Oracle OpenWorld 2015

In 2 days time I fly off to San Francisco for Oracle OpenWorld 2015. Last time I went to OpenWorld was 2008, so I'm looking forward to a re-visit and see how much bigger it has become :-)

Like everybody else I've been making a schedule for the week. Of course things will happen to change the schedule along the way, but some things I definitely have on the must-do list...

Lesekonsistenzprobleme mit PL/SQL und Result Cache

Jonathan Lewis hat sich in den letzten Wochen mit einigen Fällen beschäftigt, bei denen die Verwendung des Result Caches oder von mehreren SQL Queries innerhalb einer PL/SQL-Operation Probleme mit der Lesekonsistenz hervorrufen kann:
  • Result Cache: liefert das Fazit "Do not mix the pl/sql result cache with database queries. The cache is public but (unlike the buffer cache) it is not guaranteed to give you read-consistency." Im zugehörigen Beispiel wird eine Temporary Table verwendet, (more...)

APEX 5.1 revised SOD and

Two big announcements, one awesome product.

Statement of Direction

Today I think David Peake saw the wave generated by the announcement of and decided to also announce a revised Statement of Direction (SOD) for APEX 5.1, or he could try convince me it was a coincidence.

Not long after I started blogged I decided to follow these documents to try keep a feel of what's going on. It seems there have been (more...)

SALE: Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler Jump Start

So in honor of the upcoming #OOW15 and User Group Sunday Symposiums, I decided to put my video workshop for #SQLDevModeler on Sale! Why use #SQLDevModeler? If you were an Oracle Designer user and are looking for a replacement data modeling tool, or you are using one of the other mainstream, expensive modeling tools and […]

Developer Cloud Service 15.4.1 is Now Available!

We are pleased to announce the release of Developer Cloud Service 15.4.1 with a number of new features. We'll keep it short and to the point!

  • Now available is cross-data center deployment for Java Cloud Service - SaaS Extension (JCS SX)
  • Support is now provided for Gradle (Open Source Build Automation)
  • Support for Oracle Maven Repo is now provided and available to DevCS Hudson executors
  • Import of on-premise Hudson job configurations into DevCS is now supported

What AWR isn’t telling you

It is well-known that AWR, and Statspack before, take snapshots of V$ views (or rather the underlying objects) to produce the data in AWR.

It is also well-known that, when considering sql and its statistics in the shared pool, if something big hitting happens but the big-hitter is no longer in the shared pool by the time of the snapshot, then it can’t be recorded in your AWR picture of activity.

But like many things (more...)

Spalten als Zeilen ausgeben mit SQLcl

Ein Feature, das ich in psql für postgres sehr schätze, ist die Möglichkeit, durch das Kommando x die "erweiterte Anzeige" zu aktivieren, die Datensätze in einer Record-Darstellung präsentiert, also:

select * from t;

a | b | c
1 | 2 | 3
4 | 5 | 6

--> Switch display with x

select * from t;

-[ RECORD 1 ]
a | 1
b | 2
c | 3
-[ RECORD 2 ]

Thank You for the Votes

The Oracle Database Developer Choice Awards voting is now closed.

I thank all of you who voted for me. It was an honor and privilege just to be nominated, and then even getting votes from somebody, well that feels good :-)

My final ranking is middling, but the competitors were all worthy and good people, so I have no complaints :-)

--------- ----------------- ---------- --------------
apex Morten Braten 1 186
apex (more...)

Updating Identity Columns

During my presentation "Oracle 12c for Developers" at the Sloveninan and Croatian User Groups I got the same question twice about Indentity Columns:

Is it possible to update an Identity Column?
During the presentation I show how it is not possible to insert a value for a "Generated Always Identity" column.
Let's take a look at an example:

SQL> create table t
2 (id number generated as identity
3 ,name varchar2(35)
4 );

Table created.


DevOps Sessions at OOW and JavaOne

Robbrecht van Amerongen of AMIS Technology has provided a nice summary of sessions to attend at OOW and JavaOne this year. Check it out here.

The Oracle Development Community is Buzzing

I don't know about you, but it sure seems like a fire was lit somewhere in Oracle and now there are all sorts of things going on in the development community.

