LEAP#409 Boldport Bugs: The Conehead

Conocephalus is a genus of bush-crickets, known as coneheads. Now I have one beautifully rendered in a 3D kit from Boldport. It even has a pretty convincing FM-synthesised chirp that varies in response to lighting conditions.

Boldport projects never fail to inspire some new learning. In the case it introduced me to Pure Data - a nifty open source visual programming language for multimedia. I reproduced the Pure Data chirp model and added a few (more...)

Ubuntu / Linux: WLAN connections fails with "denied authentication (status 17)"

During holidays i was not able to connect my laptop to the WLAN.
The /var/log/syslog showed the following:
Jul 15 13:45:20 pc wpa_supplicant[935]: wlp3s0: SME: Trying to authenticate with 14:9d:09:fe:a4:b3 (SSID='HUAWEI BTV' freq=2437 MHz)
Jul 15 13:45:20 pc kernel: [ 6972.826888] wlp3s0: authenticate with 14:9d:09:fe:a4:b3
Jul 15 13:45:20 pc NetworkManager[797]:   [1531655120.4746] device (wlp3s0): supplicant interface state: disconnected -> authenticating
Jul 15 13:45:20 pc kernel: [ 6972.829942] wlp3s0: send auth to 14:9d:09:fe:a4:b3 (more...)

The Oracle Active Session History (ASH) – a real treasure trove

When Oracle introduced the Active Session History (ASH) a new gate of tuning and monitoring options was opened.  Yes we had statspack, extended tracing and so on but all these tools were mssing a time(line) dimension. For example statspack reports and later AWR reports are flattened aggregations of numbers carefully to interpret as details are flushed as you always have only a look on an aggregated view of performance metrics.

Well, That Didn’t Work …

"There are no wrong roads to anywhere."
-- Norton Juster, The Phantom Tollbooth

Interesting behavior with the unified audit trail has been reported by Jeff Hunter and verified on at least two platforms, Solaris 10 and RedHat Enterprise Linux 6. While other ports of Oracle behave as expected (Windows and Oracle Enterprise Linux 7, to name two that I’ve tested) the problem platforms fail to return data from V$SESSION because the AUDSID values apparently (more...)

Fishbowl Solutions Helps Global Dredging Company Reduce WebCenter Portal Development Costs while Enhancing the Overall Experience to Access Information

A supplier of equipment, vessels, and services for offshore dredging and wet-mining markets, based in Europe with over 3,000 employees and 39 global locations, was struggling to get the most out of their enterprise business applications.

Business Problem

In 2012, the company started a transformation initiative, and as part of the project, they replaced most of their enterprise business applications.  The company had over 10 different business applications and wanted to provide employees with (more...)

OPS$Oracle user after Wallet Creation in Oracle 12c

----- In Oracle, created the wallet by using below commands:

TEST$ orapki wallet create -wallet "/u01/app/oracle/admin/TEST/wallet" -pwd ****  -auto_login_local
Oracle PKI Tool : Version
Copyright (c) 2004, 2014, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

TEST$ mkstore -wrl "/u01/app/oracle/admin/TEST/wallet" -createCredential TEST2 sys ********
Oracle Secret Store Tool : Version
Copyright (c) 2004, 2014, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

Enter wallet password:

Oracle Offline Persistence Toolkit – Controlling Online Replay

Few months ago I had a post about Oracle Offline Persistence toolkit, which integrates well with Oracle JET (JavaScript toolkit from Oracle) - Oracle JET Offline Persistence Toolkit - Offline Update Handling. I'm back to this topic with sample application upgraded to JET 5.1 and offline toolkit upgraded to 1.1.5. In this post I will describe how to control online replay by filtering out some of the requests, to be excluded from (more...)

GraalVM – why a different VM?

If you read press around Java you’ll have come across references to GraalVM. So what is it and why would I use it?

There is an excellent podcast from Software Engineering Daily that digs into the subject and can be found here and here. But let draw out some of the reasons as to why GraalVM is interesting.

Whilst multiple languages on top of the JVM is nothing new, such as Scala , Kotlin, and (more...)

Quick PL/SQL, a code generator for PL/SQL based on simple markup

Maybe you've heard about "Quick SQL", a utility (previously a separate application, now part of APEX 18.1 itself) that generates SQL scripts based on a simple markup language. Quick SQL is a real time-saver and allows you to go from idea to prototype to working application in an instant.

