Oracle cloud: Login

Main problem for login into Oracle cloud is to there is no generic login URL.
Inside the mail Oracle sent after the registration there is a specific URL. Something like:
But this ends after some seconds at:

There is also another login page, but this one does not work for my setup:

For this one i did not find any documentation at all, so i somebody knows how this login page can be used, please add a comment...

Loading Data into Always Free Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud – from JSON and CSV to Database Table

In a number of recent articles, I have described how to provision an instance of Oracle Data Warehouse Cloud in Oracle Cloud’s Always Free tier. I have also described how to connect both SQL Developer and Data Visualization Desktop to this ADW instance. In this article, we take this one step further and load data into the ADW instance using the Import tool in SQL Developer. Specifically, I start with a JSON file that I (more...)

Oracle Data Visualization Desktop Connecting to Oracle Cloud Always Free Autonomous Database

Oracle Cloud now offers the Always Free Tier that comes with an always free Autonomous Data Warehouse (up to 20 GB data storage) as well as an free Autonomous Database for Transaction Processing. In an earlier article, I described how to provision your own Free Autonomous Data Warehouse in Oracle Cloud (in 10 minutes and a little bit). A second article shows how to connect desktop based SQL Developer to the cloud based ADW (more...)

Connect local SQL Developer to Oracle Cloud Autonomous Database (Always Free Tier)

In a recent article I described how to provision an instance of Oracle Cloud Autonomous Data Warehouse in the recently launched Always Free Tier of OCI. This article shows how to connect from SQL Developer (desktop tool) to this instance. Note: connecting from SQL Developer is the same [of course] whether the database instance is in the free tier, part of a cloud trial or a regular paid for instance.

If you do not already (more...)

Oracle Cloud Always Free Autonomous Data Warehouse – steps to get going

Last month, Oracle announced it’s Cloud Free Tier on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). This free tier offers several services (compute, storage, network, monitoring & notifications, serverless functions and Autonomous Database. Two autonomous database instance can be provisioned and leveraged in this “forever free tier” – each with up to 20 GB of data and with [almost?] full functionality. In this article, I will tell you about my first experiences with this free tier and (more...)

Oracle Cloud: my first VM

After some problems with signing up i created my first vm inside Oracle Cloud:

 and then a short stop for provisioning:

 And finally:

The machine runs and a login can be done with:

schroff@zerberus:~/.ssh$ ssh -l opc
[opc@myVmInstanceDS ~]$ df -h
Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
devtmpfs        459M     0  459M   0% /dev
tmpfs           486M     0  486M   0% /dev/shm
tmpfs           486M   13M  473M   3% /run
tmpfs           486M     0  (more...)

Oracle cloud: sign up: after nearly 2 weeks…

After trying to get around my problems with my
i was able to sign up at Oracle cloud services.
Thanks to Oracle support for the e-mails with tips and explanations what i have to do!

And after some seconds i got the following e-mail:

And the sign in worked:


Running Oracle JET in Oracle Cloud Free Tier

OOW'19 stands up from recent years OOW conferences with important announcement - Oracle Cloud Free Tier offering. This offering includes two free DB instances and two free compute VM instances. What else you could wish for the side and hobby projects? This is a strong move by Oracle and it should boost Oracle Cloud. Read more about it in Oracle Cloud Free Tier page.

It was interesting to test how to deploy Oracle JET app (more...)

Highlights from Oracle OpenWorld 2019 – Larry Ellison’s Key-Notes

imageThis article gives some brief and key insights in Larry Ellison’s keynote presentation on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure at Oracle OpenWorld 2019.

Note the new mission statement for Oracle:

Our mission is to help people see data in new ways, discover insights, unlock endless possibilities.

Autonomous was the key word of the conference. Not just Autonomous Database, but also Autonomous OS (Linux) and ultimately Autonomous Cloud. Autonomous refers to elimination of human labor (configuration and management) (more...)

