Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 26-FEB-2015

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How To Be Notified When MOS Notes Are Updated, from the Oracle E-Business Suite Technology blog.



And from Exadata Database Machine: 10 reasons to run Database In-Memory on Exadata


From Oracle Enterprise Manager: Editing EM12c Jobs in Bulk

Data Warehouse

Complément : A-Team Chronicles

Le site A-Team Chronicles aggrège le contenu produit par les membres de la A-Team : meilleures pratiques, astuces, conseils, etc

Annonce : Oracle Database In-Memory Advisor

Oracle Database In-Memory Advisor est maintenant disponible.
Pour utiliser cet assistant, le "Database Tuning Pack" est nécessaire.

Plus d'information :
  • Page OTN
  • Note MOS 1965342.1

Complément : Tutoriels sur Oracle Public Cloud

Complément : Vidéos Oracle Public Cloud

Oracle Usable Apps blogs down the local Apple Store in #San…

Oracle Usable Apps blogs down the local Apple Store in #San Francisco. #Guerilla outreach. #UX (at Apple Store, Stonestown)

Découverte : Java Cloud Service Workshop

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Three good articles recently from Upgrade your Database – NOW!:

From Robert G. Freeman on Oracle: Oracle Multitenant - Common Users

Oracle Support

Proactive Analysis Center (PAC), from the My Oracle Support blog.


What happens when you break before your wearables do

A great UX and real life go together; but it’s not always about the good stuff.

I managed to injure myself running right at the end of 2014, and have been laid up in recovery mode.  In one fell swoop I went from running a half-marathon daily to running zero miles. 

Yep, one of those stress fracture thingies you read about; a showstopper that only rest will fix. Yes, that means taking my running (more...)

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 12-FEB-2015


Management database in 12c release, from the Oracle Database Know How blog.



How-to open and close a popup dialog from Java in MAF, from the The Oracle Mobile Platform Blog.


Annonce : Remise du prix de la meilleure thèse

Oracle France a remis à M. Gérald Patterson (ISEP / 2ième promotion du Master Cloud Computing) le trophée Oracle pour sa thèse intitulée Improving Cloud Computing availability with Openstack Enhanced Performance.

Ce fut également l'occasion de présenter le aux élèves de l'ISEP.

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 05-FEB-2015


An Oracle Instance is Like An Upmarket Restaurant, from Martin Widlake's Yet Another Oracle Blog

Another great issue of Pythian’sLog Buffer: Log Buffer #407, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs.



How to manage iOS log files in MAF 2.1, from The Oracle Mobile Platform Blog.


Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 29-SEP-2015


Oracle Technology



MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.0.19 has been released, from MySQL Enterprise Tools Blog.


Annonce : Devenez expert Cloud Oracle !

Vous souhaitez évoluer dans votre carrière?
Rejoingnez l'un de nos partenaires pour devenir un expert des solutions Cloud Oracle !

Evènement: Oracle Virtual Cloud Summit

4 séminaires en ligne :
  • Back up your Database securely to the Cloud
  • Move your Test & Development to the Cloud
  • Secure Document File-sync & share in the Cloud
  • Accelerate Application development in the Cloud
Enregistrez-vous à l'évènement Oracle Virtual Cloud Summit :

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From the Oracle PartnerNetwork Strategy Blog: Top Five IoT Predictions for (more...)

Annonce : Oracle Maven

Complément : Analyse de performances via AWR Warehouse

Oracle Priority Support Infogram for 15-JAN-2015

Oracle Support

Malware sites offering Oracle 'patches', from Proactive Support - Data Integration.


And from the same source: Upcoming Upgrade Workshops Jan/Feb 2015

Data Modeling


From the Oracle NoSQL Database blog: Big Data SQL for Oracle NoSQL (more...)

Annonce : Workshop DBaaS

Un workshop sur le sujet DBaaS, à destination des partenaires Oracle, aura lieu le 4 et 5 mars à Colombes (France)
Plus de détails :