Digital Disruption – Catching Up With A Legend – Ray Wang

Over the years I have spoken to many analysts about what Oracle are doing and what that means to their users.

Some analysts are just about the figures and that is also important but those that dig into the impacts on users are my kind of people, and top of my list are Ray Wang and Den Howlett. Interestingly on the surface they seem very different but both really care and are real gentlemen. 


2015 KSCOPE – PaaS4SaaS

Earlier this year I wrote about our PaaS4SaaS proof of concept and the white paper I wrote and I gave this presentation at Kscope.

I submitted it for the Editor's Choice Award for which I got a T shirt with a great quotation from the Dalai Lama “Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality.” 

What is interesting is that our customers and other users have discussed with us what they might need (more...)

2015 KSCOPE – Always on Duty – UKOUG

I mentioned that this was a work based conference for me, funded by my employer, but our worlds all  run into one and I am of course representing UKOUG in all I do.

There were no formal user group meetings at Kscope, but on the Saturday, Mary Lou Dopart from Oracle who is responsible for the umbrella organisation IOUC, attended the Community Service Event and we spent a long time exploring what user groups could (more...)

2015 KSCOPE – The Day Job (still loving it)

Certus Solutions, my employer recognise my value is from understanding the technology, and we agreed Kscope is where I should attend, but you can't just take a week off work. Kscope is not funded by OTN, this was a Certus investment.

We are working on a number of bids at the moment, life is really exciting, the Cloud Applications market is really taking off.  One of these bids was coming to its final (more...)

2015 KSCOPE – Women in IT and the ACE Director Program

I love the ACE Program, I love that it recognises people who share knowledge and I love the opportunities that it gives me.

I do believe the number of Women in IT is low (most sources state it between 13 - 18 %) and we need to increase that, which is why I love the Community Service this year, working with Children and STEM and the children who attended where evenly split between girls and (more...)

2015 KSCOPE – Party, Party, Party

Kscope has some great off piste networking. As well as the community service on Saturday, (and my Real Deep Dive), there was a great welcome event Sunday, community events on the Monday, buses to Hollywood Tuesday and the White party at Nikki Beach Wednesday, and the whole event finished with a full room at the wrap-up session.

Pete Sharman, Me and a local Florida Resident
Dancers for Conference Main Session
Ready for the White Party (more...)

2015 KSCOPE – Gamification from UX IoT

I have spoken before of where I have found gamification to drive behaviours not originally intended, or where the things measured are not really what matters, but the Kscope gamification this year was excellent.

The AppsLab part of the UX Team in Development, created their Scavenger Hunt for Kscope. The idea was to show use cases for IoT, and they used a number of methods to give points whilst driving positive behaviour at (more...)

2015 KSCOPE – Passion in Action

In the last post I mentioned I accidentally attended the APEX kick off session. How I got there was because I was kicking off the Kscope Scavenger Hunt and you got points for attending one of the kick offs. I was busy working for the day job and intended to stay for just a few minutes, but the speaker caught my attention and I stayed till the end.

The speak, Joel Kallman, spoke with (more...)

2015 KSCOPE – Sessions I attended

I go to Kscope to learn, I spent time planning the sessions I wanted to go to, but actually spent more time speaking to product managers, on how to expand what we are doing at work, and I cover this in the PaaS4SaaS Kscope entry.

I did attend the APEX kick off, but more on that in the next blog.

ODTUG covers 5 main areas, EPM (everything from Essbase to Financial Close), Database Development, APEX, (more...)

2015 KSCOPE – Community Service

One of the lovely things about Kscope is Community Service. People turn up early to take part in an arranged good dead for the local community. In the past I have painted schools, built PC desks, wedded sand dunes, cleared weeds in a community park and this year we were helping under privileged children with STEM projects.

Kscope made a fantastic video of the event which tells you all about it. (post later when made (more...)

