My Quick Start with Oracle Functions in Fresh OCI Tenancy

| Dec 24, 2019

This article is fairly rough log of the steps I went through to get going on Oracle Cloud Serverless Functions. It is mainly intended to provide a note to myself, for future reference. However, my description could prove useful to you – the reader.

My steps to get going are based on Another very useful resource with step by step descriptions:

Using a fresh OCI Cloud (more...)

Using bindings to connect Azure Functions to Azure Queue Storage

| Dec 23, 2019

Recently I started working in the Azure Cloud and I would like to share an example I worked on that helped me understand the possibilities of this cloud environment. The focus for this article is using Azure Functions and Input and Output bindings to the Azure Queue Storage.

The business case for this example is a website where users can enter comments. Serverless Functions in the Azure Cloud receive those comments, process them and save (more...)

My first steps with Oracle Cloud API Gateway – the stock response

| Dec 23, 2019

The API Gateway service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure went live very recently – read my overview article of what API Gateway entails. In brief: API Gateway is a reverse proxy that exposes HTTP endpoints on which external (or internal) clients can make requests. API Gateway can handle these requests: authorize, rate limit, map and route to OCI internal or public HTTP endpoints or specifically to Oracle [serverless] Functions. API Gateway allows us to allow selective (more...)

Introducing Oracle Cloud API Gateway – the light weight public or private router to public and private OCI endpoints

| Dec 22, 2019

Two days ago, the API Gateway service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure went live – read the announcement. This is a crucial component for many applications and in many solution designs. This new API Gateway is a prime candidate for example for inclusion in our reference architecture for OCI based solution designs. The API Gateway acts as a reverse proxy that handles HTTP requests from clients – either within OCI or on the public internet – (more...)

#Exasol on #AWS: Elasticity with #Cloud UI

| Dec 6, 2019

This is the second part of the mini-series Exasol on AWS. Here’s the first part.

Cloud UI is an extension to EXAoperation that makes it easy for you to

  • Scale up & down
  • Increase storage capacity
  • Scale out by adding nodes to the cluster

Cloud UI can be reached by adding the port number 8835 to the URL of your License Server and uses the same credentials as EXAoperation.

Scale down to m5.large with (more...)

New Snowflake Community Advocate Program

| Dec 5, 2019
I am happy to announce that The Snowflake Community—a hub for Snowflake users to connect, share, and learn from each other both offline and online—is launching a new program called the Select Star Program. What is a Select Star? The Select Star program recognizes and rewards our most engaged community members who go above and […]

Multiple Node.js Applications on Oracle Always Free Cloud

| Nov 28, 2019
What if you want to host multiple Oracle JET applications? You can do it easily on Oracle Always Free Cloud. The solution is described in the below diagram:

You should wrap Oracle JET application into Node.js and deploy it to Oracle Compute Instance through Docker container. This is described in my previous post - Running Oracle JET in Oracle Cloud Free Tier.

Make sure to create Docker container with a port different than 80. (more...)

Fishbowl Employees Achieve Oracle Digital Assistant Certification

| Nov 26, 2019

Fishbowl’s Certified Oracle Digital Assistant Associates (Left to Right):
Andy Weaver, Scott Wall, and Elliot Carson

Fishbowl Solutions continues to highlight its focus on designing, developing, and supporting solutions for the Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) platform. Recently, Fishbowl’s ODA consultants Andy Weaver, Scott Wall, and Elliot Carson passed the Oracle Cloud Platform Digital Assistant Certified Associate exam. This exam has been available for less than a month, so we are pretty sure Fishbowl’s consultants represent (more...)

Integrating Live Agents using Oracle Service Cloud, Zendesk, and ServiceNow with the Oracle Digital Assistant

| Nov 15, 2019

Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) is a robust and versatile chatbot platform that can be utilized for a variety of use cases. One such use case is to provide relief to a costly and overworked live agent support staff.

So, how do we accomplish this? No chatbot solution on the market can fully replace the knowledge and understanding of a human agent, but they can provide support for a variety of topics. At Fishbowl, we try to (more...)

Notifications from Oracle API Platform Cloud Service

| Nov 11, 2019

There are circumstances in which notifications from the Oracle API Platform CS could be seen as desirable.  For example, if you wish to ensure that the developers are defining good APIs and not accidentally implementing APIs that hit the OWASP Top 10 for APIs. Then you will probably configure things such that developer users can design the APIs, configure the policies, but only request an API to be deployed.

However, presently notifications through mechanisms (more...)

