DMU – Tips and Tricks – Migration Assistant for Unicode

Please find previous posts about the Data Migration Assistant for Unicode (DMU) here: We included the DMU into our slide deck a while ago:Upgrade, Migrate & Consolidate to Oracle Database 12c. DMU 2.1 is available (June 2, 2015) ... [Read More]

Using Oracle on OS X? Instant Client 12.1 is here

| May 29, 2016
Oracle Instant Client 12.1 for OS X was just released and is now available for free download from OTN for 32-bit and 64-bit applications. Instant Client provides libraries and tools for connecting to Oracle Database. Among other uses, languages such as C, Python, PHP, Ruby, Perl and Node.js can use Instant Client for... [Read More]

Unleashing BMC Remedy 9 performance and scalability on Oracle Solaris and SPARC Servers

BMC shares the amazing results of a 10,000 concurrent users’ workload on BMC Remedy ITSM Suite 9.0 SP1 using Oracle 12c database with large data volume, running on Oracle SPARC T5 servers with Oracle Solaris 11 in this blog.

Transportable Tablespaces – Characters Sets – Same same but different?

All credits go to Don Wolf, an Oracle Advanced Customer Support engineer from Ohio as he dug out this information Thanks Don! Do database character sets have to match EXACTLY for Transportable Tablespaces? That sounds like a simple question. When you look into our big slide deck the answer will be a straight... [Read More]

Video : Indexing JSON Data in Oracle Database 12c

Following on from last week’s post, today’s video is about indexing JSON data in Oracle Database 12c.

If videos aren’t your thing, you might want to read these articles, which the videos are based on.

The cameo in this video (more...)

Technical Training Webcast: Next Generation Oracle Database Appliance

This webcast is a technical training designed for Oracle Channel SC's, Channel Partner SE's, Architects, etc.

This is a pre-launch technical training which will provide information on the new ODA X6-2 products.

We have three sessions available to join the training:

MOS Note:136697.1 – New HCHECK.SQL for Oracle Database 12c

A while back we added this slide to our big slide deck: The story behind this slide A large and important customer in the US tested a patch set upgrade - but when they approached the production upgrade from to on a large RAC cluster they've had to cancel the attempt and revert to the... [Read More]

Partner Webcast – Oracle Database In-Memory: Accelerate Business

Join us on this webcast and see how the Oracle Database In-Memory option with a flip of the switch, no application changes, drastically improves the response times on your existing Oracle Database queries.


  • Database In-Memory Overview
  • Identifying Objects In-Memory
  • Populating Objects In-Memory Column Store
  • Querying Object In-Memory
  • Database In-Memory Scaling out Solutions
  • Database In-Memory Use Cases
  • Summary Q&A
  • Rhine Singh – DB&O IMC Consultant – AxizWorkgroup - Oracle Partner Hub Migration (more...)

Node-oracledb 1.9.1 with Promises and Node 6 Support is on NPM

| May 18, 2016
Top features: Promise support. Node 6 support. The new node-oracledb 1.9.1 release adds Promise support, it now supports the new Node 6 (as well as previous releases), and it has some welcome stability fixes. Other nice goodies are mentioned below. Thanks to everyone who gave feedback on our 1.9.0 development... [Read More]

Video : JSON Support in Oracle Database 12c

Today’s video is a sprint through some of the JSON support in Oracle Database 12c.

If videos aren’t your thing, you might want to read these instead.

The cameo in this video comes courtesy of Yves Colin, who I’ll see again (more...)

#DBADev (Ops), who knows what is going on…

I have been considering writing this article for quite some time now.
APEX Connect 2016 in Germany’s capital Berlin and the DOAG Database days have finally persuaded me to talk more about #DBADev, let me explain why…

Whenever in the stone age…

During my career as DBA, I was always working closely together with Oracle Forms & Reports developers. In retrospect, the cooperation in that time was remarkable.
These Forms & Reports developers had always (more...)

Upgrade NOW! – OTN Interview at Collaborate16

Thanks again to Laura for this interview at Collaborate 2016 :-)

Why you need to Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c - NOW!


[Read More]

Are BPs. PSUs and Proactive BPs cumulative?

Are Bundle Patches (BPs) and Patch Set Updates (PSUs) cumulative? That is a question sounding trivial to many people but actually it does get asked quite often. And sometimes I forget to mention this during the workshops - and luckily usually somebody asks the question reminding me to explain it. Yes, Bundle... [Read More]

Can I apply a BP on top of a PSU? Or vice versa?

Can I apply a Bundle Patch on top of a Patch Set Update?  This question was in my inbox this morning raised by a customer via a colleague.Our feeling said: Yes, but you'll have to deinstall the PSU first before applying the BP. Having a feeling is one thing, knowing the truth is better. And as I have so much... [Read More]

Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c: We don’t insist :-)

It's so funny - for years I discuss with customers minimal downtime upgrade strategies back and forth, up and down. I saw DBAs really hunting to save a few seconds potential downtime - and I always take this serious as there is usually a real reason behind that. Just to learn a few days later by repeating experience... [Read More]

Incremental Statistics Collection in Oracle – A True Story

Recently I came across a really interesting customer case in the UK dealing with Incremental Statistics Collection issues in regards to an upgrade to Oracle Database This is the follow-up blog post to:  Incremental Statistics Collection in Oracle - Upgrade Pitfalls (Apr 27....... [Read More]

Incremental Statistics Collection in Oracle – Upgrade Pitfalls

A while back I blogged already about Incremental Statistics collection in Oracle Database  Incremental Statistics Collection Improved in Oracle Database 12c - Nov 13, 2014 And you'll find more...... [Read More]

MOS Note 1454618.1: Quick Reference to Database PSUs, CPUs, BPs and Patchsets

Sometimes my mouse arm gets tired by clicking myself through MOS notes just to download a specific PSU or BP - and as I experiment a lot with PSUs and BPs right now I clicked a lot in the past days and nights.  Usually I'd start with either MOS Note:161818.1 - then click on the release link (e.g. 12.1.0.x)... [Read More]

Continuous Delivery and the Oracle database (III)

In this series of blogs about Continuous Delivery and the Oracle database, I describe how to automate deployments (installations). In the previous two Blogs I have described the tools and techniques used to create and install migration scripts.

In this Blog I will describe the ‘(un)happy flow’ for a database deployment: what to do if the deployment (installation) is correct (the ‘happy flow’) and what to do if it goes wrong (the ‘unhappy flow’)?


Oracle Cloud – DBaaS instance down for no apparent reason – (how archive log mode and storage shortage forced the instance to its knees)

My Oracle Public Cloud DBaaS instance did not respond. On closer investigation, it turned out to be down. Mounting the database ended with an ORA-3113 End of Communication Channel. Investigation of the startup log and the database alerts indicated that no new archive log files could be created. The DBaaS instance is in archive log mode – and has created quite a chunk of archive log files over the last few months – now causing (more...)