We've had some discussions about this over the water cooler and I think there are many positives we can take out of this engagement, and I think a deeper message being sent to veterans that Oracle is still up for the game against the (more...)

Quick Cross-Period AWR Time Model Comparison

Here’s a query which I find useful in order to have a very quick comparison across AWR snapshots of the high level time model statistics.
The numbers should match those in the associated section in the AWR report.

If you feel compulsed, obsessively, with tuning then you may see some blips here and there which then encourage you to dive into the AWR detail for that snapshot.

Or quite often I get in in the (more...)

SQL Problem Solved: Merge History Tables

Yesterday I published a SQL problem (that I I had solved – or at least, thought I had solved!) and invited readers to submit their own solutions.

SPOILER ALERT: if you haven’t had a chance to have a go yourself, go back, don’t read the comments (yet), but see if you can solve it yourself.

I was very pleased to see two excellent submissions that were both correct as far as I could (more...)

Mockup Table region plugin for Apex

Today's post is about a new plugin that I developed for Oracle Application Express (Apex).

The plugin was inspired by a product called Balsamiq, which is a tool for creating mockups (or "wireframes") of web pages and web applications. Balsamiq is used as a drawing tool to quickly sketch out your user interface before building it using whatever technology.

Balsamiq is a nice tool, but so is Apex! :-) Why spend time mocking up screens (more...)

Oracle Open World 2015 – Must-See Sessions – Oracle Forms, Mobile, Cloud & ADF

Oracle Open World Blog

The weather is cooling down, it’s the season of pumpkins, football, and, most importantly, it’s time to get excited for Oracle Open World! There are so many amazing sessions and speakers this year. We wish we could see all of them. To help you narrow down the list of choices, Mia Urman, Oracle ACE Director and AuraPlayer CEO, complied a list her of Must-See Sessions.

Before I discuss Mia’s favorites, I will begin with ones (more...)

SQL Problem: Merge record history tables

A colleague asked me if I could help solve a problem in SQL, and I was grateful because I love solving problems in SQL! So we sat down, built a test suite, and worked together to solve it.

I will first present the problem and invite you to have a go at solving it for yourself; tomorrow I will post the solution we came up with. I think our solution is reasonably simple and elegant, (more...)

Oracle-Package für HTTP/HTTPS

Sayan Malakshinov hat zuletzt zwei Artikel veröffentlicht, in denen er sein GitHub Package XT_HTTP vorstellt, mit dessen Hilfe man auf HTTP- bzw. HTTPS-Seiten zugreifen kann, ohne Zertifikate importieren zu müssen. Die aktuelle Version enthält einen ergänzenden Timeout-Parameter, eine Suchoption auf Basis von regulären Ausdrücken (PCRE) und den Support für plsqldoc (ein Hilfsmittel zur automatischen Generierung von Dokumentation; ähnlich wie javadoc). Sicher sehr nützlich für entsprechende Fragestellungen.

Der Artikel hat noch den zusätzlichen Pluspunkt, dass er (more...)

Busy October

October is going to be a busy month, and it already started.
The First one is the Slovenian User Group immediately followed by the Kroatian User Group.

For the Sloveninan User Group (SIOUG) I will do the following presentations:

    • Oracle 12c for Developers
      Analytic Functions: Unleash the Power
      APEX, Node.js and HTML5: Magic!
  • On top of that I was asked to join the "Ask the Experts" panel on APEX.

    In Kroatia (for the HrOUG) (more...)

    About downloading files from an Apex page without using download links

    Always check out the original article at for latest comments, fixes and updates. Yesterday I needed to download a file as the final step in processing a user request involving a tabular form. For some reason this requirement is somewhat unusual if you look at the most typical scenarios where you either download files stored in a table by means of report links or a

    Zusammenspiel von log writer und foreground Prozessen beim Commit

    Wenn Frits Hoogland, dessen Beiträge in der Regel ziemlich komplexe Analysen beinhalten, seinen Artikel How the log writer and foreground processes work together on commit mit den Worten beginnen lässt "warning: this is a rather detailed technical post on the internal working of the Oracle database’s commit interactions between the committing foreground processes and the log writer", dann sollte ich so einen Hinweis vielleicht lieber ernst nehmen. Nach der wiederholten Lektüre des Textes bin (more...)