hrURL – human readable URLs in Oracle APEX

Searching the APEX Forum for nice URLs is as old as Oracle APEX itself, so far without much luck. There is magic switch that forces APEX to create readable URLs.

As part of preparing my Presentation “Going Public” for Kscope 2014 in Seattle, I investigated the available methods on (more...)

Migrate your MS Access data to an Oracle database using the ETL Tool Talend

APEX is promoted as the perfect replacement for MS Access applications. One thing you should consider though is how you migrate your data to the Oracle database. In APEX there is a handy tool called the Data Workshop that can be used for this. You first export your Excel files (more...)

APEX Tree based on Pipelined Table Function

Representing hierarchical data in an APEX Tree is fairly straight forward, the wizard to create a tree region assists you with that. But when you need to show data from multiple tables, you will need to provide your own query. In a previous blogpost I have written how to achieve (more...)

Tree with Checkboxes: Save the Data – JS Array to PL/SQL

In two previous blogposts I described a method to transform a regular APEX Tree component to a Tree component with checkboxes. The second blogpost described a way to retrieve the data from the database using JSON and AJAX and check the appropriate checkboxes. In this last part of the series (more...)

Install APEX Packaged Application by Importing its SQL Script

If for some reason, you could not install the APEX packaged application via Application Builder > Packaged Applications interface, you have an option of installing it by importing the SQL script (fxxxx.sql).

In my case, when installing via the Packaged Applications interface, I got the following error:

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 12.06.48 PM

While working (more...)

Multitenant Self-Service Provisioning – Database Sizes

Why I try to post about Database Sizes on Oracle Multitenant Self-Service Provisioning. When I create New Database(PDB), I want other Maximum Storage sizes.
My idea is 500 GB and 2 TB... How to do? On "Self-Service Administration" - First, select "Self-Service System Configuration". Then select "Database Sizes".

Then, (more...)

Multitenant Self-Service Provisioning – Notifications

A user can create notifications on Oracle Multitenant Self-Service Provisioning page. Notifications are displayed on the home page of this self-service application to communicate with users of this self-service system. Notifications are managed by application administrators but viewable by all users.
First, select "Administration", then select "Notifications".

Then, select "Add (more...)

Multitenant Self-Service Provisioning – Request an Account

On Oracle Multitenant Self-Service Provisioning page."Request an Account", I thought that's very interesting for testing how it work.
Select "Request an Account" and Fill in as below picture(Please fill in available email).

Note: User are created by "Request an Account". They have Pluggable Database Administrator (more...)

Multitenant Self-Service Provisioning – Drop PDB

It's too easy for dropping PDB on Oracle Multitenant Self-Service Provisioning. Just select "Drop", then select Datafiles - whether Including Datafiles (will remove datafiles) or Keep Datafiles.

Wow! ...

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Multitenant Self-Service Provisioning – Unplug/Plug In PDB

When use PDB, users want to plug & unplug PDB. I just wanted to unplug PDB on Oracle Multitenant Self-Service Provisioning. If PDB mode = OPEN, users must close PDB before.

After PDB mode = "Mounted", then started with "Unplug" again.
Don't Forgot to remember - Unplug Path
Checked on (more...)

Tree with Checkboxes – Pre-Select Data with JSON

After you have modified the standard APEX tree to a tree with checkboxes (see this blogpost) you will probably need to find a way to load data from the database and show the values previously checked by the user.
In this blogpost I will show you how to load (more...)

Oracle Application Express 4.2.3 is here

In case you didn't read the news somewhere else, the latest and greatest version of Apex (4.2.3) has been made available for download. Patch set notes include a long list of bug fixes. Thanks to Joel Kallman for the timely announcement.

APEX_MAIL package and views quick reference

Always check out the original article at for latest comments, fixes and updates. APEX_MAIL is the API package for sending emails from Oracle Application Express. In order to be able to execute APEX_MAIL procedures and/or check the related views outside of Apex (from SQL Developer or from (more...)

D-I-Y apex_mail_log maintenance and an Apex feature request

A couple of days ago I submitted a feature request via the Apex Feature Request application because I believe that workspace administrators should be given the possibility of purging the apex mail log if they want to (see feature request AG3A). If you agree with my request, you're kindly invited (more...)

APEX: Tree with Checkboxes

The APEX Tree component is based on jsTree which is a jQuery Tree Plugin. However not all functionality is implemented in APEX. Knowing the component on which it is based, we can find the documentation and enhance the Tree in APEX. One of these enhancements is to have checkboxes in (more...)

APEX: Tree Based on Multiple Tables

When you have a table with a hierarchical relation it is very easy to create a Tree component in APEX. Simply write the hierarchical query using START WITH and CONNECT BY and you're good to go. When you have a Master-Detail relation between two tables, and you want to show (more...)

Oracle 12c Database finally lands…..

It's finally here, for Linux & Solaris at least: Oracle 12c Database

Too much chrome

You know how it is, when you have that feeling. You are on top of your game. You have a few quick brush strokes to add to a system to make it more dynamic. You have all the small needed changes in your head and you know it is just (more...)

How to translate and use Apex text messages inside javascript code and other considerations about shortcuts

Always check out the original article at for latest comments, fixes and updates. For a long time I thought that whenever I had to display a translatable message inside JavaScript the only way forward was to create an Apex shortcut containing plain text. An Apex shortcut is (more...)

How do I turn off format autodection in Safari?

Always check out the original article at for latest comments, fixes and updates. Your Apex mobile page looks weird because Safari is formatting automatically certain strings containing numbers mistaking them for telephone numbers? You just need to add a meta tag in the head section of the (more...)