Inspired by Quick SQL, I've created a similar utility, called "Quick PL/SQL", that does the same thing, except it generates PL/SQL code (packages (more...)

Facebook : My Recent Experience

Here’s a little story of what has happened to me recently on Facebook.

First a little history lesson. For a long time I had an extremely small list of friends on Facebook. I would only accept friend requests from people I really knew, like IRL friends and a few work colleagues. That was it. No Oracle people were allowed… The wife has a rule that only people she would let stay in her house are (more...)

Get Started Faster with Snowflake Partner Connect

Got data you want to load and analyze in the cloud? Would you like to do it today? The check out this announcement about getting up and running with your data in Snowflake faster. #YourDataNoLimits Ending the struggle for data starts with getting to your data faster. Snowflake already streamlines the path to get up […]

Trusting a self signed certificate in Oracle Visual Builder Cloud

When you are setting up a development environment you sometimes need to use self signed certificates or a separate developer CA, in order to use this in VBCS you will need to make sure that these certificates are trusted by the kss://system/trust store and have the latest 18.3.3 patches.

To do this you need to head to /em aka "Fusion Middleware Control" for your instance and navigate to the keystore page for the (more...)

ORAchk (EXAchk) und der Collection Manager (Teil 1)

ORAchk & EXAchk sind wichtige Tools im täglichen Oracle DBA Geschäft. Allerdings habe diese Tools wenn man Sie einmalig oder mehrfach startet den großen Nachteil das man jeweils einzelne Reports erhält und diese nicht miteinander vergleichen kann, oder eine Historie erhält. Es bedeutet im Umkehrschluss man muss sich selbst eine „Ordnung“ überlegen und die Verwaltung übernehmen.

Genau an diesem Punkt kommt nun der „Collection Manager“ ins Spiel, der eine komplette APEX Anwendung ist und die (more...)

Four Options for Creating Mindbreeze Search Interfaces

A well-designed search interface is a critical component of an engaging search experience. Mindbreeze provides a nice combination of both pre-built search apps and tools for customization. This post explores the following approaches to building a Mindbreeze search interface:

  • The Mindbreeze Default Search Client
  • The Mindbreeze Search App Designer
  • Custom Mindbreeze Web Applications
  • The Mindbreeze REST API

Option 1: The Mindbreeze Default Search Client

Flexibility: Low | Development Effort: None

Mindbreeze includes a built-in search (more...)

ODA X7 – no network connect after setup / re-image

Yesterday, I’d prepared an all new X7-2M. During the setup process / network configuration (using VLAN), I ran into a problem: Despite the network configuration was setup absolutely correct, any try to connect to the system from a jumphost was unsuccessful. 

Long story short: If You want to use the SFP28 (Fiberchannel) ports an ODA X7 offers, You have to do some config changes, to make it work. 
First of all: do a (more...)

How to copy Files to an ODA which is not available via network – by using the network

Sounds a little weird, I know - but works ... *lol*

Problem was: 

The all new ODA has installed old firmware for the SPF28 interfaces. This makes it impossible to connect the system to the network. To upgrade the interfaces You need to have the firmware files on the ODA ... but how can I copy the firmware to the ODA without a network connect?


First of all: create an ISO File from the Files You (more...)

MobaXTerm 10.9

Once again I’m late to the party. About a week ago MobaXTerm 10.9 was released.

The downloads and changelog are in the usual places.

This is a great tool!



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Recently started seeing this error on few of the Exadata environments.

ORA00600: internal error code, arguments:[KUTYXTTE_TRANSFORM:FAILED]

As per metalink this is a known Bug 28194173


I’ve seen this in 12.2.

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ORA-04030:QERGH hash-agg,kllcqas:kllsltba

In Oracle 12.2, ORA-04030:QERGH hash-agg,kllcqas:kllsltba, then we need do the following

[oracle@local03 run]$ grep CRS_LIMIT_OPENFILE /u01/app/
Old value CRS_LIMIT_OPENFILE=65536

We need to change the value and restart the CRS

New value CRS_LIMIT_OPENFILE=400000

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Recently started seeing this error on few of the RAC environments.

ORA00600: internal error code, arguments:[ORA-600[KCLANTILOCK_17]

After upgrade to 12.2, Due to this Instance got crashed.

As per metalink this is a known Bug 27162390

Patch 27162390: LNX64-181-RAC: LMS HIT ORA-600[KCLANTILOCK_17], INST CRASH

I’ve seen this in 12.2. As per Oracle it’s fixed in version 18.1

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