Oracle Cloud – DBaaS instance down for no apparent reason – (how archive log mode and storage shortage forced the instance to its knees)

My Oracle Public Cloud DBaaS instance did not respond. On closer investigation, it turned out to be down. Mounting the database ended with an ORA-3113 End of Communication Channel. Investigation of the startup log and the database alerts indicated that no new archive log files could be created. The DBaaS instance is in archive log mode – and has created quite a chunk of archive log files over the last few months – now causing (more...)

Microsites: Add a Map Component and Publish your Microsite

| Apr 13, 2016
When continuing to adding components to the website, I added a Map component. Open your component palette in the Sites Cloud and drag and drop the map component to your site.

To make sure the maps shows the right place, we need to add the location. The easiest way to do this is to go to google maps, click on the location you want to display in your map and copy that location.

Once copied, (more...)

Oracle Advanced Analytics in the Oracle Cloud

You have heard about the cloud? Right? Even the Oracle Cloud?

If you haven't, then maybe we need to look at how you can learn more about the Oracle Cloud.

Over the past while, and in the past few weeks in particular, Oracle has been advertising about how you can get a trail Oracle cloud service setup for FREE. Well it is free for one month when you set it up on the Oracle website (more...)

Enter the Exadata X6

Data is exploding and Exadata is catching up. With the proliferation of cloud technology and in-memory databases; Oracle Exadata X6-2 and X6-8 has it all. It seems to be an ideal platform for hyper-convergence for any data center running Oracle products.

Following are some of the salient features of Oracle X6:

  • The compute nodes have twenty two-core Intel Xeon E5-2699 v4 processors
  • The memory is DDR4 and of size 256Gb and it can be expanded (more...)

Oracle Management Cloud – IT Analytics

In this post I will give you a first glance of a demo environment of…

Oracle Management Cloud – The “Application Performance Monitoring” service

A while ago I created a first post about the Oracle Management Cloud ( #OMC…

Gear up for #AIOUG OTN Yathra’ 2016

Guys, AIOUG is back again with OTN Yathra’ 2016. It is a series of technology evangelist events organized by All India Oracle Users Group in six cities touring across the length and breadth of the country. It was my extreme pleasure to be the part of it in 2015 and I’m pleased to announce that … Continue reading

Microsites: Interact with DCS using the ipad app

| Apr 5, 2016
You can use the Oracle Documents ipad app to interact with the Documents Cloud Service. Go to the app store and search for ‘Oracle Documents’, you will find the Oracle Douments application, get and install the app to your ipad.

The app would like to send you notifications, after that you will also have to accept the License Agreement.

When the app starts up, you will get a quick tutorial to tell you the basics (more...)

Microsites: Start building your site in the Cloud!

| Mar 31, 2016
So after requesting the services, and installing the synchronization client, you can start building your site. When setting up the synchronization client I added some documents about my house, pictures, descriptions, maps, stuff like that.

Now with the help of Sites I will use the files that are synchronized to the Documents Cloud to start building a webpage about my house. After you login to your Cloud Services, go to the Service Console.

 Use the (more...)

Install the Documents Synchronization Client

| Mar 30, 2016
To synchronize your files with the Document Cloud Service, you can install a sync client. I mainly work on windows, so this blog will show you how to get the installer and show the progress of installing the client.

In your welcome e-mail there is a link to download the client, however for some reason that one did not work for me and showed me an error trying to install.

Luckily you can also download (more...)

Предложение века: как получить публичное облако Oracle Cloud в свой ЦОД

Автор: Нирав Мехта (Nirav Mehta), Вице-президент Oracle по развитию продуктов

Привлекательность облачных сервисов нельзя отрицать, а наступление облачной эры – остановить. Однако подавляющее число приложений не могут быть перенесены в публичное облако из-за законодательных ограничений, соображений безопасности данных, а также проблем, связанных с шириной, доступностью и надежностью каналов в Интернет.

Если словосочетание «частное облако» звучит для вас, как оксюморон, вы, скорее всего, не одиноки. Поставщики ИТ-решений сделали много попыток предложить «частное облако», то есть облако, (more...)

