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Complément : Analyse de performances via AWR Warehouse

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 15-JAN-2015

Oracle Support

Malware sites offering Oracle 'patches', from Proactive Support - Data Integration.


And from the same source: Upcoming Upgrade Workshops Jan/Feb 2015

Data Modeling


From the Oracle NoSQL Database blog: Big Data SQL for Oracle NoSQL (more...)

Annonce : Workshop DBaaS

Un workshop sur le sujet DBaaS, à destination des partenaires Oracle, aura lieu le 4 et 5 mars à Colombes (France)
Plus de détails :

Dear Julia: SmartWatch Habits and Preferences

Julia’s recent post about her experiences with the Samsung Gear watches triggered a lively conversation here at the AppsLab. I’m going to share my response here and sprinkle in some of Julia’s replies.  I’ll also make a separate post about the interesting paper she referenced.

Dear Julia,

You embraced the idea of the smart watch as a fully functional replacement for the smart phone (nicely captured by your Fred Flintstone image). I am on the other end (more...)

Complément : Provisioning d’une instance java dans Oracle Public Cloud

Complément : Provisioning d’une instance DB dans Oracle Public Cloud

An Interaction Designer’s Perspective: Samsung Gear vs. Samsung Gear Live

Editor’s note: In January of 2014, our team held a wearables summit of sorts, test-driving five popular watches, fitness bands and head-mounted displays to collect experiential evidence of each form factor, initial experience, device software and ecosystem and development capabilities.

Julia drew the original Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch, and she’s been using it ever since. A few months ago, she began using the new Android Wear hotness, the Samsung Gear Live, which several of us have.


2015 AT&T Developer Summit & Hackathon

Editor’s Note: Noel did it! After competing in 2013 and 2014, he broke through and won a prize at the annual AT&T Developer Summit Hackathon (@attdeveloper). Congrats to the whole team.


The whole team minus Anthony who was too sick to enjoy the moment.


This year, Anthony (@anthonyslai), Raymond, Osvaldo (@vaini11a), Luis (@lsgaleana), Tony and I (@noelportugal) participated in the AT&T Developer Summit & Hackathon.

From the (more...)

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 08-JAN-2015


SQL Developer



From Oracle's MySQL (more...)

Wearable Tech Helps Irish Dairy Cows Produce More Milk

#Wearabletech for cows? Come on! Great story on NPR called “High-Tech Tools Help Irish Dairy Farmers Produce More Milk”. Worth listening to.

The story features the MooMonitor app made by Dairymaster. Check it out.

This video explains how things work and the technology involved:

What’s also worth considering here are the user requirements, the context of use that shaped the technology: changes in external environment such as the ending of the European (more...)

Oracle Infogram 2015-01-07 14:56:00

Contribution by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

My Oracle Support Essentials Webcast Series
The My Oracle Support Essentials Series brings interactive expertise straight to your desktop. The goal of this program is to communicate with our customers and partners, provide tips and tricks on how to effectively work with Oracle Support, and take advantage of the PROACTIVE tools that are provided with your Oracle Support contract.  The January schedule is available in Doc Id 553747.1

Complément : Oracle Public Cloud, les solutions IaaS & PaaS expliquées en 2mn30

Annonce : Mise à jour des plugins Enterprise Manager 12c

La dernière version des plugins pour Enterprise Manager 12c vient d'être annoncée.
  • Enterprise Manager for Cloud – version
  • Enterprise Manager for Oracle Cloud Framework – version
  • Enterprise Manager for Storage Management – version
  • Enterprise Manager for Oracle Database – version
  • Enterprise Manager for Oracle Fusion Middleware – version
  • Enterprise Manager (more...)

Lecture : Oracle Magazine Janvier / Février 2015

L'Oracle Magazine  de Janvier / Février est disponible.

Spring is in the air. Blossoms Android Wear Moto 360 watchface…

Spring is in the air. Blossoms Android Wear Moto 360 watchface depliyed. Happy New Year 2015.

Fun : 2015 !

Excellente Année 2015 !

Oracle Priority Support Infogram End of Year Edition


From Upgrade your Database – NOW!: Happy New Year, Complete with New Upgrade Workshops!

SQL Developer

From our favorite SQL Developer blogger, that JEFF SMITH: Your Favorite Posts from 2014

Data Integration


From the DaaS (Data as a Service) blog: New Video: Data as a Service for B2B Applications


Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 18-DEC-2014


E-Business Suite on Exalogic and Exadata, from the Oracle Exalogic blog.


From Maximum Availability Architecture, Oracle GoldenGate Active-Active Part 3.


Node.js and io.js on Java, from the Java Platform Group, Product Management blog.

From JDeveloper PMs Blog: ADF meet smartphone, phone meet smartADF.



Oracle Infogram 2014-12-17 15:53:00

Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy-Editor

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