2015 KSCOPE – Keeping Fit

Bit of an oxymoron me and keeping fit, but Kscope has daily Chi Gung from Kent Graziano.

I have been going to Chi Gung at Kscope and OOW for the last 3 - 4 years but am useless. I can either do the exercise, or do the breathing but not both!

I started Chi Gung as I thought it would help my breathing for diving, but for Chi Gung I am meant to breath through (more...)

2015 KSCOPE – A wonderful Event

I love ODTUG and especially their conference Kscope. I'm not putting it above UKOUG but I have the time to enjoy Kscope, and it's where I go to learn.

Each year Kscope goes to a different venue and this year it was Hollywood, Florida, lovely place in June.

I can't go through everything I got upto, but here are a few highlights:

One Year at Cedar

Yesterday marked the first anniversary of my start date at Cedar. The year has passed really quickly and – although during the ‘heat of the moment’ it may seem like you’re only making small steps – when you take the time to step back and reflect you can see genuine progress has been made.

I’m not in any way pretending or implying that all of these are as a result of my presence – that (more...)


He likes word games
In the way they circle about
   Starlings in flight
   Or Seraphim.

With sweeping gesture
   Left to right
Hands hang with head
Under the pressing of the sun:
   Weight of doubt
   Or will.

Against open air, tumultuous sea
   Turtle green
The division is nowhere more evident
Where sand meets froth
   Stark, blinding glare
Wind balmed
   Until night.

   Next to godliness
The echo of countless schoolmarms
Chiding, chilling - without regret
   Yeah, rather,

What The World Needs More Of

The interview with these two kids - Chris and Camryn Singleton - is available on BBC, but I wanted to pull out this remarkable commentary in a related article:

"People are hurting in Charleston. But for the hundreds who packed into the gymnasium at the Goose Creek High School, it was also a reminder of the importance of love.

Sharonda Singleton coached the girls' athletics team here. As her photo rested on an easel on (more...)

A busy Few Weeks – And Breathe….

Some times there is so much on and these last two weeks have been one of those times. There were so many events on and not just in the UK, I think it must be conference season as everyone tries to get their event in before Europe slows down for the summer.

June started with the EOUC, The EMEA Presidents Meeting in Lisbon, I didn't attend, UKOUG send two people and Fiona and Linda Barker (more...)

LDAP Command Line Cheat #OpenDJ

I use the command line a lot when interfacing with OpenDJ. One of the issues with this is that I often run into an issue with the BindDN user’s password has an “!” (bang) in it. As this is a special character in Unix/Linux command line, it will typically cause unexpected results.

With ldapsearch you can just leave the password paramater off and you will be prompted to provide the password. I have found (more...)

Inline Subprocesses in SOA Suite 12c

In a project I work in I had to create a process that does calculations based on the input. This calculations must be done from different parts in the input. So the only difference where the input variables. For this I used the option Inline Subprocesses in BPEL. An Inline Subprocess is embedded in the main BPEL-proces and can be called from different scope’s in the main process.
In this blogpost I will give a (more...)

Did your organization recently purchase Oracle WebCenter Content? Are you the new admin? Consider these 4 tools to successfully manage and administer the system

AdminSuiteCongratulations! Your organization has made an investment in a leading enterprise content management and portal system, and even better, you get to manage and administer the system. Lucky you, right? As long as users can access the system, find what they need, and receive important, system generated notifications that are relevant to them they will generally be happy and leave you alone, right?

Unfortunately, a complete state of end-user bliss doesn’t exist – if it (more...)

Just How Lucky Can One Girl Get? I Love My Job

I've just finished my latest ACE Tour, and I often get asked  "How you do it? How do you manage to work, do UKOUG and ACE director duties?"

It's my job, well my job allows me to do this and #ILoveMyJob

I have a really exciting job title - VP Certus Cloud Solutions but as I said in my six month appraisal of the job it was really about enablement. You see Certus (more...)