Mobile, Mobile and Mobile @ Oracle OpenWorld!

Oracle OpenWorld is here! For me, it's all about going mobile. My top mobile recommendations are:

Day 2 of Oracle OpenWorld 2014 September 29th

Oracle OpenWorld started yesterday and San Francisco is just buzzing with Oracle folks.

If you are attending the conference don't miss the opportunity to chat with the Oracle Database In-Memory team at one of our technical sessions or at the Oracle demogrounds.

Our first technical session, Oracle Database In-Memory: The Next Big Thing (Session CON8622) is on today at 1:30pm in Moscone South, room 103.

In this session, Juan Loaiza explains in detail what (more...)

Grid Infrastructure Disk Space Problem – CHM DB file: crfclust.bdb

The Grid Infrastructure filesystem was reporting that it was a bit full today (release This was tracked down to the “crfclust.bdb” file, which records information about the cluster health for monitoring purposes. It was 26GB. It’s not supposed to get bigger than 1GB so this is probably a bug, but let’s explicitly resolve the size issue right now and search Oracle support later. Worst case, bdb (Berkerley Database) files get (more...)

Oracle OpenWorld 14 Day -1

Saturday was a rather quiet day. After having spent 2 hours on Friday night, trying to get the connectivity working in my hotel room, Friday started out with another almost 2 hours which culminated on a recabling of the room and replacement modem to finally get things working. After that I was able to put the finishing touches to my presentation.

Lunch was...american. Very american. Think 50s-type diner. Think chili-chedder-hot-dog. Think fries. LOVE IT! (more...)

In Transaction Banking – Is Customer Centricity Through Billing the New Black?

In the last few years, customer-centricity has been one of the most talked-about trends in transaction banking. While banks have always been focused on their corporate customers, a recognition that this group is not to be taken for granted has taken hold. One reason – global transaction banking continues to be a major growth area for banks – surpassing investment and commercial banking in the post-crisis era.

According to Celent, “After the global financial crisis, (more...)

get ready for the PaaS cloud – Larry Ellison OOW keynote

Public Cloud offers includes:image

  • Social
  • Mobile
  • Analytics
  • Identity

Can be used to build applications or to extend Oracle SaaS applications! Key features include: Integration Cloud image& Mobile Integration Cloud & Process Cloud. Want to learn more about the middleware PaaS offerings? Join the Middleware Partner Community!

SOA & BPM Partner Community

For regular information on Oracle SOA Suite become a member in the SOA & BPM Partner Community for registration please visit (more...)

WebLogic Partner Community Newsletter September 2014

Dear WebLogic Partner Community member,

Oracle OpenWorld is ready to start, make sure you attend our community reception, attend the Focus-On WebLogic Server and Focus-On Mobile streams and most important visit the product management team at the demo grounds!

WebLogic 12.1.3 is an important release, as it is the foundation of SOA Suite 12c and BPM Suite 12c. Make sure be become familiar with the new features! Therefore we offer a WebLogic (more...)

Pondering the Oracle Service Bus by René van Wijk

What we are going to do in this post, is present some real-life problems and show how to obtain the necessary data, analyze it, and make corrective actions. Oracle Service Bus architecture is centered around an Enterprise Service Bus. The bus provides message delivery services, based on standards including SOAP, HTTP and Java Messaging Service (JMS). It is typically designed for high-throughput, guaranteed message delivery to a variety of service producers and consumers. It supports (more...)

User Group Sunday Kicks Things Off

By Guest Blogger Bob Larsen, Editor

JavaOne officially started today with User Group Sunday, and, as usual, gave a strong showing out of the gate with some tremendous sessions.  

User Group Sunday sessions targeted both current and future Java User Group leaders, including “Starting a JUGgernaut: How to Start and Rapidly Grow Your JUG”  and “Tools for the Day-to-Day of JUG Management.”  

There was also a wide selection of technical (more...)

Java Geeks Ride Again

| Sep 28, 2014

JavaOne rolled into town on Saturday morning when the Geek Bike Ride got underway. We had 35 riders from 9 different countries**. Hosted by the Silicon Valley JUG, they distributed jerseys designed by community members from Brazil. 

The weather was perfect, we had sun and no wind. We had lots of fun and photo stops. Hills were climbed. New friends were made. We road across the Golden Gate bridge and rolled into Sausalito. We (more...)

