Last week in Stream Processing & Analytics 8/22/2016

This is the 28th installment of my blog series around Stream Processing and Analytics.

As usual, find below the new blog articles, presentations, videos and software releases from last week:

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Global Innovation Index 2016

Global Innovation Index 2016

The Global Innovation Index (GII) 2016 is an annual publication which features a composite indicator that ranks countries/economies in terms of their enabling environment to innovation and their innovation outputs. The GII covers 141 economies around the world and uses 79 indicators across a range of themes. The Global Innovation Index 2016 was created by Cornell University, INSEAD, and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The theme of the (more...)

Need Your Help Again

This is my third UKOUG Partner Awards whilst working at Certus and in that time I have had the privilege to work with some amazing customers. I know Certus deserve your vote in the UKOUG Partner Awards, especially in the  Cloud Applications category.

I could just ask you to vote for us. Vote Gold and if you want to just do that then thank you so much. But if you want to know why, (more...)

Journalismus, den die Welt braucht. Teil 2 | Pearls of journalism. Part 2

Two weeks ago i started a first experiment with translating strange articles by Google (see here).
This was the next snippet (from IT-BUSINESS), which was a little bit weird:
Aha. Fog Computing...

Let's see, what Google Translate means to this:

Fog Compuing

The Fog is all symbolize the cloud around. It is all about the primary processing of data close to the data encoder, such as in the car or in the refrigerator (more...)

Last week in Stream Processing & Analytics 8/15/2016

This is the 27th installment of my blog series around Stream Processing and Analytics.

As usual, find below the new blog articles, presentations, videos and software releases from last week:

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Apache Kafka / Kafka Streams

Use Oracle JET to monitor Weblogic queues

At a customer we are working in an Oracle Fusion Middleware environment. In this environment we created queues. These queues are configured with an error queue when messages could not be delivered.

Because there are a number of error queues, monitoring is a lot of work. You have to check each queue independently. Recently I ran into this blog of Frank Munz (link). In this blogpost he talks about the framework Jolokia. This (more...)

OTNTourLA – The Long Trek Home

After an amazing day sightseeing the area around Pereira, it was a very late night but my first flight wasn't until almost midday.

I met up with Tim for breakfast and then made my way to the airport. There isn't really a waiting area airside, just two boarding areas, so you have to wait till your flight is the next one to be called. The area landside was very busy with whole families seeing individuals (more...)

Oracle Reports 12c – The missing configuration steps

Oracle Forms & Reports 12c is released since a quite long time and I had now some chance to have a more detailed look on the Oracle Reports 12c component.

After you have successfully installed and configured the Oracle Forms & Reports 12c, you might find out that your Oracle Reports 12c is not working ... because its not yet configured, even you completed the Configuration Assistent successfully :-)

The following steps are describing the necessary (more...)

OTNTourLA – Final Sight Seeing

Alexis wife Clara, sat next to me at dinner Thursday evening and was telling what a beautiful location Pereira was the centre off, and how I should explore it. Then Pablo who had done so during the day showed me some photos and I was determined to do something on the Friday as I was not speaking.

Alexis asked me if I wanted to go with him to see some places, and that Deiby was (more...)

OTNTourLA – Last Stop Colombia

Sleep is a wonderful thing and in a much better frame of mind, we managed to get a taxi to the university for the event kick off. Once we arrived I was very impressed with the facilities which included sports halls, pool, stadium etc of almost Olympic quality.

The university appeared to be set in a bamboo forest which is very pre learnt locally, in fact we also saw a toll booth the next day (more...)

OTNTourLA – The Journey to Colombia

The journey was not my finest hour, I had a total sense of humour failure.

I think I was never going to enjoy the journey, there was 3 legs we had always seemed excessive but then we heard from local peers on the tour that there was the option to do a much simpler Guatemala, Panama, Periera than the Guatemala, San Salvador, Bogota, Periera than we were doing! This would also have allowed Tim to (more...)

OTNTourLA 2016 – Guatemala

Oracle User Group Guatemala 

Guatemala was probably the most laid back leg of our tour. Having the event in a hotel, and then staying in that hotel means there isn't too much to worry about logistics.

We arrived mid afternoon and I took the opportunity to bank a few hours sleep. Then Tim, Alex and I went for a very nice local meal. Our hotel I am guessing was classified as an airport hotel as (more...)

Last week in Stream Processing & Analytics 8/9/2016

This is the 26th installment of my blog series around Stream Processing and Analytics. So this is basically the first 1/2 year of this blog series. Hope to at least continue for another 26 weeks to make it a full year:-)

This week I especially like to mention the 5 tips by Chris Raphael on using Streaming Analytics Software:

  1. What’s the business value?
  2. Analyze and enrich multiple streams of data
  3. Make local decisions
  4. Filter (more...)

OTNTourLA 2016 – Mexico

Oracle User Group Mexico 

One of the problems of travelling with Tim Hall (there are many more) is that he always gets his blog out first, and I  have to struggle to write something different. Tim described the event as a mini Oracle Open World, and that is exactly how it looked, all red and white with a central marquee that was surrounded by the breakout rooms and the main hall. 

A partner (more...)

OTNTourLA 2016 – Costa Rica

Costa Rica User Group 

This was my third user group event in Costa Rica, first in 2012 and again in 2014, on both those occasions I had the chance to explore the country, which in part made up for the fact that this was a flying visit. Arriving Tuesday afternoon, speaking Wednesday, leaving Thursday morning.

The journey to Costa Rica was quite uneventful, and it wasn’t too long in the taxi to the hotel, which (more...)

OTNTourLA 2016 – Panama

This was my second visit to OUG Panama

Their President Edgardo Sanchez was a fantastic host, I didn’t realise when I accepted his invitation to dinner on the Saturday evening I was the only person in town, but he took me with his family to Tinajas a very traditional Panamanian restaurant that included an amazing show with all the costumes and dancing indigenous to Panama.

On the Sunday Edgardo took Alexis Lopez from Columbia, his (more...)

OTNTourLA – Before we started

First stop on the tour was Panama, and I took the opportunity to go a few days earlier and mix business with pleasure and go diving.

I wanted to dive in two oceans in one day, however their rainy seasons has over run and that means rivers are running into the ocean and bringing lots of mud with it. This creates poorer visibility but I don't care, I live in N Ireland and seeing my (more...)

Journalismus, den die Welt braucht. Teil 1 | Pearls of journalism. Part 1

Today i browsed the magazine IT-BUSINESS  and read some really annoying articles. It was just words without building meaningful setences. It was so stunned, that i decided: I have to do something...

The  following idea came into my mind:
What about translating the part of the article, which i did not understand via Google Translate? Perhaps in english it sounds more meaningful (and more than 20% of the words are just technical terms in english... (more...)

OTN Latin America Tour 2016


Follow us on twitter with the hashtag #OTNTourLA.

This is my 5th Latin America Tour, I am so privileged to have those opportunities, an employer who sees the value and no family at home to moan about me being away.

This year I am on the North Tour, I did this tour in 2014:

1st       Panama 
3rd       Costa Rica
5th       Mexico

First Thoughts on Application Builder Cloud Services – another PaaS4SaaS

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that I am on a mission to use PaaS to extend the SaaS HCM & ERP applications, and now I am finally getting to play with ABCS

A year ago I was excited about a new Oracle offering Application Builder Cloud Service, a PaaS offering for the Citizen Developer. This should heave been just what I need, no development skills – remember (more...)