And What, Exactly, Is an Informational Interview?

Quite a few years back, I decided I wanted to know more about some areas of the company I was working in (it was a large company). I asked my mentor and my manager for some advice on who I might talk to, and they gave me five names. I contacted each person and asked if they might have 30 minutes to talk with me about their area of the business and how it integrated (more...)

Cloud’s Second Act: Business/IT Collaboration Emerges as Gold Standard

What a difference a few years can make, especially in the world of cloud computing. From the onset, speed has been one of the overriding benefits of the cloud ‒ allowing business leaders, perennially in search of greater agility, the ability to spin up new applications in record time – in months instead of years in many cases.

This enticing proposition gave rise to predictions of an impending tectonic shift in who would take the (more...)

New Live Virtual Training Class: Oracle Utilities Application Framework 4.x Sales Overview, Friday, September 18, 2015, 11:00am ET

The Oracle Utilities Application Framework (OUAF) Configuration Tools boot camp outlines key features that allow OUAF-based products to be extended by populating metadata instead of applying programming. This technology enables the development of reusable objects, which can reduce implementation time, and extensions, which are automatically upgraded when future product releases are introduced. Ultimately, these tools offer increased flexibility to satisfy client needs without adjusting your implementation methodology. Register Now !

New Live Virtual Training Class: Oracle Utilities Service Order Management Live Virtual Overview, Friday, August 28, 2015 at 11:00am ET

The goal of the Service Order Management Functional Overview is to educate and enable students to understand the vision behind SOM, the features and functions, the value of the product to the global utility, and will see a demo of the product. This virtual training will provide a foundation for those students wishing to take the more involved hands on Service Order Management training class being offered at the Fall Utilities Enablement Summit September 28-September (more...)

Join us for the Oracle Utilities Partner Enablement Summit, September 28th – October 2nd, 2015, Santa Clara, California!

Please join us for our Oracle Utilities Partner Enablement Summit, September 28 - October 2, 2015 at the Oracle Conference Center, Santa Clara, California.

This is our third Summit and is part of our ongoing effort to provide partners with an opportunity to enrich field capabilities, sales and delivery through lectures, hands-on exercises and demonstrations of Oracle Utilities business solutions.

This Partner Enablement Summit will include training on the following solutions: Advanced Analytics, Customer, Work (more...)

Asynchronous Support in JAX-RS 2/Java EE 7

| Aug 25, 2015

Asynchronous processing, non-blocking I/O, events and messaging are keys to more reactive applications. Fortunately Java EE has long organically provided such features in the platform at pretty much every key API layer including Servlet, CDI, EJB and JMS. These features were strengthened further in Java EE 7 and even more could be done in Java EE 8. Spurred by a real world developer I met at a conference writing a highly reactive IoT application with (more...)

Why Recruiters Need to Market Jobs to Their Employees

| Aug 25, 2015

By Mike Vilimek

Recruiting today continues to be influenced by modern marketing techniques. And one of the first things modern marketers do is figure out who they want to reach with their marketing messages. Which group of people should I target in order to maximize the purchases of my product or service, or for recruiters, which group of people should I target in order to maximize the number of quality candidates?

With so much innovation (more...)

Yet another CSV -> Table but with pipleline function

| Aug 25, 2015
Here's just one more variation on how to get a CSV into a table format.  It could have been done before but my google-fu couldn't find it anywhere. First to get some sample data using the /*csv*/ hint in sqldev. Then the results of putting it back to a table. The inline plsql is just to convert the text into a CLOB. Now the details. The csv parsing is completely borrowed(stolen) from

Five Lessons Learned at CRM Evolution

Check out what Meg Bear, group vice president, Oracle Social Cloud experienced last week while attending the 2015 CRM Evolution conference in New York.  Read more here about how the customer experience, engagement, and service conversations are evolving as well as how customer service is becoming the new marketing!

Большие данные в управлении персоналом: как превратить сервисную службу в полноценного бизнес-партнера

Анализ больших данных сегодня – наиболее передовой и эффективный способ прогнозирования. Применив его на основе данных, собираемых HR, можно узнать о сотрудниках много нового. На основе полученных результатов HR-специалисты смогут лучше предсказывать тренды и результаты внедрения тех или иных трансформаций бизнеса. А это в свою очередь поможет принимать правильные решения. Большие данные также способны помочь HR-менеджерам прогнозировать и планировать эффективность работы организации, чтобы минимизировать финансовые и временные затраты, снизить риск при вводе новых инициатив по (more...)

