Oracle Mobile Cloud Service is available

Oracle Mobile Cloud Service provides the services you need to develop a comprehensive strategy for mobile app development and delivery. It provides everything you need to establish an enterprise mobile strategy using innovative, persona-based tools and services. Designed to accelerate agility, speed time to market and simplify enterprise mobility while reducing costs, Oracle Mobile Cloud Service helps developers define mobile APIs and build mobile apps that connect to enterprise systems quickly and securely. It provides (more...)

Process Data Definition by Red Maveriks

clip_image002Processes transform inputs (data) into outputs (data)

We have our BPMN process and if we only want to document our process, this is almost all the work we’ll need to do. However, Akino Fishing Co. wants to not only document, but also automate and execute the processes. For that, we need to define our process data.

A process governs data transformation

Process data refers to the entities that the process manipulates, or interacts with, during (more...)

Oracle Sales Cloud is a Dynamic Force at Oracle OpenWorld 2015

OpenWorld is returning to San Francisco–October 25-29, 2015!

Customer Experience (CX) will take over Moscone West 2nd floor this year, and Oracle Sales Cloud is excited to present this year’s lineup of customer experience sessions and demonstrations for sales professionals.

Learn about the newest enhancements or get the latest product demonstrations from the product management and sales consulting teams.

Visit Sales―CX Central@OpenWorld for details. All Oracle Sales Cloud sessions will take place in rooms 2003 (more...)

Getting Started with BPM: Free Oracle University Video Tutorials by Bob Rhubart

clip_image001Want to sharpen your BPM skills? Settle in for an educational video binge these free tutorials from Oracle University:

Getting Started with BPM - Episode 1: BPMN Overview [40 minutes]
  Meera Srinivasan, Director of Product Management for Oracle Business Process Management Suite, explains how Oracle BPM Suite uses BPMN models for process design and analysis. She then describes the four major groups of BPMN constructs: activities, gateways, events, and subprocesses.

Getting Started with BPM (more...)

Want to become a certified Mobile Expert? free training material available

clip_image001Enterprise Mobility delivers the most advanced solution for developing and securing mobile applications, data and cloud-based services. It is critical for enterprises to ensure that users are connected via any device to enterprise applications. Oracle Enterprise Mobility addresses this challenge by allowing developers to create more compelling user experiences and deliver them securely to mobile devices.

Free training material and free online training is available at our WebLogic Community Workspace (WebLogic Community membership required (more...)

Making the Business Case for BPM/SOA by Avio

Business Process Management (BPM) and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) provide enterprise-level IT environments the benefits of flexibility, versatility, and a relative ease-of-use that makes BPM attractive to business managers and SOA to IT executives.
BPM has become the go-to solution for optimizing a wide range of business processes and improving an organization’s efficiency and agility. BPM’s popularity is due in large part to the way it can seamlessly integrate a variety of human, document, and system-based (more...)

Free advertisement for Oracle partners – all details about Solutions Catalog & Cloud Marketplace – join our Webcast today August 25th 16:00 CET

Attend our August edition of the SOA & BPM Partner Community Webcast live on August 25th 2015 16:00 CET.

Takane Aizeki, Worldwide Alliances and Channels at Oracle Corporation, will present all details about Oracle Solutions Catalog:


Visit the registration page here.

Call ID: 5566478 Call Passcode: 333111

Austria: +43 (0) 192 865 12
Belgium: +32 (0) 240 105 28
Denmark: +45 327 292 22
Finland: +358 (0) 923 193 923
France: (more...)

Business Process Management Suite 12c Essentials Exam is available

Business Process Management Suite 12c Essentials Exam (1Z1-435) is available. This certification covers topics such as: BPMN process modeling, adaptive case management, simulation, business rules, human workflow, human task forms, process analytics, BPM Workspace, Security and Administration. It qualifies as competency criteria for the Oracle Business Process Management 12c specialization.
In order to prepare for this exam, you can check-out the Oracle Business Process Management Suite 12c Essentials Exam Study Guide

SOA & (more...)

IoT Hackathon by eProseed September 15th & 16th Utrecht Netherlands

clip_image002[4]The Internet of Things (IoT) is all the buzz in the consumer space. Whether your clock tells your coffee maker to start, an alert that a meeting is delayed automatically figures out a new time to adjust your alarm, or your phone controlling both access and the temperature of your house, the idea of everything being connected is here to stay. But, what does it mean for the enterprise?

Whether you are new to IoT (more...)

Partner Briefing Series: Oracle Platform as a Service (PaaS) to Extend Software as a Service (SaaS)

Oracle Product Development team is pleased to invite your practice to a series of 7 Oracle PaaS to Extend Oracle SaaS web conference briefings for Enterprise Architects, Solution Leads, AppsTech and Middleware Consultants. Participants will learn about the key Cloud Services that are part of Oracle Cloud Platform and how to leverage those to extend Oracle Cloud Applications. These online sessions will consist of live presentation, demo and Q&A.
What will we cover:

Briefing 1: (more...)

