Digital Delivery "Badge"

At InteliVideo we have come to understand that we need to do everything we can to help our clients sell more digital content. It seems obvious that consumers want to watch videos on devices like their phones, tablets, laptops, and TVs, but it's not so obvious to the everyone. They have been using DVDs for a number of years - and likely VHS tapes before that. We believe it’s important for your customers to understand (more...)

What an App Cost?

People will commonly ask me this question, which has a very wide range as the answer.  You can get an app build on oDesk for nearly free - i.e. $2000 or less.  Will it provide the functionality you need?  It might!  Do you need a website that does the same thing?  Do you need a database (i.e. something beyond the app) to store your data for your customers?

Our first round of apps (more...)

Do You Really Need a Content Delivery Network (CDN)?

When I first heard about Amazon's offering called CloudFront I really didn't understand what it offered and who would want to use it.  I don't think they initially called it a content delivery network (CDN), but I could be wrong about that.  Maybe it was just something I didn't think I needed at that time.

Amazon states it well today (as you might expect).  The offering "gives developers and businesses an easy way to distribute (more...)

DATE row generator with DBMS_SCHEDULER

A recent question on the Oracle-L mailing list was about generating dates in a given period. If you had a string like 'MWF', all Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between the from- and to-dates should be generated.

That reminded me of a quiz on I did on using DBMS_SCHEDULER.EVALUATE_CALENDAR_STRING. I had created a table function to test calendar expressions - that might be useful for something similar to what was asked on the (more...)

Christmas – A time to give

It's Christmas time... It's a time for giving... It's a time for warm-hearted feelings...

But there are people battling for their lives against cancer, who may not have much energy left to enjoy the holidays. Almost everybody has family or friends whose life has been impacted by cancer. Let us all reach out however we can, help wherever we can, and let good thoughts go out to the victims.

All cancer is terrible - but (more...)

Elephants and Tigers – V8 of the Website

It's amazing how much work goes into a one page website these days!  We've been working on our new version of our website (which is basically one page) for the last month or so.  The content is "easy" part on one hand and the look and feel / experience is the time consuming part.  To put it another way, it's all about the entire experience, not just the text/content.

Since we're a video company, it's important that they (more...)


In der Vergangenheit habe ich schon häufiger erwähnt, dass ich den SQL Developer für ein sehr brauchbares Werkzeug halte, das mit erstaunlichem Tempo weiterentwickelt wird - insbesondere, wenn man bedenkt, dass es ganz und gar kostenlos ist. Fast noch interessanter finde ich aber das vor wenigen Tagen vorgestellte zugehörige Tool SDSQL, das die sqlplus engine des SQL Developers als command line interface verfügbar macht - und zahlreiche Features hinzufügt, die im klassischen sqlplus fehlen. Die (more...)

Elephant Hunting

Most every startup that I've watched (and been part of) has grand plans of virality.  Build it and they will not just come to you, but they will flock to you!  There is a dream that what you have built is going to change the world and it's going to be so obvious to everyone that they will want to share the news with all of their friends.  It's a good dream and there is (more...)

Blockgröße und Multi-Row-DML

Nikolay Savvinov hat vor einiger Zeit einige Artikel veröffentlicht, die sich damit beschäftigen, dass DML-Operationen für Blocks einer Größe von 4K eine deutlich schlechtere Performance liefern als entsprechende Operationen für Blocks der Standardgröße (8K). Hier eine Liste der Artikel:
Ich spare mir eine detaillierte Zusammenfassung der Artikel und springe gleich zur Pointe, die der Titel des letzten (more...)

LAF 1.7.7 new gift for Christmas

Hello there,
It's been a long time.
This is an amazing new .FMB Forms module, kind of "Tetris" like game.
It needs the last 1.7.7 version of the LAF to run. The game is a little bit buggy, but the aim, there, is only to demonstrate what you can do with new LAF 1.7.7 dynamic shape creation and animation.


Have a good time :-)

Download the brickdown.fmb module there.

SDSQL – Editing Anyone?

Since we dropped our beta out of SQLDeveloper 4.1 and announced SDSQL, we've been busy getting some of the new things out to users.  We support SQL*plus editing straight out of the box, but one thing that was always annoying was the time when you make a mistake and can't fix it to you have finished typing to go back and add a line like this.

