Optimising AWS for Oracle – Licenses

If you're keeping an eye on the Oracle license rules you'll know that you need to make sure that when you're designing in AWS you make the most of every CPU that has an Oracle license attached too it.

Here's our rundown of how to design and use AWS features to maximise those licenses.

  • Design for zero waste. In the past we might have Oracle nodes that didn't do very much. Those DR servers, or (more...)

Working with APEX 5 Dialogs

APEX 5 introduces native dialogs, both modal and non-modal. This article discusses:

  1. How to enable dialogs in your APEX 5 application if they are not already enabled.
  2. How to open a dialog.
  3. How to close a dialog, returning values from that dialog.
  4. How to respond to the closing of a dialog.

How to enable dialogs in your APEX 5+ application if they are not already enabled.

To check if Dialogs are already usable within your (more...)

Oracle Cloud Platform Test Drive March 8th 2017 Oslo Norway


Invitasjon til Hands-On PaaS og IaaS Workshop

imageOracle og Sysco inviterer til Cloud Test Drive: PaaS og IaaS hands-on workshop. Vi tror på bedre læring ved å prøve ut  tjenestene i praksis, og har plukket ut en knippe tjenester som er relevante innenfor integrasjon, prosess, Java og mobil.

Seminaret passer for alle, og kanskje ekstra godt for arkitekter og de på forretningssiden som ønskerå få et godt overblikk. Ingen ekspertise eller erfaring kreves – ta (more...)

Coming Soon: Database Star Academy Membership

The Database Star Academy membership will be launching very soon. Read on to find out more. What Is The Database Star Academy Membership? Over the last couple of years, I’ve developed several video courses and PDF guides to help database developers improve their SQL skills and their career. Up until now, I’ve made these available […]

Client Certification for Oracle Database

I've received a question about client certification for Oracle Database the other day.And this reminded me on this very helpful MOS Note: MOS Note: 207303.1Client / Server Interoperability Support Matrix for Different Oracle Versions  It spans the client interoperability back to the... [Read More]

Webcast: “Ready or Not: Applying Secure Configuration to EBS”

Applying Secure Configuration Oracle University has a wealth of free webcasts for Oracle E-Business Suite.  If you're looking for our latest updates on the EBS Security front, see:

  • Ready or Not: Applying Secure Configuration to Oracle E-Business Suite (26 minutes)

It's a new world - one where secure configuration is no longer optional and you must reduce your attack surface.  Eric Bing, Senior Director Product Development, shares that going forward, many Oracle E-Business Suite security features (more...)

Nerds Get Sexy at the Dublin Tech Support

I attended the first Dublin Tech Summit (@DTS) and have to say I was very impressed by the depth and breadth of the event, and even learned new things, renewed old acquaintances and forged new business relationships.

DTS offered a powerful schedule covering from Fashion and Healthcare to IoT and FinTech and more for an audience ranging from storytellers to investors to coders, and was combined with workshops and a platform for startups as well (more...)

The real question is … why are you NOT blogging

Colleague Jeff Smith published an interesting post the other day about his “rules and regulations” for blogging, but the overriding theme (Ed: – this is my opinion, I’m not speaking for Jeff)  was that the “what” he blogs about was – anything he’s passionate about, and the “when” was – whenever felt inspired to do so.

That got me thinking about blogging in general.  I think it is safe to say

Weekly Link Roundup – Feb 17, 2017

Here’s a collection of interesting articles I’ve read this week. Articles I’ve Read Truncate 12c https://jonathanlewis.wordpress.com/2017/02/16/truncate-12c/ Jonathan Lewis writes an article about some improvements to the TRUNCATE statement in Oracle 12c, and how it relates to “on delete cascade”. THere’s a small example and a good explanation on how it works.   Step by Step […]

What’s New With Oracle Certification – February 2017

Stay up to date with the Oracle Certification Program, view exams released into production, get information on current promotions, and learn about new program announcements below.

Exam Updates:

Coming soon in production.

