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Proactive Bundle Patches – Change reflected now in MOS as well

Now the Known Isuses and Alerts and Recommended Patches Notes in MOS reflect the naming and classification change of the different types of patches as well. See in: MOS Note:1683799.1 - Patch Set - Availability and Known Issues We don't speak about Bundle Patches for Exadata and DBIM anymore... [Read More]

Node-oracledb 1.10.1 Released to NPM

| Jul 20, 2016
We've pushed out a patch release of node-oracledb to GitHub and NPM. It has a bind fix that didn't land in time for 1.10.0. A memory leak regression with REF CURSORs was also fixed, as was a pre-existing memory leak in the unexpected case of a REF CURSOR failure. The changes in node-oracledb 1.10.1 are: Fixed a... [Read More]

MySQL Partner Quarterly Update – July 2016

Great news: the latest MySQL Partner Update is here.

Stay up to date with the latest news on events and products, discover MySQL sales opportunities, check out the newest case studies, learn about upcoming trainings and events, and have all resources at your fingertips.

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Oracle Database INTERVAL Partitioning and Virtual Columns

I bumped into this issue recently which prevents you INSERTING a date of 31-12-9999 into an INTERVAL partitioned table due to the fact that the LESS THAN partition value would be larger than an Oracle Date. After speaking with Jeff Moss he mentioned that we might be able to get round the problem by using a virtual

Oracle Database Interval Partition Set Up Script

This script is used to set up the test table for the following blog posts: Oracle Database INTERVAL Partitioning Date Error With 31-12-9999 Oracle Database INTERVAL Partitioning and Virtual Columns [crayon-578913d2a047f830082062/]  

Oracle Database INTERVAL Partitioning Date Error With 31-12-9999

You may have seen the below error when using dates at the extremes with an Oracle Database. This post focuses on the scenario where you’re inserting a high date, such as 31-12-9999 into an INTERVAL partitioned table. High dates such as this are often used in warehouse environments where from and to dates are specified

Learn About Exadata Database Machine 12 c through Oracle Training

Oracle Exadata provides the highest-performing and most-available infrastructure for running Oracle Database, whether it’s in the Oracle Cloud, on premises, or a combination of both.

Oracle Exadata architecture features a scale-out design with industry-standard servers and intelligent storage, including state-of-the-art flash technology and a high-speed InfiniBand internal fabric.

This architecture provides 100 percent Oracle Database portability from on premises to Oracle Public Cloud and back.

Oracle (more...)

Node-oracledb 1.10 has Enhanced Metadata

| Jul 8, 2016
Top feature: Enhanced Metadata The changes in node-oracledb 1.10 are: Enhanced query metadata thanks to a Pull Request from Leonardo. He kindly allowed us to take over and fine tune the implementation. Additional metadata for query and REF CURSOR columns is available in the metaData... [Read More]

Global Temporary Tables – Change in Oracle 12c

A few weeks back I was copied on an email conversation about a important change with Global Temporary Tables (GTT) in Oracle Database 12c.  Something you need to be aware of when using GTTs in Oracle Database to this release GTTs shared statistics between sessions. Statistics were SHARED between... [Read More]

Speed up Upgrade Phase 65 with a new catuposb.sql

Credits to Chris Smids from Proximus in Belgium Thanks, Chris!!! Upgrade to Oracle is slow in phase: #65 ? You are wondering why phase: #65 of the database upgrade to Oracle Database takes quite a while. You dig down into the catupgrd0.log and recognized this statement taking a... [Read More]

Full Transportable Export/Import – Things to Know

This blog post is an addition to: Full Transportable Export/Import - Migration an database to Oracle Database 12c - into the Oracle Cloud Seth Miller commented the pitfall of having a serious issue during the Data Pump run, Data Pump exiting and not finishing, and you'll have to do the... [Read More]

What’s New in Oracle Certification – July

Stay up to date with the Oracle Certification Program, view exams released into production, get information on current promotions or learn about new program announcements below.

Achieve Your Next Certification with NEW Exams

Oracle Java Cloud Service Certified Associate | 1Z0-161

Oracle Database Cloud Service | 1Z0-160

Beta Exam – Coming Soon!

Oracle Exadata X5 Administration | 1Z1-070

Take the Next Step in Your Java Career

Now is the time to advance your Java skills (more...)

Introducing NEW Entry Level Oracle Database Appliance

On June 21, 2016, Oracle announced two new models of Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) which bring all the performance and reliability of Oracle’s Engineered Systems to small and mid-sized partners for the first time.

Read more about these new offerings.

Howto create a private 10 Gb network on an ODA X5-2

In my previous post Network considerations on an ODA X5-2 I described a solution where I created a private network to optimize network performance between the components running on an Oracle Database Appliance. I am talking about a Virtualized setup in this article, and rebuilding the second pair of public interfaces to become a private network bond, in order to get a faster connection between the virtual machines.

In this article I will describe the (more...)

Create a Simple Cassandra Cluster With 3 Nodes

Apache Cassandra™ is a massively scalable open source NoSQL database. Cassandra is built from day 1 to be clustered to tick the usual clustering boxes; no single point of failure, and capacity and throughput scales with cluster size. This guide will look at creating a three node basic cluster within a single data centre. It is assumed

Install DataStax Cassandra 3 on Debain/ Ubuntu

The following process will install the DataStax distribution of Cassandra on any Debian based system, such as Debian or Ubuntu. We’ll use the official DataStax apt repositories to install Cassandra using apt-get. Cassandra is written in Java and the latest version (at the time of writing) of Cassandra requires Java 8. You can use either OpenJDK or

Full Transportable Export/Import – Migrating an database to Oracle Database 12c- into the Oracle Cloud

Full Transportable Export/Import - one of the coolest features in Oracle Database 12c  We blogged about Full Transportable Export/Import a while back. It is - no doubt - one of the coolest features in Oracle Database 12c. And it is part of our Hands-On Lab exercise (Hands On Lab - Upgrade,... [Read More]

Top Reason I’ve Learned Everyone Should Use Delphix- Week 2

I’ve been going through some SERIOUS training in just over a week.  This training has successfully navigated the “Three I’s”, as in its been Interesting, Interactive and Informative.  The offerings are very complete and the knowledge gained is limitless.

I’d also like to send a shout out to Steve Karam, Leighton Nelson and everyone else at Delphix who’s had a hand in designing the training, (more...)

Network considerations on an ODA X5-2

When you buy an Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) X5-2 off the shelve, you will get a machine with four times 10Gb copper Ethernet (bonded into two interfaces) for public communication and two 40Gb InfiniBand (bonded into one interface) for interconnect communication between the two ODA_BASE’s. You would think that should be more than enough. Well in most cases it is. The interconnect running through InfiniBand is stunning for RAC and the public interface should be (more...)