BPM12c Quickstart invalid oramds url

In a BPM process that starts an Adaptive Case Management Case, I tried to create an XSL based on the Case.xsd that is found in the oramds. I choose the input of the startCase message of the wsdl of the ACM Case.

But I kept running into the following message:
Invalid url: oramds:/soa/shared/casemgmt/Case.xsd
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Invalid url: oramds:/soa/shared/casemgmt/Case.xsd

I tested this in both a WIndows and a Linux (under VirtualBox) installation. (more...)

BPM12c: Patch for ‘ora:getAttachmentProperty: Failed to decode properties string ‘

Last december I reported running into a problem getting attachments and attachments properties in this blog-post. I created a Service Request for it and last week it resulted in a one-off patch:

Because there are multiple versions available for download, you should make sure to download the appropriate version; in my case it was 12.1.3.

Adaptive Case Mgt: Cleanup cases without Flow-Instances

Recently we encountered problems with cases that are related to a composite that somehow got corrupted in the MDS. This was possibly due to a failing deployment, which suggests a bug, since you don't want to have composite artifacts of an earlier version removed only after a succesful deployment of the new version.

The particular composite was listed in the deployed composites list, but it lacked the artifacts and therefor marked as invalid. Using the (more...)

Complément : Analyse de performances via AWR Warehouse

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 15-JAN-2015

Oracle Support

Malware sites offering Oracle 'patches', from Proactive Support - Data Integration.


And from the same source: Upcoming Upgrade Workshops Jan/Feb 2015

Data Modeling


From the Oracle NoSQL Database blog: Big Data SQL for Oracle NoSQL (more...)

Annonce : Workshop DBaaS

Un workshop sur le sujet DBaaS, à destination des partenaires Oracle, aura lieu le 4 et 5 mars à Colombes (France)
Plus de détails : http://eventreg.oracle.com/profile/web/index.cfm?PKWebId=0x1713052088

Dear Julia: SmartWatch Habits and Preferences

Julia’s recent post about her experiences with the Samsung Gear watches triggered a lively conversation here at the AppsLab. I’m going to share my response here and sprinkle in some of Julia’s replies.  I’ll also make a separate post about the interesting paper she referenced.

Dear Julia,

You embraced the idea of the smart watch as a fully functional replacement for the smart phone (nicely captured by your Fred Flintstone image). I am on the other end (more...)

Upgrade OVM 3.2 to 3.3

Lately several people asked me how they should go about with upgrading their OVM 3.2.x environment to 3.3.x
They have the backend repository running on an Oracle Database, which is no longer supported. In release 3.3, only MySQL is supported as a backend repository database.
They were wondering how the migration process will take place.
Furthermore the documentation states that there is only one way to upgrade the OVM Server (more...)

Complément : Provisioning d’une instance java dans Oracle Public Cloud

JDeveloper 12c: Resolving ‘MDS-01368: Variable "oracle.home" used in configuration document is not defined’ error

 When I started up my Integrated Domain I encountered loads of errors in the log regarding the starting of my ADF application:

Caused By: oracle.mds.config.MDSConfigurationException: MDS-01330: Kan MDS-configuratiedocument niet laden.    
MDS-01329: Kan element "persistence-config" niet laden.
MDS-01370: Configuratie van MetadataStore voor metadata-store-usage "mstore-usage_1" is ongeldig.   
MDS-01368: Variabele "oracle.home" in het configuratiedocument is niet gedefinieerd als systeemeigenschap of omgevingsvariabele.


I found several questions on the oracle community about this, but (more...)

Build failed: where’s my bc4j.xcfg?

Yesterday and this morning I lost a lot of time with building failures, trying to build our ADF HumanTask forms. We used a adf-lib for amongst others XML DataControls, and reusable page-comoponents.

Trying to build the ear file, and actually that adf-lib, I got an error stating 'Unable to copy to output directory ... <default-package>/common/bc4j.xcfg not found'. Indeed in that default ADFBc folder the bc4j.xcfg is not available, nor anywhere in our whole project (more...)

Complément : Provisioning d’une instance DB dans Oracle Public Cloud

An Interaction Designer’s Perspective: Samsung Gear vs. Samsung Gear Live

Editor’s note: In January of 2014, our team held a wearables summit of sorts, test-driving five popular watches, fitness bands and head-mounted displays to collect experiential evidence of each form factor, initial experience, device software and ecosystem and development capabilities.

Julia drew the original Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch, and she’s been using it ever since. A few months ago, she began using the new Android Wear hotness, the Samsung Gear Live, which several of us have.


2015 AT&T Developer Summit & Hackathon

Editor’s Note: Noel did it! After competing in 2013 and 2014, he broke through and won a prize at the annual AT&T Developer Summit Hackathon (@attdeveloper). Congrats to the whole team.


The whole team minus Anthony who was too sick to enjoy the moment.


This year, Anthony (@anthonyslai), Raymond, Osvaldo (@vaini11a), Luis (@lsgaleana), Tony and I (@noelportugal) participated in the AT&T Developer Summit & Hackathon.

From the (more...)

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 08-JAN-2015


SQL Developer



From Oracle's MySQL (more...)

Wearable Tech Helps Irish Dairy Cows Produce More Milk

#Wearabletech for cows? Come on! Great story on NPR called “High-Tech Tools Help Irish Dairy Farmers Produce More Milk”. Worth listening to.

The story features the MooMonitor app made by Dairymaster. Check it out.

This video explains how things work and the technology involved:

What’s also worth considering here are the user requirements, the context of use that shaped the technology: changes in external environment such as the ending of the European (more...)

Here Are Your First Links of 2015

Our team has been busy since the New Year, competing in the AT&T Developer Summit hackathon, which is Noel’s (@noelportugal) Everest, i.e. he tries to climb it every year, see 2013 and 2014.

If you follow our Twitter (@theappslab) or Facebook page, you might have seen the teaser. If not, here it is:

Image courtesy of AT&T Developer Program

Image courtesy of AT&T Developer Program’s Facebook page

Look for details later this week.

While you (more...)

Oracle Infogram 2015-01-07 14:56:00

Contribution by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

My Oracle Support Essentials Webcast Series
The My Oracle Support Essentials Series brings interactive expertise straight to your desktop. The goal of this program is to communicate with our customers and partners, provide tips and tricks on how to effectively work with Oracle Support, and take advantage of the PROACTIVE tools that are provided with your Oracle Support contract.  The January schedule is available in Doc Id 553747.1

Change Subversion password in Jdeveloper

On most projects I used TortoiseSVN voor versioning with Subversion. It gives me a feeling of being more in control of my working copy. In the past I used JDevelopers built in versioning tool on a project, due to lack of administrator rights for installing Tortoise. And although you need to give it some time to get used to it, the versioning is pretty good actually.

On my current project I gave it a go (more...)

Another Echo Hack from Noel

Noel (@noelportugal) spent a lot of time during his holidays geeking out with his latest toy, Amazon Echo. Check out his initial review and his lights hack.

For a guy whose name means Christmas, seems it was a logical leap to use Alexa to control his Christmas tree lights too.

Let’s take a minute to shame Noel for taking portrait video. Good, moving on, oddly, I found out about this from a Wired UK article (more...)