BPM 12c R2 (12.2.1) download

For a few weeks, BPM 12cR2 is released, next to SOA 12cR2. But if you go to the download area of BPM on OTN, you'll find that the downloads suggest Release 12c (

Just now on community.oracle.com, I found  an answer to the question I had quitely my self for a few weeks: where to download BPM12cR2?

I didn't check-out edelivery.oracle.com my self yet, but you (more...)

Reflections after Oracle OpenWorld 2015 – Mobility and Internet of Things

imageInternet of Things continues to be of great potential interest – with tens of billions connected devices to sense and record and report and actuate when necessary. Cars, running shoes, trees, animal wild life, home appliances, kiosks and vending machines, cash registers and other point of sales equipment, thermostats, medical devices, security equipment, shipments in any form and shape, wearables are all things, connected to the internet (directly or indirectly). Their location, current status and (more...)

Dunkel Patterns

Just returned from Berlin, where, amongst other things, I visited restaurant called Dunkel.

Dunkel Unsicht Restaurant is where you are seated, served, and eat in total darkness (Dunkel means dark in German).

To begin with, you order from a set menu, in the light. Then, your assigned server appears, asks you to put your hands on their shoulders and to follow you downstairs into the darkness of the restaurant itself.

Into total blackness. (more...)

Reflections after Oracle OpenWorld 2015: IT Operations & Management


This article gives an overview of some of the most eye catching stories from Oracle OpenWorld 2015 around IT Ops and management. It discusses the ‘single pane of glass’ across on premises and cloud – Enterprise Manager – and introduces the new cloud service: Oracle Management Cloud Service.

IT Operations (IT Ops for short) obviously play a crucial role in providing any kind of IT service to any organization. IT Ops is about provisioning the (more...)

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 19-NOV-2015


Some more recaps and reminiscences of OOW this week:

Database In-Memory OOW Recap, from the Oracle Database Insider Blog.

Oracle OpenWorld 2015 Highlights, from the SOA & BPM Partner Community Blog.


Oracle Database Disaster Recovery on Public Cloud, from Oracle Partner Hub: ISV Migration Center Team.

Exalogic and Exadata

OpenWorld 2015 Highlights

It’s been nearly three weeks, and I’m finally getting around to sharing the highlights of our OpenWorld 2015. Enjoy.


Last year, Steve Miranda showed some of our project work in his keynote. This year, our Glance framework on the Apple Watch, made an appearance in Larry Ellison’s first keynote in a video showcasing the evolution of Oracle’s User Experience over the last 30 years.

OTN Community Quest

Noel (@noelportugal) and I oversaw the (more...)

Reflections after Oracle OpenWorld 2015 – Content & Process (or Collaboration & Engagement)


This article gives an overview of some of the most eye catching stories from Oracle OpenWorld 2015 around Process and Content, aka Collaboration & Engagement. It discusses Line of Business user oriented cloud services such as OSN, DCS, PCS and Sites CS as well as on premises products such BPM Suite and the WebCenter Suite.

Various Oracle presentations employ different terms for this area. In addition to Content & Process the label Collaboration & Engagement (more...)

Reflections after Oracle OpenWorld 2015 – Data Management (Database)


This article gives an overview of some of the most eye catching stories from Oracle OpenWorld 2015 around Data Management. It discusses on premises products such as Oracle Database as well as cloud services around the Database.

Data Management in the Oracle Integrated Cloud Platform Services composition covers Big Data, NoSQL and Oracle Database (RDBMS) in all its glory. MySQL is not as explicitly positioned – and is not currently available as a cloud service (more...)

Reflections after Oracle OpenWorld 2015 – Integration


This article gives an overview of some of the most eye catching stories from Oracle OpenWorld 2015 around integration. It discusses on premises products such as SOA Suite, BPM Suite and MFT as well as cloud services like ICS, SOA CS and soon to be API Platform CS and MFT CS.

If you want to be a SaaS vendor – an ambition that Oracle clearly has – then you need a good solution to deal (more...)

Reflections after Oracle OpenWorld 2015 – Application Development

imageThis article gives an overview of some of the most eye catching stories from Oracle OpenWorld 2015 around application development. It discusses traditional technology as well as the most recent introductions and cloud services. The main topics are JET, ADF, APEX, Forms, Developer Cloud Service and Application Builder Cloud Service.


