New Knowledge Article: Interactive Reporting with Internet Explorer 11

The following new My Oracle Support (MOS) Knowledge Article is available, that provides information for Oracle BI+ Interactive Reporting (IR) with Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 11:

Limited Support for Interactive Reporting in
Internet Explorer 11 by using Enterprise Mode to Emulate IE 10

Doc ID 2015779.1

Additional Information ...

For information on Oracle Support Policy for IE 11 with Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), refer to:

Policy (more...)

Inside EPM – Planning, Consolidation and Cloud (YouTube Video)

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Now available in the Oracle Business Analytics - YouTube Channel for Enterprise Performance Management (EPM):

Inside Enterprise Performance Management:
Planning, Consolidation and Cloud

"In this episode of Inside EPM, Matt Bradley EPM Senior Vice President talks about how EPM products uniquely solve planning and consolidation challenges and the advantages of using EPM Cloud Services."

While visiting Oracle Business Analytics - YouTube (more...)