Oracle 12c VirtualBox VM

Just a quick note to highlight that the Oracle pre-built Developer VMs have been updated for Oracle 12c.

Oracle pre-built Developer VMs

Oracle Fixes The 4k SPFILE Problem…But It’s Still Broken

As anyone familiar with the use of Oracle on Advanced Format storage devices will know to their cost, Oracle has had some difficulties implementing support of 4k devices. Officially, support for devices with a 4096 byte sector size was introduced in Oracle 11g Release 2 (see section of the New Features Guide) but actually, if the truth be told, there were some holes.

(Before reading on, if you aren’t sure (more...)

Different Approach for DB Constraint Error Handling in ADF

Let's be honest - no matter how developer friendly and stable validation rules support would be in ADF BC, there will be always use cases when validation logic will be executed directly in DB, by check constraints for example. There is one problem in ADF, when validation logic is executed by DB check constraints. As there will be error received in doDML, while posting row and violating check constraint - transaction will stop and no (more...)

Evènement : Régionales 2014

9h30Introduction - Actualité Oracle
Oracle 12c Les nouvelles fonctionnalités• Optimiser vos consolidations de données avec Oracle Multitenant
• Maximiser la disponibilité de vos bases de données
• Automatiser la gestion du cycle de vie de vos informations
Database Innovation : l'innovation au service de vos données• Big Data : comment gérer la croissance de l'information ?
• Database Security : protéger vos information vitales
• Database as (more...)

Oracle Database 11gR2 ( installation on Oracle Linux 6.4

In this post, I’m installing the Oracle Database 11g Release 2 ( software on Oracle Linux 6.4, along with optional instructions on how to apply the latest Patch Set Update (PSU) to your new Oracle home. First and foremost, before you start, make sure your Linux server meets the minimum hardware requirements: 1GB of RAM (plus


Complément : Provisioning en Self service & Multi-tenant

OSD-04400: unable to acquire internal semaphore for process and OS 183 (Windows)

I hit the following problem with a database running on Windows 2003 this morning (info pulled from the alert log).  The database had failed to restart after a client’s cold backup process ALTER DATABASE MOUNT Wed Jan 15 22:32:08 2014 ORA-09341: scumnt: unable to mount database OSD-04400: unable to acquire internal semaphore for process


Evènement : Sessions techniques Enterprise Manager

Deux sessions techniques autour d' Oracle Enterprise Manager sont planifiées prochainement :
- 15 mars : Middleware Management
- 2 avril : Database as a Service

Exadata Storage Server Version Released

Oracle has released the much-anticipated version of cellsrv compatible with Oracle Database (patch #16980054). Before thinking about upgrading, read MOS note #1571789.1 carefully.  Unless you are planning to run database 12c on your Exadata, it would be advisable to continue down the 11.2 branch (more...)

Oracle Announces Exadata X4-2

Today, Oracle announced the Exadata X4-2 model.  The X4 has some considerable improvements, namely:

  • 12-core Intel Xeon e5-2697 CPUs, up from the 8-core models found in the X3-2 (hello, database licenses!)
  • 256GB RAM per database server, upgradeable to 512GB
  • 96GB RAM per storage server
  • 800GB Sun Flash F80 cards (more...)

Evènement : Consolidation & réduction des coûts

Pour découvrir OVCA (Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance) et ODA (Oracle Database Appliance), rendez-vous le 17 décembre prochain .


OSP #2c: Build a Standard Platform from the Bottom-Up

This is the fourth of twelve articles in a series called Operationally Scalable Practices. The first article gives an introduction and the second article contains a general overview. In short, this series suggests a comprehensive and cogent blueprint to best position organizations and DBAs for growth.

This article – building (more...)

Evènement : Workshop Enterprise Manager 12c

Read consistency overhead

SQL performance can degrade for many reasons, some of most common are:
- plan changes
- data skewness
- low caching efficiency
- data growth
- contention.

All these factors are relatively well known. A somewhat less common, although not exceptionally rare scenario, is read consistency overhead due to concurrent (more...)

Complément : Database as a Service Snap Clone

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c permet aux utilisateurs, via une interface self service, de créer des copies des bases de données en quelques minutes en utilisant la technologie "copy-on-write".

Découvrez cette solution en suivant le webcast du 3 décembre : Database Cloning in Minutes using Enterprise Manager 12c Database as a (more...)

DB12c – ORA-29548

Last Post, I have updated java to version 7 on 12c Database. After that, I have recreated new database!
SQL> select dbms_java.get_jdk_version() from dual;
select dbms_java.get_jdk_version() from dual

Oracle Database 12c PRAGMA UDF and WITH clause enhancements

Here are two interesting enhancements in Oracle database 12c PL/SQL. PL/SQL subprogram defined using WITH clause of a subquery – Oracle database 12c allows PL/SQL declaration section in the WITH clause. One can define PL/SQL function or procedure into a WITH clause. Functions declared in the PL/SQL declaration section can (more...)

Exadata: disk level statistics

This is the fourth post on a serie of postings on how to get measurements out of the cell server, which is the storage layer of the Oracle Exadata database machine. Up until now, I have looked at the measurement of the kind of IOs Exadata receives, the latencies (more...)

Install Patch 17027533 on Multitenant (CDB/PDB)

Today, I got email about Critical Patch Update - October 2013. I found Oracle Patch for 12c Database. I checked some requirements.
OPatch requirement for October 2013:
- OPatch for Database PSU
- OPatch for GI PSU (more...)

Multitenant Self-Service Provisioning – Database Sizes

Why I try to post about Database Sizes on Oracle Multitenant Self-Service Provisioning. When I create New Database(PDB), I want other Maximum Storage sizes.
My idea is 500 GB and 2 TB... How to do? On "Self-Service Administration" - First, select "Self-Service System Configuration". Then select "Database Sizes".

Then, (more...)