10 Tips for getting started with Oracle MAF

If you’re getting started with Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) development, you can find a growing number of excellent instructional videos on the Oracle Mobile Platform YouTube channel. These videos will teach you how to design and develop MAF apps, consume web services, use the embedded SQLite database and design killer UIs. 

But what about the little tips and tricks that will make life easier as you’re learning your way around MAF? Let’s take (more...)

Configure BI Publisher for OEM Fast!

My biggest complaint about earlier versions of OEM came from the poor integration of BI Publisher with Enterprise Manager.  The Information Publisher said boldly that I/P will be discontinued in favor of BI Publisher.  That sounded pretty serious so I made the effort to install it.

The installation was difficult, the canned reports were mostly worthless, and the OEM and BI Publisher security models were completely separate.  BI Publisher used the WebLogic security model and (more...)

GlassFish 4.0.1 Update By John Clingan

The GlassFish team would like to give an update on the GlassFish Server Open Source Edition 4.0.1 (GlassFish 4.0.1) release that we have been diligently working on. GlassFish 4.0.1 plans include:

  • Bug fixes. This release will, or course, incorporate the many bugs fixes that have already been addressed in the trunk since GlassFish 4.0. We continue to work hard fixing bugs as we head towards release. Oracle is (more...)

Oracle Multitenant in Minutes Workshop

Oracle Database 12c give you the ability to plug into a multitenant architecture that combines ease, power, and flexibility. (more...)

Query with new plan

I came up with a simple query that shows a running SQL executing a different plan than what it had in the past.  Here is the query:

-- show currently executing sqls that have history
-- but who have never run with the current plan
-- joins v$session to v$sql to get plan_hash_value of 
-- executing sql.
-- queries dba_hist_sqlstat for previously used values 
-- of plan_hash_value.
-- only reports queries that have an  (more...)

Oracle Cloud: Oracle’s Platform and Infrastructure Services, Amit Zavery

At our SOA Community Workspace (SOA Community membership required) you can find the middleware cloud presentation from Amit Zavery. For first impression see the demo viewlets:

SOA & BPM Partner Community

For regular information on Oracle SOA Suite become a member in the SOA & BPM Partner Community for registration please (more...)

Impugn My Character Over Technical Points–But You Should Probably Be Correct When You Do So. Oracle 12c In-Memory Feature Snare? You Be The Judge ‘Cause Here’s The Proof.

Executive Summary

This blog post offers proof that you will trigger In-Memory Column Store feature usage with the default INMEMORY_* parameter settings.

What Really Matters?

This is a post about enabling versus using the Oracle Database 12c Release In-Memory Column Store feature which is a part of the separately licensed Database In-Memory Option of 12c. While reading this please be mindful that in this situation all that really matters is what (more...)

Oracle Data Integrator: What is a Repository?

| Jul 28, 2014

by Brent Dayley, Senior Instructor at Oracle University

While teaching Oracle University classes on Oracle Data Integrator, I often instruct my students that it takes roughly one and a half days to understand the setup that we do in ODI Studio in order to start to map data from source to target. I start out by giving them a visual tour of the four navigators: Topology, Security, Designer and Operator. After giving them the visual (more...)

Announcing the Retail Reference Library 14.0.1 and Translations for the 14.0 Retail Reference Model

The Oracle Retail Reference Library (RRL) release 14.0.1 is now available, and its rich content and artifacts are critical to a successful implementation of Oracle applications.

Oracle Retail Reference Library (RRL) 14.x (Doc ID 1617507.1/Patch 19073202)

The Retail Reference Library contains the three components listed below. Each of the three components can be installed and utilized independently.

  • The Retail Reference Model (RRM) is a comprehensive collection of established, industry leading business (more...)

