Routering and responsive layout with Oracle JET

After creating two single JET-pages (here), I want to create a JET application with navigation and a responsive layout.

Here are some pictures how the application looks like after building it:

This is the startscreen of the application:

When “Table” is selected, there is a submenu where a user can make another selection:

When a choice is made in the subselect, you see the results:


If “Chart” is selected you see a chart:


The Fourth Dimension Has Arrived

By: Garrett Harley, Director, Engineering & Construction Strategy, Oracle Primavera

Making sense of the BIG picture

It’s a construction manager’s nightmare. Once work starts on site, it’s blatantly obvious the plans are flawed. Calls to architects and engineers might be able to resolve the issue, but what does this mean for materials, building products, subcontractors and specialists? Implications for all of these resources need to be considered in the light of the new redesign and (more...)

PeopleSoft is Recognized as “Best in Klas ERP Software” in Healthcare Industry

PeopleSoft is recognized as “Best in Klas ERP Software” in Healthcare Industry for 2015/2016  

Oracle PeopleSoft received exciting news about our efforts in the Healthcare Industry.  KLAS has named Oracle’s PeopleSoft the best ERP software in its "2015/2016 Best in KLAS Awards Report".  The report named top performing companies based on feedback from their customers. The title of Best in KLAS is a highly coveted recognition of outstanding efforts to help healthcare (more...)

How to store database credentials in Oracle Wallet (for WLS datasource definitions)

Oracle Wallet can be used to securely store the database credentials. Multiple credentials for multiple database can be stored in a single wallet file.

Below are the steps to create a datasource which uses Oracle wallet to store database credentials :

Step 1 :

Create a wallet in a secured location :

Command :  

$ORACLE_HOME/oracle_common/bin/mkstore -wrl <wallet_location> -create 

 Step 2:

Add database login credentials to the wallet 

Command :

 $ORACLE_HOME/oracle_common/bin/mkstore -wrl <wallet_location> -createCredential <db_connect_string> <username> (more...)

General troubleshooting lessons from recent Delphix issue

Delphix support helped me resolve an issue yesterday and the experience gave me the idea of writing this post about several general computer issue troubleshooting tips that I have learned down through the years. Never mind that I ignored these lessons during this particular problem. This is more of a “do as I say” and not a “do as I do” story.  Actually, some times I remember these lessons. I didn’t do so well this (more...)

Weekly remote Oracle CX Cloud demos for you and your customers

We are pleased to invite you and your prospects to our weekly CX remote demos, especially designed for Oracle EMEA customers and partners.

During these standard sessions of 60' each, Oracle partners, customers and prospects can discover many Customer eXperience best practices and the value of Oracle CX solutions, as well as raise questions to the Oracle demo team.

Join us:

  • Every Tuesday at 3pm CET (2pm GMT) for an Oracle Marketing Cloud demo - (more...)

Friday Philosophy – Database Performance is In My Jeans

Database performance is in my jeans. Not my genes, I really do mean my jeans – an old pair of denim trousers. I look at my tatty attire keeping my legs warm and it reminds me of Oracle database performance.

comfortable, baggy, old, DW jeans

comfortable, baggy, old, DW jeans

You can buy jeans in a range of styles & sizes. Just as you can set up your database in a number of standard ways. When you create a database (more...)

Infographic: Building Real Relationships on Social Media

Logging in the Data Warehouse Configuration Web Application

As of Primavera Data Warehouse 15.2 release, logging in the Configuration web application has the following behavior in a multiple data source environment.

If you have multiple data sources configured you will see multiple tabs along the top next to Home.  For each tab you can define an ETL schedule which wil result in each ETL running at a different time.  However the Status section (on both tabs) reads from the same (more...)

What the SQL? (History)

Oracle SQL Developer has 2 client-side logging mechanisms for capturing SQL that is executed:

  1. SQL History
  2. Statements
I tend to keep both panels hidden or closed until I need them. The recording happens whether they are visible or not on the desktop.

I tend to keep both panels hidden or closed until I need them. The recording happens whether they are visible or not on the desktop.

SQL History

This is the SQL that you have executed in a SQL Worksheet. It’s also any scripts you have executed in a SQL Worksheet. Ran something the other day and forgot to (more...)

