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MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.0.19 has been released, from MySQL Enterprise Tools Blog.


Oracle SOA Suite 12c: Multithreaded instance purging with the Java API

Let’s tackle a single topic at a time in this blog post ;) SOA Suite 12c provides a Java API to perform operations on the SOA infrastructure and things running there such as composites and instances. There are several blog posts available on how to do this in SOA Suite 10g and 11g. However since 12c is relatively new, I decided to try if I could easily access the Java API in 12c and if the (more...)

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Transformatie realiseer je samen

Transformatie is meer dan verbeteren en verfijnen van de dingen de je doet. Transformeren is dingen écht anders doen. Bij Conclusion noemen we dat ‘Business done differently’. In een tijd waarin technologische ontwikkelingen elkaar in een moordend tempo opvolgen en waarin we spreken van ‘digital disruption’, moeten we onszelf steeds afvragen of we nog op het juiste pad zijn. Transformeren betekent op pad gaan zonder het exacte eindpunt te kennen. Alleen de richting is bekend. (more...)

Evènement: Oracle Virtual Cloud Summit

4 séminaires en ligne :
  • Back up your Database securely to the Cloud
  • Move your Test & Development to the Cloud
  • Secure Document File-sync & share in the Cloud
  • Accelerate Application development in the Cloud
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Stories Are the Best, Plus News on Nest!

Friend of the ‘Lab, Kathy (@usableapps), has been using Storify for a while now to compile easy-to-consume, erm, stories about the exploits of Oracle Applications User Experience.

You might remember Storify from past stories such as the In the U.K.: Special events and Apps 14 with UKOUG and Our OpenWorld 2014 Journey.

Anyway, Kathy has a new story, The Internet of Things and the Oracle user experience, which just so (more...)

BPM 12c BundelPatch1: InitiatorTask problem

 Last week we installed the new "SOA Bundle Patch (Patch)" (19707784).
 Applying the patch went fine, no problem at all.

We have a process that is initiated by an Initiator Task, that can be started, I'm sure you're familiar with, using the link under 'Applications'. In our case, however, clicking it gives an exception in stead of opening the Task Form:

Unfortunately I have a Dutch version of (more...)

SOA Suite 12c: In-depth look into Managed File Transfer (1/3)

With the release of SOA Suite 12c a new product was revealed. The first sighting was at Oracle OpenWorld 2013. On the Fusion Middleware Demo Grounds there was a demo shown where B2B was integrated with a product called Managed File Transfer (shortened as MFT). At that same conference I gave a presentation about this product together with the product manager of MFT, Dave Berry. This blog gives an in-depth look into (more...)

Oracle SOA Suite 12c: The Coherence Adapter

Oracle SOA Suite 12c ships with a new technology adapter, the Oracle CoherenceAdapter. This adapter allows easy integration with a Coherence Data Grid (a distributed cache). The excellent post by Antony Reynolds provides the information required to setup your Coherence cache and get started with the adapter. In this blog post I will describe a pattern which can be used to use Coherence Data Grid as a cache for a database table (or view, or…). (more...)


Maybe you remember Busytown, Richard Scarry’s famous town, from your childhood or from reading it to your kids.

Tony Ruth has created the Silicon Valley equivalent, BusinessTown, (h/t The Verge) populated by the archetypes we all know and sometimes love. What do the inhabitants of BusinessTown do? “What Value-Creating Winners Do All Day,” natch.


Who’s up for a SiliconValley marathon?Possibly Related Posts:

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 22-JAN-2015




From the Oracle PartnerNetwork Strategy Blog: Top Five IoT Predictions for (more...)

Mash up Oracle Cloud Application Web Services with Web APIs and HTML5 APIs

No more an “honorary” but now a full-blown member of the AppsLab team, I gave a presentation at the Chicago & Dubai Oracle Usability Advisory Board in November on REST and Web APIs and how they can facilitate the transition from on-premise software to cloud-based solutions (the content of which can be fodder for a future post).

As we all are transitioning from on-premise implementations to cloud-based solutions, there seems to be a growing fear among customers and partners (ISV, OEM) (more...)

Dowsing for Smarties

Editor’s note: John and Noel (@noelportugal) need to chat about Google’s Physical Web gBeacons.

I have been a tad skeptical about the usefulness of smart watches, but my colleague Julia Blyumen has changed my thinking.

Woodblock of dowserIn her recent blog post, Julia noted that a smart watch could become both a detector and a universal remote control for all IoT “smart things”. She backed this up with a link to an excellent academic paper (pdf) (more...)

Annonce : Oracle Maven

Samenwerking is de oplossing voor het gebrek aan goede IT’ers

Paul Uijtewaal

Paul Uijtewaal, Directeur AMIS

Afgelopen week was er een levendige discussie over het oplopende gebrek aan goed opgeleide IT’ers, een gebrek dat zowel voor de aantallen geldt als ook een gebrek als het gaat over de kennis die ze vanuit de opleiding mee krijgen. Hierbij ging het vooral over de net afstuderende van IT opleidingen. Kan voor de oplettende IT’er en werkgever in deze markt geen verrassing zijn, al jaren is er in ieder geval (more...)

SOA Suite 12c (12.1.3) Bundle Patch 1 has been released

When you go to My Oracle Support, you can use the patch name 19707784 to download the Bundle Patch (about 650 MB).


The readme document contains details on how to apply the patch and on the issues that are fixed by it:


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BPM12c Quickstart invalid oramds url

In a BPM process that starts an Adaptive Case Management Case, I tried to create an XSL based on the Case.xsd that is found in the oramds. I choose the input of the startCase message of the wsdl of the ACM Case.

But I kept running into the following message:
Invalid url: oramds:/soa/shared/casemgmt/Case.xsd
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Invalid url: oramds:/soa/shared/casemgmt/Case.xsd

I tested this in both a WIndows and a Linux (under VirtualBox) installation. (more...)

BPM12c: Patch for ‘ora:getAttachmentProperty: Failed to decode properties string ‘

Last december I reported running into a problem getting attachments and attachments properties in this blog-post. I created a Service Request for it and last week it resulted in a one-off patch:

Because there are multiple versions available for download, you should make sure to download the appropriate version; in my case it was 12.1.3.

Adaptive Case Mgt: Cleanup cases without Flow-Instances

Recently we encountered problems with cases that are related to a composite that somehow got corrupted in the MDS. This was possibly due to a failing deployment, which suggests a bug, since you don't want to have composite artifacts of an earlier version removed only after a succesful deployment of the new version.

The particular composite was listed in the deployed composites list, but it lacked the artifacts and therefor marked as invalid. Using the (more...)

Complément : Analyse de performances via AWR Warehouse