Oracle Cloud v/s Amazon Cloud?

A few years ago, I taught an online class in Oracle database administration for the University of Washington. Every student was given their own virtual machine for the duration of the class, courtesy of Amazon. It was ridiculously simple to clone, start, stop, and destroy virtual machines using the Amazon CLI (command line interface). All students had full SSH and SQL*Net access to their virtual machines in the Amazon cloud. At that time, Oracle had (more...)

Partner Sales Plays FY16 PaaS and Middleware Webcast June 9th 2016

Want to increase the PaaS & Middleware Oracle business? Create new service offerings and solutions for the Cloud?

FY17 Oracle Cloud Platform (PaaS and IaaS) & Middleware sales plays bring new opportunities to you as a partner:

» System Integrators: generate consulting revenue with hybrid PaaS, IaaS& Middleware

» Outsourcing companies: offer private and hybrid cloud solutions

» Independent Software Vendors: build solutions based on PaaS, IaaS & middleware

» SaaS partners: Extend, integrate and (more...)

PaaS free trial accounts ICS and PCS, IoT and PaaS for SaaS


As part of our communities we do offer free PaaS accounts (only for partners in Europe, Middle East and Africa. In case you are not part of EMEA please contact your local partner manager):

· Integration Cloud Service & Process Cloud Service & SOA Cloud & IoT & PaaS for SaaS Service PaaS Demo Accounts  (Community membership required)

· Java Cloud Service & Application Cloud Container Service & Mobile Cloud Service (more...)

Integration Cloud Service (ICS): Execution Agent proxy issue: NumberFormatException

Integration Cloud Service (ICS) offers an Execution Agent which you can download and install on-premises. This provides a local ICS instance. The Execution Agent is useful in several situations. When you have an ICS trial, it is valid only for a period of 30 days. After initial installation (which does require an ICS subscription), you can use the Execution Agent indefinitely. Secondly, you have full control over the Execution Agent since it is a local (more...)

The SOAMythBusters (featuring Robert Van Mölken) discuss Oracle SOA Cloud Service by OTN


Watch the Mexican SOAMythBusters, Arturo Viveros & Rolando Carrasco, discussing SOA CS at OOW2015 with good friend and fellow ACE Robert Van Molken from AMIS, Netherlands. Watch the video here.

SOA & BPM Partner Community

For regular information on Oracle SOA Suite become a member in the SOA & BPM Partner Community for registration please visit (OPN account required) If you need support with your account please contact the Oracle (more...)

Qualify for OPN Cloud Program Early Bird Promotion with ARR Booked through May 31

Partners are able to qualify for the Cloud Select and Cloud Premier tiers through the Early Bird Promotion with Cloud ARR generated through May 31, 2016.

To ensure deals are properly credited and accommodate the fiscal year end reporting schedule, the Early Bird application period will remain open through July 31, 2016. Partners that qualify for these Cloud program tiers will be notified after Q4FY16 reporting is available this summer.  

Find out more.

Oracle EMEA CX Partner Community Newsletter – May 2016

Don't miss out on the May issue of the EMEA Customer Experience Partner Community Newsletter!

Read the latest news on Oracle CX products, learn about new available workshops and get inspired by success stories.  

Check it out here!

PaaS & Fusion Middleware Summer Camps VI only for Oracle OPN Partners – August 29th – September 2nd 2016 Lisbon Portugal


You are working on large Fusion Middleware & PaaS opportunities & projects? Oracle is pleased to invite you to the PaaS & Fusion Middleware Summer Camps VI by the SOA & BPM and the WebLogic & Developer Partner Communities. Goal of the trainings is to support you to deliver a successful project. Most of the trainers are a member of the Oracle product management team.

Come to Lisbon to get a 5 days hands-on training (more...)

HCM Atom Feed Subscriber using SOA Cloud Service by Jack Desai


HCM Atom feeds provide notifications of Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (HCM) events and are tightly integrated with REST services. When an event occurs in Oracle Fusion HCM, the corresponding Atom feed is delivered automatically to the Atom server. The feed contains details of the REST resource on which the event occurred. Subscribers who consume these Atom feeds use the REST resources to retrieve additional information about the resource.

For more information on Atom, (more...)

Deploying to the SOA Cloud Service by Greg Draheim Overview

clip_image001On Monday night we obtained access to the SOA Cloud Service here at Flexagon, where we hope to use it for on-demand capacity.  One of our goals with FlexDeploy is to make it easy to move components from one environment or instance to another, enabling a true “lift-and-shift” into the cloud.  Since the SOA Cloud Service is built on top of the same underlying Oracle infrastructure, configuring it as a FlexDeploy target is (more...)