Get Azure Networking Hierarchy Components With Powershell

I needed to see what VNETs, their subnets and the NIC/IPs attached to those subnets which is all available in Azure Portal but I wanted a nice hierarchical listing so here is a Powershell script for that…

$vnets = Get-AzVirtualNetwork
foreach ($vnet in $vnets)
"VNET: " + $vnet.Name
"Subnet Count: " + $vnet.Subnets.count
foreach ($subnet in $vnet.Subnets)
"..Subnet: " + $subnet.Name
if ($Subnet.IpConfigurations.count -eq 0)

Oracle Sign up: more problems

I thought, i was successful, but:

I received a mail with the following content:

"We have re-authorized a new, specific amount on the credit/debit card used during the sign up process."


"To verify the account you have created, please confirm the specific amount re-authorized."

My problem: there is not any "re-authorized amount" on my banking account. I do not know, what is "re-authorized"?
Is this: this amount is charged on my (more...)

Oracle Cloud: First login

After signing up to Oracle cloud i tried my first login:

but i only got:
I think the problem is, that there i a manual review step on Oracle's side which i have not passed for now:
So let's wait for a day or two...

What Looks Good To Me: Oracle OpenWorld 2019

As I write this, we're a week away from Oracle OpenWorld 2019.  And, as always at OOW, there are a flood of sessions, events and gatherings that compete for your attention.  So I thought I'd share some thoughts on what looks good to me.  Keep in mind that my current focus is Oracle HCM Cloud Applications, so I'll be limiting my shared thoughts to that subject area.

Needless to say, the executive keynotes and the (more...)

Oracle Cloud: Sign up failed… [3] & solved

Finally (see my attempts here and here) i was able to sign up to Oracle cloud.
What did the trick?

I got help from Oracle support:
So i used my gmail address and this worked:

and then:

Let's see how this cloud will work compared to Azure and AWS

Azure Advisor And Fixing Errors

Azure can be configured to send you advisor reports detailing things that are not quite right in your environment. The advisor is not necessarily always right but it’s sensible to review the outputs periodically, even if they relate to non production environments.

A few issues popped up on an advisor report on my recent travels and although you can just use the entries on the report on the portal to target the offending resources, I (more...)

Fishbowl Solutions Transforms Parent & Guardian Communications with a One-Stop Mobile Application using Oracle Mobile Cloud Service Development

One of the largest school districts in the nation ― with hundreds of thousands of students enrolled in kindergarten through 12th grade at over 1,000 schools and over 200 public charter schools ― was struggling to keep parents and guardians informed about their students’ grades, lunch balances, activities, and general district and school news.


The District’s boundaries extend across more than 700 square miles and include a major U.S. city as well as (more...)

Finding databases on each SQL Server using Powershell

A client had the requirement to list out the SQL Servers and the databases they have installed on those SQL Servers in their Azure Cloud environment this week. The reason for the requirement was to find SQL Servers that no longer had any databases on them so they could be considered for removal.

Essentially, it gathers a list of SQL Server resources, loops through them and counts and itemises them, not including the master database (more...)

Oracle Cloud: Sign up failed… [2]

After my failed registration to Oracle cloud, i got very fast an email from Oracle support with the following requirements:
So i tried once again with a firefox "private" window - but this failed again.
Next idea was to use a completely new installed browser: so i tried with a fresh google-chrome.
But the error still remained:
Let's hope Oracle support has another thing which will put me onto Oracle cloud.

5 Business Needs That Fuel Enterprise Data Warehouse Development

The global market for data warehousing is expected to grow to $34.7 billion by 2025, according to a recent report from Allied Market Research. That’s nearly double the $18.6 billion it was worth in 2017. What fuels investment in enterprise data warehouse development? Cloud data warehouse technology has given rise to innovative systems and practices that increase efficiency and […]

Multi-Nodes Redis Cluster With Docker

Read this article on my new blog As part of my on-boarding/training at RedisLabs I continue to play with the product, and I have decided today to install a local 3 nodes cluster of Redis Enterprise Server (RS); and show how easy is to move from a single node/shard database to a multi nodes highly available one. Once your cluster is up & running, you will kill some containers to see how