Some wearable tech glances beat others: user experience on the road

This concept of the glance user experience is now widespread in wearable technology.


Testing the Apple Watch in spin class. On the road is a different context of use.

There is the original of the glance species, Misfit Wearables, with the Shine, Apple Glances, and, of course, the Oracle Applications User Experience glance on smartwatches, part of the Glance, Scan, Commit design philosophy. But, they’re all at it.

But, not all (more...)

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 11-JUN-2015


Oracle Pipes (Part 1), from Andrew’s Oracle Blog.

list database monitoring users, from Laurent Schneider.

Oracle SQL and PL/SQL


Sweet Dreams at the EyeO Festival



I often tell people that you need both a left brain and a right brain to be a software designer: a left brain to analyze and understand, a right brain to dream and wonder. The EyeO Festival which Thao and I just attended in Minneapolis, was food for our right brains.

EyeO is about the intersection of art and code: generative artists (who use data and algorithms to produce works of art), art installations (more...)

Asteroid Explorer Launched

On Monday, we launched Asteroid Explorer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

Jeremy (@jrwashley), DJ, Kris Robison and I attended the launch event, which you can watch here. My part of the presentation begins at 36:36.

This event was the culmination of NASA’s Asteroid Hackathon event back in October. Remember that?

Here’s the event abstract:

Abstract: In October 2014, NASA’s Asteroid Hackathon event was hosted (with several other NASA partners) at the SETI (more...)

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Contribution by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

2-Minute Tech Tips
OTN ArchBeat 2 Minute Tech Tip videos pit a recognized expert in Oracle technologies against a countdown clock to deliver a useful technical tip in two minutes or less.  There are many videos on different topics that are listed at 2-Minute Tech Tips. 

For those of us who are old enough to remember what "MacGyvering" is, be sure to check out the "Innovation, (more...)

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Migrating to Unicode? Get DMU 2.1!, from Upgrade your Database - NOW!

Oracle Database In-Memory Bundle Patch 8 Released, from the Oracle Database In-Memory blog.




Google IO with User Experience

Google I/O 2015 has just ended.  There are lots of aspects regarding to Google IO.  Lets have a taste of it regarding to user experience.  Hope this is what you would expect from a user experience team.

There are lots of features announced in Google I/O, and you may find a lot of focus have been around user experience this year.

First, for the pre-show, there were planets and a whale flying across multiple screens surrounding (more...)

Blog : Solutions Cloud Oracle

Retrouvez mon nouveau blog consacré aux solutions Cloud Oracle (Private, Public & Hybrid) :

SQLDeveloper and Userdefined datatypes in tables

You might have tables that contain columns with a userdefined datatypes. For instance from 11g onwards SOASuite contain Integration B2B, with that datamodel

B2B works with advanced queueing with the queue-table ip_qtab based on the IP_MESSAGE_TYPE Oracle Type wich is defined like:
create or replace type IP_MESSAGE_TYPE as OBJECT (
In the queuetable you (more...)

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Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

Oracle OpenWorld 2015 / San Francisco October 25th - 29th
99.5% of Attendees Said Oracle OpenWorld Delivers on Their Objectives
Critical objectives like:
  • Discovering new product and technology solutions
  • Improving technical proficiency and knowledge
  • Learning tips and tricks for currently installed products
  • Understanding where the industry is headed
You probably already know that your investment of time and money in Oracle OpenWorld will pay for itself and (more...)

Kscope15 Scavenger Hunt

Are you attending Kscope15 (#kscope15)?

If yes, then you should join the Kscope15 Scavenger Hunt. We have partnered with the Oracle Development Tools User Group (aka @odtug) and created a fun way to get points and win prizes!

Visit and register now!


Stay tuned to hear more on how we built this and how we are leveraging mobile, IoT and wearable technologies for this fun activity.Possibly Related Posts:

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Quick-Tip: DIA with docked Toolbox

This week I was asked to create a component-diagram  at my new customer. They use DIA as an alternative for Visio. Funny thing is that it apparently orginated from Linux/Gnome, since the file-explorer resembles the File-browser of Gnome. But it has also a Windows installer.

When you start the tool from the windows menu, it's started with the toolbox docked or attached to the canvas. But when you use either dia.exe or diaw.exe (more...)

Busy Times Are Afoot

Lots going on here in AppsLab land and in Oracle Applications User Experience (@usableapps). This here is a recap post.

Showing the Oracle Applications User Experience Roadmap to Oracle’s Asia Partners

At the beginning of May, Anthony (@anthonyslai) and Raymond joined a large contingent of the OAUX team in an two-stop tour of Asia. The first stop was Singapore.

Here’s the dynamic duo in action, setting up our demos to show (more...)

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Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

25 Years of Java
May 23rd marked 20 years since the first version of Java was released for public use. The timing of its arrival coincided with the advent of the web and the new role technology took in improving business productivity, streamlining business processes, and creating new ways for businesses and customers to interact.

The importance of a given programming language—especially one as pervasive as Java—in changing (more...)

More Irish #AgTech Innovation: Don’t Let Grass Grow Under Your Feet

Or at least measure it, if it does. 

Another shout out for Irish innovation in the agricultural technology (or #agtech) space in the form of a great article on the Irish Independent: Irish inventors driving the high-tech farm of the future.

I’ve written about this before, of course. 

 Check out GrassOMeter (”Turning Grass into Money”) in particular. 

I love the article’s conclusion. 

Tech-savvy farmers know that software and sensors (more...)

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A tale of romantic notions and cold hard bonus cash: Dinner Courtesy of the Lady: My Most Successful PL/SQL Assignment, from


From the intriguingly named PETEWHODIDNOTTWEET.COM: INSTALLING ENTERPRISE MANAGER 12C FOR TESTING (also apparently the Pete whose shift key is stuck).

From the AMIS Oracle and Java Blog: Keeping track of your licenses with OEM12C – reports

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Profit Magazine for May
The May issue of Profit Magazine is available. It has a special 'Digital Disruption' report that includes 'The 4 Steps to a Successful Big Data Project' and more.   

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 14-MAY-2015

SQL Developer


From Exadata Partner Community – EMEA: Capgemini whitepaper: Oracle Exalogic-based Big Data strategy


Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance

Notes on analytic technology, May 13, 2015

1. There are multiple ways in which analytics is inherently modular. For example:

  • Business intelligence tools can reasonably be viewed as application development tools. But the “applications” may be developed one report at a time.
  • The point of a predictive modeling exercise may be to develop a single scoring function that is then integrated into a pre-existing operational application.
  • Conversely, a recommendation-driven website may be developed a few pages — and hence also a few (more...)