Oracle New Public Cloud Licensing Policy – Good or Bad?

A little while ago after a question from a customer about supporting Oracle products on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) I decided to take a look for any updates to the Oracle public cloud support policies. The document can be easily found on the Oracle website. I quickly noticed some significant changes in the new version of the document. More specifically, I’m referring to the changes that came with the latest version of that document (more...)

Mobile Cloud Service & Chat Bots Webcast live on February 28th at 16:00 CET

Attend our February edition of the SOA & BPM Partner Community Webcast live on February 28th at 16:00 CET.


Mobile is the technology which is literally at everyone's finger tips.  Whether you are taking first steps with mobile, or full embracing a Mobile-first strategy, what you can't do is ignore mobile.
In this session will focus around Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) and give a firsthand look at how Oracle customers are embracing (more...)

Integrating with Oracle Cloud to Streamline Business Processes

imageRedstone is a Platinum level system integrator and value added reseller focusing on Oracle’s Digital Experience and Cloud solutions.

Client Testimonial

"The Oracle Cloud has enabled us to better connect many facets of our business and expand our use of technology.  We are now able to seamlessly integrate our web experience management solution with our cloud-based document storage solution.  Additionally, we are able to expand the solution footprint by connecting third-party applications through (more...)

Public Cloud consequences with an Oracle environment

The title suggests a negative statement of using a Public Cloud. Well, it isn’t.  I’m convinced the Cloud is the next best thing, with huge advantages for businesses. But companies should be aware of what they choose. A lot of providers, including Oracle, are pushing us to the cloud, Public, Private or Hybrid. And make us believe that a public cloud will be an inevitable extension to our on-premises environment. Moving your weblogic and (more...)

Process Cloud Service –> Quickstart apps by Niall Commiskey


Nice feature this...
As the docs says -
Choose a QuickStart App to quickly create an application and learn about Process Cloud Service. QuickStart Apps include all the implementation details needed to play and deploy them. Use these applications as a ready-to-use application to deploy or as a starting point to adapt by making changes such as editing task titles, modifying the web form, or adding new task actions. Read the complete article here.

SOA (more...)

Process Cloud Service – Web Form Design Approaches by Antonis Antoniou


Oracle Process Cloud Service uses a standards-based technology called "Web Forms" for defining the user interface in business processes. It's based on standards such as XHTML, CSS and JavaScript and allows business analysts and developers to create an end-user interface by just using the browser.
There are three approaches that can be employed when designing web forms:
Form-First: You can follow a "Form-First" approach where you create the form first before any (more...)

Oracle Cloud Platform Test Drive March 8th 2017 Oslo Norway


Invitasjon til Hands-On PaaS og IaaS Workshop

imageOracle og Sysco inviterer til Cloud Test Drive: PaaS og IaaS hands-on workshop. Vi tror på bedre læring ved å prøve ut  tjenestene i praksis, og har plukket ut en knippe tjenester som er relevante innenfor integrasjon, prosess, Java og mobil.

Seminaret passer for alle, og kanskje ekstra godt for arkitekter og de på forretningssiden som ønskerå få et godt overblikk. Ingen ekspertise eller erfaring kreves – ta (more...)

What’s New With Oracle Certification – February 2017

Stay up to date with the Oracle Certification Program, view exams released into production, get information on current promotions, and learn about new program announcements below.

Exam Updates:

Coming soon in production.

1Z0-338 | Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Cloud Service 2017 Implementation Essentials

1Z0-342 | JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Financial Management 9.2 Implementation Essentials

1Z0-343 | JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Distribution 9.2 Implementation Essentials

1Z0-345 | Oracle Policy Automation Cloud Service 2017 Implementation Essentials


IoT Cloud Service Real Time Analytics: From Sensor Data to Business Value by Luc Bors


This session will show you how to use Oracle IoT Cloud Service for Real Time Analytics. You'll learn how to connect devices to the IoT Cloud Service and how to display sensor data from those devices in a web application. You'll also learn how to use the stream explorer analytics capability of IoT Cloud Service to analyze the data that is retrieved from devices connected to Oracle IoT Cloud Service, including how to implement stream (more...)

EECS – Oracle Exadate Express Cloud Service, Step 3

Once you have defined your users for your Express Cloud Service, all users with the role of Database Developer or higher can access the database Service Console. From here all database related actions can be started.
The upper category, Web Access, brings you to the specified part of the APEX builder - more on that in the next post. In the lower category you can create database schema's. For our goal within smart4apex, I created (more...)

