History of AMIS Blog design, Congratulations AMIS

It is July 2014 and the AMIS Blog celebrates it’s 10th anniversary. While diving in the history of the AMIS Blog it is very interesting (amusing and somewhat shocking) to see were we came from. Using the Internet Archive (https://archive.org) I made some screenshots of the AMIS blog depicting the different styles. We made 3 major steps in the design of the blog. Please join me for this trip through memory lane….

640*480 (more...)

SOA Suite 12c: New visual editor for creating Fault Policies

In 11g Fault Policies were added so that you could easy intervene when a (SOAP/BPEL) fault was thrown. But you could only create them in source mode, there was no graphical editor. With the release of SOA Suite 12c a new visual editor for creating Fault Policies is added to JDeveloper. With the Fault Policy Editor you can now Design and Edit Fault Policies. Besides the already existed functionality a lot of new features are (more...)

Running your ADF Essentials application on Glassfish 3

For some of our own internal applications, we (AMIS) are using 2 products of Oracle that do not require any license to be payed: ADF Essentials and the Oracle XE database.

These applications were initially deployed to a Tomcat 6 server, only when trying to deploy new applications we encountered issues with conflicting libraries. As the Glassfish Open Source edition is also free and well documented and supported I decided to investigate a switch.

Since (more...)

SOA Suite 12c: Obtaining composite resources; WSDLs, XSDs and WADLs

In SOA Suite 12c and 11g there are several options to obtain composite resources such as WSDL’s and WADL’s. In this blog post I will demonstrate some of them and provide some background information. First I’ll describe how URL’s can be used to access composite resources. Next I’ll describe how and when the EM test console and the Webservice test client can be used to gain information about composite WSDL’s and XSD’s.

Understanding URL’s

In (more...)

Connecting Oracle 11g to RDB database with Oracle Heterogenous Services

One of my clients has been running an Oracle RDB database on VMS for decades.

This RDB database stores mission critical data and interfaces with COBOL applications and Oracle 8i databases.
(If you wonder what RDB is; it’s a RDBMS created by DEC in 1984 and bought by Oracle in 1994)

While modernizing the IT landscape, the client expressed the desire to reduce complexity and migrate the mission critical data in RDB to an Oracle (more...)

Oracle Infogram 2014-07-08 09:13:00

Contribution by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

Get Proactive with Oracle Database
Check out Note:1389167.1 for Oracle Database.  It contains a wealth of links to important topics such as:  Oracle Database Resource Portfolio, Oracle Recommended Patches, RAC and DB Support Tools Bundle, Database Diagnostic Tools and Upgrade Advisor. 

Congratulations to AMIS, 10 years of blogging

10 year anniversary AMIS Technology blog – Congratulations from around the world

“ The AMIS Technology Blog continues to impress me as a platform to turn to for sources of innovation and inspiration.
If you want to see where enterprise-grade software technology is going, what direction to point your technology career for the future, and learn some impressive capabilities are of Fusion Middleware – read this blog. “

Misha Vaughan
Oracle, Director, Communications & Outreach, (more...)

AMIS celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Technology Blog

imageIn July 2014, the AMIS Technology Blog has been live for ten years. A decade of sharing knowledge, opinions, research results and reviews. Ten years of community service – driven by enthusiasm, knowledge and fun.

Counted among the most visible and valuable resources on Oracle technology today, the AMIS Technology Blog was first launched in July 2004. Using the then relatively new blogging tool WordPress on a small Linux server under a desk somewhere in (more...)

Knowledge is power, sharing knowledge is powerful

Information sharing stimulates innovation and technical excellence

Almost 8 years ago I joined AMIS. Before this I worked with a lot of Open Source projects and companies. The key to a good Open Source project is sharing information. In my vision the AMIS Technology Blog is an excellent form of the open source way of sharing information. In 2004 we were the first company within the Oracle knowledge domain to actively and openly share all our (more...)

How to add your Standby Cluster Database to Cloud Control

The last few months I’ve been working with Oracle Data Guard, reading lots of manuals and (parts of) books, to make smart decisions and get a solid foundation. I consider myself part of the people who like to work with the command line. That way you really get to understand what you are doing and you won’t have to panic when you don’t have a GUI at your disposal. Once that’s an acquired skill I will (more...)

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 03-JUL-2014

Complément : Découvrir OVCA .. en moins de 10 mn

Taleo Interview Evaluations, Part 2

So, if you read Part 1, you’re all up to speed. If not, no worries. You might be a bit lost, but if you care, you can bounce over and come back for the thrilling conclusion.

I first showed the Taleo Interview Evaluation Glass app and Android app at a Taleo and HCM Cloud customer expo in late April, and as I showed it, my story evolved.

Demos are living organisms; the more you show (more...)

Taleo Interview Evaluations, Part 1

Time to share a new concept demo, built earlier this Spring by Raymond and Anthony (@anthonyslai), both of whom are ex-Taleo.

Back in April, I got my first exposure to Taleo during a sales call. I was there with the AUX contingent, talking about Oracle HCM Cloud Release 8, featuring Simplified UI, our overall design philosophies and approaches, i.e. simplicity-mobility-extensibility, glance-scan-commit, and our emerging technologies work and future cool (more...)

Google Glass and Wearable Devices. Always Context Aware – AMIS Vision

The worst portable hard disk ever made

The human brain is the worst memory drive you can ever imaging. It is not suited for storing information, let alone retrieving it. The brain is good for creating things, linking information, finding patterns and making decisions. Knowing this we do not need to bother about remembering things and can focus our attention on creative activities. We trust we can safely store and retrieve our information somewhere else.wearables AMIS


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Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

Advisor Webcast Recordings
Did you know that Advisor Webcasts are recorded and available for download?  Topic covered include many Oracle products as well as My Oracle Support.  Note:740966.1 has the details on how the program works.

10 tips for ADF Application (Module Pool) tuning

Performance tuning is one of the things that is often left behind during development. Project leaders and business owners seem to think it happens on its own or just push it to the background when the deadline comes close. Another thing that doesn’t help is that performance tuning for ADF applications is a more advanced topic. During a regular ADF training there’s so much to talk about there simply isn’t enough time to cover it, (more...)

Hooking up JDeveloper 12.1.3 to a GitHub repository

This article describes how a JDeveloper application can be published to a GitHub repository – through an intermediary local repository – using the Team (Versioning) support in JDeveloper 12.1.3.


Create GitHub repository


Set the name to blog_repository and click on the button Create repository.


Copy the remote URL to the clipboard.

Create directory and initialize [local]Git repository in /blog_repository (note: this example is created on Linux; the system had Git already set (more...)

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 26-JUN-2014


One of our TAMs recommends this very handy document : Oracle Database (RDBMS) Releases Support Status Summary



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