Falsche Ergebnisse in 12c mit ROWSETS

Gerne würde ich an dieser Stelle erklären, was ein ROWSET (außerhalb von Java) in Oracle 12c eigentlich ist, aber dazu findet man nicht allzu viele Erklärungen. Aber zumindest kann man offenbar mit einiger Sicherheit sagen, dass es sich nicht um ein besonders ausgereiftes neues Feature handelt...

In einem aktuellen Scratchpad-Artikel beschreibt Jonathan Lewis einen Fall, in dem die Auswahl unterschiedlicher Arraysize-Angaben dazu führt, dass die gleiche Query (auf der gleichen Datenbasis) bei mehrfacher Ausführung eine (more...)

JDBC connection samples in Oracle Enterprise Data Quality (OEDQ) to Oracle Service Name and MS SQL SSL

This post is just a quick note to myself on how to configure JBDC on Oracle Enterprise Data Quality (OEDQ) to connect to different databases.

First let’s talk about connecting to Oracle database. By default, OEDQ’s Data Store can only connect Oracle database by SID, but not by Service Name.


Fortunately, the JDBC connection option is available to take advantage of the connection string that can support Service Name and multiple hosts if needed.




What’s new in Forms 12c?

Here are some of the differences which I found in the new Forms 12c version. And some things, that didn't change.

Let's start with the Object Navigator. Left side is Forms 11g, right is Forms 12c.

There are absolutely no changes between the two versions.

Same picture when we look at the menu and toolbar. No changes.

And now we see the big difference between 11g and 12c. The last decades Forms was known as (more...)

SQL Tuning: Thinking in Sets / How and When to be Bushy

Below is a SQL statement from a performance problem I was looking at the other day.

This is a real-world bit of SQL which has slightly simplified and sanitised but, I hope, without losing the real-worldliness of it and the points driving this article.

You don’t really need to be familiar with the data or table structures (I wasn’t) as this is a commentary on SQL structure and why sometimes a rewrite is the best (more...)

Soa Cloud Service + Developer Cloud Service: Integration

Introducing Slack to the Oracle APEX community

If you're like me, the first time you ever heard of Slack was when you checked out apex.world launch last month.

Since then I've signed up, had a play, interacted with people and with the support of apex.world I thought about what it could do for our community. Slack's mission is “make your working life simpler, more pleasant and more productive.” To me that sounds like something we should think about (more...)

Clustering Factor in RAC-Systemen

Da ich seit einigen Monaten wieder verstärkt mit RAC-Datenbanken (und überhaupt mit Oracle) zu tun habe, ist der folgende Hinweis von Jonathan Lewis für mich recht interessant: in einem RAC-System besitzt jede Instanz im Rahmen des ASSM-Speichermanagements ihren eigenen level 1 (L1) bitmap Block und schreibt neue Datensätze insofern auch in ihr zugeordnete Datenblöcke. Wenn konkurrierende Inserts über mehrere Instanzen hinweg erfolgen, landen die neusten Einträge daher in vielen unterschiedlichen Blocks, denn neben der Anzahl der (more...)

Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler 4.1.2

Originally posted on HeliFromFinland:
The best news on Friday Oct 23rd was that version 4.1.2 of Data Modeler came out! We were really waiting for this release because of some bugs on 4.1.1 that made our lives quite difficult. Thank you development team for fixing everything so quickly and releasing 4.1.2 so fast! If you…

Easy tab regions in Apex 5

In Apex 4, if you wanted to implement tabbed regions, you had to use jQuery UI Tabs or some other third-party component.

With Apex 5 and the Universal Theme, tabs come built-in and setting it all up is extremely easy.

To add tabs, just add a Static Content region to the page, and change its template from "Standard" to "Tabs Container".

Then add Sub Regions to the region. In the component tree, any sub regions (more...)

ODTUG APEX Gaming competition submission – Boggex

This post announces my humble attempt for the ODTUG APEX Gaming Competition 2015.

You can play the game yourself at
The about section allows you to download the current source I have exported.

