Complément : Cloud AR Systèmes & Enterprise Manager 12c

AR Systèmes propose une solution de services Cloud construite autour des technologies Oracle et complètement gérée par Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c

Dans la vidéo, Didier Rault (CEO) explique pourquoi la solution Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c est importante dans l'offre Cloud proposée par AR Systèmes :

AWR Warehouse in EM12c, Rel 4, Part II

So, there is a lot to cover on this topic and I hope Part I got you ready for more!  Part II, I’m going to cover the following areas of the AWR Warehouse:

  • Installation
  • Access
  • ETL Load Process


Let’s start with Prerequisites:

  • The AWR Warehouse Repository must be version or higher.
  • The Targets and I think this will get a few folks, need to be (more...)

Complément : Upgrade Enterprise Manager 12c

Un article intéressant pour ceux qui veulent "upgrader" en Enterprise Manager 12c Release 4 :

Complément : Nouveautés d’Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 4 border=

Annonce : Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 4

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 4 ( est disponible en téléchargement sur OTN.

Une version riche de nombreuses nouveautés :
  • Security Console
  • New roles (system role / private role)
  • Advanced threshold management
  • New interface for Job progress tracking
  • Improved integration with BI Publisher
  • Dataguard support for DBaaS
  • Diagnostic pre-check for Fusion Middleware
  • JVM Diagnostics as a Service
  • Java Flight recorder integration
  • Enterprise Data Governance
  • IMC store central
  •  ...

... et surtout AWR Warehouse !

Plus d'informations :

Complément : EM12 12c & ODA

Livre blanc intéressant sur l'installation d'Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 3 sur une plate-forme Oracle Database Appliance :

Complément : Construire un catalogue de Service DBaaS

Complément : Solution de cloud privé avec EM12c & OVCA

Annonce : Nouveau Blog à destination des DBAs et Architectes

Vous êtes DBA ou architecte Oracle alors ajoutez le blog suivant à vos favoris :

Evènement : Inauguration du DC d’AR Systèmes et de son Red Cloud

Complément : Enterprise Manager & EMC VMAX

Découvrez le plugin EMC VMAX pour Oracle Enterprise Manager : 

EM Cloud Control – Applying system patches

Patching system software is a  common undertaking, that should be smooth and easy. Software projects delivering  artifacts, (should) have some kind of deployment pipeline to get to production. The same holds true for 3rd party/vendor software patches. Also with today’s ever expanding interconnected systems, and thus possible exposure to bugs/undocumented features, it’s crucial to have an active patching/lifecycle strategy.

Let’s look at how EM Cloud Control facilitates patching itself.

First make sure EM is connected (more...)

Annonce : Management Pack pour Oracle Data Integrator

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c s'enrichit avec le pack pour Oracle Data Integrator (ODI).

Plus d'informations:

Evènement : Workshop Enterprise Manager 12c

Complément : Setup DB pour Cloning avec Snap Clone

Complément : Database as a Service Snap Clone

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c permet aux utilisateurs, via une interface self service, de créer des copies des bases de données en quelques minutes en utilisant la technologie "copy-on-write".

Découvrez cette solution en suivant le webcast du 3 décembre : Database Cloning in Minutes using Enterprise Manager 12c Database as a (more...)

Integrate BI-Publisher with OEM12c

Regularly I create VM's for courses as a 'Virtual Course Environment'. Earlier I did an install of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c. But now there was a request for an integrated BI Publisher install.

Having an OEM12c install, the integration with BI Publisher with OEM12c is pretty straightforward. The install guide (more...)

EM12c upgrade from to

Now that Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 3 (aka EM12cR3!) has been out for a few weeks, I decided to brave it and upgrade our Production stack today. In this post, I’ll be upgrading an EM12cR2 ( installation which consists of two OMSes, running (more...)

Automatically purging OMS log and trace files in EM12c

Enterprise Manager Oracle Management Server (OMS) installations generate huge amounts of log and trace files under the covers these days, and although the logs are rotated out-of-the-box, they’re not automatically deleted.  Over time (as I was reminded again today ), these logs can amount to a large portion of your (more...)

Changing the heap size of Enterprise Manager 12c

Enterprise Manager 12c is a product that is being deployed a lot lately, a vast improvement over previews version. For most DBA’s it is a tool they use regularly on a daily basis so performance is key. Fortunately oracle provides us with some documentation on how to size the repository database and heap size of the Oracle Management Service. An excellent white paper on EM12c sizing can be found here on OTN:

Interestingly enough it states that Oracle considers installation with +1000 targets as a medium sized em12c environment. That limit of +1000 targets is reached (more...)