JRockit’s New Shutdown Verbose Logging Option

Have you ever had to troubleshoot an issue where the JVM seems to shutdown (in other words, disappear, but not crash), but you have no idea what triggered the shutdown? Perhaps some other process sent a SIGTERM? Or maybe some 3rd-party library you don't even have the source code for decided to call System.exit()? Another common scenario is that the last of your application's non-daemon threads have exited (normally, or as the result of (more...)

Going Mobile with ADF – Implementing Data Caching and Syncing for Working Offline Part II by Steven Davelaar


When building ADF Mobile applications that go beyond displaying read-only data, you quickly find yourself programming Java code. If you want to use the on-device SQLite database to store data locally, for example to cache data or to enable working in off-line mode, the amount of code you have to write quickly increases, and while programming you probably realize that you are repeating the same coding patterns for each web service that you want (more...)

Presenting at ODTUG Kscope14 Conference in Seattle June 22-26 2014

  Just a short note to say I’ll be presenting at the Oracle Development Tools User Group (ODTUG) Kaleidoscope 14 Conference this year in beautiful Seattle, Washington on June 22-26 2014. I had a fantastic time when I attended this conference a few years ago when it was held in Monterey so I’m really looking forward to […]

Taking Charge: Meeting SOA Governance Challenges – podcast series

clip_image002Taking Charge: Meeting SOA Governance Challenges – podcast series This four-part OTN ArchBeat Podcast series gives you a seat at a roundtable discussion with four experts on the current state in the evolution of SOA Governance: what old problems persist, what new problems have presented themselves, and what can be done to implement an efficient and effective SOA governance program.

The Panelists

(Listed alphabetically)

  • Mark Dutra,Senior Principal Product Manager for API Management, Oracle
  • Manuel (more...)

Four Contextual Support Best Practices for Reducing Abandonment in eCommerce by David Fulton

| Apr 22, 2014

In November, I wrote a blog that discussed the 7 Reasons for Abandonment in eCommerce. This blog picks up where that one left off and discusses best practices for reducing that abandonment by providing contextual support to customers at key points in their shopping experience. Using these best practices will result in a better commerce experience and, more importantly, help you provide an experience that sells.

Best Practice #1: Know your abandonment points
Every online (more...)

Oracle BI Mobile HD Now Available

The Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile HD app has been updated, with Version now available from the Apple iTunes store.

The Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile is designed for Apple iPhone and iPad. It is a mobile analytics app that allows you to view, analyze and act on Oracle Business Intelligence 11g content.

  • Using Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile, you can view, analyze and act on all your analyses, dashboards, scorecards, reports, (more...)

2014 Oracle Sustainability Innovation Awards – Nominations Now Open

Happy Earth Day! I thought it appropriate to include a blog today about our upcoming 2014 Oracle Sustainability Innovation Awards, part of the Oracle Excellence Awards. These awards recognize customers and their partners who are using Oracle products to take an environmental lead as well as to reduce costs and improve business efficiencies using sustainable business practices. For example, a customer may use Oracle Self-Service E-Billing for paperless invoicing or Oracle Advanced Compression for reduced (more...)

Result Cache concept and benefits

This feature was first introduced in Oracle 11g and was meant to increase performance of repetitive queries returning the same data. This feature is interesting if your application always look for static data, or data that is rarely updated, for these reasons, it is firstly destinated to Data Warehouses databases (OLAP) as many users will [...]

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Restoring Controlfile When AUTOBACKUP Fail

Allow me to present the snapshot of a day from the life of John--the DBA at Acme Bank. On this particular day a database John manages crashed entirely and had to be restored from the backup. He takes regular (backupset) RMAN backups to tape. Since everything--including the controlfile--had crashed, John had to first restore the controlfile and then restore the database. The controlfile is always backed up with the backup database command. John was sure (more...)

MySQL April Newsletter: Latest MySQL Product Releases and More

MySQL April Newsletter is now available! Read this edition to learn more details about the abundant product announcements we made recently, including MySQL 5.7 Development Milestone Release, MySQL Workbench 6.1 GA, as well as the Release Candidate of MySQL Fabric. You'll also find information regarding the latest white papers, upcoming webinars and events, and technical blogs for tips and tricks using MySQL.

Enjoy and hope you find it informative! 