Oracle Cloud: Feature Set

| Nov 10, 2019
For all readers, who want to get a short overview to the services which can be configured inside Oracle Cloud, here a walkthrough the menus.
The Main menu shows the following items:
  • Core infrastructure
  • Compute
  • Block Storage
  • Object Storage
  • File Storage
  • Networking 
  • Database
    • Bare Metal, VM, and Exadata
    • Autonomous Data Warehouse
    • Autonomous Transaction Processing
    • Data Sale
    • Exadata Cloud Connector
  • Solution and Patterns
    • Analytics
    • Resource Manager
    • Email Delivery
    • Application Integration
    • Monitoring
    • Developer Services Marketplace
  • Governance and (more...)
  • More Free Oracle Cloud than you might know

    | Nov 4, 2019

    free-750x536The news about Oracle offering some free cloud services ‘for life’ is making an impact.  But, the free services don’t end there. The pricing of some other native cloud services includes some free bands. So it’s worth keeping an eye on the fine print. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see limited capacity access in other areas.

    Oracle Functions – whilst the core of this service is built on the open-source Fn Project (also (more...)

    Timestamp Functions and Presentation Variables in Oracle Cloud Analytics

    | Nov 1, 2019

    One of the most popular Rittman Mead blog posts over the last 10 years is Timestamps and Presentation Variables. As we are seeing more and more migrations to OAC, we decided to review and revise this post for the latest version of Oracle Cloud Analytics (OAC), 105.4.0-140 as of October 2019. Read more about the latest updates here.


    One could say that creating a chart is not the most complex task in (more...)

    Creating a VM on Oracle Always Free

    | Oct 25, 2019

    I’m going to create a new Cloud VM to host some of my machine learning work. The first step is to create the VM before installing the machine learning software.

    That’s what I’m going to do in this blog post and the next blog post. In this blog post I’ll step through how to setup the VM using the Oracle Always Free cloud offering. In the next I’ll go through the machine learning software install (more...)

    Webinar Preview: Get your Digital Assistant for Customer Service Online Before Black Friday

    | Oct 24, 2019

    Shoppers aren’t the only group of people stressed out during the holidays. As they rush from store to store looking for bargains or last-minute gifts, or peruse company websites checking on product availability, another group is trying to handle the increase of questions or requests that shoppers have during this crazy time. This group, more commonly known as a customer service department, will see a *75% increase in customer queries during the holiday shopping season. (more...)

    Machine Learning with SQL

    | Oct 19, 2019
    Python (and soon JavaScript with TensorFlow.js) is a dominant language for Machine Learning. What about SQL? There is a way to build/run Machine Learning models in SQL. There could be a benefit to run model training close to the database, where data stays. With SQL we can leverage strong data analysis out of the box and run algorithms without fetching data to the outside world (which could be an expensive operation in terms of (more...)

    A Webinar Series for WebCenter Customers: What did you miss at Oracle OpenWorld and how can you use WebCenter with Microsoft Office

    | Oct 16, 2019

    Fishbowl Solutions has been attending and sponsoring Oracle OpenWorld for over 10 years. While the topics and technologies have changed significantly over that time, and Oracle WebCenter has become less of a focus at the event, the Fishbowl team still always brings back new information regarding WebCenter from OpenWorld. That didn’t change this year. Across the presentations we gave and attended, as well as the WebCenter customer conversations we had, we have much to share (more...)

    Oracle cloud: Login

    | Oct 11, 2019
    Main problem for login into Oracle cloud is to there is no generic login URL.
    Inside the mail Oracle sent after the registration there is a specific URL. Something like:
    But this ends after some seconds at:

    There is also another login page, but this one does not work for my setup:

    For this one i did not find any documentation at all, so i somebody knows how this login page can be used, please add a comment...

    Oracle Cloud: my first VM

    | Oct 1, 2019
    After some problems with signing up i created my first vm inside Oracle Cloud:

     and then a short stop for provisioning:

     And finally:

    The machine runs and a login can be done with:

    schroff@zerberus:~/.ssh$ ssh -l opc
    [opc@myVmInstanceDS ~]$ df -h
    Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    devtmpfs        459M     0  459M   0% /dev
    tmpfs           486M     0  486M   0% /dev/shm
    tmpfs           486M   13M  473M   3% /run
    tmpfs           486M     0  (more...)

    Oracle cloud: sign up: after nearly 2 weeks…

    | Sep 27, 2019
    After trying to get around my problems with my
    i was able to sign up at Oracle cloud services.
    Thanks to Oracle support for the e-mails with tips and explanations what i have to do!

    And after some seconds i got the following e-mail:

    And the sign in worked: