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Oracle VM Windows PV Drivers 3.2.3 Signed by Microsoft, from Oracle’s Virtualization Blog.

From the same source:

Ops Center

Editing or Disabling Analytics, from the Ops Center blog.


Release of BP02 for Oracle Identity Manager, from Proactive Support - Identity Management.

Authorized REST request to MCS with SoapUI

In my former post I explained how to do a REST request to a Mobile Cloud Service API using an Unauthorized access. To do so you need to add an HTTP Header property using a Base64 encoded key. But how to do that for authorized access. Using Postman you should be able to add HTTP  Basic authentication, provide the access details and update the request. In SoapUI, it's more or less the same trick: just (more...)

SIG Architectuur 27 augustus

Op donderdagavond 27 augustus organiseert AMIS een SIG (Special Interest Group) Architectuur. De SIGs worden voor en door eigen medewerkers georganiseerd. Sommige SIGs zijn ook open voor externen. Wil jij graag bij deze SIG Architectuur aanwezig zijn? Stuur dan een mail naar en laat ons weten waarom je erbij wilt zijn en wat je huidige functie is. 


In deze SIG willen we een aantal applicatie architectuur templates voor verschillende situaties/uitdagingen bedenken. (more...)

Test MCS Custom API using SoapUI

I'm at the OPN Summercamps 2015 in Lisbon on the Mobile Cloud Services workshop, doning the FixIt Fast tutorial. Now, one of the steps is to test the API imported from a RAML document and confgured it. Then in step 3 you're going to test it using the build in test console of MCS. But since I have SoapUI installed I found it neat to be able to test it from there. Since then you (more...)

A Short Note on Pesky CSSCAN Results Before a Characterset Change

A client of mine was busy correcting one of his development streets and therefore the NLS charactersets of about 10 EE databases had to be changed.
Most of the databases were originally configured with WE8ISO8859P15, others with WE8ISO8859P1 and all of them had to get WE8MSWIN1252. Some of them were single instances (export, development and test), some RAC (acceptance) and some of them were RAC plus Dataguard (production, for the procedure (more...)

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Data Warehousing

System Statistics About DOP Downgrades, from The Data Warehouse Insider.


Stateful Packet Inspection, from the Solaris Firewall blog.


Generation of VM image for Oracle Event Processor and Stream Explorer using Vagrant and Puppet

In this article, I will introduce a set of Vagrant and Puppet configuration files that automate the creation of a Linux Virtual Box VM with Oracle Event Processor and Stream Explorer installed in it. The installation process that is automated in this article is described in all its manual glory in my earlier article: Oracle StreamExplorer and Oracle Event Processor – installation instructions to quickly get going, that describes which files to download, which (more...)

Oracle StreamExplorer and Oracle Event Processor – installation instructions to quickly get going

This article discusses the installation of Oracle Event Processor 12c on Linux 64bit and the subsequent installation of Stream Explorer on top of OEP 12c. This article assumes Linux 64bit as the operating system. More specifically: it assumes the environment that can be produced following the instructions in my article Quickly produce a Linux 64 bit Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop environment using Vagrant and Puppet – as starting point for Oracle installations – Ubuntu 14. (more...)

Quickly produce a Linux 64 bit Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop environment using Vagrant and Puppet – as starting point for Oracle installations

My objective in this article: create generally reusable Linux 64 bit (Ubuntu 14.0.4 with Desktop) Virtual Box Image – based on Vagrant and Puppet as to stamp out multiple copies of the image. The image should support Puppet and Git and must have a JDK installed.

I frequently want to try out new software. In many occasions this is software from Oracle, frequently still in beta. Usually this software runs best on Linux (more...)

Er is geen tekort aan IT talent; er is een tekort aan IT competenties

In mijn werk als unitmanager ben ik regelmatig bezig met resourcing vraagstukken. Heb ik de professionals? Welke persoon kan ik op deze opdracht inzetten? Moet ik extra mensen werven? Het vinden van experts met de juiste competenties is erg lastig. Bij klanten en partners hoor ik dezelfde geluiden. Vaak wijzen we naar de hogescholen en universiteiten. Zij zouden onze aankomende consultants goed moeten opleiden en zorgen voor de juiste competenties. Een veel gehoorde uitspaak is (more...)

