The Future of Forms – DOAG Forms Day in Berlin, 18.01.2017

Today, and it's the last day of the old year, I had to announce, that the German Oracle User Group (DOAG) will have a whole day of forms-talks:

DOAG Forms-Day 2017

Come and share your Forms 12c experience with the community.

I wish all of you a good start in the new year

A Recipe for Summoning the RBO Monster (even in Oracle 12c): On Delete Cascade, Function-Based Index and Missing Table Statistics

The last version of Oracle in which CHOOSE was officially supported as an OPTIMIZER_MODE parameter value was 9.2.
This is what the documentation of Oracle 9.2 says about it:

The optimizer chooses between a cost-based approach and a rule-based approach based on whether statistics are available.
If the data dictionary contains statistics for at least one of the accessed tables, then the optimizer uses a cost-based approach and optimizes with a goal (more...)

Merry Christmas!

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Target=_Blank for Cards report template

cardsreport.PNGI wanted to use the “Cards” report template for a small report which lists file attachments. When the user clicks on one of the cards, the file should download and open in a new tab/window. Unfortunately, the Cards report template does not include a placeholder for extra attributes for the anchor tag, so it won’t let me add “target=_blank” like I would normally.

One solution is to edit the Cards template to add the extra (more...)

Neue Index-Features in 12.2

Richard Foote hat angekündigt, einige Artikel zu Index-Features, die in 12.2 ergänzt wurden, zu veröffentlichen. Ich werde versuchen, diese Artikel hier zusammenzufassen:

Automated Deployment to SOA Cloud Services using Developer Cloud Services

The rich functionality you can get from integrating Oracle SOA Cloud Service with Oracle Developer Cloud Service attracts a lot of attention lately.

Here is the latest blog about the topic from Oracle's A-Team member Roland Koenn

Automated Deployment to SOA Cloud Services using Developer Cloud Services




For more on the topic check out additional SOA related blogs here:

CI, DevOps and ALM for Oracle SOA Suite with Oracle Developer Cloud Service
Deployment (more...)

Early Christmas: The New #SQLDev Data Modeler is Here!

The newest version of Oracle (#SQLDev) SQL Developer Data Modeler (SDDM) is ready for download!

Attribut-Clustering und ein Jubiläum

Vor kurzem hat Connor McDonald eine Artikelserie zum Attribut-Clustering in 12c veröffentlicht, die im dritten Teil ein ziemlich seltsames Verhalten demonstriert. Ein Kommando:
alter table source_data add clustering by linear order(object_id);
führt zu einem erfolgreichen Clustering, während das Kommando:
alter table source_data clustering by linear order(object_id);
erfolgreich abläuft, aber anscheinend keinerlei Wirkung hat: das "add" hat also die entscheidende Wirkung. Randolf Geist hat in seinem Kommentar zum Artikel die naheliegende Frage nach dem Sinn der (more...)

Declarative Favicon in 5.1

Some features you just tend to stumble upon in the builder somewhere.

Sure it's in the documentation, but not listed under new features.

Where to find declarative favicon setting in APEX 5.1
Patrick described how to do it in APEX 5.0;
Amanda for APEX 4.2;
Christian if you're still using APEX Listener;

Now we have an dedicated attribute. Neat.

Phased APEX migrations

While looking through the comments regarding 5.1 features it occured to me how many different ways the Oracle APEX team enable us to phase our applications into any new APEX version, thereby minimising risk and introducing new IDE features to developers earlier.

I've always thought APEX does a really good job of leaving our applications alone during upgrades. It normally depends on how much the boundaries have been pushed, and how much the theme (more...)

Datenarchivierungs-Strategien in Oracle (Delete/Insert)

Jonathan Lewis hat vor kurzem zwei interessante Artikel zur Archivierung von Daten veröffentlicht, wobei die Anforderung so definiert ist, dass Daten via delete aus einer Tabelle gelöscht und die gleichen Datensätze per insert in eine zweite Tabelle eingefügt werden:
  • Delete/Insert: erläutert das grundsätzliche Problem: wie kann sichergestellt werden, dass die gleichen Daten, die aus der ersten Tabelle (t1) gelöscht wurden auch in der zweiten Tabelle (t2) eingefügt werden. Relativ einfach ist diese Anforderung mit (more...)

