Part 4 of 6: The Art of Easy: Moving at the Speed of Easy by Chris Omland

| Apr 18, 2014

The speed of change IS the speed of Easy. To meet the demands of what it takes to exceed your customers' expectations, you have to be like Superman -- "Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings at a single bound!" The velocity of easy isn't stopping or slowing down; catching up isn't going to be good enough.

The real question is, “How do you move ahead of (more...)

After Windows XP and Office 2003: E-Business Suite Implications

Microsoft logoMicrosoft ended support for Windows XP and Office 2003 on April 8, 2014. 

Our policy for the E-Business Suite is that we support certified third-party products as long as the third-party vendor supports them.  When a third-party vendor retires a product, we consider that to be an historical certification for EBS.

What can EBS customers expect after April 2014?

After Microsoft desupports WinXP and Office 2003 in April 2014:

PeopleSoft 2014 EMEA Tour

In four days, Jeff Robbins (Senior Director, PeopleSoft Product Strategy) and I visited four cities in four separate European countries as part of our annual PeopleSoft EMEA tour. Events in each city were attended by enthusiastic PeopleSoft customers. We shared with them a consistent message that conveyed:

  • Oracle continues to invest in PeopleSoft
  • Oracle’s investments in PeopleSoft enable it to address customers’ needs for modern enterprise (more...)

WebCenter Content’s New ADF UI, and IE11

We had some warranty work done on my wife's new car about a month ago.  During the repair process, a technician over-tightened the 40 cent bolt that holds the alternator in place.  It cracked, and over the ensuing days, the bolt slowly worked itself free and the alternator started to re-align itself.  Eventually, it was resting against a belt that spun through the housing of the alternator and cut through a couple (more...)

Complément : Sondage DBaaS

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CDI 1.2 Released

| Apr 18, 2014

As you know, CDI 1.1 is an important part of Java EE 7. You may be happy to know that the CDI specification just releases another minor point release - 1.2. As you can imagine the release contains a small number of fixes and clarifications. If you are surprised that a technology that is part of the Java EE platform had an independent release, you really shouldn't be. Although for various practical reasons (more...)

Top Oracle Validated Integration Partner Headlines – April 18

  • Kewill Achieves Validated Integration With Oracle Retail Warehouse Management System & Retail Store Inventory Management. Read more
  • Pipeline's Maxavera Provider For Oracle’s Primavera Gateway Achieves Oracle Validated Integration With Oracle’s Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management. Read more
  • Sonru Achieves Oracle Validated Integration with Oracle Talent Management Cloud. Read more

Top Exastack ISV Headlines – April 18

  • Kerridge achieves Oracle Exadata Optimized status with K8, an ERP Solution for distribution, merchant, wholesale/retail sectors. The online transactional processing saw a 12x increase in the volume throughput from previous benchmarks. Watch video here.
  • Accenture achieves Oracle Exalogic Optimized status with AFPO, a unique accelerator for customer-facing solutions. Over 125 clients cut their implementation costs by up to thirty percent. Read more here.

Live Webcasts: Oracle Taleo Lifecycle Spotlighting

Interested in understanding how the Oracle Taleo Product Suite fits into the Oracle Cloud? Would you like to get connected with Oracle Taleo’s “Talent Grid”? Join our expert trainer, Nigel Wiltshire for a two hour free webcast covering the Oracle Taleo Recruiting Lifecycle and experience the ‘end to end’ process of managing a typical recruitment campaign from both the Recruiter and Hiring Manager point of view. Wahtch the May 8 Webcast or the May 21 (more...)

Specialization Catalog Updates – April 18

The updated Specialization Catalog offers a good overview of all qualifying specializations launched and planned as part of the Specialization Program.

Highlights: Oracle Retail Merchandise Planning and Optimization 13.3 - Specialization is available

Announcing Modernizing IBM AIX/Power to Oracle Solaris/SPARC Program

Show customers how to gain proficiency and begin managing Oracle Solaris environments quickly, by moving off IBM AIX systems and onto Oracle’s cutting edge Solaris-powered platforms.For more information on this exciting new program click here. You can also find technical resources on the Oracle Technical Network (OTN) here!

New Video: Speed. Simplicity. Savings. Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance

This latest ZFS video hightlights the key advantages of ZFS vs NetApp and EMC in a high impact video format. Check it out and then be sure to send this on to your key partners.

2014 Specialized Partner Of the Year – NA Awards Program

Save Wednesday, May 14, 2014 at 10am PT for the "2014 Specialized Partner Of the Year - North America Awards Program" webcast! を最新版にしましょう!

