Oracle Trivia Quiz

All the answers can be found in the November 2014 issue of the NoCOUG Journal. Which executive vice-president of product development at Oracle began as the PL/SQL product manager? (page 23) Which senior vice-president of server technologies at Oracle wrote the B-Tree indexing code back in the day? (page 23) What is the evil twin […]

OTN APAC Tour 2014 : It’s Nearly Here!

airplane-flying-through-clouds-smallIn a little less than a week I start the OTN APAC Tour. This is where I’m going to be…

  • Perth, Australia : November 6-7
  • Shanghai, China : November 9
  • Tokyo, Japan : November 11-13
  • Beijing, China : November 14-15
  • Bangkok, Thailand : November 17
  • Auckland, New Zealand : November 19-21

Just looking at that list is scary. When I look at the flight schedule I feel positively nauseous. I think I’m in Bangkok for about 24 hours. It’s sleep, conference, fly. :)

After (more...)

AIOUG annual Oracle conference – SANGAM14

All India Oracle User Group (AIOUG) annual Oracle conference Sangam14 is less than 10 days away. This is the largest Oracle conference that take place every year in different cities of India with thousand's of attendees plus over 100 different topics by many Oracle experts across the globe.

This year's SANGAM is scheduled on Nov 7,8,9 in Bangalore city. Don't let the opportunity go vain, avail/grab the opportunity if you are in India. I am (more...)

Results of the NoCOUG SQL Mini-Challenge

As published in the November 2014 issue of the NoCOUG Journal The inventor of the relational model, Dr. Edgar Codd, was of the opinion that “[r]equesting data by its properties is far more natural than devising a particular algorithm or sequence of operations for its retrieval. Thus, a calculus-oriented language provides a good target language […]

We Have a Winner!

Kim Berg Hansen from Denmark wins the SQL mini-challenge for his UNION ALL materialized view with fast refresh on commit. An analysis of his solution has been published in the NoCOUG Journal. Judge’s statement: “Kim won on participation, efficiency, and accuracy. He kept submitting refinements, lowering the bar until he reached the theoretical lower limit of 1. His solutions survived the test cases written by the judging committee.”

Attention to Detail – OEM R4 Agent Listing

The Manage Cloud Control | Agents page was always useful but for quickly identifying EM agent status.  Prior to Release 4 this page had static icons indicating problems with specific agents.  The page contained no hints about why the agents were in trouble, I’d highlight the broken agent’s row and then push the Unblock icon.  There was 50-50 chance that the agent was actually blocked but, as often as not, Resecuring the agent would fix the issue.  Haphazard? (more...)

OGG-01742 when trying to start extract process

Every once in awhile I do something in my test environments to test something else, then I go back to test core functions of the product; in this case I was testing a feature of Oracle GoldenGate 12c.  Earlier in the day, I had set the $ORACLE_HOME enviornment variable to reference the Oracle GoldenGate home.  Instead of closing my session and restarting, I just started GGSCI and the associated manager.  To my surprise, the extracts (more...)

phpBB 3.1 Ascraeus Released

Just a quick heads-up for those that use it, phpBB 3.1 Ascraeus as been released. It’s a feature release, so the upgrade is a bit messy. I did the “automatic” upgrade. There was so much manual work involved, I would recommend you take the approach of deleting the old files, replacing with the new ones, then running the database upgrade from there. I’ve not tried that approach, but the docs say it is OK to (more...)

Use OPatch to check Oracle GoldenGate version

Recently on I was strolling the OTN message boards and came across a question about identifying the version of Oracle GoldenGate using OPatch.  This was the second time I came across this question; with that I decided to take a look and see if Oracle GoldenGate information could be retrieved using opatch.

Initially I thought that identifing the Oracle GoldenGate version could only be done by logging into GGSCI and reviewing the header information.  To (more...)

Club Oracle in London – 12th November 2014

Just a timely note to publicise the e-DBA and Jonathan Lewis #cluboracle event in London on 12th November 2014.

