SOA & BPM Community Newsletter May 2015

Dear SOA & BPM Partner Community member,

Oracle is cloud ready! You can get trained on the cloud, resell cloud service and run cloud marketing events! The registration page for our Fusion Middleware Summer Camps V is open. You can choose between 5 different hands-on tracks: Mobile and Mobile Cloud Service, BPM Suite 12c and Process Cloud Service, Hybrid Integration with Integration Cloud Service, SOA Suite Cloud Service and SOA 12c, Java Cloud Services and (more...)

ADF BC Web Service – Return List of Complex Types by Rohan Walia

clip_image002ADF Business Components can be exposed as SOAP Services. Application Module provides Service Interfaces as a way to define operations for the services to be exposed. Custom methods written in AMImpl class can also be exposed as operation of web services.
But one of the limitation is that there is restriction on return types from the services exposed as service interface from Application Module.
In this post we will see how easily we can develop (more...)

De noodzaak om een kijkje onder de dekens te nemen

door Henry Barenholz, Senior Director HCM Leader Benelux & Nordics

Er was geen discussie, er waren geen meningsverschillen, alleen maar knikkende hoofden. ‘We weten dat performancemanagementsystemen niet werken en dat de meeste mensen ze haten. En hetzelfde geldt meestal ook voor planning van de opvolging. Dat is gewoon een feit.’ Een interessante start van een zeer boeiende lunchbijeenkomst.

De aanleiding hiervan was de publicatie van het nieuwste PARC-onderzoek naar HR, technologie en analytics, dat (more...)

Omarm diversiteit en verbondenheid op de werkvloer

door Henry Barenholz, Senior Director HCM Leader Benelux & Nordics

Wat zijn de ingrediënten voor een gezonde mix op de werkvloer? Vraag het een willekeurige groep recruiters en ze beginnen al snel over diversiteit. Bedrijven hebben immers werknemers van verschillende achtergronden nodig die hun collega’s uitdagen en inspireren en die van de werkvloer een afspiegeling maken van de maatschappij.

Maar integratie is net zo belangrijk als diversiteit. Om ervoor te zorgen dat werknemers met verschillende (more...)

MySQL User Camp, Bangalore India

We are happy to announce another MySQL User Group meeting in Bangalore which is happening every quarter. 

See event details below:

  • Date: Jun 26th, 2015
  • Time: 3-5:30 pm
  • Place: OC001, Block1, B wing, Kalyani Magnum Infotech Park, J.P Nagar, 7th Phase Bangalore, India
  • More information could be found at: 
  • Proposed Agenda:
    • “MySQL Tools Usage in Rakuten and Overview of Replication GTIDs” (more...)

    Quick-Tip: DIA with docked Toolbox

    This week I was asked to create a component-diagram  at my new customer. They use DIA as an alternative for Visio. Funny thing is that it apparently orginated from Linux/Gnome, since the file-explorer resembles the File-browser of Gnome. But it has also a Windows installer.

    When you start the tool from the windows menu, it's started with the toolbox docked or attached to the canvas. But when you use either dia.exe or diaw.exe (more...)

    APEX Plugins

    This may sound like a joke but I think there must be something wrong here. This page is supposed to provide all the plugins out there. The only thing is that you need to log in before you download and that's O.K. However, I forgot my password and wanted to change it. The process is quite simple:
    • I click on forgot my password link.
    • Enter my email address.
    • After that I receive (more...)

    5 Minute JavaScript #18: reduce

    The past weeks we dived in the wonderful world of array methods. Previously we already discussed forEach, filter, some and every, and map. Today we’ll take a look at the reduce method. While being extremely useful, its concept can be hard to grasp.

    Also known as fold (in this case foldLeft) in other functional programming languages, reduce kan be used to combine all elements of an array into one single return value. That return (more...)

    Writing Tips : Copyright Theft

    writingIf you’ve followed my blog you will know people try to steal my articles all the time. It happens to all bloggers, unless they are unpopular or rubbish. You don’t really have to look for it, because your readers will spot it and tell you. :)

    Some things to remember about this stuff…

    All material published on the internet has an implicit copyright, even if there is no explicit copyright notice on the site. This means, unless the (more...)

    Busy Times Are Afoot

    Lots going on here in AppsLab land and in Oracle Applications User Experience (@usableapps). This here is a recap post.

    Showing the Oracle Applications User Experience Roadmap to Oracle’s Asia Partners

    At the beginning of May, Anthony (@anthonyslai) and Raymond joined a large contingent of the OAUX team in an two-stop tour of Asia. The first stop was Singapore.

    Here’s the dynamic duo in action, setting up our demos to show (more...)

