Oracle Process Cloud Services advanced form validation and control

In my previous blogpost I explained how forms in PCS are created and what basic options are available. Now I would like to go deeper into the details of rules and business objects.

Let’s start with rules.

The form canvas has a row of tiny buttons in the top right. The left one switches between rules and the form itself. Click that and the canvas changes to the list of rules (if already created). A new (more...)

Creating and editing forms in Process Cloud Service

For who is PCS?

Oracle Process Cloud Service is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) offering which centers around designing and managing (stand alone) business processes in the cloud. The focus is once again on business analysts and other non-technical people to automate business processes. Oracle has keyed them “citizen developers”. One of the features is the option to create forms that fulfill the “human task” interaction in the BPM process.

A walkthrough for creating (more...)

Thomas Kurian PaaS Oracle OpenWorld 2016 keynote summery

During Oracle OpenWorld 2016 keynote Thomas Kurian showcased the Oracle IaaS, PaaS and SaaS portfolio in many live demos. Some of the highlights include key PaaS solutions:


Slides and demos will become available for partners via the communities in the next weeks. Please see partner community details. below.

Want to try the Oracle PaaS Service?

Slides Available – End-to-End Cloud: Oracle Java Cloud, Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, Oracle MAF, and Oracle JET [CON2388]

I have completed my OOW'16 session [CON2388] today. For those of you who could not attend it, check slides online (I will post sample code later, read more about the session here):

The #1 Open Source Database Now Available in Oracle Cloud

We're very excited to announce the General Availability of Oracle MySQL Cloud Service! Oracle MySQL Cloud Service allows you to accelerate innovation and to rapidly, securely and cost-effectively develop & deploy modern applications powered by the world’s most... [Read More]

Now Available! New Courses, Learning Subscriptions and Certifications for September 2016

On a monthly basis, Oracle University releases new and updated training and certifications to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

This includes a growing portfolio of Oracle Cloud courses and certifications, as well as new Oracle Learning Subscriptions.

The following represents a sample of recently released training and certifications that we anticipate will be popular.

Now is a great time to enhance your skills or pursue new skill sets to empower your career.

New (more...)

Publishing applications to Application Container Cloud Service from Oracle Storage Cloud

This weekend, while preparing for a demo during Oracle OpenWorld 2016, I found a for me new way of publishing a new [version of an]application to Application Container Cloud: through Storage Cloud. The application archive – zip or tar – can be stored on Storage Cloud and the deployment to ACCS can be performed from Storage Cloud. I am not yet sure if this makes for a better automated workflow. What it does give me (more...)

OOW16: Showcase Partner Spotlight – Zimbra

Only few days left to  Oracle OpenWorld, San Francisco, Sept. 18-22? We have great line up of sessions and hands-on labs happening. See all the sessions here.

This year we are very excited to have 8 partners showcasing their solutions at the Oracle Linux, Virtualization and OpenStack Showcase at Oracle Openworld.  Our showcase area will feature partner and Oracle pods as well as Mini theatre where partners will present their solutions. We have (more...)

PaaS & Middleware Partner YouTube Update September 2016

The September edition of the PaaS & Middleware Partner Update contains three key topics:

· Oracle OpenWorld 2016 tips

· PaaS Sales Cheat Sheets

· SOA & BPM Partner Community Webcasts September 27th 2016

For regular updates please subscribe to our YouTube channel here. For the latest SOA & BPM Partner Community information please visit our Community update wiki here (Community membership required)

SOA & BPM Partner Community

For regular information on (more...)

ICS Update – On premise Agent now Available by Arturo Viveros


Hello appreciated readers, here's hoping to a fun and successful 2016 for you all!!

And for us Oracle FMW practitioners, there are some very exciting news to begin the year:
Yours truly has been following for a while the development and growth of Oracle's iPaaS platform: "Integration Cloud Service". And it's been a long wait, but at long last the ultra hyped On-Premise Agent has been released and is now available for all ICS subscriptions.

