Oracle 12c Multitenant workshop – Bangalore chapter

Thanks to all folks who attended Oracle 12c Multitenant workshop in Bangalore. It was really a great session and well received by all the participants. I appreciate all your interests to know about Multitenant, play with the new architecture and explore the changes. Few points to make note from this event – 1. The question … Continue reading

SQL Brainteasers: Guess the Film Part 10

Back on the films today, here’s another six to get:

select talk
from   monarch;

select * 
from   (select city_name
        from   cities
        where  state = 'IL'
        order  by population desc)
where  rownum = 1;

select * 
from   nations
where  not exists (
         select null
         from   people
         where  status = 'retired'
         and    sex = 'male'
         and    p.location = n.location

sqlplus -s young_ovis_aries

select key
from   injury;

select *
from   human_property
where   (more...)

Hidden DBMS_JAVA Nuance

It always happens when I’m in a hurry. Yes, I ran into one of those pesky little features with Oracle’s DBMS_JAVA package. While I try to write entries with proper GeSHi case semantics, like everyone else I tend to write PL/SQL initially in lowercase. That led me to the discovery of this wonderful error message:

ERROR at line 1:
ORA-29532: Java CALL TERMINATED BY uncaught Java exception:
oracle.aurora. (more...)

Live from the 1st Annual World Wide Data Vault Consortium: Day 1

It has been an amazing and historical day in chilly St Albans, Vermont on this first day of Spring. In a little hotel on the edge of a little town is a gathering of some of the brightest minds in the world of data vault. They have come from around the USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, […]

APEX 5 first peek – File Management

A number of changes have been made to dust off the file management facilities, some of which won't be immediately apparent until we get the chance to spread our wings in our own environments.

File Location

A Static File Prefix has been introduced and appears to use repository files when not specified, and virtual path for your webserver if specified.
It could be similar to the way you might parameterise your file locations with an application (more...)

Good User Experience at Low Cost

The business wants IT to deliver a good user experience at low cost. Many people in IT considers these two goals to be conflicting, but they are not. The secret to good user experience at low cost is to use existing best practice, codified in User Experience Design Patterns.
UX patternsSo where do you get these magic, cost-saving design patterns? A good starting point is the very comprehensive library of UX design patterns that Oracle is (more...)

Randolf Geist über Parallel Execution Skew

Für AllThingsOracle hat Randolf Geist eine kleine Serie zum Thema Parallel Execution Skew gestartet - wobei der Begriff Skew in diesem Kontext die ungleiche Verteilung der zu leistenden Arbeit auf die in der parallelen Verarbeitung verfügbaren Ressourcen bezeichnet.
  • Parallel Execution Skew – Introduction: nach der einleitenden Definition folgt der Hinweis, das eine ungleiche Arbeitsverteilung zwischen den parallelen Ressourcen im ungünstigsten Fall zu einer Verlängerung der Laufzeit gegenüber der seriellen Verarbeitung führen kann, da die (more...)

Grassroots on Apex 5

Scott Wesley has started an excellent series of posts exploring the Early Adopter release of Apex 5.0.apex5

I’m excited about the changes in 5.0 but have been too busy both at work and at home to look into it personally – so for now reading other people’s reviews has had to suffice. I’m looking forward to hopefully hearing more about it at AUSOUG later this year.

My advice is, have a look and (more...)

APEX 5 first peek – Themes & Templates

Only a few reported changes in the themes & templates, but they are far reaching and show APEX is continuing to mature as a product.

Supporting Files

The main update mentioned in the new features list is the ability to associate your CSS files within your template definition.
Themes can now store all the files of a theme with the theme definition in the database.
This replicates functionality we already see in plug-ins.
Theme Property (more...)

Don’t use INC and DEC in PL/SQL Libraries

In my oldest PL/SQL-Library in Forms 4 my first procedures were:

P_Number := P_Number + 1;

P_Number := P_Number - 1;

In some variations with one or two parameters I used this Increment and Decrement since 20 years! Without having trouble in all the days.

Now I found out, that DEC isn't working in newer Oracle Forms (more...)

APEX 5 first peek – Navigation

The new Page Designer has brought with it a number of fundamental changes in how you move around the application builder.

