Oracle Database INTERVAL Partitioning and Virtual Columns

I bumped into this issue recently which prevents you INSERTING a date of 31-12-9999 into an INTERVAL partitioned table due to the fact that the LESS THAN partition value would be larger than an Oracle Date. After speaking with Jeff Moss he mentioned that we might be able to get round the problem by using a virtual

Truncates and Sequences Replication in Oracle GoldenGate

We use the terms DDL and DML in our DBA life with Oracle all the time. The first stands for Data Definition Language and it is about Data Definition changes. The latter is about manipulation with your data itself, and stands for Data Manipulation Language. When we speak about replication of our data by replication tools between Oracle databases, we generally either enable DDL, work only replicating DML, or do it for both together. In (more...)

Oracle Database Interval Partition Set Up Script

This script is used to set up the test table for the following blog posts: Oracle Database INTERVAL Partitioning Date Error With 31-12-9999 Oracle Database INTERVAL Partitioning and Virtual Columns [crayon-578913d2a047f830082062/]  

Oracle Database INTERVAL Partitioning Date Error With 31-12-9999

You may have seen the below error when using dates at the extremes with an Oracle Database. This post focuses on the scenario where you’re inserting a high date, such as 31-12-9999 into an INTERVAL partitioned table. High dates such as this are often used in warehouse environments where from and to dates are specified

CQRS with Java and Lagom

I've had the pleasure to talk at the Chicago Java User Group and talk about how Lagom implements CQRS, the Command Query Responsibility Segregation pattern. Thankfully, there is a recording and I also published the slides on slideshare.

As soon as an application becomes even moderately complex, CQRS and an Event Sourced architecture start making a lot of sense. The talk is focused on: - the challenges and tactics of separating the write model (more...)

PaaS free trial accounts ICS and PCS, IoT and PaaS for SaaS


As part of our communities we do offer free PaaS accounts (only for partners in Europe, Middle East and Africa. In case you are not part of EMEA please contact your local partner manager):

· Integration Cloud Service & Process Cloud Service & SOA Cloud & IoT & PaaS for SaaS Service PaaS Demo Accounts  (Community membership required)

· Java Cloud Service & Application Cloud Container Service & Mobile Cloud Service (more...)

Oracle 12c Learning Series: Automatic Data Optimization – ADO

I am starting Oracle 12c learning series, where I am planning to publish multiple articles on Oracle 12c new features. I hope these articles will be helpful to DBAs aspiring for OCP 12c certification and also others who are planning to implement these features in there databases.

This is a very long post about ADO – Automatic Data Optimization, which is one of the ILM strategy to manage aging data. So please be patient while reading this article. This article provides end-to-end details (more...)

Partner Webcast – Oracle Mobile Cloud Service for Developers: Updates and Features

Are you as a mobile developer looking for that key component that allows you to capitalize on all the affordances provided by the cloud?

Join us for the new partner webcast, taking place on Thursday, July 21st , 10 am CEST (9am BST/11am EEST).


  •     Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS): Why Do We Need Mobile Backend Platform?
  •     New Features and Updates
  •     Location Based Services
  •     Client SDKs
  •     Summary – Q&A
Click (more...)

Tales from the JD Edwards Performance Queue

Software performance is always a hot topic!

Join us for this week’s JD Edwards Technical Task Force session where JDE Software Architect, Chris Papineau, will discuss methods and tools used for diagnosing and resolving performance issues.

Details here.

Get your Oracle Mobile Cloud Service 2017 Developer Certification

Oracle Mobile Cloud Service 2017 Developer Essentials Exam (1Z1-346) is available in beta testing!

This certification covers topics such as: Fundamentals, Mobile Backends, Platform Features, Connectors, Custom APIs, Analytics, and Management.

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Specializations in Oracle Applications to be Retired on January 31st, 2017

Be advised that on January 31st, 2017 Oracle Transportation Management and Oracle Trade Management Specializations will be retired due to reaching end of service life for Premier Support.

We advise you to pursue alternative specializations for the products of your interest, developed in line with Oracle’s portfolio of SCM products. 

What’s new in Oracle BPM and Process Cloud Service?

Attend our July edition of the SOA & BPM Partner Community Webcast live on July 26th 2016 at 16:00 CET.: What’s new in Oracle BPM and Process Cloud Service? Digital Process Apps made Simple

During this session, we will be joined by Sujan Balachandran, Product Manager for Oracle BPM and Process Cloud Service (PCS).

The session will cover:

  • Empower Business User using BPM Composer
  • What is Business Architecture? How can it help Enterprises organize (more...)

Migrate Your Applications to the Oracle Cloud

Discover how you can also leverage the same architecture across a range of public cloud, on-prem and hybrid deployment models. 

Little enhancements are always nice

Before LATERAL and CROSS APPLY were added (exposed to us) in 12c, a common technique to do correlated joins was using the TABLE/MULTISET technique.

For example, we might have had a couple of tables:

SQL> create table t as
  2  select object_type, min(created) min_dte, max(created) max_dte
  3  from dba_objects
  4  where owner = 'SCOTT'
  5  group by object_type;

Table created.

SQL> select * from t;

------------------- --------- ---------
INDEX               09-OCT-13 09-OCT-13
TABLE                (more...)

The Nextbit Robin

For a couple of months, I’ve been using as my main phone the Nextbit Robin. A $299 Android phone that started as a campaign in Kickstarter, and it got 3,611 backers including Jake (@jkuramot).

I previously had my Nexus 5, but over the time, Bluetooth stopped working and that was a good excuse to try this phone.

Also I was so excited because at SXSW I had a long talk with the Nextbit (@ (more...)

BPEL 12.2.1 Certified for Prebuilt EBS 12.2 SOA Integrations

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) integrations with Oracle E-Business Suite can either be custom integrations that you build yourself or prebuilt integrations from Oracle.  For more information about the differences between the two options for SOA integrations, see this previously-published certification announcement.

The prebuilt BPEL business processes in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 are:

  • Oracle Price Protection (DPP)
  • Advanced Supply Chain Planning (MSC)
  • Oracle Transportation Management: Oracle Warehouse Management (WMS)
  • Oracle Transportation Management: Oracle (more...)

Upcoming Events and The Caffeine

So some unknowing fool gave me full access to a fridge of Starbucks caffeinated beverages, which should be against the law in this fine country.  Needless to say, my ability to type approximately 180wpm has offered me the opportunity to catch up and blog about what it’s like almost a month in employed with Delphix.

typing fast 1

In just the last two weeks, a number of conference sessions have come (more...)

Size Does Matter

"You see, to tall men I'm a midget, and to short men I'm a giant;
to the skinny ones I'm a fat man, and to the fat ones I'm a thin man."
-- Norton Juster, The Phantom Tollbooth

Someone in one of the Oracle forums asked the following question:

How to estimate datafile size of tablespace when it is almost full? Could someone please explain?

which is ambiguous to say the least, since no (more...)

Set connection retry frequency on DataSource in WebLogic 12c.

I have encountered several times in WebLogic 12c that when the ConnectionPool of a DataSource in WebLogic could not be initialized because due to a connection error or invalid username or password, the server could not be started.

I can't remember having encounterd this problem in 11g, and this week I struggled with it with one of my customers. The perception of the DBA there was that in 11g the server did start up, but (more...)

Tales of the er… expected?

No-one under a certain age (or outside of the UK for that matter) will remember the often disturbing TV series 'tales of the unexpected' I don't know why i mention it now really other than as a tenous link to a very basic demonstration of the expect (/usr/bin/expect) unix utility that has been around for a very long time and can actually prove very useful - here is an example of (more...)