Proposing a SQL-only Diagnosis for Blocking Locks in Single Instance and RAC

When you have to troubleshoot blocking locks in your Oracle DB, you might be lucky enough to have a GUI tool handy that helps you with that (e.g. Enterprise Manager or TOAD). Otherwise you’ll likely have to resort to Oracle’s pre-installed script “utllockt.sql”. Unfortunately, this script only shows locks in the DB instance it’s running on. […]

AuraPlayer for PeopleSoft / JD Edwards Beta Program

pple AuraPlayer has been pretty busy working on new groundbreaking  solutions and we can’t wait to show you!

We developed a new version of our product that can create microservices from Peoplesoft and JD Edwards applications. If you’re challenged on how to mobilize your existing systems and want to try a breakthrough solution for fast mobilization, we’d be happy to have you see what we can do in our Beta testing program! All you would need (more...)

Object oriented logging

It is a very common requirement. You need to be able to log the start and end of procedure and function calls. You also need to log error and exception events and sometimes some informational messages as well. This is typically done by writing a simple logging package that uses autonomous transactions so that any transaction rollback does not rollback the diagnostic logging information as well. Apart from logging text (and usually other things as (more...)

ORA-00907: missing right parenthesis Solution

Did you get an ORA-00907: missing right parenthesis error? Learn what caused it and how to resolve it in this article. ORA-00907 Cause When working with Oracle SQL, all left parenthesis (the “(” character) must be paired with a right parenthesis character (the “)” character). If there are more left parentheses than right parentheses, then […]

Oracle 12.2 VM

Dass Oracle 12.2 (endlich) zum download verfügbar ist, konnte man dieser Tage bereits in jedem Oracle-Blog lesen. Nett finde ich aber insbesondere, dass es dazu gleich auch eine Virtual Box Appliance gibt - worauf Jeff Smith hinweist. Da ich die Installation auf Dauer nicht so sagenhaft spannend finde, bin ich dafür durchaus dankbar.

What’s in Oracle Database 12c Release 2 for Java & JavaScript Developers?

Here is the summary of New Java & JavaScript Features in Oracle Database 12c Release 2 on Cloud and on-Premise

  • Java 8: Java 8 in JDBC/UCP and OJVM; JDBC 4.2
  • JavaScript with Nashorn: JDBC/UCP, OJVM
  • Performance: JIT (OJVM), Network Compression over WAN (JDBC), Configurable connection health check frequency (UCP), PL/SQL Callback interface (JDBC)
  • Scalability: Shared Pool for Multi-Tenant Database (UCP), Shared Pool for Sharded database (UCP), Sharding Key APIs (JDBC, UCP), DRCP (more...)

Understanding the User’s Perspective

Recently I encountered what I thought was an interesting allegory in regard to software development and understanding the user experience.

My three year old approached me with her bottle of milk and requested more, insisting it was empty.

Exhibit A - One non-empty receptacle

I assessed what was presented to me:

  1. There was milk in the container
  2. The straw reached the current milk level
  3. The straw was not blocked (I didn't feel like milk. I (more...)

Online Statistics Gathering in 12c

Maria Colgan hat in den letzten Wochen zwei Artikel zum Thema der Erfassung von Optimizer Statistiken bei der Objektanlage veröffentlicht:
  • Online Statistics Gathering: seit Oracle 9 werden die Statistiken für Indizes im Rahmen der Anlage eines Index automatisch erfasst: da in diesem Zusammenhang ohnehin ein Full Scan der Daten und Sortierungen erforderlich sind, kann man die zusätzliche Erfassung der Statistiken problemlos in die Operation integrieren. Mit Oracle 12c wird diese Technik jetzt auch für (more...)

IRs with Subscriptions that might not work

If you have an Interactive Report with the Subscription feature enabled, users can “subscribe” to the report, getting a daily email with the results of the report. Unfortunately, however, this feature doesn’t work as expected if it relies on session state – e.g. if the query uses bind variables based on page items to filter the records. In this case, the subscription will run the query with a default session state – Apex doesn’t (more...)

Pushing artifacts to GitHub from Oracle Developer Cloud Service

We came across a use case where the Oracle Developer Cloud Service was being used to build a zip archive and then the requirement was to upload this zip file on GitHub from Developer Cloud Service for a public usage. This blog will help you understand how to push an artifact generated on Developer Cloud to GitHub repository.




Prerequisites for GitHub:

  1. To have a valid GitHub account.
  2. Have created a GitHub repository, (more...)

Install EasyGUI on Fedora

The EasyGUI library is a nice tool for developing GUI applications. It doesn’t require you to know event-driven programming to write basic GUI applications because it’s based on Python functions.

