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From Oracle’s Virtualization Blog: Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.3.24 Released


Mobile backend with REST services and JSON payload based on SOA Suite 12c for Live Mobile Hacking with an OFM 12c red stack – Part 2

This article continues the story from Mobile backend with REST services and JSON payload based on SOA Suite 12c for Live Mobile Hacking with an OFM 12c red stack – Part 1. It is the story of how to expose SOAP/XML based Web Services – primed for enterprise integration and process automation – as REST services with URL parameters and JSON payloads that provide the mobile backend APIs required for the development of mobile apps. (more...)

SOA Suite: How to set database session context through Database Adapter – and how to retrieve data from V$SESSION

To allow the Oracle Database to produce meaningful log, audit trail and trace information that allow problem analysis of issues and interpretation and optimization of run time behavior, it is necessary that the database session execution context is set. Without it, efficient administration of the RDBMS is not possible. This context that should be set by any consumer of the database consists of aspects such as who (is the user for which the database is (more...)

Three Weeks with the Nike+ Fuelband SE

I don’t like wearing stuff on my wrist, but in my ongoing quest to learn more about the wearables our users wear, I have embarked on a journey.

For science! And for better living through math, a.k.a. the quantified self.

And because I’ll be at HCM World later this month talking about wearables, and because wearables are a thing, and we have a Storify to prove it, and we need to (more...)

Annonce : DB12c certifiée avec EM12c

Il est désormais possible d’utiliser une base pour le référentiel d’ Oracle Enterprise Manager (OMR) : 

Development on Windows 8.1 Phone and Tablet

This is a follow up to my previous post (“Where are the Mobile Windows Devices?“) in which I gave my initial impressions of mobile windows devices.  As part of our assessment of these devices we also developed a few apps and this post details how that went.

Getting Started

Windows Phone 8.1 applications have to be developed on Windows 8.1.  I am using a Mac so I installed Windows 8.1 (more...)

Where are the Mobile Windows Devices?

That was one of the questions one of the Oracle’s Executives asked when we presented our new Cloud UX Lab to them.  The short answer was that there were none.  As far as I am aware, we never did any testing of any of our prototypes and applications on Windows Phones or tablets because, frankly, we thought it didn’t matter.   Windows phones (and tablets) are a distant third to the 2 behemoths in this space, Android (more...)

2015 OPN FMW Partner Forum: the coolest thing

This week I attended the Twentieth Oracle Partner Network Fusion Middleware Forum, this year in the Boscolo Hotel in Budapest, Hungary.

It was a great event, where a lot of subjects were covered, a lot of great people met. According to one of the product managers we were the smartest Oracle Region in the world (let's not uncover who said that...)

We've seen a lot of cool stuf. Let me try to put (more...)

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From Oracle Partner Hub: ISV Migration Center Team:



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How To Be Notified When MOS Notes Are Updated, from the Oracle E-Business Suite Technology blog.



And from Exadata Database Machine: 10 reasons to run Database In-Memory on Exadata


From Oracle Enterprise Manager: Editing EM12c Jobs in Bulk

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Complément : A-Team Chronicles

Le site A-Team Chronicles aggrège le contenu produit par les membres de la A-Team : meilleures pratiques, astuces, conseils, etc

Annonce : Oracle Database In-Memory Advisor

Oracle Database In-Memory Advisor est maintenant disponible.
Pour utiliser cet assistant, le "Database Tuning Pack" est nécessaire.

Plus d'information :
  • Page OTN
  • Note MOS 1965342.1

Complément : Tutoriels sur Oracle Public Cloud

Complément : Vidéos Oracle Public Cloud

Oracle Usable Apps blogs down the local Apple Store in #San…

Oracle Usable Apps blogs down the local Apple Store in #San Francisco. #Guerilla outreach. #UX (at Apple Store, Stonestown)

Automatic: Nice, but Not Necessary

Editor’s note: Here’s the first post from one of our newish team members, Ben. Ben is a usability engineer with a PhD in Cognitive Psychology, and by his own account, he’s also a below average driver. Those two factoids are not necessarily related; I just don’t know what his likes and dislikes are so I’m spit-balling.

Ben applied his research chops to himself and his driving using Automatic (@automatic), a doodad that measures (more...)

Découverte : Java Cloud Service Workshop

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Three good articles recently from Upgrade your Database – NOW!:

From Robert G. Freeman on Oracle: Oracle Multitenant - Common Users

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Proactive Analysis Center (PAC), from the My Oracle Support blog.


What happens when you break before your wearables do

A great UX and real life go together; but it’s not always about the good stuff.

I managed to injure myself running right at the end of 2014, and have been laid up in recovery mode.  In one fell swoop I went from running a half-marathon daily to running zero miles. 

Yep, one of those stress fracture thingies you read about; a showstopper that only rest will fix. Yes, that means taking my running (more...)

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Management database in 12c release, from the Oracle Database Know How blog.



How-to open and close a popup dialog from Java in MAF, from the The Oracle Mobile Platform Blog.