Friday Spotlight: Spacewalk 2.2 on public yum and Oracle Instant Client on ULN

Happy Friday!

I wanted to quickly draw your attention today to a couple of updates. First, Spacewalk 2.2 for Oracle Linux is available on our public yum server. We have also published the Release Notes, including upgrade instructions from Spacewalk 2.0.

If you're interested in Spacewalk, you might enjoy a webcast we did in November that goes into a lot of detail on using Oracle Linux and Spacewalk together. You can watch (more...)

Bind peeking and session cached cursor

Bind peeking is a nice feature in Oracle to have many optimized plans for an SQL for various bind values.  DBAs believe that bind peeking happens during a soft parse which will identify an alternate plan. Why do I say that?


Hard Parse: Parsing first time, nothing exists to bind peek


Soft Parse :  SQL cursor is existing and executing not the first time.  Under the soft parse, bind peeking (more...)


OTN's Virtual Technology Summit - Polls Open

What kind of content would you like presented in future OTN Virtual Technology Summits?   Is there a particular topic that interests you?  We want to hear from you.  Click on the links below and vote now.   




Don't Forget - OTN's Upcoming Virtual Technology Summit is open for registration.

Register for February 11th 9am to 12:30pm PT*

Register for February 25th 9am (more...)

SQLcl Commands: Info & Info+ – The New DESC?

We put out a HUGE update for our new SQL*Plus-style command line interface for Oracle Database.

Forget how to install it, or how to connect: see the movie!

Things that people really like to do in SQL Developer is pull up the object browsers to quickly see the things that a simple DESC doesn’t show. Things like

  • comments
  • primary keys
  • indexes
  • stats

So SQLcl has two new commands (more...)

3 new things about sdsql

| Jan 30, 2015
New Name ! The first is a new name this EA it's named sqlcl for sql command line.  However, the binary to start it up is simply sql.  Nothing is easier when you need to run some sql than typing 'sql' and hitting enter. #./sql klrice/klrice@//localhost/orcl SQLcl: Release 4.1.0 Beta on Fri Jan 30 12:53:05 2015 Copyright (c) 1982, 2015, Oracle. All rights reserved. Connected to: Oracle

Data Center of the Future – now



photo by youflavio

In a recent blog post Eric D. Brown defined an Agile Data Center as

An Agile Data Center is one that allows organizations to efficiently and effectively add, remove and change services at the speed of the business, not the speed of technology - Eric D. Brown

In follow up post he said that a Agile Data Center could be implemented by Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) for example using machine (more...)

Managing Complex Multimedia Sessions, more than just raising alarms (SDM) by Eva Pavon

Oracle Communication's Session Delivery Manager provides an advanced framework for provisioning, managing, and monitoring session delivery networks. Session Delivery Manager has an advanced architecture, called Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), which provides such features as increased scalability using load balancing across clustered servers, the ability to load Session Delivery Manager Configurations on-demand, and a rich thin-client interface. You can use the enhanced user interface to access such services as Element Manager for configuring Oracle Communications SBCs (more...)

Friday Spotlight: Powering a Demanding Enterprise Operation with Oracle VM

| Jan 30, 2015

Much like Oracle’s customer base (some 400,000 companies in 145 countries), Oracle deploys Oracle database, middleware, and application products to support its day-to-day business operations. By virtualizing enterprise applications using Oracle VM, Oracle’s IT organizations realize greater flexibility and lower infrastructure costs. Instead of implementing physical machines for each required operating system version and application release, virtualization using Oracle VM consolidates servers and provides efficiencies that help to decrease capital (CAPEX) and operating expenses (OPEX). (more...)

Digital Solutions Event – Sponsored by Oracle Gold Partner 3Di Systems

| Jan 30, 2015

Please Join Oracle and 3Di Systems on Wedneesday, March 11th for our first Public Sector Oracle Fusion Middleware (OFMW) Digital Solutions Forum in Reston.

09:00 – 09:30 Welcome / Registration / Introductions

09:30 – 10:30 An Overview of Successful Digital Solutions

10:30 – 11:00 User Experience (UX) driven approach for developing portal and mobile applications

11:00 – 11:15 Break

1:15 – 12:00 BPM, IDM, SOA, ECM, Portals – Glue for business processes automation

12:00 (more...)

Essbase BSO Parallel Calculation and Calculator Cache

| Jan 30, 2015

Essbase BSO parallel calculation utilizes calculator cache on a per thread basis. This post is to show the relationship between using parallel calculation and calculator cache.

