My Latin American Tour in March

At March I will be presenting my very successful seminar “Mastering Backup and Recovery” in some countries of Latin America for the very first time. Thank you Panama, Chile and Brazil OUGs for inviting me to your amazing countries! Please, use the following links for registration and also to find more information about the seminar: […]

Join me at the next OTN Virtual Developer Day

    Hi All, On February 4, 2014 at 9:30 am PT I will be talking on the next OTN Virtual Developer Day about Oracle VM and Oracle Database. Come and discover the answers for the following questions: Does an Oracle Database perform well on a virtualized environment? What virtualization technology is more stable and […]

Problems when doing a V2V or P2V of a windows server to Oracle VM

Some time ago, I received the request to migrate some Windows 2008 Servers to my Oracle VM farm and after complete the P2V migration the newly create VM would not start. It would crash on boot with blue screen and error: STOP: 0x0000007B (0xXXXXXXXX,0xXXXXXXXX,0×00000000,0×00000000) This issue is related to the storage drivers needed for the guest […]

Space Exploration

Managing free space in a tablespace seems to be an easy task, what with the views DBA_DATA_FILES, DBA_TEMP_FILES and DBA_FREE_SPACE avaliable. Those views can provide accurate information for datafiles not set to autoextend, however for autoextensible datafiles they can paint a bleaker picture because they’re based on the current size of the file, not the autoextend limit that file could reach. Let’s look at how those views, without taking autoextend into consideration, can report a (more...)

OSD-04400: unable to acquire internal semaphore for process and OS 183 (Windows)

I hit the following problem with a database running on Windows 2003 this morning (info pulled from the alert log).  The database had failed to restart after a client’s cold backup process ALTER DATABASE MOUNT Wed Jan 15 22:32:08 2014 ORA-09341: scumnt: unable to mount database OSD-04400: unable to acquire internal semaphore for process


Noel Has a Lot of Toys

For some reason, Noel (@noelportugal) posted a picture of his IoT gadget inventory.

noelTweetClick to embiggen.

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Home Automation for Christmas

So, I got some home automation for Christmas, a Nest Thermostat and a Roomba. How about you?

Nest Thermostat

I’ve been eagerly following the Nest since its inception, and I finally pulled the trigger, right before Google bought them.

I’m not entirely sure why I liked the hockey puck so much.

It’s a beautiful little piece of technology, absolutely. Some users report that it pays for itself in energy savings rather quickly, sweet. It (more...)

You’re Not In The Group

In yet another Oracle forum (yes, I’m in a number of them) the following question was posed:

I'm reading oracle 9i sql and there is an example of a subquery which I'm trying to write as a group by query.

 select empno, ename, sal
 from emp
 where sal =
 (select min(sal) from emp);

 This works but I don't understand why I can't write this as a group by expression

 select empno, ename, min(sal)
 from emp

“Skip” That

In a forum I frequent a question was raised regarding an index not being used. The poster is using Oracle, which limits the index access paths Oracle can use; a concatenated index is created on the table (which has columns x,y,z,t,q and w, for lack of better names) on columns x, y, and z. Let’s look at what will do with such a situation then explain what (more...)

Merry Holidays…!

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Playing with Software

I’ve been trying to install open source software. In this case an application called Moodle. I followed the instructions to install it on an Ubuntu Server vm but they were missing a couple of key points.

After installing the Moodle package (under “Moodle Installation” in the instructions) you need to (more...)

Hot Oracle Applications User Experience News

Lots of news coming out of Applications UX lately, so thought I’d share it here.

Over at Misha’s (@mishavaughanVoice of User Experience blog, you can read about Simplified UI for Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud and Simplified UI for Oracle Sales Cloud. Both versions went live in (more...)

Some Random Links

I’m cleaning up all the open tabs for the holidays, so here are some nuggets I found that may or may not be interesting.


Turkey Tweeter

Hinkmond Wong of the Java Embedded Technology team did a fun Thanksgiving project, a Turkey that tweets as it cooks.

It’s time for (more...)

Four Months with Chromecast

Since Google announced the Chromecast earlier this year, I’ve been stoked to see how it developed.

The little device has a ton of potential, and even though Google has been a little slow to push its adoption, even slowing down the efforts of some curious developers, they do seem (more...)

Joint Webinar with Oracle – Top 5 Key Reasons Why Oracle VM is Best for Oracle Database

Top 5 Key Reasons Why Oracle VM is Best for Oracle Database When: Tuesday December 17th , 10am PST Register Here: Oracle VM application-driven architecture is designed for rapid deployment and ease of lifecycle management providing IT a highly scalable and cost effective virtualization solution for Oracle (more...)

Wearables and UX

The holiday season is in full swing now, and I’ll bet a lot of people out there will be getting some form of wearable device as a gift.

Wearables is a pretty broad category, that seems to be right at the cusp of mainstream adoption. For now, it includes smartwatches (more...)

A Few New Concept Demos

Our new team members, Raymond and Tony, have been busy in their short time with us, and they’re embracing the AppsLab way.

What way is that you ask? Since the beginning, we’ve always started with an idea and moved quickly to build something conceptual to see how and if (more...)

The Google Now TV Card

A while back, I promised some details on the Google Now TV Card I found accidentally.

I was watching TV via an HDTV antenna and happened to pop open Google Now for some reason or another. Now showed me this card:


Freaky, right? I dismissed it, but my curiosity was (more...)

Watch Paul on Shark Tank

Did you know that Paul (@ppedrazzi) and his lovely wife and children were on Shark Tank?

If you hurry, you can watch their episode on Hulu. If you decide to wait, they appear in Season 5 Episode 10. Paul and family are the very first segment, so you (more...)

“Compressing” Matters

Compression is often mentioned in reverent tones as the cure for database space problems, and properly used it can be just that. However simply throwning compression at a table without careful consideration of what can be accomplished or what behavior to expect afterwards can leave you scratching your head in (more...)