Learn Java, For Real, Thoroughly, With Huw and NetBeans IDE

The two tools you need when learning Java are Huw Collingbourne and NetBeans IDE. Watch this quick screencast on why this is the case:

For this week only, i.e., until Tuesday next week, there's a massive discount:


Once you buy the course (PayPal works brilliantly), you'll get this starting point with heaps of well structured lessons in bite size chunks:

You'll be a Java programmer before you're even aware of it!

Announcing Java SE 8 Update 40

Improved performance, scalability and administration in Java SE 8 Update 40 will allow Java developers to innovate faster and improve application services. Here are some features and changes including JavaFX updates: 

JVM Reaction to Memory Pressure: “Memory pressure” is a property that represents the total memory usage (RAM) on the system. This new feature can be leveraged to reduce the amount of memory used on a system where multiple JVMs are deployed and control (more...)

Action is Required to Keep Your Oracle Database 10g Certification Active

Do you hold an Oracle Database 10g certification as your latest version of Oracle Database certification? If so, action is required to keep your credentials active.

Your credentials are retired. Based on Oracle's recertification policy, you have until March 1, 2016 to upgrade to a current credential to remain active and maintain the benefits of an active certification.

Keeping your certification current is just as important as earning your initial certification. This is an (more...)

Fusion Middleware Lifetime Support Policy – Document Update

Oracle Product Management have advised the Fusion Middleware - Lifetime Support Policy was recently updated.

This document contains the Lifetime Support details relating to the Oracle's Hyperion software releases, and now includes information pertaining to:

Business Intelligence
Real Time Decisions Applications 3.2

The document is available from Oracle website (PDF direct link):

Lifetime Support Policy:
Oracle Fusion Middleware Products

To learn about the Oracle Lifetime Support Stages, Lifetime Support Exclusive Benefits and to access (more...)

Little League, Big Data

Last week, I participated in my first Little League draft for my son's baseball team.  This was new territory, as up until now, play has been non-competitive.  This year we will actually have to keep score, and there will be winners and losers.

In preparation for the draft, we had tryouts a few weeks ago where we evaluated the kids on a number of different criteria.  Never have I seen so many scared 7 and (more...)

New Partner Training – Week Ending February 27th

A summary of new systems-related training available to OPN Partners:


  • Oracle Data Protection with StorageTek (35 minutes)
    Learn how to position Oracle tape storage to best address cost, complexity and capability concerns in the data center through proper archiving and a complete disaster recovery strategy. 

Followup to “Row generators, part 2″

My last post generated many excellent comments, here and on twitter.

As several people pointed out in the comments, using CONNECT BY to generate a large number of rows is memory intensive, and may fail with errors like "ORA-30009: Not enough memory for CONNECT BY operation" or "ORA-04030: out of process memory". One improvement that gets around this is to use Cartesian join on two or more 1000-row CONNECT BY sources, as Tanel Poder suggests (more...)

SOA BPM Event Schedule for FY15 Q4

Mar 11th - Public Sector FMW Digital Solutions Forum in Reston with 3Di Systems

Mar 25th - BPM Workshop in Atlanta for PS, HE and HC Customers

Apr 7th & 8th - 2 Day BPM 12c Workshop in Victoria BC for PS Customers

Apr 16th - BPM Workshop in San Francisco for the Judicial Council of CA

Apr 21st & 22nd - 2 Day BPM 12c Workshop in Jacksonville for PS, HE & HC Customers

Apr 30th (more...)

OPN HW Resource Center Updates – Week Ending February 27th

A summary of last week's updates on the OPN Hardware Resource Center (available only to OPN Partners, registration is required).

Operating Systems

  • The February edition of the Solaris Cluster Product Update Bulletin (PUB)
Optimized Solutions
  • Updated materials for the Tiered Storage Infrastructure Optimized Solution, which include the addition of the FS1 Flash Storage System to the architecture

There is still time to register for next week’s Upgrade Workshop in Omaha!

Upgrade Workshop Banner

While the event in San Francisco is a sell-out (metaphorically speaking -- Upgrade Workshops are of course free of charge), we do still have room at next week's seminar in Omaha on Wednesday, March 11:

Oracle Database 12c Upgrade Seminar

This full-day event at the Embassy Suites in La Vista will include discussions of many ways to upgrade and migrate to Oracle Database 12c. I will also talk about Oracle Multitenant and other new features. (more...)