Java Logging with DataTabels

DataTable provides solution, when user having a huge data displayed in a table and user want to perform filtering operations on a table. It provides paging options too. DataTables is a plug-in for the jQuery Javascript library. It is a highly flexible tool, based upon the foundations of progressive enhancement, and will add advanced interaction controls to any HTML table.
This blog explains to implement Java logging with DataTables. Log all the messages in an (more...)

Twitter Tuesday: Top 10 Tweets – August 18-24, 2015

Don't despair! Your 401k may be taking a beating, but the list of the Top 10 @OTNArchBeat tweets for August 18-24, 2015 is here.

  1. RT @oraclemagazine: The president of @odtug looks back, looks at growth, and looks at #Kscope.
    Aug 19, 2015 at 08:41 AM
  2. RT @simon_haslam: This is the room the *real* work is being done in - Cosmin's JCS lab! #ofmSummerCamps
    Aug 18, 2015 at 11:06 AM
  3. Internet of Things Design Manifesto 1. (more...)

New Video Trends Bring Opportunities for Advertisers to Connect with Digital TV Viewers

As Fall approaches, so does the new fall line up for TV networks, which means new opportunities for advertisers to connect with TV audiences.   But (more...)

Free advertisement for Oracle partners – all details about Solutions Catalog & Cloud Marketplace – join our Webcast today August 25th 16:00 CET

Attend our August edition of the SOA & BPM Partner Community Webcast live on August 25th 2015 16:00 CET.

Takane Aizeki, Worldwide Alliances and Channels at Oracle Corporation, will present all details about Oracle Solutions Catalog:


Visit the registration page here.

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Get your hands on Oracle Cloud Services – Free trials available as of NOW!

I'm so excited to share this fantastic news! As of now, partners can request free trial accounts for (some) Oracle Platform and Infrastructure Cloud services! The list includes:

  • Java Cloud Service (trial includes DB Cloud service, so it's a 2 in 1 combo so to say)
  • Database Cloud Service
  • Database Backup Cloud Service
  • BI Cloud Service
  • Document Cloud Service
  • Storage Cloud Service

How to get your cloud trial account

  1. Go to
  2. Navigate (more...)

Marketingautomation verständlich auf den Punkt gebracht – Leitfaden für Ihr Schaffen

Heute machen wir Werbung in eigener Sache: Unsere Kollegen haben einen nützlichen Leitfaden erstellt, der Ihnen dabei hilft, Automatisierungstechnik beim Marketing zu verstehen und im täglichen Schaffen umzusetzen. Dieser steht Ihnen zum kostenlosen Download in englischer Sprache zur Verfügung.

Moderne Marketingkampagnen müssen nicht kompliziert sein

Immer mehr Marketer setzen bei ihren Kampagnen auf Marketingautomation, um den bestmöglichen Nutzen aus ihren Daten zu holen und deren Wert damit zu maximieren und das Engagement zu verbessern. Ein (more...)

Tips on SQL Plan Management and Oracle Database In-Memory – Part&nbsp2

In Part 1 of this series of tips on SQL Plan Management (SPM) and Oracle Database In-Memory, I covered what would happen if we have a SQL plan baseline for a full table scan query when the table was populating the In-Memory column store. 

In this part I’m going to cover a scenario where a query has more than one SQL plan baseline: 

  • There is a query (called Q2, for short).
  • Q2 queries a (more...)

Forrester Brief: Oracle Commerce Gets The Cloud Treatment

New report by principal Forrester Commerce analyst, Peter Sheldon, highlights Oracle's new Commerce Cloud.

Read and Share with your prospects!


Business Process Management Suite 12c Essentials Exam is available

Business Process Management Suite 12c Essentials Exam (1Z1-435) is available. This certification covers topics such as: BPMN process modeling, adaptive case management, simulation, business rules, human workflow, human task forms, process analytics, BPM Workspace, Security and Administration. It qualifies as competency criteria for the Oracle Business Process Management 12c specialization.
In order to prepare for this exam, you can check-out the Oracle Business Process Management Suite 12c Essentials Exam Study Guide

SOA & (more...)

IoT Hackathon by eProseed September 15th & 16th Utrecht Netherlands

clip_image002[4]The Internet of Things (IoT) is all the buzz in the consumer space. Whether your clock tells your coffee maker to start, an alert that a meeting is delayed automatically figures out a new time to adjust your alarm, or your phone controlling both access and the temperature of your house, the idea of everything being connected is here to stay. But, what does it mean for the enterprise?

Whether you are new to IoT (more...)