Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 21-AUG-2014


Each week leading up to OpenWorld we will be publishing various announcements, schedules, tips, etc. related to the event.

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Personal Assistant or Creepy Stalker? The Rise of the Cognitive Computing

I just got back to my hotel room after attending the first of a two day Cognitive Computing Forum, a conference running in parallel to the Semantic Technology (SemTech) Business Conference and the NoSQL Conference here in San Jose. Although the forum attracts less attendees and has only a single track, I cannot remember attending a symposium where so many stimulating ideas and projects were presented.

What is cognitive computing? It refers to computational systems that (more...)

How to hide login data of sql-scripts on Windows

One of the often given advices on hardening a database is to run scripts without broadcasting your login data at the same time. According to Arup Nanda in his famous articles on “Project Lockdown” you have three options to run your scripts without letting everybody in on your password secrets:

  1. Start your scripts under /nolog and add your login to the SQL-script your running
  2. Start SQL*Plus under /nolog and add the login at the beginning of your (more...)

More First World Problems

I’ve been traveling a lot lately, which is bad. I’ve been consuming a lot of in-flight wifi, which is good, because there really should be no place on Earth where I’m unable to work.

Plus, it’s internets at 35,000 feet. How cool is that?

Today, I found myself in the throes of a decidedly first world problem. Of the many devices I carry, I couldn’t decide which one to use for the airplane wifi, which is, (more...)

Oracle Infogram 2014-08-18 14:00:00

Contribution by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services

Seamless data availability, optimal application performance, and reduced IT risk are critical to business success. Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services delivers tailored, mission critical support services to help you maintain and maximize the performance of all mission critical Oracle systems.

Our partnership with Oracle Support and Oracle's engineering teams combined with a collaborative, long-term relationship with your IT team provide a highly integrated (more...)

Quadcopters and the Internet of Things

Jerry-rigged attachment of a 808 keychain camera to the underside of a Syma X1 quadcopter.

Low tech attachment of a 808 keychain camera to the underside of a Syma X1 quadcopter.

Editor’s note: Hey a new author! Here’s the first one, of many I hope, from Bill Kraus, who joined us back in February. Enjoy.

One of the best aspects of working in the emerging technologies team here in Oracle’s UX Apps group is that we have the opportunity to ‘play’ with new technology. This isn’t just idle dawdling, but rather play with a (more...)

Your Mileage May Vary: Various Running and Fitness Apps UX

What follows is a collection of screens from the fitness and running apps on my iPhones, snapped right after a 16 mile run into Silicon Valley.

Your mileage may vary as they say, in more ways than one.


Runcoach app


Runcoach share feature


RunKeeper app


MapMyRun app with FitBit Integration 


MapMyRun app


FitBit Flex app


Misfit Wearables Shine app


Strava Run app

SOA Suite 12c: Configuring GMail as the inbound email provider for UMS (IMAP, SSL)

In a recent article, I discussed how to configure the SOA Suite 12c for sending emails using GMail: An interesting aspect of that configuration is the loading of the GMail SSL certificate into the Keystore used by WebLogic, in order for the SSL based interaction with GMail to successfully be performed. The configuration of GMail for inbound interactions requires a similar procedure for the certificate for the server.

This (more...)

ADF DVT: Editor for easily creating custom base map definition files (hotspot editor)

Using a custom image as the base map for the ADF DVT Thematic Map component, such as is supported as of release 12.1.3, is very interesting. Visualization is extremely powerful for conveying complex aggregated information. Using maps to associate information  with particular locations – using shape, color, size as well – is very valuable. Being able to not only use a geographical map but any image (with sensibly identifiable locations) is even better.


ADF DVT: Creating a Thematic Map using a Custom Base Map with hotspots

One of the interesting new features in ADF DVT 12.1.3 is the option to use a custom image as the base map for the Thematic Map component. This enables us to visualize information and support interaction in a wide variety of visual contexts. The custom image we use can represent a geographical layout, but it can really be anything we like. A map of the shopping mall, a picture of a mannequin, a (more...)

