My Weekend with Apple Watch

Editor’s note: Here’s our first Apple Watch review from Thao (@thaobnguyen), our head of research and design. Look for a companion review taken from Noel (@noelportugal) later this week.

Thanks, Apple! I got an Apple Watch (38mm) delivered on Friday, April 24.


The Watch packaging, quite different than the Watch Sport packaging.

Full disclosure, I’m a long time Apple user. My household runs on Apple so many would say I’m an Apple-fan (more...)

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 30-APR-2015



And from Fusion Applications Developer Relations: JDeveloper Versions Revisited


Less Noisy NetBeans, from Geertjan’s Blog.

Mobile Computing

More Apple Watch-ness from Oracle Social Network

And now back to the Apple Watch content.

If you’ve read here for a while, you might remember we used to be part of the WebCenter development team, and we worked with Oracle Social Network, affectionately OSN.

We even ran a developer challenge for OSN at OpenWorld back in 2012.

Yesterday, longtime friend of the ‘Lab and all-around good dude, Chris Bales (@cbales) reached out to ask about the OSN Android Wear (more...)

When Less Is More

Editor’s note: Let’s take a break from all the Apple Watch frenzy. Breathe. And now enjoy a post from Julia, interaction designer extraordinaire, about her favorite wearable. She knows her stuff, having lived with a couple of the early smartwatches for long more than a year.

Among all the smart watch hype, one smart watch stays on a side in a category of its own. While most watches compete to offer more, this watch’s appeal is in (more...)

Oracle Infogram 2015-04-27 08:29:00

Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

Database Security
From the outset, Oracle has delivered the industry's most advanced technology to safeguard data at the source—the database. Oracle provides a comprehensive portfolio of security solutions to ensure data privacy, protect against insider threats, and enable regulatory compliance for both Oracle and non-Oracle databases. Oracle's powerful preventive and detective security controls include database activity monitoring and blocking, privileged user and multifactor access control, data classification and (more...)

The Apple Watch Arrives

Ho hum, Apple released a Watch on Friday. I haven’t see this kind of nerd frenzy since Google Glass finally reached its first Explorers.

The Watch has transcended nerd-only fandom to reach regular people’s consciousness too, e.g. when I wore the Basis Peak, several people asked if it was *the* Watch.

Well, Noel (@noelportugal) and Thao (@thaobnguyen) are both test-driving their Watches now, so look for their initial impressions (more...)

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 23-APR-2015

Time to Patch!

From the Oracle E-Business Suite Technology blog:




From the Oracle BI applications (more...)

Oracle Infogram 2015-04-20 10:06:00

Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

How Cloud Computing is Revolutionizing Business
Cloud computing is triggering a stunning shift in how businesses operate. Modern SaaS applications for marketing, HR, and ERP are allowing companies to accelerate operations and engage more intimately with their customers thanks to heretofore unseen heroes in their ranks.  Read Mark Hurd's latest blog on "How Cloud Computing is Revolutionizing Business".

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 16-APR-2015

Time to Patch!

From the Oracle E-Business Suite Technology blog:


From OTN DBA/DEV Watercooler: Oracle APEX 5 Is Here


SOA Suite 12c: Topology Suggestions, from the SOA & BPM Partner Community Blog.

Data Integrator

OAUX Emerging Technologies RD&D Strategy

Speaking of strategies, Misha (@mishavaughan) asked me to write up an article–not a post, there’s a difference–describing how this team goes about its business, i.e. researching, designing and developing solutions for the emerging technologies that will affect our users in the near and not-so-near future.


You can, and should, read the resulting article over at the mothership, Usableapps (@usableapps). Check it out:

New emphasis on emerging technology shapes Oracle’s user (more...)

Awesome Oracle ERP Cloud on Apple Watch design concepts. For…

Awesome Oracle ERP Cloud on Apple Watch design concepts. For more information see: A Glance at Smartwatches in the Enterprise: A Moment in Time Experience.

Are We Ready for the Apple Watch?

So, apparently Apple is launching a watch soon, which has people asking us, i.e. Oracle Applications User Experience (@usableapps), what our strategy is for the watch of watches.

If you read here, you probably already know we’ve been looking at smart watchessuper watches, and wearables of all kinds for a few years. So, the strategy is already in place.

Build a framework that does most of the work and (more...)

Cool Machines: RU 800-S Rail Refresher

The kid in me loves this behemoth so very much, h/t to Kottke. This rail refresher is a Swietelsky RU 800-S.

There are lots of videos showing this dream machine at work.Possibly Related Posts:

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 09-APR-2015


How to log on even when SYSDBA can't do so? from Tanel Poder at

SQL Developer


An article that will help navigate the uncertainties of the sea of functions ‘around the center’: MEDIAN: FOR WHEN YOU DON'T REALLY MEAN (more...)

Four Weeks with the Basis Peak

Right after I finished wearing the Nike+ Fuelband for three weeks, I moved straight on to another wearable device, the Basis Peak.

The Peak falls into a category Ultan (@ultan, @usableapps) calls the “super watch,” a term that nicely differentiates watches like the Peak (and the Fitbit Surge) from fitness bands (e.g. Jawbone UP24, Nike+ Fuelband, Fitbit Flex), smartwatches (e.g. Android Wear, (more...)

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OpenWorld SF 2015 External Call for Proposal is now open, from Business Analytics - Proactive Support.



Also from Oracle guru Tanel Poder comes this posting on Exadata: Oracle Exadata Performance: Latest Improvements and Less Known (more...)

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 26-MAR-2015



From Solaris 11 Maintenance Lifecycle: iSCSI improvements



From Geertjan’s Blog: Mobile Boilerplate and NetBeans IDE


Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 19-MAR-2015


A new blog I’ve never seen before, Emre Baransel, Support Engineer's Blog, looks good and hands-on. Here are some links:


Two from MySQL Enterprise Backup:


WebSocket Client API – Java 8, from Pavel Bucek’s Blog.

Innovation: Technology and the User Experience

Innovation: Technology and the User Experience

Darwin-IT 2015-03-13 11:50:00

I have several Virtual Machines for our Virtual Course Environments. From time to time, I do an upgrade of the Oracle Linux version. But with every upgrade, Oracle Linux leaves the old kernel files. And in time the root disk is cluttered up. So I want to remove the old kernels. With a little googling, I came up with a discussion thread in Oracle Communities: Oracle Linux Remove Old Kernels (Archived by now).

To me (more...)