This week in Stream Processing & Streaming Analytics 2/13/2016

Inspired by “This Week in Cassandra”, I will start collecting and documenting once a week the latest news in the world of “Stream Processing & Streaming Analytics” platforms and framework. I will look at new projects/subprojects, blog posts and new and upcoming features around Open Source, Oracle, IBM and others. 

So far it’s not planned to do that in a live discussion, as the folks at DataStax do. But maybe that could (more...)

Integrate Google Maps in Oracle JET

I would like to integrate Google Maps in Oracle Jet. This can be very helpful if you want to know where your customers are located. For example, in the customer database you can save the latitude and longitude of the location where your customer is located.

For this demo I created an array with places and their corresponding latitudes and longitudes.

var locations = [{name: "AM", lat: "52.37", lon: "4.89"},
{name: "SF", lat:  (more...)

Experiences with Holacracy

Experiences with Holacracy

There is a growing number of books on holacracy. One of the first on this subject without even coining the term was Eckart’s Notes. Also the ones on Semco (like Semco style and Maverick!) are gaining popularity. These all describe case studies, where Reinventing Organisations shows development stages in organization. These in turn are based on literature and case studies like the one that is described in Eckart’s Notes.

Since we (more...)

CPUJan2016 – WebLogic Server OPatch apply error

Since 19th January 2016 the Critical Patch Update for January 2016 is out.
In case you are trying to apply the CPUJan2016 against an Oracle WebLogic Server 12.1.2 you may run into following error:

Verifying the update...
[ Error during Update inventory for apply Phase]. Detail:
There are 1 copy files under ORACLE_HOME that are not patched.
Files check failed: Some files under ORACLE_HOME are not patched.
Please see logfile for details.
[ (more...)

It’s That Time Again, Please Vote For Me

It's voting time at UKOUG, and I am asking for your vote. All member organisations have a vote, if you are not the main contact on your membership please lobby on my behalf.

WHY should you vote for me - look here for official manifesto and the job specification

Two years ago I stood again for the board at UKOUG. I wanted to stand for just one year but the rules say two and (more...)

Routering and responsive layout with Oracle JET

After creating two single JET-pages (here), I want to create a JET application with navigation and a responsive layout.

Here are some pictures how the application looks like after building it:

This is the startscreen of the application:

When “Table” is selected, there is a submenu where a user can make another selection:

When a choice is made in the subselect, you see the results:


If “Chart” is selected you see a chart:


A Tip for using Excel to Validate HDL templates

HCM Data Loader (HDL) data ready to load into Oracle HCM Cloud is in pipe separated text file format, however most people will create and manipulate these files in MS Excel as it’s the handy swiss-army-knife for data manipulation that almost everyone is familiar with.

The way that we’ve worked is that we create template files containing the sheets and columns corresponding to the fields that the client is using, which the client then populates, (more...)

What HCM Cloud content was popular in 2015?

The ‘Year in Blogging’ reports have come through so I can see what posts and newsletter items garnered the most views.

The Fusion Tipster Blog

So, according to the summary, the most popular post was Introducing OTBI-E, followed by What’s Coming in Taleo 14B, and then the posts on specialisation. Of those, only the former was written in 2015, with the other two coming from 2014. The other popular posts written in 2015 (more...)

Oracle CCI and OJAudit SonarQube Plugins

In this blog I introduce to you two sonarQube plugins for Oracle FMW products.

The CCI (Code Compliance Inspector) plugin and the OJAudit plugin.

Both plugins use standard JDeveloper tooling for screening the sources of your JDeveloper project and place the result in a XML report.

The OJAudit plugin introduced in SonarQube a new language and repository both called OJAudit. With the use of the rulehelp.txt file, in the default conf directory of the SonarQube installation, the (more...)

Flame Graphs Vs. Cold Numbers

Stack trace sampling is very powerful technique for performance troubleshooting. Advantages of stack trace sampling are

  • it doesn't require upfront configuration
  • cost added by sampling is small and controllable
  • it is easy to compare analysis result from different experiments

Unfortunately, tools offered for stack trace analysis by stock profilers are very limited.

Solving performance problem in complex applications (a lot of business logic etc) is one of my regular challenges. Let's assume I have another (more...)

Create an inputform with Oracle JET

After creating my first JET-application I want to know more of Oracle JET.

I want to create a webform that saves the input in the database through a REST-service.

First let’s create the table for the input of the data.
The data for this table must be inserted through a REST-service. So I create an ADF web application with an entity-object for the table I just mentioned.

