Isolate Your Code

I fail to understand anonymous PL/SQL block is used with dbms_scheduler.

Here is an example:

hawk:(SYSTEM@hawk):PRIMARY> @x.sql
hawk:(SYSTEM@hawk):PRIMARY> set echo on
  3  program_name=>'TESTING',
  4  program_action=>'DECLARE
  5  x NUMBER := 100;
  6  BEGIN
  7     FOR i IN 1..10 LOOP
  8        IF MOD(i,2) = 0 THEN
  9           INSERT INTO temp VALUES (i);
 10        ELSE
 11           INSERT INTO temp VALUES (i);
 12        END IF;
 13        x := x + 100;
 14      (more...)

Forrester Wave: Mobile Development Platforms, Q4 2016

The new Q4 2016 Forrester Wave report on Mobile Development Platforms is out and Oracle is rocking the leadership zone. Below are a few choice quotes, but you can download the report and read it for yourself. 

  • “Oracle’s vision and road map set the pace in this market" 
  • Oracle has quickly “made and immediate impact with over 150 customers already on the platform” 
  • "Its developer experience is impressive"  Got that? Who's owning the direction of (more...)

WS Security – enabling passwordDigest authentication in an Oracle FMW environment

To have a basic level of authentication on web services (especially where there's no transport layer security) without having to pass clear text passwords in the WS Security headers. 

The concepts are fairly generic but this post is highly Oracle Fusion middleware specific. There can be complex decision tree (see [1]) involved when selecting the 'appropriate' level of security for any system. As security involves trade-offs between cost, performance, usability (more...)

How to speed up Data Pump Import by suppressing redo generation in #Oracle 12c

With your database in archive log mode, a Data Pump Import may be severely slowed down by the writing of much redo into online logs and the the generation of many archive logs. A 12c New Feature enables you to avoid that slow down by suppressing redo generation for the import only. You can keep the database in archive log mode the whole time. Let’s see that in action!

First without the new feature:

[oracle@uhesse  (more...)

OTN APAC Tour 2016 : Birmingham to Wellington

ace-directorI got to Birmingham Airport about 2.5 hours early, so I had no drama at the bag check or security. I’ve mentioned a couple of times I’ve been really nervous about this journey. As I waited the nerves started to take their toll and I puked before I got on the plane.

The flight to Dubai was unusually uncomfortable. I think part of that was because I was already really tired before getting on (more...)

Managing shared metadata (MDS) in a CI enviornment

Goals and Summary:
* Package shared metadata in a SOA environment and make it widely distributable (SOA MDS [2], Servicebus, maven artifact repository) 
* Associated sample:  
* Key command (if you use the associated pom file) 
mvn deploy -Dpassword=*****

Having worked on a wide range of projects, I came to the realisation that SOA can mean vastly different things in different (more...)

Last week in Stream Processing & Analytics 10/25/2016

This is the 37th installment of my blog series around Stream Processing and Analytics.

As usual, find below the new blog articles, presentations, videos and software releases from last week:

News and Blog Posts


Apache Kafka

Developer Service Project and Git Repository understanding from an IDE Perspective

This blog will give an understanding of the Developer Service project and repository structure on Git in Oracle Developer cloud service. We will go through a simulated scenario of a project and see how to structure it and map it to the projects in IDE’s like Jdeveloper, Netbeans and Eclipse.


Below is the screenshot of the published licensing of Oracle Developer Cloud Service:


As per the Developer Cloud Service licensing, we are entitled for (more...)

I put my SQL scripts on GitHub

I created a new GitHub public repository with my SQL scripts. Here is the URL:

I’ve experimented with GitHub for my Python graphing scripts but wasn’t sure about putting the SQL out there. I don’t really have any comments in the SQL scripts. But, I have mentioned many of the scripts in blog posts so those posts form a type of documentation. Anyway, it is there so people can see it. Also, I get (more...)

Wanna become an OCM? Go on read out Kamran’s new OCM practical guide – MY TAKE

When I first heard about Kamran's new book, OCM practical guide, I said wow, because I was thinking on the same line a few years back, but, dropped the idea due to several factors, including the fact that the time and efforts required on this book.When he approached me to be one of the technical reviewers, I have accepted the deal straightaway without having a second thought. I am really honored to be part (more...)

