impdp with parameter „cluster and parallel“ for a RAC Cluster

For using the „parallel“ parameter during an import (impdp) on a Oracle RAC Cluster you need to prepare your environment.

The „parallel“ parameter works correctly when you do the following:

– mount point were the export dump resides must be available on ALL cluster members

– create a Service on the database for the impdp job

srvctl add service -s impdp_service -d xdb1 -pdb xpdb1 -preferred xdb11,xdb12 -available xdb13

srvctl start (more...)

First Lessons, Frustrations, & Funny Stuff – Introducing the iPad To My Mum

<< Introducing I.T. to an Elderly Relative

<<<< Preparing the device

So, you are are helping an elderly relative or someone else who knows nothing at all about keyboards, icons, internet, or web browsing to get going with I.T. You have set up the device for them, now you need to introduce them to it. This is where it gets… interesting.

As I describe in earlier posts, I bought an iPad for my (more...)

I’m Kyle Benson and this is how I work

I’ve not blogged on this site for a while so it takes a special post to break the hiatus. I’m delighted to finally be able to share the “How I Work” entry for Kyle Benson, one half of the all-conquering duo. Kyle and Dan are super-busy, splitting their time between PeopleSoft consulting and the slack community, their Podcast, their conference and their website.  I’m thrilled that he has (more...)

opt_estimate 5

If you’ve been wondering why I resurrected my drafts on the opt_estimate() hint, a few weeks ago I received an email containing an example of a query where a couple of opt_estimate() hints were simply not working. The critical features of the example was that the basic structure of the query was of a type that I had not previously examined. That’s actually a common type of problem when trying to investigate any Oracle feature (more...)

Merging OBIEE 12c .RPD binary files directly in Git

Let's talk about OBIEE concurrent development!

Enabling concurrent development for OBIEE RPD is a recurring theme in OBIEE blogs. Full support for RPD development with Gitflow has long since been part of the Rittman Mead's BI Developer Toolkit and is described in great detail in Minesh's blog post. What you are currently reading is a follow-up to Minesh's post, but taking it one step further: instead of calling Python scripts to perform Gitflow steps, we (more...)

PFCLScan – Version 3.0

We are very excited to announce that we are currently working to have version 3.0 of PFCLScan our flagship database security scanner for the Oracle database. We will be ready for sale in September and this development is going really....[Read More]

Posted by Pete On 11/07/19 At 03:33 PM

UoB ‘properly live’ on Oracle HCM/ERP Cloud

UoB Logo

Over the last 6 weeks the project that I’ve been working on for the last year – University of Birmingham – has gone live with their New Core programme.

New Core comprises a number of moving parts, but front-and-centre of it all is Oracle HCM Cloud and Oracle ERP Cloud. The reason I say ‘properly live’ is this isn’t one of those posts where someone says “we’re live” but it’s really only a part of (more...)

Adding a Fluid WorkCenter to a Navigation Collection

Oracle has done an outstanding job converting Classic Self-service to Fluid to promote the modern, mobile user experience. But what about back-office functionality? We certainly can't predict the future, but it seems that back-office transactions will remain Classic for a very long time. Rather than change the appearance of the back-office user experience, I believe our best strategy is to build back-office, business process-based navigation. Our users don't seem excited about the NavBar and Navigator (more...)

Oracle and Microsoft’s Cross-Cloud Partnership

A couple weeks back, Oracle and Microsoft announced their cross-cloud partnership.  This was wonderful news to me, as I’ve been working on numerous Oracle projects at Microsoft with Azure.

The Gist

To know that there is now a partnership between the two clouds and that there’s also a large amount of documentation about working between the two clouds is very helpful vs. the amount I’ve been working on based off just my knowledge.  (more...)

Last Week in Stream Data Integration & Stream Analytics – 10.7.2019

This is the 164th edition of my blog series blog series around Stream Data Integration and Stream Analytics!

As every week I was also updating the following two lists with the presentations/videos of the current week:

As usual, find below the new blog articles, presentations, videos and software releases from last week:

News and Blog Posts


Making Lists

Strings that contain multiple values violate first normal form, which mandates "one value per column per row".  People still ask how to make or massage lists of values. This post is about aggregating values into lists.

Decision Support Benchmark TPC-H won by #Exasol

Oops, we did it again 🙂 Exasol just won the TPC-H benchmark in the categories 3 TB and 10 TB database sizes.

The TPC-H benchmark is designed for decision support systems respectively for analytical workloads.

That proves again that Exasol really is the fastest analytical database in the world!

We’re leading both in pure performance and price/performance.

To quote our engineers who worked on that benchmark:

“The results are beaten in performance only by our own (more...)

London Oracle Developer Meetup – OIC Patterns and more

This Meetup was put together quickly as it presented an opportunity to align with other events happening in the Oracle offices. Despite the relatively short notice we a turn out that really made great use of our speaker – Sid Joshi who walked through the Enterprise Level patterns supported by Oracle’s Integration Cloud (OIC) including a demo showing how PaaS4SaaS worked using Service Cloud and OIC making use of VBCS and integration (formerly ICS) parts (more...)

The Fault Encapsulation Pattern

Did You Know #30 – Order in a Predicate

I’ve known this for a while but never wrote about it. In KScope19 I attended a session by Alex Nuijten and during the session he asked a question about LIKE predicate that reminded me this, so here it is. Equality It’s quite obvious that if you have a column (let’s say ID) and you want … Continue reading "Did You Know #30 – Order in a Predicate"


Over the last few days I’ve been tweeting little extracts from Practical Oracle 8i, and one of the tweets contained the following quote:

This lead to the (more...)

Change Item Icon Dynamically

The floating item type has an optional “Icon” property that allows you to render an icon next to the item, which can help users quickly identify what the item is for. This is especially helpful when the form has a lot of items.

The icon attribute can be static, e.g. fa-hashtag, or it can be chosen based on the value of another item, e.g. &P1_FA_ICON..

If you want the icon to change (more...)

2019 Kscope – Seattle and the Event

Sometimes I worry that my event posts are very 'samey', however from the start this Kscope was different.

First the travel was without issue - worthy of a post on its own! Unfortunately others were not so lucky and I sympathise, but for me, this time it was excellent.

I had been to Seattle with Kscope before so it felt very familiar. Sadly I wasn't able to travel earlier and so missed the Community Day (more...)

2019 – Kscope – Development Tools

First I want to say Kscope19 was excellent as always and a big round of applause to Opal Alapat and her team for the conference. This conference is all about the community and has unraveled support from Oracle Product Management and a good mix of expert and customer stories.

I do however want to share my fustration  When I first attended ODTUG it was all about Development Tools but over the last few years (more...)

2019 Kscope – My sessions and the joy of Mentoring

Last year Certus and Accenture had been working on a solution for government, part of our offering.

The solution involves an extension to Oracle Cloud using both PaaS and Planning Cloud (PBCS).

I thought it would make a great  pair of presentations, looking at both the PaaS development and the PBCS components. We had partnered with Brovanture for the PBCS and I knew the consultant working on that component, Jazmin Ribeiro.

Jazmin was up (more...)