ALTER SESSION RESET parameter works but doesn’t work

| Jan 10, 2019
Always check out the original article at for latest comments, fixes and updates. I was wondering why it's not possible to reset a session modifiable parameter to its default value (that is the system wide current value), then just out of curiosity I tried to execute the following: ALTER SESSION RESET SPATIAL_VECTOR_ACCELERATION;   The statement executed without a

Last Week in Stream Processing & Analytics – 9.1.2018

This is the 139th edition of my blog series blog series around Stream Processing and Analytics!

As every week I was also updating the following two lists with the presentations/videos of the current week:

As usual, find below the new blog articles, presentations, videos and software releases from last week:

News and Blog Posts


ORA-01157 ORA-01110 ORA-27041 OSD-04002 O/S-Error

I am trying to change the one of the database running on Window server with my domain user But this existing oracle service running on NT Services.

I renamed the database and created a new sid and service started by NT Services and then I tried to start the database, Its throwing the below error


SQL> startup pfile=’E:\oracle\INITSIEBUAT.ORA’;
ORACLE instance started.

Total System Global Area 7734296576 bytes
Fixed Size 8764936 bytes
Variable Size (more...)

January 25th AZORA Meetup with Viscosity

If you are in the Phoenix, Arizona area on Friday, January 25th please come to the AZORA meetup with talks by Viscosity. Please RSVP on the meetup site so we know how much food to order: Meetup link. We have a great lineup of speakers with talks about new features of the latest Oracle database versions. I know that I have not kept up with all the latest features, especially with all the other technical training (more...)

My GitHub, Vagrant and Docker Updates

I thought I would post an update about some of the things I’ve been doing that don’t necessarily fall exactly in line with my normal website content. All of it can be found on my GitHub.


Once the ‘bento/fedora-29’ box was released I created a Oracle 18c on Fedora 29 build. If you are interested in that sort of thing you can find it here.

A few of the other Vagrant builds have been (more...)

ADF Performance Monitor brings performance improvements and Insight at Intris

Intris is the leading Belgian provider of freight forwarding, customs and warehousing management solutions. Headquartered in Antwerp, Intris provides its integrated software and cloud-based solutions to logistics services providers in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Ben Rombouts is Chief Operating Officer at Intris. Recently he has written a detailed review on the ADF Performance Monitor – a tool Intris uses for monitoring the performance of their large Oracle ADF application.

For what and how the ADF (more...)

Making some more sense of direct path reads during primary key lookups

After having published my first article of 2019 I have received feedback I felt like including. With a nod to @fritshoogland, @ChrisAntognini and @FranckPachot.

In the previous post I showed you output of Tanel Poder’s ashtop.sql as proof that direct path reads can occur even if all you do is look up data by primary key. This script touches v$active_session_history, and I’m not getting tired of mentioning that you need to license the system (more...)

Speeding up Power BI Interface for sp_Blitz/First Responder Kit

So Tracy Boggiano told me about the great First Responder kit that Brent Ozar had available to use with sp_Blitz using Power BI desktop for a UI, but that it was really slow to non-responsive as data grew. As this was focused on performance data and also included my new love of Power BI, I asked to take a look at it. Tracy was kind enough to send me a copy of her database and (more...)

Failed to execute the command “”/u01/app/xag/bin/clsecho”

I was configuring GoldenGate in HA mode by following this document. Everything worked ok but in the end while running agctl config goldengate to view the configuration of GoldenGate resource, it was failing with the following error:

[oracle@exadatadb02 ~]$ agctl config goldengate GG_TARGET
Failed to execute the command ""/u01/app/xag/bin/clsecho" -p xag -f xag -m 5080 "GG_TARGET"" (rc=134), with the message:
Oracle Clusterware infrastructure fatal error in clsecho.bin (OS PID 126367_140570897783808): Internal error (ID (:CLSB00107:)) (more...)

