September 9: Desert Schools Federal Credit Union HCM Cloud Customer Forum

Join us for an Oracle HCM Cloud Customer Forum on Wednesday, September 9, 2015.

Jennifer Godel, SVP and CHRO from Desert Schools Federal Credit Union will explain Desert Schools’ journey to the cloud. In short, the company needed to consolidate its many processes for managing HR activities and started looking for a modern, integrated, user-friendly HCM platform. That platform needed to:

  • scale to accommodate the company’s continued growth and expansion
  • help systematically drive individual performance and (more...)

Webcast: Ride the Digital Wave or be Swept Underneath It

Digital disruption is changing business as we know it, yet many organizations think they'll get by on the same old strategies and technologies. 

On Thursday, Sept 17 @10am PST, join Oracle and Ventana Research to learn how to stay on top of change and ahead of the competition. Ventana CEO Mark Smith will share findings from their recent study, exploring 7 digital technologies that (more...)

Friday Spotlight: Announcing Weblogic 12.1.3 templates for Oracle VM Server for SPARC

Oracle has made available the latest in our series of VM templates for Oracle VM Server for SPARC and Oracle Solaris. The newest templates let you get an installed and configured Weblogic 12.1.3 instance up and running quickly and with minimal effort. You can download instances for Oracle VM Server for SPARC and Oracle Solaris Zones here.

These templates contain pre-installed Weblogic on Oracle Solaris 11.2, and are available in Open Virtual (more...)

Nouveau canal marketing : l’influenceur de marque.

Le web a vu naître de nouveaux canaux de conversion, du Dipslay, au Search : le marketing est devenu digital, si bien que le parcours client se numérise de plus en plus avec une grande tendance encore plus récente, celle de la recherche web de conseils, de tests, d’avis avancer de passer en caisse. Tout le monde pourra en témoigner, le web est aujourd’hui accaparé par les entreprises et leur volonté de se promouvoir.

Néanmoins, (more...)

Intel Compute Stick: Nowhere and Back Again

The Intel Compute Stick provides a full desktop experience in an ultra-portable HDMI dongle form factor. It’s like Google Chromecast, but an entire PC instead of just a web browser. I tested both the $150 Windows 8 version and the new $110 Ubuntu version.

The Intel Compute Stick (L) alongside an apple product (R).


The HDMI end goes into a display, the power goes into an outlet, (more...)

Oracle Cloud : First Impressions

cloudFollowers of the blog will know I’ve been waiting to get access to the Oracle Cloud for a while. Well, I’ve finally got access to a bit of it. Specifically, the “Oracle Database Cloud Service” (DBaaS) part. :)

The Schema Service has been around for a few years and I had already tried that out, but IMHO it’s not really part of Oracle Cloud database vision*, so I was reserving my judgement until I got the real (more...)

Facebook Friday: Top Ten Posts for August 21-27

Why the surprised look? The Top 10 list of the week's most popular OTN ArchBeat Facebook updates comes out every Friday! Here's the list for August 21 - 27, 2015.

  1. First flight into the Oracle Mobile Cloud Service | Emiel Paaschens
    Integration specialist Emiel Paaschens attended the Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) track at last week's Oracle Fusion Middleware Summer Camp in Lisbon, Portugal, and shares in impressions and insight in this detailed post.
  2. DevOps, (more...)

YouTube: Overview of Newly Designed NetBeans Profiler

The redesign of the NetBeans Profiler is one of the big enhancements of the NetBeans IDE 8.1. In the release notes, you'll see a whole section dedicated to this:
  • Redesigned user interface
  • New features:
    • Live forward and reverse call trees in CPU results
    • Live allocation trees in Memory results
    • Monitoring CPU utilization
    • Thread dumps from profiled application
  • Engine improvements:
    • Faster connection to profiled application
    • Limited outgoing calls from profiled methods
    • Memory profiling for (more...)

LIVE WEBCAST: WebCenter Content: Performance Tuning Part 2 – October 14th

Gain knowledge of gathering and analyzing information related to general system performance. Performance issues are very complex with many factors involved and the first steps are crucial in narrowing down the issue and identifying a root cause.


  • Wednesday, October 14, 2015 08:00 AM (US Pacific Time)
  • Wednesday, October 14, 2015 11:00 AM (US Eastern Time)
  • Wednesday, October 14, 2015 05:00 PM (Central European Time)
  • Wednesday, October 14, 2015 08:30 PM (India Standard Time)

Topics (more...)

MAF MCS Utility: Accessing Oracle MCS from MAF Made Simple

With the recent release of Oracle MAF 2.1.3 a new utility becomes available that simplifies access to Oracle Mobile Cloud Services (MCS) from Oracle MAF applications. Oracle MAF MCS Utility (MAF MCS Utility in short) is a Java library for Oracle MAF applications and exposes  MCS client platform REST API calls as native Java calls. This blog post introduces Oracle MAF MCS Utility, explains what it does, how it works and where to (more...)

