Running Elastic Stack (ES and Kibana) on Oracle Container Cloud

It should be simple and in the end it was relatively simple – but still I was struggling a little bit with getting two key components of the Elastic Stack running on Oracle Container Cloud, working together and exposed to the world. For my future reference, here is the configuration I got to work:

I have defined a Service for Elastic Search – based on the official image published by Elastic:


The discovery.type is (more...)

SOA 12c MDS configuration

In a previous post I described how to have the integrated Weblogic of your SOA/BPM QuickStart refer to the same filebased MDS that you might refer to in the SOADesignTimeRepository in JDeveloper.

These days for my current customer I'm looking into upgrading 11g, as can be read from my previous posts. This customer also has a legacy with projects migrated from 10g.

In the 11g workspace there was a reference to the database MDS in (more...)

What kind of Oracle Linux support on Oracle hardware is included

When you buy an Oracle Database Appliance – any type – or just a X-server (e.g. X7-2), you get free support for OracleVM, Oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux. But Oracle Linux has different flavours , like basic, premier and premier limited. What kind of support do you get when buying hardware from Oracle? Can Ksplice be used? Found out it’s documented, but not in the way I would like it to see.

When you (more...)

SOA Bundelpatch for available (since juli 2018)

Because of the version level my previous customer was on, I mostly worked with the version of the BPM QuickStart. Recently I started at an other customer that is still on SOA Suite 11g. Since I'm looking into upgrading those the latest 12c version, I installed BPM QuickStart again.

Doing a patch search on, I found out that juli 17th, 2018, a SOA BundlePatch (more...)

Jenkins 2.0 pipeline: Scripting active parameters for SCM

Last year I got introduced to the new features 2nd generation Jenkins at a workshop of CloudBees . This year I got also the opportunity to discover them in practice.

One of the most interesting and often challenging part of working with scripted pipelines is the gap between the list of plugins supported in Jenkinsfiles vs. only effective from the GUI. Even though the gap is very small, sometimes it involves an operation crucial or (more...)

Advanced SoapUI: Mocking a Async Request Response Service supporting WS-Addressing

Lately, I sat down with my appreciated colleague Frank, prepping for a SoapUI/ReadyAPI training due next week. After having solved some issues he had, we agreed upon designing an advanced lab.

In the past I wrote an article about how to test een Asynchronous Request Response BPEL process, with WS-Addressing. This uses SoapUI as a test client, to test an Async BPEL Process and catching the response. Frank suggested to create a SoapUI project (more...)

Upgrade SOA 11g to 12c: Invalid Composite File

You might not get it, but not every customer already moved from SOA Suite 11g to 12c. My current customer isn't for instance. Because we're in a bit of a lee period, I'm looking into upgrading their composite projects.

Solve invalid composite files

One thing I ran into quite immediately is that for several projects the composite.xml was invalid. It turned out that it wasn't even upgraded.

I found this article, (more...)

FMW 12c Topology Suggestions

A year or two, maybe three ago  I found this teriffic article on Fusion Middleware 12c topology suggestions.

I find my self searching for this one from time to time. So it's time to write this little note.

It explains which combinations of FMW products in a domain makes sense and especially what the different Server Groups mean.

The bare minimum of licensing an ODA X7-2

The other day we had a discussion about the question if you can buy an Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) X7-2 HA when you only have 1 socket license Oracle SE. The licensing rules can be interpreted different by some. Disregarding the question why you would buy an ODA HA if you only got one license by the way 😊.

But… you could imagine a situation where a customer has software, suitable to run on a OracleVM (more...)

Zipping is easy in Java/Spring/SOASuite

Why using Spring in SOASuite?

This post is actually about Spring in SOASuite. Last few weeks I've come around several questions and implementations using Embedded Java in BPEL. The Java activity in Oracle BPEL is ideal for very small java snippets, to do a simple Base64 encode/decode for example. However, in the situations I encountered these weeks, the code samples were more complex. And my very first recommendation in these situations is to use the (more...)