MySQL for Visual Studio 1.2.0 alpha has been released

| Apr 22, 2014
Dear MySQL users,

MySQL for Visual Studio is a product including all of the Visual Studio integration previously available as part of Connector/Net. The 1.2.0 version is an alpha release of this product that intents to introduce users to the new features in this version.

This release is not feature complete and there are significant limitations but it should be stable enough for users to understand the new features and how we expect (more...)

Oracle Database 12c Upgrade Webinar Replay Available

The replay of the Oracle Database 12c Upgrade Webinar that was held on March 17, 2014 is now available.

In this free webinar, Senior Database 12c DBA, Oracle Certified Master and Oracle University instructor Gwen Lazenby offered guidance on preparing for your Oracle Database 12c Certification upgrade exam. She provided tips on identifying knowledge gaps, best practices for exam preparation, and preparation tools available to you.

This free webinar replay is a valuable part of your (more...)

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Sometimes the best features get "hidden" by product development teams, and they need to be uncovered in order to be appreciated.  I know from personal experience that some of my favorite features on my Android phone are 4-6 menus deep in the "Settings" and I have to search the internet for tips on how to enable them.  

There's a powerful feature on the My Oracle Support (MOS) system that is relatively hidden, that (more...)

New Environment-as-a-Service Demo

Environment-as-a-Service provides a comprehensive approach to delivering turnkey application environments, giving organizations the flexibility to quickly deploy, maintain and decommission environments, while lowering the total cost of software delivery, and reducing the time required for delivery of new application releases.

This tremendous flexibility allows enterprises to clone existing environments in a matter of minutes, which otherwise takes hours or days. In today's SaaS world, vendors must accommodate frequently changing versions of their applications. Exalogic, (more...)

Question of the Day: “Big Solaris Launch… for a Dot Release??”

| Apr 22, 2014

"This is only a dot release, right?" the question goes. Well, yes and no.

For those who tuned in late: on April 29th, we'll be launching Oracle Solaris 11.2 in New York City and on the web. But don't let the dot fool you—there is some very significant stuff that we're putting in.  Significant enough that yes, the idea of calling this "Oracle Solaris 12" did come up.  But, c'mon, gratuitously (more...)

Error Connecting to Planning Application from Smartview

| Apr 22, 2014
When the OU of a user is changed in the external provider, users can potentially have issues connecting to Planning applications from Smartview.  However, users can still log into Planning just not Smartview.

Below are the error messages found in Smartview, Essbase and Shared Services when the OU of a user is changed in the external provider and not synced with Essbase security:

  • Planning user connecting to Smartview error:
“Cannot open cube view.  Essbase error  (more...)

Ready-To-Use SOA/BPM Virtual Machine and Case Management Sample

There is a new excellent Virtual Box VM for the latest SOA/BPM This one is my favourite, it includes latest Oracle products for SOA/BPM and WebCenter. All is configured, fine tuned and ready to use. Read more and download from Oracle OTN site - Pre-built Virtual Machine for SOA Suite and BPM Suite 11g.

The same as in previous release of this VM, you can start each server with one (more...)

Some new Oracle Database 12c Articles

I’ve recently put some new Oracle 12c articles on the website.

The privilege usage stuff is really cool. Normally, trying to figure out what you can remove from a user is always a complete pain in the ass. Some of the databases I’m (more...)

IOUG Cloud Computing SIG Techcast: Database as a Service (DBaaS): How to Create a Database Cloud Service Catalog

| Apr 22, 2014

Please join us on Tuesday 6 May 2014 at 10:00 am PT for an IOUG-sponsored webcast on Service Catalogs for Oracle Database deployments.  Our audience is anyone interested in providing Oracle Database as a service to their consumers.

A good service catalog is essential for IT service delivery.  We will give an overview of service catalogs, and explain what makes a good catalog in general, and specifically for DBaaS.

We will then present (more...)

ETL Scheduling in a Multiple Data Source Environment

A multiple data source environment is where the Star schema is populated by either multiple P6 instances or a single P6 instance has been split into unique sources of data.  You could split a single P6 instance based on a specific criteria. Maybe you want a group of projects under an EPS to be updated in Star only on Friday's, but another group of projects need to be updated daily.  You could split into separate (more...)