Apex Developer Toolbar Options

One of the things that used to bug me about the Apex developer toolbar was that it sometimes obscured the content I was trying to test at the bottom of the page; you could turn it off but then next thing you want to access it you have to jump through the hoops to turn it back on again.

I just noticed it now has some new display options which solves this problem perfectly:


Death and taxes – and Oracle 11gR2?

Oracle Premier Support for 11gR2 Database expired this time last. However, Oracle announced they would waive the fees for Extended Support for 2015. This was supposed to provide 11gR2 customers an additional twelve months to migrate to 12c. So, twelve months on, how many of those laggards are still on 11gR2. My entirely unscientific guess is, most of them. Why else would Oracle announce the extension of the Extended Support fees waiver until May 2017?


Better Data Modeling: Discovering Foreign Keys (FK) in #SQLDevModeler (SDDM)

A while back I had an interesting situation when I was attempting to reverse engineer and document a database for a client. I had a 3rd party database that had PKs defined on every table but no FKs in the database. The question I posed (on the Data Modeler Forum) was: How do I get the […]

Mystats utility

A variation on Jonathan Lewis's SNAP_MY_STATS package to report the resource consumption of a unit of work between two snapshots. Designed to work under constrained developer environments, this version has enhancements such as time model statistics and the option to report on specific statistics. ***Update*** Now available in two formats: 1) as a PL/SQL package and 2) as a free-standing SQL*Plus script (i.e. no installation/database objects needed). June 2007 (updated November 2015)

The upcoming year

Right smack in the middle of the busiest time of the year for the business (this time of year we sell fireworks for New Year) I have opportunity to reflect a bit on the upcoming year and what 2016 will bring of challenges and joys.

Of course things will happen in the Oracle world that'll indirectly influence my year, as always. Not always possible to predict here near the start of the year, but most (more...)

Langsamer Zugriff auf v$sql

Ein ganz wohlfeiler Trick, um in diesem Jahr noch auf 94 Blog-Einträge zu kommen - aber keine Angst: 100 werden es diesmal nicht mehr. Kurz vor Weihnachten habe ich im OTN-Forum General Database einen Fall vorgestellt, in dem der Zugriff auf eine eigentlich sehr übersichtliche dynamische Performance-View v$sql (mit kaum mehr als 2000 Einträgen) stabil 25 Sekunden dauert. Dabei sind anscheinend keine Waits im Spiel, sondern es wird fast ausschließlich CPU verbrannt. Trotz zahlreicher sachdienlicher (more...)

TurboTax Bug

It was quite annoying to find that TurboTax couldn’t send me a text message to confirm my order of a second state. However, I made the mistake of clicking the “Confirm my account a different way (takes longer)” radio button to get to their web page.

After I got two-step verification enabled on their web site, now it’s impossible to order the second state software. It appears that once you click that button, the software (more...)

Update multiple columns

Configuring a Selenium Test in Developer Cloud Service (DevCS)

This blog entry illustrates how to configure DevCS to run a simple Selenium Test against a very basic web page. Thanks to Nobuhiko Sekiya - Oracle Senior Sales Consultant for his valuable input.


The selenium test java class (EasywebappTest.java) inside the eclipse (OEPE project, easywebapp, will just verify the string shown in the web page (top.jsp). To begin, download the simple eclipse project with selenium test, easywebapp.zip, (more...)

Calling all Forms Gurus…Oracle Forms 12c New Features Whitepaper needs you!

we-need-you-billboardIf you haven’t already heard (which we find very unlikely) Oracle Forms 12c came out in October. Download it here if you haven’t done so already.

We at the Oracle Forms Community blog, wanted to create an online Oracle Forms 12c White Paper / feature guide – For the users by the users.  This is your chance to showcase your Forms knowledge to the community and help out others as well.  It should help us build (more...)

SOA Cloud Service & Developer Cloud Service Chapters 15 & 16 by David Craft

David has continued his series on SOACS & DevCS integration and in Chapter 15 David highlights deployment from DevCS to SOACS. Note that David shows how to work with the firewall and proxy in order to successfully deploy your SOA composite to SOACS.