This entity-object will be then exposed as a REST-service.


Holacracy – Spark; Wat ik leerde van Getting Teams Done

Holacracy – Spark; Wat ik leerde van Getting Teams Done

Holacracy - Getting Teams Done - SparkHolacracy (en de variant Spark) is een methode voor teamproductiviteit, net als GTD dat is voor individuele productiviteit. De onderliggende principes van Holacracy en GTD komen sterk overeen. Aan GTD ontleent Holcracy de discipline en helderheid van het denkwerk en de gewoontes en vaardigheden die daarbij horen. In Holacracy wordt het denkwerk gedaan en zichtbaar in de overleggen van het team.

Holacracy leent ook het (more...)

Global Competitiveness Report 2015-2016

Global Competitiveness Report 2015-2016

The World Economic Forum (WEF) published its Global Competitiveness Report, a comprehensive assessment of economic competitiveness across the globe. Each country’s relative economic strength is determined by analyzing twelve pillars–including capacity to innovate, infrastructure, and health factors. The top five is:

  1. Switzerland
  2. Singapore
  3. United States
  4. Germany
  5. The Netherlands

These results shouldn’t be a surpise if you are familiar with Global Innovation Index 2015 (GII), Digital Economy and Society Index (more...)

Visualize database data with Oracle JET

I’m very interested in Oracle JET. So I followed the tutorial OOW 2015 HOL [1]. In this tutorial you’re going to build a Select component and a Data Visualization Chart component. In this tutorial the data for the chart component is based on static data. I want that the chart is based on data in a database.

The first thing I needed to do is determine is what I want to show in the chart. There is an (more...)

ScreenToGif – a Really Handy Tool

NewLogoI found a great new tool earlier today that I thought I’d share with you all. It’s an Open Source project called ScreenToGif. Looking at the project page it looks like it has a healthy team of developers and activity, so I think it’s going to become quite a popular little tool.

I’ve been looking for something that records a section of your screen and saves it as an animated Gif for a while. There (more...)

Boek – Getting Teams Done – Spark

Boek – Getting Teams Done – Spark

Getting Teams Done - SparkHet boek Getting Teams Done is een leuk introductie in Holacracy. Dit boek introduceert de methode waarmee leidinggevenden, teamleiders managers en zelfsturende professionals de teamproductiviteit naar een hoger niveau kunnen tillen. Holacracy wordt bijvoorbeeld ook gebruikt als organisatievorm bij Zappos (lees ook Delivering Happiness).

Getting Teams Done is geschreven in de stijl van Het Doel / The Goal en The Phoenix Project. De romanvorm wordt daarbij in (more...) mentions in Suits & Hoodies mentions in Suits & Hoodies

9789047008798-suits-en-hoodiesSuits & Hoodies – Het geheim van de succesvolle start-up van Quintin Schevernels, bevat veel voorbeelden uit de praktijk. Het zijn voorbeelden waar de schrijver bij betrokken is geweest en anderen (Google, Zappos, facebook, GoPro en In deze post een overzicht van de mentions in Suits & Hoodies. Dit geeft niet alleen inzicht in achtergronden bij, maar ook in retail in (more...)

Boek – Suits & Hoodies

Boek – Suits & Hoodies

Suits & HoodiesHet boek over start-ups (in Nederland) van dit moment is Suits & Hoodies van Quintin Schevernels. Quintin Schevernels was CEO van Layar, COO bij VNU Media en directielid bij De Telegraaf. Hij is nu betrokken bij diverse start-ups als investeerder, coach en adviseur. Met deze achtergrond beschrijft hij in aansprekende voorbeelden wat hij ziet als de essentials voor succesvolle start-ups en corporates.

De basis

De basis van het boek Suits (more...)


Shadows flicker against the wall
within the cave it is perpetually night
(I find my vision gets dimmer with age
- when we are alleged to see more sharply -
in the low light of a single candle flame
it is getting much harder to read
year by year)
there is a form I barely am able to perceive.
I wonder if it is better here than the open air
where my eyes would surely (more...)

A nice list this holiday season…Top 10 Takeaways on Oracle WebCenter 12c, The Cloud, and User Experience from OpenWorld 2015


Everyone likes lists. They are easy to follow, easy to cross off, and easy to add to. And since it is the holiday season, and you are (hopefully) putting the finishing touches on your gift giving or meal preparation lists, I thought what better way to summarize what we learned from Oracle OpenWorld 2015 in a Top 10 list. However, one caveat to that is these are not listed in any particular order, and they (more...)