Fishbowl Solutions WebCenter Portal Spaces Addon – For Real Time Chat, Instant Messaging and Presence

Bringing Facebook, Gtalk styled messaging to Oracle Webcenter Portal Spaces.

If you still have this blog bookmarked – then head over to CFour where I post regularly and check out my latest WebCenter Portal Integration.

If your interested in a trial contact sales at

Here is a quick breakdown of features:
- Does not require beehive, presence or XMMP servers for chat – just an authorised spaces connection
- Authenticates against webcenter and lists your webcenter Connections
- Show User online status
- Can link upto multiple XMPP Servers like the Pidgin Client but within a web browser

Bursting EBS Documents in a Single Step Available in R12.2?

I came across Bug 12927519 on Metalink today that suggests that EBS R12.2 may include an enhancement to allow for bursting of BI Publisher/XML Publisher documents in one step (it says it was ‘fixed in product version’)!  I do not see anything about in the 12.2 Release Content Documents, but that’s nothing new.

Currently, to burst you have to run 2 concurrent requests.  The actual concurrent request to generate your output and then a second concurrent request to actually do the bursting (XML Publisher Report Bursting Program).  This is not (more...)

BI Publisher 11g Trial Edition – Really Easy Installation!

It’s been around for a month or so, but I just got around to checking out the new BI Publisher Enterprise 11g Trial Edition that the BIP folks posted about in May.

When BIP 11g hit the streets the installation was huge.  Unlike the small and easy to install BIP Enterprise 10g, 11g was quite a chore to install.  Sure it was prettier than 11g and gave a lot more functionality as it’s now integrated with OBIEE, but it wasn’t very practical if you just wanted to run it on your laptop or desktop for development or demo (but (more...)

Show Report: 6th Annual Oracle Maintenance Summit

I spent last week in Nashville at the 6th Annual Maintenance Summit hosted by VIZIYA.  A really well done conference supporting Oracle EBS, JD Edwards and PeopleSoft customers that have implemented or are implementing the various maintenance modules of their respective applications.  I spent the majority of my time in our booth demonstrating the latest and greatest features of the AventX Attachment Printer (luckily I was able to spend some time in the (more...)

OCZ SSD Vertex 2 went to sleep and never woke up :(

So I own a Vertex 120GB and Vertex 2 240GB drive – I have to say these are excellent drives and I’m already looking at the rev drive and the Vertex 3 for my next purchase!
These drives are far superior in everyway in my opinion to the standard momentum or scorpion drives out there.

- last week I fell asleep infront of the TV with my laptop as I’m sure a lot of you have done in the past.
WELL.. If your a true geek like me I’m sure you’ve done it!

But anyway I woke up a couple (more...)

Frustrated with Call Centers?

I am and just happened upon this!… “Son of a Beach Ball” ;)

Oracle Partner Event 2012

Read up on my summary of the Oracle Partner Event in Malaga and why you should have been there – over on the Fihsbowl cfour blog!

Meet great people; discuss business problems, find out how others solved their issues and party..




Returning in 2012

That’s right..
2011 was a quiet year for me.

But I’m jumping back into the scene and taking a side step away from tweeting as @JRSim_UIX and giving you some useful tips blogging my experiences with Oracle FMW and the WebCenter software stack and lettling you see a few secret projects.




True Excel Templates for EBS – An Introduction

Excel based output from BI Publisher has been around for some time, however it wasn’t really Excel data (essentially XHTML that Excel knows how to read) and was created with a RTF template.  Mid-2011, Oracle released a patch for EBS that would allow what they labeled as ‘True’ Excel output.  It is considered ‘True’ in that it creates a binary Excel file and allows you to create the template in Excel.

As an (more...)

EBS RTF Template Editor for Word 2010 – Report from OOW11

Another topic that has gotten some attention in a couple of the EBS specific BIP sessions I’ve attended this week regards the BIP Desktop RTF Template Builder plug-in for Word.  In short, EBS uses an embedded version of BIP which does not get updated as much as the standardized BIP Enterprise.  Because of this version difference, EBS users need to use an older version of the RTF Template builder (Patch 12395372) to ensure (more...)

6 Degrees of Separation

Oracle Certification Program (OCP) Team has become social-media savvy over the years. Today, there are less than six degrees of separation between you and the tirelessly working Oracle Certification Team who have launched more than 100 new certification exams in the last 3 years. Gone are the days where you e-mailed the OCP Team and waited weeks for an answer. Now there are 6 social media channels to reach them.

They are as follows:

  1. Facebook - Like their Facebook page and get status updates on latest announcements
  2. Twitter - Follow @oraclecert
  3. YouTube - Subscribe to the Oracle Certification channel
  4. Blog - (more...)

Blog:: Missed Paddys day :(

Ok, so I missed out on a proper Paddys day celebration this year.. But I`m not going to miss 4way 42″ Hi Def Classic SNES Drunk Mario Kart with some friends this weekend :D

Blog:: Bunny Inc. – Episode 2. Mr. CIO meets Mrs. Sales Manager

So.. As you can see.. Up to my neck in work haven’t transitioned across to Fishbowl CFour just yet so get you Bunny Inc dosage in..

Also on a side note for all you iphone enthusiasts the latest iphone WebCenter package has been released!
Goto the apple market and download your copy lots of awesome improvements well done CB.. Great work here.

Combining forces with Fishbowl Solutions [EMEA]

That’s right; Fishbowl Solutions are coming to EMEA!

37a15ceIt’s an exciting time and a lot of changes on the horizon. Firstly Blue Studios:: Oracle focused Sections -  will be moving and migrating across into Fishbowls:: Cfour Oracle Enterprise 2.o blog. I’ll be joining the team of bloggers keeping you up to date with my latest brainwaves and integrated solutions, mostly of what you’ll soon be seeing on a new area of Fishbowls site – “The Labs”; where we’ll be giving you sample code, whitepapers and guides as well as releasing some of our cut-down products for you to have (more...)

Blog:: Oracle Money well spent… ..

Hahahaha.. .. You’ve probably seen this video floating about but encase you haven’t here it is..

Some one has a bit too much time on their hands.
If they are investing some money into this.. What other awesome stuff could they be investing in.. :D