How to set-up a common Ant project for using the Oracle FMW 11g B2B Ant tasks

Inspired by this great blog posting about how to use the FMW Ant tasks to deploy a SOA composite, I started to use that example to set up my own Ant project for B2B management purposes.

In this blog-posting, I will give an example project that is capable of importing and exporting CPAs to and from Oracle FMW 11g B2B.

Setup the build project
In JDeveloper, create an empty project and name it fmw-build for (more...)

Installing Oracle Fusion Middleware Tips based on my experience with installing on Kubuntu 9.10

I have installed Oracle Fusion Middleware on my local Kubuntu 9.10 (64bit). This posting contains some tips based on my experience.

Please have a look here to find more details about where to find the new Oracle Fusion Middleware Release.

To install the new release you have to upgrade WLS to 10.3.2 and install the new SOA component again. I decided to throw everything away, download the complete (more...)

Running Oracle Soa Suite 11g on OpenSuse 11.1 – Part 2

PART 2 – Starting SOA Suite and Creating a First SOA Composite in JDeveloper 11g Version 11.1

This continues Part 1 which can be found here.

After installation we need to take one steps before starting the servers:

  • Configure a file in the soa_domain root directory:
    This (more...)

Our first official book review in on its way…

by Eduardo Rodrigues Great news! We have been contacted (surprisingly) by Packt Publishing a few days ago and asked if we would be interested in read one of their new books and then publish an...

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Being unreasonable (Bug in PL/SQL Web Services)

If you have a lot of PL/SQL packages, it should be real easy to publish them as Web Services – after all, JDeveloper contains a nice wizard for exactly this purpose.

I expected that a lot of people were already using this functionality, so I was very surprised to find (more...)

There’s a cook in JDev’s development team indeed

Sometime ago I was surprised with a peculiar "tip of the day" which simply mentioned a traditional angel cake recipe. Well, today I got the confirmation. There's certainly a cook amongst JDev's...

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Windows XP SP3 crashing JDeveloper

by Eduardo Rodrigues Attention!!! Today, my Windows XP automatically upgraded to SP3 and, after rebooting, my JDev began to crash during its initialization, generating a JVM core dump in...

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Is there a cook in JDev’s team?

This week I found something at least very curious when I launched my JDeveloper as I do almost every morning. This was the "Tip of the Day" it showed me: Well, I don't know what this...

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