    Oracle Infogram 2015-05-27 14:12:00

    Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

    25 Years of Java
    May 23rd marked 20 years since the first version of Java was released for public use. The timing of its arrival coincided with the advent of the web and the new role technology took in improving business productivity, streamlining business processes, and creating new ways for businesses and customers to interact.

    The importance of a given programming language—especially one as pervasive as Java—in changing (more...)

    More Irish #AgTech Innovation: Don’t Let Grass Grow Under Your Feet

    Or at least measure it, if it does. 

    Another shout out for Irish innovation in the agricultural technology (or #agtech) space in the form of a great article on the Irish Independent: Irish inventors driving the high-tech farm of the future.

    I’ve written about this before, of course. 

     Check out GrassOMeter (”Turning Grass into Money”) in particular. 

    I love the article’s conclusion. 

    Tech-savvy farmers know that software and sensors (more...)

    Business Rules in Oracle Process Cloud Service

    In this post I will show an overview of Business Rules in the Process Cloud Service.

    First let’s create a new application on the start window of the Process Composer

    After the creation of the application you see the Application Home. At the left side you see the following options.

    Let’s select Business Types to create Business Objects

    After selecting New Business Object, let’s create a Input Business Object
    img4     img5

    After creating the (more...)

    Lifecycle and Team Collaboration for PL/SQL and SQL Project with Developer Cloud Service

    In the video below you can see an example scenario of using the Oracle Developer Cloud Service when working with PL/SQL and SQL code as well as database design through JDeveloper.

    Some of the capabilities shown include:


    • Version manage PL/SQL and SQL with Git
    • Defining a cloud project and adding users
    • Check code in, and branch PL/SQL functions
    • Tracking tasks for developers
    • Code review by team members
    • Build automation (with Ant) - and almost (more...)

    Adding internal targets to #em12c agents manually

    This post is meant to be more of a note for me to refer to later, but it is also good to share knowledge so here you go.

    Note: Hostnames are blacked out for a reason. Commands are the same though.

    Recently, I just installed an em agent using the silent install method I blogged about earlier (here). After installing the agent, everything was working fine and the agent could upload to the (more...)

    With Modern Storage the Oracle Buffer Cache is Not So Important.

    With Oracle’s move towards engineered systems we all know that “more” is being done down at the storage layer and modern storage arrays have hundreds of spindles and massive caches. Does it really matter if data is kept in the Database Buffer Cache anymore?

    Yes. Yes it does.

    Time for a cool beer

    Time for a cool beer

    With much larger data sets and the still-real issue of less disk spindles per GB of data, the Oracle database buffer cache (more...)

    Introducing the Integration Cloud Service

    Oracle released some more Cloud offerings and in this article we introduce the Integration Cloud Service. This cloud service lets your organization create integrations between cloud application, but also between cloud and on-premise applications. Create connections to well known and less known SaaS applications using a bunch of cloud adapters, publish or subscribe to the Messaging Cloud Service, or use industry standards like SOAP & REST. The available set of cloud adapters will certainly grow (more...)

    AWS EC2 API tools: Create snapshot & Check Data in snapshot

    After installed AWS EC2 API tools,  It's time for example create/delete snapshot. 
    - Creating snapshot.
    ubuntu@ip-x-x-x-x~$ ec2-describe-volumes
    VOLUME  vol-41885f55    8       snap-d00ac9e4   ap-southeast-1a in-use  2015-05-26T09:07:04+0000        gp2     24
    ATTACHMENT      vol-41885f55    i-d6cdb71a      /dev/sda1       attached        2015-05-26T09:07:04+0000        true
    ubuntu@ip-x-x-x-x:~$ ec2-create-snapshot  -d vol-41885f55-$(date +%Y%m%d%H%M) vol-41885f55
    SNAPSHOT        snap-b20a8c87   vol-41885f55    pending 2015-05-27T05:46:58+0000 (more...)

    AWS EC2 API tools: Installation

    AWS EC2 API tools help too much for Amazon EC2 to register and launch instances, manipulate security groups, and more. Someone asked me to backup EC2 instance. I thought to use it for backup script. Anyway, No need to explain more how to install Amazon EC2 API tools on Ubuntu? Just say thank for  EC2StartersGuide. I fellow this link and installed it easily. Additional, I used this Link for more idea about java.
    - Adding (more...)

    Oracle Database 12c – Active Duplication with RMAN (in Spanish Language)

    Oracle Technology Network - OTN Latina published our "Pull-Based Active Duplication with RMAN" article series this month in Spanish Language. This article series covers new option of duplication with RMAN on Oracle Database 12c Release 1 ( in 11 parts.

    First part of article series described "how to duplicate database" and other parts showed different cases of CDB and PDBs duplication.You can read articles here

     Oracle Database 12c: Active Duplication con RMAN (more...)