PLS-00801: internal error [hshuid:LU invalid] when compiling a package body

This was a strange one.  Attempts at recompiling the following package body resulted in this PLS-00801 error. COL owner FOR A20 COL object_name FOR A40 BREAK ON object_name SELECT owner, object_name, object_type, status, created, last_ddl_time FROM dba_objects WHERE object_name = 'PKG_FINANCIALS_WORK' ORDER BY status, object_type / OWNER                OBJECT_NAME    


Consider Your Options for SolidWorks to Windchill Data Migrations

This post comes from Fishbowl Solutions’ Associate MCAD Consultant, Ben Sawyer.

CAD data migrations are most often seen as a huge burden. They can be lengthy, costly, messy, and a general road block to a successful project. Organizations planning on migrating SolidWorks data to PTC Windchill should consider their options when it comes to the process and tools they utilize to perform the bulk loading.

At Fishbowl Solutions, our belief is that the faster (more...)

Oracle Text, Oracle R Enterprise and Oracle Data Mining – Part 5

In this 5th blog post in my series on using the capabilities of Oracle Text, Oracle R Enterprise and Oracle Data Mining to process documents and text, I will have a look at some of the machine learning features of Oracle Text.

Oracle Text comes with a number of machine learning algorithms. These can be divided into two types. The first is called 'Supervised Learning' where we have two machine learning algorithms for classification type (more...)

no peek in PL/SQL

Connor McDonald wrote a blog about differences between bind peeking and SYS_CONTEXT in SQL queries. This even led to an proposal in Database Ideas: CBO should peek at SYS_CONTEXT values just like bind values (feel free to vote and comment, if you like it)
As I have a friend who really loves SYS_CONTEXT; I showed him the blog.

In the following discussion he stated (more/less
I should not have this problem at all, as (more...)

Performing a 12c Upgrade with a New Install

Software updates often include new features, and while useful, these new features are often the only driving factors in upgrading software. There's no harm in wanting to play around with the shiny new toy but many software updates also include much more significant changes, such as resolving bugs or security vulnurabilities.

In fact, bug fixes and security patches are usually released on a more frequent schedule than new feature sets. These changes are necessary to (more...)

Data Warehousing in the Cloud – Part 1

Why is cloud so important? Data warehouses are currently going through two very significant transformations that have the potential to drive significant levels of business innovation: The first area of transformation is the drive to increase overall agility. The vast majority of IT teams are experiencing a rapid... [Read More]

Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c ( Released


We are proud to announce the release of Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c ( Media is available for download on the Oracle Technology Network (OTN), My Oracle Support (MOS) and the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud (OSDC). This includes the following products:

  • Oracle SOA Suite and Business Process Management 12c (
  • Oracle B2B and Healthcare 12c (
  • Oracle Service Bus 12c (more...)

Additional Stage Libraries with dockerized StreamSets

In my previous article New Package Manager in Action I showed 3 possible methods for installing additional Stage Libraries onto a StreamSets Data Collector core distribution.

In this article I will demonstrate how this can be used with the Docker distribution of StreamSets Data Collectosr (SDC). Starting with SDC v2.1.0.1, the public Docker image on Docker Hub is no longer based on the full version but on the smaller, customizable core version.


Quarterly EBS Upgrade Recommendations: October 2016 Edition

We've previously provided advice on the general priorities for applying EBS updates and creating a comprehensive maintenance strategy.   

Here are our latest upgrade recommendations for E-Business Suite updates and technology stack components.  These quarterly recommendations are based upon the latest updates to Oracle's product strategies, latest support timelines, and newly-certified releases

You can research these yourself using this Note:

Cloud to Ground Mashup Webinar

At 11:00 AM Pacific on Tuesday, October 25th (tomorrow), I have the privilege of talking about Cloud and on-premise (ground) integration. Whether cloud to cloud, cloud to ground, or ground to ground, integration is probably one of the most difficult aspects of any implementation. Integration comes in two flavors:

  • Back-end
  • Front-end

Back-end integration is the most common. Back-end integration involves integrating data between two systems either for processing or presenting a common user experience.

Front-end (more...)