I originally wasn't going to submit anything since I was busy writing a book this year, but I got inspired by something one day and thought I could at least submit something as long as I follow two (more...)

The Obligatory Post #oow15 Blog

I’m not much for non-technical posts, but @ThatJeffSmith told me I needed to blog more often and he has broad shoulders. Besides, OpenWorld was pretty good this year. Martin Widlake already blogged about how the user community makes OpenWorld a good experience. I second that, especially since I had the advantage over Martin of not […]

SQL Monitoring in 12c (Präsentation von Tanel Poder)

In seiner OOW Präsentation SQL Monitoring in Oracle Database 12c liefert Tanel Poder eine schöne Übersicht zum SQL Monitoring in 12c, was in Anbetracht der Überschrift womöglich nicht allzu sehr überrascht. Ich spare mir eine komplette Nacherzählung (die bei Folien ohnehin einen gewissen Anteil an Interpretation enthalten würde), sondern beschränke mich auf die Auflistung von Punkten, die mir erinnerungswürdig erscheinen - was vielleicht nur eine freundlichere Umschreibung dafür ist, dass ich sie vergessen hatte:

JDeveloper 12.2.1: Integration with Developer Cloud Service

JDeveloper 12.2.1 now provides complete integration with Developer Cloud Service comparable to what exists in OEPE and NetBeans. If you're an Oracle Developer looking for an IDE that supports Oracle DevOps solutions, you should check this out. Task Management, Continuous Integration, Source Control Management and Deployment. All from your IDE.

Oracle Tools: pathfinder, SQLd360, eDB360

Ein paar Links von Mauro Pagano und Carlos Sierra:
Zu den ersten beiden Links ist nicht viel zu sagen, das sind kurze Einführungs-Videos zu den jeweiligen Tools. Der dritte Artikel stellt das Pathfinder Tool vor, das eine recht brachiale Form der Suche nach besseren Ausführungsplänen verwendet: es führt eine (more...)

Forms 12c installation

My first installation two days ago wasn't stable. So I had to read the certification matrix to see, what's the problem.

Windows 10 was a little bit to new for my first installation.

So I tried today Windows 8 in a virtual machine. And that's it.

The difference to my first installation is, that the Forms Configuration Manager didn't start.

In Windows 8 the Configuration Manager did start without problems. These steps were shown in (more...)

Forms 12c launched this night

Some hours ago Oracle launched the new release of Oracle Forms. And here are my first steps installing the new Forms 12c. The OS, in which I tried the installation was a VMware with Windows 10 on my iMac. 1)
After the installation My first start of the new Forms
More about it in the next days Have fun with Forms 12c Gerd

Its ALIVE …. Oracle Forms 12c is Here!


After months of waiting and anticipation. Oracle Forms 12c was released today at the kick off of Oracle OpenWorld.  And if you don’t believe me download it HERE !

Join us at Oracle OpenWorld to see demo’s and learn more about 12c new features and Oracle Forms cloud support and mobility. Schedule your 1:1 meeting HERE.




KPI Icon item plugin for Apex

Here's a very simple item plugin that you might find useful. The item plugin displays a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) icon based on the item value.

You can set the threshold values for green and red (and everything in-between will be yellow). Also, you choose whether high values are good or bad.

Since the item itself is a regular Apex item, you can assign a value to it using a computation, process, PL/SQL expression, etc.


Permission to board, apex.world

Let's see, what happened in the last 24 hours or so?

apex.world announced, everyone feeling the awesome.

I joined slack, I must say the curiosity rover self portrait helped sway my decision.

Got involved in some geeky discussions, bounced some ideas around.

Put my hand up to help with content.

Now involved in apex.world project.

I must say, after talking with Juergen he's affirmed my first impressions of this project. It's 100% community (more...)

Bloggers Meetup at #OOW15

The last time I went to Oracle OpenWorld, I hadn't started blogging yet. Now I think it fair to call myself "blogger", even though I don't blog very regularly.

So I will try to attend the Bloggers Meetup:


I have heard a lot of good about it, so I am looking forward to see for myself ;-) Viewing who has RSVP'ed at either link, I know I spot some (more...)