In Chapter 16 David explains securing deployment with SSL.

IT Salary Thought

During the holidays, I check salaries for my students and the IT industry overall. I’m never surprised by the reality, after all salaries pay for return on skills and effort. Here’s my annual look, which some may find unkind but reality is seldom kind.

Before looking at IT salaries, it seems like a good opportunity to first look at the overall job market for Millennials in the United States. AOL provides a great graphic of (more...)

Table Expansion Bug mit Interval Partitioning

Als das Interval Partitioning in 11g eingeführt wurde, schien mir das eine der besten Ideen gewesen zu sein, die Oracle seit Einführung der Partitionierung eingefallen waren. Leider hat sich im Verlauf der Zeit herausgestellt, dass die Implementierung eine ziemliche große Zahl von Problemen hervorgerufen hat, von denen mir erstaunlich viele im Rahmen meiner eigenen Arbeit begegnet sind. Einen weiteren bizarren Bug, der in diesem Zusammenhang auftreten kann, hat Jonathan Lewis vor kurzem beschrieben: in 12c (more...)

Calling PL/SQL from JavaScript in APEX

When I first wrote Chapter 9 of my book, Choosing Processing Options, I knew I still had a lot of research and experimentation to do, particularly regarding the async parameter. Below is a summary of the outcome of this work and drove a full revision of my original chapter.

Last week I received a printed copy of my book and noticed that unfortunately the first submission of chapter 9 made it into print. Apress (more...)

My Oracle Database Developer Choice Awards 2015

Earlier this week, Santa's little helper (ie DHL) knocked on my door and delivered a package containing my trophies from the Oracle Database Developer Choice Awards 2015. I was nominated in three categories, and won awards in two of them: Application Express and ORDS.

Here's a video from the award ceremony at Oracle OpenWorld 2015:

I'd like to send a big THANK YOU to everyone who voted for me, and also to Oracle for (more...)

AWR Snapshots vergleichen

Wieder nur ein Link: diesmal auf einen Artikel von Kyle Hailey, der erläutert, wie zwei AWR-Snapshots miteinander vergleicht. Wenn beide Snapshots im im gleichen AWR-Repository liegen, ist dafür nur ein Aufruf der table function dbms_workload_repository.awr_diff_report_text erforderlich (bzw. von dbms_workload_repository.awr_diff_report_html, wenn man die HTML-Version vorzieht). Darüber hinaus hat der Herr Hailey aber noch ein Shell-Skript awrdiff.sh definiert, das es erlaubt textuelle AWR-Reports aus unterschiedlichen Quellen zu vergleichen.

A random string of digits


I needed to generate a random string with an exact length consisting of numeric digits, that I could send in an SMS to a user as a temporary account “pin”. DBMS_RANDOM.string is unsuitable for this purpose as its supported modes all include alphabetic characters. So I used DBMS_RANDOM.value instead. I call TRUNC afterwards to lop off the decimal portion.

select TRUNC(
from (select 6 digits from dual);


Filed (more...)

Developer Cloud Service & Agile Methodology

Oracle Developer Cloud Service recently released version 15.4.5. This new version is rich in new features and support for Agile Methodology is at the top of the list. This video demonstrates this new feature.

Reporting Long Running Operations in SQL Developer

Today here’s a shorter post about my experiments with Oracle SQL Developer’s user-defined reports: A report on all long running operations (“LongOps”) with details on session wait events, explain plans and live SQL monitoring. “Wait a minute”, you might say, “there’s already the session report in SQL Developer’s standard reports that shows Session_LongOps”! – and you’re […]

SOACS + DevCS – Chapter 14 – Recap and more

Chapter 14 - Recap and more is the latest entry by David Craft (Oracle Principal Member of Technical Staff) illustrating end-to-end integration between Oracle Developer Cloud Service (DevCS) and Oracle SOA CS.