StreamExplorer pushing findings as JSON messages to a WebSocket channel for live HTML Dashboard updates

A common desire when doing real time event processing with Stream Explorer and/or Oracle EVent Processor is the ability to present the findings from Stream Explorer in a live dashboard. This dashboard should hold a visualization of whatever information we have set up Stream Explorer to find for us – and it should always show the latest information.

User interfaces are commonly presented in web browsers and created using HTML(5) and JavaScript. As part of (more...)

Weblogic Console and BPM Worklist. Authentication using OpenLDAP

In this blog I will illustrate how you can configure Weblogic Server to use OpenLDAP as authentication provider and to allow OpenLDAP users to login to the Oracle BPM Worklist application. In a previous blog I have already shown how to do Weblogic Authentication with ApacheDS (LDAP and Weblogic; Using ApacheDS as authentication provider for Weblogic). In this blog I will use OpenLDAP to also do BPM Worklist authentication.


Why use OpenLDAP?

Oracle (more...)

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 14-MAY-2015

SQL Developer


From Exadata Partner Community – EMEA: Capgemini whitepaper: Oracle Exalogic-based Big Data strategy


Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance

Java Web Application sending JSON messages through WebSocket to HTML5 browser application for real time push

imageThis article describes a Java EE 7 web application that exposes a REST service that handles HTTP POST requests with JSON payload. Any message received is sent through a Web Socket to the web socket (server) endpoint that is published by a Java Class deployed as part of the web application. A static HTML page with two associated JavaScript libraries is opened in a web browser and has opened a web socket connection to this (more...)

Notes on analytic technology, May 13, 2015

1. There are multiple ways in which analytics is inherently modular. For example:

  • Business intelligence tools can reasonably be viewed as application development tools. But the “applications” may be developed one report at a time.
  • The point of a predictive modeling exercise may be to develop a single scoring function that is then integrated into a pre-existing operational application.
  • Conversely, a recommendation-driven website may be developed a few pages — and hence also a few (more...)

Oracle Infogram 2015-05-13 11:54:00

Contribution by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

Managing Millenials - The Shifting Workforce
A significant portion of US workers will be leaving the workforce. At the same time, a new generation is entering the workforce with an entirely different set of expectations. According to a PwC report, millennials already form 25% of the workforce in the US. By 2020, millennials will form 50% of the global workforce.  Read  Mark Hurd's interesting take on (more...)

Four Weeks and a Day with the Jawbone UP24

After three weeks with the Nike+ Fuelband and four weeks with the Basis Peak, I moved on to the Jawbone UP24.

The UP24 has been out for quite a while now. Back in January 2014, Noel (@noelportugal) and Luis (@lsgaleana) did cursory evaluation, and not much has changed in the Jawbone lineup since then.

At least, not until recently when the new hotness arrived, the UP2, UP3 and soon, (more...)

Expand swap using SSM

The mere reason that I dug into SSM yeasterday was that I wanted to install the Oracle Database 12c.

(Did you know yesterday came from the word 'yeast'? So actually yeasterday: because one used the yeast of the day before to bake the bread of today. Also in Dutch  the word for yeast: 'gist', still sounds in the word for yeasterday: 'gisteren'.)

I ran however against the prerequisite check on (more...)

Publish a REST service from PL/SQL to handle HTTP POST requests – using the embedded PL/SQL gateway

Oracle Database can act as an HTTP server – using the Embedded PL/SQL Gateway (the 10g successor of the MOD_PLSQL gateway). With just a few statements, we can have the Oracle Database become a listener to HTTP requests (GET or POST). When requests are received at the configured host, port and URL, the request is passed to a PL/SQL procedure that handles it and prepares a response.

In this article, we will expose a REST (more...)

StreamExplorer – use REST adapter to feed results from event processing to a REST service

In a recent article, I described how StreamExplorer can be configured to consume events by exposing a REST service to which clients can send HTTP POST requests with JSON payloads. StreamExplorer also can make use of an Outbound REST Adapter through which results of explorations can be sent.