Aspectos legales de seguridad en Cloud

Como una persona que lleva tiempo en este mundo del Cloud para empresas y organismos públicos, uno de los aspectos que más suele preocupar a la hora de llevar cargas de trabajo a la nube son los aspectos legales en cuanto a protección de datos de carácter personal.

Quizás sea porque mi perfil es técnico y no legal, pero no deja de sorprenderme que cuando una empresa va a contratar servicios Cloud los aspectos legales (more...)

Introducing: Oracle Dynamic Hybrid Bundles

As more and more customers seek cloud solutions, partners must pivot their business to the cloud to meet these new customer requirements. To help our partners with this transformation, Oracle has introduced Oracle Dynamic Hybrid Bundles. These hybrid bundles are designed to help you drive growth in on-premise solutions and expand your cloud footprint all while receiving improved margins. Improve Your Profitability with Engineered Systems and Cloud – Learn More

La CNAF dématérialise la Prime d’Activité sur le Cloud Oracle : 11 millions de simulations pour près de 2 millions de bénéficiaires sur trois mois

La proposition de mesures d’aide sociale cesse d’être efficace lorsque la complexité du processus en éloigne les bénéficiaires. En simplifiant la demande de Prime d’Activité via le cloud, la CNAF transforme l’essai au profit des plus démunis.

Aide financière visant à encourager l’activité et à soutenir le pouvoir d’achat de travailleurs aux ressources modestes, le RSA Activité sert de complément aux salaires les plus bas. Face à la complexité du dispositif, seul (more...)

Enterprise Manager 13c And Database Backup Cloud Service

The Oracle Database Cloud Service allows for backup of an Oracle Database to the Oracle Cloud using Rman. Enterprise Manager 13c provides a very easy way to configure Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service. This post will walk you thru setup of the Oracle Database Backup Cloud service as well as running backups from EM.

There is a new menu Item to configure the Database Backup Cloud Service (DBCS) in the Backup & Recovery Drop down.


Oracle Fusion Middleware Forum 2016 in Valencia

The past week my colleague Patrick Sinke and myself attended the Oracle Fusion Middleware Forum 2016 in Valencia, Spain held from March 15th to March 18th. It was a week overloaded with information, networking and deep-dive workshops. We worked hard, learned a lot and had some fun once in a while as well. The event coinciding with the annual Las Fallas festival also helped with that last part :-)

In this blog I would like to (more...)

Node.js == serverside Javascript

A change is gonna come, that’s what Sam Cooke sang in 1964. I don’t know if he could have foreseen the major shifts in technology in our time, but it’s evidently that Javascript has become increasingly popular as a web language. First only at the client, but nowadays at the server side too. The more surprising if you realise that it’s nibbling at Java, once the ruler of  web backend applications. Well, ok, according to some (more...)

Accessing Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) REST from Postman

Do you want to test in your environment REST service running on Oracle MCS cloud? I have implemented public REST service hosted on Oracle MCS, you can call it from Postman application (Google Chrome extension).

Implemented use case - SOAP Connector in MCS is reading Stock Quote information for the company supplied in the request. Information is transformed by MCS Custom API (with Node.js) into REST structure and returned to the client through MCS (more...)

PeopleSoft on the Oracle Cloud – what does it mean?

There have been a few announcements over the last couple of weeks about the Oracle Public Cloud. But what does it actually mean for the PeopleSoft community?

What is Oracle Public Cloud?PeopleSoft in the Oracle Cloud

The Oracle Public Cloud is Oracle’s competitor to the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers that have swiftly risen to create a whole industry that didn’t exist 10 years ago. Because they’re the market leader (by far) everyone automatically thinks of Amazon, however (more...)

Hello Noida-Are You Attending Oracle Cloud Day….

Are you living and/or working in Noida or any place near to it? Do you happen to work with Oracle technologies especially database and it’s related ones? Are you curious to understand technically about Oracle’s Cloud Computing services? Well, then you must attend,

Oracle Cloud Day 26th March 2016

In a first of it’s kind event happening at Oracle’s Noida office, would be bringing you the information about three different aspects of Oracle’s Cloud services-Oracle (more...)