Building a Hyper-V Environment for SharePoint / Cyberinc Entitlements Server Prototype – Part 3

In my previous post, I covered the installation of SQL Server 2016 SP1 for our Hyper-V environment. After that is completed, we are ready to install SharePoint Server 2016. That’s what I’ll be covering here. Firstly, you need to download a copy of the software. At the time of writing this post, SharePoint Server 2016 is available from Microsoft. That’s the version I’ve downloaded for installation on the VM.

Installing the Prerequisites

To start the (more...)

Spark based Microservice- Deployment Automation in the Oracle Cloud

Spark is a Java based framework supporting development of micro applications/services. This blog will give an understanding of deploying a simple Spark based REST service project on Oracle Application Container Cloud using Oracle Developer Cloud. This post will show the essential capabilities for Spark framework based projects management, build automation and streamlined deployment in the Oracle Cloud, using Developer Cloud Service and deploying to Application Container Cloud.


Tech Stack Usage

Eclipse: IDE for Spark (more...)

The Flash Insider: To POC or Not To POC?

Proof of Concept?

Guest Post

I’m excited announce another guest blog written by my good friend and funny-talking American cousin Nathan Fuzi. Like me, Nate comes from a database background but joined the all-flash storage revolution back in its infancy. Which means, like me, Nate how has a little tombstone on his résumé marked Violin Memory. But even though he has since moved up to working in THE CLOUD, Nate’s experience working for an AFA vendor is invaluable. Over six years, he worked (more...)

Long Parsing and PGA limits

Recently I’ve seen not so smart optimizer behavior: one query took long time to parse, and ended with an error hitting PGA_AGGREGATE_LIMIT in few minutes; another query was just parsed for ages while using reasonable (under 2G :)) amount of PGA and still could hit PGA_AGGREGATE_LIMIT but after way more time – up to an hour.

Both cases were similar and involved queries which were accessing views; and those views’ code is generated by an (more...)

Free Oracle SOA Suite 12c & BPM Suite 12c On-demand Training & Free SOA Partner Community

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Oracle EMEA Partner Sales

Oracle TestFest

Free Oracle SOA Suite 12c & BPM Suite 12c On-demand Training & Free SOA Partner Community

Dear Integration Expert,

We would like to invite you to become hands-on trained in the latest versions of Oracle SOA Suite 12c and BPM Suite 12c – free of charge!

Community Registration cta-arrow

bullet Step 1: Free SOA & BPM Partner Community Registration

For regular information, including free trainings and free certifications, become a (more...)

Duolingo: A UX Storyteller’s Dream

I really love the language learning app Duolingo. I’ve been a big fan of it since early days and have a few new efforts underway with it! I now use it for Irish, Dutch, Spanish and Italian.

Exploring Spanish on Duolingo. I think I will wait until a get a bit more fluent before sharing on LinkedIn. Social is a key part of the experience.

I’m especially thrilled that my own language, Irish (Gaeilge (more...)

OBIEE 12c – Regression Tester for Application Roles and Mappings

Allow me to introduce you to the Application Role Mapping validation script for OBIEE 12c. With this bit of code, we can utilize OBIEE's runcat command script to export our application role and permissions mapping information from multiple environments, and ensure their consistency. The picture below is an example of what you'll see as the final product. While it does not show you a side by side comparison of both environments, what it does (more...)

Workshop in Vancouver – Venue has changed

I arrived well in Canada seeing the longest immigration line ever - but luckily as the immigration process by itself is very efficient it didn't take over an hour.  Vancouver sees to be a very nice city - only the weather could be a bit better I'm looking forward to the "Upgrade / Migrate / Consolidate... [Read More]

Node.js application writing to MongoDB – Kafka Streams findings read from Kafka Topic written to MongoDB from Node

MongoDB is a popular, light weight, highly scalable, very fast and easy to use NoSQL document database. Written in C++, working with JSON documents (stored in binary format BSON), processing JavaScript commands using the V8 engine, MongoDB easily ties in into many different languages and platforms, one of which is Node.JS. In this article, I describe first of all how a very simple interaction between Node.JS and MongoDB can be implemented.



Then (more...)