New Agent Simplifies Cloud to On-premises Integration by Bruce Tierney

clip_image002Oracle Integration Cloud Service has generated a lot of enthusiasm since the June 2015 Oracle PaaS launch by Larry Ellison.  A major reason for this enthusiasm was the introduction of simplicity to cloud integration...historically a complex process only possible by integration specialists.  We are very pleased to introduce to Integration Cloud Service this same level of simplicity to the integration of on-premises applications allowing for faster and easier integration of existing on-premises (more...)

Mobile & IoT Showcase @ OpenWorld Moscone South, #109


If you've been following Oracle's mobile (r)evolution, we've been trending some impressive growth and mobile chops worth bragging about. The recent updates to Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, with the addition of Oracle MAX codeless development, new Location Based Services, bringing highly granular contextual apps (Manchester Airports Groupcomes to mind) and helping extend existing Forms based apps to Mobile First apps (New York MTA), we're truly helping to mobilize our (more...)

Using Oracle Integration Cloud Service tutorial


When you subscribe to Oracle Integration Cloud Service, you also have the option to install an on-premises version of Oracle Integration Cloud Service in your local environment. This enables you to use on-premises Oracle Integration Cloud Service as a proxy server that sits between your internal company server hidden behind a fire wall and the cloud version of Oracle Integration Cloud Service. After installation, you can create users and assign roles to these users on (more...)

Agent for simplifying Integration between Cloud and On-Premises apps by Robert van Molken

clip_image001In the last few months I mentioned that Oracle is developing an Agent. The Agent easily integrates your on-premises application(s) with the Oracle Cloud Services. The Agent is rolling out on all production instances next week. It was publicly announced by Bruce Tierney on the 3rd of January. He is the Director of Product Marketing for Cloud Integration and SOA. You can read his announcement on the Oracle Integration blog.

In this first article about (more...)

The Cloud of Change – How IT Roles Will Look 5 Years Out

Written by Nicole Fornacon, Marketing Director, EMEA/APAC, Oracle University

It's the 2020s. You've commuted to the office in your titanium flying car, to be greeted by a robotic receptionist. You’ve traveled to your virtual, interactive desk which serves you a tall coffee and scans the morning's to-do list onto your retina.

Or maybe not.

Just as we're still waiting for the paperless office to arrive, the workplace of the foreseeable future will probably still (more...)

Are Cloudlets in Your Forecast?

Hyperscale public clouds are at the center of attention in the tech industry, and rightfully so, as they are the new normal for deploying many system-of-record applications – (more...)

NFRs are easy – what about your NFO’s?

You're used to working on your Non-Functional Requirements (NFR's) - we're used to worrying about how secure our systems are, how many users they will support, how resilient they are to the failure of a component. What we're not used to thinking about are Non-Functional Opportunities - (NFO's) what are the unforeseen benefits that the business will find when they use IT?

The cloud blows the non-functional requirement (NFR) out of the water. You want (more...)

First steps in deploying Node.js on Heroku

Recently, I used Heroku to deploy a website in the great wide open!
In this blogpost I want to tell about my first steps using Heroku, including the rookie mistakes I made: so you don’t have to make them.

Heroku in a nutshell:

“Heroku is a cloud platform that lets companies build, deliver, monitor and scale apps”
You can deploy your NodeJS application (or Rails or..) there with a simple git push.
The app (more...)

Oracle JET Hybrid Receiving Mobile Cloud Service Notification

Oracle JET Hybrid enabled with Cordova Push plugin can receive notifications sent from Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS). You should read how to setup infrastructure in this article - Your first Push notification based Oracle JET Hybrid application!. I will focus on implementation steps and will provide working sample app for download.

Sample JET hybrid application provides login functionality. During login we register device ID with MCS service, this allows to receive notifications:

After login (more...)

Saving money by understanding Oracle licensing, part 1

Oracle and licenses. The general feeling most of the time is that you pay too much for the use of the Oracle products, and it’s not always sure if you are compliant, because of the complexity of the rules. This – hopefully clarifying –  blog is part of a small series and is an updated blogpost of one I wrote a few years ago, published on my private website. Since then the (Oracle) world has (more...)