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Is Your Database The Next Ticking Time Bomb?, from Database Trends and Applications.


Oracle Technology

From ArchBeat:

Oracle Utilities

Data Integration

To quickly transfer scanned documents and pictures from the iPhone to PC and USB stick

My challenge: how to scan a bunch of paper documents and store the electronic image files on my NAS.


At my disposal: an iPhone, wireless network and a Windows laptop. I also have a Facebook account that is configured on the iPhone.

The steps I went through:

1. Scan documents by taking pictures with iPhone


2. Open the Camera Roll. If you want to share with an Apple Device (iPad, Mac) you can use (more...)

SOA Suite 12c: Collect & Deploy SCA composites & Service Bus artifacts using Maven

An artifact repository has many benefits for collaboration and governance of artifacts. In this blog post I will illustrate how you can fetch SCA composites and Service Bus artifacts from an artifact repository and deploy them. The purpose of this exercise is to show that you do not need loads of custom scripts to do these simple tasks. Why re-invent a wheel when Oracle already provides it?

This example has been created for SOA Suite (more...)

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Open World

Oracle OpenWorld 2015 - Registrations Open, from Business Analytics - Proactive Support.

Oracle Support

Top 5 Ways to Personalize My Oracle Support, from the My Oracle Support blog.


A set of three updates from Upgrade your Database - NOW! in this issue:

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 23-JUL-2015


Oracle 12 and latches, part 2, from Frits Hoogland Weblog.


Oracle VM 3.3.3 Officially Released!!!!, from the Simon Coter Blog.

SQL Developer


Overview of WebLogic 12c RESTful Management Services

Inspired by a presentation given by Shukie Ganguly on the free Oracle Virtual Technology Summit in July (see here); “New APIs and Tools for Application Development in WebLogic 12c”, I decided to take a look at an interesting new feature in WebLogic Server 12c: the RESTful Management Services. You can see here how to enable them. In this post I will provide an overview of my short study on the topic.

RESTful management services (more...)

Password properties in SoapUI

By accident I encountered the following behaviour of SoapUI. I wanted to register a username/password combination in SoapUI.
Normally in SoapUI property values are shown as plain text.  Here I miss-typed the property for password on purpose:
But see what happens if I correctly type the word "Password":
Apparently if the property contains the word  "Password", prefixed with something indicative, it will consider the property as a password field. Cool!

Use DB Vault to protect password strength policy

Suppose your organization wants to enforce a security policy on database password strength. The DBA’s have implemented a password strength verification function in PLSQL such as the oracle supplied ora12c_strong_verify_function in the DEFAULT profile of the database. There seems no way to get around it at first:

Database account u4 is created:




U4 logs in and tries to keep it simple, i.e. the password:




That password verification function got in (more...)

Vakantie is net werken…

De transformatie van de kenniswerker in vakantieganger is op dit moment overal zichtbaar. Ik vind het mooi om te zien hoe mensen in andere situaties toch vergelijkbare patronen vertonen. Wat zien we en wat kunnen we leren van dit soort laterale verbanden? Voor mij: energie, flow en plezier. Vakantie is net werken.

Bij de vakantieganger maakt het kostuum plaats voor de bermuda, de gepoetste schoenen voor teenslippers en de stropdas voor pet en zonnebril. Ook het (more...)

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 16-JUL-2015

Time to Patch!

The British actor David Niven once said: “After 50 it’s just patch, patch, patch”. Technology doesn’t wait until you are 50:

Oracle Critical Patch Update for July 2015

Dear Oracle Security Alert Subscriber,

The Critical Patch Update for July 2015 was released on July 14th, 2015.
Oracle strongly recommends applying the patches as soon as possible.

The Critical Patch Update Advisory is the starting point for relevant information. It includes the list (more...)