Oracle Database Result Cache Troubleshooting

I was troubleshooting an issue where the Oracle Database Result Cache did not get used when the RESULT_CACHE hint was specified inside a subquery. As the main query has a sysdate inside, the RESULT_CACHE Hint can not be specified for the main query, but only for the subquery.

SELECT SQ.*, sysdate FROM
(SELECT * FROM tableX, ....) SQ;

When using “/*+ RESULT_CACHE */ inside of Subquery, result cache was not (more...)

Integrating with Oracle Cloud to Streamline Business Processes

imageRedstone is a Platinum level system integrator and value added reseller focusing on Oracle’s Digital Experience and Cloud solutions.

Client Testimonial

"The Oracle Cloud has enabled us to better connect many facets of our business and expand our use of technology.  We are now able to seamlessly integrate our web experience management solution with our cloud-based document storage solution.  Additionally, we are able to expand the solution footprint by connecting third-party applications through (more...)

Why Focused Learning Is Better For Your Career

In this article, I’ll explain what I mean by “focused learning” and why it’s a good idea for your career. What is Focused Learning? When we want to learn something, we tend to research on it. We look for websites, articles, videos on the topic. Or we enrol in a university course, if it’s career […]

MobaXterm 10.0

MobaXterm 10.0 was released a couple of days ago. As well as the usual bug fixes there are a number of enhancements and a new flatter look and feel.

Downloads and changelog in the usual places.

Happy upgrading!



MobaXterm 10.0 was first posted on February 20, 2017 at 8:39 am.
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eDB360 includes now an optional staging repository

eDB360 has always worked under the premise “no installation required”, and still is the case today – it is part of its fundamental essence: give me a 360-degree view of my Oracle database with no installation whatsoever. With that in mind, this free tool helps sites that have gone to the cloud, as well as those with “on-premises” databases; and in both cases not installing anything certainly expedites diagnostics collections. With eDB360, you simply connect to (more...)

How to speed up slow unicode migration of a table with xmltype columns

Recently I have had an issue with slow unicode migration of the database upgraded from 10g to The main problem was a table with xmltype: we spent about 4 hours for this table(~17GB) during test migration, though all other tables (~190GB) migrated just for about 20 minutes.
We used DMU(Database Migration Assistant for Unicode), and the root cause of the problem was update statement generated by DMU for this table:

update   (more...)

Data Pump or Data Pain Part04 – The End

Please take a look at my notes below:
DataPump: Schema/DB Migration Notes

Public Cloud consequences with an Oracle environment

The title suggests a negative statement of using a Public Cloud. Well, it isn’t.  I’m convinced the Cloud is the next best thing, with huge advantages for businesses. But companies should be aware of what they choose. A lot of providers, including Oracle, are pushing us to the cloud, Public, Private or Hybrid. And make us believe that a public cloud will be an inevitable extension to our on-premises environment. Moving your weblogic and (more...)

From AngularJS to Oracle JET at DevNexus

I'm going to DevNexus this week. There'll be a NetBeans booth and several NetBeans community members in attendance, drop by and come and chat about NetBeans, Apache, etc!

Also, I'll be talking about Oracle JET:

I'll take an AngularJS/Ionic application Matt Raible created and talked about recently at Jfokus and I'll show how that application looks when created via Oracle JET. I'll discuss the similarities/differences and advantages/disadvantages. Here's the repo where I am (more...)

Process Cloud Service –> Quickstart apps by Niall Commiskey


Nice feature this...
As the docs says -
Choose a QuickStart App to quickly create an application and learn about Process Cloud Service. QuickStart Apps include all the implementation details needed to play and deploy them. Use these applications as a ready-to-use application to deploy or as a starting point to adapt by making changes such as editing task titles, modifying the web form, or adding new task actions. Read the complete article here.

SOA (more...)

Node.js application using SSE (Server Sent Events) to push updates (read from Kafka Topic) to simple HTML client application

This article describes a simple Node.js application that uses Server Sent Events (SSE) technology to push updates to a simple HTML client, served through the Express framework. The updates originate from messages consumed from a Kafka Topic. Although the approach outlined in this article stands on its own, and does not even depend on Apache Kafka, it also forms the next step in a series of articles that describe an Kafka Streams application that (more...)