I’m a great fan of community events, as I hope my blog, tweets, presentations and support of the UKOUG, chairing many SIGs over the last few years, will attest. It’s the second best way to learn anything, talking with your peers who have already worked it out, and those who have the same problem to (more...)

Getting started processing XML content with the XQuery Update Facility 1.0

DeleteXML, InsertXML, UpdateXML, appendChildXML, insertChildXML, insertchildXMLafter, insertChildXMLbefore, insertXMLafter and insertXMLbefore are dead (& deprecated) from…

East Cost Oracle Users Group Conference 2014

The East Cost Oracle Users Group Conference 2014 is next week. To me, ECO is quite special. I am speaking there for my 3rd time!

The ECO group is kind of new (about 4 years old), and it is the clustering of several regional user groups including the Virginia Oracle Users Group, the Eastern States Oracle Applications Users Group, the Hampton Roads Oracle Users Group, and the Southeastern Oracle Users Group.

What I like about (more...)

First Rows

Following on from the short note I published about the first_rows optimizer mode yesterday here’s a note that I wrote on the topic more than 2 years ago but somehow forgot to publish.

I can get quite gloomy when I read some of the material that gets published about Oracle; not so much because it’s misleading or wrong, but because it’s clearly been written without any real effort being made to check whether it’s true. (more...)

How To Change The Priority Of Oracle Background Processes

How To Change The Priority Of Oracle Background Processes

Before you get in a huf, it can be done! You can change an Oracle Database background process
priority through an instance parameter! I'm not saying it's a good idea, but it can be done.

In this post I explore how to make the change, just how far you can take it and when you may want to consider changing an Oracle background process priority.

SIOUG and HROUG Fall Conferences, 2014!

I’ve just returned from my honeymoon in Venice with the wonderful Tim Gorman, but before we enjoyed our week in this picturesque city, we spent a week doing joint keynotes and two sessions each on our own tech topics at these two incredible conferences in neighboring countries.

SIOUG, (Slovenia Oracle User Group) in Ljubljana, Slovenia held their 2014 conference Oct. 13th-14th at the Plaza Hotel.  Tim and I did a joint keynote, “Assumptions, the (more...)

OUGE Meetup #3

If you are in Estonia, then join our Oracle User Group Estonia Meetup #3. I'll talk there about my latest trip to Oracle Open World, what I heard there and also I'll present how to use CLONEDB feature.

Register here:
Facebook or

ORA-01511, ORA-01141, ORA-01110, ORA-17503, ORA-17515 and ORA-06512 when executing dbms_dnfs.clonedb_renamefile

This post is for those who google the errors and maybe it will help to save some time. I've been playing around with clonedb for some time now and every time I hit these errors it takes me some time to figure out what actually the problem is :) The error messages are not really helpful at all. Maybe I'll remember it now.

When creating a new clone database using clonedb then after creating the (more...)

The Power of the Oracle Database Proxy Authenticated Connections

We recently received this inquiry from a client:

“Can an Oracle database account support two passwords at once so we can roll out updated credentials to application servers gradually rather than having to change them all at the same time? Then once all of the application servers have been configured to use the new/second password we can change or remove the first one?

The short answer is no. Like most computer technologies, an (more...)

OCP 12C – Oracle Data Redaction

What is Oracle Data Redaction ? Oracle Data Redaction is meant to mask (redact) sensitive data returned from application queries. Oracle Data Redaction doesn’t make change to data on disk, the sensitive data is redacted on the fly before it is returned to the application. You can redact column data by using one of the following methods: Full [...]

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PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2014

I attended to PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2014. It was held October 21-24 at Madrid. I do not know the exact number of attendees but there were some sessions that you can not find seat and have to listen while standing up on a corner. As an Oracle DBA, PostgreSQL is a different world to me. I tried to follow the DBA track and gather as much information as I can. Unfortunately the level of DBA (more...)