Presentations on JUG

Presentations on Concurrency GC and Completable Future done in last JUG:

Happy reading !! 

Prepare for Oracle Sales Cloud with Oracle University’s Learning Subscriptions

The SaaS market is growing rapidly and as the migration to SaaS becomes a “must have” for every enterprise that wants to stay ahead of the game, so is having the right skills to implement it for your customers.

Oracle University can help you upgrade your Oracle Sales Cloud skills and help your customers to adopt the new cloud applications with the Oracle Sales Cloud Learning (more...)

BPM 12c Advanced Error Handling and Recovery – Part 1 by Antonis Antoniou


The ability to handle exceptions and recover from errors is fundamental to implementing reliable and robust business processes and enterprise systems.

There might be cases, though, when an unexpected problem occurs during the runtime lifecycle of a process that will cause your process to fail. This could be the result of a connectivity loss, a failure in a database connection, a selection failure, or a failure during an invoke activity. These types of errors, (more...)

clip_image002In a SOA architecture there is often a need to create asynchronous services. As a simple example imagine a workflow approval process. In such a case the approval process can run from minutes to weeks, before the final approval returned back to the client. This is a typical example of an asynchronous service. So when a platform like Oracle SOA Suite is involved the implementation of an asynchronous service  is a quite easy task to (more...)

Java in der Lehre an der FH Brandenburg

Die FH Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences hat in diesem Sommersemester einen Vorbereitungskurs für die Oracle Certified Associate Java SE7 Zertifizierung als Wahlfach angeboten.

Herzlichen Dank an Herrn Prof. Dr. Winfried Pfister für den Erfolgsbericht!

"Der Kurs wurde den Masterstudierenden des Fachs Wirtschaftsinformatik als Wahlfach angeboten und hatte von allen angebotenen Wahlfächern die meisten Interessenten. Alle 13 Teilnehmer, davon 5 Frauen, haben den Kurs regelmäßig besucht.
Insgesamt fanden 14 Veranstaltungen im Umfang von jeweils 4 (more...)

Monitoring MongoDB using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control

Scott Wardrop from AIDEV told me that they produced a plugin for Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c to monitor MongoDB. We use MongoDB in our production systems, so I decided to examine the plugin and write a blog post about it. Unfortunately version of our MongoDB databases are too old (2.4.x series) so the plugin didn’t work. Of course, it didn’t stop me. We created a simple MongoDB Cluster environment to test (more...)

¿Es arriesgado implantar soluciones en la Nube?

La respuesta es no, si eliges al proveedor adecuado.

Te contamos en este vídeo corto y de manera divertida las preguntas claves que debes hacer a tus posibles proveedores de la Nube para no jugarte tu negocio.

Está claro que la Nube ya no es el futuro sino el presente, ya sabemos todos sus beneficios, ahora te falta encontrar a ese proveedor en que tus datos estén seguros.

¿Todavía no sabes qué preguntas debes hacer (more...)

How to create your own Oracle database merge patch

A little bit scary title, isn't it? Please keep in mind that definitely it is neither supported nor advised method to solve your problems and you should be really careful while doing it - hopefully not on production environment. But it may sometimes happen that you end up with the situation where creating your own merge patch for Oracle database could not be as crazy idea as it sounds :).

Deploying Apex: showing an “Under Maintenance” web page


I’ve added this script to our toolbelt for future upgrades. We have a friendly “System is under maintenance, sorry for any convenience” web page that we want to show to users while we run upgrades, and we want it to be shown even if we’re just doing some database schema changes.

So I took the script from here and adapted it slightly, here’s our version:

  v_workspace CONSTANT VARCHAR2(100) := 'MYSCHEMA';
  v_workspace_id NUMBER;

Secure Remote RESTful Administration with RAD

I've written before about the work we've been doing to provide a set of programmatic interfaces to Oracle Solaris using RAD. This allows developer and administrators to administer systems remotely over C, Java, Python and REST based interfaces. For anyone wanting to get their hands dirty, I've written a useful article: Getting Started with the Remote Administration Daemon on Oracle Solaris 11.

