5 minutes: Grant Role to Package

The EOUC (EMEA Oracle User Group Community) hosts a special session on sunday during Oracle Open World. This session contains twelve things about Oracle 12c. Each of these 12 things is hosted by a different speaker, so this means that each section is only five minutes long (Strictly guarded by Debra Lilley).
Thankfully I was chosen to be one of the speaker during this special session, very excited and also very scared. (more...)

String-Aggregation im SQL Server

Eine Funktionalität, die in Oracle und postgres schon seit längerer Zeit verfügbar ist, aber im SQL Server noch auf der (connect) Wunschliste steht, ist die String-Aggregation - also die Möglichkeit einer Gruppierung, bei der mehrere Elemente einer Gruppe in einem Feld konkateniert werden (also z.B. alle Mitarbeiter eines Departments in Oracles klassischer EMP-Tabelle). Für den SQL Server gibt es immerhin diverse Möglichkeiten, das Verhalten nachzubilden, und Aaron Bertrand stellt diese Varianten und ihr Verhalten (more...)

My Oracle Support 认证(Accreditation)

| Aug 28, 2014

My Oracle Support 认证(Accreditation)

My Oracle Support 的认证系列(Accreditation Series)提供有针对性的学习体验,旨在通过 My Oracle Support 的核心功能来提高您的专业知识,并提高技能以帮助您更好的利用 Oracle 的产品解决方案,工具和知识。

Oracle 数据库认证框架,是针对积极使用 My Oracle Support 和 Oracle 数据库的客户和合作伙伴。内容重点是围绕建设技能的最佳实践,建议和工具的启用 – 将您的 Oracle 数据库专业知识引领到一个新的水平。


请访问 My Oracle Support Accreditation Index,今天开始,从 My Oracle Support 认证路径的1级别和 Oracle 数据库学习路径 2级别开始吧。

更多信息,请参考文档:My Oracle Support Accreditation - Series Index (Doc ID 1583898.1)

Subledger Accounting: Proration Types in Multi Period Accounting

Looking for an overview and explanation of different Proration Types in Multi Period Accounting (MPA) feature in R12?

Multi Period Accounting (MPA) enables users to create accounting for a single accounting event for more than one GL period.  This functionality is primarily used to recognize revenue or a prepaid expense across multiple GL periods.

Within Multi Period Accounting, application provides different ways to Prorate the amounts.

  • First Period
  • Days In Period
  • Total Days In (more...)

Advisor Webcast 第8弾!~ Java仮想マシン Garbage Collection 入門 開催のご案内

Advisor Webcast 第8弾!~ Java仮想マシン Garbage Collection 入門 開催のご案内 (速報)

Advisor Webcast 第8弾のご案内です。

この度、「Java仮想マシン Garbage Collection 入門」を10月29日(水)16時から開催します。

Java仮想マシン Garbage Collection 入門 表紙


Advisor Webcast とは:

お客様からのお問い合わせやトラブルの対応の最前線に立つ現役の第一線級サポート・エンジニアが講師となり 開催するWebセミナーです。Web Conferencing形式でお伝えしますので、その場でデモをお見せしたり、セミナーの内容についてその場で講師と質疑応答(Q&A)を交わす時間も設けてあります。

Java仮想マシン Garbage Collection 入門


2014年10月29日(水) 16時~17時


  • Garbage Collection の基礎知識
  • Java仮想マシンにおけるGarbage Collection
  • Garbage Collection に関する情報取得


Easy IoT Sensor On-Boarding Using Jini Auto-Discovery and Java SE Embedded (Part 1)

| Aug 28, 2014
If you ever wanted an easy-peazy way to have your Raspberry Pi auto-discover your IoT sensors and devices, but you haven't been using Jini IoT Edition concepts with Java SE Embedded, then you're doing it wrong.

I'll take you through the straight-forward steps to on-board your IoT sensors and devices quickly using Java SE Embedded technology and the concepts from the Jini IoT Edition.

Parts List:

 1 Raspberry Pi Model B $35
 1 Parallax RFID  (more...)

Birds don’t make the best ornithologists

This week I listened to episode 44 of one of my favourite podcasts - Inquiring Minds. It was an interview with David Epstein on the 'science of athletes'.

The podcast culminated with some really interesting points regarding the concept of 'talent' - what it really means, how it can be measured or influenced. One particularly interesting basis was the traditional idea that '10000 hours' training leads excellence in any particular skill, vs what's in the (more...)

SOA Community Newsletter August 2014

Dear SOA & BPM Partner Community member,

Thanks to all Fusion Middleware Summer Camps 2014 attendees. If you couldn’t attend our trainings in Lisbon please make sure you attend one of our up-coming OFM 12c trainings. All trainings are published in our Community trainings calendar (SOA Community membership required). Additional we posted all OFM Summer Camp training material at our community workspaces:

EPM & Support with IE 11

(in via Stef)

The Product Management team have released a knowledge article for Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and containing details for EPM support with Internet Explorer (IE) 11:

Policy for Supporting EPM System and
with Internet Explorer 11
Doc ID 1920566.1

This article outlines how Oracle supports EPM System Web Clients when running (more...)

