CDI 1.2 Released

| Apr 18, 2014

As you know, CDI 1.1 is an important part of Java EE 7. You may be happy to know that the CDI specification just releases another minor point release - 1.2. As you can imagine the release contains a small number of fixes and clarifications. If you are surprised that a technology that is part of the Java EE platform had an independent release, you really shouldn't be. Although for various practical reasons (more...)

Nigel Deakin on JMS 2

| May 28, 2013

The 131st episode of the Java Spotlight podcast features an interview with JMS 2 specification lead Nigel Deakin. JMS 2 is one of the key parts of the Java EE 7 platform and a long awaited update to the very popular API. Nigel talks with Roger Brinkley about the motivation for the JSR, the simplified API, the (more...)

Register for Live Webcast Introducing Java EE 7!

has been approved, and we are now counting down the days to begin developing with many new Java EE features.

The online web event, hosted by MC Gupta, includes:

10 Ways JMS 2 == Less Code

| May 16, 2013

JMS 2 is one of the most significant parts of Java EE 7. One of the principal goals of the JMS 2 API is improving developer productivity by reducing the amount of code to work with JMS by adopting programming paradigms like higher level abstractions, dependency injection, annotations, runtime exceptions, (more...)

Congratulations JCP Star Specification Leads!

| May 13, 2013

Please join me in congratulating the 2012 JCP star specification leads Pete Muir of Red Hat (lead for CDI 1.1), Santiago Pericas-Geertsen of Oracle (co lead for JAX-RS 2) and Marek Potociar of Oracle (co lead for JAX-RS 2). Leading a non-trivial group of often opinionated, very intelligent people to achieve meaningful (more...)

HTTP Upgrades in Servlet 3.1

Servlet 3.1 is a relatively minor release slated for Java EE 7. However, the Java EE foundational API still contains some very important changes, especially for folks building on the Servlet API. The newly added support for HTTP protocol upgrades is a great example. The upgrade facility has been (more...)

Santiago Pericas-Geertsen on JAX-RS 2

The 130th episode of the Java Spotlight podcast features an interview with JAX-RS 2 co-spec lead Santiago Pericas-Geertsen. JAX-RS 2 is one of the key parts of the Java EE 7 platform and a vital update to the very popular API. Santiago talks with Roger Brinkley about the motivation for the JSR, some of (more...)

Java EE 7 Platform Completes the JCP Final Approval Ballot

I'm happy to announce that the Java EE 7 Platform and Web Profile JSR has just passed the JCP Executive Committee Final Approval Ballot, with the support of an overwhelming majority of the committee members. This completes the JCP approval process for all of the JSRs under the Java EE (more...)

Anthony Lai on Java EE Concurrency Utilities

| Apr 30, 2013

The 129th episode of the Java Spotlight podcast features an interview with Java EE Concurrency Utilities (JSR 236) spec lead Anthony Lai. As you may be aware, the Java EE Concurrency Utilities has been a long awaited and very important foundational API, especially for third party vendors to more easily integrate with the (more...)

Java EE 7 Maven Archetype

| Apr 10, 2013

For those of us doing Java EE development with Maven (which by my own account as a former consultant is pretty much all Java EE/GlassFish adopters), Archetypes can be a great productivity boost, especially while getting started. You will be pleased to know that there is already a Java EE 7 (more...)

An Overview of JAX-RS 2

JAX-RS 2 is one of the most significant parts of the upcoming Java EE 7 release. In a brief article, consultant, German author and celebrated Java EE advocate Adam Bien does a great job of overviewing the major changes in JAX-RS 2. He talks about asynchronous processing, EJB/CDI integration, (more...)

Generic JPA DAO/Repository Implementation

The DAO (aka Repository in Domain-Driven Design parlance) is a pervasive design pattern in server-side applications today. If you have a very large number of DAOs that are fairly homogenous/CRUD based, it can be very useful to have a generic version that you can then subclass as needed. German author and (more...)

Java EE, Saviours and Frozen Time…

| Mar 29, 2013

We've mentioned TomEE in the near past. Led by powerhouse developer David Blevins, it is a very exciting initiative that takes Tomcat and integrates all the necessary APIs to make it a fully certified Java EE 6 Web Profile offering. It makes Java EE a real possibility for developers focused on (more...)

Jitendra Kotamraju on JSON-P

| Mar 28, 2013

The 126th episode of the Java Spotlight podcast features an interview with JSON-P spec lead Jitendra Kotamrajuv. Although he generally keeps a pretty low profile, Jitendra (or Jitu as he prefers to be called) is one of the key engineers behind GlassFish. Before leading JSON-P, Jitu lead both the specification and implementation of JAX-WS 2. (more...)

Oracle Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect Exam Now Available

| Mar 26, 2013

The value proposition of getting any particular technology certification is definitely not as black-and-white as it once used to be. Nonetheless for those developers trying to make the often difficult transition into the role of an effective architect, certifications can really help matters. An architect certification is not just a (more...)

A Gentle Introduction to JMS 2

| Mar 20, 2013

My well-respected colleague and good friend Arun Gupta continues his admirable effort to provide some very early coverage of Java EE 7 features. I thought I'd highlight his blog entry on the core of the JMS 2 API written in this vein.

The primary goal of JMS 2 is to modernize the extremely (more...)

Chris Vignola on JBatch

| Mar 19, 2013

The 124th episode of the Java Spotlight podcast features an interview with JBatch (aka Java Batch, aka Batch Applications for the Java Platform, aka JSR 352) spec lead Chris Vignola of IBM. Chris talks with Roger Brinkley about the history/motivation/value proposition of JBatch, key concepts, API details, best practices as well as the current status (more...)