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Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 17-APR-2014

RDBMS and Performance

Frequently Misused Metrics in Oracle, from The Oracle Alchemist.

Some notes from Tyler Muth on Oracle Database 10.2 De-Supported.

Also from Tyler Muth, a quick posting on Create Bigfile Tablespace – Oracle Managed Files (OMF).


From the dbi services blog: Implementing Oracle Database as (more...)

Google Glass + iBeacons


If you haven’t talk to me IRL for the past 10 months, then I haven’t pestered you about the wonders of BLE and micro-location. My love affair with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacons became clear when I heard at WWDC 2013 that Apple was implementing BLE beacon detection in their CoreLocation framework. Apple showed how a small BLE beacon sending a constant signal (UUID + Major + Minor *) at a given interval could help (more...)

MongoDB is growing up

I caught up with my clients at MongoDB to discuss the recent MongoDB 2.6, along with some new statements of direction. The biggest takeaway is that the MongoDB product, along with the associated MMS (MongoDB Management Service), is growing up. Aspects include:

  • An actual automation and management user interface, as opposed to the current management style, which is almost entirely via scripts (except for the monitoring UI).
    • That’s scheduled for public beta in May, (more...)

Annonce : OVCA X4-2

Oracle a annoncé  l' Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance X4-2

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Training : Oracle ADF 11g Applicatie Ontwikkeling

In mei geeft Oracle ACE Luc Bors weer een ADF 11g training. Deze training wordt gegeven in het kantoor van AMIS in Nieuwegein. In deze training leer je de basis van ADF. Een training op basis van presentatie, demonstratie en hands on, doorspekt met best practices en voorbeelden uit de dagelijkse praktijk.

De training is bedoeld voor ontwikkelaars die net met ADF 11g aan de slag zijn of aan de slag willen gaan.

    - (more...)

ADF for the Enterprise and beyond – 3-day conference for senior developers and application architects

SNAGHTML5d1bacOn May 21st, 22nd and 23rd – AMIS and Oracle join forces for a three day event around enterprise application development with Oracle Fusion Middleware. The event targets senior (ADF) developers and application architects. It addresses many of the themes currently or shortly relevant to any organization: multi device UI, mobility, security, agile & automated software engineering, performance & scalability, user experience, web & mobile oriented architecture and cloud. It will discuss and demonstrate Oracle’s (more...)

Complément : Régionales 2014 … les présentations

Retrouvez les présentations faites lors des Régionales 2014 :

Oracle Infogram 2014-04-15 12:52:00

Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

Mark Hurd’s Latest Blog Explains Why Customer-Obsessed Marketing Is Your Next Competitive Edge

Oracle President Mark Hurd has posted his latest LinkedIn Influencer blog, “Customer-Obsessed Marketing Is Your Next Competitive Edge.” 

Mark Hurd
Mark Hurd,
President, Oracle
In this new blog, Mark writes, “Marketing executives are leading the charge to convince their organizations of the inherent danger in today’s highly digitized buyer-seller relationship. And they’re doing that by proving (more...)

Simple to Use, Simple to Build: Your Oracle Simplified UI Design Patterns eBook is Here

The Simplified UI design patterns and guidelines for building the Oracle HCM Cloud and Oracle Sales Cloud simplified user interfaces are now available from the Oracle Applications User Experience team as an eBook.


The eBook covers the Oracle ADF-based UX design patterns, page types, and components used to build the SUIs, and now you can build your own cool UIs too.

The book is simple to read, it’s short, and it’s free!

Click (more...)

Troubleshooting ADF ViewObject Range Paging Issues

ADF BC ViewObjects provide a very valuable mechanism to page through large data sets so that a user can navigate to a specific page in the results. Range Paging fetches and caches only the current page of rows in the ViewObject row cache (at the cost of another query execution) to retrieve each page of data. Range paging is very performing when your ViewObject has access to (hundreds of) thousands of database rows, and if (more...)

Annonce : Oracle Database Backup & Oracle Storage Cloud

Oracle annonce la disponibilité des services Oracle Database Backup et Oracle Storage Cloud. 

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OOW : Call4Proposals … J-2

Si vous souhaitez témoigner lors de la prochaine édition d' Oracle Open World , il ne reste plus que 2 jours pour soumettre votre sujet : 

Humantask Assignment: Names and Expressions Assignment via Rules

This blog post is part of a series of posts about humantask assignment. You can find the starting point of this series by following the next link.

In this post I will give an example of task assignment by Names And Expressions using Oracle Business Rules. I will use the same BPM process as in most of the other posts in this series.
Now we have the process, we can assign the task to a (more...)

Complément : Zero2Cloud … bénéfices d’EM12c

Service Provider initiated SSO on WLS11g using SAML2.0


At a recent customer I got the assignment to implement a SAML 2.0 configuration.

The customer is in this setup a Service Provider. They provide a student-administration application for the Dutch Higher Education Sector, like Colleges and Universities. The application conventionally is implemented on premise. But they like to move to a SaaS model. One institute is going to use the application from 'the cloud'. In the Dutch education sector, an organization called (more...)

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 10-APR-2014


The Heartbleed vulnerability is causing a major stir. Here are a couple of articles to help clarify what you should do and when:



From The Oracle Instructor: (more...)

Complément : Présentations de l’évènement DB Innovation Day

Retrouvez ci-dessous les présentations faites lors de l'évènement Database Innovation Day :

JDeveloper XSL Mapper tip

Of course you know already that in Jdeveloper you can create xsl maps, just by drawing lines between source and target elements. In many cases you need functions or complex expressions in between. Those are "drag-and-dropable" as well. I found that you can even drop a function on a line and the function will be added to the expression. So with a little thought of the sequence of "drag-and-drops" of functions you can assemble pretty (more...)

SQLServer: date conversions

In my current project I need to query an MS SqlServer database.
Unfortunately the dates are stored as a BigInt instead of a proper date datatype.
So I had to find out how to do compare the dates with the systemdate, and how to get the system date. To log this for possible later use, as an exception, a blog about SqlServer.

To get the system date, you can do:

It's maybe (more...)