CVE-2014-4345 Numeric Errors vulnerability in Kerberos

CVE DescriptionCVSSv2 Base ScoreComponentProduct and Resolution
CVE-2014-4345 Numeric Errors vulnerability 8.5 Kerberos
Solaris 10 SPARC: 147793-14 X86: 147794-14
Solaris 11.2

This notification describes vulnerabilities fixed in third-party components that are included in Oracle's product distributions.
Information about vulnerabilities affecting Oracle products can be found on Oracle Critical Patch Updates and Security Alerts page.

Multiple vulnerabilities fixed in NSS 3.16

CVE DescriptionCVSSv2 Base ScoreComponentProduct and Resolution
CVE-2013-1620 Cryptographic Issues vulnerability 4.3 NSS
Solaris 10 SPARC: 119213-30 125358-19 X86: 119214-30 125359-19
Solaris 8 SPARC: 119209-30 125358-19 X86: 125359-19
Solaris 9 SPARC: 119211-30 125358-19 X86: 119212-30 125359-19
CVE-2013-1739 Denial of Service(DOS) vulnerability 5.0
CVE-2013-1740 Cryptographic Issues vulnerability 5.8
CVE-2013-1741 Numeric Errors vulnerability 7.5
CVE-2013-5605 Input Validation vulnerability 7.5
CVE-2013-5606 Permissions, Privileges, and Access Control vulnerability 5.8
CVE-2014-1490 Resource (more...)

Let Oracle GoldenGate 12c Take You to the Cloud

| Nov 20, 2014

If your organization is in the ~80% of the global business community, you are most likely working on a cloud computing strategy for your organization, or actively implementing. The cloud computing growth rate is 5X more than the overall IT growth rate because of the clear and already proven cost savings, agility, and  scalability benefits of cloud architectures.

When organizations decide to embark on their cloud journey, they notice there are several questions and challenges (more...)

Patch Set Update: Essbase Analytics Link for HFM

Hyperion Product Management have advised the release of a Patch Set Update (PSU) for Oracle Essbase Analytics Link (EAL) for Hyperion Financial Management (HFM)

This PSU is available from the My Oracle Support | Patches & Updates section.

Oracle Essbase Analytics Link for Hyperion Financial Management
Patch 17395188

This PSU provides various defect fixes and is a cumulative patch that includes the previous patches. It can be applied to the (more...)

Concept to Code: Shaping and Shipping Innovative User Experience Solutions for the Enterprise

| Nov 20, 2014

It was an exciting event here at Oracle Headquarters as our User Experience AppsLab (@theappslab) Director Jake Kuramoto (@jkuramot) recently hosted an internal design jam called Shape and ShipIt. Fifteen top-notch members of the newly expanded team got together for two days with a packed schedule to research and innovate cutting-edge enterprise solutions, write use cases, create wireframes, and build and code solutions. They didn’t let us down.

The goal: (more...)

Advanced Registration Now Open for new Oracle Mobile Security Primer eBook

Today, just as organizations are starting to understand the first wave of the mobile revolution, there are now numerous demands being placed on IT to support the second wave as new generation devices and applications are coming online to take advantage of these new capabilities in today’s corporate environment.

Register now to gain access to the new eBook: Oracle Mobile Security Primer as soon as it is published.

The Oracle Mobile Security Primer will provide (more...)

Tell Us What You Think! New Survey Launched for Oracle Certified Candidates

Tell us about your Oracle Certification experience as a newly certified candidate.

Once you have become certified, you will receive an email from Oracle Certification.

This is your chance to share your Oracle Certification experience with us. Follow the links in the email to complete the short, eleven question survey and give us your valuable feedback.

Our goal is to continue to deliver a program that fits your needs while implementing timely improvements.

Thanks for your time.

Oracle BPM’s Role in Delivering on the Digital Experience

25% of businesses will lose competitive ranking by 2017 as a result of digital business incompetence.
86% of customers will stop doing business with an organization after one bad experience.
55% of consumers prefer automated self-service, doubling figures seen in the past five years.

 Here's an opportunity to understand how to improve your figures on these rankings leveraging the promise of the digital experience. Join us to gain a deeper understanding of what this promise (more...)

MySQL Workbench 6.2.4 GA has been released

The MySQL developer tools team announces 6.2.4 as our maintenance release for MySQL Workbench 6.2.

