ADF EMG Audit Rules 1.0 Released

Today at the UKOUG I showed a new plug-in for JDeveloper 12c together with Wilfred, the ADF EMG Audit Rules. You can find it through JDevelopers Check for Updates in the Help menu. This plug-in is a starting point for creating rules out of the code guidelines document you (more...)

Uninstall your JDeveloper Extension

Since JDeveloper 12c it’s possible to uninstall extension from your JDeveloper, without deleting jar files and cache directories manually. However, the feature is a little bit hidden, it’s not in your preferences, but in the feature section. You get there through the Tools menu.

Here you can manage your features, (more...)

12c Adaptive Optimization – Part 1

Last week I did a webinar on 12c Adaptive Optimization. The talk was recorded. The slides are here: 12c Adaptive Optimization V2 PDF. The recording can be found here: 12c Adaptive Optimization Recording. There were a number of follow up questions and emails so I thought I’d summarize here. Since (more...)

Best of Oracle Security 2013

I just uploaded my DOAG 2013 presentation “Best of Oracle Security 2013“.


This presentation shows how to bypass Oracle Data Redaction, become DBA using CREATE ANY INDEX, Hide information from Oracle Auding using VPD and more…


SQL> select * from scott.credit_card where 1=ordsys.ord_dicom.getmappingxpath((card_id),user,user);


12c Invisible Columns (The Invisible Man)

Oracle 12c introduced the ability to make user specified columns “Invisible” such that they’re invisible by default and have to be explicitly referenced to be accessed. So a simple SELECT * won’t display columns defined as invisible, but they will be displayed if explicitly referenced in the SELECT column list. (more...)

Little example of index creation on extended varchars

-- it's just for fun:
SQL> alter system set "_scalar_type_lob_storage_threshold"=32000;

System altered.
SQL> create table t_varchar32000(v varchar2(32000 byte));

Table created.

SQL> insert into t_varchar32000
  2  select rpad(rownum,31999,'x' ) || 'y' from dual connect by level<=1000;

1000 rows created.

SQL> commit;

Commit complete.

SQL> create index ix_t_varchar32000 on t_varchar32000(v) tablespace users;

12c Indexing Extended Data Types Part II (15 Steps)

Finally, at long long last, I have a spare 30 minutes in my life to complete this blog entry !! As discussed previously, Oracle has extended the maximum length of varchar2, nvarchar and raw columns to 32K, but this comes with some challenges when it comes to indexing such columns due (more...)

Write a fix for your audit rule

In a previous blog I described how to build an audit rule in 12C, besides the audit rule, you can also write a fix for this rule. In this example, the fix isn’t anything fancy, but it gives you an idea on how to write more complex fixes. The rule (more...)

Oracle Database 12c PRAGMA UDF and WITH clause enhancements

Here are two interesting enhancements in Oracle database 12c PL/SQL. PL/SQL subprogram defined using WITH clause of a subquery – Oracle database 12c allows PL/SQL declaration section in the WITH clause. One can define PL/SQL function or procedure into a WITH clause. Functions declared in the PL/SQL declaration section can (more...)

Install Patch 17027533 on Multitenant (CDB/PDB)

Today, I got email about Critical Patch Update - October 2013. I found Oracle Patch for 12c Database. I checked some requirements.
OPatch requirement for October 2013:
- OPatch for Database PSU
- OPatch for GI PSU (more...)

★ Native JSON Support in Oracle Database 12c


If you want JSON support in your Oracle database today you can use PL/JSON, an open source JSON parser written in PL/SQL.

However, as Marco reported from Oracle OpenWorld, native JSON support may be an upcoming new feature in Oracle Database 12c.

This new feature allows the storage of (more...)

★ Oracle Database 12c In-Memory Option Explained


Jonathan Lewis explains the recently announced Oracle Database 12c in-memory option:

The in-memory component duplicates data (specified tables – perhaps with a restriction to a subset of columns) in columnar format in a dedicated area of the SGA. The data is kept up to date in real time, but (more...)

Write your own Audit Rule Extension in JDeveloper 12C

JDeveloper comes with a nice audit framework, one of the great things about this framework is that you can write your own code to check for specific standards or fire specific rules you want to check. If you want to write extensions in 11g I recommend one off the two (more...)

Decrypt Oracle and database link passwords

At Derbycon 3.0, László Tóth and Ferenc Spala  gave a a new presentation “What’s common in Oracle and Samsung? They tried to think differently… ” (Video). The main focus of the presentation was the Samsung encryption and a new framework called sandy but there was also a small (more...)

Top selling items – revisited in 12c

April last year I blogged about TOP-N reporting using Top selling items as example. In Oracle 12c we now have a new FETCH FIRST syntax, so in this post I'll revisit the Top selling items example showing where and how FETCH FIRST can be used and where you still need (more...)

Multitenant Self-Service Provisioning – Database Sizes

Why I try to post about Database Sizes on Oracle Multitenant Self-Service Provisioning. When I create New Database(PDB), I want other Maximum Storage sizes.
My idea is 500 GB and 2 TB... How to do? On "Self-Service Administration" - First, select "Self-Service System Configuration". Then select "Database Sizes".

Then, (more...)

Multitenant Self-Service Provisioning – Notifications

A user can create notifications on Oracle Multitenant Self-Service Provisioning page. Notifications are displayed on the home page of this self-service application to communicate with users of this self-service system. Notifications are managed by application administrators but viewable by all users.
First, select "Administration", then select "Notifications".

Then, select "Add (more...)

Multitenant Self-Service Provisioning – Request an Account

On Oracle Multitenant Self-Service Provisioning page."Request an Account", I thought that's very interesting for testing how it work.
Select "Request an Account" and Fill in as below picture(Please fill in available email).

Note: User are created by "Request an Account". They have Pluggable Database Administrator (more...)

Multitenant Self-Service Provisioning – Drop PDB

It's too easy for dropping PDB on Oracle Multitenant Self-Service Provisioning. Just select "Drop", then select Datafiles - whether Including Datafiles (will remove datafiles) or Keep Datafiles.

Wow! ...

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Multitenant Self-Service Provisioning – Unplug/Plug In PDB

When use PDB, users want to plug & unplug PDB. I just wanted to unplug PDB on Oracle Multitenant Self-Service Provisioning. If PDB mode = OPEN, users must close PDB before.

After PDB mode = "Mounted", then started with "Unplug" again.
Don't Forgot to remember - Unplug Path
Checked on (more...)