MOS Note 1454618.1: Quick Reference to Database PSUs, CPUs, BPs and Patchsets

Sometimes my mouse arm gets tired by clicking myself through MOS notes just to download a specific PSU or BP - and as I experiment a lot with PSUs and BPs right now I clicked a lot in the past days and nights.  Usually I'd start with either MOS Note:161818.1 - then click on the release link (e.g. 12.1.0.x)... [Read More]

Greatly Improved SQL Index Performance for Oracle Berkeley Database, Version 6.2

A new whitepaper has been published, "Greatly Improved SQL Index Performance for Oracle Berkeley Database, Version 6.2". Learn how to increase the performance of SQL Queries using BDB. Go to:   ... [Read More]

SQL Pattern Matching Deep Dive – Part 3, greedy vs. reluctant quantifiers

Picture courtesy of Pixabay Welcome to the third post in this deep-dive series on SQL pattern matching using the MATCH_RECOGNIZE feature that is part of Database 12c.  In the first part of this series we looked at a wide range of topics including ensuring query consistency, how to...... [Read More]

Welcome New Oracle ACE Program Participants!

12.00 Congratulations to our newest Oracle ACEs!  The Oracle ACE Program recognizes individuals for their outstanding contribution to the Oracle community. With over 500 participants in more than 60 countries around the globe, the ACE program features three tiers: Associate, ACE and ACE Director, to support... [Read More]

stdout of any command to LOB via SQL*Loader

This is sort of a sidetrack of my Monday blog where I tried to multiple binary files over http with small overhead.

I started writing these small scripts because SQL*Loader Express Mode cannot do LOB(Character LOB and Binaray LOB). I imagine some of the users ditch sqlldr for LOB at this point and turns to scripting language or lower level language like C.

There's a sample here.., although I myself haven't tried yet.

Kris' (more...)

Graph Databases and NoSQL

Andrew Cobley from The Register writes about Graph Databases and NoSQL.  Take a look at:  .  In the article, he does refer to Oracle NoSQL Database.  "Oracle's NoSQL goes further, storing JSON or name value pairs across a sharded, shared nothing system."

Take a look at the article. 

Prepare for Success – Ace Your Next Oracle Certification Exam

You’ve decided to invest in your future and become Oracle Certified. The next part of the journey is preparation and feeling confident you’re ready to take the exam. We are here to help you succeed every step of the way.

Learn more about recommended training and practice exams for upgrading Java SE 7 and prior versions to Java SE 8 Oracle Certified Professional.

Prepare yourself to upgrade to the next level of Java SE 8. (more...)

Panduit Optimizes Global Freight Spend with Oracle Transportation Management Cloud

Panduit is a global manufacturer of physical infrastructure equipment that supports power, communications, computing, control, and security systems. The company recently deployed the Oracle Transportation Management Cloud solution and as a result has reduced transportation spend by 15%, cuts overhead costs by 20%, and optimized their entire global transportation network.  Click here to read the complete story.

To learn more about Oracle Supply Chain Management applications visit

Improving Equipment Maintenance with Oracle IoT

The Gemü Group is a leading manufacturer of valves, measurement and control systems. When they decided they needed an innovative Internet of Things (IoT) solution for paperless maintenance, they found the Oracle IoT Cloud Service to be the best fit for their needs. With Oracle IoT, they can now link back data from their devices at customer sites to a centralized service portal in the cloud to easily track availability and performance and better serve (more...)

OpenStack Training Available for Oracle Solaris 11

Deploy a full private cloud in minutes with training on OpenStack for Oracle Solaris 11.

This popular open source computing cloud platform provides comprehensive self-service environments for sharing and managing compute, network and storage resources through a centralized web-based portal.

OpenStack has been integrated into all the Oracle Solaris core technology.

Taking the New OpenStack Administration Using Oracle Solaris 11 advanced course gives you a chance (more...)