Mobile: The Console of the Future?

As Mobile World Congress is taking place this week in Barcelona, there’s a lot of focus around mobile in the news. Mobility is now essential for consumers and companies, and incorporating it into a digital strategy that also includes social, cloud, and analytics is an important part of digital innovation.

While most of the focus for mobile is on the edge of the infrastructure and delivering apps to users, you still need a backend that (more...)

Top 10 Reasons to Attend the Modern Sales Experience

Sales organizations are under continuous pressure to meet targets and deliver results, but the environment has changed – customers are more informed, they have more choices, and their expectations are higher than ever.  This is why we’ve compiled the best and brightest for our Modern Sales Experience Conference taking place March 31 – April 2, 2015, and we couldn’t be more excited! The Modern Sales Experience brings together a prestigious group of thought leaders (more...)

How Government Agencies Are Using Social Media to Engage Communities

by Michael Meldeau, Director - Oracle Consulting

How Government Agencies Using Social Media to Engage Communities

I recently read an interesting post that explained how public sector agencies are using social media to help build brands that reflect the true value of their services and counter the perceptions created through high profile "worst case" news stories found in traditional media.

The article explains how the average U.S. citizen has a rather limited understanding of the child welfare system. The understanding they do have (more...)

Inspiring Stories From Some of the 2015 Value Chain Management Award Winners

A few weeks ago, Oracle hosted the 3rd Annual Oracle Value Chain Summit in San Jose, during which more than 2,500 value chain experts from 425 companies in 31 countries attended, networked, and took advantage of amazing learning opportunities. It was an energetic and inspiring three days and a great opportunity for Oracle to honor the six winners of the 2015 Oracle Excellence Award in Value Chain Management (VCM).

Did you miss it? The Oracle (more...)

Creating UKOUG Tech15 – The View from the Inside

At the end of last week I was contacted by the UKOUG who asked me if I would agree to be on the planning committee for the annual technical conference this year – Tech15. Not only that but I was privileged to be asked to repeat my role from Tech14 and be the Lead for the Database area. I am of course happy to do so.

UKOUG_Tech15 Banner
Why do I mention this? Well, this year I (more...)

FREE Webinar: Software in Silicon – Register Now

Join us on March 18, 2015 for a FREE Webinar on "Software In Silicon" hosted by Oracle experts, Angelo Rajadurai and Mike Mulkey.

Oracle ISV Engineering is offering an exciting opportunity to learn about the NEW offering for developers who want early access to the revolutionary Software in Silicon technology in the forthcoming Oracle SPARC M7 processor running Oracle Solaris 11.

What Will You Learn? 

By listening to this webinar, you'll learn how to:

Nuevas Técnicas de Venta en la Era Digital

¿Cómo impulsar el crecimiento y adaptar las ventas a una generación de clientes más informada que nunca?

Ahora mismo, todos nos hacemos esta misma pregunta.

Aunque el ciclo de compra ha cambiado, muchas empresas siguen utilizando el mismo proceso de venta: los comerciales no actúan hasta que el departamento de marketing les dice a quién dirigirse y “echan balones fuera” si no logran vender nada.

En realidad, es inútil buscar culpables entre los empleados. (more...)

Siebel CRM Partners – Virtual Meeting, Friday March 20th

Siebel CRM Partners - Virtual Meeting - Friday, March 20th, 2015, 8:00 AM PST


  • Welcome - Allison Woolsey, Product Marketing, Oracle
  • Siebel CRM Strategy and Roadmap Update - George Jacob, Group Vice President, Oracle
  • Innovation Pack 2015 Insight - John Bedford, Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle
  • Q & A


ORAchk with new checks + Restart support


Never used or heard about ORAchk? Then it's time to give it a try! 

ORAchk is almost ready to get released. You can already give the beta a try. I'm not recommending this to make you beta test but ORAchk has so many great features, especially more than 50 new health checks, OL7 Support - and is now aware of Oracle Restart environments.


When to Use JAX-RS Class-path Scanning Mechanism

The short answer is: never!. I have seen several nasty (so called) "bugs" caused by this feature so that i felt like sharing this little advice via blog post:

Never ever use JAX-RS class-path scanning feature in a production environment

Class-path scanning looks like a handy feature. Let say you do not want bother with enumerating all the components you would like to include in your JAX-RS application. Then your JAX-RS application class could look (more...)