Docker on Oracle Linux

It occurred to me that if you want to start using Docker there are plenty examples that use Ubuntu as a base platform. I read a book called Learning Docker that assumes Ubuntu for the examples. I know I am quite stubborn, a "know-it-better" person, but I want to be able to do the same on Oracle Linux.

Docker on Oracle Linux turns out not too complicated. But I ran in to a caveat that (more...)

ORA-31626, (Database-pump)-job does not exist

A short post about the ORA-31626 error. Found out a scheduled export- and import- job was broken in an Oracle Database. Error:  ORA-31626: job does not exist. After checking the scheduled jobs I realized that it’s not the scheduled job, but the datapump-job (should have read the error more carefully – it states ‘database pump job does not exists…. ).

And it seems all related to being cost-effective in the cloud….

The full error:

Error at (more...)

Add a CCA component to your VBCS Application

Today at the #PaaSSummercamp, VBCS is on the agenda. We did a few labs from the VBCS learning path. Nice thing is that you can do it yourself as well.

One of the main goals of the OracleJET labs yesterday was to introduce you to CCA components. Since VBCS is mostly based on OracleJET (For the UI that is) it should not be too hard to add a CCA component from our OracleJET application into (more...)

OracleJET at the #PaaSSummerCamp

Today the Oracle OPN #PaaSSummerCamp is started. And I have the privilege to join @GeertjanW to kick-off the Application Development and containers track with an OracleJET training.

OracleJET is Oracle's JavaScript Extension Toolkit, that bundles popular JavaScript frameworks in a toolkit (not a framework) that allows you to QuickStart a JavaScript project.

One of the advantages is that you don't have to bother about which Frameworks you should use and how to setup your project. (more...)

June 23 2019, date of the SCN-bug

The what? I read about the SCN bug a few years ago (a wildly increasing value of the SCN till a certain limit has been reached ) , and took this for granted – most of it. Until recently a customer asked for help with a 9.2 database which had to last for another year. And another customer is in a large project of upgrading a 10.2 database to a 12 version, and (more...)

Weblogic 12c: Solving Invalid Template error

One of the labs in our Weblogic Advanced Administration 12c course is about using domain templates. When revising the particular lab, we created a domain in Weblogic 12c and then created a template based on the domain. On recreation of the domain based on the template we get an exception:
This we get regardless of if we provide nodemanager details at the initial creation of the domain.

We did some investigation and found for instance (more...)

Java programs as native executables: GraalVM is the answer!


•    Using GraalVM Java applications can be compiled into native standalone executables (will be demonstrated).
•    Native executables of small Java programs startup blazingly fast, use considerably less resources compared to running on JVM and do not even require the JRE or any other kind of runtime apart from the OS.
•    Running Java applications as native standalone executables provides opportunities for lean usage of Java in serverless functions, cloud deployment and microservices.

GraalVM, (more...)

Docker host and bridged networking. Running library/httpd on different ports

Docker provides different networking options. When using the Docker host networking, you don’t have the option to create port mappings. When using images like library/httpd:2.4, you don’t have the option to update the port on which it runs; it runs by default on port 80. Suppose you want to use the host networking feature and want to run library/httpd:2.4 on different ports, how would you do this?

In this blog I’ll explain 2 (more...)

Getting started with Enterprise Modules’ ora_profile to install Oracle 18c

A couple of moths ago, Enterprise Modules announced the easy to start way of making use their Oracle modules, ora_profile. Recently their modules have been updated to support the on-premise release of Oracle 18c (18.3). In this post I’ll explain how to get started using Vagrant, VirtualBox and a little bit of Git.18c_klaar


To get started you should make sure both Vagrant an VirtualBox are available. On Windows hosts I discovered that having (more...)

First Steps with Prometheus and Grafana on Kubernetes on Windows

Preparation: before I started with Prometheus, I installed VirtualBox, Minikube with Tiller on my Windows 10 laptop – as described in this article:

I then increased the Base Memory setting for the minikube vm to 8192 MB (the default 2048 MB is not sufficient)

imageAfter making this change – which can only be done when the VM is not running – I restarted minikube.


git clone


kubectl apply -f  (more...)