OPN Certification Exams to be Retired

Oracle Partner Network is announcing the retirement of the below exams. Please make sure to check the dedicated exam and criteria pages for more details and specific dates:

Starting April 30th 2016

Oracle ERP:

Oracle HCM:

OPN Resell Programs to be Retired on September 30th 2016

Starting September 30th 2016, we will retire the following Resell programs:

Oracle HCM:

  • Oracle HCM: Oracle Fusion HCM Solutions
  • Oracle Taleo Cloud Service
  • Oracle HCM Cloud: Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud Service Solutions

Oracle ERP:

  • Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management: Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management Solutions
  • Oracle Procurement: Oracle Fusion Procurement Solutions (on-premise)
  • Oracle Project Portfolio Management: Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management Solutions
  • Oracle Financials: Oracle Fusion Financials Solutions

Oracle Sales:

HOUG Konferencia 2016 április 4-6. Még lehet jelentkezni

2016. április 4-6. között lesz a HOUG Konferencia 2016.

Még lehet jelentkezni, érdemes megnézni a részletes szakmai programot.

Oracle WebCenter Content for Primavera

Author: Mitchell Palski – Oracle Fusion Middleware Specialist 

Having a content repository integrated with Unifier can turn cluttered, unstructured content into organized assets by making it easier to catalog, access, search, and reuse documentation. Oracle WebCenter can serve as an external content repository and has zero effect on the end-user’s experience interacting with Primavera.

When attaching a document or drawing to a project in Unifier, the interface does not present anything about the underlying content (more...)

Oracle RightNow Cloud Service Specialisation News

This exam move to production: Oracle RightNow Cloud Service 2016 Technical Implementation Essentials (1Z0-326).

The exam is designed for individuals who possess a strong foundation and expertise in implementing Oracle RightNow Cloud Service solutions and covers topics like: CP Tools, Basic Customizations, Widgets and Scripting, Advanced Customizations, Integration & Customization - Agent Desktop, Connect Web Services for PHPSOAPREST, Desktop Integration. Up-to-date training and field experience are (more...)

Partner Webcast – Oracle Java Cloud Service: Getting Started – 7 April

Let’s quickly get started with building a responsive web application using Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) on the cloud. 

Join the webcast scheduled on 7th April to find more.


  • Oracle Java Cloud Overview
  • JCS How to Guide:
    • Configuring your JCS
    • Developing in JCS
    • Deploy and Test your Application
  • Summary - Q&A

The UNIX® Standard Makes ISV Engineering’s Job Easier

Here at Oracle® ISV Engineering, we deal with hundreds of applications on a daily basis. Most of them need to support multiple operating systems (OS) environments including Oracle Solaris. These applications are from all types of diverse industries – banking, communications, healthcare, gaming, and more. Each application varies in size from dozens to hundreds of millions of lines of code. A sample list of applications supporting Oracle (more...)

MAF Release 2.3.0 Now Available

Model Application Framework (MAF) 2.3.0 release is now available on OTN.

This is a major update for MAF. It contains several new exciting features delivered as part of this release. We encourage all users to upgrade and start using this release ASAP.

For more information:
1. Checkout the blog for an overview of new features delivered in this release.
2. Review the Instructions for migrating your existing applications to 2.3.
3. Installation (more...)

Hackathons at AddThis: Serious Playtime

AddThis Hackathons are Serious Playtime for EngineersWe’re in the age of the Hackathon – a time when professional hackathon organizations organize self-proclaimed hackers vying for money and bragging rights.

Packing individuals on (more...)

Alternate Accounts – GL Feature That Helps Avoid Journal Import Errors

Subledger Create Accounting Program or GL Journal Import may sometimes fail due to having to transfer data into GL on an invalid account - one that was recently disabled or end-dated. 

To help avoid such errors, GL provides the feature of Alternate Accounts which gives the users an opportunity to setup a replacement code combination for an invalidated one, allowing the mentioned programs to continue until successful completion.

How to define this setup? (more...)