Give it a REST PL/SQL

In a rapid follow up to the wildly popular post 'give it a rest apex' i decided to have a go at implementing the same concept in plsql. In fact i wanted to be able to basically run a select statement that could return me the results from the REST call as a series of rows to then do something with - this would be more flexible than only having it available in (more...)

Database security for MySQL – MySQL Database Firewall

Looking at breaches in information systems and Cyber Crime the focus of the perpetrators is always aimed at our data. The goal is to copy, modify or even destroy the core of our business.  Data protection serious business and you need to take serious measures to prevent unauthorized access.

Almost half of all organizations experience data breach in the past year. And a lot of these breaches originated from within the companies network. (the exact numbers vary (more...)

Oracle Spatial (Teil 2) – Füllen der USER_SDO_GEOM_METADATA

Damit Tools wie
  - Oracle Spatial Reader
  - FeatureReader
  - OracleQuerier

mit Oracle Spatial Tabellen arbeiten können, müssen diese in einer Meta-Schicht bekannt gemacht werden. Dies ist im Prinzip ganz einfach, denn dazu muss nur die View USER_SDO_GEOM_METADATA gefüllt werden.

Die View beinhaltet die folgenden Spalten:
  SRID         NUMBER

Um diese richtig zu füllen (more...)

WildFly 10 CR 2 Released – Java EE 7, Java 8, Hibernate 5, JavaScript Support with Hot Reloading

Yesterday the WildFly team released the latest version of WildFly 10. The CR2 will most likely be the last before the final release which is expected in October. Many new features made it into this release, even if the mainly supported Java EE specification is 7 as with WildFly 8 and WildFly 9 which now makes three server versions, which implement the Java EE 7 Full and Web Profile standards. Ultimately WildFly 10 will lead (more...)

What’s Inside an EM Agent Upload

OEM agents on each host upload data to your management servers every few minutes.

Here’s how you can see exactly what your agent has uploaded.  First, enable local backups of the uploaded files with:

emctl setproperty agent -name 'backupUploadedFiles' -value 'true'

Then bounce the agent and perform an upload like this:

emctl reload agent
emctl upload agent

Look in your ../agent_inst/sysman/emd/upload/upload/succbkup/ directory (I snickered a little when I saw the directory name, too) for a (more...)

exitcommit … or your career down the drain

I recently posted a little video on the ‘exitcommit’ option in SQL Plus, adding a theatrical drama to present a worst case scenario of potentially destroying a Production system.  Take 3 mins to have a chuckle here.

My predecessor Natalka Roshak tweeted an interesting followup that I thought I would share, namely, if you’re a regular SQL Plus user, you should definitely take the time to check out the (more...)

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 24-SEP-2015


Oracle Data Masking and Subsetting sessions in Open World 2015, from Oracle Data Masking and Subsetting.

Mobile @ Oracle OpenWorld 2015, from The Oracle Mobile Platform Blog.

SOA & Java

Unleash the power of Java API’s on your WLST scripts! from SOA & BPM Partner Community Blog.


From The Java Source:

Managing the OBIEE BI Server Cache from ODI 12c

I wrote recently about the OBIEE BI Server Cache and how useful it can be, but how important it is to manage it properly, both in the purging of stale data and seeding of new. In this article I want to show how to walk-the-walk and not just talk-the-talk (WAT? But you’re a consultant?!). ODI is the premier data integration tool on the market and one that we are great fans of (more...)

Sending SMS text messages from PL/SQL

Do you need to send SMS (Short Message Service) text messages from your Oracle database using PL/SQL? This is actually quite easy to do, the only hard part is deciding on which SMS gateway to use. You need to sign up with a gateway provider to get a username and password to use the gateway, and you typically pay some cents for each message you send.

Do a google search for "sms gateway api (more...)

Oracle Database Developer Choice Award Nominee = Me

Oracle is celebrating the Oracle Community by having us developers nominate and vote for
Oracle Database Developer Choice Awards to our fellow developers in five database development technologies:

The nomination period is over and it has been possible to vote since September 15th. Voting is open until October 15th and winners will be announced during Oracle OpenWorld 2015.

