Oracle 12C – In-Memory Option Resources

Hi folks,

Introduced as an Option Oracles In-Memory option will change the world of databasing also like SAP HANA does; Since July the release is out but the search for resources and documentation is  poor;

Here some useful links I found.

Non-Oracle Resources


Oracle Documentation

Concepts (found a small passage) ...



just started the list - wiil enhance it - from time to (more...)

OTN Article : Oracle Database 12c, O que acontece em um CDB quando um PDB tem ser recuperado

OTN - Oracle Technology Network Latina America continue publish our articles. Our 7th technical article published on OTN in Portuguese Language at 20th August. This article entitled : Oracle Database 12c, O que acontece em um CDB quando um PDB tem ser recuperado written by Joel Perez (Oracle ACED), Mahir M. Quluzade (OCE) and Rodrigo Mufalini (Oracle ACE) .

It is a link of article:

Thanks to my friends, Joel and Rodrigo, for their (more...)

JRuby and JVM Languages at JavaOne!

"My goal with my talks at JavaOne is to teach what is happening at the JVM level and below so people understand better where we are going" explains Charles Nutter, Jruby project lead.

In this interview, Charles shared the JRuby features he presented at the JVM Language Summit. They include foreign function interface (FFI), IO layer, character transcoding, regular expressions, compilers, coroutines, and more. 

At JavaOne, he will be presenting: 

Employee or Member Training

Do you have a group of employees or members that you would like to train?  Would you like to make the training available for a limited time only - such as for 2 weeks?  Would you like to have the ability to take the ability to view the training away at your discretion (such as when an employee leaves the company)?  Would you like to know who watched which videos?  For example, did Jim watch (more...)

Showcase Your Expertise on the New Oracle Cloud Marketplace

As an Oracle Accelerate partner, you need to gimage et the best visibility for your new services. You can do this by showcasing your expertise at Just Click Get Published and follow the instructions.

Get published in the Cloud Marketplace
Visit Oracle Cloud Marketplace
Video: Publish Your Application with Oracle Cloud Marketplace

WebLogic Partner Community

For regular information become a member in the WebLogic Partner Community please visit: ( (more...)

Wrapping SQL*Plus

One annoying thing from installing Oracle Database 11g on Fedora, was that the up arrows for command history didn’t work. I decided to fix that today after seeing Lutz Hartmann’s article on rlwrap. Unfortunately, the epel (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux) package he recommended doesn’t run on Fedora 20. You can read my tale of woe, or skip to the .bashrc function that fixed it when I installed only rlwrap.

Attempting it on yum, (more...)

Case Management API by Koen van Dijk

Case Management is a new addition to Oracle BPM in release (PS6). This new release contains the Case Management engine, see blog Léon at for more details.  However, currently this release does not contain a case portal. The case management API's, just like the already existing Oracle BPM API's, help in developing a portal page with relative ease. This blog will use some real life examples (more...)

LinuxCon North America 2014

As the first day of LinuxCon North America 2014 draws to a close, we want to thank all the folks that stopped by our booth today! If you're at the show, please stop by our booth #204 and have a chat with our experts. And you won't want to miss these Linux and virtualization related sessions coming up tomorrow and Friday:

Thursday Aug 21 - Static Analysis in the Linux Kernel Using Smatch - Dan (more...)

Consultations with ATG Development at OpenWorld 2014

OpenWorld logo

Our OpenWorld 2014 San Francisco conference is about six weeks away.  We have a great lineup of sessions this year.  Our EBS Applications Technology track sessions are listed here, and we'll have a more-detailed article about those soon.

One of the advantages of attending OpenWorld is that you can meet face-to-face with senior staff in ATG Development.  You can use these meetings to discusss your questions, requirements, plans, and deployment architectures (more...)

Who deserves the title “Expert” or (even worse) “Guru”?

I wanted to expand on a thread in a LinkedIn group I’m part of, where one of the members wrote “It’s funny when 2 experts are arguing about who is better”, using Tom Kyte and Jonathan Lewis as examples of people they say are “Experts”.

Disclaimer: I have not spoken to Jonathan or Tom in regard to their viewpoints on this subject, so this shouldn’t be taken as them saying any of this, just my (more...)

