Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 05-JUN-2014


From Oracle Scratchpad, a handy index posting on Jonathan Lewis' series on Execution Plans.

DBA Kevlar lets us know that: is HERE!! :).

From, some thoughts on Oracle 12c - New SYS-level Administration Privileges.

Kyle Haileycontinues his series on Oracle’s SQL Tuning pack, part III.


Complément : Cloud AR Systèmes & Enterprise Manager 12c

AR Systèmes propose une solution de services Cloud construite autour des technologies Oracle et complètement gérée par Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c

Dans la vidéo, Didier Rault (CEO) explique pourquoi la solution Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c est importante dans l'offre Cloud proposée par AR Systèmes :

Complément : Upgrade Enterprise Manager 12c

Un article intéressant pour ceux qui veulent "upgrader" en Enterprise Manager 12c Release 4 :

Complément : Nouveautés d’Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 4 border=

Oracle Infogram 2014-06-03 11:22:00

Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

Upgrade Your Database Certification To 12c With A Single Exam
Upgrade to the new Oracle Database 12cAdministrator Certified (more...)

Annonce : Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 4

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 4 ( est disponible en téléchargement sur OTN.

Une version riche de nombreuses nouveautés :
  • Security Console
  • New roles (system role / private role)
  • Advanced threshold management
  • New interface for Job progress tracking
  • Improved integration with BI Publisher
  • Dataguard support for DBaaS
  • Diagnostic pre-check for Fusion Middleware
  • JVM Diagnostics as a Service
  • Java Flight recorder integration
  • Enterprise Data Governance
  • IMC store central
  •  ...

... et surtout AWR Warehouse !

Plus d'informations :

Message Correlation using JMS

Last year I created a few OSB services with the asynchronous request response message exchange pattern. OSB does not support this out of the box, since OSB is in fact synchronous in nature. Although OSB supports the WS-Addressing namespaces, you need to set the WS-Addressing elements programmatically.

Since OSB is synchronous the request and response flows in the Asynchronous Request/Response pattern are completely seperated implemented from eachother. That means that in the response flow you (more...)

Complément : EM12 12c & ODA

Livre blanc intéressant sur l'installation d'Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 3 sur une plate-forme Oracle Database Appliance :

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 29-MAY-2014


From Database Journal a 'who watches the watchers?' kind of article: Are There Safeguards to Prevent the DBA from Dropping a Table?

Several good things, as always, from Kyle Hailey:

RDBMS Performance

At All things Oracle Jonathan Lewis has the latest installment of his series on execution plans: Execution Plans part 5: First Child Variations.

Engineered Systems

From Julian (more...)

Complément : Construire un catalogue de Service DBaaS

The Qualcomm Toq

Editor’s Note: Here’s a post from newish ‘Lab member, Tony. Enjoy, and maybe if you’re nice in comments, he’ll write more. Or not, we won’t know until we know.

The ideas flying, crawling, walking, and slithering around us in the sunny windy San Francisco Bay setting made for an enjoyable, educational, and truly inspirational experience. O’Reilly Solid conference: Software/Hardware/Everywhere was last week and with it, the future finally materialized. Wearables, robots, new materials, new (more...)

Complément : Solution de cloud privé avec EM12c & OVCA

The Narrative Clip

Editor’s note: Here’s another post from friend of the ‘Lab and colleague, John Cartan. When John reached out, offering a review of the Narrative Clip (neé Memento), I jumped at the opportunity to read and publish his thoughts, and not just because I value his insights.

When Noel (@noelportugal) and I were in the Netherlands for the awesome event hosted by AMIS in March, we ran into Sten Vesterli (@stenvesterli), (more...)

Oracle Infogram 2014-05-27 13:10:00

Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

Mark Hurd’s Latest Blog Explains Why the Internet of Things Is Really the Internet of People

Oracle President Mark Hurd has posted his latest LinkedIn Influencer blog, “The Internet of Things Is Really the Internet of People".
Mark Hurd
Mark Hurd,
President, Oracle

In this new blog, Mark writes, “As I speak with CEOs around the world, our conversations invariably come down to this central question: Can we (more...)

Annonce : Nouveau Blog à destination des DBAs et Architectes

Vous êtes DBA ou architecte Oracle alors ajoutez le blog suivant à vos favoris :

The Misfit Shine

Over the past 12 months, the chatter about wearables (glasses, watches, bands, clothing, material) has become too loud to ignore. It almost seems like manufacturers will force consumers to like wearables, like it or not.

There are good uses for wearables, and one of the most common is the fitness tracker.

Although I haven’t worn one myself until recently, I’ve been around lots of people who have, e.g. my wife had an early FitBit, Noel (more...)

Evènement : Inauguration du DC d’AR Systèmes et de son Red Cloud

Evènement : Lancement Database In-Memory

Oracle EchoUser Design Jam in San Francisco

Oracle EchoUser Design Jam in San Francisco

Dude, Where’s My Battery Status? FitBit Show You Where

I do like the FitBit Flex user experience.

One of the infuriating issues about current wearables is when the device fails, you lose connectivity, and the power dies. And you don’t realize it until it’s too late. Your valuable data is gone.

Visibility into system status is an OG usability heuristic, yet not everyone’s got the message. Communicating  information to users on what’s going to happen with the system so they can react in (more...)