$deleted$ tablespace names bug

This one turned out to be a an interesting bug the other day…

I did a simple select from DBA_TAB_PARTITIONS and noticed that some tablespace_names were of the form “_$deleted$n$m” where n and m are numbers. Slightly worrying, but at least the data was all present and correct, when I (more...)

No pruning for MIN/MAX of partition key column

Recently, I wanted to work out the maximum value of a column on a partitioned table. The column I wanted the maximum value for, happened to be the (single and only) partition key column. The table in question was range partitioned on this single key column, into monthly partitions for (more...)

Installing Oracle 11gR1 on a Fedora Core 10 64 bit VM

Just a note, to myself more than anything, about what extra packages are required by a 64 bit installation of Fedora Core 10, when trying to install Oracle 11gR1.

The installation I undertook was on a FC10 64 bit VM running under VMWare Server 2.0 running on top of (more...)

Oracle EBS Release 12.1 Released: Top 8 New ATG Features

Oracle has announced the availability of Release 12.1, plenty of buzz around on this and Beehive updates.

Update: Oracle Application Management / Change Management Pack 3.0 also released! See Patch 8333939

Let's take a look at the Top Eight R12.1 new ATG (Applications Technology) features from my perspective.

  1. Out of the box Techstack Upgrades. New R12.1.1 installations are Database, Java 6, Application Server (Java/OAF)/JDeveloper Runtime, Application Server (Forms/Reports)
  2. OAF: Record History. R12.1.1 OAF allows viewing Row/Blame or Row/Who information similar (more...)

Search Engine Plugins for Firefox to get directly to specific Oracle Patches, Metalink Notes, Bugs

Revisited again 30-NOV-2010: Following the ARU change I've updated the Patch search engine (file orapatch.xml)

Update: The Note and Bug search engines (files oranote.xml and orabug.xml) have been updated post upgrade to My Oracle Support (MOS).

Navigating directly to a specific Oracle Patch, Metalink Note or Bug is a bit of a chore. Not to mention Metalink / My Oracle Support (MOS) could do with a mobile interface to speed things up & sidestep that Flash! Cut'n'pasting from my text file with the URL templates was getting tedious. So with inspiration from Eddie Awad's posts, I've (more...)

Revisited: Changing the default layout format between RTF/PDF/Excel for BI / XML Publisher 11i Concurrent Requests: Patches 5612820, 7627832 here now!

Some good news for eBusiness Suite 11i "bippers" to kick off the year of the Ox. In a previous post I provided a temporary solution for the issue where the default value of the Output Format for a BI Publisher based concurrent request was hardcoded to PDF. Many people have requirements to default the output type to Excel (xls).

Happily, my custom solution is now obsolete.

I'm pleased to advise that on 9-Jan-2009 Oracle provided Patch 5612820 for Oracle eBusiness Suite Release 11i. This patch has a co-requisite, Patch 7627832 released 11-Dec-2008 that took me a while to track down! (more...)

Don’t Cramp My (SQL) Style … Musings from an Oracle DBA

This post was inspired by a Twitter thread that took place on October 31st between myself, @oraclenerd, @dtseiler (maybe I only included Don for his tongue in cheek, playground banter), and @surfsearcher :
@oraclenerd: "besides commas at the start of a line (sql, plsql), I also hate mixed case sql and plsql"

@oraclenerd: "@piontekdd come on! it's just plain ugly...besides, I've gotta have have at least a little something to bitch about now and again. :) "

@piontekdd: "@oraclenerd life is too short to get upset about personal style :)"