The nominees are all active in the Oracle Community helping others as (more...)

Index Advanced Compression: Multi-Column Index Part II (Blow Out)

I previously discussed how Index Advanced Compression can automatically determine not only the correct number of columns to compress, but also the correct number of columns to compress within specific leaf blocks of the index. However, this doesn’t mean we can just order the columns within the index without due consideration from a “compression” perspective. As […]

SQL*Plus Tricks

Have you ever wondered how to leverage substitution variables in anonymous block programs? There are several tricks that you can use beyond passing numeric and string values to local variable. The generic default appears to take a number unless you cast it as a string but that’s not really the whole story. The first two are standard examples of how to use numeric and string substitution values.

The following accept a numeric substitution value:

OOW2015 Middleware Management

This posting covers the Middleware Management sessions at OOW2015. Note that these are middleware management via Enterprise Manager, as opposed to sessions specifically covering middleware features and functions. Also, I have not duplicated here sessions I have already documented under Oracle Management Cloud or Private Cloud / DBLM, so please visit those posts for sessions that fall under both categories. The following sessions fall under this category:

  • The Management of Identity and Access: Breaches, (more...)

OOW2015 Database Manageability

This posting covers the Database Manageability sessions at OOW2015. Note that these are database manageability via Enterprise Manager, as opposed to sessions specifically covering database features and functions. The following sessions fall under this category:

  • Risk-Free Administration for Expert Database Administrators [CON9725] October 26, 4:00 pm – 4:45 pm | Moscone South—104 – The SPA Quick Check, SQL Performance Analyzer, Database Replay, and Concurrent Replay features in Oracle Real Application Testing provide a cost-effective and (more...)

Give it a REST Apex

REST or "Representational state transfer" to give it it's full name has been around for a while, i hear lots of people talking about it but to be frank i don't really have a clue what it's really about.

I tried to find a simple explanation by searching the net but couldn't really find one that just explained it in simple terms so i gave up.

Even the 'simple' wikipedia link didn't seem (more...)

OOW2015 Private Cloud and DBLM

Yesterday I posted an entry on what was coming with OOW2015, specifically discussing the Oracle Management Cloud sessions. This post is similar but looking at one of the more “traditional” EM areas that my team is responsible for – Private Cloud and DBLM. The sessions that are of most interest here are:

  • Hybrid Cloud Management Using Oracle Exalogic [CON9744] October 26, 11:00 am – 11:45 am | Intercontinental—Intercontinental B (5th Floor) – The latest version (more...)

OBIEE BI Server Cache Management Strategies

The OBIEE BI Server cache can be one of the most effective ways of improving response times of OBIEE dashboards. By using data already in the cache it reduces load on the database, the network, and the BI Server.

Should you be using it? I always describe it as the “icing on the cake” – it’s not a fix for a badly-designed OBIEE system, but it does make a lot of sense to use once (more...)

Delphix Express : Free version of Delphix available

Delphix Express is available!

Delphix Express is a free version of Delphix

Delphix Express differs from Delphix enterprise in that it is limited to 25 GB of managed storage.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 9.58.01 AM

To get a copy of Delphix Express go to

and put “Express” for your title and I’ll send you the download info.

Here is a video on installing Delphix Express on VMware fusion on my Mac.

Delphix Express can also (more...)

Online Training Ad: Oracle Database 12c – New Performance Features

On 10 December 2015 I’ll give an online training entitled Oracle Database 12c – New Performance Features. This short post provides key information about it.


With every new release of Oracle Database, a number of features aimed at improving performance are introduced. It goes without saying that 12.1 is no exception to the rule. Notably, it introduces key improvements in three areas.

  • The query optimizer has been enhanced not only by the introduction (more...)

50% Off for Top WildFly Books

Packt Pub 50% Off Code for WildFly Books "MULTIFOUR50"
I do some reviews from time to time on this blog and as a reward for my readers, I was offered a 50% code from Packt Publishing for any of the following books. Please keep in mind, that the code is only valid until 07th October 2015.

WildFly Configuration, Deployment, and Administration - Second Edition
The book starts with an explanation of the installation of WildFly and application server configuration. Then, it moves on to (more...)