When Oracle first started, its product portfolio was limited in scope. An RDBMS that summed it up. After several years, the demand for tools (more...)

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 12-NOV-2015


Another OpenWorld is in the books, and now it’s time to absorb and pursue the material covered. Here’s a good place to get started: Continue Learning Post-Oracle OpenWorld



The complete guide to tuning the appearance of NetBeans, from WebLogic Partner Community EMEA.


Security Alert CVE-2015-4852 (more...)

Declarative Web User Interface Development by the Citizen Developer – Introducing the Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service

The Citizen Developer – also known as the Line of Business user – is the non-technical but still somewhat IT-savvy member of a business department. She may configure web surveys, create macros in Excel spreadsheets, perform complex data analysis or maintain a departmental web site. She does things that touch upon the responsibilities of the corporate IT department, probably knows some people in that department to consult with and she may want to do even (more...)

Issues in enterprise application software

1. I think the next decade or so will see much more change in enterprise applications than the last one. Why? Because the unresolved issues are piling up, and something has to give. I intend this post to be a starting point for a lot of interesting discussions ahead.

2. The more technical issues I’m thinking of include:

  • How will app vendors handle analytics?
  • How will app vendors handle machine-generated data?
  • How will app vendors (more...)

ADF Performance Monitor: New Whitepaper Published

The AMIS ADF Performance Monitor is an application performance management tool (APM) tool that really understands Oracle ADF applications. Web applications often contain frustrating blind spots and mysterious, recurring problems that are often difficult to identify, diagnose, and fix. The ADF Performance Monitor helps enterprises by delivering insight into real end-user experiences. It helps development, QA teams and administrators detect, analyze and resolve common and less common issues in response times and resource usage of (more...)

A Smart Badge for a Smart Office

Editor’s note: Maybe you got a chance to check out our IoT Smart Office demo at the OAUX Exchange during OpenWorld. If not, don’t fret, we’ll describe its many cool bits here, beginning with this post from Raymond (@yuhuaxie) on his smart badge build. A Smart Office needs an equally smart badge.

We showcased the Smart Office at OAUX Exchange.

You put on a badge and walked into an office in the future, and (more...)

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 05-NOV-2015


Database Insider - November 2015 issue now available, from Exadata Partner Community – EMEA.



Browser-less access to Forms 12c, from Proactive Support - Oracle Development Tools.

And from the same source:  Forms 12c and Webstart



Visualizations are far more than a pretty face on the cloud – highlights from Oracle OpenWorld 2015

Visualizations are probably the most effective way to convey information, insights and prompts for action to humans. We are not terribly good at quickly and correctly interpreting textual information that require sequential processing. Our brains however are very well equipped to rapidly interpret information presented in a well defined visualization. The expression ‘one picture says more than a thousand words’ is one that speaks volumes (and a picture capturing that expression would of course tell (more...)

SOA Suite 12.2.1: A first look at end-to-end JSON and JavaScript support in SOA Composites

SOA Suite 12.2.1 introduces end-to-end JSON support in composites and support for JavaScript in composites. The REST-binding (which can be used by Service Bus, BPEL, BPM) can receive and send untyped JSON without the need to translate it to XML. In BPEL, JavaScript can be used as expression language in various activities and there is a JavaScript embedding activity available.

In this article I’ll show some examples on what you can do with (more...)

Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit (Oracle JET) – announced at OOW15

Javascript is the most popular programming language* and its usage has grown 25% in the past year**. It’s widely used and so it stands to reason that Oracle now released a brand new JavaScript toolkit called Oracle JET (JavaScript Extension Toolkit).

Oracle says “Oracle JET is targeted at intermediate to advanced JavaScript developers working on client-side applications. It’s a collection of open source JavaScript libraries along with a set of Oracle contributed JavaScript libraries that (more...)

SOA Suite 12.2.1: Resiliency updates on the operations side of life

On the 25th of October at Open World 2015, Oracle released the 12.2.1 version of SOA Suite 12c. This release is full of resiliency updates on the operation side of life.

The operations of integration are critical and Oracle listened to the business requirement of customers while developing this release. Here are few of these operations.

  • Usually many hardware/software systems are managed by a small team.
  • With minimum need for admin intervention an integration (more...)