JDeveloper XSL Mapper tip

Of course you know already that in Jdeveloper you can create xsl maps, just by drawing lines between source and target elements. In many cases you need functions or complex expressions in between. Those are "drag-and-dropable" as well. I found that you can even drop a function on a line and the function will be added to the expression. So with a little thought of the sequence of "drag-and-drops" of functions you can assemble pretty (more...)

SQLServer: date conversions

In my current project I need to query an MS SqlServer database.
Unfortunately the dates are stored as a BigInt instead of a proper date datatype.
So I had to find out how to do compare the dates with the systemdate, and how to get the system date. To log this for possible later use, as an exception, a blog about SqlServer.

To get the system date, you can do:

It's maybe (more...)

Oracle Infogram 2014-04-07 12:28:00

Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

Oracle Learning Library Oracle Learning Library was designed to allow you to search for free online training content (OBEs, Demos and Tutorials) on OTN.
  • Oracle by Example (OBE) tutorials provide hands-on, step-by-step instructions on how to implement various technology solutions to business problems. In addition to the following OBE tutorials, you can also access more product training at the Oracle University Knowledge Center.
  • Demos provide an automated demonstration (more...)

Humantask Assignment: Assignment via External Routing

This blog post is part of a series of posts about humantask assignment. You can find the starting point of this series by following the next link.

This post gives an example of task assignment via External Routing. I will use the same BPM process as in most of the other posts.
The implementation of the External Routing is done in a custom java class that implements the IAssignmentService interface.
The following picture shows the (more...)

Oracle Priority Service Newsletter for 03-APR-2014


From the Insights from an Oracle University Classroom blog: Using the Container Database in Oracle Database 12c.

Never miss a chance to read Tom writing about Oracle if you can: Tom Kyte writes about Oracle Database 12c Multitenant Option in Oracle Magazine.

Annonce : PostgreSQL plugin pour EM12c

En mai prochain, Blue Medora mettra à disposition un plugin pour PostgreSQL

Ce plugin sera disponible gratuitement avec un support via le forum.

SoapUI: Property Based Assertions

In many cases you need to or are allowed to send a messageId and a correlationId to a service. In the response these Id's are mirrored back. In SoapUI it is pretty easy to generate those ID's using Groovy. The code for this is as follows:

def guidVal = "${java.util.UUID.randomUUID()}";
def testCase = testRunner.testCase;
testCase.setPropertyValue("MessageId", guidVal);
def msgDate = new Date() ;
def msgDateStr = msgDate.format("yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss");
This (more...)


There is a ‘rule’, I think it was created by Tom Kyte, stating: If you can do it in SQL, do it in SQL. I came across some code the other day that makes perfect sense to do then you are running an Oracle 10g (or earlier) instance. I rewrote the code to use only the EMP and DEPT tables to protect the suspects and maybe innocent.
The function defined is something like this:


Fun : Un air de déjà vu

Oracle Infogram 2014-04-01 11:57:00

Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

Big Data Architecture
Everybody's talking about Big Data, but what are you doing about it? The latest OTN ArchBeat podcast just might help to get you started down the right path to Big Data. The panel for this discussion of Big Data Architecture includes Oracle ACE Director and Hadoop expert Gwen Shapira  and Oracle Big Data Handbook authors Tom Plunkett, Bruce Nelson, and Brian MacDonald.

ADF Runtime Diagnostics: Instrumenting your ADF Application – Part 2

In a series of blog articles I show how you can instrument your ADF Application key actions. Instrumenting gives visibility and insight of what is happening inside the ADF application and in the ADF framework (what methods and queries are executed, when and how often). These runtime diagnostics can be very effective in identifying and solving performance issues. This enables developers to diagnose and solve performance problems at an early stage and to build an efficient, (more...)

Oracle Applications User Experience: The New Cool. And Hip With It Too!

Great shout out for the Oracle Applications Cloud Release 8 Simplified UI by all-round Oracle Applications UX champ and enterprise applications guru Floyd Teter (@fteter). He tells us: “Simple is the new cool.


Simplified UI Home Page. A tablet-first crisp experience from the cloud.

Nicely put. But, if that’s not enough kudos, try this Dutch language article, “Oracle doet hip en demonstreert interfaces”. The article is about the AMIS-hosted (more...)

Enterprise UX Change Optics: Newton (Isaac not Apple’s)

Tech startups have a key role to play in bringing out change in enterprise user experience (UX), as pointed out in this great Wired article: Enterprise UX: Why the Paradigm Shifts.

Now, there are many nuances to enterprise-level user experience and the stakeholders are different to the consumer UX space, even though the consumerization of information technology driven by users expectation is now a given. Innovation in the startup space ultimately influences consumers before the (more...)

Google Glass: Hot Chip from Hot Chip

Taking @scobleizer’s Age of Context further than he imagined (just kidding), I love the Google Glass message I received when listing to Hot Chip on Google Music on Google Glass.

Hot Chips all around! Very contextual (sure).

Using Table Functions

Overview of table functions

Table functions are functions that produce a collection or rows (either a nested table or a varray) that can be queried like a physical database table. You use a table function like the name of a database table, in the FROM clause of a query. The difference with a physical database table in the FROM clause of the query is that you need to use the TABLE() operator to tell the (more...)

copyisdesign: Bad experience (Translation) MEGA An experience…


Bad experience (Translation)


An experience shared by Oleksandr Pysaryuk:

"Looking at the Russian localization of the MEGA (cloud storage and electronic collaboration service) Android app. Spotted two non-existent words + two sentences with grammatical errors out of seven messages on a single screen.”

NoSQL vs. NewSQL vs. traditional RDBMS

I frequently am asked questions that boil down to:

  • When should one use NoSQL?
  • When should one use a new SQL product (NewSQL or otherwise)?
  • When should one use a traditional RDBMS (most likely Oracle, DB2, or SQL Server)?

The details vary with context — e.g. sometimes MySQL is a traditional RDBMS and sometimes it is a new kid — but the general class of questions keeps coming. And that’s just for short-request use (more...)

JDeveloper BPMN Bug: Activity Name conflict – Follow Up

A few weeks ago I reported about my experiences with JDeveloper 11g PS6 in Malta. I had to borrow a laptop to do the Adaptive Case Management workshop. It was a HP laptop with Ubuntu 12. Somehow this combination with VirtualBox 4.3.6 lead into a bug in JDeveloper. Creating a new project would introduce a dash ('-') in the ID of each created activity.

In the mean time I have a new laptop, (more...)

OOW : Package Digora

Vous souhaitez vous rendre à la prochaine session d' Oracle Open World qui aura lieu du 28 septembre au 2 octobre 2014.
Découvrez le package dédié mis en place par Digora

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 28-MAR-2014

OOW Proposals Now Open

Time to get your 15 minutes of fame at Oracle OpenWorld: Submit your proposal for a presentation at OpenWorld.


From Ardent Performance Computing this handy tip: Command Line Attachment to Oracle Support Service Request.


Oak Table member Kyle Hailey discusses Oracle : buffer busy wait.