Bash script to monitor log files

This is a short post about something I wrote a while ago. I wrote a monitoring tool (haven’t we all?) and wanted to add a capability to scan log files (in this case alert log, etc.) so this is the solution I came up with The project is in github, you can find it here. … Continue reading "Bash script to monitor log files"

Oracle Visual Builder 18.4.5 and JET 6 Support

Oracle Visual Builder 18.4.5 comes with very neat and polished UI. Also it brings Oracle JET 6 support (latest JET version to date). Read more about it - New Features in Oracle Visual Builder December Release.

I have upgraded our VBCS instance to 18.4.5:

I was curious how automatic upgrade would work for VBCS app implemented in the previous version (download source code for the upgraded app from my GitHub repo). (more...)

How to install Python 3 on Oracle Linux

You can install Python 3 on your Oracle Linux 7 environment with three simple steps: sudo yum install -y yum-utils sudo yum-config-manager --enable *EPEL sudo yum install -y python36 As a first step, in case you don’t have it yet on your system, is to install the yum-utils package. This package includes the yum-config-manager which allows you … Continue reading "How to install Python 3 on Oracle Linux"

Making sense of direct path reads during primary key lookups

I recently made an interesting observation while monitoring database performance on an Oracle Enterprise Edition system. While looking at some ASH data (for which you must be licensed appropriately!) I came across direct path reads attributed to a select statement performing a primary key lookup. At first, this didn’t make much sense to me, but it’s actually intended behaviour and not a bug.

In this post I’m reproducing what I observed. I am using (more...)

Enterprise Manager 13.3 – Customize Login Page

Since Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.3 you have the option to customize the Login Page with your own logo image (size of the image is fixed with width of 200px and height of 70px) and a free text field.

In order to customize your login page you have to perform following steps.

At first you will need to activate the http port for your WebLogic Admin Server of your Enterprise Manager 13.3 environment.

Connect (more...)

New “Let’s Talk Database” events in Australia/NZ in February/March 2019 !!

Very excited to announce some new “Let’s Talk Database” events scheduled for February 2019 in various locations in Australia/NZ: Canberra: Wednesday, 20 February 2019: Registration Link Sydney: Thursday, 21 Feburary 2019: Registration Link Brisbane: Friday, 22 Feburary 2019: Registration Link Melbourne: Wednesday, 27 February 2019: Registration Link Wellington: Friday, 1 March 2019: Registration Link   […]

Securing Oracle scripts with a wallet

It’s that time of year when I try to clean up some of my bad habits from the year before. This time, it’s plain-text passwords in SQL scripts. Here’s a way to make them a little more secure. You can move all your passwords into a secure wallet file stored on your PC. This is not the most secure option available (and you should keep the wallet in a private location) but it is better (more...)

2018-what grabbed your attention

Here are the blog posts that you hit on most this year, with the most viewed entry on top. Unsurprisingly it is about the release of 18c, but interestingly the ORA-14758 and the Active Sessions post have come up again from last years list, so it appears they are still common issues for the modern Oracle professional. And of course, it is nice to see that my Openworld Mega-download is helping the community.

Thanks for (more...)

Splitting strings before they’re CLOBs!

After I tokenized two CLOBs in response to a forum question, Andy Sayer mentioned that they were probably files first. So I smacked my forehead and used external tables.

Understanding Mapping Optional Elements in OIC Integration

There are some easy to make mistakes to make when mapping messages with optional elements in OIC Integrations. This article describes how optional elements are being handled, and a way to make this work the way you want.

OIC Integration handles optional elements the same for both XML as well as JSON based elements, including mapping from XML to JSON and vise verse. The reason being that internally OIC will map JSON to XML. The (more...)

Devoxx Belgium 2018, From Developers For Developers

Last November, I attended the Devoxx Belgium 2018 event.

In this article I gathered some practical information about the event, and the sessions that were held. Perhaps this gives you more insight in what you can expect from such an event and it may help you in deciding if, as it was for me, such an event is an opportunity for you to gather/share information. For me, this was the first Devoxx event I attended.