Bashed and Shellshocked

What a last four days this has been! Certainly from the perspective of a support engineer dealing with this who on days one and two ended up going 43 hours without sleep.

Unless you've been off the grid for the last week, you would know about Shellshock (CVE-2014-6271, CVE-2014-7169, CVE-2014-7186 and CVE-2014-7187).

To get the obligatories out of the way first, ...

Oracle has released a formal alert about this vulnerability which you can read at (more...)

The Streets of San Francisco

The History Behind the Names

San Francisco, California is a city with 2,657 named streets—most honoring early pioneers and politicians—but also a few named after crooks and killers. Behind every street name, there is no doubt an interesting story. But for our purposes, let’s look at a handful of the streets with a more “colorful” history, some of which are near Moscone Center, the site of Oracle OpenWorld.

Howard Street: This street commemorates William D. (more...)

Releasing to schemas the easy way

Sometimes we occasionally just miss the obvious, for years. Just noticed that an easy way to release code to a particular schema is to login as your normal DBA user (USER1) [as preferred by audit], use the alter session command to switch to point to the release schema (USER2) and run your DDL. Oracle behaves, from an object-owner perspective, as if you are logged-in as the schema owner without all the negative aspects of actually (more...)

Guest post from Loïc le Guisquet – Investment and innovation at the heart of EMEA

By Loïc le Guisquet, Executive Vice President for Oracle EMEA

Oracle OpenWorld is an annual highlight for all of us at Oracle. Each year, it provides an opportunity to look forward with a host of new technology announced and new customers welcomed. And it also gives us an opportunity to take stock, see how far we have come in a year and catch up with customers whose businesses we have helped grow or even transform (more...)

Partner Webcast – Oracle NoSQL key-value database

White Papers: Top Reasons for Using Oracle NoSQL Database to Build Next-Generation Applications

The Oracle NoSQL Database is a horizontally scaled, Key-Value database for Web Services and Cloud, designed specifically to provide highly reliable, scalable and available data storage across a configurable set of systems that function as storage nodes. Oracle NoSQL Database provides a powerful and flexible transaction model that greatly simplifies the process of developing a NoSQL-based application. It scales horizontally with high availability and transparent load balancing even when dynamically adding new capacity.

Oracle NoSQL (more...)

SPARC Processor Documentation

| Sep 28, 2014

I'm pretty excited, we've now got documentation up for the SPARC processors. Take a look at the SPARC T4 supplement, the SPARC T4 performance instrumentation supplement, the SPARC M5 supplement, or the familiar SPARC 2011 Architecture.

Introducing the Hands-on With Mobile Technology Blog

MAF Allows Accelerated Write-Once, Deploy-Many development

Welcome to the Hands-on With Oracle's Mobile Technology Blog.  My name is Bruce Bailey and as a member of the Oracle Mobile and Social Solutions team I'm happy to be able to kick off this blog the same weekend as Oracle Open World 2014 starts!  The Mobile and Social Solutions team covers mobile/social technology across North America and specializes in Oracle's Enterprise Mobile Platform.  Our team has a variety of diverse and (more...)

ADF EMG XML Data Control version 1.0.0

Today at Oracle Open World, we (Wilfred and myself) officially announced the 1.0.0 version of the ADF EMG XML Data Control. Check out the presentation on slideshare if you missed it.

You can get this extension through the JDeveloper Help -> Check for Updates menu. Make sure you select the 'Open Source and Partner Extensions' checkbox:

There you should see the 'ADF EMG Data Control' extension:

A brief description for those (more...)

Hey! You Lookin’ For Me?

The pressing question on so many minds: Where will Bob Rhubart be during Oracle OpenWorld?

The answer is simple: When I'm not in my hotel room soaking in a hot bath, I'll generally be in the OTN Lounge in Moscone South, recording more 2 Minute Tech Tip videos, catching up with friends I haven't seen since OOW13, and responding to the question, "Where are the t-shirts?"

On Sunday I'll be hanging out with (more...)

App City: Explore the Ins and Outs of SF

One of the perks of visiting San Francisco is that there’s an app for everything.

Here are some new takes on travel apps for you to test-drive while you’re here:

Mosey: Get recommendations from locals on the best way to spend your time depending on what you like to do.

Detour: Take an audio walking tour of the city with a focus on attractions that are off the beaten path. (Currently signing up early testers. (more...)