Using Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) for Loading to Oracle Cloud’s Human Capital Management (HCM)

The A-Team is on a roll…

To load data into Oracle Cloud’s Human Capital Management (HCM) with Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) – check out the following blog:

Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) for HCM-Cloud: a Knowledge Module to Generate HCM Import Files

HCM is unique in that it uses a dedicated file format that contains both metadata and data. As far as the data is concerned, the complete (more...)

Oracle Cloud Applications Moving to the Global Nerve Center

Global Nerve Center (GNC) - What is it?

Oracle has invested heavily in creating the next generation of Oracle’s Cloud operation center. In addition to the 21 Cloud Data Centers and Support worldwide, we are now pleased to introduce the Global Nerve Center (GNC).

What Is the Global Nerve Center?

The Global Nerve Center centralizes the best Cloud operations resources into locations worldwide. Oracle has constructed three massive, always-on, new command and operational facilities. These (more...)

Blurr the cloud lining with NetSuite: Introducing NetSuite Cloud Adapter on Oracle Integration Cloud Service by Rajesh Kalra

clip_image001NetSuite is a leading SaaS business software suite for ERP/financials, eCommerce, and order management. NetSuite cloud applications are commonly used by many mid-market and enterprise level companies, to streamline operations and provide real time visibility for better and faster decisions.

Oracle has introduced an all new NetSuite cloud adapter, in the latest release of its iPaaS -Integration Cloud Service (ICS). This new addition to the catalog of cloud adapters provides agility for NetSuite (more...)

Digital Innovation Demands Hybrid Integration by Carol Hildebrand

clip_image002I thought cloud computing would do away with acronym-laden technologies such as service-oriented architecture (SOA). Can’t you just sign up for applications run in a public cloud?

You can, but what happens when you want to integrate that shiny new cloud app with your existing applications and data? That integration has its own term—hybrid cloud—and for most enterprises, it’s the new norm. More than 65% of enterprise IT organizations will commit to hybrid cloud technologies (more...)

Java Euro Tour

Bruno Souza, Edson Yanaga, and Otávio Santana are touring European JUGs talking about DevOps, big data, currency API, CDI 2 and cloud scalability. The team is also interviewing Java Champions, renowned Java speakers and community leaders in their homes and at work. Watch the replay of those interviews 

Some of the topics they present at JUGs: 
  • Containers and DevOps: full delivery cycle for Java applications  
  • Big Data and NoSQL with CDI and Cassandra 
  • First (more...)

How Training Impacts Your Cloud Business Strategy

Written by Rena Mayer, PR Online Editor, Oracle University

Growing numbers of organizations are seeking the benefits of cloud solutions, which include: increased operational efficiency, enhanced business agility, tighter staff collaboration, real-time intelligence across the organization, lower total cost of IT ownership, reliability, scalability and more.

Successful cloud implementations improve the way organizations operate, giving them an edge that leaves competitors in the dust. 

According to a recent survey by IDG:

50% of (more...)

Oracle Cloud Marketplace Headlines

  • Reval for Oracle Financials Cloud Now Available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace

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Graphical file explorer tool on top of Oracle Storage Cloud Service – CloudBerry for easy file inspection and manipulation

The Oracle Storage Cloud Service is an IaaS offering that underpins [almost]every other PaaS Cloud Service from Oracle. I have been using this service – largely indirectly – with DBaaS, JCS, Application Container Cloud (ACCS) and SOA CS. The initial interaction is usally using Curl against the REST APIs of the Storage Cloud Service. For one off tasks, that works fine. However, while going through development cycles with a Node.js application running on ACCS, (more...)

Application deployment to Oracle Java Cloud instance using XL Deploy on AWS

This article is about experimenting configuration, connection and deployment from one cloud instance to the other using the basic installation, connections and features like on a local network.

To go further with special cloud facilities instead, consult the XebiaLabs documentation or blog:

XebiaLabs’ EC2 plugin for XL Deploy

XL Scale

XL Deploy and Amazon AWS OpsWorks (© by Andrew Phillips)

The steps we go through during the trial:

  1. Install XL Deploy on EC2 Linux instance as (more...)

Oracle Management Cloud – Log Analytics

In last overview post I will give you a first glance of the Oracle Management…