ADF DVT – Past, present and future of ADF Data Visualization with Katarina Obradovic-Sarkic

imageOn Thursday 14th of August, the AMIS office was the venue for a session for the ADF community. Oracle Product Manager Katarina Obradovic-Sarkic was the key presenter at an event dedicated to ADF DVT, the data visualization components in ADF. In this event, Katarina went over the many use cases for data visualizations. She told and showed how various Oracle products make use of the visualizations – and how functional requirements from internal product development (more...)

Materialized views: fast refresh, complete refresh or recreate?

Have you ever wondered why it takes a century to completely refresh your materialized view? I did, so I did some testing.

Recently I was asked to support a customer whose database was extremely slow. As it turned out, some indexes had been created on a materialized view and that view was being refreshed. Soon I found that a large ‘delete from’ job was running, which turned out to be part of the complete refresh.


The Secret Project Emerges

Noel (@noelportugal) and Raymond have been working on a secret project. Here’s the latest:

eihgjagiThanks to AUX colleague and Friend of the ‘Lab, Rob Hernandez, for the 3D modeling.

So now you know why Noel bought the slap bands, but what goes in the case?


If you’ve been watching, you might know already.


LightBlue Beans from Punch Through Design

Those are LightBlue Beans from Punch Through Design (@punchthrough), h/t @ (more...)

AMIS Whitepaper User Experience Frameworks – Future of optimal UI development -

“ There’s A Lot More Behind This Pretty Face “

The whitepaper “User Experience Frameworks – Future of optimal UI development -” starts with an overview of user experience guidelines. These guidelines translate to additional UX requirements when designing and building a new user interface on modern systems. We will also discuss the two major architectural paradigms for user interface development, followed by an overview of the major frameworks and technologies used for implementing this architecture. (more...)

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 14-AUG-2014


Each week leading up to OpenWorld we will be publishing various announcements, schedules, tips, etc. related to the event.

This week:

Oracle Support

We’ve reported before on the My Oracle Support Accreditation Series. The My Oracle Support blog lets us know about New Products Added to the series.



Oracle InMemory compared to indexing

In August 2014 Oracle released its RDBM with a potentially useful and exiting new option: Database InMemory. Upon reading about it it became clear to me that this is a powerful option, worth examining deeper.

This blog will briefly describe what InMemory is and what it isn’t. The emphasis however is on practical examples. I didn’t have a real database at hand for some ultimate real life experience, but a local (more...)

Cloud Control authorization with Active Directory

About 2 months ago I wrote an article about setting up user authentication in Cloud control, based on their account in the Active Directory. As promised, here is the second part describing Cloud Control authorization with Active Directory.

A small recap about why this could be useful:

If your company is preferring Microsoft Active Directory (further named AD) as a source of truth (or at least you´re trying to) you should be using the AD (more...)

OTN Latin America Tour 2014 – Mexico


The OTN network is designed to help Oracle users with community generated resources. Every year the OTN team organizes worldwide tours that allow local users to learn from subject matter experts in all things Oracle. For the past few years the UX team has been participating in the OTN Latin America Tour as well as other regions.  This year I was happy to accept their invitation to deliver the opening keynote for the Mexico City tour stop.


Oracle Voice Debuts on the App Store

Editor’s note: I meant to blog about this today, but looks like my colleagues over at VoX have beat me to it. So, rather than try to do a better job, read do any work at all, I’ll just repost it. Free content w00t!

Although I no longer carry an iOS device, I’ve seen Voice demoed many times in the past. Projects like Voice and Simplified UI are what drew me to Applications User Experience, and it’s (more...)

Oracle Restart to autostart your oracle database, listener and services on linux.

Half a year ago, my colleague Remco wrote an article on auto starting the listener and the databases after a host reboot. As usual with Oracle, there are several solutions. In a previous job, I learned to appreciate Oracle Grid infrastructure to do the same. And then some more.

Oracle Grid Infrastructure can be downloaded and used for free. It serves many purposes, especially for ASM and RAC,but as it turns out, it can be (more...)