Delaying Your Move to the Cloud due to Security Concerns? Oracle Database Security Training Can Help!

Are you waiting on moving to the Cloud due to concerns about security?

In Oracle's eleven critical cloud predictions to take into 2016, Oracle CIO Mark Sunday says,

“Today, the #1 reason organizations are not moving to the cloud is security. However, tomorrow, security will be one of the most important drivers to move to the (more...)

EECS – Oracle Exadate Express Cloud Service, Step 3

Once you have defined your users for your Express Cloud Service, all users with the role of Database Developer or higher can access the database Service Console. From here all database related actions can be started.
The upper category, Web Access, brings you to the specified part of the APEX builder - more on that in the next post. In the lower category you can create database schema's. For our goal within smart4apex, I created (more...)

Oracle Data Integrator Cloud Service – In the News

| Feb 16, 2017

Oracle Data Integration recently announced the availability of Oracle Data Integrator Cloud Service (ODICS). 

In case you missed the earlier announcement you can check the news out in this entry

Following the announcement ODICS has received the validation of the data integration market. ODICS brings together disparate data for enterprises to power cloud-based data warehousing and analytics. Below are some of the news coverage about how the market and customers are viewing (more...)

Big Data Lite 4.7.0 is now available on OTN!

The latest release of Big Data Lite is now available on OTN!  This 4.7 release contains key components of Oracle's big data platform.  It has demos, tutorials and more.  Listed below are the products/features that are installed: Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.8 Oracle Database 12c Release 1... [Read More]

Financial Reports – which tool to use? Part 2

Financials in BI Publisher

Financial Reports - which tool to use? Part 2

I find it interesting that BI Publisher is mostly known for the creation of pixel perfect repeating forms (invoices, labels, checks, etc) and its ability to bursting them. To me, BI Publisher is the best kept secret for the most challenging reports known to mankind.

In my last blog -, I discussed some of the challenges of getting precisely formatted financial reports in OBIEE, as well as (more...)

Oracle JET at Transfer Solutions (Part 2)

I attended an excellent session about Oracle JET by Lai Ho Yueng and Maresa Bunschoten, from Transfer Solutions in Leerdam in the Netherlands. Transfer Solutions, an Oracle partner, regularly hosts free knowledge sharing sessions. Some time ago, I was invited to talk about Oracle JET (as described here in part 1) and in the meantime developers at Transfer Solutions are using Oracle JET to create mobile and web products for their customers.

Before the (more...)

Install and configure Oracle HTTP Server Standalone

Last week I had an assignment to install and configure Oracle HTTP Server as a reversed proxy in a DMZ. Many years ago I worked with Apache a little, so I had not have the details at hand.

Although installing and configuring the HTTP Server is not hard, I found that I had to do quite some searching around to get to all the essentials. To help you out, and to have it logged for (more...)

Can I Customize EBS on Oracle Cloud?

You can customize your Oracle E-Business Suite environment running on Oracle Cloud in the same way as you are used to doing on-premises. In addition, you can migrate your Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 or 12.1 customizations to Oracle Cloud, whether you are performing a lift and shift either to Oracle Compute Cloud Service only, or to Oracle Compute Cloud Service and Oracle Database Cloud Service.

When customizing an Oracle E-Business Suite (more...)

The OJVM Patching Saga – and how to solve it – Part V

Related Posts on"The OJVM Patching Saga - and how to solve it": Part I - The OJVM Basics Part II - Important Notes and Information Part III - The Mitigation Patch Part IV - What you may have missed ... [Read More]

Register and Attend! Advisor Webcast to Demystify Payment Terms & Due-Date Calculation Logic in Account Receivables

Are you a user who deal with various aging reports or collections based on the past due invoices? 
If yes, Join us for this one hour Oracle Advisor Webcast.

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  • Tuesday , March 14, 2017 07:00 AM (US Pacific Time)
  • Tuesday , March 14, 2017 10:00 AM (US Eastern Time)
  • Tuesday , March 14, 2017 03:00 PM (Central European Time)
  • Tuesday , March 14, 2017 07:30 PM (India Standard Time)

"Due Date" (more...)

