Oracle SOASuite UMS: Deregister obsolete Messaging Client applications

There are already several blogs on how to receive and send email using the UMS email adapter. A few good starting points that use GMail as a provider are the ones written by our respected con-colleagues of Amis:
So I won't bother to do a how-to on that on my account. Although I manged to get that working with a local Exchange setup.

What I managed to do is to read (more...)

Sonatype Nexus: Retrieving artifacts using the REST API or Apache Ivy

Sonatype Nexus is an often used artifact repository. In a previous blog post I have shown an example how Maven can be used to assemble and release artifacts to Nexus. In this blog post I will describe two ways how artifacts can be fetched from the Nexus repository; by using the REST API and by using Apache Ivy.


The Nexus API

Sonatype has done a great job at providing an extensive well documented REST API. (more...)

Haal eruit wat erin zit – Meer rendement uit bestaande investeringen

De iPhone is de duurste telefoon in de wereld. Zegt mijn vader. En hij ruilt zijn iPhone 5 met liefde in voor een robuuste en eenvoudige Nokia met een paar tientjes beltegoed. Hij is op zoek naar een telefoon – een apparaat om mee te bellen – en hij heeft alle smartphone features van de iPhone niet eens in de gaten. Hij gebruikt ze niet en kent er dus ook geen waarde aan toe. Misschien, (more...)

What happens when you break before your wearables do

A great UX and real life go together; but it’s not always about the good stuff.

I managed to injure myself running right at the end of 2014, and have been laid up in recovery mode.  In one fell swoop I went from running a half-marathon daily to running zero miles. 

Yep, one of those stress fracture thingies you read about; a showstopper that only rest will fix. Yes, that means taking my running (more...)

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 12-FEB-2015


Management database in 12c release, from the Oracle Database Know How blog.



How-to open and close a popup dialog from Java in MAF, from the The Oracle Mobile Platform Blog.


Annonce : Remise du prix de la meilleure thèse

Oracle France a remis à M. Gérald Patterson (ISEP / 2ième promotion du Master Cloud Computing) le trophée Oracle pour sa thèse intitulée Improving Cloud Computing availability with Openstack Enhanced Performance.

Ce fut également l'occasion de présenter le aux élèves de l'ISEP.

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 05-FEB-2015


An Oracle Instance is Like An Upmarket Restaurant, from Martin Widlake's Yet Another Oracle Blog

Another great issue of Pythian’sLog Buffer: Log Buffer #407, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs.



How to manage iOS log files in MAF 2.1, from The Oracle Mobile Platform Blog.


Fun with an Android Wear Watch

A couple days ago, I was preparing to show some development work Luis (@lsgaleana) did for Android Wear using the Samsung Gear Live.

One of the interesting problems we’ve encountered lately is projecting our device work onto larger screens to show to an audience. I know, bit of a first world problem, which is why I said “interesting.”

At OpenWorld last year, I used an IPEVO camera to project two watches, the Gear Live and (more...)

Changed licensing rules for Exadata X5-2 with OracleVM

On 21 January 2015, Oracle announced Exadata X5, the sixth revision of Oracle’s database management system (DBMS) engineered system.

The entire Exadata configuration no longer needs to be licensed when using OracleVM. Instead, a minimum of 40% of the cores in a server must be licensed. This information has been published in an update of the partitioning document.

Gartner wrote a blogpost about this.

The purpose of  this blogpost in front of you is just (more...)

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 29-SEP-2015


Oracle Technology



MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.0.19 has been released, from MySQL Enterprise Tools Blog.


Oracle SOA Suite 12c: Multithreaded instance purging with the Java API

Let’s tackle a single topic at a time in this blog post ;) SOA Suite 12c provides a Java API to perform operations on the SOA infrastructure and things running there such as composites and instances. There are several blog posts available on how to do this in SOA Suite 10g and 11g. However since 12c is relatively new, I decided to try if I could easily access the Java API in 12c and if the (more...)

Annonce : Devenez expert Cloud Oracle !

Vous souhaitez évoluer dans votre carrière?
Rejoingnez l'un de nos partenaires pour devenir un expert des solutions Cloud Oracle !

Transformatie realiseer je samen

Transformatie is meer dan verbeteren en verfijnen van de dingen de je doet. Transformeren is dingen écht anders doen. Bij Conclusion noemen we dat ‘Business done differently’. In een tijd waarin technologische ontwikkelingen elkaar in een moordend tempo opvolgen en waarin we spreken van ‘digital disruption’, moeten we onszelf steeds afvragen of we nog op het juiste pad zijn. Transformeren betekent op pad gaan zonder het exacte eindpunt te kennen. Alleen de richting is bekend. (more...)

Evènement: Oracle Virtual Cloud Summit

4 séminaires en ligne :
  • Back up your Database securely to the Cloud
  • Move your Test & Development to the Cloud
  • Secure Document File-sync & share in the Cloud
  • Accelerate Application development in the Cloud
Enregistrez-vous à l'évènement Oracle Virtual Cloud Summit :

Stories Are the Best, Plus News on Nest!

Friend of the ‘Lab, Kathy (@usableapps), has been using Storify for a while now to compile easy-to-consume, erm, stories about the exploits of Oracle Applications User Experience.

You might remember Storify from past stories such as the In the U.K.: Special events and Apps 14 with UKOUG and Our OpenWorld 2014 Journey.

Anyway, Kathy has a new story, The Internet of Things and the Oracle user experience, which just so (more...)

BPM 12c BundelPatch1: InitiatorTask problem

 Last week we installed the new "SOA Bundle Patch (Patch)" (19707784).
 Applying the patch went fine, no problem at all.

We have a process that is initiated by an Initiator Task, that can be started, I'm sure you're familiar with, using the link under 'Applications'. In our case, however, clicking it gives an exception in stead of opening the Task Form:

Unfortunately I have a Dutch version of (more...)

SOA Suite 12c: In-depth look into Managed File Transfer (1/3)

With the release of SOA Suite 12c a new product was revealed. The first sighting was at Oracle OpenWorld 2013. On the Fusion Middleware Demo Grounds there was a demo shown where B2B was integrated with a product called Managed File Transfer (shortened as MFT). At that same conference I gave a presentation about this product together with the product manager of MFT, Dave Berry. This blog gives an in-depth look into (more...)

Oracle SOA Suite 12c: The Coherence Adapter

Oracle SOA Suite 12c ships with a new technology adapter, the Oracle CoherenceAdapter. This adapter allows easy integration with a Coherence Data Grid (a distributed cache). The excellent post by Antony Reynolds provides the information required to setup your Coherence cache and get started with the adapter. In this blog post I will describe a pattern which can be used to use Coherence Data Grid as a cache for a database table (or view, or…). (more...)


Maybe you remember Busytown, Richard Scarry’s famous town, from your childhood or from reading it to your kids.

Tony Ruth has created the Silicon Valley equivalent, BusinessTown, (h/t The Verge) populated by the archetypes we all know and sometimes love. What do the inhabitants of BusinessTown do? “What Value-Creating Winners Do All Day,” natch.


Who’s up for a SiliconValley marathon?Possibly Related Posts:

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 22-JAN-2015




From the Oracle PartnerNetwork Strategy Blog: Top Five IoT Predictions for (more...)