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Oracle 12 and latches, part 2, from Frits Hoogland Weblog.


Oracle VM 3.3.3 Officially Released!!!!, from the Simon Coter Blog.

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Overview of WebLogic 12c RESTful Management Services

Inspired by a presentation given by Shukie Ganguly on the free Oracle Virtual Technology Summit in July (see here); “New APIs and Tools for Application Development in WebLogic 12c”, I decided to take a look at an interesting new feature in WebLogic Server 12c: the RESTful Management Services. You can see here how to enable them. In this post I will provide an overview of my short study on the topic.

RESTful management services (more...)

Password properties in SoapUI

By accident I encountered the following behaviour of SoapUI. I wanted to register a username/password combination in SoapUI.
Normally in SoapUI property values are shown as plain text.  Here I miss-typed the property for password on purpose:
But see what happens if I correctly type the word "Password":
Apparently if the property contains the word  "Password", prefixed with something indicative, it will consider the property as a password field. Cool!

Use DB Vault to protect password strength policy

Suppose your organization wants to enforce a security policy on database password strength. The DBA’s have implemented a password strength verification function in PLSQL such as the oracle supplied ora12c_strong_verify_function in the DEFAULT profile of the database. There seems no way to get around it at first:

Database account u4 is created:




U4 logs in and tries to keep it simple, i.e. the password:




That password verification function got in (more...)

Vakantie is net werken…

De transformatie van de kenniswerker in vakantieganger is op dit moment overal zichtbaar. Ik vind het mooi om te zien hoe mensen in andere situaties toch vergelijkbare patronen vertonen. Wat zien we en wat kunnen we leren van dit soort laterale verbanden? Voor mij: energie, flow en plezier. Vakantie is net werken.

Bij de vakantieganger maakt het kostuum plaats voor de bermuda, de gepoetste schoenen voor teenslippers en de stropdas voor pet en zonnebril. Ook het (more...)

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 16-JUL-2015

Time to Patch!

The British actor David Niven once said: “After 50 it’s just patch, patch, patch”. Technology doesn’t wait until you are 50:

Oracle Critical Patch Update for July 2015

Dear Oracle Security Alert Subscriber,

The Critical Patch Update for July 2015 was released on July 14th, 2015.
Oracle strongly recommends applying the patches as soon as possible.

The Critical Patch Update Advisory is the starting point for relevant information. It includes the list (more...)

Managing identity information from multiple sources with Oracle Identity Manager, Part 2

Consolidating identity information in Oracle Identity Manager

In part 1 one this article we saw several options for managing identities in an environment where multiple sources for identity information are used. In this part, you’ll find more information on how to set up Oracle Identity Manager in a scenario like the one described in the Swift&Safe Inc. use case.

First of all, the identities based on the input from CUST1 will be placed in dedicated (more...)

Synchronizing databases through BPEL services


This blog post is about how to synchronize two databases through BPEL, focusing on transaction, rollback and fault handling.

During a project, I’ve encountered a situation where we wanted to migrate from an old database to a new one. However, in order to gradually move external systems from the old to the new database, it was required that both databases would be kept in sync for a limited amount of time. Apart from the (more...)

Disable Wrap Data Types

Just  a moment ago I stumbled on a blog entry of Eric Elsinga about the wrapping of datatypes in Weblogic Datasources, related to the DB-Adapter.

Weblogic wraps objects returned by the database-driver to provide functionality related to debugging, connection utilization tracking and transparent transaction support.
However for some native database objects like BLOBS, CLOBS, ARRAYS etc. this wrapping can affect the performance significantly. When this wrapping is disabled, the application (in our case the (more...)

Oracle Education Foundation Wearable Tech Workshop for Girls

Oracle Education Foundation Wearable Tech Workshop for Girls

Managing identity information from multiple sources with Oracle Identity Manager, Part 1

When you are implementing Oracle Identity Manager to manage the identities within your organization, you may have to use multiple sources for identity information. For instance, there might be different departments with their own HR system and there might be separate sources for customers or business partners. In this article I’ll discuss 4 options to manage multiple sources and prevent issues like double identities. I will also present a use case to explain how to (more...)

The Pen Is Mightier With UX

If you work in enterprise user experience (UX) it will come as no surprise that the humble pen and paper remains in widespread use for everyday business.

Sales reps, for example, are forever quickly scribbling down opportunity info. HR pros use them widely. Accountants? Check. At most meetings you will find both pen and paper and digital technology on the table.

That’s what UX is all about, understanding all the tools, technology, and job aids, (more...)

Subversion revision of a deployed BPM/SOA composite?

So there you are: a production error was reported … in your code (of all places) … but no one knows what release the code came from?


Wouldn’t it be great if it was easy to link deployed composites to their Subversion location and revision?

This article show an approach based on ‘Subversion keywords expansion’. This is illustrated with the following steps:

  1. Add properties to the composite.xml file
  2. Set Subversion keywords for composite.xml
  3. (more...)

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The blogosphere is humming with the new Solaris 11.3 and this posting from the Oracle brings a bunch of those links together for you:

A couple of general posts of interest. This one from Prakash Sangappa's Weblog: Post-Wait mechanism

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OpenSSL and KeyTool commands

Earlier I wrote an article about message transport security in Oracle B2B. It collects a few usefull Java Keytool and OpenSSL commands to convert and import Certificates.

Today I learned another (from co-worker Joris, thanks).

This is how to get a certificate from an external server.
openssl x509 -in <(openssl s_client -connect {remote-host}:443 -prexit 2>/dev/null) -out /tmp/certificate.crt 

This is usefull, because in some cases the remote host, maybe a virtual one, where by means (more...)

That UX “Rockstar” Metaphor Is So Over. Fashtechista Fits.

I hate that “rockstar” tech industry metaphor.

The next time you hear that so-and-so is a “total UX rockstar” or about some other tech head being accorded the status, well here comes the real comparison to make:

Lenny Kravitz is a rockstar. Phil Lynott (God bless him) was too.  People who work in UX and tech are not.


That said, if UX designers need to adopt any popular metaphor that resonates more accurately with (more...)

User Experience in the Movies: Popcorn for Innovation

The media (film, print, social, online of all sorts) is a source of inspiration for user experience innovation and design. Just why is it that some stuff resonates with audiences and other stuff doesn’t?

Here’s a selection of stuff from the movies. A shout out to BubbleBobble (@bubblebobble) for contributions.

First up: Keanu in the original Matrix:

Every CRM UXer will have encountered Tom Cruise at some point. Most won’t admit it. Her (more...)

The Basis Peak #Fash Great #Tech Not So Great #Fail

I’ve wanted to try the Basis Peak (@mybasis) (marketing tagline: “The Ultimate Fitness and Sleep Tracker”) for a while now. 

I’ve read some great reviews and a visit to Dogpatch Labs 2.0 in Dublin re-invigorated my interest in innovation. 

With increase gym attendance, uptake in cycling, and approaching races, it seemed like a good time to finally try the Basis Peak across a range of work and life activities.

Sure, (more...)

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 02-JUL-2015

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Two good items from the My Oracle Support blog:


MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.0.22 has been released, from the MySQL Enterprise Tools Blog.

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OSB & MTOM: When to use Include Binary Data by Reference or Value

As can be seen in my blogs of these days, I've been busy with implementing a service using MTOM in OSB. When enabling XOP/MTOM Support you'll have to choose between:
  • Include Binary Data by Reference
  • Include Binary Data by Value

I used the first because I want to process the content in another service on another WLS-Domain. However, in my first service catching the initial request I want to do an XSD validation. And although (more...)