Oracle OpenWorld 2016 – What You Need to Know

Starting to think about your schedule at Oracle OpenWorld? We have you covered.

Follow the steps below to get a jump start on your plans this year:

1. Oracle OpenWorld & JavaOne Pre-registration: We hope you’ve already reserved your seat, but if not, there’s still time to save $200 off the full conference pass price;

2. OPN Central website: Now that you’ve registered, check out the OPN Central website for a one-stop-shop for all OPN-related (more...)

Upcoming LIVE OPN PartnerCast: Oracle HCM Cloud – August 24

Tune in to our next LIVE OPN PartnerCast airing Wednesday, August 24 at 10am PT. Host Jonathan Vinoskey of Oracle will bring you the latest on Oracle HCM Cloud.

Guests and topics include:  

  • Aylin Uysal on HCM User Experience;
  • Adriana Smith on Applications Competitive Intelligence;
  • Jonathan will close out the show with Oracle HCM highlights and updates, and what partners can expect at OPN Central @ Oracle OpenWorld.

Watch the show live from the (more...)

Oracle OPN Cloud Partners Featured in Profit – August Edition

Profit Magazine continues to promote our OPN Cloud partners by highlighting their achievements:

  • Learn how our OPN Global Cloud Elite partners – Accenture & Deloitte – are helping customers successfully transition and implement ERP cloud technologies;
  • Read the Executive interview with Senior Vice President, Oracle Cloud, Shawn Price to see how the OPN Cloud Program helps partners move their customers to the cloud

Profit Magazine

Node-oracledb 1.11 Released to NPM

| Aug 19, 2016
We've pushed out a release of node-oracledb to GitHub and NPM. Top features: Connection Pool Cache The node-oracledb driver connects Node.js to Oracle Database for fast and functional applications. The changes in node-oracledb 1.11 are: Added a connection pool cache feature allowing pools to be given a... [Read More]

rlwrap – there’s a rpm for that

Recently, there has been discussion about using rlwrap for Goldengate on Twitter feed.

Truthfully, I did not know there was RPM for this and I did not even know it was already installed.

It just worked, when I had set it up.

A very nice cheat sheet for using yum.

Yum Command Cheat Sheet for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

I started to investigate how was rlwrap installed on the system.

OS Version.

$ cat /etc/issue

A bumper OpenWorld 2016 for me…

My first OpenWorld was in the Australia in ..well… I’m not sure when Smile but it might have even been the late 1990’s.  Time flies.

But 2016 will be my first OpenWorld as an Oracle employee…and hence, I’ll be busy Smile

Hopefully you can come along to some or all of the sessions I’m involved in…or you can probably catch me during the week at the OTN lounge.

I’ll blog more shortly on how I can (more...)

PHP OCI8 2.1.2 and OCI8 2.0.12 released on PECL

| Aug 18, 2016
PHP OCI8 2.1.2 (for PHP 7) and OCI8 2.0.12 (for PHP 5.2+) have been uploaded to PECL. The OCI8 extension allows PHP applications to connect to Oracle Database. Use pecl install oci8 to install PHP OCI8 2.1 for PHP 7. Use pecl install oci8-2.0.12 to install PHP OCI8 2.0 for PHP 5.2 - PHP 5.6. Note: PHP 5.6 is the... [Read More]

Prepare to Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c OCP – Preconference Training at Oracle OpenWorld

Oracle University Preconference Training offers unique deep-dive training sessions taught by our expert instructors on Sunday, September 18, 2016.

It's a perfect opportunity to prepare for Oracle Database 12c OCP with Certification Exam Cram: Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c OCP

This session prepares students for the latest version of the Oracle Certified Professional Oracle Database Administrator certification exam.

Register today!

Explore ALL sessions on the Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne registration page under (more...)

What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution & How Will it Affect You?

Written by Alexandra Georgescu, Oracle University Program Manager - Workforce Development 

What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

We are living days of change.

Some call it the "fourth industrial revolution", some call it "Industry 4.0." Regardless of what you call it, we're seeing the combination of cyber-physical systems (CPS), the Internet of Things and the Internet of Systems.

Previous industrial revolutions liberated humankind from animal power, made mass production possible and brought digital (more...)