こんにちは。オラクルカスタマーサポートの永岡と申します。サポートエンジニアの立場からも情報を伝えていきたいと思います。今回は「早い解決のためsundiagを取得してからSR登録を! 」で触れた sundiag について紹介します。


Exadata環境のディスク障害や RAIDコントローラー障害の調査などでは情報採取に sundiag を用います。sundiagを取得するためには /opt/oracle.SupportTools/ (以下、をrootで実行します。 が集めた情報は /tmp 配下に1つの sundiag_*****.tar.bz2 ファイルとして作成されます。 は障害調査で蓄積されたノウハウを反映しています。古いバージョンの では残念ながら調査で有効な情報が採取できていないことがあり、その場合は改めて情報採取を行っていただくことになってしまいます。 を更新する方法を説明した文書は今までは英語で記述された「NOTE:761868.1 Oracle Exadata Diagnostic Information required for Disk Failures and some other Hardware issues」だけでしたが、日本語の文書「KROWN:167621Exadata 環境で を最新版へ更新する方法と利用方法」を用意しましたので、早い解決のためにもぜひ最新版へ更新してください。 のサイズは30数KBですので早く更新できます。dcli を活用するので Exadataの全サーバの を対象にする場合も数個のコマンドで簡単に完了します。更新作業自体はデータベースの動作へ影響を及ぼしません。わたしも試しましたが10分もかからなかったです。ぜひご検討ください。


/opt/oracle.SupportTools/ -version を実行して、1.5 が得られれば最新版(2014年4月17日の時点で 1.5が最新)です。

実は -versionオプションは 1.5 で使えるオプションで、1.5未満ではエラーになります。つまり -version を指定してエラーになった場合は 1.5未満であると判断することができます。変な方法ですが確実に判断できますのでご理解をお願い致します。


数個のコマンドで複数のサーバの sundiag を同時に採取して簡単に1ファイルへまとめる方法や、
ILOMスナップショットも同時に採取する方法も一緒にご案内しています。ぜひ KROWN:167621 をご覧ください


  • ノウハウが反映されているので最新版へ更新を!手順はKROWN:167621です。実は早くて簡単です。
  • 便利な採取方法も紹介しています。
  • 更新作業自体はDBの動作へ影響しません。

You are not even wrong about the Cloud – Part 4

| Apr 18, 2014

This series of blogs has been exploring several aspects of Cloud computing which have the difficult property of orthogonality – a characteristic where two aspects of Cloud computing which would seem to work together actually follow separate and sometimes divergent paths. The tangible result of this orthogonality is difficulty coming up with an accurate assessment for a Cloud computing offering, since these multiple areas are not (more...)

When Bad Tweets Attack: 8 Bits of Advice

| Apr 18, 2014

Bad Twitter attackIt’s the nightmare every C-suite exec envisioned back when talk of doing social media first started…what happens if the brand makes a catastrophic and very public social media mistake? Don’t people realize how much money has been spent on marketing and PR to make sure every syllable the brand puts out is soft, safe and sanitized?

Social is 24/7, real-time, revealing, and involves interaction between humans. That is not a recipe corporations seek out. But (more...)

ArchBeat Facebook Friday: Top 10 Shared Links – April 11-17, 2014

Among the blog posts, articles, events, and other items shared with the more the 5,000 fans of the OTN ArchBeat Facebook Page over the last seven days, the following items were the most popular:

  1. OIM Clustering: Keeping separate environments separate | Simon Kissane
    For testing and development purposes, it is common to have multiple distinct OIM environments co-existing on the same subnet. In that scenario, it is essential that the distinct environments utilize separate multicast (more...)

DIY Disasters

When people take on home renovation “Do-It-Yourself” projects beyond their skills, disaster ensues. Apparently, this is so common that you can base a whole TV series on this theme – where professionals rescue the disastrous DIY project for the grateful and clueless amateur handyman.

I’ve seen the same thing happen in many IT projects. The people in the organization overestimate their own skills and are unable or unwilling to pay the cost of professional external (more...)

Bitmap loading

Everyone “knows” that bitmap indexes are a disaster (compared to B-tree indexes) when it comes to DML. But at an event I spoke at recently someone made the point that they had observed that their data loading operations were faster when the table being loaded had bitmap indexes on it than when it had the equivalent B-tree indexes in place.

There’s a good reason why this can be the case.  No prizes for working out what it is – and I’ll supply an answer in (more...)

Podcast Show Notes: SOA and Cloud – Where’s This Relationship Going?

Opinions vary on the relationship between service oriented architecture and cloud computing. Some say SOA is essential to the cloud. Others say cloud is entirely possible without SOA. In this three-part program three members of the Masons of SOA, the group behind the Industrial SOA article series, offer their insight into the issue.

The Panelists

(Listed alphabetically)
  • Jurgen Kress, Oracle EMEA Alliances and Channels, founder of the Oracle SOA and BPM community, the Oracle (more...)