MySQL Workbench 6.2 is the new version for the official MySQL graphical development tool.

MySQL Workbench 6.2 focuses on support for innovations released in MySQL 5.6 and MySQL 5.7 DMR (Development Release) as well as MySQL Fabric 1.5, with features such as:
  • A new spatial data viewer, allowing graphical views of result (more...)

OPA Newsletter – Winter 2014 edition

The Winter 2014 edition of the Oracle Policy Automation OPA Newsletter is out: get your free copy here

Multiple vulnerabilities in GnuTLS

CVE DescriptionCVSSv2 Base ScoreComponentProduct and Resolution
CVE-2014-3465 Denial of Service(DoS) vulnerability 5.0 GnuTLS
Solaris 11.1
Solaris 10 SPARC: 123938-04 X86: 123939-04
CVE-2014-3466 Buffer Errors vulnerability 6.8
CVE-2014-3467 Denial of Service(DoS) vulnerability 4.3
CVE-2014-3468 Numeric Errors vulnerability 6.8
CVE-2014-3469 Denial of Service(DoS) vulnerability 4.3

This notification describes vulnerabilities fixed in third-party components that are included in Oracle's product distributions.
Information about vulnerabilities (more...)


Please share with your Oracle BI, DW, Analytics, big Data and Spatial User coMMUNITY.   THANKS.  CB

BIWA Summit’15 Jan 27-29, 2015 Early Bird Registration Ends Friday. 

Registration is now LIVE. Register by November 21st (tomorrow) to receive the early bird pricing of $249 and save $50.

Please direct your colleagues to REGISTER NOW and participate to take advantage of the Early Bird registration ($249.00 USD).  EARLY BIRD SPECIAL ENDS TOMORROW (more...)

Partners’ Get-Started-Kit with Oracle Big Data and Analytics

If you are struggling with how (and why) to get started with “Big Data” and Hadoop based tools with Oracle and your Analytics practice, then see below for some resources and I will post some additional topics and hints on this theme in the next month. Especially start by trying the ETL tools (ODI & GoldenGate) on Hadoop as a lower cost ETL and staging platform (more...)

The Information Retrieval and Machine Learning group in Oracle Labs is looking for a solid research software engineer

| Nov 20, 2014

My group in Oracle Labs, the Information Retrieval and Machine Learning group (IRML for short), is looking for a senior research software engineer.

The Mission of Oracle Labs is to identify, explore, and transfer new technologies that have the potential to substantially improve Oracle's business. Oracle's commitment to R&D is a driving factor in the development of technologies that have kept Oracle at the forefront of the computer industry. Although many of Oracle's leading-edge technologies (more...)

HTML5, WebSockets and Java EE 7 & Screencast by Adam Bien

clip_image002A simplest possible example for HTML - Java EE 7 communication using WebSockets. Watch the video here.

See also other screencasts at: or subscribe to

See you at Java EE Workshops at Munich's Airport, particularly at the Java EE User Interfaces or / and Java EE 7 and HTML 5 workshops!

WebLogic Partner Community

For regular information become a member in the WebLogic Partner Community please visit: http://www. (more...)

BPM & Adaptive Case Management By Michael Snow

Prasen Palvankar speaks on Adaptive Case Management

Oracle BPM Suite offers in-built adaptive case management capabilities to manage unstructured processes and empower the knowledge workers to improve customer experience.
Watch the video here.

SOA & BPM Partner Community

For regular information on Oracle SOA Suite become a member in the SOA & BPM Partner Community for registration please visit (OPN account required) If you need support with your account please (more...)

Five Minutes to Insight Videos

The Oracle ZFS Storage Product Management team has been creating a series of videos that try to give you the big picture on various technology aspects of our systems.  The first few we've published are:

Expect more in the comig weeks.

VMware Talks About Storage Bottlenecks

When VMware discusses storage, they sound an awful lot like us.  Read about it here.

16,000 Boots in Less than 7 Minutes

That's a number the flash folks don't quickly claim.  Find out how here.

Oracle Transportation Management Cloud Webcast Series

If your organization moves goods, you know that the challenge of meeting delivery schedules while controlling costs and complying with international regulations is an ongoing struggle. The volatility of today’s market conditions makes this harder than ever. Wouldn’t you like to have the best systems available as quickly as possible and at a low cost? Now you can!

Join us for these upcoming webcasts to learn how Oracle’s market leading Transportation Management applications can be (more...)