OTN Yathra 2014 – Bangalore

For our penultimate event we moved South to Bangalore. The drive to the airport was horrendous, for once the road was clear but our driver decided that meant he could drive at 120km/h even when taking bends, I have laughed at my inability to accept this traffic but on this occasion I was actually in tears, thanks to Tim and Hans for keeping me sane (just).

The flight was uneventful except it was a very (more...)

OTN Yathra 2014 – Hyderabad

This was the 5th of the 7th events on Yathra and the one I was looking forward to most, as it had a dedicated Applications track.

Hyderabad is the home of Oracle Applications development in India, and most global partners who have offices in India, do so here. Oracle HQ in Redwood Shores is known for its Canadian Geese who patrol the campus but here in Hyderabad it is ducks that rule.

There were also (more...)

OTN Yathra 2014 – Pune

For a Sunday the turnout was not bad, again I talked about both BI and Mobile in Fusion Applications, and whilst I did not have the biggest audiences, I had people who were really interested.

Again it was a an Oracle Financial Services building and we were well looked after.

I have morphed my sessions a bit, people wanted to go back to the basics of Fusion Applications, drill into the design principles and understand (more...)

OTN Yathra 2014 – The Journey to Pune

Mumbai was a Saturday and it is quite normal for people in India to give up Saturday to learn if the subject is correct, but in order to ensure as many cities as possible were included in OTN Yathra, Pune was held on a Sunday, the very next day after Mumbai.

The distance is 96 miles, which does not seem a long way, and too short for a flight, so we drove in a convoy (more...)

OTN Yathra 2014 – Mumbai

Both my mother and my grandmother were born in Bombay, or rather Mumbai as it is known today, so I was very excited about visiting this city. However let me be honest, I saw nothing except traffic, as in most cities we arrived in the dark, presented the next day, and then it was time to move on, in fact in Mumbai we only had a single night in the hotel.

When Oracle bought (more...)

OTN Yathra 2014 – Sharda University Noida

Having missed the first stop of the Yathra, my first event was at Sharda University. Sharda is the goddess of enlightenment and it was a big university with a large engineering faculty. We met with the various Deans who wanted to see how being party of OTN could help students with their search for jobs in the future, and we talked about OTN being for individuals and how the AIOUG could help the university as an (more...)

OTN Yathra 2014 – The Taj Mahal

This was the only free day of the tour for sightseeing, and Murali, Hans, Raj and myself set off for the Taj Mahal; just 3 hours late because our taxi went to the Crowne Plaza in Delhi not Noida!

This journey was great, a toll road with a set speed limit, which it appears we broke constantly, and the road was littered with signs saying 'speeding invites prosecution' and other witty suggestions. Then we reached Agra and I experienced (more...)

OTN Yathra 2014 – Start of the Journey – Not my Best

I was planning to go to the Philippines on vacation and would join the tour at the 2nd stop Noida (near Delhi) on the 19th February, however when Murali said we would have a trip to the Taj Mahal on that day I changed my mind and flew into Delhi a day early.

In the Philippines I was reminded of my hatred of bad traffic and the journey to the airport for the return leg to Singapore had (more...)

OTN Yathra – Setting the scene

As ever I am late with my blog postings and that swot Tim Hall has been posting his daily and getting all the credit from OTN so I need to get a move on. This post will keep being linked from as I post the various parts.

The opportunity to travel to India with OTN is something I have really wanted to do, my grandmother grew up in India and my mother was born there; (more...)

Telegram on two devices…

After trying Whatsapp on 2 devices without success, i tried the same thing with telegram. Telegram says about multiple devices:

So let's see...
Registering the mobile phone was straight forward: a SMS with a verification code and that's it.
Registering was easy: just another SMS
And after entering the code on the tablet i got the following message on my mobile phone:
After that every conversation or more precise: every unsecure conversation is broadcasted to (more...)

Client Seeking Senior OpenAM Engineer

A client of mine has asked me to assist them in finding a full-time Senior OpenAM Engineer.  They are a startup, based in Northern, Virginia.  They are working on some pretty cool initiatives with OAUTH2 and SAML and need an experienced engineer to lead this effort. 

If you are interested in this please feel free to reach out to me and I’ll put you in touch.

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Smart Meter@Home: Fritz!Powerline 546E – really smart?

Everyone is talking about Smart Meter - is it possible to get in touch with this topic by buying a Fritz!Powerline 546E?

The key points of Smart Meters according to wikipedia are:
  • real-time or near real-time sensors
  • power outage notification
  • power quality monitoring 
  • collect, and analyze energy usage
What is supported by the 546E?
  • power outage notification: no way without a battery ;-)
  • real-time or near real-time sensors: one measurement per minute
  • power quality (more...)

Bye Bye FB

Looks like I cannot go without a G+ profile if I want to continue to use my blogger account ...

As I cannot go on Fesse Book to notify my friends I am no longer there, I have to use alternate routes ;-)

Most likely, I am going to create a Marketing Account on MailChimp for 'Les Amis d'Eric' so that I can continue to push update about my remodeling project and my new diets.

How British Airways failed to use the information they have

Having worked with companies a lot in the past few years on how to create a better customer experience and in-particular through MDM to help effectively identify the customer I know just what is possible even in very challenging environments.  The Airline industry is not one of those areas but today with British Airways I received another example of how a company might have all the information

Altova XMLSpy, testing custom functions in xsl transformations

In our middleware solutions (Oracle SOA Suite) we use a lot of xsl transformations.
Part of these transformations use database backend systems to do lookups for transforming internal values to external values (which can then be communicated to the customers).

In the Oracle SOA Suite you can create custom xsl function and store the jar in the domain/lib folder and then you will be able to use it in the xsl transformations.

We use Altova (more...)

BPM workspace: Scripted security

When implementing BPM processes, for each deployed BPM process an application role is created in the policy store. To enable users to work with the processes, groups are assigned to these application roles. Users are ofcourse assigned to their respective groups. Management of the BPM process application roles is available in Enterpsie Manager Fusion Middleware Control or the BPM workspace.

Let’s first use Fusion Middleware Control. We need to go to the security section.


Choose (more...)

What Have I Been Up To?

In October I announced I was leaving Fujitsu, and I guess I have been quite quiet since then, so what have I been up to?

At first my intention was to look for another corporate employer but every time I talked to friends the same discussion happened, people thought I should be working for myself as an independent consultant on where Oracle could help an organisation achieve its strategy.

 I thought about it a lot, 25 years with (more...)

How to remove UMS Driver from Weblogic

Last year I got a message from a customer that he had some problem with his notification adapter in SOA Suite. His description was: “I’m not receiving all the email that I expect”.

First we thought it has to be a blocked email address on Weblogic, which was not the problem. Second that pops up in my mind was that we were sending that much email that the SMTP server are blocking us, also that (more...)


In my last post I talked about presentations I am doing this year and I realise that one of my main drives is talking about what Oracle call AppAdvantage which was launched at Oracle Open World.

This concept is the understanding of what business issues can be delivered using Fusion Middleware, something that I am really interested in, because Fusion Applications are the ultimate incarnation of this.

I haven't written much about AppAdvantage on this (more...)

Please Use Your Vote For UKOUG

It's the annual voting for UKOUG and as a director I urge you to vote, but as Debra Lilley I want you to vote for me.

Times have been hard at UKOUG, a lot of change as we get the right model for the community and as previously shared it is constantly difficult to achieve everything we do within the financial challenges we have.

 At UKOUG we rely on volunteers and because life changes (more...)