The 7 Deadly Sins of Cloud Computing

As if anyone needs to be reminded, there’s a ridiculous amount of hype surrounding clouds and big data. There’s always oodles of hype around any new technology that is not well understood—I believe the correct term for this is product marketing. There are at least seven deadly sins that can be committed when determining a […]

The Big Data Job Gap: Where are the Platform Scientists?

Big data continues to live up to its reputation for disruption as it gnaws away at all of the entrenched constituencies – IT silos, vendors, pricing models and now, careers; it’s about to get very personal. On the possibility side, there is a massive skills gap that needs to be filled. Everybody knows there aren't […]

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 28-AUG-2014


Each week leading up to OpenWorld we will be publishing various announcements, schedules, tips, etc. related to the event.

And a few presentations both at OpenWorld and other conclaves: Upcoming Big Data and Hadoop for Oracle BI, DW and DI Developers Presentations


From The ORACLE-BASE Blog: A few more 12c articles. From (more...)

Going to Oracle Open World? PeopleSoft Your Primary Interest?

We look forward to Oracle Open World every year for a number of reasons.  Chief among them is the opportunity to interact with customers and partners in person.  We also relish the opportunity to show you the latest PeopleSoft applications and tools--the stuff we've been working on over the past year.  If you are attending the conference and building your schedule, there is a handy document on-line that provides information on most or all of (more...)

When You Don’t Have a Crystal Ball

Attend the Applications Cloud Exchange

Ah, the cloud user experience. Where is it heading? 

You can find out and play a role in shaping that experience for a variety of Oracle products, from CRM to HCM to ERP. How? Join the Oracle Applications User Experience (OAUX) team for the Oracle OpenWorld 2014 OAUX Applications Cloud Exchange during the fall conference.

Take a look at our near-release and future research and development user experience concepts; (more...)

Times and dates now confirmed for AutoVue and Fusion Visualization Sessions at Oracle OpenWorld 2014

Oracle OpenWorld 2014

Be sure to check out the various AutoVue and Fusion Visualization activities at Oracle OpenWorld 2014

AutoVue and Fusion Visualization Sessions:

CON8380 - Design Document Management and Visualization with Agile Product Lifecycle Management. Click here for full session description.
Speakers: Devendra Singh - Vice President Product Development, Oracle

                  Thierry Bonfante - Senior Director Product Development, Oracle

Date:        Thurs Oct. 2, 2014     
Time:        11:30 am - 12:15pm                         
Location:  Westin Market Street, Franciscan II

CON8286 - (more...)

Oracle OpenWorld 2014 is Almost Here!

Somehow it is already almost time for Oracle OpenWorld again; time flies when you’re talking about modernizing Oracle Forms to mobile and cloud :)

I hope by now you have all registered for my session with Michael Ferrante, “Oracle Forms Sneak Peak.” Our session offers a preview of what Oracle has planned for the future of Forms. Come and learn how these new features can improve your application and learn the benefits of upgrading and modernizing (more...)

SQL> Select * From Alert_XML;

By mapping an external table to some text file, you can view the file contents as if it were
data in a database table. External tables are available since Oracle 9i Database, and from Oracle
11gR2 Database on, it is even possible to do some inline preprocessing on the file.

The following example of this feature picks up on standard output of shell script “get_alert_xml.sh”.
It isn’t referencing any file, but take notice of (more...)

Java and Security at JavaOne

In a Java Magazine interview, Jim Manico (pictured on the right) describes his JavaOne session on security. "I will be speaking about the top coding techniques and essential tools, including several Oracle Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), Apache, and Google open source Java projects that will help developers build low-risk, high security applications". Jim is an author and educator of developer security-awareness training. You can find more details of his session in JavaOne (more...)

July & August JSR Updates – Java EE focus!

This has been a relatively slow summer for JSR milestones, but this week was a particularly busy week with many new JSR submissions for Java EE 8! 

New JSRs

JSR 365, Contexts and Dependency Injection for Java 2.0, has passed the EC JSR Approval Ballot with 24 Yes votes.  This JSR is led by RedHat, Pete Muir and Antoine Sabot-Durand, and is open for Expert Group Nominations.

JSR 366, Java Platform (more...)

Oracle Solaris Events at Oracle OpenWorld 2014

| Aug 28, 2014

It's been a busy year for Oracle Solaris, and as always, Oracle OpenWorld represents the best way to catch up and more.  We've got the whole boat race thing out of our system for a while, so this year you can really focus on the cool stuff we've got to share with you.

Oh, and speaking of "focus on", as usual we have our convenient one-stop-shopping documents that lay out just what we'll be (more...)