EECS – Oracle Exadata Express Cloud Service, Step 2

Once you get your services up and running, you can log into your domain - in this screenhot "smart4apex" - on the Oracle Cloud.
Then you'll end up in the "My Services" dashboard. As I have only one, my dashboard looks quite clean, showing just this widget:
Just a few remarks for the designers of this: I am very curious why there is an extra "(Number of ..." in the chart title. The same (more...)

Oracle Cloud Platform Test Drive March 22nd in Madrid and March 23rd in Barcelona

Avanttic - Oracle Cloud Plarform Test Drive (Madrid, 22-03-17 - Barcelona, 23-03-17)

Evento: Hands-on para explorar los nuevos servicios de Oracle en la nube

El Cloud ha llegado para quedarse y sabemos que su departamento de IT escogerá la manera más óptima de acceder a él. Nuestro objetivo es enseñarle cómo combinar las tecnologías on-premise con herramientas nacidas en Cloud, para conseguir una arquitectura híbrida que le proporcione lo mejor de ambos mundos.

Por este motivo avanttic y Oracle hemos organizado una sesión práctica, a través de (more...)

10 CLOUD Application Development Trends for the Future

The modern world is about using services on the fly, reusing and focusing on the tasks at hand.

If you're starting your own business with a great idea, your focus should be on developing the idea - not on the surrounding operational challenges.

Here are the steps you would take: 

First, you would look for infrastructure on lease and pay for the use, interiors and infrastructure. You would then decide how the business runs and (more...)

Performing in the cloud – network latency

To me, ‘cloud computing’ is renting a compute resource to perform a task. In order to use that compute resource, you need to instruct it to do something, which is typically done via the network. If the task the compute resource needs to fulfil is being an application server or being a client or both in the case of an application server that uses an Oracle database, the network latency between the client of the (more...)

Oracle licensing in the cloud and what the recent changes mean for you?

At the end of January 2017, Oracle updated its Licensing Oracle Software in the Cloud Computing Environment Document, which effectively removed the core factor 0.5 for Intel and instead made it 1:1, doubled the licensing costs overnight!

For reference, the old document for reference can be found here.

You can image this caused a major stir on Social Media, where my friend Tim Hall posts on this topic became very hot!  You can read them (more...)

First steps using the Oracle Exadata Express Cloud Service

The Oracle Exadata Express Cloud Service was announced at Oracle Open World 2016. This service looks like an excellent use case for Oracle Database development purposes as well as setting up a test environment. And even for small to medium sized production situations it looks very promising as you can see in the table below. Especially the cheapest option offers a lot of bang for your bucks.
But alas, this service was not as widely (more...)

The Delphix Trial on AWS- Get It While Its HOT!

I don’t want to alarm you, but there’s a new Delphix trial on AWS!  It uses your own AWS account and with a simple set up, allows you to deploy a trial Delphix environment.  Yes, you hear me right-  just with a couple steps, you could have your own setup to work with Delphix!

There’s documentation to make it simple to deploy, simple to understand and then use (more...)

Getting the most out of your Oracle database processor license in the cloud – if you dare…

Following up on the the Oracle doubled the costs for database licenses on MS Azure and partly on AWS post, I wondered with which setup on which cloud provider you would get the most bang out of an Oracle SE2 database processor license and what the recent change in Oracle licensing means especially for Azure users.

I’ve done an overly simple CPU benchmark test against Azure, AWS and Oracle cloud instances to get a rough (more...)

Oracle’s Cloud Licensing Change : Be Warned!

Over the last couple of years I’ve been doing talks about running Oracle databases in the cloud. In both my talks and articles I refer to the Licensing Oracle Software in the Cloud Computing Environment document. This morning I was reading a post on the Oak Table mailing list and someone* mentioned the document had been updated on 23-Jan-2017 and contained two rather interesting changes.

The Good

The document now explicitly mentions the difference between (more...)

DBaaS Performance

I don’t know how I missed it but Randolf Geist has been doing writing a series of posts on the performance of Oracle’s DBaaS offering, using a series of long-running tests to capture not only raw performance figures but also an indication of consistency. You can find all of these tests with a search URL on his blog, but I’ve also created a little index here to make it easier for me to access (more...)