Have you heard about the Partial Extrac Tool? Do you use the Partial Extract Tool?

| May 23, 2013
Hello Demantra Users!  There has been a complete rewrite of the Demantra Data Extraction Tool guide.  Check out Demantra Non Invasive Partial Schema Export Utility MOS Note 1448266.1. 

Part 2 – How to improve your hardware support experience

Part 1, discussed how to install the Service Tools Bundle, setup up Oracle Explorer and Enable Automatic Service Request.

Part 2, Addresses how to improve the speed of Hardware Service Request resolution and how to be more proactive by addressing known issues using the output of the Oracle (more...)

P2V: A Detailed Procedure

| May 21, 2013

We had a post not too long ago about physical to virtual migration in Ops Center. It outlined the broad steps involved in performing P2V by taking a flash archive of a physical system and then provisioning a virtual system using that FLAR.

Well, over on to the Enterprise Manager (more...)

Java EE 7 Launch Webcast: Jun 12th, Register Now

| May 19, 2013

The Java EE 7 Platform JSR was approved a few days ago and is ready to be released ...ta da!

Want to learn the latest and the greatest improvements in the platform from the best ?

Mark the date for webinars in two different time zones:

Jun 12, 2013, 9am PT

Solaris Cluster Session In Pune

| May 17, 2013
Just this evening, concluded another OU program on Solaris Cluster in Pune.

OTN Forum software is going to be upgraded in May 2013

| Apr 30, 2013
In case you missed the notifications, the Oracle Technology Network forum software is going to be upgraded this weekend. This is great, since the old software is getting long-in-the-tooth and doesn't allow a bunch of useful features. The current forums will be in read-only mode over the weekend.

On launch (more...)

WebSocket Client and Server Endpoint: Annotated and Programmatic (TOTD #212)

| Apr 4, 2013

JSR 356 defines Java API for WebSocket 1.0. It defines a standard-based programming model for creating WebSocket client and server endpoint. Both kind of endpoints can be created programmatically or using annotations. This Tip Of The Day (TOTD) provide short snippets of how to write (more...)

mdb ::if

| Apr 4, 2013

The Solaris mdb(1) live and post-mortem debugger gained a really powerful new dcmd called ::if in the Solaris 11.1 release.

As a very quick example of how powerful it can be here is a short one liner to find all the processes that are running with their real and (more...)

EJB 3.2 Final Release Candidate is available for review

This is your chance to make sure that the EJB 3.2 spec and javadoc are correct!

The files for review are available in the project download area. All comments must be submitted before noon PT on April 9th to be considered for inclusion.

Final Release Candidate of the Core (more...)

New SPARC Servers Outrun the Competition – by Leaps and Bounds!

| Mar 27, 2013
In case you missed yesterday's launch of Oracle's new SPARC server line, based on the SPARC T5 and M5 processors, here is a brief summary - and the obligatory links to details...

The new SPARC T5 chip uses the "S3" core which has been in the SPARC T4 generation (more...)

New SPARC Chips, New Servers

| Mar 25, 2013
On Tuesday, Oracle will announce new SPARC servers with the world's fastest microprocessor. Considering that the current SPARC processors already have performance comparable with the newest from competing architectures, the performance of these new processors should give you the best real-world performance for your enterprise workloads.

You can register to (more...)

Introducing Kids to Java Programming Using Minecraft

| Mar 22, 2013

Minecraft is a wildly popular game among elementary and middle schoolers. The game allows players to build constructions of textured cubes in a 3D world.

My son has been playing the game for about a year, lets say addicted to it. Last Fall he told me that the game is (more...)