One of the areas I didn't tackle in this initial article was providing (more...)

Preview: SCM Central @ OpenWorld

Our content preview series continues with a spotlight on SCM Central @ OpenWorld -- a destination and program tailored specifically to the Supply Chain Management industry. If you work in SCM, you'll want to take a look at the agenda and opportunities this program will offer.

Located this year in Moscone West, SCM Central will feature dedicated general sessions and track sessions, networking opportunities, and an area in the exhibition hall just for SCM.

Why (more...)

Oracle Cloud – Modern & Flexible Cloud for Modern Business

Oracle offers the most comprehensive portfolio of cloud computing solutions in the industry today. Whatever your cloud needs, Oracle has the complete solution for you.

My Current NetBeans Look

Quite happy with it. I set --fontsize 14 in 'netbeans.conf' file and am using the first of the two Dark Look and Feel Themes, from the plugin of the same name in the Plugin Manager. Also, Consolas 18 Bold is the font I am using. Click to enlarge the image below to get the complete impression:

Java 8 Lambda : the very basics

Functional interface

In many cases – when talking about Java 8 – lambda-functions are the first thing that comes up. I found it a concept hard to grasp, as it slightly changes the way you think about coding. In this blog, I would like to show you some very simple examples, and explain what is what in the lambda world.

In versions prior to Java 8, we had SAM interfaces : Single Abstract  (more...)

PL/SQL: The Good Parts

Somewhat inspired by Douglas Crockford's Javascript: The Good Parts presentation (and book), I have created a presentation called PL/SQL: The Good Parts.

This is not intended as an introduction to PL/SQL, but rather an overview of features you should consider if you want to maximize your enjoyment of programming in the Oracle Database. Also, this is not an exhaustive list of all features, it's simply the ones I personally use frequently.

Note that unlike (more...)

Discoverer and Windows 10

Hi everyone
Has anyone had the courage to upgrade to Windows 10 and see if Discoverer Plus still works?

How about the Discoverer server? Anyone tried that.

If you have drop me a reply


Joining Oracle

Last month I joined Oracle after nearly 20 years of working with their technology.  Some people congratulated me on my new role, others told me that going from working solo to working for a massive organisation would be disaster.  In the latter case, this was often associated with an impassioned “But why?”

To be honest, I found that a little discourteous – its an assumption that to work for a multinational is (more...)

Announcing the general availability of Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 3 Quarterly Update 6

We are pleased to announce the availability of Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 3 Quarterly Update 6 (UEKR3U6) for Oracle Linux 6 and Oracle Linux 7. This is the sixth quarterly update release for UEK Release 3 (Version 3.8.13-98) and includes driver updates and a consolidation of fixes for bugs and security issues.

Some notable highlights include:

  • Driver for Intel Sandy Bridge memory controllers (sb_edac) version 1.0.0 included
  • New hardware (more...)

August 6, 2015: Oracle ERP Cloud Customer Forum―The Rancon Group

Join us for another Oracle Customer Reference Forum on August 6, 2015, at 9:00 a.m. PT to hear Steven Van Houten, CFO at The Rancon Group. The company is a leader in Southern California community development, commercial building, and land use.

During this Customer Forum call, Van Houten will share with you The Rancon Group’s lessons learned during its implementation and the benefits it is receiving by using Oracle ERP Cloud. He will explain how Oracle ERP Cloud (more...)

Singletons, Singletons…

Choose the right Singleton pattern for your project. Learn about the different ways to implement the Singleton pattern, and how to use the pattern to create a database connection whose parameters can be updated after a Java application has been compiled. 

Payene Denis Kombate explores the pros and cons of various ways to implement the Singleton pattern in his article titled Effective Ways to Implement and Use the Singleton Design Pattern. His comparison includes (more...)