EECS – Oracle Exadata Express Cloud Service, Step 2

Once you get your services up and running, you can log into your domain - in this screenhot "smart4apex" - on the Oracle Cloud.
Then you'll end up in the "My Services" dashboard. As I have only one, my dashboard looks quite clean, showing just this widget:
Just a few remarks for the designers of this: I am very curious why there is an extra "(Number of ..." in the chart title. The same (more...)

Truncate 12c

Here’s one of those little improvements in 12c (including 12.1) that will probably end up being described as “little known features” in about 3 years time. Arguably it’s one of those little things that no-one should care about because it’s not the sort of thing you should do on a production system, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be seen in the wild.

Rather than simply state the feature I’m going to demonstrate it, (more...)

Oracle Cloud Platform Test Drive March 22nd in Madrid and March 23rd in Barcelona

Avanttic - Oracle Cloud Plarform Test Drive (Madrid, 22-03-17 - Barcelona, 23-03-17)

Evento: Hands-on para explorar los nuevos servicios de Oracle en la nube

El Cloud ha llegado para quedarse y sabemos que su departamento de IT escogerá la manera más óptima de acceder a él. Nuestro objetivo es enseñarle cómo combinar las tecnologías on-premise con herramientas nacidas en Cloud, para conseguir una arquitectura híbrida que le proporcione lo mejor de ambos mundos.

Por este motivo avanttic y Oracle hemos organizado una sesión práctica, a través de (more...)

Training Thursdays: DTrace for Comprehensive Tracing and Diagnostics

DTrace is a comprehensive, advanced tracing tool for troubleshooting systematic problems in real time.  DTrace allows administrators, integrators and developers to dynamically and safely observe live systems for performance issues in both applications and the operating system itself.

DTrace is one of the many topics you can learn about in the Oracle Linux advanced administration training. You can take these courses as follows.

Oracle Linux 7: Advanced Administration

From Microservices to Distributed Systems – Survival guide for Java Developers

It kind of feel like the hype for Microservices is slowly coming down to earth and our industry is starting to realise, that a system according to the architectural paradigms behind Microservices can't easily be created by just exposing some HTTP interfaces on top of existing components. We do seem to have agreement on the necessity of having service optimised infrastructures, cultural and organisational changes and last but not least the outer architecture or orchestration (more...)

Reminder: Upgrade Microsoft Vista Before April 2017

Vista logoMicrosoft is ending support for Windows Vista on April 11, 2017.  The official support dates are published here:

Windows Vista is certified for desktop clients accessing the E-Business Suite today.  Our general policy is that we support certified third-party products as long as the third-party vendor supports them.  When the third-party vendor retires a product, we consider that to be an historical certification for EBS.

What (more...)

Kudos to the Dodeca Support Team!

Here at Applied OLAP, we have a great support team that we have tasked with doing their best to make sure our customers are happy with their Dodeca software.  On most days, they are answering emails and firing up impromptu support webcasts to help our customers with any questions they have.

Today, we got some great feedback from a customer after a popup support webcast.  Here is an email I received today from Edgardo Rodriguez (more...)

Giovanni Jaramillo Gains Confidence With SQL Certification

Oracle Certification gives your more confidence in your knowledge and abilities. Just ask Giovanni Jaramillo!

With nearly 20 years experience  under his belt, Giovanni decided to try out certification. Even with all his experience, he found benefit in earning the certification. Read about his experience in his own words below.

I echo Adrienne's comments.  I have exactly 20yrs experience as an Oracle Developer but only until 3yrs ago did I decide to get a certification. (more...)

10 CLOUD Application Development Trends for the Future

The modern world is about using services on the fly, reusing and focusing on the tasks at hand.

If you're starting your own business with a great idea, your focus should be on developing the idea - not on the surrounding operational challenges.

Here are the steps you would take: 

First, you would look for infrastructure on lease and pay for the use, interiors and infrastructure. You would then decide how the business runs and (more...)

Free Oracle SOA Suite 12c & BPM Suite 12c On-demand Training & Free SOA Partner Community

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Oracle EMEA Partner Sales

Oracle TestFest

Free Oracle SOA Suite 12c & BPM Suite 12c On-demand Training & Free SOA Partner Community

Dear Integration Expert,

We would like to invite you to become hands-on trained in the latest versions of Oracle SOA Suite 12c and BPM Suite 12c – free of charge!

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bullet Step 1: Free SOA & BPM Partner Community Registration

For regular information, including free trainings and free certifications, become a (more...)