Registration Open for 2015 Oracle Value Chain Summit

Registration has opened for the Oracle Value Chain Summit, taking place January 26-28 in San Jose, California. Register now and take advantage of the Super Saver rate of only $495 (a $400 savings from the regular registration rate), good through September 26. Click here to register today, or to check out further information about the Summit. Keynote speakers to the 2015 event include former 49ers quarterback Steve Young and leading green business expert and author (more...)

IoT Wearables

A Reprint from The Java Source Blog

By Tori Wieldt on Aug 20, 2014

Wearables are a subset of the Internet of Things that has gained a lot of attention. Wearables can monitor your infant's heartrate, open your front door, or warn you when someone's trying to hack your enterprise network. From Devoxx UK to Oracle OpenWorld to Devoxx4kids, everyone seems to be doing something with wearables. 

In this video, John McLear introduces the (more...)

Oracle Announces the Winners of the 2014 Oracle Sustainability Innovation Award

Oracle will be honoring the winners of the 2014 Sustainability Innovation Award, one of the Oracle Excellence Awards, at the Oracle OpenWorld conference in San Francisco. This award recognizes the innovative use of Oracle technology to address global sustainability business challenges. The winning customers reduced their environmental footprint while also reducing costs using green business practices and Oracle technology. For these customers, environmental sustainability has become an essential ingredient to doing business responsibly and (more...)

GoldenGate 12c – MySQL Active-Active Replication Setup

Active-active  (also called Master-Master or Bi-Directional) replication captures data changes from two or more systems and replicat the changes to synchronize the data.  Active-Active replication is often needed for high availability, load balancing and scaling out purposes.  

Oracle GoldenGate is known to be one of the first and the best replication tool handling active-active replications. As of Oracle GoldenGate 12c, it provides (Refer to Oracle GoldenGate 12.1.2 Documentation - Configuring Oracle GoldenGate for Active-Active High Availability for more (more...)

Time to resurrect blogging!

Sorry for staying quiet for some time, but for some good reasons. Some of these reasons will be explained in later posts, but for now I would like to share the story I wrote upon request of Steven Feuerstein, who asked to tell how PL/SQL impacted our life. Here is my story:

I started to work with databases already in college, but more from the data modelling/business analysis angle. When I moved to (more...)

Commit scalability

I am learning about how well commits scale on Oracle 11.2 and so far they seem to scale surprisingly well.

I’ve looked at two waits – log file parallel write and log file sync.  Based on documents I’ve read on Oracle’s support site log file parallel write represents the time it takes to do one write to the redo logs.  For mirrored redo logs the log file parallel write time includes the (more...)

Oracle OpenWorld 2014 Preview: Don’t-Miss Sessions, Hands-on Labs, and More

Check out all the latest Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c sessions at this year's Oracle OpenWorld. Organizers of the event, taking place in San Francisco from September 28 to October 2, expect heavy turnout at sessions, hands-on labs, and customer panels devoted to Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c. Find out who is participating and which sessions are most recommended by the Oracle Enterprise Manager team.
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Take a Tour of the Future

Visit Our HQ Usability Lab During Oracle OpenWorld 2014

You want to look behind the scenes at the Oracle Applications User Experience Usability Lab on the campus of our headquarters. No problem. You’re invited to join an exclusive tour. When? Thursday, October 2 or Friday, October 3. Where? Redwood Shores, Calif. 

And what will you see on the tour? The future—how we test future product designs and the advanced technology we use to (more...)

Quadratic Programming with Oracle R Enterprise

     I wanted to use quadprog with ORE on a server running Oracle Solaris 11.2 on a Oracle SPARC T-4 server

For background, see:

  • Oracle SPARC T4-2
  • Oracle Solaris 11.2
  • quadprog: Functions to solve Quadratic Programming Problems
  • Oracle R Enterprise 1.4 ("ORE") 1.4

  • Problem: path to Solaris Studio doesn't match my installation:

    $ ORE CMD (more...)

    Funding = People = New Functionality

    Funding Makes a Huge Difference

    Once we closed on our series A funding in May, we were able to afford some of the top industry talent to take InteliVideo to the next level.  It's been a very exciting couple of months and it promises to be a very exciting next several years from the looks of it.

    SO Many Great Uses

    As we've been working with our customers, we continue to see so many impressive (more...)