Kent het C-level ook de kracht van Scrum?

Een van de eerste dingen die ik doe als zaterdag de krant wordt bezorgd, is de column van Ben Tiggelaar lezen. Een paar weken geleden schreef Ben over de rituelen van succesvolle mensen. Veel mensen die excelleren op gebieden waar creativiteit en denkvermogen wordt gevraagd, blijken baat te hebben bij dagelijkse rituelen en structuur. Vaak gewone, soms zelfs saaie bezigheden die onderdeel van zijn hun patroon dat dag in dag uit hetzelfde is.

Ik herken dit (more...)

Creating and scaling Dynamic Clusters in Weblogic 12c

Introduced in Weblogic 12.1.2, dynamic clusters is a great feature to scale your private cloud.
Dynamic clusters provides you easy scaling of Weblogic clusters by adding and removing managed server instances on demand. They contain one or more dynamic servers. These dynamic servers are based on a single servertemplate that guarantees that every member of the cluster is exactly the same.

Creating Dynamic Clusters

Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities (more...)

The Fitbit Surge: Watching Where the Super Watch Puck Goes

Editor’s note: Here’s a review of the Fitbit Surge from Ultan (@ultan, @usableapps); if anyone can road-test a fitness tracker, it’s him. As luck would have it, the Surge is on my list of wearables to test as well. So, watch this space for a comparison review from a much less active person. Enjoy.

I’ve upgraded my Fitbit experience to the Fitbit Surge, the “Fitness Super Watch.”


I’ve been (more...)

Live Monitoring of SOA Suite Service Execution with Stream Explorer – leveraging Custom OWSM Policy and JMS

This article demonstrates how live monitoring of SOA Suite service execution can be implemented using a custom OWSM policy that reports to a JMS queue and with a simple Stream Explorer exploration that aggregates these JMS messages:


The ingredients are:

  • a SOA Suite 12c runtime environment
  • a Stream Explorer installation

and two files available with this article:

  • CustomPolicyAssertionArchive.jar (that contains the custom policy implementation)
  • (that contains the policy definition)

and a JSON (more...)

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 02-APR-2015


OpenWorld SF 2015 External Call for Proposal is now open, from Business Analytics - Proactive Support.



Also from Oracle guru Tanel Poder comes this posting on Exadata: Oracle Exadata Performance: Latest Improvements and Less Known (more...)

Oracle SOA Suite 12c – Create, Deploy, Attach and Configure a Custom OWSM Policy – to report on service execution

This article describes how to develop a straightforward custom assertion that can be used as part of custom OWSM policy to be attached to Web Services in WebLogic, such as services exposed by SOA Composite applications and Service Bus projects as well as custom JAX-WS or ADF BC Web Services. The custom assertion that I demonstrate here reports the execution of web service operations to a JMS Destination and/or the system output. It shows how (more...)

Continuous delivery Maturity model – Nederlandse versie

De methoden en technieken voor Continuous Delivery winnen steeds meer aan belangstelling. Deze aanpak blijkt vaak de succesvolle strategie achter het realiseren van echte “business agility”. Veel organisaties weten heel goed waarom Continuous Delivery belangrijk is, maar worstelen met de vraag “hoe doe je dit dan?”. Hoe start je met Continuous Delivery en hoe zorg je voor een blijvend resultaat? Het Continuous Delivery Maturity Model helpt bij het aanbrengen van structuur en verkrijgen van (more...)

Conference Recaps and Such

I’m currently in Washington D.C. at Oracle HCM World. It’s been a busy conference; on Wednesday, Thao and Ben ran a brainstorming session on wearables as part of the HCM product strategy council’s day of activities.


Then yesterday, the dynamic duo ran a focus group around emerging technologies and their impact on HCM, specifically wearables and Internet of Things (IoT). I haven’t got a full download of the session yet, but I hear the discussion was (more...)

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 26-MAR-2015



From Solaris 11 Maintenance Lifecycle: iSCSI improvements



From Geertjan’s Blog: Mobile Boilerplate and NetBeans IDE


Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 19-MAR-2015


A new blog I’ve never seen before, Emre Baransel, Support Engineer's Blog, looks good and hands-on. Here are some links:


Two from MySQL Enterprise Backup:


WebSocket Client API – Java 8, from Pavel Bucek’s Blog.

Time to Update the Feed

For those of you who enjoy our content via the feed (thank you), I have news.

Next week, I’ll be changing the feed’s name, so if you want to continue to receive AppsLab goodness in your feed reader of choice or in your inbox, you’ll need to come back here and subscribe again.

Or maybe it’s time to switch over to our Twitter (@theappslab) or Facebook Page, if that’s your thing. I did nuke (more...)

OAUX Tidbits

Here come some rapid fire tidbits about upcoming and recently past Oracle Applications User Experience (@usableapps) events.

Events of the Near Past

Laurie Pattison’s (@lsptahoe) team (@InnovateOracle) has been organizing events focused around stimulating and fostering innovation for quite some time now.

I’ve always been a big fan of group-think-and-work exercises, e.g. design jams, hackathons, ShipIts, code sprints, etc.

Our team frequently participates in and supports (more...)

Innovation: Technology and the User Experience

Innovation: Technology and the User Experience

Darwin-IT 2015-03-13 11:50:00

I have several Virtual Machines for our Virtual Course Environments. From time to time, I do an upgrade of the Oracle Linux version. But with every upgrade, Oracle Linux leaves the old kernel files. And in time the root disk is cluttered up. So I want to remove the old kernels. With a little googling, I came up with a discussion thread in Oracle Communities: Oracle Linux Remove Old Kernels (Archived by now).

To me (more...)

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 12-MAR-2015


SQL Developer


From Oracle’s Virtualization Blog: Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.3.24 Released


Three Weeks with the Nike+ Fuelband SE

I don’t like wearing stuff on my wrist, but in my ongoing quest to learn more about the wearables our users wear, I have embarked on a journey.

For science! And for better living through math, a.k.a. the quantified self.

And because I’ll be at HCM World later this month talking about wearables, and because wearables are a thing, and we have a Storify to prove it, and we need to (more...)

Annonce : DB12c certifiée avec EM12c

Il est désormais possible d’utiliser une base pour le référentiel d’ Oracle Enterprise Manager (OMR) : 

Development on Windows 8.1 Phone and Tablet

This is a follow up to my previous post (“Where are the Mobile Windows Devices?“) in which I gave my initial impressions of mobile windows devices.  As part of our assessment of these devices we also developed a few apps and this post details how that went.

Getting Started

Windows Phone 8.1 applications have to be developed on Windows 8.1.  I am using a Mac so I installed Windows 8.1 (more...)

Where are the Mobile Windows Devices?

That was one of the questions one of the Oracle’s Executives asked when we presented our new Cloud UX Lab to them.  The short answer was that there were none.  As far as I am aware, we never did any testing of any of our prototypes and applications on Windows Phones or tablets because, frankly, we thought it didn’t matter.   Windows phones (and tablets) are a distant third to the 2 behemoths in this space, Android (more...)

2015 OPN FMW Partner Forum: the coolest thing

This week I attended the Twentieth Oracle Partner Network Fusion Middleware Forum, this year in the Boscolo Hotel in Budapest, Hungary.

It was a great event, where a lot of subjects were covered, a lot of great people met. According to one of the product managers we were the smartest Oracle Region in the world (let's not uncover who said that...)

We've seen a lot of cool stuf. Let me try to put (more...)