Security Newsletter, March edition – Q&A with the Commissioner, IDM goes Underground

| Mar 25, 2013

The March (more...)

New Oracle Security Facebook Page Launches

| Mar 22, 2013

This week we mostly talked about how you can leverage security to unlock potential opportunities and grow your business via social, mobile and cloud. Catch the brief screencast and download the complimentary whitepaper in case you missed those earlier.

And, as (more...)

Managing Security in the Social, Mobile, Cloud World

| Mar 21, 2013

As we look forward in 2013, we look at the key (more...)

SoMoClo Drives The Next Evolution in Identity Management

| Mar 20, 2013

The world (more...)

Identity Management Down Under at Victoria University

| Mar 19, 2013

Do You Trust Social, Mobile and Cloud?

| Mar 18, 2013
The last decade or so there has been a complete transformation in the way we work or how we consume information. Work is no longer about geography, it is an activity. “Company resources” are not just servers and systems in your server room, these could be in a data center, (more...)

Oracle IDM helps with College Entrance Exams!

Well - to be specific, ETS, the world's largest non-profit college assessment company uses Oracle IDM to manage their internal and external systems used by students taking their college entrance exams!

Check out the video below, where Jim Moran, Chief Information Security Officer at ETS talks about how Oracle products (more...)