This was always the way as console (more...)

OPTIMIZER_DYNAMIC_SAMPLING Level 11 und Ergebnisspeicherung

Der Optimizer ist ein komplexes Stück Software und wird im Lauf der Zeit immer komplexer. Mit Oracle 12c und insbesondere mit sind weitere interne Komponenten ins Spiel gekommen, die einen Einfluss auf seine Entscheidungen nehmen. Seit grauer Vorzeit gibt es Stored Outlines, auch schon seit längerer Zeit SQL Profiles, daneben dann SQL Pan Baselines (und die SPM Infrastruktur) und SQL Patches. In 12c wurden einige Komponenten umbenannt und funktional erweitert: aus (more...)

Analyse von Parsing-Effekten mit ASH

In seinem jüngsten Artikel stellt Jonathan Lewis einen ziemlich extremen Fall von Parsing in einem System mit zahlreichen sehr ähnlichen - und recht komplexen - Queries vor. Eine Query, die im Testsystem in 7 Sekunden optimiert werden kann, benötigt im Produktivsystem 415 Sekunden für das Parsen. Dafür verantwortlich ist offenbar die Tatsache, dass der Server unter extremer Last steht und mehr CPU verwenden will als verfügbar, und dass zahlreiche sehr ähnliche Queries gleichzeitig optimiert werden (more...)

PowerQuery mit SSAS

Viel habe ich nicht mehr zu SSAS zu sagen, aber der Hinweis von Chris Webb, dass PowerQuery in der aktuellen Version jetzt auch SSAS Multidimensional und Tabular Quellen als Datenbasis verwenden kann, sollte nicht unerwähnt bleiben. Dabei wird intern MDX erzeugt - "while it’s a bit strange in places it’s basically good and should perform well."


The questions in the quiz were, of course, all trick questions.

Question 1: Answer D



The second example shows the correct syntax for a natural outer join.  In the first example, LEFT is interpreted as a table alias for T1 and so an inner join is used.

QUESTION 2: Answer E


Oracle Mobile Day: It’s a Mobile Revolution and ODTUG’s Leading the Charge


“The BIGGEST Fears of the Current Generation”

Dec. 2, 2014 marked the first ODTUG Oracle Mobile Day, hosted at Oracle Headquarters in Reston, VA. This is a format we hope to replicate in different cities across the US and in Europe in the future. We were really excited to have with us Suhas Uliyar, Oracle’s VP of Mobile Strategy and Product Management, and the visionary behind Oracle mobility. I had the honor of introducing him to (more...)

Going to UKOUG Tech14

I’m on my way to UKOUG Tech14, where I will present Database 12c MATCH_RECOGNIZE: Beating the Best Pre-12c Solutions on Tuesday at 3 P.M., room 4B. With all the Oaktable ACE Directors presenting at the same time, I don’t expect a big crowd but I’ll do my best for those who do turn up. This is my […]


First things first: Thou shalt not explicitly set AQ_TM_PROCESSES=0 ! Unless, of course, you want to disable the Queue Manager Process (QMNC in Oracle 11.x). Which you may want to do during database upgrades to prevent Streams or Advanced Queueing from interfering with the upgrade process. However, if you don’t reset this parameter afterwards, you might run […]

Keine adaptiven Pläne für Queries mit LOB-Elementen

Zu den interessanten neuen Errungenschaften des Optimizers in 12c gehören die adaptive plans, die es möglich machen, die endgültige Entscheidung darüber, ob ein Join als Nested Loops oder als Hash Join erfolgen kann bis zum Abschluss der ersten Ausführung aufzuschieben und dann in Abhängigkeit von der ermittelten Cardinality zu treffen (Stichwort: inflection point). Allerdings gibt es eine Reihe von Rahmenbedingungen, die erfüllt sein müssen, damit ein adaptive plan verwendet werden kann. Eine Einschränkung, die (more...)


Learning, relearning or unforgetting…

What value is there in a DISABLEd constraint?

This was a question on the OTN forums this week and a) my first reply was wrong and b) I couldn’t find a clear demonstration elsewhere.

The documentation is clear.

RELY Constraints

The ETL process commonly verifies that certain constraints are true. For example, it can validate all of the foreign keys in the data coming into the fact table. This means that (more...)