ADF EMG Audit Rules moved to Atlassian

For those contributing and using the ADF EMG Audit Rules extension, this is now moved to the Atlassian Suite. Here we have better integration and more modern tools than on
Big thanks to Wilfred for helping me out with the conversion.

Make sure to save/bookmark the following links:
- Bitbucket
- Confluence / wiki
- Jira
- Bamboo

The old svn repository on is deleted and you can now use git (more...)

OpenWorld: Solaris Events on Monday

| Sep 27, 2014

OpenWorld looms! If you're in town by now, you probably already know what you're doing on Sunday as our newly-minted CTO takes the stage at 5 PM, so let's jump ahead to Monday.

Here are some sessions to consider (and yes, there is some overlap here and there...):

  • 8:30 AM - Mark Hurd's Keynote (Moscone North, Hall D)
  • 9:30 AM - 10:15 AM Breakfast
  • Your first chance to join us at Systems/Solaris -land, at (more...)

Openworld 2014

Oracle OpenWorld

Are you going to Oracle OpenWorld 2014? I am, and I hope to see you there! As you probably know, OpenWorld is a humongous event with tens of thousands of people in attendance and some amazing presentations. Why, I even hear Oracle’s new CTO might be there. I wonder if he has anything to talk about?

This year we’ll have a ton of activity at the Delphix booth. You can check out the speaking schedule, (more...)

The Hunt for Red October? No the OPN Lounge at Oracle OpenWorld 2014…

Ok, you just finished up with meeting a customer at lunch or in your booth, and next you need to get to the OPN Lounge for one of the Partners sessions or a meeting you had been invited. So where is it??

While, some may say its in the same place it was last year and the year prior, but what if you haven't attending Oracle OpenWorld a while or its your first time? Well (more...)

Database Certified with E-Business Suite 12.1

I’m pleased to announce that, the first patchset for the 12c Database, is now certified with E-Business Suite 12.1. 

Database support implications may also be reviewed in this database patching and support article.

Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1.x
Certified Platforms
  • Linux x86-64 (Oracle Linux 5, 6)
  • Linux x86-64 (RHEL 5, 6)
  • Linux x86-64 (SLES 11)
  • Oracle Solaris on SPARC (64-bit) (10, 11)
Pending Platform Certifications

JavaOne Video Feed: Watch Hacking and Interviews Live

| Sep 27, 2014

It's time for the brain-stuffing session-overloading, not-enough-sleeping, powered-by-coffee-ing, showing-off-hacking, laugh-inducing, making-new-friending, old-home-weeking, learning new tech-ing JavaOne. The NightHacking stage will be at the Java Hub, JavaOne exhibit hall, Grand Ballroom, Hilton Union Square in San Francisco. If you can't make it to JavaOne, you can get a flavor of this mother-of-all Java conferences on

We will provide a feed of hacking and interviews with lights of the Java community. I'll be interviewing people (more...)

oracle.ias.cache.CacheFullException: J2EE JOC-017 The cache is full

Yesterday, the users of an EBS R12.2 instance got this error when they logged in:

Error Page
You have Encountered an unexpected error.  Please contact the System Administrator for assistance.

On checking the $EBS_DOMAIN_HOME/servers/oacore_server1/logs/oacore_server1.out, we found this error:

Focus On: Cloud & Identity at Oracle Open World 2014

As organizations consume an increasing number of cloud services and apps, identity management becomes fragmented. Private, public or hybrid, all cloud solutions warrant strict security and identity management policies and the solutions to implement them within the ever-expanding perimeter of devices and access points.

Join Oracle, our partners and customers at Oracle Open World 2014 and find out how Oracle Identity Management can securely accelerate your adoption of cloud services in the new digital economy.

The (more...)

Suppressing ADF LOV Like Operator Filtering

ADF LOV component provides filtering option with STARTSWITH operation. This is used to check if similar value exists in the LOV, if such value exists - LOV popup is opened with all the suggested values. If user types 10 and there are 100, 1000 in the LOV, instead of accepting value 10 - LOV popup will be opened and all three values 10, 100, 1000 will be displayed. While this is useful, there is no (more...)


The REQUIRED_MIRROR_FREE_MB and the USABLE_FILE_MB are two very interesting columns in the V$ASM_DISKGROUP[_STAT] view. Oracle Support gets many questions about the meaning of those columns and how the values are calculated. I wanted to write about this, but I realised that I could not do it better than Harald van Breederode, so I asked him for permission to simply reference his write up. He agreed, so please have a look at his excellent post Demystifying (more...) ====> Our new address

Hi All,
   I have started my company with the name D12 TecH, Dedicated to Corporate Training in Oracle Space along with Consulting and Support. You can reach me at for any further queries.