1Z0-338 | Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Cloud Service 2017 Implementation Essentials

1Z0-342 | JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Financial Management 9.2 Implementation Essentials

1Z0-343 | JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Distribution 9.2 Implementation Essentials

1Z0-345 | Oracle Policy Automation Cloud Service 2017 Implementation Essentials


In Real Estate it’s Location, Location, Location – In Startups it’s all about Sales, Sales, Sales

| Feb 16, 2017
Sure, you could argue that marketing is important or execution or support or product quality, but when it comes down to what you really need to focus on, it's all about sales.  You have to have a high quality product to sell, you certainly need to be able to support it, and it has to be scaleable, but if you don't have customers, you won't have a business.

I've built a number of software as (more...)

Comma separated search and search with checkboxes in Oracle APEX

When you have a classic report in Oracle Application Express (APEX) and want to make it searchable you typically add a Text Item in the region, enable Submit on Enter and add a WHERE clause to your SQL statement.Here’s an example:Your SQL statement probably looks like this:select CUSTOMER_ID, CUST_FIRST_NAME, ... [Read More]

Comma separated search and search with checkboxes in Oracle APEX

When you have a classic report in Oracle Application Express (APEX) and want to make it searchable you typically add a Text Item in the region, enable Submit on Enter and add a WHERE clause to your SQL statement.

Here’s an example:
Classic Report with Search (text item)

Your SQL statement probably looks like this:


When you want to search for multiple customers separated by (more...)

Simple Python for Oracle database tuning example

I ran across a stackoverflow question and it gave me an idea for a simpler use of Python to graph some Oracle database performance information. I looked at my PythonDBAGraphs scripts and I’m not sure that it is worth modifying them to try to simplify those scripts since I like what they do. But they may make people think that Python scripts to graph Oracle performance data are difficult to write.  But, I think if someone (more...)

IoT Cloud Service Real Time Analytics: From Sensor Data to Business Value by Luc Bors


This session will show you how to use Oracle IoT Cloud Service for Real Time Analytics. You'll learn how to connect devices to the IoT Cloud Service and how to display sensor data from those devices in a web application. You'll also learn how to use the stream explorer analytics capability of IoT Cloud Service to analyze the data that is retrieved from devices connected to Oracle IoT Cloud Service, including how to implement stream (more...)

Delaying Your Move to the Cloud due to Security Concerns? Oracle Database Security Training Can Help!

Are you waiting on moving to the Cloud due to concerns about security?

In Oracle's eleven critical cloud predictions to take into 2016, Oracle CIO Mark Sunday says,

“Today, the #1 reason organizations are not moving to the cloud is security. However, tomorrow, security will be one of the most important drivers to move to the (more...)

EECS – Oracle Exadate Express Cloud Service, Step 3

Once you have defined your users for your Express Cloud Service, all users with the role of Database Developer or higher can access the database Service Console. From here all database related actions can be started.
The upper category, Web Access, brings you to the specified part of the APEX builder - more on that in the next post. In the lower category you can create database schema's. For our goal within smart4apex, I created (more...)

Oracle Data Integrator Cloud Service – In the News

| Feb 16, 2017

Oracle Data Integration recently announced the availability of Oracle Data Integrator Cloud Service (ODICS). 

In case you missed the earlier announcement you can check the news out in this entry

Following the announcement ODICS has received the validation of the data integration market. ODICS brings together disparate data for enterprises to power cloud-based data warehousing and analytics. Below are some of the news coverage about how the market and customers are viewing (more...)

Big Data Lite 4.7.0 is now available on OTN!

The latest release of Big Data Lite is now available on OTN!  This 4.7 release contains key components of Oracle's big data platform.  It has demos, tutorials and more.  Listed below are the products/features that are installed: Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.8 Oracle Database 12c Release 1... [Read More]

Financial Reports – which tool to use? Part 2

Financials in BI Publisher

Financial Reports - which tool to use? Part 2

I find it interesting that BI Publisher is mostly known for the creation of pixel perfect repeating forms (invoices, labels, checks, etc) and its ability to bursting them. To me, BI Publisher is the best kept secret for the most challenging reports known to mankind.

In my last blog - https://www.rittmanmead.com/blog/2017/02/financial-reports-which-tool-to-use-part-1/, I discussed some of the challenges of getting precisely formatted financial reports in OBIEE, as well as (more...)