OmniFocus and AppleScript

I’m new to Mac, but most know that anything you give me, I’m looking to automate any task that I can get my hands on.  As busy as my life is with demands, if I can get a computer to do the work for me, I will.  Disaster strikes when anything is too manual in my life-


One of those tasks is my weekly report to my boss (more...)

Commas at the beginning or end of a sql code line

Back in Nov 2015 I commented on a Oracle-L discussion about What happened to SQL*Developer SQL Formatter asking why people liked to see a comma at the beginning of the line in sql code and there was a fair bit of input into how it was easier to use and amend  – think of it like bullet points was one comment.

Fair enough I though and I have used that technique when I remember ever (more...)

Parallel PL/SQL Functions and Global Temporary Tables… and Wrong Results

Recently I got a question from a customer about a parallel query which produces wrong results. The query involves a global temporary table and a parallel enabled PL/SQL function. Before talking about this specific query I want to briefly show the effect of using PL/SQL functions in a parallel query. PL/SQL functions... [Read More]

The rlwrap utility for DBA.

I spend most of my time as a DBA in linux terminal and sqlplus. Everybody who works with oracle sqlplus knows about its power, but also about its limitations. For many years I have used the rlwrap utility developed by Hans Lub. It gives me command history, and the ability to edit my SQL Plus commands, and use auto completion if I set it up. In this post I will share some tips about installation (more...)

SQLfail? SQLwin!

update sqlfail 
set    last_posting_date = date'2016-08-18';

It’s been a while since I’ve published here. You see, I’ve been kind of busy.

Back in January 2015 I was lucky enough to join Oracle as part of their Developer Advocate team. My focus is SQL.

You see I love working with SQL. And I love helping others. So joining the Developer Advocates was a great chance to combine these passions :)

Which leads some to ask:

Why is your site (more...)

Oracle Open World 2016 – Recommended Customer Talks

At OOW 2016 there are some customer talks from customers we worked with or at least were involved in their project plans. We highly recommend the talks below. British Telecom has such an ambitious upgrade and migration project for really MANY databases. I'm looking forward to David's talk. We met at UKOUG TECH15... [Read More]

Basicfile LOBs

There are probably quite a lot of people still using Basicfile LOBs, although Oracle Corp. would like everyone to migrate to the (now default) Securefile LOBs. If you’re on Basicfile, though, and don’t want (or aren’t allowed) to change just yet here are a few notes that may help you understand some of the odd performance and storage effects.

Of course, there are a lot of variations in how you declare the LOB – pctversion (more...)

How to resolve missing dependency on exadata-sun-computenode-minimum

I’ve been really busy last few months – except spending a lot of time on M25 I’ve been doing a lot of Exadata installations and consolidations. I haven’t posted for some time now but the good news is that I got many drafts and presentations ideas.

This is a quick post about an issue I had recently. I had to integrate AD authentication over Kerberos on the compute nodes (blog post to follow) but had (more...)

I’m Logesh Balasubramaniam and this is how I work

The next profile in our ‘How I Work‘ series is Logesh Balasubramaniam. Logesh is one of the newer bloggers – posting on his LeanIT Designs site – however he provides great content and is usually one of the first to tackle new functionality. He has sometimes even managed to blog about new features before Oracle’s official post.

If you’re a fan of Logesh’s work it looks like he’s been selected to present at OOW this (more...)

Introduction to Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service – Webcast August 23rd 2016


Introduction to Oracle Internet of Things Cloud service 16.3.3 and IoT Asset Monitoring Mini-App

Speakers: Harish Gaur and Florian Tournier

Please join the Oracle Product Management team in an introduction to version 16.3.3 of the Oracle Internet Cloud Service. This webcast will provide an overview of the exciting new features available in this release.

It will feature a demo of the new, readily-deployable Asset Monitoring application for rapid integration of IoT (more...)

Partner Webcast: Introduction to Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service 16.3.3 – August 23rd, 2016

Please join the Oracle Product Management team in an introduction to version 16.3.3 of the Oracle Internet Cloud Service. 

  • Date & Time: August 23rd, 2016 @ 9:00 - 10:00 AM PT
  • Speakers: Harish Gaur and Florian Tournier, Oracle Product Management

This webcast will provide an overview of the exciting new features available in this release. It will feature a demo of the new, readily-deployable Asset Monitoring application for rapid integration of IoT (more...)