Humantask Assignment: Assignment with Dynamic Approval Group

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This post gives an example of task assignment with a Dynamic Approval Group. I will use the same BPM process as in most of the other posts.
The implementation of the Dynamic Approval Group is done in a custom java class that implements the IDynamicApprovalGroup interface.
The following (more...)

Oracle Infogram 2014-03-24 13:21:00

Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

New ORAchk Tool Available for Download
ORAchk is a new tool available to proactively scan for known problems within E-Business Suite Financials Accounts Payables, Oracle Database and Sun Systems.

ORAchk features:
  • Proactively scans for the most impactful known problems across your entire Engineered System as well as various layers of your stack
  • Simplifies and streamlines how to investigate and analyze which known issues present a risk to you
  • (more...)

Sharing the slides of the UX Event presentations

Below you will find the slides of the presentations of the UX event by AMIS and Oracle.


Embedding UX In Any Project: Sander Haaksma / Marcel Maas


Visualization. One picture beats a thousand words, Lucas Jellema  


Luc Bors, Oracle and mobile, From design to device 


UX Today with ADF by Sten Vesterli


Boosting productivity through Tailored UX


Reconsidering applications cloud 10/90/90



Java 8 Launch. Strategic Outlook (more...)

Complément : Livres Oracle sur PackPub

Profitez de l'offre "Buy One, Get One Free on all of #Packt’s 2000 eBooks!" pour enrichir votre bibliothèque de livres sur Oracle ! #Packt2k 

Roxanne, You Don’t Have to Put On Your Google Glass

What intimidates others most about Google Glass? Undoubtedly, it’s the camera staring them in the face as you walk by or converse with someone.

Here’s how (so, I am told)  SXSWers were seen wearing their Glass to prevent such fear and anxiety. Selfies were taken in Amsterdam as I walked back to my hotel passing red light districts nearby.

Interesting example of stakeholders and user requirements.

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 20-MAR-2014


A post of posts at Oracle Scratchpad on Parallel Plans.

SQL Developer



At DBASOLVED: (more...)

OSB 11g For-each: is index variable an integer?

In OSB you can add a for-each construct to loop over a set of elements:
OSB For-each
Today I encountered something strange with the index variable of the for-each. At one stage I wanted to select an element based on the index-variable, in the screendump above it is 'functieIndex'.
The xpath expression I created was something like:
But although I checked the value of the variable functieIndex using alerts, I always got the complete set (more...)

OOW : Call4Proposals

Vous souhaitez témoigner lors de la prochaine édition d' Oracle Open World (28 septembre - 2 octobre 2014) ?
Pour cela, vous devez proposer un sujet avant le 15 avril prochain et remplir le formulaire du "call4proposals"  : 

OOW : Packages

Vous souhaitez vous rendre à la prochaine session d' Oracle Open World qui aura lieu du 28 septembre au 2 octobre 2014.
Découvrez les packages dédiés mis en place par Easyteam

Milestone for the Java platform – The Release of Java 8


This is an important moment for Java. The general availability of Java 8 – more specifically of Java 8 SE, Embedded, (and shortly ME as well) and FX (and in the wake of all this the Hotspot JVM and NetBeans 8.0). This release is about language evolution certainly – with Lambda expressions and the Stream API as clear highlights. But it is about much more. It is as if Java went through a mid-life (more...)

JDeveloper 11gR1 XSL Mapper annoyances

I've been working with the JDeveloper 11gR1 XSL Mapper for years. And I think I became quite handy with it. I find it a great, impressing tool, since you can actually drag and drop pretty much everything together. When you draw a line, you can drop a function on it. When you think a little about the sequence of drag&drops you can tie up a pretty complex logical expression together. However, there are a few (more...)

Live Blog – Oracle & AMIS User Experience Event – Tuesday 18th March – last update: 7:15 CET


Today – Tuesday March 18th – is a special day at AMIS. Together with the Oracle Applications User Experience Team, we host the UX Expo – a combination of live demonstrations, inspiring lectures, the secret chamber for the really fancy stuff and many opportunities to discuss the man-machine interaction of the future. This event also serves as the official launch of R8 of Oracle Applications Cloud – the next level in simplified UI. (more...)

Hands-Free Wearables: The User Experience Lesson

I’m a keen runner. I have a dog too.  And now I have a wearable tech way to combine my running requirements with dog exercise time that also illustrates what user experience (UX) is really about.

I use Google Glass with Strava Run Glassware for the digital part of run task. I use a Stunt Puppy running leash for connecting myself to the dog  safely as crank those miles out together. Yes, that’s a (more...)

Simple Is As Simple Swipes: Oracle Applications Cloud Release 8

The premise of the Oracle  Applications Cloud Release 8 Simplified UI (the new entry experience for Oracle Sales Cloud and Oracle HCM Cloud users) is, well… simple. It’s simple to use, simple to build, and it’s simple to sell the UX message too.


Simplified UIs for Release 8 ready to be put in the hands of the audience. The problem’s getting it back as they want to discover more! (Image: Michael LaDuke, Oracle America, (more...)

Oracle Infogram 2014-03-17 11:19:00

Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

Oracle  Database 12c
Learn more about Oracle Database 12c.  Visit the Oracle Technology Network Database Admins and Developers portal for top downloads, articles and video training. 

Official Oracle Press Release to announce the Oracle & AMIS User Experience Event – Tuesday 18th March

Just published from the Oracle Press Room:


limited options for event registration still available for the 14.00-17.00 time slot – go to:


AMIS “Enterprise to Mobility” Oracle ADF Conference March 21-23. Featuring Chris Muir & Frank Nimphius

AMIS is offering a unique 3 day conference aimed at breaching the divide between traditional Oracle Fusion Middleware experts and the brave new world of enterprise mobility. The enterprise landscape is rapidly evolving to integrate mobile into the mix, and this presents many opportunities to update skills while also making use of Oracle’s middleware platforms for what it was designed to do – integrate!

AMIS is pleased to announce that its own staff will be (more...)

Run XQuery with XqlPlus

I started today with setting up an OSB training and figuring out how to run XQuery scripts outside of OSB. I looked into the (ok a little dated) book: Oracle Database 10g XML&SQL, that I have in my library. In that book there's also a chapter about XQuery. And it shows that the Oracle XDK has a XQuery processer, but also a commandline tool like SQLPLus: XQLPlus. It is in the xquery jar, but (more...)

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 12-MAR-2014

Playing a little catch up this week, with part of the material drawn from the archives that didn’t make it into previous columns. Nothing out of date or lacking in quality, mind you, just not the very latest from the blogosphere.


From the Brendan Tierney - Oralytics Blog: ODM Graph Node new Feature.



OTN article: Speedy Perception trumps Speed Reception – on Smart Asynchronous Interactions in multi layered architectures

The Oracle Technology Network has just published my article on asynchronous interactions used in multi-layered architectures to free up resources and create at least the perception of speedy processing. This article describes how, by leveraging opportunities for asynchronous processing, at least the perceived responsiveness of our systems is likely to improve. Frequently, the actual scalability is also enhanced by making much better use of the parallel processing power of today’s CPUs and virtual machines and (more...)