Your Invitation: Oracle EMEA Infrastructure Partner Community Forum 12th -14th April, 2016 in Warsaw, Poland

Dear Partners,

We are pleased to invite you to attend the 2016 Oracle EMEA Infrastructure Partner Community Forum which will take place in Warsaw, Poland on April 12th - 14th, 2016. This Forum is the yearly event for all members of the Oracle EMEA Exadata, Manageability, Server & Storage and Data Integration Partner Communities and for all partners interested in IT Infrastructure solutions and products.

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in this (more...)

EPM Patch Set Updates – January 2016

The following are the Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Patch Set Updates (PSU) released last month (January 2016).

The "Patch" ID links will access the patch directly for download from "My Oracle Support" (login required).

Oracle Hyperion Smart View

Oracle Smart View
- 22338240

Oracle Hyperion

Hyperion Tax Provision
- 21792549
Hyperion Financial Management

Indentifying Use Cases for Accelerating Apps with Oracle Database In-Memory

Wondering when to use Oracle Database 12c In-Memory?

This white paper identifies use cases for accelerating applications, and explains the scenarios under which Oracle Database In-Memory provides a performance benefit.

Following are just some of the scenarios discussed to determine whether your use case is a good match for this exciting new technology!

  • Improve the performance of analytics and reporting on data warehouse data.
  • Real-time reporting against the base OLTP data.
  • Enables analytic index maintenance (more...)

A glance at the Oracle Integration Cloud Service

Simplifying development of integrations between your applications in the cloud and between applications in the cloud and on premises, all without needing to write code or install and manage infrastructure or middleware sounded like a dream a few years back.

Having a library of prebuilt integrations and adapters would make things even easier, wouldn’t it? And what if those prebuilt integration packages would let you integrate your SaaS applications in hours, not months?

What if (more...)

Parallel DML

A recent posting on OTN presented a performance anomaly when comparing a parallel “insert /*+ append */” with a parallel “create table as select”.  The CTAS statement took about 4 minutes, the insert about 45 minutes. Since the process of getting the data into the data blocks would be the same in both cases something was clearly not working properly. Following Occam’s razor, the first check had to be the execution plans – when (more...)

Facebook Friday: Top Ten Posts – Jan 29 – Feb 4, 2016.

It's that time again! It's Friday, and that means it's time for this week's list of the Top 10 most popular OTN ArchBeat Facebook Page updates from last seven days, Jan 29 - Feb 4, 2016.

  1. Integrating Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) On-Premise with Cloud Services | Benjamin Perez-Goytia
    Solution architect Benjamin Perez-Goytia's article examines how to integrate on-premise ODI with three types of cloud services: Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), (more...)

Nach dem CXJM-Workshop ist alles anders

Von Krassimira Iordanova

Wir hatten neulich wieder einen Workshop zum Customer Experience Journey Mapping (CXJM). Danach fühlt man sich immer richtig inspiriert und voller Tatendrang. Man kommt heraus und will wirklich etwas tun! Also die Frage: „Wie kann ich diese geniale Methode in meiner Abteilung bzw. meinem Unternehmen einführen, sodass der Kunde wirklich bei uns im Mittelpunkt steht und wir einen Benefit davon haben?“ – Ich habe hier eine gute und eine schlechte Nachricht (more...)

Node-oracledb: Avoiding “ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded”

| Feb 5, 2016

Developers starting out with Node have to get to grips with the 'different' programming style of JavaScript that seems to cause methods to be called when least expected! While you are still in the initial hacking-around-with-node-oracledb phase you may sometimes encounter the error ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded.

Here are some things to do about it:

  • Avoid having too many incompletely processed statements open at one time:

OGh DBA / SQL Celebration Day 2016 Keynote speaker

I am very happy and honored, to announce, that Mr. Graham Wood (Oracle US) agreed…

Excelencia en Pricing

Cuando hablamos de Pricing, hablamos de una ciencia poderosa basada en estrategias, metodologías de gestión y herramientas de sistemas que las Organizaciones utilizan para poder aumentar beneficios, cuotas de mercado, eficiencia de marketing y ventas, así como para mejorar las relaciones con los clientes a través de los distintos canales y en múltiples mercados.

Con el objetivo de profundizar en este área y disfrutar de un (more...)