This target service can be implemented in a number of ways – that does not concern StreamExplorer. In this case we will use an implementation in (more...)

Watch-first Design and Development


So as you might already know, it has been all about THE Watch these past days. So having this new toy in my wrist made me want to explore the possibilities. So I set myself to push my skill boundaries and dove right into WatchKit development. To kick off the wheels I spent this weekend doing what  I like to call “Noel’s Apple Watch weekend hackathon”. My favorite kind of event, because somehow I always (more...)

Use the inbound REST adapter of StreamExplorer to consume events from HTTP POST requests

StreamExplorer is a fairly recent product from Oracle – a business user friendly layer around Oracle Event Processor. In various previous articles, I have discussed StreamExplorer. I have demonstrated how SX can consume events from JMS, EDN and from CSV files. This article shows how a stream in StreamExplorer can expose a REST service to which events can be pushed.


In this case, we will look at a movie theater. More specifically, we will monitor (more...)

Make HTTP POST request from Java SE – no frills, no libraries, just plain Java

This article shows a very simple, straightforward example of making an HTTP POST call to a url (http://localhost:8080/movieevents) and sending a JSON payload to that URL. This example does not use any additional libraries – just the standard Java SE libraries.





import java. (more...)

LVM with SSM on OL7

Or how to  encrypt your title with acronyms...

Today I wanted to create a VM with an Oracle SOA/BPM Suite 12c installation, since I'm to give a workshop on the installation of it. I used Oracle Linux 6 for my installations and the last few years I did play around quite a lot with it (for someone who is not a core systems administrator), to upgrade all my VM's to the latest update, remove obsolete (more...)

Invoke a REST service from PL/SQL – make an HTTP POST request using UTL_HTTP in Oracle Database 11g XE

This article is small and simple. It discusses how from PL/SQL an HTTP POST request can be made to a REST service. This particular service is exposed at http://localhost:9002/cinema and it expects a POST call.

Making HTTP requests from PL/SQL is fairly simple, using the supplied package UTL_HTTP. Starting in Oracle Database 11g, some security constraints are in force around network interactions. This means that before from a specific database account a PL/SQL unit can (more...)

Keeping track of your licenses with OEM12C – reports

Wouldn’t be nice to get regularly informed how (in)compliant you are with Oracle licenses in an easy – centralized – way, and therefore not have to worry about visits of Oracle’s LMS – License Management Services? I think that would be nice for the most of us. Running LMS-scripts on the target databases, hosts and middleware is for now the most thorough way to get informed about possible incompliancy. Or in some cased,  using some (more...)

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 07-MAY-2015


Oracle Key Vault

No space left on device…

Today I ran into something curious, that I saw a few weeks ago on a training that I gave: the root filesystem  ran full (Oracle Linux 6). At first I did not find anything that caused the problem, but the command 'df -k' indeed suggested a full root filesystem. Using 'du -sh /home/oracle' we found that that folder consumed an unreasonable amount of space. In my case today I found the same. It turns out (more...)

Drone, Data X Conference – Trip Report

Let me start by saying that there were kids in the audience of the Drones, Data X Conference held this past weekend in Santa Cruz, something I have not seen at any other tech conference. I thought it was pretty cool. At the end, I found there was a reason for kids to be there.

From the very first presentation it became clear that this is not really about the drones. The drones were almost (more...)

My Weekend with Apple Watch

Editor’s note: Here’s our first Apple Watch review from Thao (@thaobnguyen), our head of research and design. Look for a companion review taken from Noel (@noelportugal) later this week.

Thanks, Apple! I got an Apple Watch (38mm) delivered on Friday, April 24.


The Watch packaging, quite different than the Watch Sport packaging.

Full disclosure, I’m a long time Apple user. My household runs on Apple so many would say I’m an Apple-fan (more...)