I Heart Logs – Event Data, Stream Processing, and Data Integration by Jay Kreps; O’Reilly Media

As I have worked in server-side a long time as System Administrator. I must spend with logs. To use it for checking and investigation in issue. As some policies in some Companies, they want to keep logs over year or over ten years. So, it is not unusual to find out idea to store, integrate logs and do something.
A book tittle "I Heart Logs - Event Data, Stream Processing, and Data Integration" by  (more...)

Multitenant Sessions by Oracle at OOW14

In yesterday's post I mentioned some of our customers' sessions at OpenWorld. They're going to be very interesting - if you have a chance, please try to catch some of them. Today, however, I want to focus on Multitenant sessions by Oracle speakers. 

  • CON7674 Maximum Availability with Oracle Multitenant: Seeing is Believing
  • Mon 11:45 Moscone South - 104
  • Frank Kobylanski and Joe Meeks are two of our top experts on MAA 
  • CON7302 Oracle Multitenant: (more...)
  • Oracle OpenWorld is Upon Us! Application Developers Unite!

    | Sep 26, 2014

    It's a super, extra, enormously busy time of the year at Oracle because our big Oracle OpenWorld Conference is next week. We have all been working on new products and new presentations.

    I have a full mix of events, meetings, presentations and booth duty. If you're at the conference drop by to say Hi. I'll be at the Application Development booth (Left - SLD-163) in Moscone South on Monday morning, Tuesday lunchtime and Wednesday morning (more...)

    ADF/JDev/MAF activities at Oracle OpenWorld

    Are you going to be at Oracle OpenWorld this year? If so we have a lot of activities that you should know all abdout our Focus-On Mobile stream. First and foremost - here is a summary of all the ADF/JDev/MAF activities - this will help you plan your schedule. 
    A few things to call out:

    Sunday ODTUG and ADF Enterprise Methodology Group User sessions
    Continuing the tradition ODTUG with ADF EMG are running back (more...)

    Oracle Technology Network Team Ramping up to Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne

    Normally on Fridays we accumulate the Best of Content for that week, but this time around we are going to look at what OTN has in store for Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne attendees — starting with what is lined up for September 28th in the OTN Lounge located in Upper Lobby, Moscone South.

    RAC Attack - 9am to 2pm - Learn how to configure and clone virtual machines, create and set up internal and external (more...)

    APEX 4.2.6 patch available

    Oracle released APEX 4.2.6 yesterday, it's also available from My Oracle Support as a patch set 19595896.

    Here's the table of bug fixes.

    Table 6 Bugs Fixed in the Oracle Application Express Patch Set
    Bug NumberDescription
    Importing pre-4.2 application with data loading results in runtime error
    APEX_WEB_SERVICE.CLOBBASE642BLOB converts incorrectly
    Corrupted HTML mail messages are created from APEX_MAIL.SEND
    ORA-01858 during application (more...)

    Patch 19183482 resolves ORA-01403 getting plan with baseline

    I was testing SQL plan baselines on a base release of Oracle on a 64 bit Linux virtual machine.  I ran DBMS_SPM.LOAD_PLANS_FROM_CURSOR_CACHE to create a SQL plan baseline for a test query after running that query once to get its plan in the cursor cache.  When I ran the test query after creating the SQL plan baseline and called dbms_xplan.display_cursor to see its new plan I got (more...)

    OOW 2014 Schedule

    Here’s a quick rundown of places I plan to be during the week.

    Date/Time Title Description
    Sunday 9/28/14 3:30 Expert Oracle Exadata: Then and Now [UGF6626] I’ll be participating in the Exadata Then and Now Panel with Tanel Poder, Andy Colvin, Martin Bach, Karl Arao, Frits Hoogland and anyone else we can drag in. The idea is to get book authors from “Apress Expert Oracle Exadata” version 1 and version 2 (due out by the (more...)

    Preparing for Oracle OpenWorld

    The big annual Oracle event is almost here – starting Sunday 28 Sep with the User Group Sunday followed by four days of presentations in around 50 tracks!

    If the agenda seems a bit overwhelming, read the OTech Magazine Special OpenWorld Issue to find some of the highlights and can’t-miss sessions.

    My sessions are:

    • Mastering Oracle ADF Bindings: Advanced Techniques (UGF3484). Sunday Sep 28 at 10am in Moscone South room 270
    • Starting Your Oracle Application (more...)