You can download and install the EasyGUI library with yum utility like this:

yum install -y python-easygui

It should generate the following list:

Loaded plugins: langpacks, refresh-packagekit
mysql-connectors-community                                  | 2.5 kB  00:00     
mysql-tools-community                                       | 2.5 kB  00:00     
mysql56-community                                           | 2.5 kB  00:00     

Reset Oracle Password

This blog entry shows you how to reset the system password for an Oracle Database. It uses a Linux image running Oracle Database 11g Express Edition. It assumes the student user is the sudoer user.

After you sign on to the student user account, you open a Terminal session and you should see the following:

[student@localhost python]$ 

The oracle user account should be configured to prevent a login. So, you should use the su (more...)

Spark based Microservice- Deployment Automation in the Oracle Cloud

Spark is a Java based framework supporting development of micro applications/services. This blog will give an understanding of deploying a simple Spark based REST service project on Oracle Application Container Cloud using Oracle Developer Cloud. This post will show the essential capabilities for Spark framework based projects management, build automation and streamlined deployment in the Oracle Cloud, using Developer Cloud Service and deploying to Application Container Cloud.


Tech Stack Usage

Eclipse: IDE for Spark (more...)

Intra-block und inter-block chaining

Sayan Malakshinov erläutert in seinem Blog, wie intra-block chaining bei reinen insert Operationen zustande kommt und liefert dazu zunächst die Definitions-Grundlagen:
  • laut Doku gilt, dass Datensätze einer Tabelle mit mehr als 255 Spalten, in denen Spalten jenseits Nr. 255 Werte ungleich NULL enthalten "are likely to be chained within the same block. This is called intra-block chaining."
  •  intra-block chaining sollte keine Auswirkung auf die I/O performance haben (ist aber in den Session-Statistiken sichtbar).
  • Oracle (more...)

Oracle Developer Cloud for Deployment Automation of PHP Applications

This blog will give an understanding of deploying a simple PHP based REST service project on Oracle Application Container Cloud using Oracle Developer Cloud. This post will show the essentials for the PHP project for maintaining, building Nodejs code on Developer Cloud Service and deploying from Developer Cloud to Application Container Cloud.


Tech Stack Usage

Eclipse: IDE for PHP development.

Grunt: Tool for building the PHP code archive for deployment.

Oracle Developer Cloud: For (more...)

#DEVCAMP17 wrap up


Yesterday I attend the annual barcamp DEVCAMP of the DOAG development community. There are mostly developers with SQL, PL/SQL, Forms & Reports, ADF, JET background and some Java, Javascript and APEX developers too. And not to forget: 1 dba and some managers. Here are my summary.

I arrived on evening before just in time for the life cooking event and later at the bar to meet lot of the people I already know and some new too.

The morning begins with (more...)

Developer Cloud Service February Update

Developer Cloud Service adds support for new languages and technologies with its February update.


Integrated SQLcl for Database development

SQLcl is a command line tool for Oracle Database which allows you to execute SQL, PL/SQL, and SQL*Plus scripts. Use the new SQLcl build plugin to run Database scripts as part of your Continuous Integration pipelines. Use SQLcl to add seed data and validate database changes as part of your test automation scenarios. The SQLcl (more...)

Interval-Reference Partitionierung in 12c

Früher einmal habe ich meine Blog-Beiträge selbst erdacht und geschrieben - inzwischen gebe ich sie gerne in Auftrag oder lasse sie in Auftrag geben. So auch hier: in der letzten Woche war Markus Flechtner von Trivadis bei uns im Haus und hat uns in die dunklen Geheimnisse von Oracle 12 eingeweiht. Viele Fragen blieben nicht offen, aber einer meiner Kollegen hatte ein paar Detailfragen zum Thema Interval-Reference-Partitionierung und row movement. Ich hätte es wahrscheinlich bei (more...)

2016 Blog Review

It's February, so it must be time to do this. I explore what thoughts arise from looking back, and forward to the future. It helps me to remember stuff, decide what to do, and apparently some people find it interesting.


So many tools. And I arguably don't use enough of them.

APEX 5.1

It's out and I'm excited. Unfortunately, scheduling is super tight, so I'll be waiting at my current site until hopefully around (more...)

Oracle Developer Cloud for NodeJS application Testing Automation using Jasmine

This blog will help you understand usage of Oracle Developer Cloud service for automated testing of NodeJS REST based web service application using a popular testing framework called Jasmine. The NodeJS application will be deployed on Oracle Application Container Cloud Service.


Note: For details on how to develop and deploy NodeJS REST application on Application Container Cloud using Developer Cloud service, please refer the blog link mentioned below.