WordPress 3.8.2

Just the usual upgrade of WordPress to the latest version 3.8.2. If you are able to read this, it went fine :=).Download it from here if you haven’t done it already.

Fun : Un air de déjà vu

Fun : Plaisir d’écouter

Packt’s 2000th Title Campaign….

I received an email from Packt Publication that they are celebrating the release of their 2000th publication. And to include everyone in this celebration, Packt Publication would be giving an awesome offer to the readers to buy one (any from their catalogue) and get along with it one book, FREE!!!! Now, how cool is that, isn’t it? So if you are willing to buy a book from Packt Publication, no time can be better than (more...)

Fun: Road Movie Oracle


Just testing

Best Practice in 12c

Since PL/SQL now is closely integrated into SQL, we hence can happily state
sokrates@12.1 > with function bestpractice return varchar2
  2  is
  3  begin
  4     return 'Do not use PL/SQL when it can be done with SQL alone !';
  5  end bestpractice;
  6   (more...)

I Am Speaking @ Sangam 2013, Will You Be Joining Me?

So it’s that time of the year again when the “meeting of the minds” is going to happen and this time, the location is at Hyderabad. Yes, this year, AIOUG is arranging it’s annual conference Sangam there and as like all the previous years, this year also, we are going (more...)

Nexus 7: "Type password to decrypt storage" after completely discharged

After not using the Nexus 7 for some weeks, i got the following screen:
No password worked... Switch off/on... same screen again.
How to get out of this loop?
  1. Switch the device off (press and hold power button)
  2. Press and hold all three buttons. You will see the following:
  3. Use (more...)

Windows 8: Configuring focus follows mouse and auto-raise behaviour

After switching to Windows 8 i was trying to configure the same mouse over behaviour as i am used to on my debian linux.
If you just want focus follows mouse and auto-raise=true, then follow the description given here.
If you want focus follows mouse and auto-raise=false, then you have (more...)

A bit of fun expressing ratios

Sometimes answering questions on the OTN forum leads to a little fun trying to be creative in SQL ;-) A user wished to express a ratio as 1:1 or 1:2. That lead to a little fun with CONNECT BY on DUAL for recursion.

This is the SQL I ended up creating:

with r as (
select .2233 ratio from dual union all
select .2500 ratio from dual union all
select .2666 ratio from dual union all
select .2750 ratio from dual union all
select .2828 ratio from dual
select r.ratio ratio_num
, (
select to_char(
, 'TM9'

Find your way with HttpUriType and Google Maps

Recently I read Duke Ganote writing about using UTL_HTTP to get stock quote from Yahoo. (Duke must have a thing for authorities, particularly Marshalls of Legoredo ;-) Anyway, I posted a comment how to do a similar thing with HttpUriType.

And that reminded me that long time ago I reminded myself that I should blog about how we use HttpUriType to query driving distance and time from Google Maps. (I have even tried to submit abstract to KScope and UKOUG on getting data with HttpUriType, UTL_HTTP or UTL_FTP, but no go so far...)

Let's imagine Larry needs directions to (more...)

Conway’s Game of Life in a MODEL clause

This post has no serious purpose. I was just fooling around with the MODEL clause when I got the idea that ITERATE could be used for modelling Conway's Game of Life. So that's what I did - just a little fun example of what MODEL can be used for. Sure it could be done in any number of other ways, I don't claim this to be a smart or efficient way, just fun ;-)

Conway's game of life models a population of cells in an twodimensional coordinate system with rules for how cells die, survive or reproduce from generation to (more...)