Kids and Java

Thanks to Michelle and Java Marketing team and at CMU for another year ahead of great work with helping our kids learning programming and computer science skills. Alice is a great introductory tool to start your learning path to one day being an enterprise architect or ace programmer. Stay tuned. We want to take this on the virtual road this year around the world to a town near you.

auto-generate SQLAlchemy models

PyOhio gave my lightning talk on ddlgenerator a warm reception, and Brandon Lorenz got me thinking, and PyOhio sprints filled my with py-drenaline, and now ddlgenerator can inspect your data and spit out SQLAlchemy model definitions for you:

$ cat merovingians.yaml
name: Clovis I
from: 486
to: 511
name: Childebert I
from: 511
to: 558
$ ddlgenerator --inserts sqlalchemy merovingians.yaml

from sqlalchemy import create_engine, Column, Integer, Table, Unicode
engine (more...)

UTL_FILE_DIR Security Weakness: Why and How To Use Oracle Directories

UTL_FILE_DIR is the database initialization parameter the Oracle Database uses to determine what operating system directories and files PL/SQL packages, functions, and procedures may read from or write to when using the standard UTL_FILE database package.  The directories specified in the UTL_FILE_DIR parameter may be accessed by any database user, which can be a security issue.  In Oracle 9iR2, Oracle released new functionality called “Directories” that provides a more secure and robust capability (more...)

Free script to generate a Line Chart on HTML

Performance Metrics are easier to digest if visualized trough some Line Charts. OEM, eDB360, eAdam and other tools use them. If you already have a SQL Statement that provides the Performance Metrics you care about, and just need to generate a Line Chart for them, you can easily create a CSV file and open it with MS-Excel. But if you want to build an HTML Report out of your SQL, that is a bit (more...)

Getting started with Oracle Database In-Memory Part I

Now that Oracle Database has been officially released, I can finally start sharing more technical details on how Oracle Database In-Memory (Database In-Memory) works.

I thought we should start this series of post right at the very beginning by answering the most fundamental question, how and when is Database In-Memory installed and enabled.

Let’s start by doing a clean install of and allowing the installer to create (more...)

RESTify your Backends for Mobile Access

Recently Oracle released the new Oracle SOA Suite 12.1.3.

One of the key areas of interest for mobile developers is the all new Oracle Service Bus 12.1.3.

One thing that will make many of the mobile developers who are using Oracle's tool to develop mobile apps is that the service bus design time experience has been integrated into the all new JDeveloper 12.1. (more...)

To subset or not to subset

There was a problem at a customer in application development where using full copies for developers and QA was causing excessive storage usage and they wanted to reduce costs , so they decided to use subsets of the production development and QA
  • Data growing, storage costs too high, decided to roll out subsetting
  • App teams and IT Ops teams had to coordinate and manage the complexity of the  shift to subsets in dev/test
  • Scripts had (more...)

7 Questions for Tony Kender, Head of Oracle North America HCM Sales

Tony Kender, Senior Vice President, leads Oracle’s sales operations for HCM solutions in North America, including an organization dedicated to the unique needs of midsize companies.

Q: What is the (more...)

Oracle Infogram 2014-07-28 09:58:00

Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

Source and Hire the Best Talent
Oracle Taleo Recruiting Cloud Service is the market leading solution that helps enterprises source, assess, and hire the best talent. In addition to automating the process for even the most complex global organization, Oracle Taleo Recruiting Cloud Service delivers insights to continuously improve talent acquisition efficiency and effectiveness.  Learn more at the Oracle Taleo Recruiting homepage. 

Notizen zur In-Memory Option in Oracle 12c

Sie ist sicher das aufsehenerregendste Feature des gerade veröffentlichten Patch-Sets die In-Memory Option. Wenn man das Marketing fragt, macht sie Zugriffe um den Faktor X schneller - wobei man für X so ziemlich jeden Wert einsetzen kann, der einem gerade einfällt: ein passendes Szenario dafür wird sich basteln lassen. Vor ein paar Tagen habe ich meinen Download des Patches durchgeführt, aber bis zur Installation bin ich noch nicht gekommen, daher bleiben (more...)

Which Sourcing Channel is Increasing in Popularity?

| Jul 28, 2014

By Richard Doherty

If the following recent article is anything to go by - Startup Ups the Ante for Employee Referrals – an incredible $20K referral bonus for employees - employee referral programs are certainly increasing in popularity!

Given that referred employees typically perform better and are 15% less likely to quit than other types of new hires and referral programs can open up difficult to access talent pools, this makes perfect business sense. I (more...)