Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c – First Video on Oracle Learning Library YouTube Channel

I just discovered that since today (18th December 2015) is a first Oracle Learning Library video for the Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c (!!!!!) available.

Enjoy watching it :-)

Angular 2 is coming. And it’s a big deal.

Angular is not new. The first version of this javascript framework saw the light of day in 2009, and back then it already was an impressive framework for building complex, singlepage browser applications with Javascript (EcmaScript 5 or ES5 and the soon-to-be-released ES6 language), Typescript or Dart.

Six years later it’s not the only Javascript framework that can do that. Competitors are Meteor, Facebook’s React , EmberJS, good old jQuery and many others. (more...)

APAC OTN Tour 2015 – Christmas Down Under

Nothing about Oracle here at all just the random enjoyment of celebrating the Christmas Holiday spirit in a warm climate. It seemed very alien to hear Christmas Music in shops when wearing flip-flops and sunglasses, but that doesn't mean they don't celebrate they certainly do.

Singapore Airport

Darling Harbour, Sydney

Queen Victoria Building, Sydney

Sydney Town Hall

Sheraton on the Park (our hotel) Sydney

Pan Pacific (our hotel), Perth

London Court, Perth

Penny's House Perth

APAC OTN Tour 2015

This is a tour I really enjoy, but as OOW was so late this year and more importantly UKOUG  just days after, I was worried I would have to pull out of this tour.

The tour visited 5 places but I was only signed up for the last 3, Sydney, Perth and Wellington.

This was a crazy itinerary and was 28,733 miles and included 61 hours of air travel time, plus lay overs. (more...)

APAC OTN Tour 2015 – Wellington, New Zealand

Apart from having to fly back to Sydney overnight, to catch a flight to Wellington, this was quite an uneventful trip.

Again Richard had planned our travel so we arrived early afternoon, and the first thing we did was take a walk.

Now we know why Wellington is called 'Windy', even their name badge incorporates this and a recent article in the guardian suggests it is the windiest city in the world. The phenomena that (more...)

APAC OTN Tour 2015 – Perth

We arrived in Perth mid afternoon and Richard and I went for a short walk to find coffee before being picked up by local user group legend Penny Cookson. Penny lives out of Perth along the coast and she took us out to her home to meet up with her husband Spence and our fellow speaker John King who was staying with them.

Later we went out and had dinner on the sea front watching (more...)

WebLogic 12.2.1 – Redeployment of versioned applications via RESTful Management Services

With the latest release of Oracle WebLogic Server 12.2.1 came quite a lot of enhancements for the RESTful Management Services. The enhancements are really impressive, you are able to monitor (GET) or to modify (POST) your WebLogic environment in detail with a simple URL call either via Browser or via Command Line Tools like cURL. The response time for such REST calls are really impressive compared to the classical way with WLST scripts (more...)

WebLogic 12.2.1 – New Feature for Data Source System Properties

Within the new release of Oracle WebLogic Server 12.2.1 is a really cool new feature for Data Source System Properties.

In case you have mutliple data sources defined within your Oracle WebLogic Server pointing to the same Oracle Database and mostly using the same Oracle Database user, you have currently limited chances to identify in your v$session, which session belongs to which WebLogic Server Data Source.

For example, you have 2 Data Sources (more...)

Using Apache Drill REST API to Build ASCII Dashboard With Node

Read this article on my new blog Apache Drill has a hidden gem: an easy to use REST interface. This API can be used to Query, Profile and Configure Drill engine. In this blog post I will explain how to use Drill REST API to create ascii dashboards using Blessed Contrib. The ASCII Dashboard looks like Prerequisites Node.js Apache Drill 1.2 For this post, you will use the SFO

How Fishbowl’s Enterprise Support Program Keeps Your WebCenter System Running Smoothly

JohnFishbowl introduced our Enterprise Support program during the summer of 2014, and since then we have helped numerous customers keep their WebCenter environments running smoothly. Enterprise Support Engineer John Lundgren often talks with WebCenter users who are interested in Fishbowl’s support program. He recently created a list of FAQ’s for those who are considering Fishbowl’s product support or in supplementing their Oracle maintenance agreement with Fishbowl’s enterprise support.


Q: What kinds of support does (more...)

APAC OTN Tour 2015 – Sydney

Pythian hosted this meetup in Sydney and we had a great day, two tracks covering a range of topics. 

My sessions were late in the day but I got the opportunity to listen to some of the others.

Richard Foote had a really interactive session on indexes and then he talked about Database Performance Diagnostics. This isn't my area (too technical) but I love to listen to sessions outside my comfort zone, that's (more...)

Een kijkje in het fulfillment center

Een kijkje in het fulfillment center

Dit filmpje geeft een interessante blik in het huidige fulfillment center in Waalwijk. Met een drone zijn opnamen gemaakt in een van de hallen van het warehouse.

En een eigen fulfillment center voor groei en innovatie

Begin 2016 start met de bouw van een eigen fulfillment center. Als dat opent heeft het circa 50.000m2 grondoppervlakte. Dat is te (more...)

DOAG 2015 – My Thoughts

My last posting was what I was jealous of at DOAG, but what I really want to talk about is my experience at their conference.

I had two presentations, PaaS4SaaS and a new presentation 'What Does Digital Distruption Mean to the Oracle Ecosystem'.

The PaaS4SaaS presentation I have been doing for a while but it needed updating post Oracle Open World, lots of things to add. I have also updated my whitepaper on (more...)

DOAG 2015 – My Frustration

My mind is split on the DOAG, I love the conference, I love so much about the event itself but I am so jealous of their facilities.

People attend the DOAG and then they say to me 'why doesn't UKOUG do this? do that? DOAG does'

The UK has lots of conference venues, but very, very few that match the requirements of UKOUG. We need a large plenary auditorium, many, many breakout rooms, space for (more...)

LAC de architect tussen 44 scrum teams in de 90e sprint

LAC de architect tussen 44 scrum teams in de 90e sprint

Dit is de presentatie die ik op 25 november 2015 gaf op het Landelijk Architectuurcongres over Agile Architectuur. De titel: de architect tussen 44 scrum teams in de 90e sprint:


What did you miss at Oracle OpenWorld regarding WebCenter, The Cloud, and Front-End Website and Portal Development? Find out in this webinar.

fbweb_003072Fishbowl Solutions has been attending and sponsoring Oracle OpenWorld for many years, and every year we get questions from customers asking why they should attend, how is Oracle OpenWorld different from Collaborate, and if they do attend what sessions should they go to? Although there is no single answer to these questions, our general response is OpenWorld provides so many continuous learning, networking, and fun events that going isn’t hard to justify. However, as the (more...)

Connected Enterprise 2015

I have known Ray Wang since Oracle started working on Fusion (now Cloud Applications), as an analyst,  Ray has always been interested not only in what software does for the enterprise but also what it means to the end user.

When Ray started Constellation Research I was very honoured to be asked to be a member of their board of advisors. And then a judge for their Supernova Awards which I have now been for (more...)

Connected Enterprise 2015 – What did I learn?

This was a very different conference for me, I was a delegate there to learn, and I certainly did.

Every session was thought provoking and full of rich content. I particularly liked the panel sessions where a group of thought leaders shared their ideas on topics, and I loved some of the questions. I think Holger Mueller has set the standard for the future with his question to a panel of Cloud Vendors ‘What would (more...)

Connected Enterprise 2015 – The Event

Ray Wang
Connected Enterprise is a C level extravaganza, set in the beautiful Ritz Carlton Hotel, Half Moon Bay. I didn’t stay there, but as a guest of a friend who lives nearby but I arrived for breakfast each morning and leaving as the die hards retired to the fire pits outside for their very late nightcaps each night.

I loved the format of the event, they limited the event to 250, which means they (more...)

a nifty way to refresh page regions in Oracle APEX

Not all regions in APEX can be refreshed using the PPR mechanism. Especially PL/SQL regions are difficult to refresh with AJAX.

Although… the fact that the HTML in a PL/SQL region is constructed in PL/SQL may be in your advantage. With the use of a tiny bit of JQuery and an application process, you will be able to update a region asynchronously. I’ll show you how.

First, create a PL/SQL region and write some PL/SQL that generates your (more...)