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the EXPLAIN PLAN Part 39: Unfriending the optimizer statistics

We can’t help attaching meaning to optimizer statistics. After all, they represent our data, don’t they? So we refresh them as frequently as possible and use the largest sample sizes that we can use. Recently, for the first time in my life, I encountered a group of DBAs who understood that statistics do not have any intrinsic meaning; that they are nothing more than a collection of numbers that influence the generation of query plans. (more...)

Planning en budgettering: “In the cloud” of beter met de voeten op de grond?

door Herman Snykers, Principal Sales Consultant bij Oracle

Cloudoplossingen duiken steeds meer op als modern alternatief, maar hebben zij zin als alternatief voor organisaties met live on-premise planning-, budgeting- en forecasting-software?

In mijn zeven jaren als EPM-consultant heb ik het geluk gehad te werken bij een aantal bedrijven met een hoog volwassenheidsniveau hebben op vlak van Enterprise Performance Management. Er wordt gewerkt met een centraal planning- en budgetingsysteem, beheerd zonder hulp van IT, geconnecteerd (more...)

Open a MOS Document by its DocID

I've always been wondering if there wasn't an easier way to view a MOS document than to go to the portal and "search" for the DocID which I already know.  Using a Firefox search plugin had been an idea for a while.  Now I finally found a few minutes to try that.  It works - find the plugin below.  Simply save it as "DocID.xml" in the searchplugins directory of your (more...)

MOS Dokumente mit DocID aufrufen

Ich habe mich immer wieder gefragt, ob es nicht eine einfachere Methode gibt, ein MOS Dokument zu oeffnen, als sich im Portal zur Suchmaske durch zu klicken um die DocID, die ich ja schon kenne, einzugeben.  Die Idee, das mit einem Search Plugin fuer Firefox zu machen, hatte ich schon lange.  Jetzt hatte ich auch ein wenig Zeit, und hier ist das Plugin.  Einfach als "DocID.xml" in "searchplugins" des Firefox-Profils ablegen, (more...)

Recruiting 4.0: Von der Nadel im Heuhaufen zum Heuhaufen aus Nadeln

Autor: Joachim Skura, HCM Sales Development bei Oracle.

Joachim Skura schreibt als IDG-Experte u.a. für die Computerwoche zu den Themen HCM, Social Recruiting und Digitale Disruption. Seinen Twitter-Channel finden Sie hier.

Joachim Skura, HCM Sales Development Oracle

Viele Jahre war proaktives In-House-Recruiting in Personaler-Kreisen verpönt. Die aktive Gewinnung von Mitarbeitern  wurde in Firmen mehr und mehr in den Hintergrund gedrängt.  In den HR-Abteilungen wurde die zeitraubende Aufgabe der aktiven Suche nach Bewerbern zunehmend durch andere Aufgabengebiete ersetzt. Die Stellenbesetzung für (more...)

Oracle Mobile Cloud Service is available

Oracle Mobile Cloud Service provides the services you need to develop a comprehensive strategy for mobile app development and delivery. It provides everything you need to establish an enterprise mobile strategy using innovative, persona-based tools and services. Designed to accelerate agility, speed time to market and simplify enterprise mobility while reducing costs, Oracle Mobile Cloud Service helps developers define mobile APIs and build mobile apps that connect to enterprise systems quickly and securely. It provides (more...)

Process Data Definition by Red Maveriks

clip_image002Processes transform inputs (data) into outputs (data)

We have our BPMN process and if we only want to document our process, this is almost all the work we’ll need to do. However, Akino Fishing Co. wants to not only document, but also automate and execute the processes. For that, we need to define our process data.

A process governs data transformation

Process data refers to the entities that the process manipulates, or interacts with, during (more...)

Hybride Integration Technology Events

Im September finden zwei Veranstaltungen zum Thema Hybride Integrationsplattform - einer Kombination aus iPaaS und On-Premise Integration - mit vielen Demos zu Integration Cloud Service, Process Cloud Service, API Management und SAP Integration mit der SOA Suite statt.

Hybride Integration ermöglicht die Verbindung zwischen SaaS Anwendungen in der Cloud und On-Premise Systemen und stellt eine Grundlage für die Umsetzung der Digitalisierungstrategie im Unternehmen dar.

Hier geht's zur Anmeldung:

Am Dienstag, 22.09.2015 in Frankfurt/Dreieich.


Creating User Schema Table and Projections in Vertica

Vertica is a an exciting database with some real nifty features. Projections is a ground breaking unique feature of Vertica which dramatically increases performance benefits in terms of querying and space benefits in terms of compression.

Following test commands are impromptu sesssion in which a user is being created, then a schema is created, and that user is authorized on that schema. Then a table is created with a default superprojection and then a projection (more...)

Debug RemoteOperationException

  • Check agent status (Agent should be up and running - just give a restart if you doubt)
  • Stop agent before any changes., and start after !
  • Check the file/folder permissions (parent folder too)
  • Check the file/folder ownership ( , make sure your are inline with your agent installation.
  • Check privilege delegation settings
  • For NMO not setuid-root issues
  • Run that is available in your agent
  • nmo,nmhs,nmb,nmosudo,nmgsshe,nmopdpx  - these files under agent should be (more...)