracle EMEA Business Analytics Partner Forum

Additional new material WebLogic Community April 2013

Sales Data Analysis Software on the NetBeans Platform

| May 29, 2013

Since 1998, Itransition has been a software development innovator providing full-cycle high quality services to its customers in over 30 countries worldwide. One of its many applications is Eltim Reporter, a sales-data analysis application on the NetBeans Platform:

Mihail Rukavishnikov, Eltim Reporter's lead developers states:

We developed Eltim Reporter as (more...)

Push Fast Data to the Edge by Mala Ramakrishnan

Oracle Event ProcessingOracle today announced the availability of Oracle Event Processing for Oracle Java Embedded, a smaller footprint version of Oracle Event Processing (OEP) tailored for deployment on gateways. This can change the game plan for your organization’s responsiveness by harnessing Fast Data.

With an increase in the number of mobile devices (more...)

Oracle Social Network -The Social Glue for Enterprise Applications

Author: Peter Reiser  - Social Business Evangelist, Oracle WebCenter 

Tom Petrocelli of Enterprise Strategy Group has published a report, “Oracle Social Network: The Social Glue for Enterprise Applications”, on Oracle Social Network (OSN) and how traditional social products create social silos whereas OSN is the “social glue” for (more...)

One executable, many platforms

| May 28, 2013

Different processors have different optimal sequences of code. Fortunately, most of the time the differences are minor, and we can easily accommodate them by generating generic code.

If you needed more than this, then the "old" model was to use dynamic string tokens to pick the best library for the (more...)

Don’t Secure Yourself Out of Business

As regulatory pressure and security threats continue to rise, the Chief Security Officer (CSO) role is gaining more importance in many organizations. With security spending at an all time high, many CSO's are re-thinking their priorities and focusing on risk. A recent CSO Market Pulse survey of IT executives, finds (more...)

New eye-chart for the ZFSSA

I finally updated my ZFSSA eye-chart. Hey, it's only three months late.

You can find it under the "Bookmarks" section on the right. Version 12 is the newest one.

“Internet of Things”、“Device to Datacenter”の時代を迎えてますます広がる組み込みJavaの可能性──Java Day Tokyo 2013レポート

| May 28, 2013
サーバやPC、あるいはスマートフォンといった従来のデバイスに加えて、家電製品や各種センサー、そしてICカードなど、さまざまな“モノ”がインターネットに接続される「Internet of Things(IoT)」と呼ばれる時代が到来しつつある。これを受け、オラクルは「Device to Datacenter(D2D)」というコンセプトの下、それらの“モノ”からデータセンターで運用されるプラットフォームまでを含む幅広い領域に対して、多種多様なテクノロジーを提供していくことを表明している。2013年5月14日に東京で開催された「Java Day Tokyo 2013」において、日本オラクル Java Embedded Global Business Unit シニアセールスコンサルタントの笹沼満氏が、このD2Dのキー・テクノロジーとして「Java」の重要性を訴えた。(川添貴生)

Internet of Things時代におけるJavaの優位性

日本オラクル Java Embedded Global Business Unit シニアセールスコンサルタントの笹沼満氏
 Java Day Tokyo 2013では、Java SE、Java EEをテーマにしたセッション・トラックのほか、Java Embedded(組み込みJava)に関するセッション・トラックも設けられ、Internet of Things時代を迎えて活用の機会がますます広がりつつあるJavaの現状と将来を展望するセッションが実施された。その1つであるセッション「Device to Data Centerを実現するJava Embedded Suite」の講師を務めたのが笹沼氏だ。



 1995年の誕生当初から「Write Once, Run Anywhere」というスローガンを掲げてきたように、開発したプログラムをさまざまなプラットフォームで実行できることがJavaの大きな強みだ。その中には組み込みデバイスも含まれており、実際にデジタル複合機(MFP)や各種診断装置、Blu-rayプレーヤー、そしてICカードなど、今日では多種多様なデバイスがJavaによって動いている。




組み込み開発に最適化されたJava SE 7 (more...)

Java Spotlight Episode 134: Kin-man Chung on JSR 341: Expression Language 3.0@jcp

Interview with Kin-man Chung on JSR 341: Expression Language 3.0 in JavaEE 7.

Right-click or Control-click to download this MP3 file. You can also subscribe to the Java Spotlight Podcast Feed to get the latest podcast automatically. If you use iTunes you can open iTunes and subscribe with this (more...)

Fast Data: Rise of the Java Embedded Technology-Enabled Machines

| May 28, 2013
Because we need fast access to big data, the Rise of the Machines is finally happening. And, they're Java Embedded Technology-Enabled machines.


Fast Data: Rise of the Machines

Here's a quote:

 There are many technologies that 
 support fast data. Baer lists his 
 fast data ingredients: in-memory 
 data grids and  (more...)

Managing Compensation to Win the War for Talent

A Guest Post by Oracle Solutions Specialist, Jeff Haynes (pictured left)

If there’s one thing HR and Compensation departments have learned since 2008, it’s that the budgets for rewards programs are anything but set in stone. Many historically well-funded merit and bonus pools were slashed as corporate performance waned. A (more...)

Fusion Applications Social Relationship Management (SRM) Community is Live

A Guest Post by Milo Velazquez, Senior Product Supportability Engineer, Oracle (pictured left)

A new community centered on Social Relationship Management is available in My Oracle Support Communities (MOSC).

The goal of this community is to connect technical and functional users of Oracle SRM products in a collaborative forum. We (more...)

AWR Data Extract

| May 28, 2013

The Oracle RDBMS has an excellent repository of performance data that is collected automatically. It's called Automatic Workload Repository, or AWR for short. The AWR is a snapshot-based collector of database information. This includes not only the information from V$SYSSTAT, but also snapshots of other configuration information like database parameter (more...)