PaaS: Oracle Mobile Cloud Service Implementation Workshops for EMEA Partners

We are pleased to invite your Mobile and Service Developers, Solution Architects, and Technology Consultants to a 2-days Oracle Mobile Cloud Service Implementation Workshop. Some of the workshops can be attended either InClass or Remotely (avoiding travel time and costs).

These Invite-Only hands-on workshops will be delivered by Oracle Development at No-Fee to Partners.

A workshop consists of live presentations, live demos, and hands-on laboratory exercises.

IMPORTANT: These workshops are available to selected Oracle (more...)

Extending the Weblogic Console by adding Books, Pages and Portlets by Peter van Nes

In this video is demonstrated how you can customize the weblogic console by adding Books, Pages and Porlets displaying SLA Information related to the domain.


Watch the video here.

WebLogic Partner Community

For regular information become a member in the WebLogic Partner Community please visit: ( OPN account required). If you need support with your account please contact the Oracle Partner Business Center.

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My private corner The OOW15 Triathlon

clip_image002Organic community events have been on the rise for the last few years at Oracle OpenWorld (OOW). If you will be at OOW this year, come join the fun (and crazy).

On Saturday October 24th, go on a bike tour guided by Oracle's PL/SQL and Cycling Guru, Bryn Llewellyn.

Since either Facebook or Storify isn't cooperating very nicely right now, I'm putting the Event Link & Visit the event page here.

SOA & BPM Partner (more...)

Continuous Delivery of Fusion Middleware applications with FlexDeploy by Eugene Fedorenko

clip_image002Any IT organization sooner or later has to deal with such thing as Continuous Delivery (CD). They realize that there are various environments such as development, QA, support, UAT, production, etc. and there are a number of different systems working in those environments. At some point managing all that stuff manually becomes just impossible and should be automated. There is a plenty of available tools on the market allowing you to automate build and deploy (more...)

Enterprise Manager (EM), WebLogic 12c Demo at GSE

clip_image002First please request access to our middleware GSE demo systems here

Global Sales Engineering (GSE) is proud to announce the availability of both the EM Cloud Control 12c Framework Administration SV2 (Sales Version 2) demo and the EM Cloud Control 12c WLS (WebLogic Server) Provisioning and Patching SV2 demo. These two related product demos showcase the latest plug-in releases for Database & Fusion Middleware.

Highlights of each demo

Framework Administration Demo

BPEL – Performance optimization of payload transformations within loops by Alexander Daeubler

clip_image002In a recent project (developed using SOA Suite 11g) one of the requirements was to filter out certain lines of an order as these lines should not be forwarded to the business partners. In a first version we looped over all lines of the order and used a transformation activity within the loop to add each line to the response element. In case the line should not be added to the response we just ignored (more...)

Podcast Show Notes: Docker and Virtualization


The latest OTN ArchBeat Podcast series features a four-part discussion of Docker and Virtualization.

The genesis for this program was a blog post about Docker on Oracle Fusion Middleware architect Mark Nelson’s RedStack blog, a post Mark co-wrote with fellow Fusion Middleware architects Edwin Biemond and Joel Nation.

Mark and Edwin are panelists for this discussion, as are Fusion Middleware architect Jim Clark, Oracle ACE Director and Fusion Middleware expert Lucas Jellema, CTO of AMIS (more...)

A Word About Microservice Architectures and SOA by Luis Augusto Weir

clip_image002In this article I will talk about my first conclusions and my point of view regarding Microservice Architectures. As there is still quite a lot of confusion and debate out there on this topic, I will try to describe with my own words what Microservice Architecture is, how does it differ from typical Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) and what design principles and practices governs it.
What is a Microservice Architecture?
In the article (more...)

WebLogic Partner Community Newsletter August 2015

Demos are key as part of the sales process. You as a partner can use the same demo systems that Oracle pre-sales experts use every day. Demos for both PaaS and on-premises are available including sample applications and demo scripts. Some demo highlights include JCS, MCS or WebLogic 12c. Therefore a GSE demo credentials are mandatory for all community members.

Once again EMEA is leading the global OPN Specialization program with more than 50% of (more...)

Responding in Real-Time with Big Data By Mala Ramakrishnan

| Aug 4, 2014

For an organization to respond in real-time it needs to acquire or develop systems
that can respond in real-time. Such systems need to be able to rapidly
determine that a response is required and determine also what the
appropriate and relevant response should be – they need to decide when
and how to act. These kinds of decision-making systems are known as
Decision Management Systems. To ensure that a response is delivered in
real-time, more (more…)