Why “We’ll wait for the 2nd release!” is a misconception …

Oh, how often have I heard this phrase:

"We'll wait for the second release!"

And sometimes it makes me really anxious and angry at the same time when I hear that.

Anxious because it means that somebody has no strategy for the database upgrades/migrations and is just postponing necessary tasks to sometime in the future. Easy deal but not very clever

Angry because this is a way of thinking from the 90s/00s when (more...)

Bundle Patch for OUD Released !

The OUD Bundle Patch was just released. It is now available through the Oracle Patch Portal under My Oracle Support (MOS).

Customers are strongly encouraged to install latest Bundle Patches

Please check README file as part of the  OUD Bundle Patch  itself.

For more details on this Bundle Patch please check under My oracle Support KM Doc ID 1905631.1

If you experience difficulties to download this Bundle (more...)

A Smart Holster for Law Enforcement

So, back in January, Noel (@noelportugal) took a team of developers to the AT&T Developer Summit Hackathon in Las Vegas.

Although they didn’t win, the built some very cool stuff, combining Google Glass, Philips Hue, Internet of Things, and possibly a kitchen sink in there somewhere, into what can only be described as a smart holster. You know, for guns.

You read that right. This project was way out of our usual wheelhouse, which (more...)

Unlimited Session Timeout

There are a lot of security admins out there that are going to hate me for this post. There are a lot of system administrators, developers, and users, however, that will LOVE me for this post. The code I'm about to share with you will keep the logged in PeopleSoft user's session active as long as the user has a browser window open that points to a PeopleSoft instance. Why would you do this? I (more...)

Core System Selection Process for Mid-Market Insurance Carriers – An unavoidable challenge? Or a great opportunity?

The insurance industry is going through a lot of changes and insurance carriers are looking for new avenues to create a competitive advantage – innovative products, quicker time-to-market, better utilization of customer touch points, etc. Meanwhile the business context has changed both internally and externally. The challenge for the IT organization of a mid-market insurance carrier in this context is to enable such business initiatives while at the same time keeping costs down. The critical (more...)

Excel connect to Oracle – 64bit and 32bit issues

Wow, thanks to

Process Monitor   http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896645

I was able track down why I couldn’t connect to Oracle from Excel.

I had wanted to try some of the examples Charles Hooper has posted on connecting to and monitoring Oracle, for example


I kept getting the error “Provider not found”
Now what kind of trace info is there for an error like this in Excel? None AFAIK. Time to start guessing.

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 24-JUL-2014


Another great issue of the Log Bugger: Log Buffer #380, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs, from Pythian.

SQL Developer

Eroski Resolves IT-Incident Issues 75% Faster and Reduces Costs by Centralizing Service for 38,000 Internal Clients with Oracle Service Cloud

"Oracle Service Cloud solutions meet our needs for a service-oriented, cloud-based platform that requires no complex physical infrastructure. With our new, centralized approach, we resolve 21,000 cases a month and do so 75% faster than our initial estimates.” – says Jose Enrique Rey Sanchez, SIEC Customer Service Manager, Eroski

Read the complete success story of Eroski with Oracle Service Cloud here

Oracle Value Chain Summit 2015 – Call for Papers is Now Open!

The 3rd annual Oracle Value Chain Summit will take place during January 26 - 28, 2015 at the San Jose Convention Center

Do you have a compelling story to share with your supply chain colleagues? The Call for Papers for this must-attend supply chain and product lifecycle management event is now open, so be sure to submit your session abstract before the deadline date of Monday, August 25, 2014.

All chosen speakers will receive (more...)

Crashdump restructuring in Solaris

In Solaris 11.2 the crashdump restructuring project changed the way how dump data are stored. Data which are not pure kernel pages now go into separate files. Together with my colleague Sriman we made it to happen.

The first noticeable change was a change in the layout of the crash directory. The files are stored under /var/crash/data/uuid/ directory. The long hexadecimal string (uuid) was added to better align with FMA - it's actually uuid (more...)

Upgrading to version 12.2.1

| Jul 24, 2014

Now that Ops Center 12.2.1 is out, I thought I'd give a brief walkthrough of the upgrade process.

The first thing to do if you're planning on upgrading to 12.2.1 is checking the upgrade paths. If you're using an older version of Ops Center, such as 12.1.4, you'll have to upgrade to version 12.2 first. Here's a flowchart that shows the supported upgrade paths:

Once you've figured out (more...)

Discrete LCM Transactional Data Diagnostic Analyzer

The Discrete_LCM_TransDataDiag.sql script extracts the transactional data from all the relevant tables in the Procure to Pay Cycle with Discrete LCM integration for a selected Purchase Order.  It extracts the relevant information from the below product areas:
  •     Purchasing Information
  •     Receiving Information
  •     Landed Cost Information
  •     Payables Information
  •     Inventory Information and
  •     Discrete Financials Information
The data extract is presented in HTML format so to analyze and understand the root (more...)

New Doc: Getting Started with Web Services

Oracle Fusion Applications provides web services as one of many mechanisms to integrate with and extend Oracle Fusion Applications in Oracle Applications Cloud Services. The web services are typically based on a business objects and allow the caller to perform operations on the business objects. As an example, the Opportunity Service can be used to perform a find operation to identify opportunities meeting a search criteria or to perform an update to a field, like (more...)

Getting started with Oracle Text

| Jul 24, 2014

My previous posts have mostly been aimed at experienced Oracle Text users. But what if you (or your colleagues) have never used it before?  What are the basics to get started? I hope this post will help some of those people.

Because I'm old-school (or maybe just old), my examples will be listed as though you're entering them in command-line SQL*Plus. But they will work just as well if you use them in SQL (more...)

Korrektur der Join Cardinality

Laut Randolf Geist ist es "one of the most obvious weak spots of the optimizer: A filter on a table that is joined to another table that has a skewed value distribution in the FK column(s)." Der Satz ist die Antwort auf eine Frage im OTN-Forum, die ein recht kompaktes Beispiel enthielt, bei dem der Optimizer sich hinsichtlich der Cardinality eines Joins massiv verschätzt. Hier eine vereinfachte Version des einfachen Beispiels:

-- 11.2. (more...)

Servlet 4.0

| Jul 24, 2014

The Servlet API is one of the most used API, if not the most used API of the Java EE Platform! It was revised for Java EE 7, Servlet 3.1 (JSR 340) added quite some new capabilities such as support for the HTTP 1.1 upgrade mechanism (required for supporting WebSocket for example), non-blocking asynchronous IO, various security related improvements and so on. Shing Wai Chan (Spec Lead of Servlet 3.1) (more...)

Oracle BPM & Adaptive Case Management

Oracle's Prasen Palvankar speaks on Adaptive Case Management

Oracle BPM Suite offers in-built adaptive case management capabilities to manage unstructured processes and empower the knowledge workers to improve customer experience

Avio Discusses Oracle's Business Driven Process Management

Dan Atwood of Avio discusses how Oracle BPM Suite empowers businesses users to design and improve processes and achieve higher visibility and efficiency.

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Tokenizing a String

Over the past while I've been working a lot with text strings. Some of these have been short in length like tweets from Twitter, or longer pieces of text like product reviews. Plus others of various lengths.

In all these scenarios I have to break up the data into individual works or Tokens.

The examples given below illustrate how you can take a string and break it into its individual tokens. In addition to tokenising (more...)

Oracle Database – Turning on the In-Memory Database option

It is indeed that sample as switching a knob to turn it on. To enable it you will have to set a reasonable among of...

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