Upgrading the Universal Theme

Back when APEX 5.0 was released, these forward thinkers at the development team installed a feature to verify your Universal Theme against the one defined in the repository.

There hasn't really been anything to verify against, until now.

There are a number of changes to the Universal Theme, and one way to explore these changes is to check out what's reported under the Verify button in the Theme definition.

Though unfortunately on (more...)

APEX 5.2 early outlook

It seems at a recent conference a slide was put up that a few tweeters managed to snap a photo of:

It describes some goals for APEX 5.2 and beyond, of course coming with the usual safe harbor statement - we're still waiting for 5.1!

I do enjoy these snippets into the future, having talked about various  (more...)

In Memory Session State – Use Case

Many moons ago Anton Nielson posted about the different kinds of session state in Oracle APEX.

Different kinds?!

I remember session state was hard enough when learning, particularly coming from Oracle Forms. But how is there more than one, you may ask?

98% of the time we just need to worry about the persisted session state that we all know and love. The one we see when clicking "Session" in the developer toolbar. Essentially, (more...)

The “Control Freak Trigger” Design Pattern

Suppose that every time we add records into the T1 table we have to do some additional stuff.
One option to implement this is by using an AFTER INSERT trigger that will perform this additional stuff, but I really dislike this option (mainly because the code becomes hidden in a way, and there may be a negative impact on performance).
I prefer writing a procedure that inserts the records into T1 and performs this additional (more...)

Bestimmung der Verwendung von Indizes in 12.2

Bis Oracle 12.2 zum Download verfügbar ist, werde ich mich damit wohl nur theoretisch beschäftigen - also durch die Lektüre von Artikeln zum Thema. Eine der besten Quellen solcher Artikel ist derzeit der Blog von dbi Services - insbesondere, wenn der zugehörige Autor Franck Pachot heißt. Einer dieser Artikel behandelt das in 12.2 eingeführte erweiterte Monitoring zur Index-Verwendung und liefert unter anderem folgende Informationen:
  • die View dba_index_usage liefert kumulierte Nutzungsstatistiken für jeden Index.
  • (more...)

#UKOUG_Tech16: Ranges, Ranges Everywhere

I presented this topic on at Tech 16 on Monday afternoon. The latest version is on the Tech 16 website and on Thanks to the organisers, staff, presenters and delegates who made this a great conference and a wonderful experience!

#UKOUG_Tech16: Advanced Row Pattern Matching

I presented this topic on Super Sunday. The latest version is now on the Tech16 site and on

Virtual Development Server: Provide Docker images in docker registry for Oracle via Jenkins

This is a follow up to earlier Virtual Development Server: Provide Docker images in docker registry for Oracle XE Database and others.

We now try to automated build of all needed images as soon as Oracle GitHub Sources changed or we need to build our Vagrant VirtualBox again from scratch.

After we have already installed Jenkins we now install first some needed plugins.

We select explicit plugins at Jenkins Configuration: Pipeline and Pipeline Stage View Git SSH Slaves and wait for the install process Later we add Blue Ocean Beta via "Manage Jenkins" -> "Manage Plugins" . After all is installed we restart Jenkins.

After this we create our Jenkins pipeline via “New Item”.

We give it a name and select pipeline. As we do not own the git repository and cannot create a hook there, we create a simple scm poll schedule. Then we add our pipeline script.

Here is the script (more...)

APEX Component Export

A common question when it comes to migrating APEX applications is "can I just export a page".

There are more technical posts on the topic of exporting APEX applications than this one out there, eg:
Håvard Kristiansen
Christoph Ruepprich
Alan Warren
John Scott
I just wanted to clarify the concept, perhaps for those learning the tool.

So the answer? Sure you can, but what about other components related to that page? A breadcrumb; menu list (more...)