Vertrouw op de vakman voor vakwerk

Ik kan thuis best zelf een lampje vervangen, een schilderij ophangen of een kleine reparatie uitvoeren. Maar wanneer het ingewikkelder wordt, dan doe ik dat liever niet zelf. Wanneer ik bijvoorbeeld mijn badkamer wil verbouwen of een nieuwe keuken wil plaatsen, dan ga ik op zoek naar een expert om de klus te klaren. Dat scheelt mij een hoop tijd en frustratie. En nog belangrijker: ik weet zeker dat ik de badkamer of keuken krijg (more...)

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 05-MAR-2015

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From Oracle Partner Hub: ISV Migration Center Team:



Compose end to end tracing, logging and monitoring with ECID set from WebLogic in Database (exposed in V$SESSION)

The title of this blog is unfashionably long – and really says it all. The ECID (Execution Context ID) that is used in Fusion Middleware to identify a conversation across components in one or more WebLogic servers can be used to trace that conversation into the database. When an HTTP requests enter the FMW world, the ECID is established and when that request causes various components – such as ADF, Service Bus, SOA Composite – (more...)

Connecting two laptops (and a Virtual Box VM) for the purpose of a live demo using Personal Hotspot on Smart Phone

During the Oracle Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum in Budapest (March 2015), Luc Bors and myself are presenting a live demo with Luc developing a mobile application (using MAF) that consumes REST services that are published on my laptop from within a Virtual Box VM that runs Oracle SOA Suite.

Our challenge for this live demo was: how to make the services exposed in the VM available to Luc’s laptop?

Our solution – based on (more...)

Preparation for Live Mobile Hacking with an OFM 12c red stack – Budapest 2015

On March 4th, I am to present – together with ADF and Mobile Application Framework expert Luc Bors – a live development demo session at the EMEA Oracle Fusion Middleware Partner Forum in Budapest, Hungary. Luc and I are in the middle of our preparations for this event. And I thought perhaps it would be nice to share some of the background for this session.

It all started in the Fall as Jürgen Kress, responsible (more...)

Oracle has changed the Exchange rate of the Euro to 0.8682

For years the number of 0.7893 meant something to those who are working on regular basis with licenses in Europe. This number is the ‘Current local Pricing Exchange rate’.

And Oracle is entitled to change this rate twice a year:


This rate remained rock solid for the last couple of years, but Oracle has decided to change this rate at February 3th, 2015.

The new rate of the Euro is now 0.8682.

A (more...)

Security Features of Standard Edition (One) – Part 1


A closer look on database hosts

The last couple of years quite a few organizations had a difficult time and internal costs where a main focal point was to save money. License costs was one thing where many IT-managers put their question marks and so often the decision was made to downgrade the Oracle database back to Standard Edition. On the other hand, often smaller organizations have embedded SE’s as part of their applications (more...)

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 26-FEB-2015

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How To Be Notified When MOS Notes Are Updated, from the Oracle E-Business Suite Technology blog.



And from Exadata Database Machine: 10 reasons to run Database In-Memory on Exadata


From Oracle Enterprise Manager: Editing EM12c Jobs in Bulk

Data Warehouse

Continuous Delivery kan niet zonder rust in IT omgeving

IT blijft een interessant vakgebied. De verveling lijkt nooit toe te kunnen slaan en zeker geen grip te krijgen op de mensen die in deze wereld werken. Dit komt vooral door de constante beweging, de hang naar verandering en de blijkbaar onuitputtelijke noodzaak om het anders en beter te doen.

Wie durft over te slaan?

Graag laten we ons elkaar jaar weer door ‘de markt’ informeren over wat er nieuw is, wat we niet mogen (more...)

Complément : A-Team Chronicles

Le site A-Team Chronicles aggrège le contenu produit par les membres de la A-Team : meilleures pratiques, astuces, conseils, etc

Annonce : Oracle Database In-Memory Advisor

Oracle Database In-Memory Advisor est maintenant disponible.
Pour utiliser cet assistant, le "Database Tuning Pack" est nécessaire.

Plus d'information :
  • Page OTN
  • Note MOS 1965342.1

Complément : Tutoriels sur Oracle Public Cloud

Complément : Vidéos Oracle Public Cloud

Oracle Usable Apps blogs down the local Apple Store in #San…

Oracle Usable Apps blogs down the local Apple Store in #San Francisco. #Guerilla outreach. #UX (at Apple Store, Stonestown)

Oracle introduces API Manager!

Oracle has introduced a new product; API Manager (you can find the official documentation here). API Manager is an important addition to the already impressive Oracle SOA stack. In this article I’ll explain what this new product does and how it helps in managing your API’s. In this blog post I will focus on the features and benefits you can have of this product. I will also elaborate a little about my current experiences (more...)

Automatic: Nice, but Not Necessary

Editor’s note: Here’s the first post from one of our newish team members, Ben. Ben is a usability engineer with a PhD in Cognitive Psychology, and by his own account, he’s also a below average driver. Those two factoids are not necessarily related; I just don’t know what his likes and dislikes are so I’m spit-balling.

Ben applied his research chops to himself and his driving using Automatic (@automatic), a doodad that measures (more...)

Découverte : Java Cloud Service Workshop

Concurrentievoordeel door Identity- en Access Management

Elke organisatie maakt gebruik van Identity- en Acces Management (IAM/IDM). Dit is een van de basis elementen van goede informatiebeveiliging. Het afschermen van de woman-565127_1280bedrijfsgegevens is hierbij de eerste stap. Maar het toegang verlenen tot deze informatie, op een beheerste wijze en aan de juiste personen op het juiste moment, is essentieel voor het goed functioneren van een organisatie. Daarnaast moet een organisatie voldoen aan de eisen vanuit wetgeving en toezichthouders. Zij eisen veelal het hanteren van standaarden in (more...)

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 19-FEB-2015


Three good articles recently from Upgrade your Database – NOW!:

From Robert G. Freeman on Oracle: Oracle Multitenant - Common Users

Oracle Support

Proactive Analysis Center (PAC), from the My Oracle Support blog.


Sonatype Nexus: Retrieving artifacts using the REST API or Apache Ivy

Sonatype Nexus is an often used artifact repository. In a previous blog post I have shown an example how Maven can be used to assemble and release artifacts to Nexus. In this blog post I will describe two ways how artifacts can be fetched from the Nexus repository; by using the REST API and by using Apache Ivy.


The Nexus API

Sonatype has done a great job at providing an extensive well documented REST API. (more...)