I won't go into the designer itself because David Peake covers that well in his video - but some of the other things I noticed before watching David's videos. I will say, however, in addition to all this you'll find yourself using wizards a lot less

Moving around

If you start playing with property (more...)

Deprecated mysqli Functions


Having noticed the release of PHP 5.5.10 last week while I was speaking at UTOUG, I checked the deprecated mysqli functions web page. There weren’t any deprecated by 5.5. Unfortuantely, there were six mysqli functions deprecated in 5.4, and many of my posted code examples use 5.3. The deprecated mysqli functions are:

  • mysqli_bind_param
  • mysqli_bind_result
  • mysqli_client_encoding
  • mysqli_fetch
  • mysqli_param_count
  • mysqli_send_long_data

Unfortunately, that puts a lot of updates on my queue of things (more...)

Temporäre Tablespaces und Sortierungen

Jonathan Lewis hat sich zuletzt in mehreren Artikeln mit der Verwendung temporärer Tablespaces, insbesondere im Zusammenhang mit Global Temporary Tables (GTT) auseinandergesetzt:
  • 12c Temporary: zeigt, dass in 12c eine Session potentiell drei verschiedene temporäre Tablespaces verwenden kann. Über den Parameter temp_undo_enabled wird gesteuert, dass die Undo-Informationen einer GTT in den default temporary tablespace der Datenbank geschrieben werden sollen. Seit 11g kann man im Create für eine GTT den temporary tablespace explizit angeben, was zur feingranularen (more...)

APEX 5 first peek – Syntax Highlighting

We're programmers and we need syntax highlighting.

Unfortunately the only way so far to accomplish this in APEX is to use the ApexLib developer addon.
Highlighting <= 4.2 using ApexLib
As promised since the original SOD Oracle APEX 5 has promised to deliver native syntax highlighting and they've done a decent looking job.

Places such as page template body will have HTML highlighting, although it's not widespread through the template editors - I wonder (more...)

Capture MySQL Foreign Keys

Shantanu asked a follow-up question on my Cleanup a MySQL Schema post from last month. He wanted to know if there was a way to capture foreign keys before removing them. The answer is yes, but how you do it depends on whether the primary key is a surrogate key using an auto incrementing sequence of a natural key using descriptive columns.

You can capture foreign keys with a simple query when they’re determined by (more...)

Free webcast: Improve Oracle Forms Performance – The 5 Pillars

As more companies upgrade to 11g, improving performance and stability of the Forms systems becomes even more challenging. Since your Forms applications are the key to your business, so how can you make them live up their potential?

Join me on Tuesday, April 1st at 1pm for a FREE webcast on the Five Pillars of Performance of Oracle Forms. Alongside with Bill Blundon, CMO of Correlsense, I will be presenting on how to take (more...)

The Future of User Experience

I’m off to the Netherlands for the first and finest Oracle User Experience Event in Europe, arranged by Oracle Platinum Partner AMIS Services BV at their offices in Nieuwegein.

AMIS and Oracle are pulling out all the stops – Oracle is flying in their top UX talent to speak, AMIS has lined up some of their experienced consultants, and they’ve even invited a few outside experts (like me).

I’ll be co-presenting with Killian Evers (more...)

Finally, Oracle has its own Identity!

create table from_12c_onwards (
  you_can_have_your_pk number 
    generated always as identity,
  so_you_dont_have_to_type_it varchar2(10)

insert into from_12c_onwards (
) values (

insert into from_12c_onwards (
) values (

insert into from_12c_onwards (
) values (

select * from from_12c_onwards;

-------------------- ----------
                   1 yes
                   2 Yes
                   3 YES!

If you’d like more details, there’s a nice article on oracle-base discussing how (more...)

APEX 5 first peek – Performance

APEX 5 EA has shown some interesting improvements in regard to performance.


If you haven't noticed the swelling trend of flat designs in the past few years, you haven't been using the internet or held a smart device. Here are three good articles about this modernism, and like me you may learn the word skeuomorphic.

How does this affect APEX? Well of course all the icons have changed again.
How does this affect (more...)

APEX 5 first peek

Last week I finally started to play with the first APEX 5 Early Adopter product at
For a short answer on what's coming, just scroll down on that home page - looks good APEX team.

Instead of talking about the marquee features found in the SOD & those Dimitri described or what's in the page designer videos since the page designer truly is the fundamental game changer in this release - (more...)