QS15: Measurement with Meaning

Walking into something as a newcomer is always an adventure of reality interacting with expectations. Though I wasn’t quite sure what to expect at the Quantified Self conference, it wasn’t what I expected. But in a good way.

QS15 Twitter robot

Tweet-painting robot at QS15

The conference was structured around three main activities: talks given on the main stage, breakout sessions, which took place at different smaller areas during the talks, and break times, where one might check (more...)

Dublin Pride 2015 and Tech

Lots of tech companies out there with representatives at the Dublin Pride 2015 Parade (Airbnb, Dropbox, Google, Twitter and so on).


Here’s my contribution: wearable tech naturally (Android Wear on Motorola Moto 360). In Irish.

A Glance at DeLorean and Laptops

Spotted in Dublin. One reason you don’t want to be dependent in devices and looks. How long before it’s the laptops that are considered quaint?

So, stay in the cloud with glance UX.

More About Me at QS15

I always thought of myself as a control freak, Type A, self-aware (flaws and all) person but then I attended the Quantified Self Conference last week in San Francisco.

Image from QS15

Image from QS15

There is so much more one can do to learn about one’s self. The possibilities are endless on what I can quantify (measure about myself) and there are so many people capturing many surprising things.

Quantified Self, if you haven’t heard, is “a (more...)

Yisser Work Experience in Dublin is Here: Dogpatch Labs

I was in Dogpatch Labs (@dogpatchlabs) in Dublin today.

I wanted a taste of the startup, entrepreneurial vibe offered by a collaborative workspace and to understand what the experience meant for designing work patterns that reflected the IoT as an office: ubiquitous connectivity, data in the cloud, and flexible ways of working. 

I was also interested in the shape of human interaction that emerged when a social hub was thrown into the (more...)

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 25-JUN-2015



Ops Center

From the Ops Centerblog: Ops Center 12.3 is Released


End Users and Decision-Makers Can Have Their UX Cake and Eat It

Cakes seem to be a popular storytelling vehicle in the UX world, and why not?


Cupcakes for the Cloud: Seen the Oracle Direct Sales Congress for FY16 in Dublin, Ireland

The very genesis of ERP, for example was in the tea and cake business in the UK after WWII. Since then, ERP UX has evolved in ways that tell one tasty story about how innovation in the enterprise keeps the entire business sweet.  


Your first KiSS to ♥ IoT UX

Services: that’s really what’s at the heart of the IoT (Internet of Things) device conversation and what makes the user experience (UX) design of IoT different. 

Think of your first KISS (Killer Integration Services, Simple) as the beginning of a love affair with ubiquitous connectivity of devices and data exchange through the cloud. 


 Oyster Card for transport in London. No card actually necessary!

This O'Reilly book Experience Design addresses (more...)

Base64 encoding/decoding in OSB

Of course there are several java examples to do a base64 encoding on the internet. And there are almost nearly as much encoding implementations in different environments. But which one works in Weblogic/OSB11g? And to implement those examples, compile and jar them, I find myself on a quest for the necessary jars. Of course you can refer to the weblogic.jar in your project of ant file. But that is a little too much, I (more...)

Key take-aways from the Oracle PaaS Cloud announcements – Integrate, Accelerate, Lead

imageMonday June 22nd was the launch date for Oracle for 24 (and more) Cloud Services. June is traditionally an important month for Oracle when it comes to product launches and important announcements. This year is the same in that respect. The announcements came in a many-hour live webcast including a 45 minute presentation by Oracle CTO Larry Ellison (see videos from Oracle Cloud Platform Launch). I have harvested some of the most relevant slides (more...)

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 18-JUN-2015


12c new feature [PDB save state], from MAA/HA Solutions.

Big Data

In what has to be the most focused name for a blog I’ve ever seen, the Adding Location and Graph Analysis to Big Data blog lets us know that you may: Want to try out Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph?

Security Features of Standard Edition (One) – Part 2


Some Musings on the Security Implications of Oracle Database Initialization Parameters

Still following the steps of a database installation, this article will muse about some Initialization Parameters with security relevance.
In order to make a Standard Edition database as secure as possible we could start by looking what is the same in SE and EE, which are in their basic security functions more or less equal (security targets of 11g for EE and (more...)

Mid-June Roundup

A busy June is half over now, but we still have miles to go before July.

We’ve been busy, which you know if you read here. Raymond went to Boston. Tony, Thao (@thaobnguyen), Ben and I were in Las Vegas at OHUG 15. John and Thao were in Minneapolis the week before that. Oh, and Anthony was at Google I/O.

The globetrotting continues this week, as John and Anthony (@anthonyslai) are in (more...)

The Byte-Anniversary

I was looking into my blog-entries, and found that my former blog was number 254. So this is my 255-th blog-message. So by entering this nonsense blog-entry, I reach the 255. Which makes it my 8-bit, or byte, anniversary:

And apparently my articles have been read as well... Nice thing is that I've reach this amount in 8 nearly years. So up to the next byte. Unfortunately 2 bytes does not make up a Word...

Index variables in Replace/Insert/Delete: Bug or not a bug?

At my current customer I'm to process Attachments in Oracle Service Bus (11g).
I get a soap message, in which several documents are registered to be processed in a Content Server.
For each document the content is delivered as an soap/mime-attachment.

Because of some requirements I need to store the message, complete with the attachments Base64 encoded, in the database. So I have to pick each attachment, base64 encode it and then insert the content (more...)

De business case voor vervanging van maatwerksoftware

IT-projecten rond maatwerk software voldoen vaak niet aan de financiële verwachtingen. Niet zelden is een voorname oorzaak dat naast de functionele uitbreidingen waar de business case en het budget op gebaseerd zijn, ook een flinke technische inhaalslag moet worden gemaakt die niet expliciet in de begroting is opgenomen.

Vervanging van maatwerksoftware drukt zwaar op de begroting, waardoor uitstellen vaak makkelijker is dan vervanging. Ik verbaas me hier over, want het is toch bekend dat maatwerksoftware (more...)

UX PaaS4SaaS

A Framework for Wearables, Glance

Not long ago, Ultan (@ultan) wrote about our framework for wearable, and other, devices. We’re calling it Glance to reflect the OAUX glance-scan-commit design philosophy.

Noel (@noelportugal) produced a video highlighting Glance on several smartwatches as well as in the car, on Android Auto.

It’s pretty sweet. Check it out:

Glance has been in the works for more than a year now, and it arose out of our collective frustration with the effort (more...)

Some Wearable Tech Glances Beat Others

This idea of the glanceable user experience of wearable technology is now everywhere.

They’re all at it.

Testing out the Apple Watch in Oracle HQ’s Fitness Center spin class. On the road is another matter.

Testing out the Apple Watch in Oracle HQ’s Fitness Center spin class. On the road is another matter.

There is the OG Misfit Wearables Shine, Apple’s Glances, and of our course the Oracle Applications Cloud User Experience (@usableapps) concept of glance on the smartwatch, part of our Glance, Scan, Commit design philosophy.

But, (more...)

Some wearable tech glances beat others: user experience on the road

This concept of the glance user experience is now widespread in wearable technology.


Testing the Apple Watch in spin class. On the road is a different context of use.

There is the original of the glance species, Misfit Wearables, with the Shine, Apple Glances, and, of course, the Oracle Applications User Experience glance on smartwatches, part of the Glance, Scan, Commit design philosophy. But, they’re all at it.

But, not all (more...)