For calc parallel and calculator (calc) cache:

  • Calc Parallel specifies the number of threads per calculation execution
  • Calc Cache is memory used per thread

If your calculations contain, for example, CALCPARALLEL 9 and 5 users run this script, then (9 (more...)

Finding zero values in an array

| Jan 30, 2015

A common thing to want to do is to find zero values in an array. This is obviously necessary for string length. So we'll start out with a test harness and a simple implementation:

#include "timing.h"

unsigned int len(char* array)
  unsigned int length = 0;
  while( array[length] ) { length++; }
  return length;

#define COUNT 100000
void main()
  char array[ COUNT ];
  for (int i=1; i<COUNT; i++)
    array[i-1] = 'a';

Call for community pin design!

You like to get a SOA Community pin? Help us to design them! We want to get your ideas and feedback how our community pins should look like! Send us your suggestion via twitter @soacommunity #soacommunity

Some ideas & we want yours!



SOA & BPM Partner Community

For regular information on Oracle SOA Suite become a member in the SOA & BPM Partner Community for registration please visit (OPN account required (more...)

Facebook Friday: Top 10 ArchBeat Posts for the week – Jan 23-29, 2015

The Top 10 most popular articles and other content shared with the 6,425 fans of the OTN ArchBeat Facebook Page over the last seven days, January 23-29, 2015.

  1. Building a Scalable, Highly Available Oracle API Gateway 11g Infrastructure in a Cloud Environment | Marcelo Parisi
    With its focus on service protection, and its authentication mechanisms, message encryption, and security/policy functionalities, Oracle API Gateway (OAG) 11g can be a very powerful tool in the secure provisioning (more...)

GlassFish 4 Command Line 101

| Jan 30, 2015

At it's heart Java EE is a standard API and SPI for developing applications that are deployed to an application server runtime. Though some people miss this point most application servers like WebLogic and GlassFish are far more than vessels for applications. Application servers also typically provide a rich set of features geared towards scalability, security, systems integration, optimization, diagnostics, management and monitoring. The GlassFish command line interface (CLI) is a great example of just (more...)

Desayuno de trabajo de SPOUG: Viaje al Cloud con Oracle

La gestión de las empresas a través de soluciones en la Nube es un tema candente en el mercado y Oracle, está apostando por este nuevo modelo de negocio.

SPOUG (Spain Oracle Users Group) conocedor de esta tendencia y de las cuestiones que se plantean los responsables de negocio, empieza el año con la creación del grupo de interés Cloud en el que se desarrollarán distintas actividades de divulgación, aclaración de dudas en este viaje (more...)

Jersey 2.x Client on Android

From time to time, people are asking for Jersey Client support on Android device. Until Jersey version 2.15 it was not possible to get Jersey client running on Android devices due to dependencies included directly in the Jersey client core module. A list of Android supported Java packages is available here and the package is missing there.

Current Jersey snapshot version introduces a new JAX-B module, so that (more...)

Customer talks about running PeopleSoft on Exalogic and Exadata

Watch Dennis McCormick, the Deputy Director from the City of San Francisco Controller's office talk about what running PeopleSoft on Exalogic and Exadata means for his organization.

Recorded live from the Next Generation of Oracle Engineered Systems Launch with Larry Ellison

NightHacking at Jfokus 2015

JFokus is Sweden’s largest developer conference. If you aren’t able to make it, see what’s going on with Java with NightHacking recordings from the live stage at Jfokus. Java Evangelist Stephen Chin has great interviews a lined up!  You watch the entire event live at

Jfokus HerosHere is the full schedule 
(all times are in CET – Central European Time):

February 3 

10:30-11:00 Charles Nutter - Open Source Software Call to Action
11:00-11:10 Joe (more...)

JDBC Realm and Form Based Authentication with WildFly 8.2.0.Final, Primefaces 5.1 and MySQL 5

I'm looking at the most popular content on my blog from time to time and try to address your needs the best. So, reading my blog is the one way for my fellow readers to drive the content. Another way is to reach out to me in comments or via email. For today, I am going to revamp my JDBC Realm example with Primefaces and update it to latest WildFly server.

First step is (more...)

NetBeans has Integrated javac from jdk8u40-b22

| Jan 30, 2015

The 'javac' from the latest JDK, that is, JDK 8 Update 40 b22, is now in NetBeans IDE development builds.

As a result, Lukas Eder should be happy to see sources of jOOQ now look like this in NetBeans (click to enlarge):

(Install the 'Dark Look and Feel Themes' plugin if you want NetBeans to look like the above.)

Instead of this (click to enlarge):

Related issue, thanks Lukas: