OUGN 2017 review by Jon Petter Hjulstad


Sysco was Gold Sponsor at OUGN this week. The conference had 312 participants, and at most 9 sessions at the same time. There were speakers from 20 countries this year - and this was the 10th year the conference on the ship. The conference concept is getting better year by year - and because all are stuck on the boat for 48 hours there is a lot of arenas for social activities. Read the complete (more...)

Webcast Series: Build Better Mobile Apps Faster


Digital Transformation creates new business opportunities through the ability to engage people with the latest mobile, social, cloud and collaboration capabilities. You can create value, create loyalty and reduce cost of operations by optimizing your mobile presence and start using intelligent, in-the-moment experiences in your mobile strategy, in-context and collaboratively. Build engaging innovative apps with context and location and be ready for new channels such as chat bots, so the organization can support consumers in (more...)

Love Your Data Conference in NYC on 31st May

In this InfoEra, its all about data.Whether its in the cloud or on-premises everything is truly revolving around and is for data. Pythian understood that decades ago and loving the data of their customers since day one. They are showcasing this love on 31st May in NYC.


To help you turn your organization into a truly data-driven business, this interactive 1-day event in New York City on May 31, 2017, combines presentations, practical interactive (more...)

Fusion Middleware and Identity Management Proactive Patches April 2017 Released

The following proactive patches for Fusion Middleware and Identity Management were released on April 18, 2017.  The release includes Bundle Patches, Patch Set Updates (PSUs), and Security Patch Updates (SPUs).  Although there are no patches specifically for any of the Portal products, there are some for WebCenter Content and of course for many other Middleware products that you may be using.

Fusion Middleware and Identity Management

  • Oracle Access Manager WebGates Bundle Patch 11.1. (more...)

Bundle Patch for OUD Released

The OUD Bundle Patch (25383162) just got released stand-alone or as part of Oracle Identity Management Suite BP patch (25654150) . They are available through the Oracle Patch Portal under My Oracle Support (MOS).

Customers are strongly encouraged to install latest Bundle Patches.

If you are upgrading from a previous patch set to PS3 this patch must be applied before using (more...)

Bundle Patch ODSEE Released

The ODSEE Bundle Patch (25422989) just got released. It is available through the Oracle Patch Portal under My Oracle Support (MOS).

Customers are strongly encouraged to install latest Bundle Patches

Please check README file as part of the  ODSEE Bundle Patch  itself.

For more details on this Bundle Patch please check under My oracle Support KM Doc ID 2257345.1

If you experience difficulties to download this Bundle (more...)

Oracle Certification is “Well Worth The Effort” According to Don Coppock

In this week's customer success story highlight, we hear from Don Coppock who wears many hats in his current position after 35 years in the IT industry. Don's current responsibilities include Oracle Forms & Reports developer, Web Developer using Adobe ColdFusion and Oracle databases, SharePoint Administrator for a SharePoint 2007 installation, Backup Oracle DBA, and Backup ColdFusion Administrator. But this is not where he started. He made some smart moves along the way to keep (more...)

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 11g Bundle Patch

The following Bundle Patch has been released for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)

This bundle patch download is available from the My Oracle Support | Patches & Updates section.

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 11g
Bundle Patch

Patch 25797429

This is a Critical Patch Update (CPU). It is cumulative and includes all prior bundle and CPU patches.

If you have not applied libOVD (Patch (more...)

Advanced Compression Proof-of-Concept (PoC) Insights and Best Practices

I was going to discuss rolling compression using partitioning but I think we’ll save that for a future blog. Instead, I thought we’d discuss what I believe is useful information for anyone currently running an Advanced Compression PoC , or anyone who is planning an Advanced Compression PoC in the future.

During my Advanced Compression session, at last year’s Open World, someone mentioned that an Advanced Compression focused document that discussed best practices, and provided (more...)

Hyperion Essbase Patch Set Update is Available

The Hyperion Product Management recently advised the release of Patch Set Updates (PSU) for Oracle Hyperion Essbase

These PSU downloads are available from the My Oracle Support | Patches & Updates section.

Hyperion Essbase Server

Patch 25781209 : Essbase Server

Hyperion Essbase Client

Patch 25781218: Essbase RTC
Patch 25781213 : Essbase Client
Patch 25781224 : Essbase MSI

Hyperion Analytic (more...)

Oracle IoT Cloud Helps Lochbridge Enable Connected Vehicles

Lochbridge delivers Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to their customers in a number of industries including automotive, finance, healthcare and the public sector. They've partnered with Oracle to help enterprises find innovative ways to harness IoT data to improve and grow their business.  

Listen to Lochbridge President and CEO Romil Bahl talk about leveraging Oracle Big Data Cloud and Oracle IoT Cloud services to build an IoT gateway for connected vehicles.

For more information (more...)

Twitter Chat Reveals – Is headless CMS signaling the end of WCM?

On April 20, @oraclewebcenter hosted a live Twitter Chat at #contentdgtl. The topic – Is headless CMS signaling the end of WCM?

Decoupled CMS architecture (aka “headless”) is rising in popularity in the development world. This model allows breakthrough user experiences, gives developers great flexibility to innovate, and helps site owners future-proof their builds by allowing them to refresh the design without re-implementing the whole CMS. With all this upside, it’s no wonder this type (more...)

Collation and Case-Insensitive Database in Oracle 12.2

A little while ago Jeff Smith asked me if I had done anything with the collation functionality in Oracle Database 12c Release 2 (12.2). At the time my response was I was letting it stew a little before I released anything about it.

For some functionality the manuals contain a lot of information, but it’s not always obvious how much you will really care about. The collation functionality is exactly like that. You can get (more...)

Oracle buys Moat (advertizing verification)

Oracle has signed an agreement to acquire Moat, the fastest-growing digital measurement cloud company. Moat will join Oracle DataCloud, which uses data and analytics to enhance media for leading marketers and publishers. More info

How to create dashboard for Hadoop Hive Database

HiveServer2 is a service that enables clients to execute queries against Hive. It supports multi-client concurrency and authentication.

Are you using Hadoop Hive for your data marts or data-warehouse? If so, build your Free Hadoop Hive web dashboard software.

A Hadoop Hive dashboard visually summarizes all the important metrics you have selected to track, to give you a quick-and- easy overview of where everything stands. With real-time Hiveserver2 SQL reporting reporting, it's a live view (more...)

JShell Integration in NetBeans IDE

I've blogged about the integration of the Java 9 JShell in NetBeans IDE before, here and here.

In the latest daily builds, assuming you're running the daily build on top of Java 9, you'll see the top part of the JShell looks the way you'd like it, i.e., there's a nice code fold and the first statement is numbered 1, rather than 9 as it was initially, as can can be seen (more...)

Understand the importance of OFSAA Loan Loss Forecasting and Provisioning

Are you an implementation consultant who needs to understand the importance of OFSAA Loan Loss Forecasting and Provisioning (LLFP) as part of IFRS9 (International Financial Reporting Standards) to the banking industry? And would you prefer to learn exactly what you need, when you can, at your own pace?

Oracle University has recently released the following course (with a standard duration of 2 days) in a Training On Demand format:

OFSAA 8.x Loan Loss (more...)

Better track the Usage of Database Options and Management Packs, or it will cost you

So here it is:
Oracle announces a license audit, some urgency kicks in and this familiar but also really serious question comes up from management: “Are we using any unlicensed database features“. The seriousness is quite understandable, because if so, the company can look forward to some negotiations with Oracle over license fees, possibly resulting in considerable and unforeseen extra costs.

Tracking… why:
To be able to provide a swift and correct answer (more...)

Vagrant? Again? …Really?

(Yes. And Ansible. And Oracle…) TL;DR. This is the repo I’ll be talking about. It can use Ansible to provision Oracle (SI/RAC). Like I’ve said before, I use Vagrant quite a lot and I basically have 2 configs that I use every time. One that uses an external ‘hosts.yml’ to define the hosts (ip, ram etc) […]

Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 Web Services Security for Oracle Supplier Network

This is the ninth posting in a blog series summarizing the new Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 Mobile and web services functionality and recommendations for securing them.

The most common use of web services with the Oracle E-Business Suite is the Oracle Suppler Network (OSN). Do not confuse OSN with the Oracle Social Network (also referred to as OSN) or when configuring OSN, do not confuse the Oracle Transport Agent (OXTA) web services with Oracle (more...)