Getting Started with Java Jigsaw Modules in NetBeans IDE

I went through the first two sections of "Project Jigsaw: Module System Quick-Start Guide" in the NetBeans JDK 9 Branch Build. In the end, I had created the Greeting module, which requires the Astro module that exports the package containing the World class, used by the Main class in the Greeting module. Click to enlarge the screenshot below, to see the various details, including the "" graph:

Right now, NetBeans does not (more...)

Top Exastack ISV headlines

TAS Group’s cashless 3.0™ gains 2.4x performance increase running with Oracle Engineered Systems.

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Digital Innovation Demands Hybrid Integration by Carol Hildebrand

clip_image002I thought cloud computing would do away with acronym-laden technologies such as service-oriented architecture (SOA). Can’t you just sign up for applications run in a public cloud?

You can, but what happens when you want to integrate that shiny new cloud app with your existing applications and data? That integration has its own term—hybrid cloud—and for most enterprises, it’s the new norm. More than 65% of enterprise IT organizations will commit to hybrid cloud technologies (more...)

Training Thursdays: What You Need To Get Working on Oracle Linux 7

If you want to tap into the power of Oracle Linux 7 and already have experience as a Linux system administrator, then you need to learn to:

  • Perform common system administration tasks in Oracle Linux 7.
  • Configure the boot process, system logging, storage, and security.
  • Use advanced package management features.
  • Configure network bonding, VLANs, and VPNs.
  • Implement Docker containers.
  • Allocate system resources to specific Linux processes.

You can learn this and more by taking the (more...)

MOS Note:136697.1 – New HCHECK.SQL for Oracle Database 12c

A while back we added this slide to our big slide deck: The story behind this slide A large and important customer in the US tested a patch set upgrade - but when they approached the production upgrade from to on a large RAC cluster they've had to cancel the attempt and revert to the... [Read More]

Java Euro Tour

Bruno Souza, Edson Yanaga, and Otávio Santana are touring European JUGs talking about DevOps, big data, currency API, CDI 2 and cloud scalability. The team is also interviewing Java Champions, renowned Java speakers and community leaders in their homes and at work. Watch the replay of those interviews 

Some of the topics they present at JUGs: 
  • Containers and DevOps: full delivery cycle for Java applications  
  • Big Data and NoSQL with CDI and Cassandra 
  • First (more...)

How Training Impacts Your Cloud Business Strategy

Written by Rena Mayer, PR Online Editor, Oracle University

Growing numbers of organizations are seeking the benefits of cloud solutions, which include: increased operational efficiency, enhanced business agility, tighter staff collaboration, real-time intelligence across the organization, lower total cost of IT ownership, reliability, scalability and more.

Successful cloud implementations improve the way organizations operate, giving them an edge that leaves competitors in the dust. 

According to a recent survey by IDG:

50% of (more...)

New Java Champion Mark Heckler

Welcome New Java Champion Mark Heckler!  

Mark has worked with Java SE and Java EE since the early days of each, and has over 25 years of experience with software development in general. He has filled roles from junior programmer to architect and has been an evangelist/advocate for the past several years. 

As a longtime evangelist of Java and an accomplished developer, Mark co-authored two books on JavaFX: JavaFX 8: Introduction By Example (more...)

Oracle Cloud Marketplace Headlines

  • Reval for Oracle Financials Cloud Now Available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace

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Partner Webcast – Oracle Database In-Memory: Accelerate Business

Join us on this webcast and see how the Oracle Database In-Memory option with a flip of the switch, no application changes, drastically improves the response times on your existing Oracle Database queries.


  • Database In-Memory Overview
  • Identifying Objects In-Memory
  • Populating Objects In-Memory Column Store
  • Querying Object In-Memory
  • Database In-Memory Scaling out Solutions
  • Database In-Memory Use Cases
  • Summary Q&A
  • Rhine Singh – DB&O IMC Consultant – AxizWorkgroup - Oracle Partner Hub Migration (more...)

SOA 12.2.1 New Feature – End to End JSON and Javascript Example by Krishna Hanumantharao

clip_image002SOA 12.2.1 provides support for end-to-end JSON and Javascript. We don’t have do internal mapping between XML and JSON as in 12.1.3.

As part of this post, let us implement a simple REST service to demonstrate this new feature – End to End JSON with Javascript.

Let us create a very simple SOA Composite which exposes a JSON based REST interface, manipulates the values using Javascript and calls an external JSON (more...)

Node-oracledb 1.9.1 with Promises and Node 6 Support is on NPM

| May 18, 2016
Top features: Promise support. Node 6 support. The new node-oracledb 1.9.1 release adds Promise support, it now supports the new Node 6 (as well as previous releases), and it has some welcome stability fixes. Other nice goodies are mentioned below. Thanks to everyone who gave feedback on our 1.9.0 development... [Read More]

Join Oracle for a Hackathon on 5/18 – New York, NY

Developing and Deploying Java SE, Node.JS Managed Microservices in the Cloud Join us Wed 5/18 for a fun, hands-on, informative Hackathon day.  Learn lightweight microservices development using Java 8, Javascript development and cloud devops tools developing with the latest Java 8 features, JAX-RS via... [Read More]

BDB Write Forwarding

(Courtesy of Paula Bingham)  Simpler High Availability with Write Forwarding Do you have a simple Berkeley DB application that would benefit from higher availability or improved read scalability? These are well-known benefits of using Berkeley DB High Availability (BDB-HA).  You... [Read More]

Swedish MySQL user group meet

We are happy to announce the next SMUG (Swedish MySQL User Group) meeting scheduled for May 24th! Please find more detail below: Date: May 24, 2016 Time: 5pm-8pm (+) Place: Emineo, Lilla västerbron 20” in Stockholm, Sweden Proposed agenda: there is scheduled a few talks by the members about... [Read More]

Showing TYPE’d Column Values in SQL Developer

Someone on the innerwebs asked how to show the data inside their user defined TYPE’d column in a table when querying it with SQL Developer. Here’s their code: CREATE OR REPLACE TYPE ANSCHRIFT_T AS OBJECT (STRASSE CHAR(12), HAUSNR CHAR(3));   CREATE TABLE VERTRETER(V_NR... [Read More]

OTN Virtual Technology Summit Replay Libraries are Live!

Happy Friday!  Did you miss our latest Virtual Technology Summit or want to explore a track you didn't before?  If so, visit a Replay Library Group today!  Tip - join the group and you'll be notified of updates automatically.  OTN VTS Database Replay Library OTN... [Read More]

Configuring Your Generated DDL in SQL Developer and SQLcl

You want the create script for a table. You want the create script for ALL of your tables. You want the tablespace. But not the constraints. How do you configure this in our tools? SQL Developer: The Preferences & the Wizards Go to the preferences. Database, utilities, export. This will also set the defaults for... [Read More]

Upgrade NOW! – OTN Interview at Collaborate16

Thanks again to Laura for this interview at Collaborate 2016 :-)

Why you need to Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c - NOW!


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Aligning Objects in your Data Modeler Diagrams

Kris (no, not THAT Kris) asks… Is there some sort of ruler that is built into this software? If not, is there some way to select a table and then specify X and Y coordinates so that I can top left align all of the diagrams that I’m creating. Currently, I am zooming in and switching between diagrams to top left... [Read More]